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New Wave Kids Organize to Save Our Oceans

The Joys of Running Innovations Boost Energy Efficiency April 2017 |

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April 2017


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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

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APRIL 2017



COMPOUNDING at Valley Integrative Pharmacy By James P. Cammarata, RPh.


Turning Lawns into Native Landscapes by Lisa Kivirist and John D. Ivanko


HOME BUILDING Innovations Boost Energy Efficiency

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by John D. Ivanko and Liam Kivirist


Races Beckon Beginners by Aimee Hughes

38 EGGS-PERT ADVICE How to Buy Good Eggs from Happy Hens by Judith Fertig


Kids Organize to

Save Our Oceans by April Thompson


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arth day—April 22. Every day should be Earth Day. There is so much more we can do. I hope that in the next year, I can put forth an effort and contribute, rather than just thinking about it, and standing on the sidelines. On Sunday, the resident spiritual advisor at the Center of Spiritual Living in Morristown put forth two interesting statements: “What is the biggest lie you tell to yourself?” and “Rather than giving up TV or snacks for Lent, this year, try giving up blaming and shaming.” Practice is the key to achievement. I’m sure that’s written down some place…or I just made it up. Attitude, gratitude, good wishes, good thoughts, good deeds matter. They matter for others, and we know now they matter for self. Acts of kindness should be expected rather than seen as a noble act.

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We learn so much from our children when we let them be who they are. They really are the teachers. I must learn to be more of a student. (Age appropriate, that is.) Michael Jackson’s recording of “Man in the Mirror” is brilliant. The words, written by Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change” are perfect. It took me decades to learn that right there staring back at me is the only thing I have control over—my thoughts, deeds, etc. In that mirror the problems and solutions to what needs fixing is right there in the mirror—me. Up and coming notables: The Wellness Gala at Mountain Lakes on April 30 One Spirit Festival in Clinton on May 6-7 Touch Mother Earth at Mount Eden Retreat on June 2-4 Our May issues will focus on Natural Pregnancy and Child Birth, and Woman Rising. June will feature Chronic Pain, and Reframing Autism. Enjoy the warmth of spring, and each other. In peace, love and laughter,

Natural Awakenings is printed on recycled newsprint


North Central NJ Edition

newsbriefs Touch Mother Earth Returns June 2017


rom June 2-4, Mount Eden Retreat, a unique property with 189 acres, nestled on the side of a mountain in Warren County, is again offering a weekend called Touch Mother Earth – a venue packed with life-enhancing workshops including: foraging, yoga, planting a butterfly garden, use of essential oils, nutrition, men’s and women’s support, hiking, meditation, chanting, tai chi, dance, hooping, capoeira, drum and fire circles and a chance to grow and meet others. Plus music! Our top notch bands include Wynne Paris of Lovelight Festival, Gypsy Funk Squad​, Dalien 13 HANDS, Barry​“Blues” Holmes, Sharon Silverstein​& Deva Vidya​ Sacred Sounds, The Mystical Kirtan of Mirabai Moon​, Dennis McDonough​, Kevin Hill​, Marafanyi Drum, Dance & Song​, Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project​and others. Come for the day or the weekend and surround yourself with good music, healing, passionate people and sustainable ideas. Location: Mount Eden Retreat, 56 Mill Pond Rd, Washington, NJ. Vendors and Volunteers: Vendors4TouchMotherEarth@; General info and ticket sales: TouchMotherEarth2017@gmail. com. FB: groups/TouchMotherEarth.

Livingston/Flemington - You want to quit smoking. You need to lose weight. You’re anxious, sleepless, or you find yourself avoiding people or necessary tasks. Wouldn’t we all like to be healthier in some way? We can be. Imagine sleeping well, eating well, or putting down the cigarette habit for good without anxiety, weight gain, or mood swings. Whatever your situation is, hypnosis can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Nicotine addiction and unwanted weight can both lead to a frustrating roller coaster ride of hope and disappointment. Panic attacks and anxiety disorders can manifest themselves in physical symptoms such as stomach pains or insomnia, or behaviors like avoidance or extreme shyness. Regardless of the issue, you can discover what thousands of others have already learned: Hypnosis offers a painless path to freedom and change.

Hypnosis is a safe, medically approved method of behavior modification therapy, and it really works. Whether you’ve got 20 pounds you want to lose or your self-esteem needs a boost, hypnosis counseling can make a difference for you. The Hypnosis Counseling Center has been helping people change their lives for the better for over 30 years. Group classes are offered at over 35 adult schools and recreation centers throughout New Jersey to help people quit smoking and lose weight. Individual counseling is available for those who want to manage stress or oversome anxiety, poor confidence, insomnia, low self esteem, migraine headaches, or poor work and study habits. To find out more, go to or contact Barry Wolfson at 908-303-7767. Offices are located at 28 Mine St., Flemington; 43 Tamarack Circle, Princeton; 2 E. Northfield Ave., Livingston; and 3000 Valley Forge Circle, King of Prussia, PA.

Energy Healing Catalyst

Meditation & ThetaHealing


Spring Cleaning for Mind Body and Soul: April 1-2 Advance Class Thetahealing: April 22, 23, 24 Dig Deeper Thetahealing: May 20, 21 “A meditation technique to evolve mind, body and spirit” For more details please visit: 908.264.4344

2 E. Northfield Av. Livingston, NJ 28 Mine St. Flemington, NJ 43 Tamarack Circle Princeton, NJ 3000 Valley Forge Circle, King of Prussia, PA

natural awakenings

April 2017


The Art of the Heart

a community of people coming together for exploration, learning, expansion and empowerment.

Classes | Events | Intuitive Readings Reiki | IET | Sound Therapy | Crystal Therapy | Spiritual Counseling We have products that nurture and assist you on your journey!

White Sage Bundles | Himalayan Salt Products | Bath Salts | Clearing Sprays Archangel Sprays | Essential Oils Crystals | Wire-wrapped jewelry Mention this ad to Receive $20 off your first appointment. (½ hour or longer) Contact us at 908-879-3937 or text us at 862-222-4268

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newsbriefs Treating Depression Through Five Element Acupuncture


epression has become one of the most common illnesses in our culture, and the feelings of hopelessness, despair and disconnection can make it difficult to function. In the West, traditional approaches to mental health problems include psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. “While these approaches can be very helpful, they often miss the relationship between our physical body, mental function and emotional health,” states David Frome, of Frome Physical Therapy. “Five Element Acupuncture is a unique form of acupuncture that can help people to manage and overcome depression.” During the first Five Element treatment, an assessment is taken of the many aspects of a patient’s health during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The patient’s current state of health and its evolution is then viewed in full including the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. This clear picture will be used to lay the foundation for a highly individualized treatment plan. The sessions that follow will select a specific pattern of acupuncture points to support and balance the constitution, while energetic blocks and imbalances are released. If you’ve only tried acupuncture, you haven’t experienced the full spectrum of its benefits,” says Frome. “Five Element Acupuncture is a wonderful tool to support your mental and overall health, and often leads to extraordinary improvements in the body, mind, and emotional well-being.” Location: 415 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove. David Frome is physical therapist, advanced Rolfer and Five Element Acupuncturist. For information call 973-509-8464. See CRG on page 52.

addirectory Aesthetic Family Dentistry . . . . . . . . 23, 56 Association for Higher Awareness . . . . . . 31 Ascend Hospice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Awakening Wellness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 B. Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Budd Larner, PC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Caldwell Salt Cave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Changes Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Cindy Nolte, Fresh Look on Life . . . . . . . 19 Connectivity Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Dr. Andy Rosenfarb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Dr. Tammy Kaminski . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Earth & Beyond . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Extreme Kleaner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Frankly Speaking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Freedom Now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Healing Path Massage Therapy . . . . . . . . 15 Heavenly Hands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Hemberger Structural Integration . . . . . . 35 Hypnosis Counseling Center . . . . . . . . . . . 7 IE Counseling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13


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imagiNations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Karmabridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Leslie Lobell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness . . . . . 23 Living Waters Wellness Center . . . . . . . . 15 Major Mindset . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 MoPweeze Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Natural Awakenings Singles . . . . . . . . . . 50 Natural Home Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Natural Pathways Massage Therapy . . . . . 24 Next Level Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 NJ Advanced Acupuncture . . . . . . . . . . . 25 NJ Regenerative Institute . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 One Spirit Festival . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Peace Within Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Personally Yours Lingerie . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Portal of Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Pranic Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Quantum Floats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Salon FiG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20, 40 Shiome Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Shulamit Lazarus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 SomaFit / Living Fit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Soul II Soul . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Sussex County Food Co-op . . . . . . . . . . . 39 The Art of the Heart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 The Whole-istic You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Theta Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 The Center for Systemic Dentistry . . . . . . 37 The Huna Healing Center . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 The Mountain Lakes Organic Coop . . . . 46 Thought in Motion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Tick Tackler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Tracey Leacock Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 TV Ears . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Valley Integrative Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Wellness Gala . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34, 44 Whispering Willow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Whole Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 WholeListic Hair Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 * New Advertiser

Extreme Kleaner Hits A Day of Spiritual Exploration in Stores Nationwide Central New Jersey


xtreme Kleaner, a non-toxic, biodegradable, multipurpose cleaner and degreaser product line, is now available at Ace Hardware, True Value and selected NAPA Auto Parts stores, as well as other independently owned hardware, grocery and variety stores. The product, originally offered on and other websites, is now available in retail stores due to increased consumer demand for green living products. “Extreme Energy Solutions dedicates its efforts to bringing to market green-related consumer products and innovative green technologies,” declares Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions. He explains that the products, “aim to uplift the human family and solve important societal challenges such as improving air and water quality and reducing negative influence on the environment.” Burlum continues, “With the market demanding more eco-friendly product choices for use in the home, it made sense for us to lend our expertise and skill sets in developing and taking to market other products where we could best contribute to those product categories.” For a free product sample, cleaning tips or more information about Extreme Kleaner, visit See ad on page 5.


re you looking for answers in your life? Seeking richer, fuller experiences? Eckankar in New Jersey warmly invites you to Discover Your Life as a Spiritual Adventure, a day of spiritual exploration at the Raritan Valley Community College Conference Center, 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, NJ, on Saturday, May 20 from 12:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., with doors opening at 11:30 a.m. This seminar is designed to open your heart to greater wisdom and love. It is offered free of charge. All are welcome, regardless of cultural background or faith. There will be discussion circles with opportunities for attendees to share insights, questions, and experiences on topics such as dreams, past lives, and inner guidance in an uplifting and loving environment. The main program features inspirational talks, poetry, and creative musical performances. Find out new ways to jumpstart your unfoldment as Soul. Learn about spiritual exercises you can practice to help you live an adventurous life, filled with more understanding and joy. International teacher, author, and artist Mary Carroll Moore will present a special afternoon workshop, Living from the Heart in a Challenging World, offering techniques to help you stay balanced, uplifted, and energized. She will also give the evening keynote speech. There will be arts and crafts and fun activities for youth. Other highlights include a gallery of original spiritual art and an area to browse and explore books on the teachings of Eckankar. For more information, call 800-870-9139, email or visit, for the seminar poster and directions. See ads on pages 43 and 45.

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as easy as

Stop Smoking, Relieve Stress, Lose Weight Stop Smoking in 1 Hypnosis Session Relieve Stress, Tension & Pain in 2 Hypnosis Sessions Lose Weight in 3 Hypnosis Sessions*

Free Telephone Consultation with Board Certified Hypnotist Robert Bruckner 973-370-2100 ADD/ADHD Coping Mechanisms (no meds) & Concentration Techniques for Adults, Teens & Children Academic, Medical & Sports Hypnosis Specialist Children’s Headache & Migraine Specialist

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Hypnosis-Counseling for Adults, Teens & Children Short Solutions-Based Hypnosis-Counseling — NOT Long Term Therapy Robert Bruckner

Hypnosis for Adults, Teens & Children 124 Little Falls Road, Suite 206, Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004 | 973-370-2100

*Due to the personal nature of hypnosis sessions, the number of sessions needed may vary. For Medical Hypnosis, a referral from your physician may be required. Medical Hypnosis is not medical care.

natural awakenings

April 2017



Bringing Meditation Down to Earth

New Blog Offered


rankly speaking” – spirituality for the street is a different kind of blog. Its voice reflects life out here for all of us: different yet together, a stretch dreadful yet ecstatic, boring yet creative, conflicted yet blissful, and endlessly more. Author Joe McCarthy, writing under the nom de plume, John Frank, is confident that each of us is trying to get somewhere, somehow beautiful and good – Heaven, Nirvana, The Omega Point, Cosmic Oneness. “frankly speaking” is about having a zippy, zesty, flat-out, go-for-broke, highoctane spirit – a spirituality for the street as we make that journey. There is no pretense in “frankly speaking” of absolute truth, of reality nailed down tight. Rather, sharings are offered in support of energized spirits. Those sharings are drawn from many “spirit-sources” – Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Judaism, Native American religion, and Frank’s home tradition, Christian. No one has it all, and all have it! Join the conversation which Frank freely shares from a myriad of ways, traditions, and persuasions in the same spirit. His hope for us all, and all of Creation, is bliss in Oneness as we lovingly share our lights on the way to Enlightenment.


iving in the world today is difficult. Stress, anxiety, depression, self-judgment and obsessive thinking have become so common that, for many, feeling anxious, restless and fractured have become a “normal” state of being. Perhaps a friend, a doctor or therapist has suggested that meditation could help you get in touch with your rightful, easeful peace, but you hesitate because it sounds too difficult. What if you could learn meditation in a real, accessible, and non-judgmental way? Jessica Morris, a full-time international meditation teacher, uses deeply relaxing sound therapy sessions with singing bowls (like a massage), to help students experience the relaxed focus of meditation. This approach has allowed many to learn how to become centered, calm and joyful as a way of being during her ten years of leading group and individual sessions in Montclair, NJ and the NYC metro area. For information on individual or group sessions, contact Jessica at 973-932-4355 or jessica@downtoearthmeditation. com. See CRG on page 53.

See blog at See ad on page 27.

Looking for Balance in Your Life? The Whole-istic You is

A Blend of family practice and functional medicine... A Natural approach with a traditional foundation... Compassionate, comprehensive, primary care.

Tired? Fatigued? Not feeling well? ADD? High Cholesterol? Osteoporosis?

There are natural and integrative solutions to help get you back on track. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Renata Kulessa Dussias, D.O.

Traditional Family Medicine & Integrative Care Board certified with over 15 years of experience

335 East Main St. Somerville, NJ • (908) 864-4200 • 10

North Central NJ Edition

Hands-On Holistic Center Opens Doors in Morristown

Realize Tomorrow Today™...

Love Understanding

Transform your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary! Individuals Couples Teams ~ Workshops Private Sessions •


Navigate with innovative methods using tools and strategies to: heal, develop communication, intimacy, trust, increase connection, resolve conflicts, guided meditation and remove energy blocks


Complimentary 30 minute session


Call TODAY to reserve a time to connect




onnectivity Therapy and Holistic Health is pleased to announce the opening of its second location at 25 Lindsley Drive, Suite 207 in Morristown, NJ. At Connectivity, they believe strongly in the power of human touch and the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Dr. Jacquelyn Hines, owner and doctor of physical therapy, is certified in both neuro-developmental treatment and in craniosacral therapy. Working holistically, Dr. Hines creates an individualized plan of care for each patient, and works together with patients to achieve their goals and to improve function and quality of life. A wide range of diagnoses benefit from this patient-centered approach, including neurological and orthopedic problems, developmental concerns, breast feeding challenges, relief from anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as, post-concussion syndrome, and pain. By optimizing the function of the patient’s central nervous system, improvements in health, decreasing dysfunction and pain, and enhancing patient’s well-being, by balancing the mind, body, and spirit. If you are looking for a gentle hands-on holistic treatment to address you or your family’s health concerns on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, Connectivity is the place for you. For more information, contact Dr. Hines at 732-224-1280 or connectivitytherapy@ See ad on page 14.

Communication Connection

Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore. In Home Massage & Spa Treatments Nurturing of Mother Massage (Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum and Infant Massage) • Swedish, Deep Tissues • Sports Massages • Neuromuscular Massage • Oncology Massage (cancer) • Aromatherapy • Myofascial Release Massage •

Gifts Certificates | Spa Parties for Special Events | Chair Massages New clients mention the ad receives

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Heavenly Hands Mobile Spa by Shanda Barker NJ#18kT00525900

908.349.0504 Serving Morris, Sussex, Union, & Essex Counties natural awakenings

April 2017


newsbriefs One Spirit Holistic Fair Enters 8th Year


he One Spirit Festival will once again be held at the Clinton Community Center on May 6-7. The festival is celebrating its 8th year serving the needs of the community by providing a wide range of holistic practitioners, modalities and products that enable attendees to further their knowledge and experience of alternative and complimentary methods for a spectrum of issues in daily life. Meditation, crystals, massage therapy, vitamins and nutrition, essential oils and Reiki practitioners present alongside American handcrafts such as soap and creams, crystal jewelry, hand painted scarves, herbal wreaths, and handmade clothing. “We encourage healers to participate as well,” states organizer Christina Lynn Whited. “We have many types of healers here, from those who deal with emotions to Reiki masters. There are so many ways to approach the healing process, from energy workers to hands-on healers to massage therapists, and we are delighted that such an expansive group of healers and modalities are represented at One Spirit.” The One Spirit Festival also offers psychic readings from well known area readers. Michael Zaikowski, Joannie Eisinger, Ceceila Barndt, and Brenda Ivey will all be returning to offer information and connection through their gifts. Location: 63 Halstead St, Clinton. Appointments with readers can be booked in advance online at or by calling Whited at 908-638-9066. See ad on page 22.

The Gala Comes to Mountain Lakes


he Wellness Gala and Natural Awakenings will host a unique upscale Wellness Event at The Mansion at Mountain Lakes on Sunday, April 30 from 12:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m, sponsored by Lexus of Route 10. This fun filled event is all inclusive: for one low general admission price, you can learn the benefits of a wide range of holistic care options, plus experience experts in the fields of health, beauty and wellness, receive minisessions, enjoy speakers and demonstrations, plus hear live music along with food and beverages. Sample experts in nutrition, mind-body stress management, anti-aging, massage, chiropractic, energy healing, weight loss, angel card readings, unique vendors and more! Keynote admission includes all the gala offers plus a presentation by keynote speaker Concetta Bertoldi, world renowned medium and NY Times bestselling author, at 4:30 p.m. Keynote seating is limited, so secure your place early. A portion of the proceeds benefit The Connor Cummings Memorial Scholarship. Tickets: General admission: $20 in advance/$30 at door; Keynote Admission: $60 (includes general admission). Location: The Mansion at Mountain Lakes, 90 Rt. 46, Mountain Lakes. For information call or text 973-713-6811. See ads on pages 33 and 43.


