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Case Statement Capital Campaign 2012–2017

NCNM…The Right Place; The Right Time.

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NCNM background


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Our fundamentals are solid


Meeting the challenge


The NCNM family


Let us begin…2012–2017 12 Why this campaign?


What we need and why


Five-year target


Partners program


Our mission is to educate and train physicians, practitioners and pre-professionals in the art, science and research of natural medicine. NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


During this period of planned and widely debated health reform, it is more important than ever to prepare our students for fulfilling careers in the increasingly visible natural medicine sector of the healthcare landscape in America.

Let us make the case for natural medicine, here and now The Right Place; The Right Time campaign (2012–2017) is our collective opportunity to imagine, create and sustain a vision for National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). We are reaching out to NCNM’s partners and friends to help us grow. We want to communicate more widely our reputation as North America’s natural medicine educator of choice. During this period of planned and widely debated health reform, it is more important than ever to prepare our students for fulfilling careers in the increasingly visible natural medicine sector of the healthcare landscape in North America. We see NCNM serving thousands of students and patients in the coming years. We see a future that is as friendly and loyal to our roots as it is prosperous and effective. We see a confident NCNM, proclaiming natural medicine in a complex, evolving healthcare terrain where we have much to contribute.


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

Within this decade, with your help, we will have launched the careers of a thousand new naturopathic physicians and classical Chinese practitioners. They will join the more than 2,400 NCNM alumni since 1956 who are spreading out across America and the world doing the critical work of healing people and the planet. The demand in recent years for natural medicine professionals, though, far exceeds the supply. Natural medicine in the United States integrates centuries-old natural, non-toxic, non-invasive therapies with constant advances in the study of health and human systems. Natural medicine, recognized by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a catalyst to significantly improve the health of Americans, exists as an undercapitalized market and underutilized professional resource in the U.S. despite the fact that a majority of Americans are using some form of natural medicine, such as acupuncture, vitamin therapy, botanical medicines or supplements.

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


Since 1956 NCNM has graduated from its accredited degree programs more than 2,400 primary care physicians and practitioners as licensed naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine professionals.

A bit of background for NCNM’s case Since 1956, NCNM, as North America’s original naturopathic college in the modern era, has graduated from its accredited degree programs more than 2,400 primary care physicians and practitioners as licensed naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine professionals. NCNM’s mission statement, which the U.S. Department of Education accrediting teams use to routinely evaluate and approve programs and the institution, is to educate and train physicians, practitioners and pre-professionals in the art, science and research of natural medicine. NCNM’s vision is to be broadly recognized as the go-to college for education, research, scholarship, continuing medical education, and community education in natural

medicine; above all, NCNM aspires to expand its reach as a beacon for healthcare professionals who increasingly need advanced training in the art and science of natural medicine. Our vision takes seriously an accompanying responsibility, and that is to safeguard the entire continuum of natural medicine which contemplates integration at the same time as we preserve our roots and traditions. The “product-of-the-product” from an education at NCNM is creating wholeness and well-being in every person in our community of scholars, staff and alumni; teaching patients how to have lifelong healthy bodies, minds and spirits; and embracing the belief that wellness is possible and attainable for everyone—even as chronicity levels spin wildly out of control, reflected by statistics regarding the incidence of diabetes, chronic and wasting diseases, cancer and heart disease. In North America, there are over 6,000 naturopathic physicians, 18,000 acupuncturists and 70,000 chiropractors. The biomedicine (also known as allopathic) medical sector and a growing network of mainstream medical schools are self-identifying as “integrated medicine institutions.” In response to patient and public demand, these medical schools have recently begun to selectively teach “natural,” “complementary and alternative medicine,” or “integrated medicine” modalities such as holistic nutrition, acupuncture, herbal arts, meditation or massage. The integration of naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine into the mainstream of medicine is increasingly


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

likely. However, this gathering momentum implies two parallel developments: first, the urgent need for natural medicine professionals to position and claim their place in civil society as professional groups; and second, the equally urgent need for those same natural medicine experts to be the educators and trainers of choice. To do so, we need more natural medicine physicians and practitioners—and

NCNM is committed to producing them. This is reflected in the strategic objectives established by NCNM’s board of directors. For the period of 2012 through 2017, NCNM will increase its full-time and part-time student population to more than 800 and its continuing education offerings to more than 2,500 registrations annually.

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


On average these days, more than 600 medical students are on NCNM’s campus daily. NCNM graduates more than 125 new physicians and practitioners each year. With your help we can graduate many more.

What we’re up against Healthcare spending by the U.S. is greater than 13 other industrialized nations in the world. Those nations, however, have healthier populations than the U.S. Clearly, healthcare spending does not guarantee health, nor does the number of physicians (there is currently one medical doctor for every 509 Americans). Actual demographics coupled with the imminent changes generated by the federal Affordable Care Act legislation point out the accumulating shortage of primary care physicians. This is a national concern. At the same time, with their impressive record of optimizing health, naturopathic medicine doctors are already generating a sustainable impact on American health, despite our small (but growing) numbers. At present, for example, there is one Chinese medicine practitioner (acupuncturist) for every 19,100 Americans, but only one naturopathic medical doctor (ND) for every 51,000 Americans.

