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1885 – 2014  Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School Alumnae Autumn Newsle er 2013 

FOREWARD Welcome to the Autumn 2013 edition of our Alumnae Newsletter. I do hope you have all had an enjoyable summer and now, with the evenings drawing in and the central heating being considered, that you are able to look back on memories of warm, sunny days during the holidays. As always, the first couple of weeks back in a new academic year are hectic. We had much to celebrate with our A Level and GCSE examination results achieved this summer. At A Level 52% of all grades were A* or A and 85% all grades were A* to B. At GCSE, 60% of all grades were A* or A and 83% of grades were A* to B, with nearly half of the entire year group achieving seven or more A* and A grades. Results such as these are only achieved through a great deal of hard work and commitment and so congratulations go to all the girls and the staff for their fine results. We applauded these wonderful achievements at Prize Giving on September 12th at The Sage, Gateshead. The evening however, was not only in recognition of academic success, but also highlighted other areas of the curriculum which show the variety of opportunities available for the girls to enjoy outside the classroom. Dance, Drama, Music, Fashion Design and Sports were all acknowledged in an evening of entertainment, interspersed with photographic slide shows evidencing the many trips and extra curricular activities that happened throughout the year.

Clockwise: KS3 ‘Joseph 'Production; Junior Choir at The Sage; Re-cycled Fashion Show; Winmarleigh; Senior Production ‘Sweet Charity’; NECCR 2013 and Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning hosted by the new Year 7 pupils which raised the grand total of £716.

The GDST’s concern with the importance of education for girls is not just confined to these shores. In October they demonstrated their commitment by holding a sponsored walk in aid of the Second International Day of the Girl. Together with Plan UK, girls from GDST schools throughout the country were encouraged to walk 10k to raise awareness of the plight of over 66 million girls in the world who still do not receive an education. The sponsor money raised would be used to promote girls education in the third world. Plan UK was the organisation behind the scheme and all the GSA schools in England were asked to take part. The reasoning was this –that the circumference of the world is 40,075 km, so if just 4008 girls from these schools each walked 10km we would be able to walk around the world. If they each collected £50, we would have collected £200,000. £50 sends a girl in Uganda to school for a whole year, so our money could really make a difference.

Whilst we are on the subject of the forth-coming merger, I am delighted to report that an Alumnae and Archives Working Group has been established to discuss how best to take the long, illustrious history from both Schools into the next phase of development. Staff concerned with these areas have met and share similar concerns about what to keep and where they will go in the new School. We are in the process of drawing up a proposal and I hope to have further details of these in the Spring Newsletter. Having been responsible for NCHS Alumnae for over 10 years, it is extremely important to me personally that I can leave at the end of this academic year knowing that our Alumnae has made a successful transition to NHSG and that we retain an avenue for sharing our news and making enquiries. I shall do my very utmost to make this as smooth a transition as possible and there are details of how you can help in the centre section of this edition. Please return forms to Sarah Timney at Newcastle Church High School, Tankerville Terrace, Jesmond, NE2 3BA For now though, sit back and enjoy your magazine and thank you to all those people who have contributed items. Best wishes, Sarah Timney (Editor)

The cover for this edition of the Autumn 2013 Newsletter comes courtesy of Jacky Taylor (née Davies) who was a pupil from 1952 until 1967. Jacky popped into School with an array of delightful memorabilia just before we broke up for the summer holidays. Too late for the previous mailing, she very kindly agreed to leave this impressive, unique Church High Doll with us so that she could be on display for our Summer Dinner and feature in this magazine. When Jacky was in the Infant Department, her parents offered to help at one of the School bazaars where she and her friend, Janet Close (née Brown) were Bran Tub Fairies! During the event her father purchased some raffle tickets. Little did they know that they were about to win and in doing so, became the new owners of this fabulous doll clad in miniature gabardine and hat! That was not all though. She came with a box of hand made school uniform—Blazer, Panama hat, gym kit, swimming costume, summer dress with matching knickers ( Oh! How tight was the elastic in the legs of those things??!? I can still see the big red marks at bath time—fifty years on) and socks and shoes. The items are all beautifully hand made and Jacky and I would love to know who sat so patiently making them. If you can remember the event or the grandma/mother who lovingly knitted and sewed all the clothes, please do get in touch. Thank you ,Jacky, for lending your prize to us for this final year of celebration. She is quite fragile these days, but is a much adored by her family and indeed by all who have seen her.

