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Couple out on bail ‘Estate agents’ allegedly defrauded buyers } André Damons A BLOEMFONTEIN COUPLE has been released on bail of R25 000 each after briefly appearing in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on charges of fraud amounting to millions. Tshadi Molelekoa (33) and Teboho Taso (35) appeared on 26 charges of fraud in the magistrate’s court and must appear again on 12 August. The Hawks in Bloemfontein arrested Molelekoa at the couple’s house in Park Avenue, police spokesperson Peter Kareli said. Accompanied by his lawyer, Taso handed himself over to the Hawks later in the day as he was not home at the time of Molelekoa’s arrest. The arrests follow a six-year investigation by the Hawks after the first complaint was registered with the police in 2009. According to Kareli, the pair advertised themselves as estate agents and advertised houses in several local newspapers and operated from an office in Westdene’s Kellner Street. The police confirmed they were also investigating whether two other “estate agencies” that defrauded people also belonged to the couple. “They advertised any house or any address and when unsuspecting buyers paid money to them they would simply not answer their phones,” Kareli said. Kareli said they were also accused of selling one house to several different buyers. Express understands potential buyers would pay anything between R30 000 and R150 000 to the pair. The amount involved in the case is well over R2 million. Anyone who thinks they have been defrauded by Molelekoa and Taso is asked to call Capt. Julius Skota of the Hawks on 051-407-3636 or 071-027-9170.

DAPHNEY SALIWE can speak 6 of South Af­ rica’s 11 official languages. Photo: Jabulani Dlamini

Daphney a well­spoken girl } Jabulani Dlamini

THE Bloemfontein couple Mamofumahadi Molelekoa and Teboho Taso appeared in the Blo­ emfontein Magistrate's Court on Monday on charges of fraud amounting to R2 million.Photo:

Jabulani Dlamini

IN celebration of the diversity of South Africa and her unique people, Express wants to find out who among its readers can speak most of the country’s 11 official languages. One such Free Stater is Daphney Saliwe of Freedom Square outside Bloemfontein. The 24-year-old Volksblad employee speaks six of South Africa’s official languages. She speaks Xhosa, seTswana, Afrikaans, English, seSotho and Zulu fluently. “My mother is Xhosa and my dad is a Mosotho, so we speak both languages at home,” says Saliwe. This eloquent young woman says she learnt to speak Afrikaans at the Bloemfontein High School where she matriculated in 2007, while she picked up the rest of the languages as she grew up. “There are many advantages to speaking so many languages and probably the best among these is that you get to mingle easily with people from various ethnicities,” says Saliwe, who holds a National Diploma in Language Practice from the Central University of Technology. ) If you think you can beat Saliwe with the number of languages you speak, or know of someone who can, contact Express and we will video interview the person and also publish their story in the newspaper. ) Visit Express’s Facebook page ( and tell us of such a person and we will contact them. ) Visit to see a video interview with Saliwe.



Loads of books for learners } Jabulani Dlamini EXPRESS and its parent newspaper, Volksblad, together with the Free State Department of Education, recently embarked on a book donation and collection drive. This saw well in excess of 5 000 books,


magazines, journals, dictionaries and children’s books being donated by readers. The collected reading material will be distributed by the Department of Education to various underprivileged schools in an effort to boost literacy levels amongst learners.

STAFF of the Free State Department of Education (FSDoE) have been kept busy collecting hundreds of books donated by Express readers at the Express offices in Henry Street. From the left are Vuyani Jumba, Via Afrika executive publisher’s representative for the Free State, Isaac Mogopudi (FSDoE), Itumeleng Sekaledi (FSDoE), Mokete Khoabane (FSDoE) and Mokheseng Moadira (FSDoE). Photo: Jabulani Dlamini

COLLECTING more books from the Express offices as part of the book donation drive are from the left the Free State Department of Education’s Isaac Mogopudi, Itumeleng Sekaledi and Mokete Khoabane.The books will be distributed by the Department of Education to underprivileged schools in an effort to boost literacy levels. Photo: Tshenolo Meruti




