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Matrics can ‘Ace’ exam } Sidwell Guduka MATRIC pupils of the Kgorathuto High School in Botshabelo have every reason to ace their upcoming final examinations. Free State Premier Ace Magashule has pledged to award 20 study bursaries to the top-performing matriculants of the school to further their studies at tertiary institutions next year. Speaking at a function organised by Kgorathuto and Ubank, where he helped to paint the school in Botshabelo last Thursday, Magashule encouraged learners to take their education seriously. He also wished matriculants the best of luck as they approached their year-end exams. “ Education is the key to success. Focus on education and leave all other things. If you are educated you will have a great future and a better life,” Magashule told pupils who responded with a loud round of applause. “Exams are just around the corner. I would like to wish all gr. 12 learners the best of luck. With hard work and perseverance you can do it. You can pass. Remember, it’s for your future. When you walk into the exam room just tell yourself that you are going to do it,” the premier said. “The results you achieve in the November Senior Certificate Examinations will determine your choice of career and your future. “If you do well academically you will become somebody in life. But you can only become somebody tomorrow through education,” he added. Magashule said he would give special bursaries to Kgorathuto. “We’ll put aside 20 bursaries especially for this school, because most of the learners here are from very poor backgrounds. I’m not saying you must not apply for bursaries; apply for bursaries, because I’m committing only 20 bursaries for the school,” he promised.

MY LEADER! Ace Magashule, premier of the Free State, is flanked by Kgorathuto High School pupils during his visit to the school on Thursday. Photo: Sidwell Guduka




CELEBRATION: From the left are David Mabunda, the chief executive officer of SANParks, Sithembile Mhlophe, the Golden Gate Highlands National Park manager, Clem Harrington, the MMC for Local Economic Development and Tourism of the Dihlabeng Municipality, and Nomvuselelo Songelwa, managing executive: parks division. Here they are cutting the cake during the Golden Gate Highlands National Park’s 50-year anniversary. Photo: Tladi Moloi

Park celebrates 50 years } Tladi Moloi

THE Golden Gate Highlands National Park has turned 50 years old. Situated in the Eastern Free State in the grasslands of charming countryside that reaches up into the foothills of Lesotho’s Maluti Mountains, the park, which attracts tourists from around the world, saw its employees, management and stakeholders celebrating its 50-year anniversa-

ry. The five-decade anniversary was celebrated in the form of a gala dinner on Friday evening. Before the dinner the management celebrated with members of the community at the Meriting Picnic Site earlier in the day. David Mabunda, the chief executive officer of SANParks, said the night was a very special one and added that this was one of the parks that they were proud of, because it has a hotel.

He said SANParks has come a long way, as it was established formally in 1926. He added that prior to that it had existed as a Kruger National Park for almost 25 years. “Before that there were some attempts that made conservation something that the country started to appreciate. So, to be exact, we are over 100 years old as an institution,” he said. Mabunda said they have gone through difficult times and good

times. He said Friday was one of the good times, which one would not like to forget. “We derived our mandate from section 24 of the constitution which allows us to conserve the environment and make sure that whatever is there is sustainable.” He said they have made sure that the parks that they were managing were untrammelled by development and ruled by solitude. He said humans were seen as

intruders and the parks were conserved for the sake of conservation. “We would not have been here if we didn’t have good people in our organisation and I would like to thank them,” he said. Sithembile Mhlophe, the Golden Gate Highlands National Park manager, said they were going to work hard. “We have had a lot of success on a number of planned projects,” she said.

Ex-offender chooses life } Lesego Ditheko FOLLOWING a life of crime that started at age 14, Benjamin Williams has turned his life around and now motivates prisoners and school kids to avoid the pitfalls of crime. Born in Cradock in the Eastern Cape 35 years ago, Williams now lives in Heidedal and spends his time speaking to young men in schools and also reaching out to his former prison mates. His story begins at age 14 when he developed an interest in committing crime. Even though he committed a lot of crime, because of his age it was difficult for the police to arrest him. This was until one night when he was 15 years old when he stabbed a friend because he wanted to “teach him a lesson”. “Until today, I still don’t understand why he died. I only wanted to scare him, to teach him a lesson, not to kill him,” said Williams. He described the relationship with the friend as a relationship based on crime – they were housebreakers and thieves. He was arrested, but because he was under age, he was released on condition that he would be put under strict surveillance by his mother. However, things became worse. He and his partners in crime terrorised the community. One day, while sitting with other gang members, they started comparing how

