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Squireses’ Properties: Going, Going, Gone? By Kimberly Wear

A Squireses property on H Street is torn down. Courtesy of the city of Eureka.


he city of Eureka originally selected Santa Monica-based attorney Mark Adams to help bring more than two dozen properties owned by Floyd and Betty Squires up to code. Now he’s hoping to see them auctioned off — and he intends to buy them himself.

If that were to happen on the scheduled Nov. 27 sale date, Adams says the lives of the people currently living in the assortment of homes and apartments owned by the couple would “change for the better.” “Right now, that’s what’s intended,” Adams says in a phone interview from his Southern California office. “If we’re the

successful bidder, then we would literally own the properties and we have a property management firm lined up to take over. … It’s not bravado to say people’s live are going to change for the better … We’re ready to go.” The Squireses’ attorney, Bradford Floyd, has a different take, saying Adams’

“attempted” foreclosure of the couple’s properties “will be stopped.” “It’s a ploy that they’re using,” Floyd says. “I don’t think they’re going to be successful … but that’s the road they’re traveling right now.” How things got here is a long and comContinued on next page » • Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 • NORTH COAST JOURNAL


North Coast Journal 11-09-17 Edition  
North Coast Journal 11-09-17 Edition