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Love beyond disability } Boipelo Mere

TINY MAROPEFELA (50) of Magashule, Kimberley, thanks God every day for saving the life of her brother, Mosekiemang. She was not expecting to be celebrating her brother’s 40th birthday today, especially after everyone, including the doctors, said that he would not live for more than 21 years.

Mosekiemang was born with cerebral palsy (a spinal cord disability) and has never been able to say a word to anyone, or stand on his own feet, in his entire life. He also has no bodily co-ordination. Therefore, his life story of joy and pain can only be told by his sister, Tiny, who literally put her life on hold in all respects to take care of her brother.

MOSEKIEMANG MAROPEFELA celabrates his 40th birthday today.

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According to Tiny, she motivates parents who are in the same kind of situation, with quadriplegic children and other family members, not to give up and feel abandoned by God. During a visit by Express Northern Cape to the neat and clean house where the two live, Tiny courageously told the reporter how they cannot live without one another. “Whenever I try to leave him with someone else, he gets restless and ill. It has indeed been 40 years of pain to see him like this, but on the other hand, they were 40 years of love and caring from us as family members, neighbours and the community at large. “When he turned 21, a party was organised by the ward, where the former Northern Cape premier, Dipuo Peters, and people from Standard Bank came to celebrate. This pram-like chair was also donated to him by Standard Bank, who also supplied him with adult diapers for a year. “That is why I am saying that the underlying pain is coated with love, joy and care,” added Tiny whilst looking at her brother with admiration.

She said she used to watch her mother endure the burden of taking care of him, but as time went by, she grew up and grew closer to Mosekiemang. After doing a secretarial course, she never got the opportunity of pursuing her career, because she decided to become his caregiver after their parents had died. “The pain of caring for a person like Mosekiemang becomes unbearable when one finds one self having to deal with people like some officials during the recent re-registrations for grants. It is not often that I get such treatment, because the workers were contracted for the reregistration. I decided to forgive this.” One important matter Tiny raised was that Mosekiemang is healthy and does not have major ailments. She revealed that the fact that he has lived up to 40 years has baffled medical professionals because people with similar disabilities rarely live beyond 21 years. “I do not have any children, but I love him (Mosekiemang) like he is my own child. He loves nice food and I cook it with love. He has this habit of shocking people with his presence, whenever people see him, they are surprised.”

TINY MAROPEFELA admires her brother Mosekiemang for beating the odds.

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Boipelo Mere

Sales Manager Johan Rossouw





SINOTHEMBA NCALU, the production manager, and his assistant, Khanyisa Nesi, in Ulwazi FM’s recording studio. Photos: Boipelo Mere

Ranela passionate about presenting } Boipelo Mere LULAMA RANELA, the programmes manager of Ulwazi FM in De Aar, is comfortably reading a poem, Umaya Angelo, to his listeners in the studio when Northern Cape Express visits the local radio station in Emthangeni, De Aar. Presenting the Pixley in Motion show that airs between 12:00 and 15:00, Ranelo does not mind to have a chat and welcomes a colleague of another publication while waiting for the 15-minute hourly comedy show to finish. Tuning in to the listeners in-between, he explains his position in the station, including his passion for radio presenting.

“I am currently presenting Pixley in Motion, Masibonisane (current affairs) and the Praise and Worship programme on Sunday mornings,” reveals Ranelo. According to the presenter, he has adopted the Pixley in Motion programme for close to three months after its original presenter had left. Although he only saw it fit to stand in at the time because he was the programme manager, he now enjoys it to the fullest. “The programme has been in existence for five years now, but the same kind of music had been played over the years. This gave me a chance to make positive changes to the programme, because I play only soul, R&B and ballads. I have also introduced poetry reading as I am passionate about poetry and started reading my work until listeners started sending in

their work.” Ranelo adds that between the various programmes, they give weather updates and the listeners a chance to call in for shout-outs and birthday wishes, send SMSs and read their Facebook messages. “Masibonisane is aired between 18:00 and 21:00 where we give the community a platform to speak up and discuss politics and their concerns without fear. “Praise and Worship is also one of the programmes close to my heart. I play contemporary gospel music and get inspiring speakers on air to revive the spirit of the listeners. “This is also one of the programmes that get a lot of responses from the community as some of them do not get the chance to go to church on Sundays,” he stated further.