many court cases they had had and they realized that Williams topped them by having 17 court cases against him. In 1996, two weeks after Williams’s 18th birthday, he was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison, of which two years were suspended. During those five years, he served out his sentence in four different prisons. Three months before his parole date, his life was turned upside down when his best friend was murdered in Cape Town – he couldn’t even attend the funeral. “Realising what my lifestyle was doing to my mother and her business, I decided to seek help nine years ago,” he said. Williams said he turned to the same courts to ask for help. “Looking at the effects and aftermath of the thug life, I took the decision to seek God and made him the centre of my life,” he said. His journey to “recovery” and being a motivator really started when he founded an organisation called IInd Chance, a platform where ex-offenders, the government, the public sector, businesses against crime and civil society come together to find solutions for challenges experienced by ex-offenders when released from prison, William said.

BENJAMIN WILLIAMS has turned away from a life of crime and now motivates young men and other prisoners to do the same. Photo: Lesego Ditheko




Officials reach out } Lesego Ditheko

THIS year’s Casual Day celebrations by officials of the Free State Health Department based at Bophelo House included a fun twist. With September also being Deaf Awareness Month, the event was used to highlight everyday challenges faced by people living with disabilities. Anna Ntlhokoa and Rofhiwa Nemutanzhela, who work in the department’s disability and rehabilitation section, lead a few fun activities aimed at highlighting the plight of their colleagues and members of the community who live with various disabilities. The department’s disability and rehabilitation section essentially teaches officials of the department, including doctors and nurses, the various ways of communicating and assisting people with disabilities around the community. “We celebrate Casual Day annually and our aim is to take staff members through the experience of people living with disabilities,” said Ntlhokoa. The awareness was demonstrated through various competitions that officials took part in. Competitions included limb limitation, wheelchair racing, Sign Language interpretation and blindfold exercises. In limb limitation, the participants’ arms are tied behind their back and they have to eat an apple without any assistance while in wheelchair racing, participants race across the walkway. In the sign language competition, the participants must emulate Nemutanzhela who essentially communicates via Sign Language and try to interpret what she is saying.

TOUCHY FEELY: The Health Department’s labour relations officer, Mohorosi Tsuke, took part in the money feel challenge while being blind-folded. Tsuke struggled to get the guessing right as he thought the R20 note was a R50. Photos: Lesego Ditheko

The department’s disability and rehabilitation section essentially teaches officials of the department, i n c l u d i n g d o c to r s a n d nurses, the various ways of communicating and assisting people with disabilities around the community. Mohorosi Tsuke, a labour relations officer at the department, said though it was a good experience he realised that people living with disabilities lived a challenging life and part-taking in the competitions has made him open-minded. Tsuke also appealed to the community to contribute in supporting and participating in days like Casual Day to give a helping hand to the government to raise awareness. Nemutanzhela, a chief auxiliary service officer, trains doctors and nurses in all five Free State districts on how to communicate in Sign Language. She said it was important as a doctor or nurse to learn and know the language as deaf patients struggle to get proper help. “There is a lot of miscommunication that takes place between medical practitioners and their deaf patients, at times practitioners have to be corrected for giving out incorrect medication to their patients,” she said.

OFFICIALS taking part in the limb limitation challenge.