FS Premier, MEC’s sworn in } Teboho Setena THE Free State premier, Elias “Ace” Magashule, has added two new faces to his cabinet as he stuck with the majority of the old guard members of his previous provincial cabinet. Guaranteed for a second five-year term in the powerful position of Free State premier, Magashule announced the ten Members of the Executive Council (MECs) to serve in his cabinet at an event held at Thabong’s Kopano Indoor Sports Centre in Welkom last Thursday. The two new faces in the cabinet are Sam Mashinini, prominent general secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) in the Free State, and Mathabo Leeto, who until last Thursday held the influential position of mayor of the Lejweleputswa District Municipality. Mashinini is the MEC for Public Works and Rural Development in the place of Sisi Mabe, who is now the speaker of the Free State Legislature, while Leeto is the MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, taking over from the ousted Dan Khothule. Leading up to the general and provincial elections held on 7 May, the writing was on the wall that the days of Khothule as MEC were over. He served a five-year term as a member of Magashule’s cabinet. As for Khothule’s successor, Leeto, speculation was that the former mayor of the Matjhabeng Municipality would be a member of the provincial cabinet despite the cloud of fraud and corruption charges hanging over her and former municipal manager of the Matjhabeng Municipality, Dr Benny Malakoane. Those retained and already familiar to the people of the Free State are Hebert “Tate” Makgoe, MEC for Education, Msebenzi Zwane, MEC for Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental

THE Free State elected new Members of the Executive Council (MECs) with Premier Elias “Ace” Magashule (centre). From the left are Sam Mashinini (MEC for Public Works and Rural Development), Pule “Tate” Makgoe (MEC for Education), Benny Malakoane (MEC for Health), Msebenzi Zwane (MEC for Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs), Butana Komphela (MEC for Police, Roads and Transport), Sisi Ntombela (MEC for Social Development), Elzabe Rockman (MEC for Finance), Mami Qabathe (MEC for Agricul­ ture), Olly Mlamleli (MEC for Cooperative Governance, Traditional Affairs and Human Settlement) and Mathabo Leeto (MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation). Photo: Teboho Setena Affairs, Dr Benny Malakoane, MEC for Health, Butana Komphela, MEC for Transport, Roads and Police, Olly Mlamleli, MEC for Cooperative Governance, Traditional Affairs and Human Settlement, Mamiki Qabathe, MEC for Agriculture, Sisi Ntombela, MEC for Social Development, and Elzabe Rockman, MEC for Finance. The tried and tested MECs to serve in the provincial cabinet were also sworn in at the same event at which some opted taking

an oath of office and others affirmation – all of them committing to serve the community of the Free State in the presence of the multitudes of people in attendance at the ceremony. The cabinet reflects a 50/50 gender balance, five men and women, meeting the expectations of the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL). Acting judge president of the Free State High Court, Mojalefa Rampai, preceded

over the inauguration proceedings which ran three hours late. The inauguration proceedings started at 13:00 instead of the scheduled time of 10:00 and had the multitudes in attendance basking in the hot sun. Drama unfolded when Winnie MadikizelaMandela made her appearance, walking through the crowd alongside Magashule as people went into raptures, welcoming the ANC’s veteran women freedom fighter.




Notice is hereby given, in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, (Act No 107 of 1998) and the new Regulations (Government Notice R. 543 - R546, published in June 2010) of Koffiefontein Diamond Mine’s intent to carry out the following activities that requires environmental authorisation: x

Proposed New Slimes Dam Development and associated infrastructure at Koffiefontein Diamond Mine It is envisaged that the project will include the following components: Services including water supply in the form of pipe lines, and associated infrastructure; and Access and maintenance roads to the slime dam. The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate issues of concern and potential environmental and social impacts, and propose feasible mitigation measures against such impacts.