What we see ahead… These natural medicine professionals exist in too few numbers to impact immediate healthcare needs on a broad scale. In such a milieu, we have a story to tell about how NCNM, well established and poised for action as a 57-year-old medical school accredited by federal, regional and state accreditation bodies, and by internationally recognized alternative medical boards, can step forward to graduate and train more physicians in natural medicine and the promotion of health. NCNM has graduated over 2,400 physicians during its six decades. NCNM alumni have gone on to create seven other naturopathic programs in the U.S. and Canada. On average these days, more than 600 medical students are on NCNM’s campus daily. NCNM graduates more than 125 new physicians and practitioners each year. With your help we can graduate many more. NCNM needs more bricks and mortar, more equipment, more faculty, staff and educational resources to meet the growing demand for natural medicine. NCNM needs to build on-line and distributed learning capacity to meet contemporary student learning needs and styles head-on.

The most recent vision statement from NCNM’s board states that the purpose of the college is “to promote and exemplify health, sustainable living and self-healing through education, research and service.” As NCNM looks to 2017, the future is friendly and packed with possibilities, a future where NCNM is highly visible, highly credible, and recognized nationally for its brand.

• Recurrent college income will grow to $23 million, and a parallel $25 million capital campaign will have reached its target; • 800 full-time students and 2,500 continuing education registrations will fill the campus and utilize online delivery;

Here’s what we see ahead:

• Clinic patient visits to our teaching and community clinics will grow beyond 75,000 annually; and

• Subject to accreditation, a half dozen new undergraduate, graduate and research program streams are planned to build the natural medicine professions;

• NCNM’s Conditional Use Master Plan will be well into its rollout to create a green, convenient, accessible, sustainable and modern campus.

Achieving those goals takes money; money to hire new faculty and staff, money to acquire more library and research materials, money to build our I.T. tools, and money to add new classrooms and an urgently needed student life center. In 2009, we established a new teaching clinic on campus. In 2010, we added a half-acre botanical medicine and healing garden. In 2012, we built a new, much enhanced research facility in its own building. Going forward we need an organic chemistry lab, a botanical medicine lab, more learning space for our increasingly “wired in” students and faculty, and strengthened community outreach. 6

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


A broadly based, forward-looking advancement program has been underway for a while now and enjoys a track record of attracting more and more support for what we do.

Are we up to it? Yes—The fundamentals are solid • First, the reputation of the college is secure and strong. It is the oldest accredited natural medicine college in North America, whose naturopathic program is the parent of all the others, and whose renowned classical Chinese medicine program and faculty are a source of great pride. NCNM’s research division, the Helfgott Research Institute, known for its prestigious National Institutes of Health grants and highly competitive commercial research grants, presents NCNM as a national leader in natural medicine education. Collectively, these strong features of our college constitute a superb platform from which to undertake a capital campaign for the future of the medicines we cherish.

• Second, NCNM’s naturopathic medical program is accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education, a U.S. Department of Education accrediting body. NCNM’s classical Chinese medicine program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, also recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) accredits NCNM institutionally. NWCCU is the institutional accreditor for all post-secondary educational institutions, both public and private, in the Pacific Northwest.

NCNM has been preparing for this new beginning for some time now. Strategic fundraising is already underway and has a successful track record. The department is led by an advancement professional with more than 25 years of fundraising and development experience in Oregon. NCNM’s president is a well known and highly respected figure in the field of naturopathic medicine. He is the former president of Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) where he led its campus development, transforming CCNM to a large campus with more than 500 graduate students in six quick years. The NCNM board is poised to help raise money with a track record of 100% giving for many years. Our new advisory board of regents is made up of 25 (and growing) “movers and shakers” who are actively helping NCNM with its energetic, recent public arrival in the community as we attract and mobilize more people, more facilities, more money and more ideas to grow natural medicine in North America and beyond.

We understand and want to meet the challenge of the times Americans are looking for solutions for accessible, affordable, effective health care and not disease management. NCNM’s location in the heart of Portland, Ore., a mecca of natural medicine, is in the right place at the right time to make a genuine, sustainable difference. Furthermore, NCNM has quietly led the way by providing regional no-cost (or very low cost) primary health care to underserved populations—street youth, frail elderly, homeless, working poor—thousands of patients whose very lives

have been consistently touched by NCNM’s faculty and medical students. NCNM does this through two dozen community clinic sites, without taxpayer or insurance provider support; and until recently, without the benefit of major donors or foundation grants. Putting people’s health first speaks volumes about the dedication of NCNM’s people to serve humankind, growing out of our mission as a premier educational and natural medicine leader.

• The icing on the cake is that NCNM’s faculty and alumni are the foundation of naturopathic and classical Chinese medical knowledge, having written many of the text books currently in use throughout the world. Funders will be proud of NCNM’s credibility as a medical school and about the integrity and track record of its faculty.


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


Who are we? The NCNM family in 2012 NCNM Full-Time & Adjunct Faculty Naturopathic physicians, medical doctors, Chinese medicine practitioners (scientists and researchers), chiropractors and pharmacists

NCNM Students Hailing from throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America and Asia

175 600

NCNM Staff All full-time and part-time staff, from all branches of the campus including staff who support students as well as clinical, didactic, research, scholarly and physical operations

NCNM Alumni Approximately 70% practice in nine Western states, and 30% practice primarily in the Northeast, a few Southeastern states and Western Canada

NCNM Clinic Patients From NCNM’s teaching clinic and NCNM ‘s 20 community clinic partners

NCNM Community Clinic Partners

126 2,400 44,000 20


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


The naturopathic physician and classical Chinese medicine practitioner have the edge of relationship, spirit and tradition to leap what has been a yawning abyss of alienation within a healthcare system that yearns to redefine itself.

