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point I just have to follow along. It’s as though the painting becomes so real that it expresses its own being. Those are my best paintings, when the painting takes over and becomes what it wants. When did you begin painting these bold stripes of color that characterize your recent work?

When I came to Steamboat. I went to drop someone off at the airport, and there’s this beautiful road along the Yampa River with these little bits of color, and I thought, ‘I just have to express this winter beauty.’ That was my very first stripe painting. Your work makes me think you’re a happy person. Is that true?


CRAZY LOVE, 2012, 52” X 44”, OIL ON CANVAS

I was wondering about that myself. I looked at one of my paintings recently, and I thought, ‘Only a person who experiences joy could have painted that.’ I believe very strongly in certain values—love, generosity, joy, forgiveness—and because I believe in those values, even though I’m not always happy, they are what I want to communicate. You know, there’s a lot of physical and mental struggle in getting your work done and into the world. My husband once said to me, ‘Are you sure you want to put up with all this? You could just be taking a walk.’ And it’s true. But my work is kind of like my gift to the world. It’s essential to me to give that gift.



To learn more about Monroe Hodder’s work, visit her website, In Colorado, Hodder is represented by K. Saari Gallery in Steamboat Springs and William Havu Gallery in Denver.

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