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Council Lifetime Learning

NCJW NY’s Hunger Program provides nutritious food served in a warm and friendly environment. Our Monday Food Pantry provides a three-day emergency supply of both fresh produce and shelfstable groceries to families in need, serving between 100 and 200 families each week. On Sundays and Wednesdays, our Community Kitchen provides patrons with either a hot, delicious meal or a brown bag meal they can take away.

Council Lifetime Learning (CLL) continues to be a vital resource for seniors in Manhattan. Our broad array of program offerings – from art classes to discussion groups to free and discounted tickets to the city’s finest shows – keep our participants engaged, growing, and learning, helping them to defy society’s stereotypes about aging and its effects on mind and body. On average, 200 older adults came through our doors each week, and over the last year, approximately 500 active seniors participated in a wide range of events and activities.


200,000 MEALS

29,000 New Yorkers

5,000 Children

The direct involvement of our members and volunteers in both the Community Kitchen and the Food Pantry creates an additional dimension to our program. Fifteen volunteers consistently dedicate their time and energy each week to making this program happen. For repeat clients, particularly at the Community Kitchen, the familiar and friendly faces of our volunteers make their days a bit brighter. One Community Kitchen patron recently shared, “I come here because the food is delicious, and the people are really nice. You get really good service here, unlike some other places.”

In December 2017, we instituted our first annual Program Evaluation Survey, which was given to participants to assess their satisfaction with the program, solicit input, and to determine if our program is serving the intended population and achieving the intended outcomes. Below are some highlights: 97% of particpants are satisfied or very satitisfied. 65% of our participants live alone, and a whopping 68% agreed that attending CLL programs gives them a reason to get out of the house. Nearly a third (28%) of participants shared that CLL is the only community center or senior center they attend for programs. Each of these statistics, taken in conjunction with other data gleaned from our survey, inform us that we are indeed reaching our primary goal— engaging the aging population in meaningful experiences that reduce isolation and improve their quality of life.


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Annual Report 2018  

Annual Report 2018  

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