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Not being able to drink water in class, not being allowed to eat food outside of the cafeteria, and having to change out of nearly-fingertip length sport shorts are all rules North Central students want to change. However, it seems nothing infuriates students more than not being able to wear leggings. A rumor began in mid-October that NC administration, specifically Mr. Rhymers (infamously known around school as the dean who catches the most students wearing leggings), had experienced a change of heart and were allowing leggings to be worn while at school. Prior to this announcement, students like Anna Moreno noticed that leggings were no longer on the dress code list. able.”

“I noticed it on the first day of school,” Moreno said. “It made the whole situation of Mr. Rhymers allowing leggings seem a lot more believ-

After the announcement was to be worn at school many students, frustration. “Leggings are pretty much the comfortable and convenient. If anything, the leggings can be.”


made that leggings weren’t in fact allowed including junior Jackie White, reacted with same as yoga pants,” White said. “They’re there should just be regulations on how tight

by: Marina Higuera

Savanah Hertenstein agrees with anyways,” Hertenstein said. “I’d love to ‘be

this. “We have to get up at a ridiculous hour allowed’ to be comfortable.”

“We should be allowed to wear cally pants. Just because they don’t have

them,” Miranda Harmon said. “They’re basipockets doesn’t make them inappropriate.”

“They’re comfortable,” Saira just thinner, but they’re a lot more com-

Garcia said. “They look like pants, they’re fortable to wear.”

Senior Kat Jones reacted not so scores would be so much higher if I wasn’t Jones said. “Leggings are just a lot more

much with anger, but with humor. “My test distracted by the tight confines of pants,” comfortable than jeans.”

Many girls, like Fiora Aycan, Jocelyn Vish be allowed because with the same mateidentical to yoga pants.

and Melina Gomez believe leggings should rial, coloring, and stretchiness, they’re nearly

“I think the rule’s stupid,” Aycan said. why they’re bad.”

“They’re so similar to yoga pants. I don’t get

“We should be allowed to wear them,” jeans and yoga pants, and girls will wear

Vish said. “They’re just as tight as skinny them regardless of rules.”

“Leggings are just like yoga pants,” Melina skin.”

Gomez said, “and it’s not like they show any

“If we’re allowed to wear tight black jeans,” wear leggings. The only difference is that

Maiya Larkins said, “we should be allowed to there’s no pockets.”

“Leggings should be allowed,” Sarah Kent they flare out at the bottom, but that doesn’t say in the handbook we can’t wear there’s nothing inappropriate about leg-

said. “They fit the same as yoga pants, except doesn’t change the fit anywhere else. It also them. And as long as our butts are covered gings no matter how tight they fit.”

“Lots of girls wear low cut shirts, yoga something that’s covering our butts then Moyer said.

pants and pencil skirts. If we’re wearing we definitely should be allowed to,” Claire

Another source of controversy is that leggings are distracting to boys. Chemistry teacher Jason Jackson said that, while he doesn’t pay attention to the leggings, he thinks they could be a “sense of distraction” due to the tightness. Girls like Hannah Reid and Shannon Young, though, have a different opinion. “I think we should be able to wear them,” Reid said. “They’re not offending anyone. If guys want to look, that’s their problem, not ours. Why should we be limited by someone else’s issue?” “Girls shouldn’t have to watch what they wear just because it might ‘distract’ other people from learning. If you look nasty, that’s your choice,” Shannon Young said.

Tracing the Leggings Rumor  

by: Marina Higuera

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