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Founded 1917

Neighborhood Club News December, 2011 President’s Letter Dear Fellow Members, The Holidays are upon us and it is time to say thank you to many. First and foremost to Marty and his management staff, Wendy, Linda, Joel and Susan, and to all of our staff “Thank You” from all of us. Marty, you have been understaffed for two years. Wendy and Linda, Sue and Joel have taken it upon themselves, under your direction, to accept the responsibilities of two and sometimes three jobs, and yet still offer wonderful food and service. From all the officers and the Board of Governors, thank you, to each of you, and thank you to all our service and kitchen staff, for your caring effort and loyalty to the Club I would also like to thank each of our members who have participated and given so freely of their time and efforts to make the Club the incredible experience that we all enjoy. In closing, I wish each of our members and staff a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. President, C. Robert Foy

Board of Governors President C. Robert Foy Vice-President Sean Galvin Secretary Richard Meade Treasurer James Egan General Counsel Robert Sheffield Immediate Past President F. Michael McNally Governors Dorothy DiPesa Barbara Nestor Gail Bell Anthony Losordo Barbara Le Bel Arthur Foley Patricia McKelvey George Dolbec Jane Howe Stephen Wessling Paul O’Sullivan Kevin Mantville Francis White Fred Walsh Greg Seymourian House Committee Sean Galvin Chairperson Reciprocity Committee Vincent Santosuosso, Jr. Chairperson Bowling Committee Deanna Seymourian Chairperson Centennial Committee Larry Babb, Chairperson Entertainment Committee Kathy Mitchell, Barbara Le Bel Co-chairs Membership Committee Alice Welch, Chairperson

General Information Main Line: 617-773-9300 Member’s Line: 617-773-5025 Fax: 617-773-5817 E-mail:

Dress Code Ladies Appropriate dress is necessary for lunch and dinner. Gentlemen Lunch - Business Casual Dinner - Jacket and collared dress shirt or jacket and mock turtleneck. Tie is optional.

Dining Room Lunch Tuesday - Friday 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Dinner Tuesday - Saturday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Closed Mondays

Reservations Reservations for lunch and dinner are required. Reservations for lunch must be made by 10:30 AM and for dinner by 3:30 PM. We do need to have your reservations made before these times in order to adequately staff the dining room.

Reciprocal Clubs For a list of Reciprocal Clubs, please call the office.

Newsletter Staff Co-Editors Larry Babb Deanna Seymourian Illustrator, Publisher & Coordinator Susan Griffin Contributing Staff Ann Collins Susan Egan Shyla Settles Eileen McDonnell Barbara Le Bel Contributors Every member of the Club. _____________________________________

A Message from The General Manager I would like to open my message this month with sincere thanks for the generosity shown by our members on the night of Thanks & Giving. It was a very special evening where we honored the Club’s veterans, their guests and our troops who are serving here at home and abroad for our country. Over $17,000.00 was raised, which does not include the donations of goods that were given to our troops. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we are gearing up for the holiday season. Some of the members together with our staff spent their time decorating the Club. The Club looks wonderful and I, appreciate all of their hard work. On Sunday, December 4th the Club will hold Breakfast with Santa. I know that the children and adults will have a wonderful time at this event.

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR! _____________________________________

The Christmas Dance will be held on Saturday, December 10th. A fun evening is planned where Tom Pitman will be entertaining the members and their guests. I hope that everyone will attend this wonderful and memorable event. I hope everyone will also attend the New Year’s Eve Candlelight Dinner which is new to the Club this year.

Bob and Fran Foy pictured with Hazel Brown at the Duxbury Art Association 40th anniversary exhibit in September.