Let us begin…2012–2017 As long ago as 1990, one out of three Americans was already seeking advice, treatment and other services of alternative medicine practitioners.1 In the subsequent 22 years, as utilization and awareness of natural medicine have exploded in North America, NCNM has grown unrelentingly (more than 300% increased enrollment from 1990-2012). The demand for the services of natural medicine providers, though, exceeds our capacity to train and place them. Therefore, the advancement of NCNM is vital to providing more natural medicine professionals, research, and clinical care for patients.

In strict fact, to double and triple the numbers of physicians and practitioners that NCNM educates and trains, we have set our sights on growing a marvelous new campus footprint in the Lair Hill neighborhood at the west end of the Ross Island Bridge in downtown Portland. Our 20-year Conditional Use Master Plan is a fabulous blueprint for developing, on over four acres of prime urban land, several new buildings which secure that footprint for the long-term future. To expand NCNM by increasing the numbers of students and patients means developing that new space, attracting more outstanding faculty

and clinicians, more equipment, and more contemporary learning resources. How students learn is changing. What patients need is changing. Both are transforming at a pace never before experienced in higher education. For example, we know that the amount of accessible new health information will be, from today’s vantage point, unimaginable. Estimates show new information will double every few weeks (or days), responding to quantum leaps in technology and the number of people using it. Instant access to innumerable databases, the Library of Congress, EMR/EHR systems, and countless other sources worldwide is already creating an information avalanche as we begin this five-year journey. Today’s patient has more information than ever. That patient demands and deserves sophistication and guidance to navigate the plethora of options and data available. That same patient looks to healthcare providers for care beyond what is easily available in the mainstream today. The naturopathic physician and classical Chinese medicine practitioner have the edge of relationship, spirit and tradition to leap what has been a yawning abyss of alienation within a healthcare system that yearns to redefine itself.

1 Eisenberg, D.M., Davis, R.B., Ettner, S.L., Appel, S., Wilkey, S., Van Rompay, M., & Kessler, R. (1998). Trends in alternative medicine use in the United States, 19901997. JAMA. 280 (18), 1569-1575.


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


NCNM’s naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine clinics attract tens of thousands of patient visits every year. This is the right place.

Why this campaign right now and why right here in Portland? Portland, Ore., is America’s vanguard city for natural medicine education and health care. NCNM has been a national leader in natural medicine for over a half-century, the parent of all the accredited naturopathic programs in North America, and the home of one of the nation’s pioneering classical Chinese medicine programs. Helfgott Research Institute, in new facilities at NCNM, is an established national leader in natural medicine research and training. NCNM is also a founding member of the unique, nationally recognized research and teaching partnership, Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine (OCIM). NCNM’s naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine clinics attract tens of thousands of patient visits every year. This is the right place. There is a healthcare crisis in America. Preventable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and asthma dominate the healthcare needs of the population. NCNMtrained naturopathic physicians and classical Chinese medicine practitioners are showing the way by putting healing and prevention back into health care every day in hundreds of communities across America. NCNM is changing the baseline of natural medicine from palliative care to prevention. Using education, empowerment and natural medicine, NCNM is putting medicine back in the hands of everyone. This is the right time.


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

The popular pedestrian and bicycle-friendly Broadway Bridge. Portland, Ore., is America’s vanguard city for natural medicine education and health care.

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


NCNM has a true opportunity to transform students, patients, staff, alumni, visitors, partners, friends and neighbors. We will create spaces that are touched by the stories they create; spaces that contribute to a sense of place.

What we need and why… NCNM is committed to developing our new 4.3 acre urban footprint as the Pacific Northwest’s major center of natural medicine education and patient care. With your help, NCNM wants to be a model campus of healing and wholeness. NCNM wants to be the natural medicine anchor of teaching, research and patient care in America. We are building a magnificent, urban, green space where we can educate natural medicine practitioners and physicians who will move quickly into leadership roles in health care in their American communities and beyond. In September 2009, NCNM opened Oregon’s largest natural medicine clinic where we are already helping tens of thousands of patients deal with health issues using natural medicine modalities and medicines. In January


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

2011, NCNM opened its newest lecture hall and conference center at the northern boundary of the downtown college footprint. In October 2012, NCNM opened its new Helfgott Research Institute and Community Education Center including a state-of-the-art teaching and research kitchen, and a community classroom enabled for internet streaming and interactive learning online for individuals, cohorts and colleagues everywhere. The new NCNM campus as landscape; the “Power of Place” We are creating sacred spaces for the communities we serve: our students, our patients, our faculty, our staff and our alumni. These spaces will be special and transformational. What has been missing for more than a halfcentury for those communities is the ability and time to walk, talk and laugh, and socially interact on a campus landscape that connects and creates ritual and ceremonial space, processional and exploring spaces, and refuge spaces. These places are in the plan and many of them have begun. Our campaign will keep them coming, reinforce their function and develop their stories. We want to tell the history of the space and communicate its meaning using signage, seating, plantings, art installations and more. The Min Zidell Healing Garden opened in December 2010, and features a spectacular bronze sculpture of Sun Simao, a labyrinth, a new pavilion, a greenhouse and hundreds of medicinal plants, both