Jacky also brought some photographs of her time at School with her special friends Janet Close (née Brown) Anne Reid and Valerie Tait.

Christmas Bazaar circa 1954/55

Jacky and Janet

Jacky , in School uniform, meeting Father Christmas and yet another doll ! Amongst the goodies was this uniform list from the 50s. I presume the pencil figures down the side were written by Mrs Davies as she totted up the cost! For those too young to remember, we used to use LSD—Pounds £, Shillings /- and pence, d. £2 8/- 11d. (and yes! I still sometimes convert back in my head…...15 bob for a can of pop!!!!

More photos have been sent for our “All Our Yesterdays” Gallery

Gillian Evens Judith Grayson Elizabeth Bird and Margaret Scorer In the December 1958 adaptation of “Hansel and Gretel”

A Maths Quiz Group and Orchestra shot from when? There is a 64 scribbled on the back, but surely this is much later.

Gillian Leeming, Judith Grayson and Elizabeth Bird on their School trip to Nimes, Easter 1960.

I think that these two are from c.1951 or 1952 but am not one hundred percent sure. Any one out there who knows more?

I am delighted to say that we now have a complete 1951 photograph album in our collection. This one is of Vl A. Ann Rhodes, Kathleen Ewen, Emily Mochaie (?) Jane Bedson, jean Porter, Wendy Browne, M.R. Wood, Fay McGhie, Margaret Soulsby and Mary Willets

Fifty years ago

a group of Young ladies embarked on a School trip to France . In 1963 Frances Pybus (née Wilson) and her friends travelled to the Loire Valley and here they are Back row: Mary Chambers, Anne Batey, Barbara Oliver, Valerie Wilson, Suzanne Henderson, Janet Anson, Penny Routledge and Vicky Peacock. Front row: Rosalind ?, Carole ?, Jennifer Paxton, Joan Gristwood, Joy McGill, Gillian Hunt, Marjorie Humble and Christine Watson.  

There are also a couple of snaps from the

last day at School in 1966 on the tennis courts. Standing are : Christine Watson, Valerie Hall, Jennifer Paxton, Katy Robinson, Judith Smeaton, Catherine Brown, Marguerite Armour, Barbara Monk and Sheila Mowat. 2nd row: Bridget O’Hara, Christine Brandon,Brita Latham, Suzanne Henderson, Marjorie Humble, Sue Perry, Gill Sutton, Susan Frances Wilson, Joan ?, Pauline Gascoigne, Ilona Roth and Margaret Jardine in the front row.

THE 2013 ALUMNAE ANNUAL DINNER was held in June here in School. It was really exceptional to see so many Old Girls enjoying each other’s company again, even if some were a little more noisy than others! We had a wonderful evening and our catering team provided a splendid three course meal as the wine flowed freely. Joy Gatenby, (Senior Headmistress), spoke about the merger proposals and how plans were progressing and Judith Cunningham, retiring from the Junior School after 37years, was presented with a bouquet of flowers. Pictured on the left are guests from the Class of 1963. Standing l. to r. names)


Jane Biesterfield, Gillian Fidell, Rosalyn Okell, Gillian Burke, Judith Grayson, Rosemary Marshall Sitting: Margaret Scorer, Susan Johnson and Catriona Sutherland. 50 years fabulous!!!