PUBLIC COMMENT ENCOURAGED You are requested to register as an Interested and/or Affected Party (I&AP) and are invited to participate by providing comments and raising any issues of concern that you may have. To register as an I&AP, and to receive a copy of the Background Information Document, please contact:

Nicolene Venter Zitholele Consulting (Pty) Ltd P O Box 6002, Halfway House, 1685 Tel: 011 207 2060 Fax: 086 676 9950 email:



Saiosh holds workshop THE South African Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh) will present a workshop on the new construction regulations which were promulgated on 14 February this year. These construction regulations will be implemented from August. This workshop will be facilitated by one of South Africa’s leading construction health and safety specialists, Neels Nortje. Nortje is also the Saiosh national registrar, holds a national diploma in Safety Management and has more than 27 years’ experience in occupational health and safety. He was appointed by the minister of Labour as a member of the minister’s advisory council for occupational health and safety (ACOHS) and has been accepted by the SACPCMP to be registered as Pr. CHS Agent. The workshop will be presented on 20 June from 09:00 to 12:00 at the President Hotel in Bloemfontein. It is free for Saiosh members and non-members pay R525. For more information and bookings go to




Circumcision alone is not ‘lebollo’

LEBOLLO (Sesotho for initiation ritual) is a beautiful ritual. It is so beautiful that most of those who have undergone the ritual often dream about the ritual. Many who have participated in the ritual have a remarkable emotional attachment to it. It is for this reason that I was almost reduced to tears when I happened to hear a commercial on SABC’s Lesedi FM regarding male medical circumcision. In this commercial, it is alleged that someone who has been circumcised at the hospital has undergone the lebollo ritual (o bolotse). This is incorrect. In fact, it is very far from the truth. With due respect to circumcision, as an exercise with its own advantages, like reducing the probability of contracting sexual-

My view

Tiisetso Afrika Makhele Columnist

With due respect to circumcision, as an exer­ cise with its own advantages, like reducing the probability of contracting sexually­trans­ mitted infections, it is an event that occurs for some minutes at the hospital. It must never be compared to lebollo. ly-transmitted infections, it is an event that occurs for some minutes at the hospital. It must never be compared to lebollo. Lebollo begins with the process

of ho qacha, where potential initiates stay before they ultimately leave for their initiation hut. Here they are taught mangae (initiation songs) and dithoko

(praise songs). A bull will be slaughtered to accompany them to their mophato (initiation lodge) where they will spend a considerable period, from one to three months. Here they are taught basic principles of keeping secrets, courage, loyalty and patriotism. After the ritual they call one another thaka tsa mophato (fellow initiates). They regard one another as one family and this is intended to teach them loyalty and teamwork, which is crucial in nation building. The unique and special aspects of the lebollo ritual can never be equated to any exercise in the world. It is only those who have participated in the ritual who know what happens there. That there are some former initiates who are involved in

criminal activities or are part of gangs immediately after undergoing the ritual, should not be used as an excuse to undermine lebollo. Just because some amongst us personally dislike lebollo, it is no reason to justify its misuse or abuse. Many authorities have examples of many mephato that abide by the rules. Simple generalisation smacks of malicious self-hatred. Let us respect our traditions, fellow Africans. ) Anyone who wishes to submit any piece for this column can contact or call 051-404-7910. ) Ideally, the column should be about 450 words long and Express reserves the right to edit submitted pieces where necessary – Ed.




Only by God’s grace can we do anything } Pastor Mutombo Moise Kumwimba WHEN God looked at Moses who was a murderer, He saw in him a great leader and a deliverer of the nation of Israel. Hannah was rejected by many, her face was familiar with tears, a barren woman, but when God looked at her through the eyes of mercy, He saw in her a mother of the great prophet Samuel. It took the grace of God for David, a shepherd boy, rustic and inexperienced, to have stood before Goliath, a well-known

figure of war with many victories, and tell him that he will face him today. Saul persecuted the Church of God, yet when God looked at him, He saw a mighty apostle. Yes, it is all by his grace. This is an indication to believers that by his grace nothing can remain unchanged when you learn to fully depend on the endless provision of his grace. In James 4:13-17 the Bible warns us not to depend on our own natural abilities but to rely on God’s provision of his endless grace.