North Central NJ Edition

The Power of Relationship Strategy


ur ability to communicate in this digital world—verbally, physically, emotionally and spiritually—is becoming a lost art. Most people wait until there’s trouble in paradise before they seek preventive alliances. That’s where someone like Tracey Leacock, founder of TLC (Tracey Leacock Coaching), can be of great help. Along with being an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, CPC, LPT, and scientist, her gift as a relationship strategist benefits her clients in removing energy blocks, healing relational wounds, releasing limiting beliefs and developing their desired relationships through innovative ways. Relationship strategists provide navigation, teaching and support for individuals, couples and groups who want to move beyond the present into a remarkable life that they not only love but also deserve. Tracey’s passion for helping clients navigate through ordinary relationships to having extraordinary journeys began over 20 years ago. Through private sessions, workshops, speed strategy sessions and the use of cognitive tools for developing strategies, clients reach their goals successfully and sustainably. If you are struggling within a relationship, call today to see how her innovative coaching approach can help you bridge the divide before the bridge is broken. For more information, contact 973-5777307 or info@traceyleacockcoaching. com. See ad on page 11.



Chelation Cuts Risk of Cardiovascular Disease


esearchers from the Mount Sinai Medical Center, in Miami Beach, concluded in a 2016 review of research that chelation therapy using agents such as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) can significantly reduce risk of cardiovascular events. The review highlighted research showing that heavy metals such as cadmium have been linked with increased cardiovascular disease risk, and chelation therapy has been shown to effectively remove heavy metals from the body. Of particular interest was a study that specifically tested the effectiveness of chelation therapy on reducing cardiovascular events. The randomized, double-blind study involved 1,708 patients ages 50 and up that had experienced a heart attack at least six weeks prior. Half were given 40 infusions of a 500 milliliter chelation solution with EDTA. The other half received a placebo. Researchers measured deaths, heart attacks and strokes, along with other heart conditions and subsequent hospitalization for an average period of 55 months. They found that the chelation therapy reduced heart attacks and strokes by 23 percent and reduced hospitalization for heart attacks by 28 percent.


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natural awakenings

DeReiter Design April 2017 13

healthbriefs Tai Chi Eases Chronic Neck Pain ESB Professional/


study from Harvard Medical School, in Boston, has found that tai chi, a low-impact exercise and movement meditation, can help relieve chronic neck pain. Researchers divided 14 participants, 18 years or older, with ongoing neck pain into three randomized groups. One received 12 weeks of tai chi instruction, one performed group neck exercises and one received no treatment. “The study results showed that 12 weeks of tai chi was more effective than no treatment for benefiting pain levels, disability, quality of life and postural control in persons with chronic neck pain,” explains Peter M. Wayne, Ph.D., coauthor of the study; he’s also the founder of the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. The group neck exercise subjects experienced results that were similar to those in the tai chi group, suggesting that the two paths are equally effective.

Discover Why So Many Macular Degeneration Sufferers Are Using Acupuncture Treatment

Dr. Rosenfarb is one of the world’s leading experts in holistic eye health. He is passionate about helping people with degenerative eye diseases. Call now to qualify for your free copy of his ground breaking book “Recover Your Vision.”

Discover for yourself the secrets of his patients’ success!

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, ND, LAc.

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Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Additional specialties include glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and diabetic retinopathy.


North Central NJ Edition 332 South Avenue East, Westfield, NJ

Barefoot Running Improves Technique

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Ann Ochs has more than 12 years experience as a colon hydrotherapist. • Advanced Certification from the International Association of Colon Therapists (I-ACT) • Certified by the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy • Certified body ecologist. Experience cleansing in a warm, safe, spa-like environment.


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arefoot running has become a popular activity for athletes, and with the right training, can be a helpful tool for many runners. A recent study from the University of Jaén, in Spain, confirms the benefits of barefoot running. Researchers set out to determine what types of changes a 12-week program of barefoot running would produce in foot strike patterns, inversion, eversion and foot rotation. Thirty-nine recreational athletes with no experience in barefoot running participated. Twenty formed the experimental group, with 19 serving as a control group. Researchers determined each runner’s low, high and comfortable running speed and conducted pre- and post-running tests using cameras to document foot strike patterns. The experimental group’s training consisted of a progressive increase in the duration and frequency of barefoot running, while those in the control group performed the same progressive running program with their shoes on. The experimental group showed significant changes in foot strike pattern, with a tendency toward a mid-foot strike at all speeds. They also displayed changes in foot rotation and inversion toward a more centered strike at the lower speed, supporting the notion that progressive barefoot training can help athletes trying to change their foot pattern to a mid- or front-foot strike.

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2016 review from Australia’s Murdoch University, in Perth, confirms the cognitive benefits of consuming plants in the Salvia genus, particularly sage. Cognition includes processes associated with attention, memory, judgment, evaluation, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. Researchers discussed the theory that an accumulation of amyloid-ß peptide (Aß) in the body is responsible for some cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer’s patients. Studies have shown that sage can protect mice against Aß-induced neurotoxicity, thus helping to preserve cognition. The researchers also highlighted acetylcholine (ACh), a neurotransmitter believed to play an important role in attention, learning, memory and motivation. ACh enzyme inhibitors help prevent alterations in ACh, preserving these functions. In vitro and animal studies show that some species of salvia are effective ACh enzyme inhibitors. In addition, animal studies have shown that sage extracts can reduce depression and anxiety. Both of these conditions can contribute to a decrease in cognitive function. Further research is needed to determine the extent of the effect and safe dosage.

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Holistic Family Care • Wellness Education A Certified SHINE *practitioner combining AD(H)D expertise, NSA* (Network Spinal Analysis- a brain-based low force technique) Chiropractic care, neurological assessments with exercise & nutrition counseling.

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Drinking More Water Improves Food Intake amenic181/



Sage Linked to Cognitive Health


uopeng An, Ph.D., a kinesiology and community health professor at the University of Illinois at ChampaignUrbana, studied the hydration and dietary habits of more than 18,300 American adults and found that drinking more water each day can impact the overall calories and nutritional value of food consumed. Reviewing data from four parts of the National Center for Health Statistics’ National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, in which participants were asked to recall their food and drink intake during two nonconsecutive days, An determined the percentage of plain water drunk by each person. He found an association between a 1 percent increase in the subjects’ daily intake of plain water and an 8.6-calorie reduction in food intake. An also discovered a slight reduction in foods high in fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol with the change. Participants that increased their plain water consumption by one to three cups reduced their calorie intake by 68 to 205 calories per day. The same increase in water correlated with a daily reduction in sodium intake by 78 to 235 milligrams, five to 18 grams less sugar and seven to 21 milligrams less cholesterol.



Phasing Out Plastic Film Food Wrappers Many grocery store foods are wrapped in plastic packaging that creates non-recyclable, non-biodegradable waste, even though thin, plastic films are not efficient at preventing spoilage. Some plastics are also suspected of leaching harmful compounds into food. Researcher Peggy Tomasula, D.Sc., is leading a U.S. Department of Agriculture team developing an environmentally friendly film made of the milk protein casein that addresses these issues. She states, “The protein-based films are powerful oxygen blockers that help prevent food spoilage. When used in packaging, they could prevent food waste during distribution along the food chain.” Plastic six-pack rings are renowned for their negative impact on wildlife and the environment. Now the Saltwater Brewery, in Delray Beach, Florida, is making edible six-pack rings for beer cans that are 100 percent biodegradable. Constructed of barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process, they can be safely eaten by animals that come into contact with the refuse. Company President Chris Gove notes, “We hope to influence the big guys and inspire them to get on board.”

Cabeca de Marmore/ Nagy-Bagoly Arpad/

News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Saving Sharks

Ocean Sanctuaries Expand in Pacific The Pacific island nation of Kiribati has established the world’s second-largest (1.3 million-square-mile) shark sanctuary, which bans commercial fishing throughout, and has also expanded the Micronesia Regional Shark Sanctuary. The possession, trade and sale of sharks and shark products are also prohibited in these areas as is the use of fishing gear such as wire leaders for targeting sharks. Worldwide, about 100 million sharks are killed each year in commercial fisheries. Nearly 30 percent of all known shark species assessed by scientists are now threatened with extinction. Sharks are particularly vulnerable to overfishing because they mature and reproduce slowly. Many Pacific island nations have established shark sanctuaries, recognizing the valuable ecosystem and economic roles that healthy populations provide. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora recently added 13 shark and mobula ray species to its list, a step toward ensuring sustainable and legal trade of these species.

Source: American Chemical Society natural awakenings

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Teen Finds Drought Solution in South Africa Kiara Nirghin, a South African teenage girl and recent winner of the Google Science Fair’s Community Impact Award for the Middle East and Africa, is pioneering a new technology to fight drought. The Holy Web, her super-absorbent polymer, can store reserves of water hundreds of times its own weight. Drought remains one of South Africa’s main challenges, with at least eight provinces requiring regular food relief. The project is designed to help farmers in dry areas build large water reservoirs for an adequate and regular supply of water for irrigation. “I wanted to minimize the effect that drought has on the community, and the main thing it affects is the crops. That was the springboard for the idea,” says Nirghin. Her invention uses recycled and biodegradable waste products such as avocado skins and orange peels to make the polymer sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly.


Water Saver

Tree Terminators

Source: CNN

Insects Assault America’s Forests In a towering forest of centuriesold eastern hemlocks, the tiny hemlock woolly adelgid spends its life sucking sap and eventually killing the tree. The bug is one example of an expanding horde of insects draining the life out of forests from New England to the West Coast. Aided by global trade, a warming climate and drought-weakened terrain, this invasion represents one of the greatest threats to biodiversity in the U.S. Scientists say they are already driving some tree species toward extinction and causing billions of dollars a year in damage, with the situation expected to worsen. Today’s connected world enables foreign invaders to cross oceans in packing materials or on garden plants, and then reach American forests to rapidly expand their ranges. According to a new study in Ecological Applications, scientists say several species of hemlock and 20 species of ash could become nearly extinct in coming decades. Such destruction would eliminate a critical sponge to capture greenhouse gas emissions, a natural shelter for birds and native insects and a reliable food supply for bears and other animals. Dead forests also increase the danger of wildfires.

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facials ~ electrolysis ~ massage ~ body treatments Our natural approach improves your skin and nourishes the body & soul while helping you look your absolute best.

Growing Organics

Toxin-Free Farmlands Rise to 4.1 Million Acres According to data service Mercaris, the U.S. had a record 4.1 million acres of organic farmland in 2016, an 11 percent increase over 2014. As of June 2016, the number of certified organic farms reached 14,979, including 1,000 startups. The top states in organic cropland after California, with 688,000 acres, are Montana, Wisconsin, New York and North Dakota. Montana hosted a 30 percent increase to 417,000 acres in 2016, adding 100,000 acres since 2014 and 50 new organic farms. In assessing the positive trend, Scott Shander, a Mercaris economist, says, “With today’s lower commodity grain prices, farmers are looking to add value and meet consumer demands. The global market is dictating U.S. prices. Demand for organic corn and soybeans is still growing strongly, but production is not growing as fast, so more of the production will be international.” Source:

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As you float in 10 inches of warm water with over 900 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt, your mind and body can relax deeply. Floating regularly relieves stress, reduces chronic pain, improves sleep, aids in creativity and problem solving.


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Suzi Manning Personally Yours Lingerie By Joe Dunne


f you’ve been in business 43 years, and have customers traveling from Long Island, South Jersey, and Upstate NY, to get fitted for a bra, you must be doing something right. Meet Suzi Manning of Personally Yours Lingerie. The moment you walk into Personally Yours’s boutique, you notice the positive energy, the smiles, and the friendliness of the staff. You expect to have fun, and you aren’t disappointed. “Fun…that’s what we do,” exclaims store proprietor Suzi Manning. But there is a serious purpose behind the fun. At Personally Yours, you not only receive a professional bra fitting, you also receive the Bra 101 course in breast health. It is no surprise that many woman dislike wearing their bras. Like so many things in our one-size-fits-all world, bras have been patterned to lump everyone into general categories of size. Suzi knows the error of that standard. Originally, as a science major, she studied human anatomy and learned the

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Suzi Manning and Shari Waldman structure and importance of the breast gland. An improperly fitted bra is not only uncomfortable, it may also damage lymph nodes, create back pain and stress tendons. Her clients constantly express delight and amazement when they first experience the total comfort of a proper fit, however, general wear is not the only consideration to finding the perfect bra. Is the bra for work or play? Will it be used for sports? What kind of sport? Maternity bra? Special occasion? Do you have fabric sensitivities? Do you require a unique bra size? There are many questions which the fitting addresses, and the entire staff is well trained in knowing and communicating the answers. “My mom, Harriett, started the business 43 years ago,” shares Suzi. “I know without a doubt the positive difference my mom made for women, and I’m thrilled to be able to carry on the tradition. And it is a tradition. Generations of women…mothers, daughters, granddaughters come here for their perfect bra and fitting.” People spend their money from people they like, from people they trust, from people who are real. That is a primary component to success, and Personally Yours delivers the goods—they know what a woman needs in a bra, and it’s a whole heap of fun! Location: Personally Yours Lingerie, 315 Main Street, Bedminster. For information contact 908-234-1444 or See ad on this page.

Bras 32AA-50DDD including specialty sizes E thru K Bra-Sized Swimwear • Sports Bras • Nursing Bras Strapless • Reconstruction Bras OEKO-Tex Standard 100: Tested for harmful substances.

PersonallyYours Lingerie

Expert Bra Fitting & Special Attention since 1974

“A Comfortable Bra is a Right, Not a Luxury”

315 Main Street, Bedminster 908-234-1444 • Hours:Tues-Fri 10-5 • Sat 10-4 • Closed Sun-Mon 20

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ENZYME THERAPY FOR PETS A Key to Good Health by Shawn Messonnier


Enzymes help normal, healthy pets use nutrients and support the righting of gastrointestinal disorders, whether involving simple vomiting, diarrhea, chronic or complete constipation, anal sac disorders or inflammatory bowel disease, regardless of cause. Because sick pets often suffer from reduced appetite and impaired digestion, enzyme supplements are often added to a dietetic regimen to improve their nutritional status. Helpful enzymes include proteases, carbohydrases (like amylase) and lipases that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats, respectively. Digestive enzymes are highly specific both to the type of food they act upon and the conditions under which they work. They can be derived from pancreatic, plant or microbial sources (bacteria or fungi). While pancreatic enzymes activate mainly in the small intestines (being inactive in the stomach’s lower pH environment), plant and microbial enzymes begin digesting foods in the stomach immediately after ingestion and likely even on the food being prepared, if the enzymes are added

Liliya Kulianionak/

nzymes are among the most commonly used supplements for cats and dogs because they are widely beneficial. They support digestive health and enhance nutrient absorption, as well as reduce inflammation and boost overall wellness. A nutrition school adage states, “If you have a question on your exam and don’t know the answer, put down ‘enzymes’ and you’ll likely be correct.” The point is that enzymes made by the body for specific functions are essential to life because they affect nearly every physical or biological process.

several minutes before they are eaten. Enzymes from microbial and plant origins have a broader spectrum of activity because they are stable and active through a wide pH range of 3.0 to 8.0. Enzymes may be helpful for pets with inflammatory conditions, including arthritis, dermatitis, allergies, asthma and cancer. In such cases, they should not be administered with food, because otherwise they will be “used up” before the pet digests the food. It’s also possible to use enzyme supplementation to reduce excessive shedding because enzyme supplementation is widely recognized to increase the absorption of nutrients, some possibly involved in controlling hair growth. Some of these nutrients may be used in thyroid hormone synthesis, which can positively affect hair growth and reduce shedding. A novel use for enzymes is to help pets practicing coprophagia, or the eating of their own or another animal’s feces. Adding the proper enzymes to the diet is believed to curb this problem, which could result from a nutrient deficiency caused by incomplete digestion and absorption. For pets with behavioral coprophagia, enzyme supplementation is unlikely to help the problem but will still benefit the pet’s overall health. The recommended dose by breed and weight is based upon experience, the label of a specific product and directions provided by the family veterinarian. Using enzymes according to a professional’s advice is safe, with rare to nonexistent side effects. Talk to the pet’s doctor about the best enzyme products to address individual needs and keep them healthy. Shawn Messonnier, a doctor of veterinary medicine practicing in Plano, TX, is the author of The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats and Unexpected Miracles: Hope and Holistic Healing for Pets. For more information, visit

Earth Day should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our planet a more sustainable and livable place. ~Scott Peters natural awakenings

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Hygiene was created by doctors that lived nearly 200 years ago, it’s no longer fully up-to-date with modern science and research. Correct Natural Hygiene is a work in progress that attempts to correct some of the outdated philosophies and principals. Correct Natural Hygiene costs very little to try and offers fairly dramatic and rapid results. Remember, however, it should not be taken lightly and not attempted unsupervised, especially pure water fasting. In fact, attempting to cure disease with fasting is not recommended for those with weakened health or lack of excess body fat.

Correct Natural Hygiene By Dr. Alan Steiner

The human body’s ability to heal itself in a fast and furious way is nothing short of a miracle.


roponents of Correct Natural Hygiene believe that optimal health can be the result of clean, natural living. This means living in balance with your physical, mental, emotional and environmental needs. It will provide the body with the “10 Energy Enhancers” and will allow the self-healing abilities of the body to work at an optimal level. Following the principles of Correct Natural Hygiene can allow the body to enter the conditions necessary to heal itself from almost any malady, including cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and skin conditions. Correct Natural Hygiene can have a tremendous positive influence in your life. However, because the original Natural

The guiding principles of Correct Natural Hygiene are as follows:


Cleanliness includes both the external and internal. External cleanliness includes keeping the body and hair washed, the nails clean and the teeth flossed and brushed. Internal cleanliness means keeping the bodily fluids and tissues clean and free of toxic build-up. Natural Hygiene is based on the systematic, physiological detoxification of the body.

Pure Air


Air is considered a nutrient to the body in the Hygienic System. Each pair of human lungs is made up of 1 billion tiny cells called “alveoli.” We each inhale 130,000 cubic inches of air a day. The tiny air sac cells exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen continually. 125 barrels of blood a day flow through the lungs in this exchange. When the air we breathe is fresh and pure, it brings the possibility for more vital life




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ne S ne S

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to the body as it enhances nerve energy supply.

