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Editor’s Corner Hey, Key Club! This will unfortunately be my last update as editor. I hope you all have a great rest of your year and continue to serve the community. While I’m sad to leave Key Club behind, I’m proud to introduce your new editor, Kelly Le! -Lexi Cepak, Former NCKC Editor

Hi guys! I’m thrilled to be the new editor for North Crowley Key Club! At first, I was hesitant to run for an officer position because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to compare to the rest of our amazing officer board. However, I’m glad I took this amazing opportunity to challenge myself because my position has helped me become more involved in Key Club. It’s going to be a great year. -Kelly Le, NCKC Editor

Hey Key Clubbers! First, I’d like to say congratulations to everyone who participated in preparation for our wins at District Convention. Over the next month, we’ll start fundraising for the new school year and prepping for our summer service projects. Stay posted! Since I’m now officially your new president, I figured I’d give a short introduction. I enjoy eating tacos and finding rare Pepes. I love attending Barnes & Noble because I enjoy working with children. I also love animals, which is why I aim to get Key Club involved with pet supply drives and local animal shelters. With nine out of eleven of our Key Club officers graduating, high expectations have been placed on me, but I assure you that I will do everything I can to make the upcoming year of service an amazing experience. My goals are to grow intra-club relations and growing our Key Club family. See page XXX for my full message. Yours in service, NCKC President

Yerasly Duran




International Convention, or ICON, is the biggest event of the Key Club year. By attending from July 6 - 10, you’ll be able to meet thousands of Key Clubbers from all over the US! You’ll get to listen to amazing speakers, learn about servant leadership, and elect next year’s International Board! In addition, you’ll get to see all of the attractions in Atlanta, Georgia. If you can’t attend, make sure to show your support by buying a t-shirt that supports North Crowley’s trip to ICON on our website,

MAIN STREET ARTS FESTIVAL with over 80 talented performers from local, regional and even national levels. A cumulative amount of $4 million dollars’ worth of art is sold during the festival.

The 2016 annual Main Street Arts Festival took place over a series of four days from April 14 - 17. All 9 blocks of Main Street from 1st St. to 9th St. were blocked off for the festival. NCHS Key Club volunteered on Friday, April 15th and Saturday April 16th. The times were split into three shifts. I signed up to volunteer for the very last shift, from 4:30 until 8:00, on Saturday, April 16th. Parking was chaos since multiple proms were taking place that night, alongside the festival and the normal Saturday mayhem that is downtown. Volunteers were offered free parking in the Cheesecake Factory parking lot. Key Clubbers worked mainly on the Main Street Creates (Children's Area) side of the festival. I arrived early to explore everything that the festival had to offer. Aside from live music, the festival had many artists displaying their artwork along with performance artists, exhibitors, and dancers. Over 500 fine artists and vendors showed up. Main Street had three stages set up

Many organizations set up booths with different sorts of crafts for the kids. They had everything from hennas, to finger painting, to tie-dye, they even had a booth for sand art. Volunteers checked in at the tent located at Houston and 9th by the Fort Worth Convention Center. After checking in, we were entered in a raffle, received a free event t-shirt and also got a food voucher for later. Our group volunteered at the fish painting booth and the tie dye booth. Volunteers helped guide the kids through the crafts and hung them to dry for pick up later. The fish were rubber, therefore making them reusable. Although we had to constantly dry and wash the paint from the fish, seeing the smile on the children's faces was worth all of the hassle. We also tied the bandannas in the proper form, and refilled the paint cups along with dye bottles. I worked the last shift so we stayed back later to clean up. All of the volunteers were extremely hospitable and friendly. It is a wonderful event that the City of Fort Worth puts on and I am extremely glad to be able to play a part in it. I would love to volunteer in the children’s center again next year.