Eastern and Western, for every season. These are elements that assure the uniqueness of place, so important to our students and patients’ experiences moving through those spaces. NCNM has a true opportunity to transform students, patients, staff, alumni, visitors, partners, friends and neighbors. We will create spaces that are touched by the stories they create; spaces that contribute to a sense of place. NCNM needs to help build the professions it serves with scholarships, student programs, professional development, continuing medical education, research, residencies, endowments, marketing and outreach, electronic medical records and related technology. The window of opportunity is wide and it is here. We have the right professors, the best students. We have a rapidly growing stream of patients. Our partnerships are expanding steadily. As we let out the clutch, we need your help to go farther than we have ever gone in response to the needs of our students and our patients. Patients are driving a revolution in health care. They no longer will tolerate disease management. They want more natural elements in their healing. At Providence Portland Medical Center, for example, natural medicine treatments are now requested by approximately 75% of cancer patients. In our network of community clinic partners, patient visits are on the rise every time we arrive to help. Nationally, there is a crisis in health care within a system that is broken. Many people are suffering. We have an obligation and responsibility to step up to change the landscape of health care and help it evolve, to help it heal, to help it redefine itself with the patient and the planet at the center of choices and strategies. NCNM will lead the way in providing the optimal access to natural medicine, nature cure, health and wellness. In the next decade, we need to graduate at least a thousand more students in the art and science of natural medicine to meet the demand for primary care practitioners. They will fan out locally, regionally, nationally and globally to deliver natural, sustainable health care for the people and to advocate by all they do for a healthy planet.

NCNM’s main campus building was formerly a community college, and before that, an elementary school. Since 2007, we’ve added classrooms, a new anatomy lab, more bathrooms, student government spaces, outdoor pavilions, enhanced student study and lounge space, and improved large lecture halls. The campus also now holds a healing garden, a new integrated clinic, and a new large lecture building and conference center. Most recently completed is a new research and community education building including a brilliant new teaching and research kitchen, and a community classroom equipped with online streaming and internet capacity. NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


The new NCNM campus footprint is strategic, progressive and doable.

Campaign five-year target: $25 million Phase Three: New buildings and campus footprint consolidation.

Phase One: Establishing the footprint and beginning the campus revitalizing process. Back in early 2008, NCNM made the commitment to build a revitalized campus permanently in downtown Portland. Since then the NCNM community has developed a 20-year Master Plan (vetted by the NCNM community between 2009-2011 and approved by civic authorities in the fall of 2012) which envisions a multi-block, multi-building urban campus with excellent educational and patient care facilities. The new NCNM campus footprint is strategic, progressive and doable. Phase One set the pace and the parameters of our vision. Based on strict and creative stewardship of our resources, but in rapid succession, we carefully acquired the Broadcast Building (now our administration center); a commercial building on the northern edge of our campus footprint, now retrofitted as a large, modern lecture hall and conference center; several vacant former residences which will be converted to student life facilities; a block of land with several buildings and an adjacent parking lot, now rebuilt as a modern, exceptional teaching clinic complete with medicinary and lab, and complemented on its west edge by the beautiful new Min Zidell Healing Garden with its labyrinth, hundreds of medicinal plants, pavilion and greenhouse. As our footprint grew we improved our facilities steadily: new bathrooms in the main academic building; enhanced classroom space; a much expanded bookstore; student lounge and study facilities; expanded library; improved food services facilities for our students and staff; a brand new research and community education center complete with on-line educational streaming facilities, and an extraordinary teaching/research kitchen (this same facility already


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

houses our newest program, a Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research.) Reassignment of office space for faculty and administrative staff, retrofitting of appropriate counseling and student services space, and the creation of a new community room will mark the end of Phase One. The momentum of Phase One has been spectacular and has attracted over one hundred new college partners, big and small.

NCNM’s new academic building, detailed in the Master Plan, will include a new library with interactive multi-media resources for students, faculty and staff, in addition to housing our very special collections in the variety of disciplines essential to the study of natural medicine. There will be a special “archives” installation to protect the superb collection of old texts, journals and other publications unique to NCNM. During this phase we will be looking for help with design and

construction costs for several new buildings, as well as funds for equipment and furnishings to support research, kitchen appliances, cookware, dishes, cabinetry, furnishings and theatre seats. Adding the costs for the beautification of grounds; the augmenting of our collections with new, essential acquisitions—both print and electronically based; along with endowing numerous academic chairs and scholarship goals define this rich stage in manifesting our vision.

Phase Two: Consolidating the new facilities to house and strengthen our new program mix and delivery strategies. With the new clinic, new research and community education center, additional teaching facilities, and campus beautification projects underway, NCNM will consolidate and strengthen new and core activity in those facilities including several new degree and certificate programs, enhanced practicum and lab facilities, and improved food services. Phase Two contemplates the creation of a new student life center, event and reception spaces, the finalizing of an integrated student services and student life space, and a splendid network of walkways to knit the campus together called “the green brick road.” Additional garden and art installations will occur in this phase, along with the development of a much needed child/ day care facility. Phase Two includes the building of a new basic sciences lab to support new undergraduate programming, a cafeteria, and the establishment of student housing facilities on the campus.