Meanwhile, organised by Jo Bond from her home in London, The Class of 1973 were having a “40 Years On” reunion. Unable to get everyone together for the Alumnae Dinner, Jo and her group all returned to Newcastle in July for a catch-up weekend and held a dinner at Here are the (maiden) names of those featured: Standing Left to Right: Caroline Porritt, Michelle Rozner, Gillian Wheatley, Jane Nicholson, Jane Sanderson, Judith Campbell, Ann Gilchrist, Nicolette Morters, Jo Dean, Dawn Adams, Helen Oliver Seated Left to Right: Mary Whyman, Jane Mitchell, Hilary Neill, Doreen Anderson, Heather Stafford, Rayner Patterson, Deborah Thompson

Over one hundred ladies enjoyed the penultimate NCHS Alumnae Dinner We had representatives from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s . It had taken Maureen Hine (nee Gilmore) 51 years to get round to revisiting her old school, but she insists that it was well worth it and she is looking forward to keeping in touch with some renewed acquaintances in the weeks ahead. It was lovely have people there from more recent years too, three full tables from 2008 and 2009! The menu consisted of Crunchy Snow Pea, Prawn and Avocado Salad with a Chive Vinaigrette’ (a feta cheese option was available for non-fish eaters) followed by Breast of Chicken with a Wild Mushroom Sauce or Goats Cheese and Red Onion Tart. Desert was a trio of delight - a tiny individual Chocolate Brownie, a Passion Fruit Meringue and a Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis served on the side. Next Year will be the last NCHS Alumnae Dinner and is on Thursday 19th June., 2014. This precedes our Heritage Weekend which begins with the dinner and continues with special events on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st June in School or on site in the grounds.

The NCHS Alumnae are pleased to announce

Hilary French and Joy Gatenby unveil the new badge. 

Now, you may very well wonder why I have included the film poster for Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 classic movie, Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson, but bear with me! In the film a teenager is accidentally sent 30 years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, and must make sure his high-school-age parents unite in order to save his own existence. Well, we are not quite so dramatic, but on Wednesday 21st January 1885, a new school was opened by the Church Schools Company. They named it “The Newcastle High School” and in May that year a foundation stone was laid on the Tankerville Terrace site by the Venerable Archdeacon Emery. The School as you and I know it opened it’s doors in 1890. We did not adopt the ‘Church’ part of our name until later when the local committee leased the buildings from the Church Schools Company, finally buying them outright in 1925. They formed the Association of “The Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School” registered under the Company Acts. 129 years on, we are about to be one of two strong foundation stones again as we are once more reborn, “The Newcastle High School for Girls”. Eventually, the new Senior School will occupy this very same Tankerville Terrace site, but not until a vast overhaul and re furbishment has been completed by the GDST as it invests millions of pounds in making us a ‘state-of-the-art educational establishment. The Junior Department will occupy the current Central High School Junior buildings, known presently as Chapman House on Sandyford Lane. These buildings have just had a refurbishment and additional classrooms added to the existing ones. The main part used to be the old Convent and the Chapel/Hall is fabulous. There is plenty of room and areas of ground to be landscaped to play in. So, more about the branding…….