Article By: Tina Tran




The Main Street Art Festival is an annual event for art lovers all across North Texas. Lasting a whole day, there are enough festivities at the event to keep both adults and kids entertained. The children have their own section called Main St. Creates, where there are activities for kids such as tie dye, fish painting, face painting and sand art creating. Volunteering at “Creates” is so much fun because working with the kids and seeing the awe and amazement on their faces is truly a worthwhile opportunity. I worked in the fish painting section, and there never was a shortage of kids; once one kid left, another one came to take their place. When I first started working, there were only two or three children at the booth at the same time. I worked by myself for the first hour and half, but I could handle three kids at a time with ease. Around noon, an influx of children came to the booth eager to paint sea creatures. The number of kids more than doubled. Luckily, two more volunteers showed up to help, so children were able to cycle through our station more quickly without having to wait in line. Once there were three of us, we worked with two kids each, instructed them on how to do the craft, and let them paint. Some of the kids were returning customers – they have been coming to the Art Festival for two to three years and they always return to fish painting




because they love to make prints of their finished sea creature silhouette they artistically painted. The children also had a few choices of what they wanted to at our station. They could paint a starfish, sea shell, lizard, gecko, or choose from a variety of different sizes of fish. Once the kids were done painting, I would take a piece of manila paper and put it on top of their creation, and a masterpiece was born. Whenever I pulled off the paper, no matter how old the kids were, their faces lit up with awe. They would say, “Woah! Mom, Dad, look! I painted a starfish!”

Interacting with the kids was an amazing experience. Watching their reactions at their paintings, I got a sense of what volunteering is all about. At Main Street Arts Festival, I found the true sense of joy that can only be experienced through service. I found that by making the kids happy, I felt happy too.


Article By: Iggy Previto

Storytime is a really fun monthly event that is hosted by Barnes & Noble. It lets little kids have fun completing various activities, making cool crafts, coloring enthralling coloring pages, and listening to exciting stories. There is no greater excitement than being read to at a Storytime!

with their parents showed up. They were right on time. At 11 o’clock, as they came in, we asked them if they would like a party hat. Most said yes to party hats, but there were a couple that were to shy and just hid behind their parents. After we had given most of the kids their hats, the girls from the other club offered to read the Storytime is an event that is held book, so they went up onto the stage every Saturday. Parents arrive at 11 and read to the kids. All of them were o’clock with their kids in hand. At this time, one of our amazing Key Club offic- very well behaved and listened intently. After about 5 minutes, the story was ers or members reads them a story or two, and then we direct them, to the arts and over and we headed over to the arts and crafts; all the kids gathered around the crafts table! Here, we have different crafts or coloring pages for the kids to do crayons and coloring pages and started drawing away on their party mouse colordepending on what our theme is. Last week’s theme was “Where’s the party?”, ing sheet. and we had party hats ready for all the After about 30 minutes of fun, they children and Key Club members to wear all left with their parents and took their while they drew on their coloring pages. masterpieces home with them. It wasn’t 12 o’clock yet, so all the key club memLast week was the first time I have ever gone to Storytime. It was a pretty fun bers decided to start making their own master pieces, which they, too, took experience. Another officer and I got home. there an hour earlier, at ten o’clock, to

set up all the party hats for everyone, and after we got that done, we read over the book that was going to be read to the kids. It was a really nice kids’ book. After about 30 minutes, more members started showing up and helping out – even some girls from another Key Club came. Soon after they arrived, some kids




Article By: Kelly Le

CAR WASH the day, business was slow, but it sped up as time went by. A bunch of customers got their cars washed in support of the club, even though the forecast said it was going to rain that day. The fundraising event was really fun; Key Clubbers to bonded together and became closer. This experience encouraged newer members to become more active in Key Club. Even though the weather was dreary, we were able to make a sizeable profit. In the end, North Crowley Key Club recently held a car wash at a nearby Chick-Fil-A. This event was a fundraiser for our District Convention Trip, which held from April 21st – 24th in Dallas. Dis-

trict Convention, or DCON, is an annual convention where Key Clubbers from Texas and

we received about $80 dollars in donations, which alleviated the cost of our trip. We are planning to do another Chick-Fil-A carwash soon in order to raise money for the next Key Club year. Since we spend a portion of our money

Oklahoma meet to compete against each oth- on items that are donated to charity, donations er in various activities, learn about leadership

are a key factor in how much our club influ-

positions, and unite others who share their pas-

ences the community. Collecting more dona-

sion for service.

tions guarantees more service projects, more

At Chick-Fil-A, we wash cars for free, but kindly ask for donations. Community members donate out of kindness and respect for our

club, which has gained notoriety in our community. Chick-Fil-A generously provides us with free drinks, a water hose, and the space to wash cars. In turn, by holding a car wash at their restaurant, customers are more likely to grab a bite to eat after their car has been cleaned. Being in charge of the car wash was a very interesting experience. At the beginning of

Christmas presents for children, and a stronger club. In addition to funding convention trips, donations contribute to keeping our members informed through our website, along with other contest entries that are judged at DCON. Entering in competitions is our way of displaying that our hard work throughout a long year of dedicated service has paid off. I had a great time volunteering at the car wash. Hopefully, the next car wash will be on a sunny day. That way, we’ll be able to wash more cars and raise money to benefit our

home, school, and community!