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


Special projects which will build Phases One, Two and Three 1. Naming/sustaining opportunities that are environmentally sound, green, optimal healing environment, community-focused

• The Min Zidell Healing Garden (located beside the NCNM Clinic) $150,000 aZidell Family

• Sun Simiao Bronze Statue Installation (Min Zidell Healing Garden) $100,000 aMr. Hue Baozhu

• Healing Garden Pavillion $30,000 aSokenbicha

• Healing Garden Greenhouse

$25,000 aBiotics & Biotics NW

• The Green Brick Road

A pathway connecting all the spaces of the campus, integrating into the Portland Southwest Trail system $100,000


Naming opportunities for building and operationalizing integrated clinic services, student life and campus services; an integrated naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine clinic

In fall 2008, NCNM acquired a full city-block of property with two useable buildings. The larger building was renovated in the summer of 2009 into a state-of-the-art clinic, combining the naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine clinics NCNM had operated on separate sites for many years. The new facilities are designed to produce superb clinical education opportunities for our students and high-quality care for our patients. In spring 2012, NCNM acquired two houses with accompanying green garden space on Meade Street between the administration and Annex buildings.

• NCNM Teaching Clinic (entire building) $5 million

• NCNM Faculty and Administration Building (entire building) $4.5 million


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

• IV Therapy Treatment Room

• Colonic/Sauna Suite

• Group Acupuncture Treatment Room

• Treatment Rooms (13)

• Minor Surgery Suite

• Shiatsu Rooms (2)


• Two Roof Gardens and 10 Living Walls

$540,000 a$10,000 BEMA Botanicals Living Wall, NCNM Clinic

$35,000 $35,000


$25,000 each aTerra Medica (1) $20,000 each

• Campus Murals Project (external and internal) $175,000

• Lair Hill Campus Building Facelift and Facilities Renovation $750,000

• Campus Recycling System $75,000

• NCNM Covered Spring Stage and Amphitheatre (outdoor lectures, concerts, events) $300,000

• Campus Early Childhood Center

A center for excellence in early childhood education (ECE) and day care (infant and toddler) $1 million

3. Naming opportunities in the heart of the learning experience $250,000 a(project underway; alumni and other partners)

• Helfgott Research Institute and

Community Education Center $3.5 million $500,000 aCharlee’s Kitchen $100,000 aViolet Bebee Classroom $100,000 aMarjorie A. Gage Research Science Lab

• Library (Academic Building) $2 million

Betty Radelet Hall (NCNM Annex) $500,000

• Mitchell Hall (Academic Building)

• Ken Harmon Community Room

$100,000 a(project underway; NWNPC, alumni and other partners)

Lecture Classrooms (10) $50,000 each

• Anatomy Lab

$35,000 aNCMIC

Specialty Classrooms (8) $30,000 each

Seminar Classrooms (5) $25,000 each

• •

Biomedical Sciences

Women’s Health $54,000 aWomen in Balance Institute (WIBI)

• • •

Men’s Health

• NCNM Cafeteria $750,000

• Student Life Facilities

(student government, recreational and lounge space) $250,000

• Women’s Health Wing (four-room suite) $250,000

• Physiotherapy Wing (four-room suite) $150,000

• Hydrotherapy and Nature Cure Wing (three-room suite) $125,000

• NCNM Meade Street Community Garden $60,000

4. Endowed and sponsored academic professorships* and related teaching appointments (naturopathic medicine, classical Chinese medicine, integrative medicine research)

• • • •


Physical Medicine

Integrative Medicine Research Homeopathy Botanical Medicine $155,000 aHerb Pharm (Traditional Roots)

Classics of Natural Medicine (Literature, History and Philosophy)

Nature Cure Oncology

*An endowed professorship costs $100,000 annually.

• Conference Rooms (5)

$50,000 each aPremier Research Labs (1) aNutritional Fundamentals for Health (1)

• Lab

$50,000 aUS BioTek

5. Sponsored practice-based residencies*

• $162,500 aEvidence-based multi-year ND

residency sponsored by NFH

• $100,000 aAOM multi-year residency

sponsored by BEMA Botanicals

*A sponsored practice-based residency costs $20,000 annually. NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


By 2017, with your help . . . • 800 diverse, highly qualified full-time equivalent • • • • • • •

students 250 annualized part-time credit program registrations Residencies for every graduate who seeks one CME course and certificate offerings for healthcare professionals Healthy aging services and seminars in the NCNM Clinic Distance education offerings for primary care and allied healthcare professionals Career placement and professional formation services for graduates Research grants and funding with an annual revenue stream of $2 million to support Helfgott Research Institute and our new Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research (MSiMR) degree program, as well as proposed new research degree programs in nutrition and global health A campus early childhood and day care center that also serves as a continuing education site for the ECE profession and as an NCNM Clinic pediatric rotation site

NCNM in 2017: a snapshot of our dream . . . • 100 international students annually; international • • • • • • • • • • •

exchange programs Faculty exchange programs with U.S. and international partners 50 approved articulation agreements with undergraduate post-secondary institutions 100 pre-requisite alignment partnerships with undergraduate post-secondary institutions Patient education classes in an early childhood center ECO-Nation (Ending Childhood ObesityNationwide) programs in 12 U.S. cities BY(c) [Best Years (community)] programs in 12 U.S. cities Community programs on important public health issues Naturopathic and CCM alumni association with a 66% participation rate Loan forgiveness for students Licensing in 25 states for the naturopathic profession and in all 50 for licensed acupuncturists A robust continuing education division generating 2,500 registrations annually

2012–2017: long-term goals supported by The Right Place; The Right Time campaign

• NCNM has made significant progress toward

• Naturopathic doctors (ND) and classical Chinese

• NCNM is an institution of higher education, provid-

• NCNM is nationally known for its commitment to

becoming a university, and by 2017 is already well branded in the natural and integrative medicine landscape in North America and beyond. ing graduate medical education (classroom and clinical) with naturopathic medicine and classical Chinese medicine as its core programs.

