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A Big Future in Small Steps: Personal maps and Turning Fee into Paid The Hive Sean Macaskill 2013

Where do you want to be?

•In 10 years (This may be a bit vague! Is it a place or a life style?)

•In 5 years •In 1 year

Barriers? • • • • • • •

No plan Contacts Skills Funding Personal Employment Market Experience

The Chicken and the Egg “From the perspective of employers, ‘employability’ often seems to refer to ‘work-readiness’, that is, possession of the skills, knowledge, attitudes and commercial understanding that will enable new graduates to make productive contributions to organisational objectives soon after commencing employment.” (Mason, G Williams, G Cranmer, S. (2006) ‘Employability Skills Initiatives in Higher Education: What Effects Do They Have On Graduate Labour Market Outcomes?’ National Institute of Economic and Social Research)

“Nearly a quarter (24%) of Creative and Cultural businesses have experienced problems recruiting into particular roles. Over half of these (43%) say that this is because applicants lack experience” (Creative and Cultural Skills Sector Skills Assessment for the Creative Industries of the UK, The Sector Skills Council for Creative Media, January 2011)

The Power of • Easier way than ‘paid’ to create track record for a personal/business CV • Interact with your customer base and demonstrate quality of service(s)/product(s) • Publicity and Marketing • Refine your product/service • Develop new skills • Reputation • High-profile experience/clients

Turning ‘Free’ into ‘Paid’… ‘Free’ should: • • • • • • • • •

Be used strategically (and in many cases selectively) Still be of a high quality (this is a ‘live’ interview) Be ‘sold’ with an attached actual value Be a starting point Be reviewed Build a reputation Have an aspiration Be structured sequential activity not just ‘being busy’ Include short-term achievable micro-goals (e.g. make a new contact) as well as long term goals • Be used as a marketing incentive

Identify a ‘free’ project that could help you progress towards your one year ideal • What is the aim/purpose of this? • What is the strategic value? • How will this help you?

A Non-linear Approach “There is unquestionably an overlap between the broad set of skills which contribute to graduate employability and the characteristics of enterprise” (QAA ‘Enterprise and entrepreneurship education: Guidance for UK higher education providers’ Sep 2012)

• Freelance/self-employment/a business employment • Employment freelance/self-employment/a business • Employment and freelance/self-employment • Which of these is the ‘best’ fit for your 5 year ideal?

The Future Start making a short term plan. Lots of small steps go a long way. e-mail: Tel: +44(0)115 84 84354

A big future in small steps  
A big future in small steps  

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