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Don’t be jealous, these green shades are for sharing! DO YOU THINK OF ‘GREEN’ AS A SUSTAINABLE TERM, or on a more spiritual level, does it refer to growth, harmony and fertility? Either way, the color GREEN has staked its territory in every house, in every room, in every shade, all around the world. See which green hues local and national pros chose as their favorites and why you’ll want, no, need to have them in your home, too.

Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing, Sherwin-Williams I love the color Wheatgrass and have a guest bedroom and home office painted in that color! I love it because it is fun and makes me happy. It is also very gender-neutral and, well, age-neutral and goes well with many colors. It is a fun color for kitchens when you pair it with oranges and corals and even red, if you want to be really bold. You can soften it up for bedrooms by using grays and off-whites for balance, or in the nursery with pink for a girl and aqua for a boy.

WHEATGRASS Sherwin-Williams

Pair it with: gray, blue-green, coral, orange and brown. Try Intellectual Gray, Amazing Gray, Halcyon Green, Oyster Bay, Constant Coral, Persimmon or Sable.

Dee Schlotter, Brand Manager, Color, PPG Pittsburgh Paints Dill is so fresh but with some depth so it’s not too shocking like the yellow, acidic greens. This color works well in kitchens, game rooms and guest rooms — anywhere you want fresh and pretty like a meadow on a sunny day. With this hue of green, it almost feels like the room is alive, akin to nature. Pair it with: clean white trim, mid-tone, honey oak floors or a sisal textured area rug.

DILL PPG Pittsburgh Paints

Barbara Richardson, Director Color Marketing, AkzoNobel Ralph Lauren “Vintage Masters” Sage Sweater represents the softness of nature, the essence of new growth and seedlings. This is the perfect color to place in the home, one that captures the essence of a spring field, gives the comfort of balance and has a soothing quality of bringing the outdoors inside. This would be a lovely color for a sunroom, bedroom, bath or living room. There is a movement toward color that is natural and nature-inspired, and this fits perfectly. Pair it with: soft red-violet. Use the contrasting color in accessories, such as artwork, pillows, a throw, vase or area rug.