Pure Water

Like air, water is considered a nutrient to the body.

Adequate Rest & Sleep

In the Hygienic System, rest and sleep are important because it is during rest that nerve energy is regenerated and stored. It is through nerve energy that bodily detoxification and healing take place.

The Ideal Diet

“The ideal diet” is formally defined as: “Fresh, wholesome, non-toxic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds in their uncooked, whole, natural state and eaten in modest amounts and proper combination, while in a state of emotional balance.”

Adequate Sunshine & Natural Light

Thermography is “Health Discovery”

a very important part of your preventive wellness program. Radiation Free Breast and Full Body Thermography for Both Women & Men Find out if you have inflammation before it becomes a problem. Non-Invasive-Pain Free Imaging World class state of the art Infrared technology high quality images All reports approved and written by Board Certified M.D.s

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Sunlight is also considered a nutrient. It is important to take short sunbaths regularly, preferably in the early morning and late afternoon, and bathing as much of the entire body as possible. Avoid artificial lighting as much as possible. Keep the delicate tissues of the face shaded by a sun visor.

Derek Fine, DMD

Right Temperatures

Alan B. Steiner, DMD

Avoid extremes in temperature, as they cause the body to react by wasting nerve energy while adapting to the extremes. Likewise, Hygienic doctors teach us to avoid very cold and very hot foods, as they waste energy and can damage the delicate mucosal membranes of the digestive tract.

Regular Exercise

The Hygienic System recommends a 3-pronged exercise program: stretching, aerobics, and weight-training.

Nurturing Relationships Emotional Balance

This includes being free from addictions, having meaningful goals and leading a purposeful life. Dr. Steiner practices holistic dentistry at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Denville. For more information, call 973-2147565 or visit AestheticFamilyDentistry. com. See ads on this page and back cover.

Jenni Kwiatkowski, DDS

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Holistic Fa m i ly Practice


WITH THEIR REPUTATION for artistry, clinical excellence and more than 50 years of combined experience, Aesthetic Family Dentistry, PA offers a breakthrough treatment for gum recession. What is gum recession? Gum recession refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gum line. This can occur as a result of periodontal disease, the natural aging process, clenching and grinding, and abrasive habits. Since healthy gums are essential for a healthy mouth, having gum recession treated is important for lasting dental wellness. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) is a minimally invasive option for treating gum recession. Unlike traditional grafting techniques that involve the use of donor tissue or soft tissue grafts in order to restore the tissue loss, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique requires no grafts, no sutures, and no incisions. It simply involves the adjustment of the existing tissue. While traditional grafting treatment is beneficial, better results with enhanced patient experience can be achieved through the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Alan B. Steiner who has been personally trained by Dr. Chao. Before

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Prescription Compounding at Valley Integrative Pharmacy By James P. Cammarata, RPh.


he term “compounded prescription” is both becoming more commonplace in today’s community retail pharmacy, yet is still an unknown therapeutic alternative to the majority of patients in our health care system. Although it appears to be a recent phenomenon in pharmacy, compounding has existed for centuries and actually was exclusively the practice of pharmacy in the early days of our country. As the pharmaceutical industry was born in the late 1800’s and

The Peace Within Spa & Wellness Center • Therapeutic and sports massage, including:

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Natural Pathways Massage Therapy, LLC Beth Campbell, LMBT, BCTMB

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Ease Tight, Painful Muscles Relief for Headaches, Neck and Back Discomfort, Plantar Fasciitis, Rotator Cuff Issues Increase Range of Motion, Improve Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Outcomes M o ve B e t t e r, F e e l B e t t e r, B e B e t t e r ! Medical Massage u Swedish u Deep Tissue u Pre & Peri Natal Disabled u Lymphatic Facilitation New Clients, Mention This Ad for $10 OFF Your First Massage! u 201-704-5749

came of age in the mid 20th century, branded commercially prepared drug products gradually replaced the extemporaneously prepared compounded drugs. However, a need arose for specific drug therapies, custom dosages, and novel drug delivery forms which were neither in high enough demand for commercial production nor eligible to be patented for commercial profit. Thus, the “compounded prescription” began to see a resurgence in the late 1980’s and reclaimed its rightful place in the practice of pharmacy. The word “custom” best defines what a compounded prescription is— an exact drug combination or dosage formulated for an individual patient to treat a specific clinical symptom or condition. Note the key words: exact dosage, individual patient, and specific clinical condition. This combination is often difficult to achieve from a predetermined fixed dosage commercial drug product. Although most patients can be and are treated successfully with the present commercial drug products available in the marketplace, there exists a substantial subset of patients whose pharmaceutical therapy is more suited to the compounded, or “custom” prescription approach. Categories in which custom compounding plays a significant role include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, pediatrics, veterinary, pain management, and wound and scar treatments. Compounding pharmacies, such as Valley Integrative Pharmacy, use sophisticated equipment and techniques to accurately prepare high

Dr. Cathy Ostroff, DC • 248 Columbia Turnpike • Florham Park, NJ 07932 • 2nd FL (Elevator & Stairs)


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Valley Integrative Pharmacy (VIP) compounding services specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and veterinary care, other patient concerns are frequently addressed with a compounding solution such as oral mucosal trauma due to chemotherapy, neurological based pain in the extremities, and rectal tissue damage or swelling. For unique medication challenges not addressed by traditionally available commercial drug products, contact the staff at Valley Integrative Pharmacy for the solution to your medication problem. 75 Washington Valley Road, Somerset Hills Shopping Center, Bedminster Township. 908-658-4900. See ad on page 3.

So DeliciouS! 1


NJ Based top 8 allergeN-Free, sesame-Free & V egaN Bakery

cupcakes • pies • breads • cookies & more custom cakes for birthdays, weddings & special occasions custom flour blends to meet other allergies can be found on

Found in Most Whole Foods in North NJ & parts of Manhattan, NY MoPweeze Bakery • 32 Broadway • Denville, NJ

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quality pharmaceuticals. Formulations used in prescription compounding are scrupulously reviewed and evaluated before being approved for use in the compounding lab. Once tested a formulation is logged into a database available for future compounding purposes. These formulas can be modified when necessary to meet the need of the individual patients, such as a flavor change, an alteration in the viscosity, or thickness, of a liquid preparation, or the use of an alternate device to deliver the dose, such as a pump in place of a syringe. An important concept of prescription compounding is flexibility. Changing the dosage form, flavor, or route of administration are a few examples. If your child is unable to swallow a tablet or capsule, the drug may be formulated into an oral liquid or lozenge to facilitate dosing. A pet who may be difficult to dose orally can be treated with a transdermal cream with equivalent therapeutic results. The patient who is resistant or reluctant to utilize oral pain management therapy may respond to topical pain ointments. Topical therapy is often advantageous due to the compounded formulation’s ability to deliver an effective dose to the affected area of the body while minimizing the systemic, or whole body exposure to the drug. Thus, side effects are kept to a minimum while optimal therapeutic results are obtained.

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Morgan Reade L.Ac. M.S. Infertility Specialist-Increase your chances for pregnancy by 65% with acupuncture and herbs. natural awakenings

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Do You Suffer From Anxiety Or Stress? Would you like to ! Lose Weight !"#$%&"#'%()*+"!",-)*".%*/01*21" !"Make a Positive Change? You CAN Create the Life You Desire. I offer the Tools and Support You Need to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Leslie K. Lobell, M.A., L.P.C. .%3*415)*+6"78&*%4)46"#$9144":1032$)%* 908-577-0053 or Leslie;<145)1<%=155>2%'

<%2-$)%*4")*" ?%'&$%*"?5-)*4 "-*0"@%*$25-)9

Who You Are Makes Us Who We Are Become an Ascend Hospice Volunteer Ascend Hospice is actively recruiting reiki practitioners, certified massage therapists and comfort volunteers to positively impact the lives of our patients. To sign up for volunteer training, or for more information on volunteer opportunities, please call 866.821.1212.


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Discovering Environmentally Conscientious Tick Control with Jennifer Molzen and Tick Tackler


hen Jennifer Molzen’s dog, three cats and children began bringing ticks to the family’s home in the rural Bethlehem Township, searching the animals and kids became a nightly chore that she did not take lightly. In 2006, Molzen had suffered with Lyme disease, an illness transmitted by the blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis). The same year, her parents, who live in Bridgewater, learned that their two Irish setters had contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Ehrlichiosis. As Molzen did some research, she discovered that at least one person in every household on her street in Hunterdon County had contracted Lyme disease at one time or another. She felt compelled to take serious action. While finding three to 12 ticks per day alarmed her greatly, so did the thought of using the ingredients in conventional tick control treatments. “I was concerned about using the usual tick products because of their environmental hazards and possible harmful effects to my family and pets,” recalls Molzen. This concern led Molzen to look for insecticides with the lowest toxicity level. “We try to keep everything we use and ingest as low in toxicity as possible so that the impact on the immune system is minimized,” she explains. “The majority of even the organic pesticides contain pyrethrins, which have a higher toxic load in their wet form. In addition, pyrethrins are broad spectrum, meaning it kills most insects and is unable to differentiate between harmful and beneficial insects,” she says, adding that when used to treat lawns, the chemical goes into the watershed and is toxic to

aquatic animals. Because she maintains a fish pond and lives in the Highlands, the effects to the fish and watershed are very important to her. In 2006 and 2007, Molzen did extensive homework. “In researching an alternative, I found some allnatural biological controls,” she says, “including products that are not broad spectrum but instead target specifically ticks. They will not harm earthworms, ladybugs or praying mantises.” She experimented and formulated a protocol that taps into all of the components of wildlife, people and pet behaviors. The model is the same whether you are in your own yard, at a school, a park or walking your pet. Molzen realized that her protocol was effective—comprising a 40-point checklist and all natural, botanical control agents that disrupt the tick molting process, deters egg laying and dehydrate the insects. The products are approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and listed with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The DEP certified and licensed Molzen as a pesticide applicator and integrative pest manager. In 2008, she incorporated Tick Tackler. From the original first year in business and 16 treatments, Molzens client base has increased to over 550 treatments per year. She reports. “I went fulltime and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive,” she affirms. "Our customers speak highly of Tick Tackler, and we love that they tell their friends about our service. So much so, that 42% of our new customers come directly from our customer referrals." Jennifer Molzen is the founder of Tick Tackler, LLC. The company serves most of Northern and Central New Jersey counties, plus Lehigh, Northampton, Wayne and Upper Bucks counties in Pennsylvania. For more information, call 908-612-4736, email or See ad on this page. natural awakenings

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Four-Season Climates

ECO YARDS Turning Lawns into Native Landscapes by Lisa Kivirist and John D. Ivanko


raditional turf lawns are an ecological nightmare,” says John Greenlee, author of The American Meadow Garden, who notes that most monoculture turf lawns never even get used. His company, Greenlee and Associates, in Brisbane, California, designs residential and other meadows throughout the U.S. as an engaging alternative. Many other appealing options likewise use native plants appropriate to the local climate. For instance, replacing Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass or another non-native species with natives can deliver drought resistance and lower irrigation needs; eliminate any need for fertilizers or toxic pesticides; reduce or eliminate labor-intensive and often polluting mowing and edging; enhance the beauty of a home; and attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife. 28

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Before replacing a lawn, determine the desired result. It may simply be achieving a low-maintenance, lawn-free yard; growing food like vegetables, herbs, fruit or nuts; or supplying ample flowers for a fresh weekly bouquet. Other benefits might include increasing privacy, dining al fresco, escaping into nature or even sequestering carbon dioxide to reduce climate change. To be successful, choices must be appropriate to the climate, plant hardiness zone, local zoning ordinances and homeowner association rules. Also consider the soil quality and acidity, moisture content and whether plantings will be in full sun or shade, or both.

From the Midwest to New England, “Wild ginger makes a nice, low groundcover with heart-shaped leaves in shade or part shade, where lawn grass often struggles,” suggests Pam Penick, of Austin, Texas, author of Lawn Gone: Low-Maintenance, Sustainable Attractive Alternatives for Your Yard. “Pennsylvania sedge, a low, grassy, meadow-like groundcover, can also work. For areas with full sun, bearberry, an evergreen creeping shrub with red berry-like fruit in fall, or prairie dropseed, a beautiful prairie grass with sparkling seed heads in fall, might be worth trying.” “Stick with the Carex family of plants, the sedges, for a native meadow,” echoes Greenlee. “They vary in color, texture and height. Follow nature’s lead and create a tapestry of commingled plants. Start slow and add flowering plants like Queen Anne’s lace, daisies, asters and poppies.”

Hot and Humid Subtropics

In sunny and well-drained areas of the South, Penick suggests Gulf muhly, an ornamental grass. “Its fall blooms resemble pink cotton candy floating above its green leaves.” In Florida, flowering sunshine mimosa with fernlike leaves and other natural groundcovers are low maintenance. “Basket grass is a low, evergreen grass-like plant with long, spaghetti-type

photos by Pam Penick

The right regional native plants often include grasses and ferns, herbaceous plants like flowering perennials and woody ones like shrubs, vines and trees. Native plants provide shelter and food for wildlife and help preserve a sense of place. “Work with a professional landscaper in your area, ideally a member of the Association for Professional Landscape Designers,” advises Greenlee. Tap a local university extension service, master gardener and garden club for local expertise, often available at no or low cost via classes or club membership.

leaves that puddle around it, suitable for shade or partially shaded areas,” advises Penick. “It’s slow to grow, but highly drought-tolerant and nicely covers a dry slope or spills over a retaining wall. Texas sedge makes a low-growing, meadowy alternative that’s evergreen and needs mowing only once every year or two.” Moss is a fine option for shady and moist areas. “If moss is naturally colonizing a patch of yard, allow it to fill in where the lawn doesn’t want to grow,” Penick counsels. “It makes a springy, evergreen groundcover needing only brief misting to keep it looking good during dry periods.”

Mediterranean and California Coast

Plentiful sunshine, rare frosts and modest rainfalls make many California coastal areas perfect for growing lots of plants, rather than plots of water-thirsty turf. “For full sun, work with California yarrow, purple sage, Indian mallow, white sage, lupines and California sagebrush,” recommends Charlie Nardozzi, of Ferrisburgh, Vermont, author of Foodscaping. “In shade, try mountain yarrow, mimulus monkey flower, California honeysuckle, California flannel bush and coyote mint.” “Blue grama grass is native to many states, and buffalo grass is native to states west of the Mississippi River in the right places,” adds Greenlee. They’re especially suited for meadows established in drought-prone regions.

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Rainy Marine Areas

“For sunny areas, try goat’s beard, penstemon, beach strawberry, mock orange and huckleberry,” says Nardozzi, who covers gardening nationally at “For part

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shade, experiment with gooseberry, red flowering currants, western amelanchier, deer fern, trillium and wild ginger.” Adding some clover to a traditional lawn may eliminate the need for fertilizers while retaining some turf, says Erica Strauss, of Gamonds, Washington, in her Northwest Edible Life blog. “When the clover loses leaf mass from mowing, its roots die off to compensate and nitrogen enters the soil for neighboring plant roots to use.” White clover works well for those on a budget; microclover costs more and is even better. For shady, northfacing or boggywet areas, Strauss recommends sweet woodruff. Moss is another option.

Semi-Arid, Steppe and Desert Climes

“If you crave a lawn but want to go native, Habiturf is perfect for the hot, dry Southwest,” says Penick. Developed by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, in Austin, Texas, it’s a mix of several native turf grasses, looks like a shaggy traditional lawn and can be occasionally mowed on a high setting to keep it neat. Once established, it needs far less water than traditional turf. “Silver ponyfoot grows well in many regions as an annual; as a perennial, it needs mild winters,” Penick continues. “Native to western Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, it likes good drainage, gravelly soil and full-to-part sun.” Xeriscaping—landscaping that requires little to no water—is especially prevalent in hot, dry regions. Plant picks typically include cactus, succulents, agave and herbs like rosemary or sage. John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, co-authors of ECOpreneuring and Farmstead Chef, operate the Inn Serendipity, in Browntown, WI.


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More EcoYard Ideas Edible Landscaping

A kitchen garden represented by any kind of edible landscaping replaces some turf grass with produce. Carefully designed and maintained, it can be as attractive as any other garden space. “According to, 30 million U.S. households, about 25 percent, participated in vegetable gardening in 2015,” reports Dave Whitinger, executive director of the National Gardening Association, owned by Dash Works, in Jacksonville, Texas. “To integrate edibles into a landscape, first assess the locations of sunny and shady spots,” says garden consultant Charlie Nardozzi. “Then, identify plants suited to the growing conditions that will fit in those areas. Mix in edibles with flowers, shrubs and groundcovers to keep the yard beautiful.” For urban areas, he recommends raised beds and containers as a good way to integrate edibles, bringing in clean soil and moving containers to the sunniest spots in the yard. “We have 3,000 raised beds in Milwaukee,” says Gretchen Mead, executive director of the Victory Garden Initiative, which helps install edible landscapes. “We went from about 35 new kitchen gardens eight years ago to more than 500 each year now.” The easy-to-build raised beds go on top of or in place of turf lawns. For Midwestern residents, Mead recommends beginning with six crops that can be started as transplants, like tomatoes or broccoli, and then growing a couple of plants from seed, like zucchini or green beans.

Water-Saving Gardens

“Water-saving gardens use less of this precious resource through appropriate plant choices, rain-conserving features, berming and terracing to slow runoff, water-permeable hardscaping and

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smart irrigation practices,” says Pam Penick, author of The Water-Saving Garden. “Regardless of where you live,saving water is a priority for everyone. Drought is a growing problem in the Southwest and West, but also affects the Midwest, Southeast and even New England.” “Rain gardens help absorb, retain and use rainfall, preventing it from draining into the sewer,” agrees Jennifer RileyChetwynd, with Colorado’s Denver Botanic Gardens. “Rain barrels collect water from gutters and downspouts so there’s more control in time and method of distribution, including perhaps drip irrigation.” According to the Groundwater Foundation, in Lincoln, Nebraska, rain gardens can remove up to 90 percent of problematic nutrients and chemicals and up to 80 percent of sediments from rainwater runoff. Compared to a conventional lawn, they allow 30 percent more water to soak into the ground.