Ulwazi FM currently consists of 14 staff members including management due to losing staff who get better opportunities. There is currently only one female presenter which the station is in the process of changing as they have already advertised more posts. “We do produce talent here, but most of our staff members either end up changing direction in working fields. The ones who pursue their career are mostly DJs who end up playing at local clubs in Kimberley,” Ranelo says in response to a question whether the radio station has ever produced any reporter or presenter who has moved on to bigger stations. He says they also have a recording studio in the building.

Enlighten those in dark } Dimakatso Lechwenyo WOMEN who took it upon themselves to fight for gender equality. These are the women who chose to be peaceful and let their actions reflect their voices When all is said and done it’s time that this generation of women face their own struggles Maybe it’s time that we begin to enlighten those who are still in the dark Let us be the voice of the voice-less and put our foot down and put a stop to injustice Maybe it is time that we demand of government to knock on the doors of our people Before passing legislation to get our opinion and not just to come knocking on our doors When they seek our votes Maybe it is time that Public Participation Offices are within our communities and are accessible to our people Maybe it’s time that community dialogues are held on Saturdays to allow

for public participation It helps little that these meetings are held during the week when the voices of liberation are hard at work to feed their children Maybe it’s time that we begin to demand quarterly community meetings and ask for reports from our councillors It helps us nothing that we have leaders who simply lead us astray It helps us nothing that there is no

development within our communities yet people are getting paid to render A service that cannot be accounted for It helps us nothing that we invest in infrastructure that become monuments in our communities It helps us nothing that we stand outside and marvel at its beauty yet it benefits the community none . . . Maybe it’s time that young women report sisters who publicly bring shame to young girls who seek medical assistance Girls who could be seeking family planning measures to prevent early pregnancy Maybe it’s time that police-men who break the law are shamed It is time we speak out Change lies in our hands Change is a value-system Things cannot go wrong as we just continue to live, work and strive for success There is more to this life then selfenrichment Malibongwe ingama lama kgosikazi

Death of farm employee investigated THE Jan Kempdorp police are investigating an inquest into the death of Daniel Mokae (an adult male) who was found dead on a farm near Jan Kempdorp on Monday morning. The brother of the farm owner found the deceased (an employee on the farm) lying face down on the ground when he visited the farm at

approximately 07:20. Daniel Mokae was employed to feed the livestock while the farm owner was out of town for the weekend. At this stage it is alleged that the three bull-terriers of the farm owner might have mauled him to death. The deceased was covered in blood, both his ears were missing and his

clothes were in tatters when the police arrived on the scene. Several paw prints were found surrounding the place where the deceased was discovered. An autopsy will be done to confirm the exact cause of death. The dogs have not been removed from the farm, but are kept in locked kennels as the investigation continues.



Young journalist off to London } Lerato Sebe AN excited Teboho Msiza (13), a gr. 7 learner of the Vooruitsig Primary School in Kimberley, will be representing not only his school but also his country in London after winning the Danone Nations Cup Kids Reporter competition in July. Teboho will be reporting to radio stations, TV stations and newspapers about the progress of the South African team (Daniye Primary), which is based in Mpumalanga while they represent the country in the football competition to be held at the Wembley Stadium in London. “I am super-excited about going to London because it will be my first visit to the UK,” said the overwhelmed Teboho. “I saw the competition on’s Sunrise one morning and I decided to enter the competition.” He adds that after entering the competition, he received a call from the organisers and they asked for his details. They continued communicating with him telephonically and via email. “After so many calls, I finally received a call on 25 July and they announced that I was the winner,” he said with a huge smile on his face. Teboho is said to be a very compassionate person who exhibits leadership qualities as he always takes the initiative when he is busy with a project. Jessica Gordon, Teboho’s class teacher, is very proud of him and is excited on his behalf. “Having known him for only a month, he stood out from the rest in class and I hope he comes back to share his experience with the rest of the class

and school,” Gordon said. The vice-principal of the school, Gail Francis, also mentioned that Teboho does a lot of things on his own, including making movies and writing and directing school plays. “I see him as a leader,” said Francis. The Department of Education was also at the school to bid the boy farewell. Henry Esua, an official at the department, issued Teboho with a brand-new camera and a clothing hamper. “As the department, we give you this in order for you to take pictures to bring back to share your experiences with us,” said Esua. “This will be a nice learning experience for you. You have done us proud, my boy,” he added. Teboho’s mom, Amelia, couldn’t stop smiling as her son read his speech to his schoolmates. She also expressed how excited and over the moon she was about her son’s trip. “I just want him to enjoy and meet new people during this trip,” she said, “He is such a sweet boy and I don’t have to run around after him.” Teboho, who was shyly answering the questions posed to him, smiled and stopped to ask the Express reporter, “So, did you study Media? How long is the course and are you enjoying your work as a journalist?” “Sorry, I’m taking over the interview now,” he apologised jokingly. One can clearly see that Teboho is a very bright boy, who grabs opportunities that come his way. Being the communicator that he is, he’ll have no problem doing what he is supposed to do in London. He left for London yesterday while the event itself will be starting on the 7 September.

