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By Nick Cook.

“Not a bad little area really.”

A little rough From primary research through; word of mouth, reading the Bristol post and researching online from local websites, its safe to say that Fishponds reputation for being “Rough” had certainly proceded itself. It’s this very reputation that really got my attention and, for the very reason that no news is good news, and we all seem to relish in fasination of hearing of stories consisting of crime, trouble and drama and i wanted to look further into this town and experience it first hand and see if it lived up to its reputation.

For my poster I wanted its goal to draw peoples attention to the reputation Fishponds’ has, but first hand from the local people via the 10 statements I collected. My main target audience would be the young residents and students studying at the UWE campuss located within Fishponds, hence the use of modern styling. i wanted the poster to act as a catalyst to draw attention to the logo i used and to induce familiarity with it so people would recognise the folding element of the document when it would be availiable as a hand out so they would be able to read the content.


Whilst out on location my poster received a relative amount of attention. However I feel it was from the wrong sort. I found it consistently hard to document my poster through the means of photography and video, as I was always wary of not wanting to create a confrontation with a member for taking their photo. Call it bad timing, wrong place wrong time or bad design, but my posters received very little attention from my target audience whilst placed up in the high street. However me putting the poster up seemed to get me a lot of attention from the local scallys so I decided to try my luck with the university campus. Once at the campus I had a lot more luck. The poster gained a lot of attention from the students and tutors alike, even in the folded down document format and most seemed to interact with the folding element well. I am strongly relying on the logo and typography from the poster to be strong enough for people in the future to recognize it and then come across the document to then want to interact with it out of curiosity brought on by power of association.

Fishponds, 10 statements pulication.  

Publication for my 10 statements brief documenting the success/failure of my poster in Fishponds.