Hardscaped areas are used far more frequently than the turf lawn they replace as we move through spaces like walkways, patios, fountains, decks and grilling areas to enjoy the outdoors. “Plant people can get excited about planting but forget to leave ample space for patios and paths, often resulting in an overgrown, pinched look for seating areas and other places meant to be inviting,” cautions Penick. “It can also be easy to underestimate how large plants can grow in a few years. Plan ahead for these ‘people spaces’ and install them before establishing garden beds.” Landscapers recommend being generous with this technique without paving over paradise. “Plants will spill and lean over hardscaping, so it won’t feel too large once your garden is filling in,” says Penick. “To address runoff and allow rainwater to soak into the soil, use water-permeable paving wherever possible: gravel, dry-laid flagstone or pavers; even mulch for casual paths.”

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comfortable temperatures with lower fuel bills than a conventionally built home,” advises Chiras. Find manufacturers via the Structural Insulated Panel Association at

greenliving NewenHouse photo by Taffline Laylin

Efficient Heat Recovery

“The energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, ensures fresh air in tightly sealed homes with little heat loss,” adds Chiras. The UltimateAir RecoupAerator, a whole-house air filtration ERV, also flushes out harmful airborne pollutants commonly found in residences, replacing them with clean, fresh, healthy air.

Solar Monitor

“Many solar energy users want to monitor their system using their computer, tablet or smartphone through advances in energy software,” says Allison Lindquist, with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA), which hosts the Annual Energy Fair and sustainable living event every June in Custer, Wisconsin. “One highlight last year was PacketFlux Technologies’ SiteMonitor.” “When a homeowner views their energy monitoring data, they quickly begin seeing the correlation between their energy consumption and production,” says Leon Dulak, the MREA site manager. “The direct correlation drives them to change how they live and use energy.”

ECO-FRIENDLY HOME BUILDING Innovations Boost Energy Efficiency by John D. Ivanko and Liam Kivirist

Smart, innovative, technological breakthroughs are making buildings more energy-efficient, healthier to live in and highly attuned to our connected world. Energy Storage


omeowners continue to be interested in green building options because they help foster a healthier, more comfortable and affordable home—and it’s good for the environment,” says Dan Chiras, Ph.D., of Gerald, Missouri, founding director of the Evergreen Institute and author of The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy.

Panel Insulation

“Structural insulated panels in walls, roofs and floors dramatically reduce air leakage and heat loss through thermal bridging, or heat conduction through framing materials, facilitating a more energy-efficient home that can maintain

Tesla Motors does more than produce high-end electric cars and solar shingles. The company is also on the cutting edge of future energy storage. Tesla’s new, compact Powerwall 2 battery system, complete with inverter, can power an average two-bedroom home for 24 hours. Chiras says, “Utilities throughout the nation are cracking down with special fees on solar-home owners that occasionally pull electricity from the grid. I think more people are going to opt to go off-grid or install a Tesla battery to provide nighttime power to preempt this. It’s easier to maintain than a standard lead-acid battery, and should last as long. When its useful life is over, the homeowner returns it to the company.”

Therapy Doesn’t Have to Last a Lifetime! Judith A. Hancox, MSW, LCSW, BCETS Trauma Recovery and PTSD Specialist Past Life Regression Therapist Trained by Dr. Brian and Carole Weiss Certified Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy (Guided Afterlife Connections)

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It costs slightly more on a monthly mortgage to build a home that costs far less per month to operate. ~Dan Chiras


editorial calendar

“Saltwater-based batteries for homeowners are coming up,” observes Clay Sterling, assistant professor of electrical technology at Kankakee Community College, in Kankakee, Illinois. “The batteries from Aquion Energy are nontoxic, safe and recyclable.” Their Aspen series of aqueous hybrid ion batteries contain neither heavy metals nor toxic chemicals and are non-flammable and non-explosive, adding to their safety.

insulated, 970-square-foot NewenHouse sustainable home in Viroqua, Wisconsin, is about 50 percent smaller and more than 80 percent more energy efficient than the average American home. The plans-and-services package for the Passive House-certified NewenHouse home features double walls for insulation and a super-efficient heat recovery ventilator. Four different home plans are available for houses under 1,000 square feet.

Home Plans

John D. Ivanko is co-author of ECOpreneuring. Liam Kivirist captures the latest technology news on

Building green gets easier with green home plans. The prototype, super-


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Nest Smart Thermostat Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat replaces the

chronic pain remedies

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old thermostat and immediately starts saving energy and money. Partnered with a smartphone, custom settings will lower the temperature at night, warm up the house upon waking and reduce heating or cooling swings when owners are away. On average, people save 10 to 12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills according to Energy Trust of Oregon reserach, with the device often paying for itself in less than two years.

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Blueair Purifier Leveraging a mix of filters, ionizers and fans, the Blueair

HEPASilent air purification system captures 99.97 percent of particles down to 0.1 micron. A range of sizes are available to suit different spaces.

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Haiku Light The Haiku Light fixture from Big Ass Solutions brightens when

someone enters a room and turns off when it detects the absence of movement. The light-emitting diode (LED) fixture produces 50 percent more light than a typical 15-watt compact fluorescent light (CFL).

transformative travel

Natufia The Natufia Kitchen Garden is a fully automated vertical garden that

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easily fits into a kitchen area. Natufia manages the non-GMO, certified organic seed germination, watering, nutrient needs, humidity control and light cycles, freeing the gardener to simply pick and savor year-round fresh produce. While pricey, it provides an option for urbanites that both lack outside growing space and prioritize convenient healthy eating.

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Smart Robot This handy droid vacuums up dust mites, allergens, pet hair and

dirt. iRobot’s Roomba 880 detects debris, maneuvers around most furniture and curtains, features a high-efficiency particulate air filter to suck up the small stuff, works on a variety of surfaces and automatically plugs itself in to recharge.

Self-Cleaning Toilets The bowl of Toto’s MH wall-hung, high-efficiency toilet with powerful 3-D dual flushing is coated with a nanotechnology glaze that seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier; its non-porous surface repels visible and invisible waste. The company’s smart toilet model also cleans itself.

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Structural Integration The Body’s Answer to Chronic Pain By Dr. Tom Findley and Ed Hemberger


re you experiencing headaches, migraines, lower back pain, and neck or shoulder pain? Have you had enough of taking medications to mask the pain? Structural Integration Rolfing, is a holistic hands-on approach for the evaluation and treatment of the body, focusing on the primary cause of pain dysfunction—the Fascial System. The fascia is a connective tissue which runs throughout our bodies. It is very tough, a densely-woven, spider-web-like covering that interpenetrates every corporal structural. In the normal, healthy state, this tissue is relaxed and unrestricted in its ability to stretch and move. “The human body is not static It’s plastic, and that plastic quality enables a person body to be realigned into a more optimally functioning and feeling human being. Rolfing accomplishes that realignment.”—Ida P. Rolf Traumas, such as accidents or extreme emotional upsets, can create restrictions in this fascial tissue. This results in binding, hardening, or sticking of the fascia, which can cause excessive pressure on nerves, muscles, organs, bones, and blood vessels. Chronic Pain Structural Integration acknowledges that the body stores stress and pain in patterns called compound and progressed—trigger points, muscle spasms, tension, headaches, back pain, and other ailments. In some cases, these patterns will naturally dissipate with rest; however, when rest fails to properly eliminate discomfort, chronic pain patterns emerge, compound, and progress until the system

breaks down. Over time, the myofascial element of soft tissue adaptively shortens, exerting extreme pressure and strangling nerves, muscles, and vascular structures of the body. The connection among impaired fascial tissue, physical pain, and the effect on our bodies in motion becomes clear. It is also not difficult to understand how this might affect us, even when we sit. Unfortunately, with standard tests such as CAT

scans and X-Rays, fascial restrictions just do not show up. As a result a significant number of people suffering with pain may be experiencing restrictions and too often are going undiagnosed. Structural Integration Rolfing is a form of massage that focuses on the fascia. The goal in structural body work is to open fascial restrictions and reduce the pressure on the body as a whole. The work is done with no oil, in order to sustain pressure into the fascia and not slip. Structural Integration addresses the body as a whole, and often produces positive and lasting results. Structural Integrations are a deep form of body work. It follows a ten-step protocol, and each step addresses different segments of the body in a specific order, with the intention of opening restrictions from the inside out. Edward Hemberger, LMT and Dr. Thomas Findley, MD.PhD, Structural Integration Practitioners Rolfing as seen on Oprah, work at the VA Hospital in East Orange, Hackensack, Manhattan, Livingston, and Boonton. For information, contact them at 973-462-3112. See ad on this page.

Hemberger Structural Integration Structurally Integrative Bodywork

Rolfing® Structural Integration is an organized system of hands-on soft tissue manipulation and movement education designed to realign the human structure and improve biomechanical efficiency which tends to decrease pain and tension in most bodies. Years of physical and emotional demands on the body result in shortening and twisting to compensate and a certain “inner struggle” ensues to keep us upright under given circumstances. This is mainly a body struggling with gravity. Rolfing focuses on lengthening and reorganizing the entire body by releasing areas where it is either stuck or held out of balance from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing. The results of Rolfing are a more aligned and balanced physical body and a greater sense of lift, movement and grace; a feeling of “welcome home to your body.”

Ed Hemberger LMT, ART Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration Offices in Boonton, Livingston, and Manhattan Call 973-462-3112 for a FREE 30 minute consultation. natural awakenings

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fitbody lzf/

• Holistic approach using eco-friendly, non-toxic products • Corner-to-corner done to perfection • Essential oils of your choice • European maids with 30 years of experience

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by Aimee Hughes


’ve run in cities, rural areas and suburbs. I’ve run while deployed to military bases in the Middle East, in cities on four continents, in blazing heat and winter snowstorms,” says Maria Cicio, a licensed professional counselor candidate and marathoner in Grove, Oklahoma. “I’ve been running regularly for 25 years, mostly injury-free, and have found what works best for me.” For beginners, Cicio recommends starting with a 5K race. “There are a hundred reasons why a full marathon would not be fun for a beginner, but trail running, charity races and 5K road races are perfect,” she says. Cicio attests the physical health benefits come from the training and preparation more than from the race itself. “You can run for many years before deciding to run an official race, in which case you’ll probably have already experienced increased cardiovascular health, improved muscle tone and strength. “Running your first race can focus your running and turn it into training. You might increase your daily or weekly mileage, depending on the planned length of the race, or add some speed work to your regular running routine. When I’m training for a race, I’m more in tune with what my body needs; I also sleep better,” she says. The mental benefits are what keep many people running, even after the physical ones seem to plateau, advises Cicio. “Running means regular exercise, so it can improve our general mood. While numerous studies show this to be true, the best evidence comes from runners themselves.” Almost everyone has heard of a runner’s high, even if we haven’t experienced it ourselves. It’s long been accepted that endorphins released during exercise create a feeling of euphoria after a satisfying workout. Recent research on mice by the Central Institute of Mental Health at the University of Heidelberg Medical School, in Germany, suggests that it might

be natural endocannabinoids that lighten our mood and contribute to the high. Meditation master Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, in Halifax, Canada, teaches an online course, The Art of Mindful Running. He points out that running, or doing any physical activity, in a meditative state can deepen, train and enhance the mind. “Within 20 to 30 minutes, you have an opportunity to work with your mind. Instead of just spacing out or trying to get exercise, you can actually say, ‘I am going to be present, I am going to relate to my breathing and my movement a little bit,’” says Mipham. “This is healthy both for the mind and the body.” Those looking for an alternative to running on concrete and asphalt find that trail running ups the fun factor while nature nurtures us. “While I’d always loved running races, the roads rarely changed. Even the same trail tends to change daily, with a new puddle or a log to jump or crawl over, or a new offshoot. The natural running landscape is full of surprises,” says Nikki Partridge, an avid trail runner, American College of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer and Stott Pilates instructor in Auburn, California. “Trail running healed me,” says Partridge. “I always had some injury from running: tendonitis, sprained ankles, runner’s knee, pulled hamstrings, illiotibial band syndrome, shin splints or plantar fasciitis. I became a walking encyclopedia on injury and recovery. But the trails saved me. I no longer pronated when I ran, I had no more tendonitis from running on canting sidewalks—even my knee pain disappeared—my balance improved and my body was happy.” When winding down after a race, carve out ample time for recovery and reflection. “I always ask myself what I liked about how it was organized, course conditions, support staff and the after-party, and then look for another race that fits my preferences,” says Cicio. “Consider taking a vacation around a particular race that interests you or find a local road race the next time you travel. For a modest fee, you get to run a race and typically luck into a T-shirt, food and party camaraderie.” The running world can open our eyes to new places, good people and greater self-awareness, along with physical fitness. Spring is a good time to lace up our shoes and begin the expansive journey. Aimee Hughes, a freelance writer in Kansas City, MO, is a doctor of naturopathy and senior staff writer for LongevityTimes online. Connect at natural awakenings

April 2017




Eggs-pert Advice How to Buy Good Eggs from Happy Hens by Judith Fertig


anice Cole, the author of Chicken and Egg: A Memoir of Suburban Homesteading with 125 Recipes, knows how delicious a really fresh egg tastes. She keeps three chickens she calls “the girls” in the backyard of her suburban Minneapolis home. “Jasmine, a white Silkie, lays small, beige-colored eggs; Keiko a black and white Ameraucana and Silver Wyandotte cross, green eggs; and Peanut, a brown, feathery Cochin mix, brown eggs,” relates Cole. Cole has learned a lot about the natural lives of chickens. They need 14 hours of sunlight to produce eggs and lay about one per day. Chickens must be protected from predators, locked up at night in their

coop for optimal well-being and let out in the morning to roam. Here are some tips for buying the freshest, most delicious and humanely raised chicken eggs.

How to Read an Egg Carton Deciphering the language on an egg carton is a first step. Diet affects flavor. “Eggs from pasture-raised chickens allowed to roam—eating grass, worms and bugs in the backyard or a pasture—will look and taste better than eggs from chickens limited to an inside space eating chicken feed,” says Cole. “Pasture-raised eggs will have a fresh herbaceous, or grassy, flavor with an ‘egg-ier’ essence.”

Energy Therapy. . . nutrition with a PUNCH! • Learn the secret of enzymes - everything from digesting your food to supporting your immune system. • Get the self-testing skills to monitor your healing process while doing enzyme therapy. • Identify synthetic supplements and understand why they act like drugs. Susan Richter, RN

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North Central NJ Edition

“Look for the terms organic, free range or ideally, pastured or pasture-raised,” advises Adele Douglass, in Herndon, Virginia, executive director of Humane Farm Animal Care ( “USDA Organic” is a U.S. Department of Agriculture label confirming that the food the chicken ate was certified organic. “Non-GMO” indicates a diet free of genetically modified ingredients. “Free-range”, another USDA label, means the chicken had continuing access to the outdoors. “Pasture-raised” assures that the chicken roamed outdoors daily, eating what they wanted; the ideal scenario. “Cage-free” is a USDA-regulated designation ensuring that the chickens were allowed to roam freely about within their building to get food and water. “Natural” has no real meaning says Douglass; the term invokes no USDA regulation and nothing about actual farming practices. “Certified Humane” or “Animal Welfare Approved” means that each free-range hen has at least two square feet of outdoor space; it’s the most desirable designation, says Douglass.   When farmers want to raise egglaying chickens, they need to provide physical conditions similar to those Cole affords, but on a larger and more efficient scale, usually without the love. In regions where 14 hours of daylight are not a given, farmers use artificial lighting. When snow is too deep for the birds to venture out and it’s too cold for bug life, farmers supply indoor coops and feed. How well and humanely they do this is up to consumers to find out.

Egg Nutrition

Eating one egg a day, or moderate consumption, will not raise cholesterol levels in healthy adults, concludes a 2012 review in the journal Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care. While egg yolks contain cholesterol, they also possess nutrients that help lower the risk for heart disease, including protein, vitamins B12 and D, riboflavin and folate, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston. A study by Kansas State University researchers published in the 2001 Journal of Nutrition also found that phosphatidylcholine, another substance in eggs, can decrease the amount of cholesterol the body absorbs from them.

More than 90 percent of eggs sold today come from giant egg factories. ~ Pete and Gerry’s, America’s first Certified Humane egg producer Plus, eggs are great sources of micronutrients and antioxidants, says Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered and licensed dietitian and wellness manager for Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, in Ohio. “I’ve always been a huge proponent for eggs. As lean sources of protein, they help us stay full, are easy to prepare and can be part of a healthy eating regime because they’re packed with free-radical- and inflammation-fighting antioxidants.” Kirkpatrick adds, “Eggs also help protect eyes. Their nutrient-rich yolks, like leafy green vegetables, are high in lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids that studies have repeatedly shown help protect against macular degeneration.”   Ideally, all chickens would be treated like Cole’s “girls.” For now, the best most of us can do is choose “PastureRaised,” “Organic” and “Certified Humane”. Getting to know more about the farmers that produce our eggs is even better.    Judith Fertig writes food health articles and cookbooks from Overland Park, KS (

Bozena Fulawka/

Eggs to Trust Here’s Humane Farm Animal Care’s Adele Douglass’ short list of sources for well-raised eggs. Kirkland Signature Organic Eggs, at Costco, are Certified Humane. While not pasture-raised, they’re cage-free. Costco has partnered with several small family farms throughout the country, which guarantees peace of mind for Costco and gives these smaller purveyors a steady stream of business. Vital Farms, of Austin, Texas, supplies eggs to stores throughout many of the southern and western states. They specialize in Pasture-Raised and Certified Humane eggs, produced by about 90 family farms. Recently, they pioneered a process to make “culling” (killing non-eggbearing male chicks) more humane. Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, headquartered in Monroe, New Hampshire, works with more than 30 family farms in Illinois, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Their eggs are Organic and Certified Humane, as the chickens live in spacious barns with outdoor access. “Most of the year, they roam outside our barns as they please on organically grown grass amid clover and wildflowers,” says owner Jesse Laflamme. “At the same time, we also have to ensure our hens are safe from predators and communicable diseases from wild birds.”