TEBOHO MSIZA of the Vooruitsig Primary School.

Photo: Boipelo Mere

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SAPS holds prestige awards } Boipelo Mere

THE Galeshewe Detectives team: Lt Col Rasie Victor, Bashwabile Kale and Sgt Attie Browers.

THE South African Police Service (SAPS) in the Northern Cape held their annual Prestige Awards at the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre.

LT COL JASON LAMBERT and Lt Col Gert Jacobs from De Aar.

ABRAHAM TSOONE (right), a member of the tug of war team, receiving his bronze medal from provincial commissioner Maj. Gen. Jannette Basson.

AN excited Sebe Qunta and Gerda Loots were the winners of the best support group in the Kimberley SAPS.

THE best detectives category: Capt. Gibson Manong (Hopetown), Capt. Othusitse Moselane (Barkly West) and Capt. Nadia Kika (Barkly West). Photos: Boipelo Mere LENNIE MC-KAY and Simphiwe Zane are proud participants of an 18 km trail run race at the Le-Re-Range Farm that was presented by the Rotary Club. They competed with 50 other athletes on the R367 outside Kimberley to Douglas. Simphiwe did it again by finishing first after another perfect finish in the 15 km trail run in Magersfontein in June. Mc-Kay ended up sixth after slowing down due to his knee injury. There was also an 8 km trail run which was won by Teboho Swartland and second was Jakob Danster. Fay Kanna, a Vodacom road runner, was amongst the woman who took part in the marathon. Photo: Supplied

THE deputy provincial commissioner operations officer Maropeng Mamonethi, Lt Gen. Christine Magwenya and deputy provincial commissioner Maj. Gen. Hilda Mohajane.

Outrage over houses } Lerato Sebe THE DA displayed outrage over abuse of RDP houses in the Colesberg area. They claim that municipal officials and their family members have moved into houses intended for the less fortunate. A DA councillor in the area is reported to have opened up a can of worms when he investigated allegations that people who did not qualify for housing had been placed in RDP houses. It was discovered that the housing clerk at the Umzobomvu Municipality is occupying a stand with her teacher sister living nearby, and that a municipal employee owns a stand. None of these people are the rightful housing beneficiaries. The DA claims that the mayor of the Umzobomvu Municipality is trying to cover up these housing allocation irregularities after being instructed by officials at the local housing office in De Aar not to give out any information pertaining to the allocation of the above-mentioned houses.

The DA stated that they considered it completely unacceptable that officials at the Umzombomvu Municipality were serving their own interests by allocating RDP houses to their cronies instead of to the poorest and most needy people of society, for whom these houses were actually intended. In a press statement, the DA claims that an affidavit detailing the above-mentioned irregularities has already been made by a local resident and the DA will report the matter to the Public Protector. “The right to access adequate housing is enshrined in our Constitution. “Having a roof overhead provides people with the security they need to grab hold of other opportunities and develop their full potential,” said the DA. “The current abuse of state houses is robbing thousands of South Africans of the opportunity to improve their lives and we feel strongly that housing officials abusing RDP houses deserve to be jailed,” stated the opposition party.


Rape suspect appears in court again } Boipelo Mere

JOHANNES MAPHELLE (52), a general worker at a primary school in Warrenton, has appeared for a second time in the Warrenton Magistrate’s Court for the alleged rape of a seven-year-old school boy in the school toilets. The Hartswater Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit is still investigating the rape which allegedly took place on Monday, 19 August. According to the SAPS, the victim’s mother noticed that something was wrong while bathing the boy and questioned him about his peculiar actions. The boy then revealed to his mother that he had been raped by the general worker during the school interval earlier that day. This led to the arrest of the suspect. The accused is reported to be still under police custody while the investigation continues. On Monday the case was remanded for 10 September.


Photo: SAPS


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VLEIS KOMBUIS raised the most money.