The holiday season is a very busy and fun time here at the Club. I hope that all of you find the time to enjoy the season along with us. It is also a time for us to give thanks for all that we have. Please keep in your hearts and prayers, the brave men and women that are in the armed forces who are unable to celebrate the holidays with their families. Best Wishes, Marty

The First One Hundred Years Part Four In keeping with the theme of “Night of Thanks”, we are jumping ahead in our narrative of “The First 100 Years”, to World War II, in order to honor the members of the Club, as of 1967, who served in this great endeavor. WORLD WAR II Our Club figured prominently in the early days of World War II for it was from within this Club that orders were issued for the first real emergency mobilization of Quincy’s Civilian Defense Organization of 5,500 volunteer members. On Tuesday, December 9, 1941 (two days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor), an important military meeting was being held in the office of Mayor Thomas S. Burgin with high ranking Army officers to arrange for billeting 1,700 troops ordered to Quincy that day from Camp Edwards for the purpose of setting up military defenses against the possibility of air attacks from the enemy. During the noon recess of the meeting, Mayor Burgin invited the group (of about 20) to the Neighborhood Club for a hurried luncheon before resuming its deliberations at City Hall. During the luncheon official word was received that the East Coast cities were being alerted as unidentified planes had been sighted “heading for this vicinity.” Instantly the Club was alive with action. What a few minutes before had been a pleasant luncheon group now beacame official “nerve center” from which orders were issued to call out the entire Civilian Defense Organization of Quincy in preparation of an air attack. Army officers left on emergency orders to meet the slowly moving convoy of men, guns and equipment then about in Plymouth on its way to Quincy. Air raid signals sounded; schools were closed; the Fore River Shipyard dismissed its employees, and Quincy prepared for eventuality. Fortunately, official word soon came the “All Clear” signal would be sounded. The unidentified planes had been positively identified as not those of the enemy and the tension of a short time before was soon greatly eased. Thus it can be said that our first actual war “scare” was directed by the city’s chief executive from the Neighborhood Club of Quincy.

The First One Hundred Years Continued HONOR ROLL—WORLD WAR II Civilian Members of the Neighborhood Club who were in the Service of Our Country during World War II. Alves, Charles S Mulhall, James A. Bonsall, George H., Jr. Murphy, Walter G. Brewer, John H. Nash, George A. Burgin, Thomas S. Neal, Willis A. Clapp, Charles E., Jr. Palmer, William H. Collins, George H., Jr. Pearson, Gray W. Collins, William H., Jr. Pennock, Earle Cutis, Theron S., Jr. Post, Frank R. Cutler, William R. Pratt, Lyndon E. Daley, George A., Jr. Remick, Frank E. Doyle, Emery J. Robie, Richard F. Dugan, James J. Sargent, Morgan, M.D. Faxon, Robert M. Simpson, Philip N. Gardella, Edward J. Spang, William F. Hales, James A. Spreadbury, W. Carleton Hart, Robert F. TenBroeck, C. Walter, Jr. Hurley, Paul E. Tremaine, Edward G., Jr. Jarvis Samuel G. Ward, Parker V. Larkin, Paul E. Weeden, Melvin E. Lindholm, Arthur W., Jr. White, F. Gilbert Mackay, Donald K. Wilkins, Charles H. Martin, John K. Wiseman, John T., Jr. McCausland, William A. Young, George C. Mead, Langdon W. Harpen, Holmer A. (Club Manager) Unfortunately, after 1967, club records are unavailable as to Club members who have served in the armed forces. Therefore, all members who have served, or know of those who have served in the armed services since 1967, please provide this information to or


Our Pride Continues Once again, the Neighborhood Club of Quincy has answered its call, this time with the sons of Members and Staff, who are currently serving in the armed forces.

E5 Patrick McGovern, son of Marty & Paula Capt. Tim Egan, son of Jim & Susan

Sgt. Patrick Tierney, son of Paul & Michelle

(Pictured fourth from the left)

Capt. Gregory Hayes, son of Don & Brenda Hussey

“Many people refer to the World War II generation as the greatest one, but we’ve had greatness in every single generation of Americans who have served. I know of none greater than the generation of GIs now fighting for our country in Iraq and Afghanistan and serving around the world. Someday soon, they’ll need us to fight for them. “ General Colin Powell