Divorce With Mutual Respect Honor each other, your family and the time you have spent together. Mediation • arbitration Collaborative law Deborah E. Nelson, Esq. Budd Larner, PC

150 John F. Kennedy Parkway Short Hills, NJ (Next to Short Hills Mall)


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www. natural awakenings

April 2017


healthykids Prasert Wongchindawest/

NEW WAVE Kids Organize to Save Our Oceans by April Thompson


arth’s oceans shelter more than a million species, employ millions of people and feed billions more. Their complex ecosystems increasingly face critical challenges, including acidification, overfishing and pollution. Inspiring us all, youths nationwide are stepping up with bold, creative actions benefiting present and future generations to show us how we too, can do our part. Sean Russell, 24, of Englewood, Florida, was exposed to ocean wonders in junior marine conservation summer camps and 4-H programs. Volunteering with Mote Marine Laboratory’s dolphin research program, in Sarasota, Russell was struck by how improperly discarded fishing line entangled and killed dolphins and other wildlife. At 16, he launched the Stow It—Don’t Throw It

Project to promote portable receptacles made from repurposed tennis ball containers for anglers to stash used fishing line for later safe disposal on shore. More than 21,000 containers have been distributed nationwide to date. While earning a bachelor’s degree in biology, Russell launched the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit to harness youth enthusiasm for related issues. Six summits have convened hundreds of concerned young change-makers and adult professionals. “Young people learn about current threats to marine life and become inspired by peers sharing ideas and successes,” says Russell. Planning and skill-building sessions fuel action, often assisted by microgrants to help kick-start community projects.

Holistic Beauty & Wellness Salon, Spa & Shoppe A Beautiful, Healthier You . . . Naturally Fume–Free Environment

Sussex County’s Full Service Natural & Organic Wellness Salon, Spa & Shoppe Appointments Required 40

973.300.4247 (HAIR)

North Central NJ Edition

Russell is also involved with the nonprofit EarthEcho International, which activates young leaders through peer-to-peer networks. One recent campaign, 3T4E, encouraged youth worldwide to pick up three pieces of trash on November 1 and document their efforts. Nearly 2 million social media impressions later, they’ve reached youth in 24 states, in 19 countries and on six continents, according to Executive Director Mia DeMezza. Founded by siblings Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau, the Washington, D.C., EarthEcho shares service learning stories that record steps young people are taking to mitigate local waterway issues. In a virtual classroom field trip series, they can explore issues such as oceanic dead zones and acidification through dynamic multimedia presentations. “These young people are going to inherit the problems we’ve created, and deserve a seat at the table,” says DeMezza. Given the opportunity, youth can play a key role in conservation, research and policy making for Earth’s oceans. “I look at youth not as leaders of the future, but leaders of today,” says Russell. Daniela Fernandez, 23, is one of the youth leaders working to bridge the generational divide on ocean conservation issues. An undergraduate at Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C., she was invited to a 2013 United Nations (UN) meeting to address the state of the world’s oceans. When she inquired if they had social media outlets to share their discussions, she discovered they did not. The 2016 Christopher Benchley Ocean Award winner relates, “I returned to campus with a sense of urgency about the issues I learned about, which led me to start a nonprofit to connect Millennials with the oceans.” The resulting Sustainable Oceans Alliance (SOA) has since hosted three global ocean summits with participants from more than 30 colleges and universities, learning directly from leaders in government, science, business and policy. Summit-watch parties at embassies around the world enabled Millennials to submit questions and comments online. Consequently, Secretary of State John Kerry’s office partnered with SOA to incorporate a youth component in the state department’s 2016 Our Ocean Conference.

The SOA, recognized by the United Nations as a game-changing initiative, has catalyzed 30 chapters on U.S. campuses, with plans to expand to Britain, Chile and Spain. Actionable steps include advocating for college curricula on ocean health. Already, the alliance has helped sway global policy, gathering 30,000 signatures petitioning that ocean conservation be included in UN sustainable development goals. It also mobilized youth advocating for the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, America’s first marine monument (measuring a bit larger than Yellowstone National Park), off of Cape Cod, created by former President Obama in 2016. Russell and Fernandez agree that rallying around solutions is key to engaging youths and adults alike. “You can talk about the problems all day long, but it’s solutions that inspire people to take action,” says Russell. Fernandez adds, “Often, people feel helpless in the face of big issues, but if you give them a simple way to help, they will get behind it.”

What We Can Do Now Everyone has a part to play in keeping oceans clean and healthy. Here are some ways concerned individuals of all ages can help. Do away with disposable plastics. Use reusable alternatives to single-use plastics such as plastic bags, water bottles, to-go containers, takeaway cups and straws, all of which clog the oceans and endanger 600 aquatic species due to ingestion or entanglement. Green what drains. Anything that washes down the drain can end up in waterways. Avoid dumping chemicals like paint, oil and solvents and opt for non-toxic cleaning products like DIY cleaners made from vinegar and baking soda, which are safe for people and the seas. Eat smart. Per a 2016 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report, nearly a third of commercial fish stocks are now fished at dangerously unsustainable levels. Find best choices on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s downloadable sustainable seafood guide and app at when dining or shopping, and ask seafood eateries and fish counters to carry ocean-friendly selections. Reduce fertilizers. Fertilizer runoff from gardens and commercial agriculture eventually end up in oceans, leading to “dead zones” with low levels of oxygen that kill aquatic life. Cut energy use. Carbon dioxide from fossil fuel consumption is turning oceans acidic, which is particularly harmful to coral reefs. Use energy-efficient appliances and vehicles, opt for renewable energy plans from local utilities and bike, walk and take public transit. Primary sources:;;

Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

Tired of being tired? Get sick often? Are you or someone you care about feeling stressed lately?

We have the solution. It’s called Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing can detect the blockages in the body, remove them and replace with healthy revitalizing energies that can regenerate the physical body. It is a simple yet powerful and pain-free healing modality.

Come and Join Us for a Free Meditation and Healing Where: The Center for Pranic Healing When: Every Wednesday night (7:30-9:30)

The Center for Pranic Healing is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization with the prime objective of promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, meditation, study and service. Love donations are welcome.

The Center for Pranic Healing 420 Valley Brook Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

201 - 896 - 8500 • natural awakenings

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“TV•Ears saved our marriage!”

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MEN WHO CARE—8:30–10:30am. Monthly. All men welcomed! Celebrating their 15th year of monthly meetings on the first Saturday of each month. Love offering. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, Friendship Hall, 331 Mt Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114. truespirit@earthlink. com.

Thermography Scans—9am–6:30pm. With Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. On first Tuesdays. Call for appointment. 17 Hanover Road, Building 300 Florham Park. 855-667-9338.

Spiritual Cinema & Potluck—7–9pm. Join us for a potluck dinner (5-6:30pm) followed by a showing of “As We Are” and discussion with producer Megan McFeely. $12 admission. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, 331 Mt Kemble Ave., Morristown. For information, contact Connie Weiss at 973-539-3114. Peaceful Knitting and Crochet—1–2:30pm. Peaceful Knitting and Crochet. Nurture Your Creative Side! All are welcome including beginners. Receive detailed pattern instructions and support all along the way. Choose from class patterns, or bring a pattern of your choice. Small projects are available for beginners, or to make as gifts! Please call for our class schedule or call to schedule a class for a group! Private lessons are also available. To register: 908-879-9648 or royalyoga@embarqmail. com. $195 for 13 weeks. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main Street, Chester.

MONDAY, APRIL 3 Speed Strategy Session—8am–8pm. Mondays in April: 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24. Identify and obtain the tools/strategies/techniques to advance, develop, or heal whatever is blocking your ability to participate fully within any relationship (work, family, romantic, personal, school, etc.). Find breakthroughs, resolution and take action. $40/20 min by phone. RSVP to Tracey Leacock Coaching at info@ or 973-577-7307 to book your session.

THURSDAY, APRIL 6 Stop Smoking with Hypnosis—6:30–7:30pm. Through hypnosis, smoking cessation is easily achieved in a one-hour session. $55. Union County College, 1033 Springfield Av., Cranford. 908-3037767. Lose Weight with Hypnosis—7:30–8:30pm. Through hypnosis, weight loss is easily and painlessly attained. Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. $55. Union County College, 1033 Springfield Av., Cranford. 908-303-7767. Barry@HypnosisNJ. com. Relaxation through Hypnosis—8:30–9:30pm. Learn several easy to use techniques you can use daily to reduce stress in your life. $55. Union County College, 1033 Springfield Av., Cranford. 908-3037767. Thermography Scans—9am–5pm. With Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. Call for appointment. 51 JFK Parkway, Short Hills. 855-667-9338.

FRIDAY, APRIL 7 Thermography Scans—9am–5pm. With Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. Call for appointment. 55


Sunday, April 23 at the West Orange Public Library


46 Mt. Pleasant Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Wednesday evenings, 4/12-5/3. 4-week coaching program that blends weekly group video chats (think Skype) with a personalized coaching program. Get practical spiritual action steps which will magnetize the love you deserve into your experience. Dissolve barriers to love, and watch love fall in your lap. Payment via PayPal only. First meeting is $15, then 3 payments of $42 weekly. Register at LisasLoveLiftOff. com and click Events. Questions? Contact or 908-6056266.

Madison Ave, Ste 400, Morristown. 855-667-9338. First Friday Healing Circle—7–8pm. First Friday Healing Circle led by Gail Belluardo, Licensed Practitioner. Different themes for each group. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, 331 Mt Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-879-6476. truespirit@earthlink. com. Art Show & Reception—7:30pm. Meet Bill Wickey, local potter for wine & cheese reception of show Breaking Bread with the Dead. Veda King Blanchard's soft pastel collections will also be on display. Free. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave, Morristown. 973-5393114.

SATURDAY, APRIL 8 Spiritual Cinema—7–9:30pm. Visionary, inspiring and spiritual films shown every second Saturday at Center for Spiritual Living Morristown. Love Offering. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown,




Wednesday, April 12 8:30–9:30pm.

savethedate event listings are designed for significant, exclusive, future, or multi-date events that require planning or reservations. Total word count cannot exceed 75 words. Cost per listing is $30. Email Listings to Publisher@ by the 10th of the month prior to listing month.

2:00 – 4:00 PM Explore your spiritual wisdom with like-hearted individuals. • Past Lives • Karma • Dreams This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR in New Jersey 800-870-9139 or (This is not sponsored nor endorsed by the West Orange Public Library.)

The Mansion at Mt Lakes Sunday, April 30th 12:30-5:30. Lakes. Featuring Keynote Speaker Concetta Bertoldi, World renowned Medium & NY Times bestselling author. Experience the special gifts of a select group of experts in the fields of health, beauty & wellness through mini sessions, workshops, & demonstrations. Massage, Chiropractic, Anti –Aging, Nutrition, Stress Management, Angel Card readings, Skin care, Energy work & more! Co-sponsored by Natural Awakenings Magazine. Complimentary hors d’oeurves, live music, speakers, mini sessions included in general admission-$20 in advance/$30 at the door. Keynote $60 includes general admission & swag bag. For information & Tickets visit or 973-713-6811

natural awakenings

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331 Mt Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114. Quantum Kombucha Presents: Heart & Rhythm—7:30–9:30pm. Please join us for Heart & Rhythm on the 2nd Satuday of each month. We start the evening off by sam.pling Love potions & Elixirs followed by a meditation that taps into the bodies innate Healing abilities, then shake it off with dynamic sounds from around the globe, please bring a dish for our post boogie potluck. $15 adv. / $20 door. PowerFlow Yoga Clifton, 1288 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton.


Wellness Gala

& Natural Awakenings Event

Sunday, April 30 ~ 12:30 - 5:30pm The Mansion at Mountain Lakes 90 Rt. 46, Mountain Lakes, NJ

4:30 pm • Limited Seating NY Times Best Selling Author & Renowned Medium

—————— Tickets Include —————— Energy Healing Intuitive Counseling Chiropractic and more.

Plus unique, vendors, live music, food & refreshments. * Cash bar available *

General Admission: $20 in advance; $30 at the door. All inclusive. Keynote Admission: $60 includes general admission.

A portion of proceeds benefit The Connor Cummings Memorial Scholarship


Sponsors North Central NJ Edition

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis—6:30–7:30pm. Through hypnosis, smoking cessation is easily achieved in a one-hour session. $55. Middlesex County College, 2600 Woodbridge Av., Edison. 908-303-7767. Lose Weight with Hypnosis—7:30–8:30pm. Through hypnosis, weight loss is easily and painlessly attained. Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. $55. Middlesex County College, 2600 Woodbridge Av., Edison. 908-303-7767. Relaxation through Hypnosis—8:30–9:30pm. Learn several easy to use techniques you can use daily to reduce stress in your life. $55. Middlesex County College, 2600 Woodbridge Av., Edison. 908-3037767.

Information & Tickets


T h e r m o g r a p h y S c a n s — 9 a m – 5 p m . Wi t h Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. Call for appointment. 51 JFK Parkway, Short Hills. 855-667-9338.

Thermography Scans—9am–6:30pm. With Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. On 3rd Tuesdays. Call for appointment. Corner of South Ridgedale Ave. @ 1 Heather Dr., East Hanover. 855-667-9338.

Concetta Bertoldi

Mind-Body Stress Management Nutrition Anti Aging Weight Loss Massage



Featuring Keynote Speaker

Mini-Sessions Demonstrations & Workshops with experts in the fields of Health, Beauty & Wellness

Magnetize the Love You Deserve—8:30–9:30pm. Wednesday evenings, 4/12-5/3. 4-week coaching program that blends weekly group video chats (think Skype) with a personalized coaching program. Get practical spiritual action steps which will magnetize the love you deserve into your experience. Dissolve barriers to love, and watch love fall in your lap. Payment via PayPal only. First meeting is $15, then 3 payments of $42 weekly. Register at and click Events. Questions? Contact or 908-6056266.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 Evolutionary Music—7–9pm. Evolutionary Music with Paradiso & Rasamayi. $22 advance by 4/18; $33 at the door. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973539-3114.

THURSDAY, APRIL 20 Thermography Scans—9am–5pm. With Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. Call for appointment. 55

Madison Ave, Ste 400, Morristown. 855-667-9338. Stop Smoking with Hypnosis—6:30–7:30pm. Through hypnosis, smoking cessation is easily achieved in a one-hour session. $49. Edison JCC, 1775 Oak Tree Rd., Edison. 908-303-7767. Barry@ Lose Weight with Hypnosis—7:30–8:30pm. Through hypnosis, weight loss is easily and painlessly attained. Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. $49. Edison JCC, 1775 Oak Tree Rd., Edison. 908-303-7767. Relaxation through Hypnosis—8:30–9:30pm. Learn several easy to use techniques you can use daily to reduce stress in your life. $49. Edison JCC, 1775 Oak Tree Rd., Edison. 908-303-7767. Barry@

SATURDAY, APRIL 22 Diamonds for Kale Gala—7–10pm. Join Grow It Green Morristown for their 5th Annual Diamonds for Kale Gala on April 22. The event will feature local, seasonally-inspired light fare, local craft beer and spirits, wine tasting, a live jazz band, a silent auction and more! All proceeds go towards Grow It Green's work to promote equal access to fresh, local food and educate communities on environmental stewardship and healthy eating. Tickets are limited, and the event sells out every year! $125 before or on April 1; $150 after April 1. Grow It Green Morristown, The Kellogg Club, 25 Colles Avenue, Morristown. 973-206-4177. abby@ For more information, please visit diamondsforkale. Art Reception—3–7pm. Soft pastel collection of Veda King Blanchard and pottery collection of Bill Wickey on display to background of live music. Free. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave, Morristown. 973-539-3114.

SUNDAY, APRIL 23 Spiritual Exploration Open House—2–4pm. ECKANKAR in NJ invites you to explore your spiritual wisdom with like-hearted individuals. Exploration includes past lives, karma and dreams. Free. West Orange Public Library, 46 Mt. Pleasant Ave., West Orange. (Not sponsored or endorsed by West Orange Public Library.) For information, contact 800-870-9139 or

MONDAY, APRIL 24 Thermography Scans—9am–6:30pm. With Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. On 2nd Mondays. Call for appointment. 63 Beaverbrook Rd, Suite 105 Lincoln Park. 855-667-9338.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26 Thermography Scans—9am–5pm. With Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC. Call for appointment. 55 Madison Ave, Ste 400, Morristown. 855-667-9338.

THURSDAY, APRIL 27 Stop Smoking with Hypnosis—6:30–7:30pm. Through hypnosis, smoking cessation is easily achieved in a one-hour session. $59. James

Caldwell High School, 265 Westville Ave., West Caldwell. 908-303-7767. Lose Weight with Hypnosis—7:30–8:30pm. Through hypnosis, weight loss is easily and painlessly attained. Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. $59. James Caldwell High School, 265 Westville Ave., West Caldwell. 908-303-7767. Relaxation through Hypnosis—8:30–9:30pm. Learn several easy to use techniques you can use daily to reduce stress in your life. $59. James Caldwell High School, 265 Westville Ave., West Caldwell. 908-303-7767.

FRIDAY, APRIL 28 Monthly Chair Yoga Class—7:15-8:30pm. 4th Friday each month. Using a chair will bring a deeper level of stretch and ease. All levels are welcome. The class will offer comfort if you might have a harder time getting up and down off of the floor. Use your class card or $19.00. Garden of Life Massage & Yoga Center, 9 Boulder Hills Blvd., Wantage. 973-875-5433.

SUNDAY, APRIL 30 The Wellness Gala—12:30–5:30pm. Experience the special gifts of a select group of experts in the fields of health, beauty & wellness through mini sessions, workshops & demonstrations. Massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, anti-aging, aromatherapy, energy work, yoga, skin care, mindbody stress management, nutritional counseling, wellness advisors and much more! Co-sponsored by Natural Awakenings Magazine. complimentary hors d'oeuvres, live music, mini sessions included in general admission. Location: The Mansion at Mt Lakes. For information & tickets visit WellnessGala. com or call 973-713-6811. Transform Pain into Purpose and Lighten Up—12:30–3 pm. Workshop with Julie Genovese. $35 love offering. Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave, Morristown. 973539-3114.

SATURDAY, MAY 20 Discover Your Life as a Spiritual Adventure—12:30–8:30pm. ECKANKAR in New Jersey presents Discover Your Life as a Spiritual Adventure, a day of spiritual exploration. Featuring a special workshop, Living from the Heart in a Challenging World. Free. Raritan Valley Community College Conference Center, 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg. For more info: 800-870-9139 or spirituality@ 5th Annual Eco Fun Fest—1–4 pm. Eco Fun for Kiddos: Reptile Show with Rizzo’s; Planet Friendly Games; Giant Slide; Dunk Tank; Face Painting; Live Music; Arts and Crafts; Henna; Morris Township PD; Sparkee, the Somerset Patriots Mascot; Kari "Yurt Grrl" Cooper presents "Yurt Grrls Top Ten Tips for Tiny Living" with special Q and A at Gert the Yurt! Kari loves to meet folks and talk tiny! Green market: 25+ of NJ’s best artists, makers and more. Local Produce—Raw Honey—Vegetable and Herb Plant Sale—Upcycled Gifts—Handcrafted Wearables/ Beauty Products –Sustainable Home

Décor—Healthy Lifestyle Products and Services. Plus Silent Auction and Raffle. Admission: Ages 6-14 - $10 advance; $15 at the door (Ages 5 and younger; 15 and older attend free). Tickets available for purchase here: Unity Charter School, 1 Evergreen Pl, Morristown .