Many today will boast by saying tomorrow I will do this and that . . . It is true that you can do it, but will it still be possible if the grace of God isn’t in your life? Instead of saying I will, rather say by the grace of God I will . . . because by using “I” we assume to not recognise God, therefore we consider ourselves to be our own god. This is a millstone on many Christians’ life style that needs to be removed by the grace of God. In Acts 12:22-24 we see King Herod giving a great speech to the public; now his audience enjoyed the speech and began to say this

is the voice of a god and not of a man. This brought pride in King Herod and he took the glory to himself instead of recognising that it was God’s grace that gave him the ability to speak that way. The Bible says since he did not recognise God and praise Him, the angel of the Lord immediately struck him down and he was eaten by worms and died. This is a word of encouragement to Christians that are truly walking the narrow road to never take the glory neither magnifying the physical ability but to always

know that whatsoever is accomplished in life, it is all by the grace of God. ) To learn more attend the New Horizon Ministry at the Joe Solomon Primary School in Heidedal at 09:00.

XOLANI MDLALOSE has released his debut album, My Worship, which, although offer­ ing no real surprises, is good enough to lis­ ten to.

Xolani’s debut album } Tshenolo Meruti

XOLANI MDLALOSE of Joyous Celebration, also known as XolaniM, has released his debut album entitled My Worship. The album is produced by Abram Dolo and was recorded live at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria. This album boasts 15 tracks and tracks three and seven are two of my favourites. The album does not feature any other artists and this is disappointing, as it is nice, especially on a gospel album, to have a variety of artists which adds to a feeling of being in church. The fact that it is recorded live makes up for this and the back-up singers all sing well in harmony with one another. Xolani is part of Joyous Celebration and has been with them for six years, having first joined in 2009. The artist has recorded with the group from albums 13 to 18. Before Joyous Celebration, Xolani was with Vuka Africa. Joyous Celebration was a good platform for the artist to mould himself. His album is a testament to this and he carries some of that Joyous Celebration feel with him. The music is your expected contemporary gospel and with a live band and back-up singers this album is good enough to make it on my list of good enough gospel albums to listen to.

Runners lauded PRES. JACOB ZUMA has congratulated all the winners of the 2014 Comrades Ultra-marathon, in particular Bongumusa Mthembu, who won the 89 km-race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban on Sunday. Mthembu secured his maiden Comrades Marathon victory after finishing in 5 hours, 28 minutes and 34 seconds. “This was clearly one of the most exciting races this year and we congratulate all those who made it the success it was,” said Zuma. In second place, was the 2012 champion Ludwick Mamabolo (5:33:14) and Gift Kelehe came third. The fourth place was taken by Zimbabwean Stephen Muzhingi. Meanwhile, the women’s race was won by British-born Canadian, Eleanor Greenwood, ahead of the Nurgalieva twins, Elena and Olesya. –