The launch for Newcastle High School for Girls took place on the 5th September following months of hard work with creative agency, Drummond Central, to develop a new brand for Newcastle High School for Girls. The design process that Drummond Central undertook was lengthy and considered, in order to ensure that the look and feel developed for our new School has the longevity and stand-out we were looking for. Their robust method included: • Researching other brands locally and nationally • Considering key topics and reoccurring themes to start the branding process • Taking into account that the brand should be something completely new • Thinking about how it will reflect a visionary future, without losing the heritage of the two schools • Being creative and inspiring • Ensuring the new design is rooted in excellence • Considerations around using a badge. The design team took this knowledge and understanding to help their work on developing a distinctive brand for Newcastle High School for Girls. During this work, the team explored different potential designs, marques and shapes as part of the development of the brand. This included trialling a well-considered mix of modern, heraldic and traditional shapes and typefaces. They also conducted in-depth research into the region and its heritage. The end result is, we believe, both steeped in history and modern in look and feel. After much deliberation and research into different potential marques, we chose the seahorse. The seahorse was one of our suggested icons when we explored heraldry, and we loved its symbolism and its already strong ties to the city of Newcastle. The mythical seahorse is already featured on the Coat of Arms of the City, the Newcastle City Council crest, and by our football team, not to mention their architectural presence on the Civic Centre. They were included on the original Coat of Arms of the City as a reminder of Newcastle’s past as a seaport – meaning power of the water. It is an ideal subtle, regional locator. The meaning and symbolism behind the seahorse is also very relevant – it means patience, friendliness, contentment and perspective. Colour, clearly, is a very important and emotive part of this brand.      

As such we spent a significant amount of time investigating the resonance that is attached to different colours and the competitors that use other colours. The colour that will be associated with Newcastle High School for Girls will be teal – it has been chosen as it does not clash with other schools, is feminine (but not too feminine!) and has a watery feel that ties in well with the seahorse icon. Planning for our uniform is well underway and we have already met with Parents from the Central High Forum and Church High Focus Groups to discuss ideas. There is much development work yet to be completed, fabrics to be selected and woven. You will hear more about this in the next Alumnae newsletter.

Now, it is vitally important that we get everything in order so that the transition into a new School goes smoothly. As far as the NCHS Alumnae is concerned, transference of data to the new Alumnae and Archive Department can, and will, only go ahead with your permission. Every member should, by now, have cancelled their old Standing Orders or Direct Debits if they had one set up. These were payable to Church High Old Girls or NCHS Alumnae. Next, you need to decide whether or not you wish to continue to keep in touch with developments after the end of this academic year. NCHS Alumnae will cease to exist in its current form after August 2014. Instead it will become part of a three-strand structure, - NCHS, CHS and NHSG.— each with their own Alumnae group, but with a common GDST strand over arching all three. This means that you will continue to receive news about your old school as well as information about the new establishment. As an added bonus, you will also have access to a larger network of information and contacts by being part of the GDST umbrella Alumnae. This is really good news if you have family and friends at other GDST Schools around the country as you will receive information and invitations to other events as well. If you do not wish to be part of the new organisation, please fill in the back page of this edition and return it to me at the address shown and I will delete all your data from the system at the end of this academic year. It might be worth noting that much of the communication in the future will be electronic. If you have an email address, do make sure that we have it correctly saved. Email me on - just to make sure!!

Earlier in the Summer Term, Helen Harrison from our Senior department and Jane Greenshields from the Junior school organised a reunion for their classmates from 1983.

It was a lovely bright day and a huge amount of fun was had by all. They showed great stamina too as they headed off into Newcastle to continue the party well into the night!!!

Ann Wright’s 1951 Staff photograph, published in the last edition, caused lots of excitement and correspondence has been pouring in. Thanks to everyone who helped add names to the faces—I think we are almost there now. Sheila Speaker ( née Osborne) added several identities, but wonders if anyone knows what happened to teachers, Valerie Douglas (Speech & Drama) or Isabel Thubron (Music). I know that we still have the Thubron Plate for Music in School, but no more. Dorothy Ann Schade-Maurice, from Bavaria, remembers Miss Brewis was frequently seen with a Pekinese dog! Dorothy, who was in miss Brewis’ Nursery class in 1955/56 has sent some photographs in from 1969, taken just before A levels, in Tankerville gardens. The girls were all in UVlP with dear, sadly missed, Daphne Proom as their Form Mistress. Pat Shearer reminded me that Mrs Forster was also Lady Forster, wife of Sir Sadler Forster, but that she never used the title in School. I remember a while after I started the Junior School in 1965, the excitement of that event and hearing girls playing round the cherry tree singing about Lady Foster’s “common gumption”. Apparently this was a phrase she frequently when girls who weren’t thinking for themselves! Kathleen Dales and Kathleen Bachelor ( née Jeffcock) have also been on the hunt for teachers names. Thank you very much indeed.