Fihlella ditoro le ditshepiso tsa hao EBE nako e phethahetseng ya ho lekola hore na ditoro tsa hao, ditebello le ditshepiso di phethahetse ke efe? Batho re na le ditoro tse ngata tseo re batlang ho di phethahatsa kapa ho bona di phethahala. Ba bang seka-rona re nale tse phahameng haholo, ba bang tse fihlellehang. Tse ding tsa tsona re a di fihlella, tse ding re di nyahamele. Ha selemo se fihla mafellong kapa se kgaoha, batho re iketsetsa ditshepiso tse ngata le tse phahameng. Ba bang re bua ka mokgwa letsina le kekeng la hlola le atametse maleme a rona kateng, ba bang ka mokgwa re kekeng ra hlola re tsuba kateng. Na ditshepiso tsee re di etsa feela? Na di na le boleng bo itseng maphelong a rona? Ebang re sa di etse feela, re lokela ho itlhahloba hore na re santse rele mothathing mabapi le tsona na. Ke bua sena ke ngongorehisitswe ke mokgwa oo re sa nkelleng hloohong tse ding tsa ditoro kapa ditshepiso tseo re ipehelang tsona kateng, mohlala; ebang o itshepisitse hore okeke wa hlola o tsuba, empa o ipona o tsuba letsatsi le tjhabang le le dikelang, ho bolela hore tshepiso ya hao e bolela lefeela ho wena. Mokgwa o bonolo kapa o molemo wa ho fihlella tabatabelo ya ho ipona ose osa tsubi, ke ho fokotsa palo ya disakerete tseo o di tsubang ka letsatsi, ebile o ithuta le ho bala hore na o tsubile tse kae. Ena e bonahala ele ntho e nyane, empa molemo wa yona bophelong ba hao o keke wa lekanngwa. Bothata bo re emisang le monna mateneng ke hore ha re itlhahlobe kapa ho lekola hore na re se rele hokae le ho fihlella tseo re ipehetseng tsona. Ebang one o lakaditse ho isa ngwana wa hao sekolong sa thuto e phahameng, mme wa qetella o sa kgona, o tlameha obile le mabaka a o sitisitseng ho fihlella seo. Ebang o sa tadimisisi mabaka ao, monyetla wa hore o iphumane o shebane le mabaka a tshwanang le ao selemong se latelang o moholo haholo. O lokela ho a hlaola kapa hona ho batla

A re bueng Kutwane Kareli Cultural practitioner Mokgwa o bonolo kapa o molemo wa ho fihlella tabatabelo ya ho ipona ose osa tsubi, ke ho fokot足 sa palo ya disakerete tseo o di tsubang ka letsatsi, ebile o ithuta le ho bala hore na o tsubile tse kae. tsela nngwe ya ho a qoba, ele hore a se iketse mokgoka kgwale ditorong le tsona ditabatabelong tsa hao. Jwale hee, mooko tabeng e ke ona; leka ha bedi kapa ho fetisa moo ka selemo ho lekola hore na o fihlelletse ditoro tsa hao kapa jwang pele selemo se fela. Ebang hona le ditshitiso, ke mekgwa efeng eo o e latetseng ho fedisa ditshitiso tseo? Ho re na toro kapa tshepiso eo o iketsetsang yona e nyane hakae, ha ho kgathalletsehe, taba e hlokolosi ke hore na o a e fihlella na? Ere ke di behe mohatla kgwiti, ke se iketse marakalle wa tjwadi ya tjwete. Ke Motaung wa Rampai ya reng; Ya kgaola ya ya *Mang kapa mang ya a batlang ho ngola kholomong ena, a ka ikopanya le Jabulani Dlamini ho 051-404-7910 kapa ho *Mongodi ha ana ho lefiwa




Child (10) injured Dihlabeng accused of negligence } Tladi Moloi


MAMOHLOLO MOLOI (30), mother of Thato Moloi (10), is taking the Dihlabeng Local Municipality to court. Mamohlolo, from Fateng tse Ntsho in Paul Roux, said she would be meeting with her lawyers before the end of this week to file a case against the municipality for the injuries to her son. “I am meeting with my lawyers soon. I want the municipality to pay for the injuries to my son. They should also pay me for the pain that I had gone through on that day,” she said. It is alleged that the mentally challenged Thato recently fell into a hole which was left open by Mashinini Enterprises, a company that had been contracted by the municipality to install sewer lines in Paul Roux. According to Mamohlolo, her son had lost a tooth during the incident and had to be taken to hospital where some loose teeth had to be supported with braces. “He was playing outside while I was cleaning the house. We usually lock the gate because we don’t want him to play outside the yard. On that day he jumped over the gate and fell into the hole which was near the gate,” she said. She said she had heard the child screaming while working in the house and ran outside. “I looked for him and he was lying helplessly in the hole. I helped him out and he was badly injured. We then took him to the Dihlabeng Regional Hospital for treatment,” she said. Mamohlolo said the municipality would pay for the pain that she had felt on that day and pointed out that, had the contractor covered the hole with something, the child would not have fallen in. “They left the holes open for about four months and these pose a threat to the community. Some of the holes are near the pavement where the children pass to and from school,” she said. The DA stated that it was amazed at the negligence of the company and was appalled by the municipality for not monitoring the work done by the company. Piet Ramaele, the DA councillor in Dihlabeng, said they were very disappointed and that it spoke of negligence and the uncaring nature of the municipality towards its residents. “The DA calls on the municipality to make sure that Mashinini Enterprises covers all the holes in the township to prevent similar incidents,” he said. Palo Ntoane, the project manager at Mashinini Enterprises, said he had been called about the incident by a family member the evening of the day on which the incident had occurred. He said he had gone there the following day to see what had happened, but said that he could find no signs of blood. “When I looked at the victim, he indeed had wounds, but it was like he was burnt or something like that. I asked them to go to the chemist for medication, but they refused,” he said. Ntoane said the family had not yet discussed the issue with him and that all they were trying to do was to get the media’s attention. In the meantime, the hole into which Thato had alPhotos: Tladi Moloi legedly fallen, has been sealed.