Just recently on a warm Friday afternoon while sitting outside watching the afternoon sun begin to set, with a fire in the fire pit and a jack black in my hand I began to reflect back on the things I remember about why the Neighborhood Club of Quincy is so special. I REMEMBER the many member dinner dances the cocktails before and after dinner along with the elegant food and great music. The dance I remember most was our first one for that was the night Marie and I were introduced by our sponsor as new members. During the course of the night many members came up to us an introduced themselves and welcomed us to the club. It was a special evening. I REMEMBER the member sing along night when Marie Roach led our table in the sing along, I didn’t know Dick Roach could sing. Or the night John McDermott entertained us with some great old Irish songs. I REMEMBER the elegant Christmas Ball where formal attire was not an option. The club had been decorated by several of our members and staff both inside and out. All tables were set and very festive looking not only in the main ballroom but also in the living room and Sears room, talk about a full house. I recall you had about two weeks to make a reservation from the time the function was announced otherwise you were on a waiting list. I REMEMBER the bowling, thirty to thirty six teams, in all. We were told that the best way to meet members was to join the bowling teams, how right was that. For many years the Bowling Committee chairman was Bill Best, and there was never a more dedicated person for the task. The next chair was Bill Edwards who not only was the committee chairman but also took a personal interest in the care and maintenance of the aging pinsetters, treating them like they were his. I REMEMBER the member functions where the members were the entertainment. They preformed various skits, from plays to murder mysteries. I recall one particular event where a current member rode back and forth on a three-wheel bicycle dressed as the every ready rabbit. Anyone recall who that was? I REMEMBER the “senior” members who new the rules of the club the so-called “unwritten customs” and they would gladly pass them along to us newcomers as necessary. These were members such as Dr. and Mrs. Dan Shea, Mr. and Mrs. Al Warmington, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie

Past President’s Notes Continued I REMEMBER the yearly trips to New York City, which were always elegantly organized and coordinated by Henry and Millie Parker. These were the best, the Broadway shows, the dinners, the stop at the Stage Deli on the way home and of course Al our guide. I REMEMBER the first Escofier dinner, 16-18 courses. We didn’t finish until around midnight. Of course the dinners were always elegant but then there were those special dinners, which were prepared from members family recipes if requested. And of course there were those dinners, prepared tableside, which added a nice touch to the evening. I REMEMBER the member sponsored cocktail hour, which happened when a group of members, not committees, got together and sponsored the cocktails before the member function. Those sponsoring members wore carnations that night, and as such, it was the custom to thank them sometime during the evening. I could go on with many more memories, but, the sun is almost set, the fire is almost out and my Jack Black is just about gone. In the years to come when members are at home or far away I believe we will still remember with fondness and respect the club and all its moods. And then, suddenly, there will be a faint whiff of a dinner being prepared, a distant echo of greeting of long time friends, and a refrain of laughter from somewhere nearby. With these memories and many more we will stand taller and say I am a member of THE NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB OF QUINCY. PAUL ROONEY, PRESIDENT 1999-2000


I would like to especially thank two members in this newsletter, Steven Wessling and Fran White who are pictured with their wives, Mary Wessling and Joanne White. Each has donated much to the Club recently. Steve and his architectural firm have been in the forefront of design for the roof and many other projects here at the Club. Fran and his electrical firm have been actively keeping our electrical systems working, many times without charge. Bob Foy

Christmas Dinner Dance Saturday December 10, 2011 6:30 PM Cocktail Entertainment by Cappy Passed Hors d'oeuvres Signature Ice Sculpture Music for Your Dancing Pleasure by Tom Pittman and Linda ~ MENU ~ Appetizer Butternut Squash Ravioli Roast Sirloin or Shrimp & Chicken Dijonnaise Twice-Baked Potatoes Green and White Asparagus Dessert ~ A Joel Surprise! Coffee $55.00 Inclusive of Tax and Gratuity RSVP By December 2nd


Night of Thanks


Night of Thanks


Breakfast with Santa Santa will be coming to the Neighborhood Club for a wonderful afternoon full of fun. Join us for a scrumptious breakfast, gifts from Santa, face painting, bowling for the older siblings, and activities for all of the children.