Back row l to r: ? Miss Vint ? ? ? ? ? Miss Cormack (PE) ? Miss Mowat (Spanish) Miss Fairley ? ? Susanne Parnall Middle Row l to r: Lady Forster, Miss Mitchell (Latin) ? Miss Ferguson ? Miss Towns ? Mrs Thomas Miss Clarke Miss Frisby ? Mrs Dobson ? Miss Smith (Biology) Front row l to r: Miss Milburn, Mrs Theakstone, Miss M Davies, Miss Stewart, Miss Mole, Miss M R Wood, Miss D Davies, Mrs Mercer, Miss Carr, Miss Brewis and Miss G Gaunt.

STOP PRESS—Here is the dog! 

Back l to r: Anita Self, Jennifer Middleton, Margaret Grant, Gillian Gale, Jane Swanson, Gillian Reid, Angela Tweddle and Lalage Clay. Front l to r: Carolyn Holles, Patricia Neil, Catherine Fish, Julia Raine, Sheila Lister

L to r: Isobel Hunter, Dorothy Schade, Clare Howat, Julie Sampson, Elizabeth Francis and Christine Stamp.

Dorothy apologises for any mistakes after all these years! Personally, I think you have done really well. Sheila Lister had a younger sister, Helen, who was in my year. (Class of 1975)

Isabel Dorothy Campbell ( née Thomson) wrote in to us with some items that she thought would be good to use as we link up with Central High and form the new Newcastle High School for Girls. We are in the process of making an “NCHS

Time-line of Memories”


Dorothy’s photographs and cuttings are just the sort of things we need. If you would like to contribute, please dig out the old photos. I am happy to scan and return precious items and promise to treat them very carefully. These fabulous photographs from the 1940s are of great historical value. Not only do they show the School as it was, but also old uniform and the hairstyles of the times! I think there might have been some experimenting with “Friday night is Amami night” in some households! (There will be some out there who are too young to remember that slogan—ask your grannies!)

Dorothy has identified herself in the Home Economics photograph with a tick.

Church High in the ForƟes. Church High School revisited 

Memories of Mr Churchill 

Grateful thanks to the Church High School 

Occasion? Fi y years on 

And such patrio c pride 

For sending us all on our way 

With we older girls wondering 

A royal wedding, great excitement  Armed with a Chris an religion 

Where had all those years gone? 

Queen Elizabeth as a bride. 

We have resources for present dark days. 

Church High in the For es 

So many things of excellence 

So give three cheers for the Church High 

Such very special  mes 

Singing Handle’s largo 

We are so proud to be Old Girls 

The War, then peace and freedom 

The City Hall and Prize Giving 

Years have passed, we are older and wiser 

An end to Hitler’s crimes. 

Such memories bring a glow. 

Hoping grey just enhances our curls! 

Green uniforms, School badges, 

I  recall visits to the cinema 

School mo o “Truth Conquers All” 

We didn’t have TV. 

Vincit Omnia Veritas 

Laurence Olivier playing Hamlet 

Such sound values, I recall. 

“To be or not to be” 

Long corridors, large windows 

A river trip I remember 

And two big flights of stairs, 

Local industry and employees 

Lessons, exams and classrooms 

Before the Open University 

Life‐long friendship started there. 

When fewer folk gained degrees. 

Art, Literature and Music 

Miss Wood was our Headmistress 

Walk in crocodiles to Sports 

She taught us to play fair 

Hockey, Swimming and Tennis 

Not to boo our opponents 

Queen Mary 

History, Science and Maths of course!  A lesson I value to the day.   