MAMOHLOLO MOLOI is taking the Dihlabeng Local Municipality to court.

Dihlabeng says TSHEDISO MAITSE, the acting manager: marketing and communications of the Dihlabeng Local Municipality, says the municipality cares deeply for all its people, both in the community and the staff in the municipality’s employment, and want to ensure that while discharging its service delivery mandate, no one is put in harm’s way – life or limb. “The municipality ensures that for every project undertaken, as part of contract management and also contained in every service level agreement entered into with service providers, all regulations as contained in the National Occupational Health and Safety Act are strictly adhered to. Some of the safety measures contractors are expected to comply with include, but are not restricted to, the following: the use of safety nets and danger tapes to barricade open trenches; warning signs; and the shortest possible time for the filling of holes and trenches.” He said the incident in Paul Roux that had been reported in the media was regrettable and as a municipality they were conducting an investigation and if culpability could be proven on either their part or the contractor’s, corrective steps would be taken. “The municipality does not owe any service provider any unpaid fees, and no contractor has ever had to abandon any project as a result of not being paid. All the projects underway are running smoothly and on schedule and any assertion to the contrary is devoid of any truth,” he said.




Get your fashion fix online } Oteng Mpete BLOEMFONTEIN’S first online fashion store, House of Latiquè, was launched over the weekend. The lavish, all-white 50-guest event was held at the Protea Hotel Willow Lake and was a sneak peek of what shoppers can expect from the online store. The owner and innovative mind behind the House of Latiquè online store, 20-year-old Sinayolo Ngcepe, a student at the University of the Free State (UFS), hails from the small town of Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape. She describes herself as a small-town girl with big dreams. Ngcepe says it was not an easy journey getting her business ambitions off the ground. Armed with a 250-page business plan she proved she was a force to be reckoned with and this was enough for her to get financial assistance. She was ready to build a brand from scratch and to start speaking the global fashion language. Ngcepe says with great enthusiasm that she loves fashion and that her mother is her muse, because her wardrobe is full of her mother’s clothes. She says she wants to change the social conviction that to be sexy you need to be revealing. House of Latiquè’s target market is women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are fashion enthusiasts. The label wants to equip women with the necessary confidence to take on the world. “If women look good and smell good, they have the confidence to take on the working world. If you do not like experimenting and having fun with your look, then House of Laqituè is not for you,” she says sternly. Initially Ngcepe wanted to have a physical store in one of the malls, but because of financial constraints she humbly says: “I under-

THE young entrepreneur and owner of House of Latiquè, Sinayolo Ngcepe. stand that I have to build up my brand equity first and build up brand awareness before I can do

that. I mean, I have all the time in the world”. House of Latiquè ensures that

A MODEL shows off one of House of Latiquè’s creations. Tankiso “Tank” Khumalo

clothing takes two to five days to be delivered within the Free State, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.


Visit and take advantage of the 21% off launch discount.

