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Sketch Pad


Design ideas in the making

THE INITIAL IDEA behind this hand-carved mantel came from my client. Ideally, she wanted the piece to repre-

sent all that she and her family love about their oceanfront home: turtles, schools of fish, flowers, seashells and ornamental grasses. I decided to use these disparate elements within the architecture of the mantel. Since we knew what its overall structural lines would be, we “played” with the animal and plant components to make them work in a whimsical yet logical manner. Using a scallop shell as the keystone is one example of this. The frieze is a horizontal element, so using turtles there and creating a repeat made some sense. (The historic precedent is the zoophorus, often used between the architrave and cornice in a classic entablature.) The grasses had an implied verticality that, when bundled, made them perfect for the mantel’s supportive pilasters. The finished architectural construct is a truly one-of-a-kind fireplace, realized in soapstone by Cape Cod stone carver Tim Dibble for a thrilled client. JOHN MACDONALD, MOREHOUSE MACDONALD & ASSOCIATES, INC., LEXINGTON, MASS., (781) 861-9500, WWW.MOREHOUSEMACDONALD.COM


New England Home March/April 2012

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New England Home  

March/April 2012

New England Home  

March/April 2012