Photo:Lerato Sebe

Groups fight poverty } Lerato Sebe A TOTAL of 26 self-help savings groups from across the Northern Cape were honoured by the Ikhayalethu Victim Support Centre and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund last week as they graduated into co-operatives through the Community Learner Development Activity. Tumiso Phoolo, co-ordinator of the Sustainable Livelihood Programme, could not contain his excitement when he made his speech. “These groups have performed well since the start of April until now and I am extremely proud of them,” he said. The programme started with about 37 groups in June 2012, which then lessened to only 26 groups this year due to groups dropping out of the programme. The groups are formed by people who are less fortunate and unemployed and who want to maintain a sustainable livelihood for their households. “We have fundraisers, loan money to people and we have weekly contributions from the members of the groups,” said Phoolo. With this money, the groups say that they help to buy school shoes and pay school fees for less fortunate children. They are also trying to reduce the rate of unemployment in the province as well as help combat poverty in the society. “From April to date we have raised an amount of R23 405,95,” he added.

Mantombi Cheela, national programme manager of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Sustainable Livelihood Programme, was emotional during her speech, as she was so proud of the groups’ efforts in assisting to fight poverty and to learn how to manage and make money. “I really cried last night thinking of the efforts we made last year for this programme to run and to see how it has become a success,” said Cheela. She thanked the Hartswater groups for their intense efforts made to support this programme, because according to her, it was not easy reaching out to them to become part of this initiative. She also urged government to become involved, in partnership with them, to ruthlessly fight poverty and unemployment. Basil Theys, project manager from Ikhayalethu, said that the programme was part of community development in order to fight poverty, grant dependency and unemployment. “I have designed this programme to task the community to help with the socio-economic challenges. Youth and the elderly as well as the middle-aged are involved, including the disabled,” he said. The organisers expressed their disappointment in the local municipality, the provincial department and the NYDA for not attending this memorable event and for not participating in and showing interest in this initiative.

Puleng’s High Tea is glamour for charity } Boipelo Mere

PEOPLE of the Northern Cape should expect to experience a dazzling performance by Puleng March, a Kimberley artist and currently a successful member of Joyous Celebration. This experience will be at the AFM church on Saturday where she will be hosting a programme she calls High Tea with the Ladies. During this event Puleng will perform with a guest artist from Joyous Celebration to soothe the musical hearts and minds while fund raising for the Sinothando Children’s Home in Kimberley. This programme is a belated part of Puleng’s annual fundraising efforts as a contribution to the community that gave birth to her. “Doing charities and outreach programmes is close to my heart. I usually host motivational talks to show the world that something great can come out of the greater No 2. A lot of people are surprised when they learn where I come from. “This fundraising effort is intended to buy educational toys for Sinothando children and put a smile on their faces,” she added. In response to the question of her association with Kimberley she responded: “Home is home, I cannot run away from the fact that I am a Kimberlite, this is where my roots are, and this community pushed me up.” The event on Saturday will be held from 14:00 at AFM Phomolong and tickets can be bought from My Divine Salon in Chapel Street, opposite Home Furnitures, at R100 per person. A plus for the day is a powerful guest speaker from Bloemfontein, Pastor Nthabiseng Mochoari, and a fashion show where a local designer will showcase her designs. “I will also be launching my new designer

PULENG MARCH to soothe the musical hearts and minds for charity. Photo: Supplied brand. The ladies will also be in for a surprise as we will be having a marriage and relationship expert from Johannesburg who will demonstrate a funny way of holding on to your man,” laughed Puleng. For further enquiries on the event and to those wishing to showcase their fashion talent, call Makiki at 076-095-9497.




Sports star really knows her wrestling } Boipelo Mere MARISKA VAN TONDER has been selected as this month’s Express Northern Cape SuperSport Let’s Play Sports Star of the Month. The 13-year-old Du Toitspan Primary School learner in Kimberley excels in amateur wrestling. The active young sports star has a string of achievements under her belt including having won gold in the women’s division at the South African President Wrest-ling Championships that was held in Bellville, Cape Town. Mariska started wrestling in 2008 and has since been named the best women’s wrestler at the Indlovu Wrestling Club. She qualifies yearly for her Northern Cape and South African colours. Last year she won gold at the South African Youth Wrestling Championships. Mariska is also one of the assistant coaches at the Indlovu Wrestling Club when needed. She has the necessary skills to be a good coach and is very disciplined. Send your sports star nomination for school learners between the ages of 6 and 18 today (nominations received before the 20th of each month will be included in that month’s selection). You can email your nomination to or fax it to 086-5524922. For more information please contact Lynne or Juanré at Z PR on 051-522-7395.