A very special reverence 

Trips to St Nicholas Cathedral 

In Assembly, saying our prayers 

A special experience here 

Nearby the rolls of Honours 

Worship, History and Architecture 

High achievers names writ there. 

With the Castle and Keep very near. 

Plays and Shakespeare compe


I was honoured as a Charity Monitor to give School gi s 

I usually played old men, 

To then, “waifs and strays” 

Term end singing “Forty Years On” 

I presented their purse to Queen Mary 

...Till the field ring, again and again. 

In London’s “Victory Days” 


News of Old Girls It was good to see Patricia Shevlin at the Alumnae Dinner in June and coincided with one of her old school friends, Val Steele, discovering a cutting from a 1949 newspaper . In it Pat is celebrating a very special occasion - playing a solo in Thomas Arne’s 18th century G minor Piano Concerto at The City Hall, Newcastle in front of an audience of 2,500!

Elizabeth Shevlin and Sylvia Paulin at the opening of the new   Library with Miss Gurney       c. 1954/5 

Coincidently, I recently received an email from Pat’s sister, Liz Simpson (Elizabeth Shevlin) reminding me that it was 70 years in September since she started Church High! The older girls were still at Alnwick and so Elizabeth and her friends were all in the big School. She says she was interviewed by Miss Joslin and was in Miss Dorothy Davies class. Liz sends her very best wishes for the ‘joint’ School. Many thanks to Val for this and we wish her a speedy recovery from a recent fall in which she broke her leg. Best wishes from us all. Elizabeth Scott passed on an article about Julia Charlton who was a former pupil in the late 70s , early 80s. Julia won the prestigious Hong Kong Women of Influence Professional of the Year after building up her own corporate finance law firm, Charlton's. The company was set up in 1998, eleven years after Julia moved to Hong Kong and has offices in Shanghai and Beijing. This is just one of many awards that Julia has received— four times winner of Asian legal Businesses ‘Legal Lawyer’ , Hong Kong’s Boutique Law Firm of the Year and Top Independent Law Firm have also followed.

July 1982   Julia Graham, Maxine McKinnell,  Alison Crowe and Rachel Par‐

Maxine and Julia  with wet feet! 

Hamsterely Forest , January 1982 

Julie Goodhart taught in the Junior Department in the early 1980s—L2G to be precise.  One of her many extra‐curricular ac vi‐ es included Outdoor Educa on and these three photographs show trips out and about for Orienteering.  Julie went south with  her husband to teach in a Prep School .  Now they have re red and come back up north to their family home in Durham, but  not before Julie had a good clear out and found these memories.  If you look closely you can see a very young Sarah Timney  (back right) who took over the Outdoor Educa on a er Julie le  NCHS and Dr T. too, who always came as the support crew! 

We are delighted to announce the date of the last ever Church High School Ball on March 22nd, 2014 Once again, we will be returning to The Hotel Marriott, Gosforth Park and this year’s theme will be, “All the Fun of the Fair” The ticket price remains the same as last year too, at £55 per head. It would be wonderful if you could put a table of friends together for the evening. As we expect that this event will be extremely popular, because it is open not only to our parents and Alumnae, but also all the friends of Church High that we have gathered over the years. We urge you to reserve your tickets and tables well in advance of the date. A five cheque payment system is available – 

1st November 2013


1st December 2013


1st January 2014


1st February 2014


1st March 2014

All cheques should be made payable to ‘NCHS’ and addressed to Mrs Jackie Goodwill, The Junior School. For further information or table reservations, please contact me in the Alumnae Office on 0191 2814306 ext. 218 or by email at We do hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Dates for your Diary: November 9th 2013-Newcastle High School for Girls Open Day: Senior School at Eskdale Terrace November 23rd 2013—NCHS Christmas Fair 10.30 am until 12.30 Senior School December 9th 2013-NCHS Carol Service: St George’s Church, Jesmond 5.00pm March 22nd 2014 -”All the Fun of the Fair” NCHS Ball (see above) June 13th 2014-NCHS Summer Fair, Junior School Grounds June 19th 2014-NCHS Alumnae Final Dinner: Senior School, 7.00pm June 20th 2014-NCHS Celebratory Event June 21st 2014-NCHS Heritage Open Day, Tankerville Terrace,10.00 am until Refreshments available throughout the day.