Bram Fischer, legal lighthouse } Qondile Khedama and Dr Chitja Twala BORN from a family with a legal background, where his father became a judge in the Supreme Court of the Orange Free State, Bram Fischer also played a QONDILE KHEDA­ significant role in MA Photo: Supplied South Africa’s legal arena. Armed with political consciousness, Fischer managed to use his legal background to the benefit of all South Africans, irrespective of colour and creed. Fischer’s legal knowledge benefitted him as a person and those who were marginalised by the oppressive regime, because he was in and out of prison. It is indeed a fair question to ponder whether Fischer would have studied Law and later Communism if the society in which he lived had been less inequitable. Having studied Law at Grey College, then part of the University of South Africa, Fischer became one of the top legal brains the country had ever produced. In January 1935 Fischer joined the Johannesburg Bar and quickly established himself as a successful advocate. He practised law at a time when resistance campaigns of the 1950s led to a direct confrontation between the defenders and the challengers of the apartheid regime. Therefore, the site of the struggle became the courts of the country. In this context, Fischer understood his professional duty was to actively oppose the apartheid laws and the abuse of the legal process in a purely political struggle. This was evident in many of the most celebrated political trials in South Africa, for example, the 1956 Treason Trial which, three years later, led to the acquittal of all the accused, including Nelson Mandela. From this trial it became clear that his strategic stance had been anchored on the tenets of advancing political solidarity. Fischer led the team for the defence of the Rivonia trialists, which opened in Pretoria on 9 October 1963. After the Rivonia Trial, the police concentrated their attention on Fischer. He was arrested on 23 September 1964 and charged under the Suppression of Communism Act together with ten other leaders. He was accused number one. Ironically, although he was regarded as a communist, many people consulted him for legal advice. On 13 May 1975, a day after his funeral service, The Star had the headline: “Fischer’s aid to warders”, whereby Hugh Lewin, who was in prison for seven years with Fischer, confirmed that there were numerous occasions where Fischer spent long hours consulting with warders of varying ranks about problems ranging from traffic offences, tax returns, rent arrears and farm boundary disputes. Although Fischer legally assisted people from all racial groups, his primary motive was to assist the under-privileged Africans. There was no white parliamentary party in South Africa which was pro-African. On 9 June 1995 at the Market Theatre in

US university honours Jansen JONATHAN JANSEN, vice-chancellor and rector of the University of the Free State (UFS), was recently presented with an honorary doctor of letters degree from the University of Vermont at a graduation ceremony in Vermont, America. Jansen was honoured for the outstanding work he had done through various initiatives in South Africa and abroad. The University of Vermont especially highlighted the Leadership for Change Programme, which sent two cohorts of first-year students of the UFS to UVM, creating long-lasting ties between the students and staff of both institutions. “I am delighted and humbled by the international recognition of the work of the UFS and my small role in it,” he said. Jansen was one of seven recipients of an honorary degree, of which Samantha Power, the American ambassador to the United Nations (UN) and a member of Pres. Barack Obama’s cabinet, was also one.

Johannesburg, during the Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture, referring to the work he had done for the ANC over the years, Mandela noted that Fischer often acted as their legal adviser and defended them in court. In cases in which he could not appear or thought it advisable for other reasons not to do so, he asked other leaders of the Bar such as Harold Hanson, Isie Maisels and Walter Pollak. Mandela further stated: “All had the greatest respect for Bram. Because of this they often acted on our behalf without a fee. They acted for us when we were

charged in the defiance campaign trial, when attempts were made to remove us from the roll of professional organisations, and when we were tried on charges of high treason from the end of 1956 to the beginning of 1961. Bram’s painstaking work on the law and above all his understanding of the vital political issues of those days, played a crucial part in the defence which led to our acquittal.” On the respect Fischer received from his colleagues in the legal profession, the Legal Resources Centre of South Africa has previously stated that Fischer was a

consummate lawyer who could be easily understood by the masses, even those who distrusted communism. It is clear from the above that Fischer’s choices to disobey the apartheid regime affected the strength of the rule of law in South Africa before and after his death. He epitomised honesty and commitment to principle, even as he broke the law across the decades prior to his death in 1975. ) Khedama is general manager of Mangaung Metro Municipality Communications while Dr Twala is a senior lecturer in History at the UFS.







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121 APPLICATION TO THE COMMISSIONER OF CIPC Please take notice that Thabo Petrus Mohapi intends to make application to the Commissioner of CIPC for the restoration of New Born Trading 520 2004/124169/23. Take further notice that any objection to the application must be lodged with the Commissioner of CIPC within 21 days of the date of the publication thereof. CIPC, PO Box 429, Pretoria 0001.



