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Sana Ghafoor, the youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Ghafoor. She lives in a small house in Lakho Dehar with her parents and 4 other siblings. She is one of the hundreds of kids getting education at the ABNI School of Fatima Memorial at Lakho Dehar. She’s a student of Grade 2 and is one of the fortunate ones who received donations and got to study which many kids are deprived of. She wishes to become a Teacher when she grows up. Her dream is to be one of those who spread the knowledge they acquire. She has a dream and it is very doubtful for her to fulfill this dream as her father cannot manage to send her to other School for higher education as he has 4 other children and it is really hard for him to pay for higher education as her father supplies daily goods to shops. She is intelligent, bright and hardworking. She is one of those who get good results in her class. She wants to celebrate her birthday as being the youngest one; she is always looked at last. She loves to watch the television but she doesn’t have one. She loves to eat candies and chocolates but she can’t get them as she wants to save that money for her education. A child with a potential like this surely deserves a bright future. And, that can only happen if you look around yourself and recognize these kids and donate generously. Your endowment can make or break a little girl’s dream. Would you want to see that happening to your own daughter? Please don’t turn your back on them; they are our country’s future. They’ll take our country to top again. Make a contribution, play a part in building their dream. Kanza Aijaz Lahore Grammar School