July 4th 2014 – Final NCHS End of Year Service , St George’s Church, Jesmond 2:00pm.

Amber-Sarah Britton-Dyer sent us news about her wonderful time spent working with the “This Morning” fashion department. We are glad you had such an amazing time! Alex Forth is now teaching Year 2 at Moorside Primary School, part of The Federation of Arthur’s Hill Primary Schools. Alex still sails and runs her Cub pack. Good to hear from you.

gathering of the Class 1961, organised by Patricia Duff (née Walker) shows Sue Williams, Mary Mann, Carole Barnett, Alison Hallett, Elizabeth Wigham and Muriel Grey on the back row. the front are Mary Anne Taylorson, Patricia Walker, June Donaldson and Margaret Tebbutt.

A of


Obituary Jane Larkins (née Jobson) Class of 1958 It is now a year since my dearest and best friend Jane Jobson nee Larkins died, and I miss her more every day. Jane and I met at Church High in the early '50's and our friendship endured my moving to London and then to the United States. She was unwavering in her letter-writing and later emailing. We always managed a few days together on my home visits; sometimes hoisting glasses of red in 'The Ship' at Seahouses (whenever I had a pressing need for a good dose of Northumberland) or fabulous trips to London to buy frivolous hats for weddings, or hilarious evenings playing quiz games in pubs in Oxford, and latterly rambling down our 'memory lane' together in Cheltenham where we rendezvoused when I was visiting my ailing mother. Of the many kindnesses Jane bestowed, one was to remember MY mother on Mother's Day (because in the USA the dates are different). Another was to be my diligent manuscript reader, booster, and muse in regard to my writing life. Most of all, I am blessed to have had Jane in my life, a truly wonderful wife, mother and friend. My dear Jane, always loved, always cherished, never forgotten. Janet Graber, June 20th 2013.

Lost and Found Several Newsletters were returned after our last mailing in May, having either the Not Known at the Address or the Return to Sender box ticked! If you can shed any light on this missing souls, it would be great to hear from you. This is especially important, as in this edition there are forms to fill in. One for those members who wish to continue getting their magazines, after the end of the year when NCHS ceases to be, and need to update their data and another for those who wish to be removed from the system. Please see the middle section and the very back page Misplaced Members: The Farrimond girls –email addresses Niyckhola Pidgeon –email and address please Miss J Mann Miss A S Zheng Mrs Margaret Robinson Mrs M H Bell Miss A Harris Miss J Cuncliffe Mrs J Yates Mrs I Bodger Miss C Anderson Mrs L Eltringham Amanda Barness Professor D G Medicott

We have successfully re-connected with the following Alumnae: Pat Peacock, (née Routledge) Class of 1959 Elizabeth R Morgan (née Craig) Class of 1957 Miss Alexandra Forth, Class of 2008 Isabelle Dorothy Campbell (née Thomson) Anne Wright Maureen Hine (née Gilmore) Class of 1962 Sally Pritchard (née Sarah ‘Sally’ Martha Carruthers) Class of 1952 Welcome back!

I do not wish my data or contact details to be transferred to the GDST Newcastle High School for Girls Alumnae Society. Please remove all my information from the current NCHS system. Name: Year that I left NCHS: Current Postal address:

Email address:          

             I wish to update my information so that I may continue to receive NCHS Alumnae news and information about the new School and GDST. Name: Year that I left NCHS: Current Postal address:

Email address:

Nchs alumnae october newsletter 2013  
Nchs alumnae october newsletter 2013  

Nchs alumnae october newsletter 2013