Article By: Jailine Contreras

The Southwest Magic Show was held on Friday, April 22nd, in the Southwest High School Auditorium. The event was about helping the magician create fun atmosphere for children so they could enjoy his performance, but it doubled as a fundraiser for Key Clubs in our district. The Magic Show stared at seven clock, but I got to the school at five clock in the afternoon in order to help set up the event. Four Key Club members came to help along with me, as well as the Southwest Key Club members. After we all arrived and greeted each other, we helped set the stage and the lights for the magician while he placed his props on the stage. Next, we helped the Kiwanians move the tables out of the cafeteria to the front of the auditorium so they could set up concession and ticket stands for magic show attendees. We put two rows of chairs front of the auditorium for the people who people who arrived before we opened the auditorium. An hour before the magic show, we retraced our steps and familiarized ourselves with the school’s entrances. After memorizing the school’s floor plan, we were assigned various entrances of the


SOUTHWEST MAGIC SHOW school, where we opened doors for the attendees and directed parents and children to the auditorium. Two volunteers opened the doors of the auditorium, while another collected and counted the tickets. The magic show ended at eight thirty and many parents and children stay to meet and take pictures with the magician and his assistance. Some children bought magic cards, hats and wands from the magician. After everyone left, we helped pack up the magician’s magic tools and loaded his props into his trailer. We walked around the auditorium and picked up leftover trash, then we carried the three tables back to the cafeteria and returned the chairs to their original location. After putting everything back into its place, we said our goodbyes and went home with the thrill of magic on our minds. Although the event didn’t attract a huge crowd, I enjoyed watching the magic show. The magician’s tricks were pretty convincing. I couldn’t figure out how some of them worked. Most importantly, the kids had a great time. It was nice to see the surprise and thrill on their faces when the magician pulled a coin out of their ear or levitated them. The true magic of the night was watching the kids’ faces light up.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE that is Key Club – to have one space in school where they will always feel welcome and loved despite what might be going on in their lives. However, with more members, we need to plan more events in order to provide everyone with enough volunteer opportunities each semester. With more events come new events.

A new Key Club year has now begun, and nine out of our eleven old officers are graduating, leaving an officer board full of new faces. Starting a year off with a completely new board can be daunting at first, but thanks to our previous board I have great confidence that they've trained the new officers well, and that this key club year is going to be as great as the previous ones! For the Key Club year of 2016-2017, I hope to build a strong Key Club family by uniting officers and members. I want all of us to trust of each other and to communicate well with one another. In other words, I want our club to be a family. For this upcoming year, I also hope to increase our membership because as we gain more members, our budding club will blossom into something even more incredible. Key Club has changed me in a positive way, and I’d like everyone to fall in love with Key Club just as I did. I want everyone to find the acceptance

One of my main goals for this year is to have service events that involve working with animals because I care deeply for them. Animals often need just as much as much help as humans, if not more. Whether we end up assisting their owners in providing them with the necessary medication or food, a simple haircut and bath, or simply just a walk, I’m determined to utilize my position as President to improve the lives of animals in our community. During the upcoming school year, we will hold a food and supplies drive to benefit cats and dogs. Through my position, I will inform our entire school of the supply drive so we can have maximum school involvement. Overall, I am very excited to be your president for this upcoming school year. Not only am I thrilled to organize the reoccurring events I’ve fallen in love with through my service, but also for the new events that will expand our club’s positive influence on the community.

Article By: Yerasly Duran


Article By: Sara Al-Midany

North Crowley has placed in the non-traditional scrapbook competition at District Convention for two years now, so it was a lot of pressure for me, as historian, to make a great scrapbook that would be greater than the last two, especially with the competition getting better every year. We started brainstorming and getting a lot of ideas during our meetings. We wanted the scrapbook to go with the convention theme, Service: Mission Accomplished. One day, we came up with the idea of making a spy safe that contained things a spy use. A group of us went shopping and we got most of our stuff, including the safe, on that day. We started working on it with unclear ideas, but as we worked, we came up with more–and better–ideas! Everyone helped me work on this. Some people helped by coming over on a workday and some helped by writing a little description about events that we wrote in the files we dubbed as “classified suspect information." Working on the scrapbook made some of us closer and better friends. It took us around two months, from the first day we bought the supplies to work on it up until a week before the convention to complete the scrapbook. (We didn’t work on it every day, of course!)