• NCNM is the benchmark institution modeling for

the naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine sectors a sustainable natural medicine academic career path for its faculty and administrators.

• NCNM has a mix of full- and part-time, gradu-

ate and undergraduate programs in all key fields of natural medicine, integrative medicine and research, philosophy and history that complement the core programs in naturopathic medicine and classical Chinese medicine.

• NCNM is the educator of choice for new students

and for other existing healthcare professionals interested in building careers in naturopathic medicine, classical Chinese medicine, and natural medicine research.

• NCNM is a national provider of continuing medical education and related credential enhancement and licensing support training and education, meeting the needs of the natural medicine professional communities.


Grow NCNM’s recurrent income stream to $23 million by Sept. 1, 2017.


Grow NCNM into a nationally branded, accredited university of natural medicine with undergraduate, graduate and research capacity branded as a seamless continuum for students.


An Office of Advancement that has achieved a cumulative capital campaign target of $25 million with a recurrent annual campaign threshold of $2.5 million, inclusive of bequests and deferred gifts.

• The professions served by NCNM have recognition


Design and operationalize a student- and patient-centered culture to serve 1,000 full- and part-time students, 5,000 annual part-time continuing education registrations (including CME and community education), and 75,000 annualized patient visits by December 2017. The campus will also include an early childhood and infant/toddler day care center for the college and the community.


Design and sustain employee compensation, and classification policies and models that establish NCNM as an employer of choice for the natural medicine higher education sector by the end of fiscal 2016-2017.

• NCNM has an ongoing, catalytic role in codifying


Create an accessible, well financed, green, sustainable, multi-building campus inclusive of appropriate classroom and clinical education resources, research facilities, student support and student life facilities by the end of fiscal 2016-2017.


Establish NCNM as the preeminent institution driving and supporting the formation of the naturopathic medicine and classical Chinese medicine professions in North America.


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

by state and federal authorities, and reciprocity with many natural medicine accrediting and licensing bodies internationally. the development of the body of natural medicine and related medical knowledge via its Helfgott Research Institute and in its credit curriculum and continuing medical education content.

medicine practitioners are the healthcare providers of choice by the general public, and by state, county and federal health authorities. natural health science education and research, the preparation of naturopathic doctors and classical Chinese medicine practitioners, rigorous undergraduate programs, platforms for healthcare reform, and for a network of 50 accredited residency sites with comprehensive and exemplary curricula.

• NCNM is noted for its quality care and service for

patients in its on-campus, integrated naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine clinic facility, and in regional community clinic sites, as well as in residency programs, hospitals and treatment centers.

• NCNM is known as the educator of choice for

post-ND programs in botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, ayurvedic medicine, holistic veterinary medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics.

• NCNM faculty and staff are motivated, highly

skilled, professionally mobile, and in high demand as speakers and presenters nationally and internationally. They utilize their high-level qualifications, state-ofthe-art equipment and facilities, and sustain substantial, strategic partnerships with other organizations, institutions, suppliers, agencies and individuals.

• NCNM is recognized as a leader in online learning

technologies, E-Access, appropriate information technology, and audio/visual in-house resources for education and training; and in the design and deployment of adult learning-centered curricula known for quality, access and currency.

• NCNM is a national leader in resourcing the

accreditation of natural health sciences programs and related natural medicine therapies curricula.

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


NCNM Partners have highly professional access to doctors, practitioners, researchers and students.

NCNM Partners Program Benefits* Benefit

Regents’ Circle

President’s Circle

Deans’ Circle

Diamond Partner

Platinum Partner

Gold Partner

Silver Partner

Bronze Partner

1,000 Friends

Student Rep Access & Support

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Commencement & Convocation Guest

Board of Regents Member Multi-Year Project Partner

NCNM Partners Program National College of Natural Medicine is unique in the land. Not only are we the oldest accredited naturopathic college in North America, the roots from which all other accredited naturopathic colleges and programs have sprung, we also are the home of numerous other remarkable programs which are championing the preparation of clinicians, educators and researchers for the rapidly transforming healthcare and higher education landscapes. We have four exceptional, unique, accredited degree programs, with more on the way:

(See project opportunities on page 28)

Naming Opportunity CE Level 3

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND); Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM); Master of Acupuncture (MAc); Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research (MSiMR). NCNM also has partnerships with 20 community clinics and is the home of the largest natural medicine teaching clinic in the state of Oregon. NCNM’s culture is rich in teaching, research and patient care. Ours is an ideal terrain for industry, institutional, foundation, agency and government partners who want to become aligned with the professions we serve. NCNM Partners have highly professional access to doctors, practitioners, researchers and students. Whether it is a newly minted, licensed professional healthcare provider in the natural medicine field in the United States or abroad, or a skilled natural medicine researcher you seek connection with, being affiliated with NCNM will produce a valuable ROI for you. The NCNM Partners Program is carefully designed to work right away, as well as over the long term.