FRIDAY, JUNE 2 Touch Mother Earth 2017—Jun. 2–4. Mount Eden Retreat, a unique property with 189 acres, nestled on the side of a mountain in Warren County, is again offering a weekend called Touch Mother Earth – life-enhancing workshops and sustainable living solutions, healthy food (bring your own plate setting), quality vendors, a dynamic children’s program, and live music all weekend. Tickets start at $25 (kids under 16 free) and offers overnight options to stay on or offsite. Vendors & Volunteers: Vendor s 4TouchM other E ar th @ g ma il. c o m; Questions?

markyourcalendar EACH FRIDAY frankly speaking spirituality for the street John Frank: Semi-retired Pastor and Professor; Seeker and Searcher. Progressive Traditionalist. Fairly peaceful, quite grateful, most hopeful. Sinner/Saint. Goal: personal, social, cosmic (and whatever is beyond that) wholeness.

savethedate DISCOVER YOUR LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE ECKANKAR in New Jersey presents a FREE DAY OF SPIRITUAL EXPLORATION Saturday, May 20, 2017 12:30—8:30 pm Featuring Living from the Heart in a Challenging World, an afternoon workshop plus creative performances, a spiritual art gallery, and inspiring talks. Raritan Valley Community College Conference Center 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, New Jersey For more information: 800-870-9139

natural awakenings

April 2017


Feldenkrais Method—9–10am. Semi Private Class. Please bring yoga mat. $25 drop in rate. Call 973-538-1600 for reservation. b.jones Organic Spa, 62b South St, Morristown.

ongoingevents Kindly call to confirm date, location, time.

Sunday Spine & Myofascial Exercise (ELDOA)— 10–11am. Every Sunday in Mar. Great for sport performance & injury support. ELDOA classes use exercises that create space in the joints, normalize tissue, segmental muscle work, precise proprioception, breath & brain exercises to enhance your body & lessen stress. Supportive for disc bulges, herniations, chronic pain. $20 hour class. Living Fit 406 Pompton Ave., Cedar Grove. 973-433-0445. Free Zen Meditation Group Sit—7–8:30am. Led by Kurt Spellmeyer of at Kula Yoga Wellness, 25 Main St., Stanhope. For info, email Natural Meditation & Awareness Practice— 9–10am. Weekly free guided meditation in the advaita/non-duality tradition. Aikido Schools of NJ, 324 West Westfield Ave., Roselle Park. 908-875-9844. Prenatal Yoga—9–10:15am. For the Mother Goddess and her growing baby! $18 drop-in or class package. The Karuna Shala, 855 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 208, 2nd Floor, Glen Ridge. Morristown Unitarian Fellowship—Worship services at 9 and 11am. 21 Normandy Heights Rd., Morristown. 973-540-1177, ext. 203. Summit Unitarian Worship Service—9:30 and 11:15am throughout the regular church year. The Unitarian Church, 4 Waldron Ave., Summit. 908-273-3245. Institute for Spiritual Development—10am. First and third Sundays. Psychic and spiritual development and healing. Masonic Lodge #93, 170 Main St., 973-437-4370. Sunday Celebration Service—10:30am. Rev. Frankie, practitioners, and musicians create an inspiring, uplifting time to be reminded of our

spiritual connectedness. Center for Spiritual Living of Morristown, 331 Mt Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114. Center for Spiritual Living-Morristown—11am. Sunday Celebration and Youth Program, followed by refreshments at noon in Friendship Hall. 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114. Unity Spiritual Center of Morris County—11am. 221 Main St., 2nd floor, VFW Bldg., Boonton. 973-331-1776. Unity of Sussex County—11am–12:30pm. Youth and family meeting, followed by fellowship in Wakeman Hall. 25 Mudcut Rd., Lafayette. 973-3836277. Meditation—1–3pm. Join us in the crystal room, by the fireside for meditation with essential oils. Facilitated by Rev. William and Judith Hancox, meditation teachers since 1980. $15, $25/couple. Succasunna. RSVP 973-585-4661. Drum Jam—3–5pm. Third Sundays. Open to all; beginners to experienced musicians. Some gather for spiritual reasons, others for an opportunity to socialize or try something different. $10 donation. Rest Stop Rejuvenate, 21 Maple Ave., Rockaway. 973-985-7548. Meditation Course—10:45–11:45am. $60 per 3 week session. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. Free Meditation Class— 4–5pm. Learn how to manage stress and emotions through breathing techniques and meditation. A perfect introduction to meditation. Free. Art of Living Center for Peace and Meditation, 2nd Floor, 104 Broadway, Denville. 973-400-9191. Spiritual Discussion Group—5:50–8:30pm. A variety of topics. $5. RSVP 908-879-3937.

Monday Speed Strategy Session—8am–8pm. Mondays in April: 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24. Identify and obtain the tools/strategies/techniques to advance, develop, or heal whatever is blocking your ability to participate fully within any relationship (work, family, romantic, personal, school, etc.). Find breakthroughs, resolution and take action. $40/20 min by phone. RSVP to Tracey Leacock Coaching at info@ or 973-577-7307 to book your session. Peaceful knitting and Crochet—1–2:30pm. Nurture Your Creative Side! All are welcome including beginners. Receive detailed pattern instructions and support all along the way. $195 for 13 weeks. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main Street, Chester. 908-879-9648. Beginners Yoga with Shirley Sahaja Sicsko— 9:30am. Yoga West Holistic Center, 86 Main St., Succasunna. 973-584-6664.


North Central NJ Edition

Yoga Therapy—9:30am. Heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies through expert instruction and personal attention. Sadhana Yoga, 150 River Rd., Unit M4, Montville. 973-265-0665. Free Blood Pressure and Glucose Testing—10am– 3pm. Overlook Downtown. 357 Springfield Ave., Summit. 908-598-7997. Energy Enhancing Blasts of Qigong with Sal Canzoneri—10am–11am. Energy healing. RSVP by 7pm day prior. Register at 908-879-3937. The Art of the Heart, 44 Main St., Chester. Gentle Yoga—11am–noon. Extra gentle yoga for those who enjoy moving slowly and gently, those who have not exercised in a while and those in recovery or receiving physical therapy. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. Meditation Course—10:45–11:45am. $60 per 3-week session. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. Open Level Yoga—5:30–6:30pm. A gentle form of breathing and stretching that enhances relaxation, lowers blood pressure, improves muscle tone and reduces stress. Good for all levels. Bring a yoga mat. $15. Chambers Center for Well Being, 435 South St., Suite 160, Morristown. 973-971-6301. Life Path Lessons Experience—6–7pm. learn key lessons that will bring more clarity to your life. What do you believe about yourself? Dress comfortably, bring a notebook and an open mind. Arrive 15 minutes early. Facilitated by Stephanie. $20 ($10 for college students). 127 Valley Rd., Montclair. Info@ 973-826-0367. Qigong—6–7pm. Gentle exercises designed to generate energy flow. Move in Grace, 294 Main St., Chester. Contact Renee Dorn: 551-574-9500. Tai Chi & Qigong—7pm. All levels, featuring Qigong for energy, Sun Style Tai Chi, and meditations for health. Institute for Spiritual Development,15 Sparta Ave., Sparta. More info at 973-786-6466 or Awareness Through Movement—7–8pm. Gentle movement lessons suitable for everyone, even those limited by pain, injuries or neurological conditions. Move in Grace, 294 Main St., Chester. Contact Beatrice Basso: 973-294-4059. Divorce Support Group in Chester—7–8pm. First Mondays. Open to anyone currently struggling with divorce-related issues. Free. 154 Route 206, 2nd Floor, Suite A, Chester. 908-832-2305. Relaxing Vinyasa Flow Yoga—6:30pm. A great way to end the day. $10. Unity Church, 25 Mudcut Road, Lafayette. For information, contact Tina Romano at or 201-2083368. Monday Night Meditation Circle—7–8pm. Relax and recharge with Reiki Master Victoria at Monday Night Meditation @ Evolve Restorative Therapy. Feel the healing energy flow! Evolve Restorative Therapy, 523 Westfield Ave., 3rd Floor, Westfield. 908-361-6376.

Because I Love You (B.I.L.Y.) Parent Support Group—7–8:30pm. Confidential self-help group for parents experiencing substance abuse issues with their children. Free. Jefferson Twp. BOE Community Room, 31 Rte. 181, Lake Hopatcong. A Course in Miracles—7:30pm. Unity of Montclair, 84 Orange Rd., Montclair. $10 suggested donation. Contact Connie at 973-239-8402 for details. Yoga for Ultimate Beginners—8–9pm. For students brand new to yoga, this series covers the fundamentals of yoga from alignment basics to class etiquette. $90/six weeks. Purple Om Yoga, 3118 Rte. 10 West, Denville. 973-343-2848. QiGong—11am–12pm. Learn how to take control and responsibility for your body, mind and spirit as certified QiGong therapist, Renee Dorn, helps you understand and alleviate energetic blockages that, if not addressed, can manifest disease in the body, discomfort in the spirit and distress to the mind. $5 for seniors 55 & up. Senior Resource Center, located inside the Church of the Messiah (Parish Hall) 50 Route 513, Chester. 908-879-2202.

tuesday Spine & Myofascial Exercise (ELDOA)—6–7pm. Every Tuesday in Mar. Great for sport performance & injury support. ELDOA classes use exercises that create space in the joints, normalize tissue, segmental muscle work, precise proprioception, breath & brain exercises to enhance your body & lessen stress. Supportive for disc bulges, herniations, chronic pain. $20 hour class. Living Fit 406 Pompton Ave., Cedar Grove. 973-433-0445. Yoga Foundations—9:15–10:15am. Learn the foundations of yoga in a safe, encouraging environment, while releasing stress and tension. $10/class. Breathing Room Center, 735 Rte. 94, Newton. 973-896-0030. Christpaths—9:30am–noon. Second Tuesdays. Monthly spiritual sharing and practice group. Christ Church, 66 Highland Ave., Short Hills. Yearly tuition: $175. 908-277-2120. Information@ Gentle Yoga—9–10am. $25 drop in rate. Semi-Private Class. All levels welcome. Please bring yoga mat. Call 973-538-1600 for reservation. b.jones Organic Spa, 62b South St, Morristown.

Awareness Through Movement Classes with Diane Bates—12:30, 2 and 4:30pm. Ease pain, improve posture, prevent injury, increase energy and reduce stress. $15. Held at 24 Elm St., Room 1, Morristown. 973-534-8122. Yoga for Teens & Tweens—3:45–5:45pm. Aquarian Yoga Center, 641 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair. 908-884-4984. Yoga for Kids (Ages 2 to 4)—5–5:45pm. Drop in $25. More info at 973-944-0555. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 16-18 Elm St., Morristown. Yoga Level 1—6–7pm.Learn basic postures, breathing styles and meditation. Move in Grace, 294 Main St., Chester. Contact Jean Marie: 908-850-6475. Meditation—6:30–7:30pm. At Center for Spiritual Living of Morristown, 331 Mt Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114.

SMART Recovery—6:30–8pm. Secular, sciencebased recovery group for support and assistance with all forms of addictive behavior. Free. Roxbury Twp. Library. 201-774-8323. Come Experience Enlightenment—7pm. Experience how to change every aspect of your life. We teach how to create using Thought Energy. Thought in Motion, 127 Valley Rd., Montclair. Creating with Thought Energy Experience— 7–8:30am. Class begins with slowing down the mind, and then teaches you lessons on how your thoughts create your reality. Energy work is included. Dress comfortably, bring an open mind and a notebook. Arrive 15 minutes early as class starts promptly at 7. Facilitated by Karina. $35. 127 Valley Rd., Montclair. Reservations: 973-826-0367. Meditation—7–7:30pm. Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd., Lafayette. 973-383-6277.

How I Rid Myself of Chronic Pain

by Michael J. Amendolara, MD

I have been a licensed medical doctor in NJ since 1989, and board certified in Family Medicine since 1993. In the past 23 years, I have had a lot of experience in general primary care medicine, urgent care medicine, sports medicine, and therapeutic musculoskeletal injections. About 10 years ago, I found myself drawn to the study of the MindBody connection as it relates to chronic pain

treatment. I had the best reason of all for my interest—for over 35 years I had suffered from chronic knee, neck and back pain, plus other problems that nothing helped to diminish. This led to 5 years of taking prescription pain meds just to function. Then I discovered Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now Program. Within 2 days, I saw an immediate decrease in pain, and within 3 weeks my pain was 90% better. After 6 weeks, my pain level was

95% better, enabling me to taper off my meds. I haven’t had to take a pain pill in over a year! After completing intense training, I now specialize in Chronic Pain Relief using the Zero Pain Now Program and techniques focused on the holistic mind-body connection.

You, Too, Can Live a ZERO PAIN Life! It’s possible you can eliminate your pain from Low Back Pain | Neck Pain Bulging or Herniated Disc Spinal Stenosis & Arthritis Fibromyalgia Chronic Whiplash Chronic Tendonitis Other Chronic Body Pain

Prenatal Yoga—10:15–11:15am. A beautiful class designed especially for expectant mothers to learn how to breathe, relax, stretch, and connect with the precious life within. $65 for 5 Jan. classes. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. The

Why Manage Pain When You Can Banish It Completely!

Qi Gong/Tai Chi—11am–noon. Designed for all levels with each participant working at his/her individual level of ability. $60/10-class session. Senior Center of the Chathams, Chatham Twp. Municipal Bldg. Gym, 58 Meyersville Rd., Chatham. 973-6354565.

Michael J. Amendolara, MD

Mat Pilates—Noon–1pm. Try your first class for free. Pilates at Pro Physical Therapy, 2 Emery Ave., Randolph. 973-895-9925. PilateswithAmy@

Experience Pain Relief with no medications, physical therapy, surgery or any other physical treatments.

Visit for Dramatic Success Stories. Board Certified Family Physician Call Today for Pain Relief Expert a Free, No Risk 908-625-8673 Evaluation. 273 Main Street |Whitehouse Station, NJ natural awakenings

April 2017


Meditation—7–8pm. Beginners and advanced are welcome to join a weekly guided meditation. Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center, 212A Main St., Lincoln Park. Donation: $10. Call or email before 5pm Tuesday to reserve a spot. 973-686-9100.

White Oak Center Organic Co-Op—Every other Wednesday. Delivered by Albert’s Organics. Membership $20, then $35 bimonthly. White Oak Center, 33 Woodport Rd., Sparta. For more info, contact Brian Trautz at 973-729-1900 or BTrautz@

The Spirit Gathering Church—7:15pm. Prayer, energy healing, discussion, meditation and mediumship. Held in the rear of Yoga West, 86 Main St., Succasunna. 973-876-2449.

Pilates Mat/Tower—9–9:50am. Adding spring resistance to your Pilates workout can take your mat skills to the next level, building strength, coordination and balance. Limited to four participants. The Wellness Center of Northwest Jersey, Randolph Medical Arts Building 765 Rte. 10 East, Randolph. 973-895-2003.

A Course in Miracles—7:30pm. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Miracles-Course. org. Garwood. Call Betsy Zipkin: 732-469-0234. The Morris Music Men Quartet—7:30pm. Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 300 Shunpike Rd., Chatham. Sing and socialize. Newcomers always welcome. 877-808-8697. Restorative Yoga—7:30pm. Shed stress and unleash your body’s innate healing capacities through comfortably supported guided relaxations. Sadhana Yoga, 150 River Rd., Unit M4, Montville. 973-2650665. Restorative Yoga—7:30pm. Community House, Madison. Contact for schedule and details. Meditation Course—10:45–11:45am. $60 per 3-week session. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. Book Study Group—7:30–9pm. Held at Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd., Lafayette. 973-383-6277. Connecting with Loved Ones in Spirit—7:30– 9pm. You and up to five family members will sit with three to five mediums who will contact the energy of your loved ones who have passed away. Netcong. Contact Garry: 908-852-4635. Garry@

Yoga for Women’s Health—9:30–10:45am. Poses to help you better address menstruation, menopause, pelvic floor issues, and basic back care. The Karuna Shala, 855 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 208, 2nd Floor, Glen Ridge.

Stress Reduction Group—Noon–1pm. Techniques to reduce stress, including positive thinking, guided imagery, gratitude affirmations and kindness meditation. $15. Chambers Center for Well Being. 435 South St., Morristown. 973-971-6301.

Women’s Healing Circle—7–9pm. First Wednesdays. Support, share, bond and attain deep peace through guided meditation. Led by Lindsey Sass. $30.The Healing Center, 142 Main St., Bloomingdale. Preregister at 973-714-0765.

Children’s Yoga 7–12 years—4:45–5:30pm. In addition to yoga poses, gradual stretching and correct breathing, emphasis is placed on children seeing the beauty in themselves and in others through effective, fun yoga activities. $48 for 4 Jan. classes. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. The

Introduction to Soto Zen Practice—7:15pm. Hands-on instruction and explanation for seated and walking meditation. Dharma talk and discussion. By donation. Rev. Shofu Keegan, Empty Hand Zen Group, 22 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair. 908-6728782.

Pilates for Everyone—5–6pm. Lengthen, strengthen, stretch and tone. Move in Grace, 294 Main St., Chester. For more information, contact Carrie Oesmann at 201-919-7811.

Chair Pilates—2–3pm. Learn Pilates based moves led by Instructor Lisa Franey to build core, abdominal and spinal muscle strength, improve posture, muscle control and coordination. $2 for seniors 55 & up. Senior Resource Center, located inside the Church of the Messiah (Parish Hall) 50 Route 513, Chester. 908-879-2202.

Yoga as Medicine—6:15–7:30pm. Explore the interface of Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. All levels welcome. The Karuna Shala, 855 Bloomfield Ave., Ste. 208, 2nd Floor, Glen Ridge.

A Course in Miracles—7–8:30pm. 1st and 3rd Wed. Jeanne Uhl, RN, MA, Psychology facilitates this spiritual study group. The Unitarian Church in Summit, 4 Waldron Ave., Summit. Call or text Jeanne at 513-476-8186.