BIG WINNER: Lethabo Lesabe (holding trophy and certificate), is surrounded by teachers and pupils of the St Mary’s Primary School in Mangaung. Lethabo has won the solo singing competition that was held in Bloemfontein recently. She participated in the seven-to-ten-year category. Photo: Sidwell Guduka




‘MEC appointment unethical’ Letters

MZWANDILE HLEKO, COPE SPOKESPERSON ON POLICE, ROADS AND TRANSPORT: COPE finds it unacceptable that the Free State premier, Ace Magashule, appointed Dr Benny Malakoane, MEC for Health, as the acting MEC for Police, Roads and Transport as Malakoane is currently under investigation by the Hawks for fraud, corruption, money laundering and contravention of the Municipal Finances Management Act during his terms as municipal manager of the Matjhabeng Municipality. Malakoane was appointed to act as MEC for Police, Roads and Trans-

Express Letters, P.O. Box 9493, Bloemfontein, 9300 Jabulani Dlamini Tel: 051-447-7910 Fax: 086-676-3805

port from 9 September to 13 September this year. The appointment of Malakoane as acting MEC for Police, Roads and Transport is unethical and should never have taken place. In July 2013, Mondli Mvambi, spokesperson to Magashule, reiterated that Malakoane remains innocent until proven guilty beyond any

Concern over sites ROY JANKIELSOHN, DA MPL: THE DA is concerned about complaints received from residents of the Setsoto Municipality that sites allocated for state housing are being sold to individuals, some of whom are allegedly from Lesotho. Residents, and specifically beneficiaries who qualify for sites in Zone 8 in Ward 18 in Meqheleng, have been victims of corruption not only by councillors, but a municipal housing list that is subject to constant and arbitrary changes by officials in the Setsoto Housing Department. Councillors are allegedly involved in selling sites for between R5 000 and R10 000 each. Various residents have pointed to Councillor Makae as being the main culprit in this regard, while other residents indicate that all the ANC councillors could be involved in these and other criminal activities. This type of corruption remains a serious issue in many municipalities and we expect the premier of the Free State to investigate these allegations and lay criminal charges against individuals who abuse not only state resources, but our residents, in this manner.

Paying to be wealthy LINDA SMITH, Manor Gardens, Durban: WHILE I am not decrying the good that some governments may do, they are the cause of many of their countries’ woes. However blatant the truth may be, in trying to justify their policies and actions, political speeches are a mishmash of contradictions. The governments of the world have their methods of relieving the man in the street of his earnings. Not even death is an excuse for not contributing to the bottomless pit where the all-consuming tax-dragon lies in wait. Each country’s economy is at the mercy of its government. Around the world, and usually in unison, governments either release money into the economy or withhold it. When money is released the people prosper, but are soon enticed to overextend themselves and get into debt. The governments then withdraw money from the economy and the people begin to perish. Their possessions and property are soon devoured by the very finance houses that enticed them into the debt lair. As George Bernard Shaw so aptly put it: “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul”. But then one begins to wonder if the government itself is not actually Paul, who orchestrates everything in its own favour. Governments in collaboration with big business, for political and economic reasons that are usually based on lies, declare wars on other countries. Thus they sentence people to death rather than resolve the conflict they created. Despite the fact that defence means to protect, to guard against harm, defence forces are sent across borders to invade other countries, usually those rich in minerals or oil. While the conscienceless corporates rape and plunder, the lives of citizens are devastated and destroyed. Unfortunately, people pay the price for the wealth nature so generously buried deep in the soil.

reasonable doubt and that the processes of the law will take their own course in a fair manner without any prejudice. The appointment of Malakoane as acting MEC for Police has proven that the governing party has no respect for the processes of the law as the premier himself appointed an individual into a position of power over those who are investigating him. This is blatant disrespect by the ruling party and the premier towards the people of the Free State and the rule of law, whether the temporary position of power has been abused or not.

Decision on bill welcomed STONE SIZANI, ANC chief whip in parliament: THE office of the ANC chief whip welcomes the decision of President Jacob Zuma to refer the Protection of State Information Bill back to parliament for reconsideration to bring it in line with the Constitution. The bill was passed by the National Assembly on 25 April and sent to the president for assent and signing into law. In terms of the Constitution, the president must either assent to and sign bills or, if he has reservations about the constitutionality of the bill, refer it back to the National Assembly for reconsideration.

The president has written to parliament pointing out several clauses which should be changed to ensure that the bill passes the constitutional muster. We appreciate the president’s views on the bill. Indeed parliament must ensure that an appropriate process is instituted to ensure that amendments are accordingly effected. It is important that the laws parliament pass are of the highest quality and are not in conflict with the constitution. We are confident that the amendments would further strengthen the bill and its objectives of protecting citizen’s information and enhancing national security through protection of sensitive government information.




