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ur parent company, National Lumber, was founded in a challenging economic environment in 1934, and has grown strong through three generations of family ownership and management by working hard every day. By being smart, flexible and innovative, we help our customers thrive in both the lean times and the busy times. That work ethic continues today at all the Kitchen Views showrooms, and we take it with us wherever we travel to serve our customers. Whether our customer is a homeowner looking to design their dream kitchen, a remodeling contractor looking for a project partner to work with their clients, or a builder working on multi-unit residences or custom homes, Kitchen Views has the experienced design team and quality products to exceed expectations.


“Cookie cutters are for baking projects,

Tell us your dream and we’ll show you how we can make that dream come true within your budget. Cookie cutters are for baking projects, not kitchen design. We design your kitchen to fit your individual needs and preferences, for a kitchen that is as unique as you and your family. Our wide selection of products and creative, innovative designers make it all possible.

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Assistant General Manager


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“When planning, keep in mind that kids are going to get bigger really fast, but these design features will always be useful.�


he O’Driscoll family was kind enough to share their story, so that others can see how their new, larger, family-friendly kitchen has increased their joy in having everyday moments with each other and provide them with plenty of space for gathering dozens of relatives many times throughout the year. With planning by a Kitchen Views designer, the saws came out, some walls came down, and two smaller rooms in their Sharon, Massachusetts home became the kitchen of Lori O’Driscoll’s dreams. When planning, keep in mind that kids are going to get bigger really fast, but these design features will always be useful. One key reason for building this large, open kitchen and dining space was that the whole family could be at home in it, Lori said. “I wanted a place where we could all be together.� “I’m one of seven. My husband’s one of four. We have big parties,� Lori said, exuding a mix of deep satisfaction and barely restrained enthusiasm. You can see a video interview in the True Stories section on the Kitchen Views website and hear Lori’s story first-hand. *5 %#$+0'64;5EJTQEM %1706'46125-Q\OWUITCPKVGHQTVJGRGTKOGVGTCPFC EWUVQOOCFGEJGTT[EQWPVGTVQRHQTVJGKUNCPF

Gentle Breezes in Chatham, Massachusetts


reen materials beautifully designed by Jessica Williamson, AKBD, of Kitchen Views Custom made this Chatham vacation home an awardwinner in the 2010 NKBA competition. The homeowners share that “it’s incredibly efficient, and it feels peaceful and joyful at the same time.� The homeowner wanted an efficient, beautiful understated kitchen, but “didn’t want people to come in and say, ‘That’s the designer kitchen.’ � The family also wanted “to stay as green as we could. It’s how we’ve always tried to live.� Since Williamson is an expert in blending environmental and aesthetic considerations, the finished kitchen is everything they hoped for it to be. Crystal Greencore cabinetry is free of added formaldehyde and the style is reminiscent of an old country kitchen. Vermont slate was used for the perimeter countertops and reclaimed beech wood was used for the island top. *5 %#$+0'64;)TGGPEQTGD[%T[UVCN %1706'461258GTOQPV5NCVGCPF4GENCKOGF$GGEJ9QQF

“It’s incredibly efficient, and it feels peaceful & joyful at the same time.�






reen building is not only in the news, it’s now in the kitchen. Our green products expert, Jessica Williamson, AKBD, has received rave reviews from Robert Glazer for her kitchen and bath design work in his new green home in Needham. His interest in green building led to the development of Free Green, a website and blog disseminating information and actual building plans for green homes. On the Free Green website in the Needham Home Blog, Robert explains, “Our ‘green’ kitchen was designed by Jessica Williamson at Kitchen Views Custom in Newton, MA, who has been amazing. Jessica was able to incorporate all of our requests, including a stone arch, which proved complicated, and other preferences including places to keep our toaster, microwave and coffee pot out of sight.

“...we were impressed with their designers’ attention to detail and knowledge of green cabinet products” We chose Kitchen Views because we were impressed with their designers’ attention to detail and knowledge of green cabinet products. Kitchen Views’ approach to design is different from that of other vendors. Their designers are really kitchen designers rather than kitchen cabinet designers; they design your kitchen with the