Sunday, December 4th 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Adults ~ $16. Children 6 – 12 ~ $10. Children 5 & under ~ no charge Plus tax and gratuity

If desired, please provide a wrapped $10. gift for siblings older than 9 years. It is essential when returning the Children’s Christmas Party Cards that the office knows the number of children who will be receiving a gift from Santa, siblings 10-12 years, and the number of adults that are attending.

The following children and adults will be attending the Children’s Christmas Party at the Neighborhood Club.

Number of 13 yrs - Adults attending: _______

Number of 10 yrs - 12 yrs attending: _______


Please state whether the 9 year old or under is a child or grandchild



M F Age















All are welcome, with or without children!

Historical and Neighborhood Club Ornaments For the past few years, the Neighborhood Club has offered Christmas ornaments with hand painted depictions of the Club as well as Quincy and Milton historic sites. Deanna Seymourian organized this project with the understanding that the profit from sales will go to the Centennial Committee. This year we commissioned additional Neighborhood Club ornaments as well as famous H.H. Richardson designed Thomas Crane Library, the Adams Mansion, the Birthplaces of John and John Quincy Adams, and the Baker Chocolate Factory. If you have an interest in purchasing one or more of these ornaments please fill in the form below and send it to the Club. The cost of each ornament is just $20.00.

Name______________________________________________________ Ornament:

□ □ □

Neighborhood Club Cream

Neighborhood Club Gold

Adams Mansion Cream

Adams Birthplaces Gold

Thomas Crane Library Gold

Cost $20.00 each


Decorating the Club


Santa’s Little Decorators


Birthdays and Anniversaries

It is with great sorrow that we announce the

Remember to come to the Club and celebrate

passing of past President

with family and friends during your birthday

Mr. William J. Dignan

month and receive a complimentary meal

In Memoriam

and former past member

(up to $20) Don’t forget to let the staff know! Also do not forget to check your driver

Mrs. Babi Ritter

licenses to see if they have expired!

The members of the Club and staff wish to extend our deepest sympathy.

Happy December Birthday to Joan Booras, Barbara Callahan, Shyla Settles, Michael Buonsanto, Peter Donadio, Kathleen Garvey, Carmella Hammerle, Joyce Loeb, Francis McCauley, Frank Trainor, Caryn Smith, William Sweeney, and Francis Yafrate. Happy Anniversary to: Richard and Marie Roche who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to: Paul and Karen Ponichtera who welcomed a grandson

The Club also wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to Joseph Reggiannini on the passing of his father.

Christmas Gifts It is the Club’s policy to give the staff a Christmas gift from the members for all of their hard work and dedication. This year the members will be billed for these gifts at $13.00 per B member and $25.00 per A member. These charges will be reflected in the November 30th and December 15th billing statements.

Griffin Woody Burke If this gift presents a hardship for any members please let the office know. Please send your Birthday and Anniversary information to be included in our column to Eileen.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Club.

Mystery Movie Night

New Year’s Eve Candlelight Dinner

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Saturday, December 31st

Cocktails ~ 5:30 p.m. Dinner ~ 6:30 p.m. Movie ~ 7:30 p.m.

A special, one-of-a-kind dinner served from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

There will be no Mystery Movie Night in December.

On Thursday, January 12, 2012 our Mystery Movie will be_____________! All we can tell you, it is the perfect movie for a cold January night. It is from MGM and stars HK and KG and has to do with the deep south. A perfect night in every way: Perfect movie. Perfect friends. Perfect food. and of course Perfect popcorn.

The “New Year’s Menu” features a complimentary Champagne cocktail and your choice of one of the Joel’s special entrees. Cappy will serenade you and your guests with soft, dinner music. Enjoy after dinner drinks in the Living Room with music until . . . As we will set tables for two to eight guests, please make your

All for only $22 all inclusive.

reservations no later than

Reservations by January 7th please.

December 27th.