Your Partners Program Contacts:

Susan Kay Hunter, MBA, Vice President of Advancement 503.552.1512 • David Schleich, PhD, President 503.552.1702 • Ericha Clare, ND, MAc, CE Coordinator 503.552.2005 • Allison Corn, MA, Advancement Officer 503.552.1520 • Justin Fowler, CE Communications & Events Coordinator 503.552.1517 • Julie Scholz, Grant Writer 503.552.1527 •


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

Bill Tribe, Alumni Officer 503.552.1523 • Courtney Jackson, ND, ECO-Nation Lead Physician 503.552.1525 • Julie Briley, ND, ECO-Nation Physician 503.552.1525 • Andrew Erlandsen, ND, ECO-Nation Physician 503.552.1794 • Elise Schroeder, ND, Lead Physician, Women in Balance Institute 503.552.1529 • Sussanna Czeranko, ND Rare Book Room Curator 503.552.1708 •

Product Knowledge Lunch CE Level 2 CE Level 1 Health Biz Expo Featured Partner Spring Garden Gala Medicinary Product Presence Community Clinics Medicinary Program Graduation Gala Starter Medicinary Intranet Page/Website Alumni/Student Newsletter Product Presence Sampling Tables/Booth Partner

*Please see page 26 for a full explanation of NCNM Partners Program benefits.

NCNM Partner Investment Levels Monthly Giving

Per Year


Regents’ Circle


$200k x 5

$1 million

President’s Circle


$100k x 5


Deans’ Circle


$75k x 5


Diamond Partner


$50k x 5


Platinum Partner


$25k x 5


Gold Partner


$20k x 5


Silver Partner


$10k x 5


Bronze Partner


$5k x 5


1,000 Friends Charter Member


$1k x 5


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


NCNM Partners Program Benefits 2012–2017

Board of Regents Member Members serve the crucial role of advisors and networkers for the board of directors and the president in advancing the mission of the college, its programs and clinics. Meetings are semi-annual. Multi-Year Project Partner Partners support a wide range of extraordinary projects which improve and strengthen natural medicine in America. Many projects recur over a number of years. They are very high profile and are a well publicized part of NCNM’s public and professional outreach. Examples include: Helfgott Research Institute projects, student scholarships, faculty professional development, library fund, the ECO-Nation Project, the “Best Years” Program for seniors [BY(c)], the Women in Balance Institute (WIBI), the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project (FNP), the master plan rollout fund (student life center, green campus fund), and distinguished lecture series. Naming Opportunities Because NCNM now has a 20-year Master Plan approved by the City of Portland and strongly supported by our neighbors and communities, the naming opportunities are abundant: whole buildings, our teaching clinic, lecture halls, classrooms, the library, archive and rare books room, cafeteria, pavilions, labs and gardens, wall mosaic installations, art installations and more. As well, NCNM has residencies, scholarships, department chairs, professorships, lecture series and events which are yearning for partner names. Continuing Education Special Sponsorships This important conduit to faculty, students and alumni/ae is special indeed. The NCNM CE Department will work with a partner’s credentialed presenter to market the CE presentation; process registration; seek state/provincial board approvals; handle logistics such as registration, room management, tabling, state/ provincial CEU approvals, webinar narrow-casting; and materials archiving. A partner continuing education event at NCNM is carefully and thoroughly orchestrated by the CE/Alumni/ Advancement Team to meet conflict of interest guidelines at the same time as optimizing partner exposure, information sharing, and skills building for the professional communities we serve. Presentation and availability of partner research and product information will be available to the NCNM communities (faculty, students, alumni/ae) via organized, advertised events each year of the partnership in accordance with the partner’s benefit level. Product Knowledge Days Our partners’ product information is presented to students, alumni and other healthcare professionals in an organized, advertised event one day each year of the partnership. Company partners will be invited to a VIP faculty reception and lunch.


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

Health Biz Expo Featured Partner Promoted as presenting sponsors of the annual Health Biz Expo at NCNM, this weekend event gathers local and regional alumni/ae, students, faculty, other medical colleges, and the public to learn about natural products and natural medicine modalities and research.

Starter Medicinary Graduating students are invited to sign up for this program at the beginning of their penultimate year of study. Subject to their participating in two product knowledge days in the year of their graduation, graduates will be entitled to an initial inventory from participating partners, sent to their new clinics once NCNM alerts the partner that the graduate has completed his or her board exams and is opening a clinical site. The initial inventory is on consignment with the participating alumnus/a for an interestand payment-free period of six months. In the subsequent six months, the partner invoices the consignee for 1/6th of the starter medicinary each month, interest-free, in addition to normal medicinary orders at the regular schedules of payment. The NCNM Alumni Affairs Department, CE Department and Advancement Team will track participation and compliance on behalf of the partner. The partner will include the participant beginning with the first consignment and any subsequent orders in the partner’s normal fulfillment processes.

Spring Garden Gala The partner will be a featured sponsor of the Spring Garden Gala which gathers alumni/ae, students, faculty, community partners, affiliate organizations and collaborating institutional representatives. Free admission for the sponsor’s guests/colleagues. The sponsor will enjoy a gala table featuring the partner’s products, mission and materials.

NCNM Intranet Page Including Website Link on Featured Sponsor Landing Page Partners will have an active link on the NCNM website and will receive and be featured in the Partners Connection Newsletter, which is distributed broadly through NCNM’s networks to our communities of students, faculty, alumni/ae, affiliate organizations and part-time learners.