MARISKA VAN TONDER, Express North­ ern Cape Sports Star of the Month. Photo: Supplied

Stolen property recovered THE police in Hartswater in a recent case recovered some stolen goods before the owner even realised that his property had been stolen. The police reported to have reacted on information of a suspicious looking man in possession of two bags in the Utlwanang Township in Hartswater last week. According to the police, they made the arrest minutes after following up on the information as they found the suspect hiding at a dumping site and in possession of two stolen laptops. The further recovery of a Nokia 2690 cellphone and a GPS was made after the man was questioned and led the police to his shack. The owner of the goods was delighted, as he was still reporting the case of housebreaking and theft at the police station when he was in-

formed that the property had been recovered and that a 36-year-old suspect was also arrested. The police further revealed that all the man’s property, to the value of R13 300, had been discovered, except for a gold wedding band. The suspect appeared in the Hartswater Magistrate’s Court on Monday for house breaking and theft. “The action of the police is commendable and their quick response towards the safekeeping of our society and the protection of property is an example of the kind of service delivery expected from our police officers,” commented Col Letsapa Lekhu, the Hartswater Cluster commander.

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Aerobics marathon huge hit } Boipelo Mere TSHEPISHO MOALAHI, the co-ordinator of the Diamond Aerobics Club, declares the Diamond Aerobics Marathon that happened over the weekend a success, especially given the circumstances of the busy weekend and the cold weather conditions in the city. The Diamond Aerobics Marathon hosted their annual one day aerobics marathon at the Jimmy Summers Hall over the cold weekend. The marathon saw various clubs from four different provinces of South Africa, including clubs from Swaziland and Botswana, travelling to the city to participate and show support as it is a norm amongst aerobics clubs in SADC. Moalahi sent her gratitude to the different sponsors, Flamingo Casino, Coca-Cola, Old Mutual, Sportsmans Warehouse, Pick n Pay Rhodesdene, Falcos Restaurant and Guest-

house and Chrystal Pharmacy, who made the event possible. “Thanks to all sponsors who responded positively, even though some had already done their annual budget when we approached them. The aerobics challenge is aimed at promoting fitness and healthy life in the greater Kimberley area. It so happens that aerobics clubs challenge one another other every month by visiting a nominated province or country in the SADC area according to the monthly programme,” she clarified. “For us in Kimberley this is an annual event, so we challenge the women and men who are sports fanatics to prepare for the next year’s challenge. We hope to establish clubs in other places of the province so that we share the health gain of this sport, this way Kimberley and the province can only be on par with other places of the country if we pull together.” However, Moalahi continued to say that the

challenges are like in many other sports disciplines in Kimberley. They are frustrated by the lack of interest by businesses to support and nurture sports in the city. “It is worse with us because businesses did not even know what the aerobics marathon is. So you can imagine the difficulties that we face,” added Moalahi. She encouraged anyone in the community to contact her for information on starting an aerobics club. Samson Mandewo of the Body Focus Aerobics Club in Mmabatho, who led a North West team, said that they are satisfied with the organisation of the marathon in Kimberley. “However, it would be good if more community members had supported it.” He added that aerobics is a lifestyle and has health benefits in a sense that its members are always healthy and do not visit doctors often. Mabuza Mduduzi from the Central Bank Aerobics Club in Mbabane, Swaziland, said they travelled the more than 900 km from their monarchy ruled country to Kimberley in the spirit of fostering friendship and support to the Diamond Aerobics Club. He and his team believe that their monthly travels in the SADC to other teams helps to popularise the sport and particularly the health of fellow African people. Matome Lehomo of Aerobics 4 All in Pretoria, whose NGO is responsible for organising health and wellness events around Pretoria, said that they would like to expand to other areas of the country in order to promote what they believe to be a free health gain. The groups that participated in the marathon are from Kimberley, Botswana, Swaziland, Soweto, Soshanguve, Pretoria Central, North West, the Eastern Cape and Free State. The event was concluded with an award ceremony, then pap and braai. The next marathon will be hosted by Pretoria, and Free State, then Botswana, then follows Swaziland before the teams close for the year. Those interested in establishing clubs can contact Tshepisho Moalahi on 073563-9985 or email:

Photos: Boipelo Mere

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