New Members We would like to welcome our newest members to the Club, who were voted in at the Board Meeting in November. We hope you enjoy using the Club. George & Lee Cary, Milton Deanna Seymourian and Richard Roche, sponsors John & Ellen Gallagher, Milton Richard & Jane Howe and Robert & Mary Sheffield, sponsors John & Denise Leonard, Milton Matthew McDonnell and Dennis Mahoney, sponsors Michael & Martha McFarland, Quincy Sean Galvin and Richard Meade, sponsors John & Celeste McGlone, Quincy Sean Galvin and Francis White, sponsors Ronald & Karen McKim, Quincy Arthur Sharp and David Smith, sponsors Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald, Braintree Dr. John Dalton and C.Robert Foy, sponsors Thomas Zukauskas, Quincy Richard Meade and Donald Uvanitte, sponsors

Fran Foy pictured with Helen Sullivan. Both celebrated their birthdays at the Club in November. It was Helen’s 100th Birthday.

“Words from Wendy” Please remember to make dinner reservations as early as possible, especially during the Holiday Season. Thanks Wendy

Did you Know? America's official national Christmas tree is not located at the White House, but rather in King's Canyon National Park near Sanger, California. The tree, a giant sequoia known as the General Grant Tree, was designated the "Nation's Christmas Tree" in 1925. It is 267 feet high, 40 feet across its base, and is estimated to be between 1,500 and 2,000 years old. In 1956, the tree was declared a national shrine to honor the men and women of the U.S. military. As a memorial, park rangers place a wreath at the base of the tree during the Christmas ceremony, which has been held every year since 1925.

Committee Reports

and your choice of one of the Joel’s special entrees. Dinner is served from 6:30-9:00 and Entertainment prices vary based on your entrée choice. Cappy will entertain you and your guests with The Entertainment Committee has done its usual beautiful job decorating the Club for the soft, dinner music. Enjoy an after dinner drink holiday season. Darlene Babb, Barbara Walsh, or two with music until . . . We will set tables Kathy Galvin, Mary Wessling, Barbara LeBel, for two to eight guests, please make your reservations no later than December 27th. Peggy O’Sullivan, Marie Roche, Mary Alice Yafrate, Lucy Talanian, Deanna Seymourian, Kelly Draicchio, Fran Foy, Bobbi Leary, Bowling Diane Caledonia, and Bob and Kathy Mitchell It has been reported there is a ball poacher in worked tirelessly on this project. We could the bowling alleys, which is in strict violation not have done this without the able assistance of the ball rules. Mike McNally has posted a of staff members including Linda, Margaret, reward to prevent further violation. Deanna Carlos, Rob, Kim and Irene who performed Seymourian, states that the offender if caught, yeoman’s work decorating the members secwill be sanctioned to the full extent of the tion of the Club. bowling rules.  Our busy December season begins on DecemMembership ber 4th at 11:00 AM featuring the ever popular, The present membership totals are Class A Breakfast with Santa. Deanna Seymourian and her committee are busy wrapping gifts to 165, Class B 102, Class F 15 and Class H 15 help Santa out during this busy season. The for a grand total of 463 members. committee is also creating projects for children and grandchildren to do the day of the event.

Centennial Saturday, December 10th we will host our Annual Christmas Social featuring dinner and dancing to the music of Tom Pittman and Linda. An elegant evening is planned with passed hors d’ oeuvres, a choice of Roast Sirloin or Shrimp & Chicken Dijonnaise and a surprise dessert prepared by Joel. We encourage you all to attend and perhaps bring guests. Our New Year’s Eve Candlelight Dinner features a complimentary Champagne cocktail

The Centennial Committee is working closely with the newsletter staff is compiling information to be included in the segment “The First 100 Years”. Information on the Club’s first 50 years has been easily available from a variety of sources. The 50 years from 1967 to the present time is proving to be a more difficult task.





Wednesday Thursday 1







L Bowlers 4-2 1-3 4


Breakfast with Santa




M Bowlers 2-4 5-6

M Bowlers

L Bowlers

3-1 9-7

2-3 1-4

Christmas Dance



















House Committee




Board of Governors

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Neighborhood Club of Quincy December 2011 Newsletter  

Neighborhood Club of Quincy December 2011 Newsletter

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