Medicinary Product Presence Partners will be given appropriate display presence in the NCNM medicinary, including the opportunity to provide continuously updated product information and research made available to students, faculty, staff and alumni/ae.

Alumni and Student Newsletter Featured Sponsor and Article Contributor References and articles will allude to partner activities on campus as well as sponsored display ads about CE events, product knowledge days and new releases. Product Presence Partners’ products will be featured on campus in display cases located in academic building hallways. Each partner will receive a kiosk for marketing materials. Sampling Tables and Booth Partner Partners will be “featured booth sponsors” at all events in which NCNM participates. NCNM will provide a sponsor plaque at each event and make available partner information sheets to all attendees describing that partner’s contributions and ongoing relationship with NCNM and the naturopathic and Chinese medicine communities. As well, partners will be provided with a sampling table according to an agreed upon schedule. Student Rep Access and Support Partners will be assisted in identifying and recruiting appropriate student representatives for the NCNM campus. Commencement and Convocation Guest Partners will be invited to, and introduced at, the NCNM commencement ceremony each June.

Community Clinics Medicinary Program Partners can contribute product to the community clinics, assuring product knowledge familiarization by faculty and student interns, and assisting in NCNM’s community health outreach to a growing network of clinics in the greater Portland area and beyond. Graduation Gala Sponsor There is one main and four supporting sponsors for the annual Graduate Gala, which is held in conjunction with the June commencement. Graduates and their families and friends, faculty, alumni/ae, college staff, board members and VIP guests attend this event. A VIP reception and a receiving line are part of the sponsorship, as well as reserved tables for main and supporting sponsors and their colleagues and guests. Tables featuring partners’ products and professional services will be displayed at the event. All sponsors will be formally recognized during the event program.

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


Multi-Year Project Partner Opportunities Helfgott Research Institute Partner contributions fund groundbreaking research; endow research scholars; support research fellows; underwrite student research projects and scholarships, as well as essential research equipment such as mass spectrometers and HPLCs (or potentiometric titrators) in support of enhancing metrology, and the investigation and creation of new knowledge. Residencies and Post-Graduate Medical Education Partner contributions expand the creation of new residencies at NCNM, such as the cancer care residency, or approved off-site residencies which can be practice-based or affiliated with an appropriate institution or agency. Clinic Education Sustaining Fund Partner contributions support NCNM’s teaching clinic, ensuring state-of-the-art equipment, medical supplies, tests and medicines. Contributions may also support our growing network of community clinics, enhancing access, service and collaboration. Student Scholarship Sustaining Fund Partner contributors endow a permanent fund for student bursaries and scholarships. Faculty Professional Development Sustaining Fund Partner contributions support faculty development as faculty create new texts, design new curricula, undertake research, write scholarly journal articles, become visiting professors at other medical colleges, act as mentors, or lead scholarly visitations to China or India to study global medicines. Library and Learning Resource Sustaining Fund Partner contributions expand NCNM’s library by adding to more than 1,400 texts within the Friedhelm Kirchfeld Rare Books Room Collection, sponsoring the purchase of books, journals, software and new technologies, as well as sustaining mobile reference medical libraries for local community clinics. E-Education Sustaining Fund Partner contributions will enable NCNM, through its Continuing Education Department, to inspire highquality online and electronically mediated educational programming (e-learning). This fund enables NCNM to archive and share the best of continuing education offerings, grand rounds, distinguished guest lectures, and product knowledge events. ECO-Nation (Ending Childhood Obesity–Nationwide) Sustaining Fund Led by licensed NDs, the Ending Childhood Obesity Project provides community education and cooking classes for


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

families about nutrition, cooking skills, food choices, reading labels, and food product information. Women in Balance Institute The Women in Balance Institute (WIBI) at NCNM is a national, nonprofit association of women, doctors, healthcare professionals, and organizations dedicated to helping women achieve hormone balance. The purpose of Women in Balance is to educate women and the healthcare community about hormone imbalance, and its impact on a woman’s health and well-being as she ages. WIBI is the only U.S. nonprofit that is focused on addressing these issues for women, without bias or affiliation. BY(c) [Best Years (community)] Sustaining Fund Led by qualified NDs and LAcs, the Best Years Program provides community education for seniors about nutrition and strengthening (physical and mental). Student Life Center Partner contributions fund the creation and sustaining of a dynamic student life center on campus, including recreational space; student government offices; study, peer tutoring and breakout facilities; and a cafeteria. Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project Sustaining Fund Partner contributions will support continuing research and education contributing to the updating, editing and distribution of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine comprehensive reference textbook and associated research. Distinguished Lecture Series Partner contributions support a series of distinguished speakers known for their research, writing or advocacy regarding paradigm shifts in health care, and leading healing efforts predicated on natural medicine. Green College Fund Partners may support projects that create carbon offsets; the design and rollout of an approved environmental medicine degree or certificate; a speaker series; and approved CE activities and natural medicine training in recycling, repairing and composting. Customized Project Partner contributions go toward the development of a project that will enhance the professional formation of naturopathic doctors, classical Chinese medicine practitioners, and natural medicine research professionals (e.g., ECO-Nation, Bob’s Red Mill Integrative Medicine Scholarship Cup, the ZRT Cup, the Sokenbicha Essay Competition).

NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017


049 SW Porter Street Portland, OR 97201 503.552.1555


NCNM Case Statement 2012–2017

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NCNM Case Statement

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NCNM Case Statement