We put pictures in their categories on the inside walls of the safe. On the top shelf, we used clay to make a key, which we painted gold for Key Club, and put a laser (made of red yarn) around it to show how important Key Club is to us. On the bottom, the safe had things a spy would need: black dress shoes, a magnifying glass, goggles, a flash light, pens and, of course, evidence bags. Working on the scrapbook helped me gain a lot of experience. We did great working as a team and organizing our thoughts. Moving the non-traditional scrapbook to Dallas was a little bit scary because I didn't want anything to get messed up. I brought a life-saving bag with me to fix anything that needed to be fixed as we got to the hotel, but luckily, there wasn't a lot of damage. The awards banquet was really stressful and got to all of us, but once they announced that we got first place, we all jumped up out of happiness. We were really proud of all of our work, and personally, I am grateful that all of our hard work payed off. Wining first place qualifies us to go ICON in Atlanta, Georgia, a trip we will need plenty of support for in order to make the journey with our first place scrapbook.

Secretary Struggles omore year, I really didn’t care much about Key Club, and I was honestly only a member in order to get service hours, but this year as I became more involved with the club through my offier position, Key Club changed me. I truly realized what it meant to be a Kiwanian. I love Key Club now, and being a secretary really helped me show and share my love for it. Over the time period I was given as the secretary for North Crowley Key Club, I realized just how much influence I have over the club. It is my job to keep the club from going under. As secretary, I must be extremely organized in all that I do and I must be willing to sacrifice hours upon hours of my day in order to complete tedious, detailed monthly reports. In addition to spending hours filling out paperwork, it is necessary for a secretary to be very social and willing to talk to other officers about a range of topics, from daily tasks like agendas to once a year activities like District Convention. My job might be a lot of work, but because I love Key Club so much, I am able to push through and succeed in my role a secretary for this huge organization. Though being a secretary is hard and requires a lot of dedication, I believe that this job really helped me further my love for service. During my soph-

I hope great things happen for North Crowley Key club not only for the upcoming school year, but many years after. Key Club, to me, makes me feel like I am part of a team, and that is why I love it so much. Just being around people that love service as much as I do really makes me happy to be part of the oldest student volunteer organization. As the year went by, I loved Key Club more and more and my anticipation for the top spot in DCON built up. Since DCON just passed, before I graduate, I would love to share my love for service with new and returning members next year, and I would love to help them see service the way I do. I know that the secretary job gets overwhelming, but my success was ensured by not only my reliance on my vice-secretary, but on the other officers as well. Yes, being a secretary is a lot of work and requires dedication, but it helped me show my love for Key Club in the most rewarding way.

Article By: Danielle Scott



RECYCLING - Monday & Tues16th


day, May & after school from 4:15 - 5:30 pm at North Crowley High School



from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm at Burleson High School

BLOOD DRIVE - Monday, May 9th from 1st– 8th period at North Crowley High School


May 28th at United Community Center from 8:30 - TBA am

ONGOING EVENTS AGAPE MEAL: Every Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Broadway Baptist Church



Every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Barnes & Noble

CONTACT President, Yerasly Duran: Vice-President, Vincent Berardi: Vice President, Chenyenne Capuchino:

Editor, Kelly Le: Webmaster, Fawaz Khan:

Secretary, Andrew Moon:

Vice-Secretary, Clarence Manglal-Ian:

Treasurer, Jailine Contreras: Historian, Sandy Nguyen:

Parliamentarian, Iggy Previto: Officers At-Large, Brian Tran & Tina Tran


NithureRema , Lt.G of Division 1 South:

Dianna Cardenas, District Governor:

Mackenzie Merbach District Secretary: Leia George, District Treasurer:

Coming Soon, District Editor:

Coming Soon, Convention Liaison:

Profile for Kelly Le, North Crowley Key Club Editor

Volume 3 // Issue 12 (April 2016 Key Club Newsletter)  

The official Newsletter of North Crowley Key Club by Lexi Cepak.

Volume 3 // Issue 12 (April 2016 Key Club Newsletter)  

The official Newsletter of North Crowley Key Club by Lexi Cepak.


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