North Central NJ Edition

Free Meditation Class—7–8pm. Learn how to manage stress and emotions through breathing techniques and meditation. A perfect introduction to meditation. Free. Art of Living Center for Peace and Meditation, 2nd fl., 104 Broadway, Denville. 973-400-9191.

Healing Meditations with Rev. Frankie—Noon. Center for Spiritual Living, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. Free. 973-539-3333.

Chanting Circle—6:30–7:30pm. With Leslie Treloar. Meets 1st, 2nd & 4th Wednesdays. Class size limited to five people. $20. The Art of the Heart, 44 Main St. Chester. RSVP: 908-879-3937.


Awaken the Master Within—6:30–8:30pm. With Debbie Carcuffe. Identify and transform fear-based false beliefs. Realize how feelings unconsciously drive inappropriate behaviors and emotional reactions. Guided group healing and clearing meditation during each class. $25. Portal of Healing, Conscious Alignment with the Soul (top floor), 50 Main St., Chester. 201-841-0358.

Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Support Group of Morristown—7–9pm. First Wednesdays, except July and August. Support for patients and their families. Speakers. 95 Madison Ave., Suite 109A, Morristown. 973-219-8092.

The Gathering—7:30–9:30pm. First and third Tuesdays. Worship service with Christina Lynn Whited. Offering of $10-$20 requested. Call 908638-9066 to register. Circle of Intention, 76 Main St., High Bridge.

Zumba—2–3pm. Take the "work" out of workout and join Renee Dorn for a senior friendly, calorieburning dance fitness party, combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy, and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class. $2 for seniors 55 & up. Senior Resource Center, located inside the Church of the Messiah (Parish Hall) 50 Route 513, Chester. 908-879-2202.

ego. $25. Portal of Healing, 50 Main St., Chester. 201-841-0358.

Meditation & Self-Reliance Classes—6pm. Learn how to quiet the mind by getting in touch with your Source and truly learn the art of loving yourself. Free. The Peace Within Spa & Holistic Wellness Center. 63 Beaverbrook Rd., Suite 105, Lincoln Park. Morristown Unitarian Fellowship—6:30pm. First Wednesdays. Mid-week renewal services. 21 Normandy Heights Rd., Morristown. 973-540-1177, ext. 203. Teen Yoga—6:30–7:30pm. Age 13+. Teens learn to listen to their bodies as they move at their own pace promoting peacefulness, mental clarity and improved self-esteem. Carol’s Yoga Youngsters, 145 Washington St., Morristown. 973-898-0544. Ctr4child@ Ascension: Guidance, Processes, Activations, & Integration—6:30–8:30pm. Be the Master of your subconscious mind, achieve self-love, guide your child consciousness, and transcend the negative

Intuitive Tantric Meditation—7:30pm. Still your mind, experience your inner energies, and enjoy love and peace. Sadhana Yoga, 150 River Rd., Unit M4, Montville. 973-265-0665. The Morris County (West) Chapter of Holistic Moms Network—7:30pm. First Wednesdays. Held at Chester Field House, 107 Seminary Ave., Chester. AA Meeting (O-B-ST)—8pm. Open to those struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. Free. Cranford United Methodist Church, 201 Lincoln Ave., Cranford.

Thursday Free BodySculpt Class—8:30–9:15am. Weekly. Free. Carefully and gently strengthen and tone your core and body using light weights and props. Benessere, The Center for Wellness, 510 Morris Ave., Summit. 908-277-4080. Yoga Instructor Certification—9:30am–12:30pm. Running for nine months starting January 19. Begin a new career. Improve your life and help others. Deepen your practice or, if you wish to teach yoga, this course is a gift for your personal and professional unfoldment. Contact for pricing, time and date options. The Annex at The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. RoyalYoga@ The Qi Gong/Tai Chi—11am–noon. Designed for all levels with each participant working at his/her individual level of ability. $65 for 10-class session. Senior Center of the Chathams, Chatham Twp. Municipal Bldg. Gym, 58 Meyersville Rd., Chatham. 973-635-4565.

Healthy Food Prep Classes with Phyllis Deering—Noon, Third Thursdays. Learn about delicious and healthy food preparation.$25; 4 for $75. Contact Marnie at Mountain Lakes Organic Co-op, LLC, 10 Vale Dr., Mountain Lakes. 973-335-4469. Teen—Young Adult Yoga—4:15–5pm. Program tailored to special needs teens and young adults. Yoga assists the ability to focus and concentrate and helps improve both fine and gross motor skills. It contributes to improved communication and an increased desire to build responsive and interactive relationships. $48 for 4 Jan. classes. The Center for Special Needs, Inc., 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. The

Soul II Soul


& WEllNESS, llC &

The Place of Peace Day Retreat Facility

Call or Text linda Tironi


or email:


• Yoga

• Retreats

• Facility rental

• Personal training

• Meditation / Spirituality • Healthy cooking classes • Birthday parties

• Retirement parties

• And much more . . . . . .

White Oak Yoga—4:15–5:15pm. Gentle Yoga. Taught by Elizabeth Bell. Sparta Ambulance Bldg., 14 Sparta Ave., Sparta. 973-729-1900. Adolescent & Teen Boys Yoga (Elementary and Middle School)—6–6:45pm. More info at 973944-0555. The Yoga Way Center, 16-18 Elm St., Morristown.


SPACE/OFFICE FOR RENT 1,310 Square Feet of Store Front Office or retail space on the Meyersville Circle. Ground level entry. Country style building & setting. Heavily traveled Morris County route borders Chatham, Harding, Union County’s Berkeley Heights, Somerset Countys Warren Twp and Basking Ridge. Near train, Rt 78 and Rt 287. Meyersville(Long Hill Township,) has restaurants, recreation and gateway to Great Swamp National Refuge. LLC member is a licensed Real Estate Agent. Email or call PVTS 908-647-6307 and leave message.

Have a business opportunity, job opening, space for rent, or other need? Place your classified ads here for just $1 per word. Email to by the 10th of the month prior to publication date.

Create Your Own Success


e are the 54th ranked retail and internet seller worldwide. Commissions earned by ordinary and extraordinary people total 3.5 billion dollars. The business model is based on interdependency, which means we are vested in helping you succeed. We will support, train, re-train, educate and put the tools of success in your hands. The products will speak for themselves. Millions of products and services offering multiple streams of income, in billion-dollar industries, all of which you most likely use already. Plus, owning your own business allows you to take full advantage of small business tax laws. Create your own income and schedule. It’s your business; you write the rules. If you’re ready to work hard and believe in yourself, call Suzan at 908-642-1592.

Elegant 2nd floor office/treatment room for rent within tranquil wellness center. Main St. location between Mendham & Chester. $600/month utilities included. Call Valerie Merton 908-892-6692.

FOR SALE MOTORCYCLE FOR SALE: Big, Beautiful, Well Balanced 2008 Victory Vegas with only 11,720 miles! Powerful belt driven V-Twin 1634cc, 6 speed overdrive with lots of torque. This baby purrs and can set off car alarms, too. Black and chrome throughout with undeniable style and class. It's low seat height makes it a great bike for all riders. Awesome through curves and super easy to handle with low center of gravity. Great running bike has been garage kept, has a new battery, fresh oil change and clean title. I'd love to sell it to a woman. Sacrifice at $6,495. Call Ruth at 908-894-9487.

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT: Consider Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C. as a new home for your practice. This holistic, healing center is located in Hastings Commons at the foot of Schooley’s Mountain. Our quiet, beautiful and relaxing Zen environment is home to a variety of healing professionals; practitioners who rent space include two clinical social workers and a chiropractor. Karmabridge offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, medical massage therapy, foot reflexology, Reiki and cranial sacral therapy. Location has ample parking. 11x12 (132sf). $425 month. Call 908-852-1267 for details. PRACTITIONER SPACE FOR RENT: Luxury space perfect for all types of wellness practitioners in the heart of downtown Warren. Wellness of Warren is designed to provide our community with an array of holistic and natural wellness services. Convenient lease terms which include utilities, CAM charges, internet and more. Private practitioner entrance, lounge and file room. Good parking. Additional space available for conference/education offerings. Visit today to see what Wellness of Warren can do for you and your clients. Contact Stacey Beer at 908-755-2723 or

NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS I create home cooked meals with an emphasis on Organic, Farm Fresh, Dietary and Allergy for Optimal Well Being and Taste. 973.803.1004.

Rental space in Functional Medical Nutritionist office in Montville, NJ. Small room furnished. Perfect for therapist. Please contact Donna Galarza, CN. 973-714-6283.

natural awakenings

April 2017


Pilates Sculpt—6–7pm. Pilates at Pro Physical Therapy, 2 Emery Ave., Randolph. 973-895-9925. Evening Yoga Series—6:15pm–7:30pm. For adults. All levels yoga series. Advance registration and monthly payment is required; Essex County Environmental Center, 621-B Eagle Rock Ave., Roseland. 973-228-8776. Reiki Share—6:30–9pm. Fourth Thursdays. Experience Reiki’s healing touch by giving or receiving. All welcome. Free. Aquarian Sun, 212A Main St., Lincoln Park. 973-686-9100. The Sussex County Chapter of Holistic Moms— 7pm. Second Thursdays. Free. Held at Holy Counselor Lutheran Church, 68 Sand Hill Rd., Sussex. 973-347-1246. Yoga with Daniella—7pm.Yoga for all levels. $5 suggested donation. The First Presbyterian Church, 11-13 Main St., Franklin. $5 suggested donation. iwc Women’s Group—7–8:30pm. Thursdays. Therapeutic discussion group led by licensed professional counselors processing all life issues, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, divorce, life transition, stress, aging, care giving. iwc for medical, mind and body. 401 Rte. 24, Chester. 908-879-8700. YogaFlow—7–8:30pm. $15/Class or $50/4classes. Family Chiropractic Center, 28 Bowling Green Pkwy., Suite 1A, Lake Hopatcong. 973-663-5633. Hypnosis & NLP Certification—7–9pm. Become a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Eleven separate classes and the convenience of

Ahhh... Springtime, Find Your Natural Match!

paying per class, or do certification separate. First 5 for NLP and last 6 for hypnotherapist. Huna Healing Center, 23 Diamond Spring Rd., Suite 5, Denville. HunaHealingCenter@ 973-224-6773. Potluck and Spiritual Chat—7–9pm. Free. Bring a potluck dish to share, share in a safe, loving environment. Tree of Health Center, 55 Newton-Sparta Rd., Unit 107, Newton. 973-500-8813. A Course in Miracles—7:30pm. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Summit. Betsy Zipkin. 732-469-0234. Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Support Group Meeting—7:30–9pm. We follow the ASCA meeting format and our goal is mutual support in a gentle and nonjudgmental environment. The Morristown Chapter of ASCA, Church of the Redeemer, 36 South St., Morristown. or A Course in Miracles—7:30–9pm. Second Thursdays. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd., Lafayette.973-383-6277. Unity of Sussex County. Stretching Band Class—3–4pm. A great class to improve flexibility, balance, stamina, muscle strength, posture & body mechanics led by Instructor David Cross. $2 for seniors 55 & up. Senior Resource Center, located inside the Church of the Messiah (Parish Hall) 50 Route 513, Chester. 908879-2202.


Reiki Share—7–9pm. Join with other Reiki practitioners and experience working on others. Suggested donation: $10-15. Divine Inspirations Bookstore, 217 Franklin Ave., Nutley. 973-562-5844. AA Meeting—7:30pm.St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 70 Maple Ave., Morristown. 973-538-0555. Evening of Prayer and Healing—7:30–9:30pm. Third Fridays. Join the Universal Healing family to heal all life on this planet and in this solar system, galaxy and universe. Bring finger foods to share. Growing Consciousness, 54 Canfield Rd., Morristown. Free. 973-292-5090. Al-Anon Meeting—8–9:30pm. Center for Practical Spirituality - Religious Science, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114.

Yoga Flow—9:15–10:30am. $10/class. Breathing Room Center, 735 Rte. 94, Newton. 973-896-0030.


Beginners Yoga with Shirley Sahaja Sicsko— 9:30am. Yoga West Holistic Center, 86 Main St., Succasunna; 973-584-6664.

White Oak Yoga—8–9am. Mixed level. Taught by Elizabeth Bell. Sparta Ambulance Bldg., 14 Sparta Ave., Sparta. 973-729-1900.

Morning Yoga Series—9:30–10:45am for adults. All levels yoga series. Essex County Environmental Center, 621-B Eagle Rock Ave., Roseland. 973-2288776.

“Men Who Care” Men’s Meeting—8:30–10am. First Saturdays.331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114.

Meditation—Noon–1pm. Weekly guided sessions for all levels. $5. Chatham Senior Center, 58 Meyersville Rd., Chatham.

North Central NJ Edition

Monthly Kirtan w/ Raghavendra & Tara— 7–9pm. Second Fridays. Bring your open heart to join us in chanting names of the Divine. Chants sheet and Chai provided. $5 donation at the door. Karuna Shala Yoga & Ayurveda, 10 Herman St., Glen Ridge. 973-743-1211.

The Minstrel—8–11pm. Concert series. Refreshments served. Admission varies. 973-335-9489. Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Rd., Morristown. Festival.

Kripalu Yoga with Stacy Ackerman—11am– 12:15pm. Healing/calming mixed level class, specialty 45+. Beginners always welcome. First class $10. 1225 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph (Bright Heart Yoga - back building, 3rd floor). StacyAYoga@ 973-216-5829.


Drum Circle—6pm. Weekly drum circle to get your spirit flowing with the ancient healing art of drumming. Learn new skills; connect with others in this warm and welcoming space. $20/class. Breathing Room Center, 735 Rte. 94, Newton. 973-997-0116. BreathingRoomCenter. com.

Meditation—11am–12pm. Weekly guided sessions for all levels. $5. Chatham Senior Center, 58 Meyersville Rd., Chatham. 973-635-4565.

Qigong with Sal Canzoneri—10am–11am. Energy healing. RSVP by 7pm day prior. Register at 908879-3937. The Art of the Heart, 44 Main St., Chester.

Join for FREE at

overspending and under-earning. Downstairs Main Bldg. at Redeemer Church, 37 Newton Sparta Rd., Newton. 877-717-3328.

Social Dancing—1–3pm. Free., 58 Meyersville Rd., Chatham. 973-6354565. Debtors Anonymous Meeting—5:30–6:30pm. Twelve-step meeting for those dealing with debt,

Prenatal Yoga—9–10:15am. The Karuna Shala, 855 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 208, 2nd Floor, Glen Ridge. Spiritual Cinema—7pm. 2nd Saturdays. Free. Center for Spiritual Living, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3333. Spin & Stretch—9:30–10:15am. The Wellness Center of Northwest Jersey, Randolph Medical Arts Building 765 Rte. 10 East, Randolph. 973-895-2003. T’ai Chi—9:30–11am. A series of meditative movements that improve balance, lower blood pressure, and decrease anxiety. $20. Chambers Center for Well Being. 435 South St., Morristown. 973-971-6301. Tasting Life Twice: A Monthly Writing Circle—9:30–11:30am. Come to one session, or come to all. $20 drop-in. Interweave, 31 Woodland Ave. (2nd Floor of Calvary Episcopal Church’s Parish Office), Summit. 908-277-2120.

Children’s Yoga 3–6 years—10–10:45am. First and second Saturday. Fun, light and positive. The children stretch, strengthen, relax and learn how to quiet themselves. Children enter the yoga garden where they participate in yoga poses, breathing and enjoy yoga activities. $24 for Jan. 7 and 14 classes. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. The Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous Meeting—10–11:30am. Twelve-step recovery for food obsession, overeating, under-eating and bulimia. St. Clare’s Hospital Dover Campus, 400 West Blackwell St., Conference Room C, Dover. 973 945 2704. Ascension: Guidance, Processes, Activations, & Integration—10am–noon. Be the Master of your subconscious mind, achieve self-love, guide your child consciousness, and transcend the negative ego. $25. Portal of Healing, 50 Main St., Chester. 201-841-0358. Overeaters Anonymous Meeting—10:15am– 12:15pm. Weekly gathering of the free support group that helps people lose weight and keep it off. Downstairs meeting room, Parsippany Library. 973-335-1717. Reiki Class—10:30am. Taught by Roxana Salas of the Roxamor Center. County College of Morris, 30 Schuyler Pl., Suite 220 B, Morristown. Prenatal Yoga—10:30–11:45am. Helps relieve back pain, increase flexibility & teaches relaxation techniques.; 25 Main St., Stanhope. Charity Yoga Class—11am–noon. Different charity each month. Suggested donation $10. LokaYoga, 15 Church St., Liberty Corner. 908-655-5147. Special Needs Children’s Yoga Ages 9 & up— 11am–noon. First and second Saturday. Peace and calm for your special needs child with yoga! Improve child’s ability to focus and concentrate. Develop fine and gross motor skills. Increase successful communication and the desire to build responsive and interactive relationships. $24 for Jan. 7 and 14. The Center for Special Needs, Inc., 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. RoyalYoga@embarqmail. com. The Integrated Yoga for Boys—1:15–2pm. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Meditation Course—10:45–11:45am. $60 per 3-week session. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester. 908-879-9648. Energizing Flow Vinyasa Yoga—12:30–1:15pm. A great way to end the day. $10. Unity Church, 25 Mudcut Road, Lafayette. For information, contact Tina Romano at or 201-208-3368. Swingin’ Tern—8–11pm. Beginners’ Workshop, 7:30pm. First and third Saturdays. Contra and square dancing to live music. $10 adults/$5 students with ID. The First Presbyterian Church, 14 Hanover Rd., East Hanover. 973-295-6864.

communityresourceguide ACUPUNCTURE




Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine; Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine 332 South Ave. East, Westfield 908-928-0060 •

Dr. Rosenfarb is world renowned in the field of holistic eye health. He is passionate about helping people with degenerative eye diseases. Learn of his astounding work in this area— call now to qualify for your free copy of his ground breaking book, “Recover Your Vision.” Additional specialties include glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy. See ad on page 14.

NJ ADVANCED ACUPUNCTURE Morgan Reade, LAc, MS 616 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell 6 Green Village Rd., Madison 201-400-2261

M o rg a n R e a d e h a s s t u d i e d Acupuncture , herbal and dietary therapy. He is board certified and licensed in Florida and NJ. He specializes in female health including autoimmune and fertility. Other areas of expertise include digestive disorders, food allergies and Lyme disease. Born and raised in West Caldwell is where he currently resides and opened his first office there. His second location is in downtown Madison, NJ. See ad on page 25.


