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Our Favorite Room


“HANDMADE. MODERN. TEXTURED.” These are the words the owner of this mid-century home in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood spouted off when he first sat down with interior designer Ashleigh Weatherill, owner of Ashleigh Weatherill Interior Design. Those cues led Weatherill, who starts every project by asking clients to offer several words that describe their vision, to create a dynamic dining room full of mod furnishings and interesting details. A show-stopping walnut table with sturdy yet sleek powder-coated steel legs rests atop stained oak floors that were installed with the home’s original wood details in mind. The table, designed by Weatherill and crafted from local slabs cut by Buena Vista woodworker Alex Mirich, is a handsome and handmade touch. “You typically see a live edge on the outside of a piece,” Weatherill explains. “We put it inside to make the table more inviting.” The crowning touch, a cool Tom Dixon Beat Pendant light fixture, features relaxed angles that pair well with the curvaceous silhouettes of eye-catching orange Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs. “It’s hard to get more classic mid-century modern than this,” Weatherill says. The chairs’ woven rush seats, along with fun floor-length Creation Baumann laser-cut curtains, give the minimalist room texture and pizzazz. While each furnishing is unique, no one piece steals the show. “Usually you have a lead, supporting actors and extras,” Weatherill says, “but with this space, it’s an ensemble cast.”

STYLE TIPS ■ Classics never go out

of style; you won’t regret investing in iconic pieces that wow. ■ Adding a sculptural, eye-

Designer Ashleigh Weatherill makes a minimalist space warm and inviting by masterfully blending bold, attention-grabbing pieces



catching light fixture is a sure way to make a big impact. ■ Don’t confine your search

for furnishings to retail stores. If you can’t find what you want, enlist a local woodworker to build a piece that meets your specifications.

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