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Best of the best to battle it out } Sidwell Guduka THE Engen Knockout Challenge will return again this year. The 16-team u.17 soccer tournament that pits the best qualifiers from the Free State against some of the top academic and professional feeder sides from around the country, will once again be held at Grey College in Bloemfontein later this month. The event will also be held in four other regions such as Port Elizabeth, Durban, Gauteng and Cape Town during the upcoming school holidays. The tournament has grown over the years and has become a breeding ground for young talent in South Africa. This is where stars such as Thulani Serero, Ronwen Williams and Keegan Dolly were unearthed before going on to represent the national teams. Coaches, talent scouts and football administrators continue to frequent this event, hunting for the next Serero and it will be no different this winter. This year Engen will

be introducing the Engen Champs of Champs, where the winners from each region will battle it out for the title in Johannesburg from 10 October until 12 October. The event will be hosted by Engen’s new partner, Supersport United FC. “After ten years of our involvement in youth development football, we felt it was time to take the next step in terms of creating a new event where South Africa’s best compete against each other in the Champs of Champs, elevating the level of the tournament to a much higher level,” Brad Bergh, the Engen Group sponsorship manager, says. The names of the teams that will be participating in the Free State’s leg of the competition will be announced at the launch to be held at Grey College soon. ) For more stories, visit

EYES ON THE BALL: The Engen Knockout Challenge will be played in five regions during the winter school holidays.

Photo: Sidwell Guduka




Soccer: The Engen Knockout Challange Page 15

Boxers have high hopes } Tladi Moloi

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THE Free State Boxing Organisation has selected 15 boxers who will represent the Free State in this year’s Amateur National Championships set for next month in East London. The date and venue for the national championships are yet to be confirmed. A team comprising 11 men and 4 women was assembled during the provincial tournament staged at the Baken Park Hall in Bethlehem on Saturday. The participants in Saturday’s tournament were from Lejweleputswa, the High Performance Centre and the Thabo Mofutsanyana District. Fusi Hlasoa, the Free State Boxing Organisation president, said they had selected a strong team compared to the ones they had had in the past. He said with that team he had his hopes on one of the three top positions. “We should come home with a trophy. We staged the tournament because we wanted to pick good boxers who could represent the province at the national finals,” he said. Hlasoa said they had assembled a squad of 20 members, including men, women, the coaches and officials. “It has never been easy to choose a team knowing that everybody wants to be in the team. This was a tough season for us because every boxer who took part in the tournament fought like a soldier,” he said. The president said they would soon stage a friendly game against Lesotho in preparation for the upcoming national championship. “We have conferred with Lesotho and their national team will come here. After that competition we’ll take them to training camp for about a week or two.” Hlasoa said the team would also sharpen their skills at the Free State Sports Science Institute (FSSSI) in Bloemfontein. “Our coaches will have to work more on technique. I have noticed that some of the boxers are good, but that they have difficulties with their technique.” Bontle Dingaan said she was happy to have been selected and added that she would love to come home with a trophy. “I am sure we’ll come home with a trophy. It is obvious that every player wants to be associated with a winning team,” she said. List of boxers that will represent the Free State at the national championships:

SQUARING UP: Ete Khumalo and Anton Maloisane fight for a place in the Free State Boxing Organisation’s squad that will rep­ resent the province in this year’s amateur national championships set for next month in East London. Photo: Tladi Moloi Men Thabo Mofokeng (Thabo Mofutsanyana); M. Lekaota (Thabo Mofutsanyana); Gift Pilani (Lejweleputswa); Thami Rigale (Lejweleputswa); S. Temeki (High Performance Centre); M. Lekale (Lejweleputswa); Lerato Dlamini (High Performance Centre); Ete Khumalo (Thabo Mofutsanyana); Anton Maloisane (High Performance Centre); Dennis Lebona (Lejweleputswa); and Jano Fourie (Thabo Mofutsanyana). Women Nozi Dube (Thabo Mofutsanyana); Bontle Dingaan (Thabo Mofutsanyana); and Naledi Dingaan (Thabo Mofutsanyana).

Expressex 20140604  

Expressex 20140604

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