Christine Allen Flagship Store: 32 Broadway, Denville See website for retail and farmer’s market locations 973-664-7833 Mo’Pweeze Bakery caters to those with food allergies. We know how hard it can be to find delicious treats when life threatening allergies are present and it is our mission to take the worry out of looking for safe, delicious cupcakes. We use the finest, freshest ingredients, free from all common allergens and you can trust that our menu is filled with safe, scrumptious treats. See ad on page 25.

Jill Broderick MS, OTR, BCB (NJ license # 46TR00167000/ Board Certified in Biofeedback, BCIA Certification #B5131) 37 Kings Rd., Ste. 101, Madison 973-586-6554 •

Biofeedback uses sensors attached to the body to magnify your body’s reactions in the form of a signal (lights, sounds, numbers, and colors) increasing awareness about your response at the present moment. Using this information or feedback along with therapeutic techniques you can learn how to regulate central nervous system functions, calming mind and body. Also called applied psychophysiology, biofeedback is a well researched and effective complimentary medical treatment for conditions such as chronic pain, stress related problems, anxiety with somatic components (muscle tension, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, tics, and pain) and attention disorders. It is also beneficial for improving performance in academics (reducing test anxiety, improving focused concentration). Please visit the above website for more details.


Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach Certified Consulting Hypnotist 973-444-7301 David is an experienced Law of Attraction life coach who will teach you powerful processes and techniques so you can attract what you want, instead of what you don’t want in all areas of your life (materialistically and emotionally). First session is free. As a certified Consulting Hypnotist David helps his clients with stress management, fear of public speaking/ performing, weight loss, smoking cessation, and other typical issues. He is also certified in Thinner Band Hypnosis for extreme weight loss.

THOUGHT IN MOTION 127 Valley Rd., Montclair 973-826-0367

Thought in Motion is a Creation Studio that Empowers U™ to create a life you love, through Guided Experiences that uncover your purpose and assist you on your life’s Journey! The most ultimate frontier to master! See ads on page 2.

natural awakenings

April 2017



Ann Ochs • Colon Hydrotherapist I-ACT Certified, Advanced Level Certified National Board for Colon Therapy Body Ecology Diet Certified 26 Elm St., Morristown 973-998-6550 • Ann Ochs has more than eight years experience as a colon hydrotherapist. She holds an advanced certification from the International Association of Colon Therapists (I-ACT), is certified by the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy, and is a certified body ecologist. Living Waters offers the Angel of Water®, an advanced colon hydrotherapy system, designed to offer the ultimate in privacy and dignity. The Center is under the medical direction of Kristine Profeta-Gedroic, MD, FAAFP. Call today for an appointment. See ad on page 15.


Heidi Kiebler-Brogan, MA, LPC Far Hills~Cranford~Scotch Plains~NYC Distance Counseling Via FaceTime/Phone 908-456-1871 • Are you ready to take your life to the next level? At IE Counselingwe provide the tools, guidance and support you need. Whether you are struggling personally, within your relationships, family life or career we are here to help! We also work with children and teens. See ad on page 13.


Chronic Pain Elimination Specialist & Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Whitehouse Station 908-625-8673 Tried everything and still in pain? When other traditional and even alternative treatments have not worked for chronic pain my holistic mind-body techniques are extremely effective. Called Zero Pain Now, these techniques have a 97% success rate in terms of eliminating pain once & for all. Even if you've been in pain for years or decades. Free, no risk consultation and I can work with people located anywhere in the USA & anywhere in the world by telephone & skype. Get free and get your life back! Works great for back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, whiplash, Fibromyalgia, tendinitis, neuropathy, headaches and other body pains. See ad on page 47.


North Central NJ Edition



Spiritual Transformational Consultant 908-638-9066 •


Janet StraightArrow 973-647-2500 • Programs and Trainings: Reiki 1, 2, Master, Living Mastery, Medical Intuition, Shamanism and Healing. Sessions: Energy Medicine, Wholistic Life Coaching, Body, Mind, Soul Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Living your Purpose.

Are you feeling stuck or blocked? Unseen energy from past lives may be having a profound impact upon your present circumstances. Change your life for the better in ONE HOUR! Experience Soul Path Clearance, Unconscious Scripts Release, Energy Healing, Past Life Therapy, and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing for pain, chronic conditions, and overall wellness.



David Frome PT, L.Ac, Adv. Rolfer Rebekah Frome PTA, LMT, Adv. Practitioner of Structural Integration Cedar Grove, Matawan and Midtown, NYC. 973-509-8464


Lisa Swarbrick Montclair & Cedar Grove, NJ 201-667-6136 • Elite Personal Trainer & Osteopathic Movement Specialist (Canada), CHEK Exercise Coach, Brain Gym, L if es ty le C o ach , C o r p o r ate Wellness Workshops. Lisa has the missing links for your body. See ad on page 34.

LIVING FIT HEALTH & WELLNESS Brian Kermizian, owner 406 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove 973-433-0445 • 201-341 1925

Brian’s extensive training includes approaches designed Guy Voyer D.O., Ray Peat Ph.D, Paul Chek, plus holds a BS in Exercise Science from M.S.U as well as a Division 1 athlete in Baseball at Rider University. His vast knowledge and experience make him one of the most sought after coaches in exercise, lifestyle management, and wellbeing enrichment. He uses a holistic approach to coaching clients of all ages. See ad on page 34.


Hilary D. Bilkis, MS, CST CranioSacral Therapy • SomatoEmotional Release Work • Visceral Mobility Energy Healing • MELT Method Instruction 14 Pine St., Ste. 8, Morristown 973-479-2229 • Hilary uniquely blends CranioSacral Therapy with other healing modalities to alleviate chronic pain, headaches, stress and accumulated tension. Treatment benefits physical, emotional and energetic levels. Hilary facilitates the body’s self-healing process; gently releasing restrictions in the connective tissue and removing energy blockages. Using her intuitive abilities, she also helps release stored injury, trauma, memories and emotions. Clearing the body of stuck stress improves health, feelings of wellness, ability to feel calm, centered and empowered. See ad on page 16.

Strong grounding in Western medicine and deep commitment to holistic health. We offer Five Element Acupuncture and The Rolfing Technique of Structural Integration. Specialties include: reproductive health and fertility (men and women), environmental health, sports injuries, low back and neck pain, cancer and post-surgical recovery, pediatric developmental disabilities and Rolfing for babies and children. We also offer Austin Air cleaners, a highly effective air quality solution. Call us for a free consultation.


Lory Sison-Coppola Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist, Huna, Crystal Children Advocate, Readings 5 East Main St., Ste., 28B, Denville 973-796-4661 The Center offers different modalities that will raise your Spiritual Awareness, heighten your vibrations. We are dedicated to understanding and providing for those with specific needs. Classes, Certifications, Healing sessions, readings and counseling are offered. See ad on page 29.

By reducing our waste 1% per year and recycling and composting 90% of our discards by 2030, we could save 406 megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent every year. This is the equivalent to shutting down 21% of our nation’s coal-fired power plants.


Reshma Shah Westfield • 908-264-4344 • Reshma is a certified ThetaHealing Teacher and Practitioner with a passion in helping individuals recognize their limiting belief patterns and tap into their true potential. Her students learn the practice of Thetahealing and her clients benefit from one on one sessions healing them from illness, trauma, chronic pail, spiritual and emotional restriction giving them miraculous transformations. Reshma specializes in working with children and their parents teaching them mediation, the use of alteration in life style with Thetahealing® and the power of developing intuitive abilities to transform their lives to their desires. As per debut month, the first time clients get 25% off their first session. See ad on page 7.


2 E. Northfield Rd. #5, Livingston 28 Mine St., Flemington 43 Tamarack Cir., Princeton 3400 Valley Forge Cir., King of Prussia, PA 908-996-3311 • With 30 years of experience Hypnosis Counseling Center of New Jersey is a full-service counseling center, using both traditional counseling methods and the art of hypnotherapy in private and group settings. We regularly hold adult education seminars, work with hospitals, fitness centers, and individuals who want to better their lives. We specialize in weight loss, stress, smoking, confidence building, phobias, insomnia, test taking, sports improvement and public speaking. The State of New Jersey and Fortune 500 Corporation alike employ our programs. See ad on page 7.


Improving Your Life Through Hypnotherapy Garry Gewant, MA Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist 908-852-4635 • Incorporating traditional hypnotherapy techniques with other holistic modalities is Garry’s forte. Using traditional hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Weight Control, Stress Management, Elimination of Fears, Improving Sports, Artistic, and Academic Performance, Anger Management, etc. He has expanded his practice to include Reiki Healing, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Counseling, Psychic/Mediumship and Past Life Regression Therapy as taught to him by Dr. Brian Weiss author of “Many Lives, Many Masters.”



Robert A. Bruckner, Board Certified Hypnotist 124 Little Falls Rd., Suite 206, Fairfield 973-370-2100 ofc • 973-370-2120 fax


Hypnosis for medical pain issues, academic proficiency, sports success, smoking cessation and weight loss. It’s not just hypnosis, it’s Major Mindset Hypnosis. Get beyond whatever is holding you back. End pain, stop smoking, lose weight, eliminate fearful thoughts, nervous or anxious feelings and be your best! Call for free telephone consultation. See ad on page 9.


Jessica Morris Based in Montclair,NJ & NYC metro 973-932-4355 Learn meditation in a real, accessible and non-judgemental way. Full-time international meditation teacher, leading group and individual sessions for over ten years. Deeply relaxing sound therapy sessions with singing bowls (like a massage)!


Linda West, BA, ACH 55 Madison Ave., Morristown 973-506-9654


Advanced Clinical Hypnosis using an interactive, personalized technique; based on a lengthy interview at our first session and dialogues at following sessions. I don’t talk “at” you; we both speak before and during your hypnosis. I also teach you self-hypnosis. Specializing in weight, stress, smoking, chronic pain, releasing the past, performance, obsessive thoughts, substance use, sleep, fears, confidence, and attention issues. Hypnosis can get you unstuck in virtually any area of your life. If you have constraints that you can’t seem to break through, hypnosis can free you and put you back in charge. Come for a free consultation to learn how you can reframe your past and design your future.

MASSAGE THERAPIST/ MOBILE HEAVENLY HANDS MOBILE SPA Shanda Barker 908-349- 0504 License Number: 18KT00525900

Tranquil massage treatment in the convenience of your home. Professional, licensed massage therapist trained to provide exceptional care in customized massage treatment and for therapeutic massage treatments on a regular basis. Use of various modalities that improve flexibility, range of motion, and stress relief. We are honored to be part of the process of uplifting our clients to sustain a balanced well-being. See ad on page 11.

Visit to get your free sample of Extreme Kleaner, a non-toxic biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner-degreaser aimed to improve air and water quality and reduce negative influences on the environment. See ad, page 5.

NUTRITION SUSAN RICHTER, RN NUTRITIONIST, CCH, LDHS Next Level Healing of NJ, Inc. Denville 973-586-0626

In addition to being a nurse, Susan is a nutritionist, colon therapist, and digestive health specialist with 31 years experience. Each specialty helps find the source of stress underlying your symptoms. Her counseling includes making the right food choices based on scientific testing, and using enzyme rich whole food supplements. To rid any lingering toxins, she offers closed-system colonics and infrared saunas, which can also help shed weight and ease aches. All holistic methods target restoring normal function and preventing chronic disease. Visit the website for upcoming lectures and time sensitive specials! See ad on page 38.

Recycling saves 3 to 5 times the energy that waste incinerator power plants generate. natural awakenings

April 2017


ORGANIC SPA B.JONES ORGANIC SPA 62b South St, Morristown 973-538-1600

We believe you should shine from the inside out. Morristown’s only truly organic spa offering Facial, Massage, Reiki, Wellness Classes, and Spa Parties. See ad on page 36.


“Brianna’s Nutrition Kitchen, LLC” is a personal chef service that is dedicated to helping you and your family live healthier and less stressful lifestyles.

PSYCHOTHERAPY JUDITH A. HANCOX, MSW, LCSW, BCETS Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress Founder-Shiome Therapy™ Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Gestalt, EMDR, Energy Psychologist, Children’s Therapist, Grief Specialist—Guided Afterlife Connections Succasunna 973-585-4660 • •

I’ve been guided to ancient and modern science methodologies that safely accelerate the emotional healing process. With 25+ years in private practice, blending Yoga, Gestalt, EMDR, Energy Psychology, & Essential Oils, Shiome Therapy, is my signature psychotherapy. I have certifications in Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy, and Dr. Brian Weiss’ Past Life Regression Therapy. My manual & CDs have meditations with bi-lateral music helping accelerate relaxation, intensify concentration, and support transformation. For a deeply profound, spiritually synergistic process, experience Shiome’s psychotherapeutic ways and means. See ad on page 32.


North Central NJ Edition


Do you suffer from anxiety or stress? Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, gain self-confidence or change a habit? Do you need support and guidance through a life or career transition? Are you ready to achieve your goals, pursue your dreams, and actualize your potential? You CAN create the Life You Desire... I can help you MAKE IT HAPPEN! Using proven techniques such as Holistic Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Stress Reduction, Reiki and Dream Interpretation, I help teens & adults create happier, healthier, more peaceful and fulfilling lives. Allow me to assist you! See ad on page 27.


Diana J. Krafcik, LCSW, LCADC Psychotherapist/Addiction Specialist Morris Plains/Morristown 201-400-0520

Cora Ciaramello L.E. C.P.E. LMT Aesthetician 420 Boulevard, Suite 107., Mountain Lakes 973-588-3668 Cora Ciaramello is a licensed and Board certified electrologist, aesthetician and massage therapist with 20+ years of experience. Natural approach and the latest esthetics, technology and equipment to improve skin and nourish body and soul to look your absolute best. New Client Special: Mention this publication and get 20% off your first appointment. See ad on page 26.


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to focus on the solution rather than remaining stuck in the problem? I’m here to support you on your path toward healing and recovery. You don’t have to go through this by yourself. Call me with your concerns and we can map out a plan. I provide individual, couples/ family therapy and Women’s Support Groups, that include Mindfulness Meditation, DBT Skills Training, Coping Skills and Relapse Prevention. Specialize in treating individuals with depression, anxiety, BPD, self injury, trauma, addictions. Also facilitate Workshops and all day Self Care Retreats.


Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970.



Pompton Plains (Rte. 23) and Montclair 908-577-0053 •


Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC Thermographer and Holistic Counselor See website for locations in NJ and NY 855-667-9338 Thermography gives a very early look at the most important indicator of a potential health problem— inflammation. Early stage disease screening is an area in which thermography excels. Whether your pain is acute or chronic, or you are merely curious about the state of your health, thermography can help provide answers. Radiation-free breast and full body screenings for men and women. See ad on page 23.


Partnering with individuals, couples and groups and navigating them to release blocks, raise energy levels, increase intimacy, heal, develop communication, and overall participation within the relationship you desire. See ad on page 11.

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine; Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine 332 South Ave. East, Westfield 908-928-0060 •

Dr. Rosenfarb is world renowned in the field of holistic eye health. He is passionate about helping people with degenerative eye diseases. Learn of his astounding work in this area— call now to qualify for your free copy of his ground breaking book, “Recover Your Vision.” Additional specialties include glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy. See ad on page 41.

20 million people participated in the first Earth Day.

Natural Awakenings publishes in over 85 markets across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (listed below). Contact us about acquiring an existing publication FOR SALE highlighted in RED*.

Own a Natural Awakenings Magazine Our publishers ranked us among the highest in franchise satisfaction for our Training, Support, Core Values and Integrity!* As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can empower yourself and others to create a healthier world while working from your home earning an income doing something you love! No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine.

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PROGRESSIVE HOLISTIC DENTAL THERAPIES TRANSFORM QUALITY OF LIFE Patients travel from around the world to experience world class quality, service and expertise Denville is famous for its medical community. So, it’s no surprise that a perfect smile is a must have item in this friendly town. Hand crafting those smiles is the life work of Dr. Steiner and Dr. Fine. Their office’s reputation has spread so far that they now treat patients from around the world; often doing more smile makeovers in a single month that some dentists do in a lifetime. They also offer an amazing alternative for those living with missing teeth. This dramatic advancement in the field of dental implantology now makes it possible for many patients to switch from dentures to permanent implant supported teeth in only a few hours. This new approach can be used to replace a single missing tooth or an entire mouth. Patients leave the office after just one appointment with a beautiful and strong smile. Discomfort is so minimal that most patients eat a light meal that evening. Upon entering the front door you will immediately know that this is no ordinary dental office, because that’s what most people say upon seeing it for the first time. Among the practice’s notable patients are actresses, actors, astronauts, models and TV personalities. However most of the doctor’s patients are everyday people who just want to look their best. Drs. Steiner, Fine and Kwiatkowski have focused their practice on those areas about which they are highly passionate. (After all you wouldn’t ask your family doctor to do heart surgery.) Those areas are Cosmetic Dentistry. Trained at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for advanced dental studies, they have devoted over sixty combined years to perfecting their skills and have placed over 100,000 cosmetic restorations. Their main focus is on CoSMeT­ IC and FULL MoUTH reCoNSTrUCTIoN cases. This includes Implant Dentistry and Neuromuscular orthodontics, which can avoid unecessary removal of teeth. Many people do not realize that dental problems may be the cause of headaches, migraines, shoulder, back and neck pain, noisy jaw joints and pains in the TMJ. Drs. Steiner, Fine and Kwiatkowski pride themselves in having Morris County’s premier head, neck and jaw pain relief center. Their office also offers a “limited warranty” that provides free repair or replacement of restorative dental work, when a patient’s regular hygiene visits are maintained. This kind of security could only be offered by truly World Class Dentists. This is why their motto is: “Experienced professionals make the difference.” Aesthetic Family Dentistry is pleased to offer Gentle Laser Periodontal Therapy (GLPT) to treat moderate to advanced gum disease, a condition linked to other serious health issues including heart disease and diabetes. This gentle and less invasive superior state-of-the-art procedure eliminates the need for traditional surgery. oral DNA and HPV testing is also available to determine a patient’s periodontal health, as well as detect any possible genetic proclivity toward gum issues.

Aesthetic Family Dentistry, PA 35 West Main Street, Suite 208, Denville, NJ 07834


Alan B. Steiner, DMD • Derek Fine, DMD • Jenni Kwiatkowski, DDS

Natural Awakenings North Central NJ - April 2017  

Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health,...

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