whole house in mind, focusing on all of the details beyond just the cabinets, including lighting, appliances, fi xtures, colors, impact on nearby spaces, etc. It’s hard to explain this difference unless you have seen it firsthand.” Jessica explains that, “other kitchen designers they consulted had told Robert that the stone arch over the stove could not be done, but I found the way to make it happen. This stone work is intregal to their home design as it mirrors the fireplace in the adjoining room.” She recommended GreenQuest by Crystal cabinets because they are built with FSC certified wood species, no added urea formaldehyde boxes, and low-emitting water-based finishes. Caesarstone Quartz was chosen for the main kitchen island and countertops. They had seen this product on display during their first visit to the Kitchen Views Custom showroom in Newton and really loved it. As Robert shares on his blog, “Caesarstone is an engineered material that provides a more uniform look than granite. It does not need to be sealed and is scratch and heatresistant. The other nice benefit is that it has no toxic or emitting materials and is non-porous which helps prevent surface mold and microbes. We really liked the honed look and natural color versus polished granite. It works better for the day to day realities for a kitchen with three kids.” For more blog entries like the one shared above, visit the Needham Home Blog at *5

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rusted resources are an important part of what Kitchen Views provides to homeowners and contractors. The amount of information available online today can be overwhelming. When you want someone you can trust to guide you through the noise to the important facts and informed design choices, Kitchen Views is that trusted source. On our website in the main navigation area you will find a link called “Getting Started�. In that section you will find PDF files of our 10 Tips for a Smoother Design Journey and a Measuring Guide. Then you can peruse our past issues of Kitchen Views magazine for inspiration and further information on product selections. In any of our showrooms you can pick up a printed copy of the Kitchen Views Design Guide (shown at right). From planning suggestions including thinking about what you need versus what you want in your new kitchen, to considerations for selecting materials, this guide will help you to begin the design journey. *5


o give you an idea of what you’ll find at our diverse showrooms across New England we hope you will visit us online and read some of the insights from our knowledgable and talented designers. Kitchen Views provides real solutions for every cabinetry design challenge. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, remodeling a kitchen or planning for a new home, Kitchen Views has valuable information freely available to you on the Kitchen Views blog. On our blog, Kitchen Views designers share their insights along with design knowledge, topical photos, real life experiences and new product information for your consideration. The following is just a sampling of some of the helpful information you will find. The Kitchen Views blog can be found via a link on our home page and directly online at *5





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ong before the first power saw is plugged in to begin most major kitchen renovations, a critical team has to come together — the designer, who will plan how the new kitchen will look and work, and the architect, whose job at minimum is to handle underlying structural issues. When a great team is formed, there are real solutions for the contractors who will produce the project and for the homeowners who will live in the finished rooms for years to come. Such is the case with Brandy Souza, expert kitchen designer and assistant general manager of Kitchen Views showrooms across New England, when she works with Kyra and Mark Lawton, a husband-and-wife architecture/design team in South Dartmouth ( For many years, Brandy and Kyra Lawton in particular have combined forces on a variety of projects both in and out of the kitchen. Where one’s work ends and the other’s begins can be tough to sort out, but the results are stunning and a pleasure for the homeowners. “We always come up with a fresh idea for each new project,� says Brandy. “We want to take a design as far as we possibly can and we don’t want it to look like anyone else’s.� The effectiveness of their design partnership is the result of balancing Kyra’s very contemporary style with Brandy’s more traditional style, and appreciating the other’s views. They share knowledge gained from various design experiences, and find the perfect solution for each individual homeowner. The trio have collaborated on several homes designed by Mark Lawton. In addition to kitchens, they have designed master suites, a wet bar/lounge, game and media rooms. “We would be friends even if we didn’t work together. I trust her,� Kyra said. “She goes the extra mile the way I go the extra mile.� And so they do, from one project to another, from the Boston suburbs to the shores of Rhode Island. *5





“I renovate homes, brownstones, and other property throughout Greater Boston and my customers need help making a lot of decisions. Especially in the kitchen — cabinets, colors, everything! It’s a relief to have the expert designers at Kitchen Views guide my clients through it all, saving me a ton of work and time. With their industry experience, creativity and product knowledge, there are no delays, no hassles. They know how to work with contractors and talk to homeowners, so I can concentrate on my core business.� ,QG9JKVG&GXGNQRGT4GOQFGNGT/GVTQ4GCNV[$QUVQP/#

“The Kitchen Views website features portfolios full of real homes and their magazine articles help jumpstart ideas. I went to Kitchen Views for new cabinetry and got so much more: a personable, helpful designer who made the whole process a dream come true. She came to see the space firsthand, offering ideas I wouldn’t have thought of. The dog’s dish is now hidden in the cabinet toekick and you can’t even tell where my refrigerator is. We didn’t expand, but somehow everything is exactly where I need it to be, in a fabulous and functional design that I love!� *QOGQYPGT-CVJGTKPG-QVKMCPFUQP0GYVQP/#


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