Graduates do CUT proud

Included in Cheetahs teams THESE learners from the Heatherdale Secondary School in Heidedal have been included in the Cheetahs development teams. From the left are, in front: Monique Bloem, Nadima Rajkumar and Janice Plaatjes; back: Renchia Nkumbi, Wistonia Swartz and Reona Neels. Photo: Clive Solomon

“PEOPLE who are crazy enough to think they can change the face of higher education, as the CUT is doing, are the ones that can actually make it happen,” said Professor Thandwa Mthembu, vice-chancellor and principal, during his State-of-the-University Address 2013. The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), with a curriculum consisting of 40 academic programmes, 13 masters and 21 doctoral programmes each year, strives to improve the impact the institution has on social and technological innovation in the region. The CUT’s objective of making the university a first-rate institution, wellequipped to play a robust role in the socio-economic development of the region and the country by providing excellent education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), is reaping the rewards. On 6 September, the CUT graduated a total of 480 graduates, of which 22 are on master level and 3 new doctorates in the fields of Education and Language Practice. A doctorate is the highest academic qualification and is a revered qualification to achieve. All three candidates are CUT staff members, which will lead to a better educated staff component – knowledgeable in their fields, and in turn ensuring a more stellar delivery of education to the central region. Currently, the CUT has the most doctorates in academic staff of all the Universities of Technology in South Africa. Dr Brenton Fredericks completed his Doctor Technologiae in Language Practice. His study entitled The influence of communication factors on learner achievement in the Mangaung area, South Africa, makes an invaluable contribu-

The CUT’s objective of making the university a first-rate institution, wellequipped to play a robust role in the socio-economic development of the region and the country by providing excellent education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), is reaping the rewards. tion in identifying how poor communication practices negatively influence learner performance and vice versa. He will be joined by Dr Willien Fourie who completed her Philosophiae Doctor in Education entitled The development of a track and field management manual for local organising committees in South Africa. This doctoral study was undertaken after a lack of knowledge amongst track and field event organisers was identified. The final doctoral candidate, Dr Augustinus Kolobe, will be conferred with his Philosophiae Doctor in Education. His study entitled Teacher perceptual and conceptual idiosyncrasies with regard to the implementation of the integrated quality management system (IQMS) in the foundation phase explored the probable dilemmas and hurdles confronting teachers. The CUT’s master graduates possess advanced knowledge in an assortment of fields including Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Technology and Environmental Health. Their high order skills in analysis, critical evaluation, professional application, and ability to solve complex problems, will be an asset to society – as co-creators of research and innovation.

Large number of vehicles on auction THOSE planning on purchasing second-hand vehicles can look forward to yet another first-class auction from the SA Auction Group when it sells approximately 100 lots of repossessed and fleet vehicles in Bloemfontein next week. This auction, on behalf of Free State Wheels and Express Wheels, promises to attract a large number of buyers to the SA Auction Group’s head office

in Bainsvlei. “The second-hand car industry has already benefitted from the auction industry for years and that is why we expect serious buyers, both private and dealers, to attend this auction of ours in Bloemfontein,” says Rudi Herbst, managing director of the SA Auction Group. He adds that manufacturer names like Audi, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Mer-

cedes-Benz, Jeep, Isuzu, Renault and Volkswagen will feature strongly at this auction. The auction takes place on Thursday, 26 September, at 10:30 and viewing takes place on the day prior to the auction during office hours. Photos of vehicles and a complete catalogue are available on or call Marna Bester on 079-339-5915 for more information.

Man with memory loss missing } Lesego Ditheko THE Kgotlagomang family would like the community to help them find their father, Ratibi Ephraim Khunyeli (71), who was last seen wearing khaki pants and a green T-shirt with black shoes. He is from 1262 Seeisoville, Kroonstad. Khunyeli was last seen at the Universitas Hospital on Sunday, 15 September. He was supposed to go for a procedure at the Universitas Hospital. He has loss of memory. If there is anyone who recognises Khunyeli, please contact Refiloe Kgotlagomang on 082-784-3202.

RATIBI EPHRAIM KHUNYELI was reported as missing. Photo: Supplied



Lechesa has some work to do to change City’s fortunes

IF I were alive just after Jesus Christ’s time on earth, my mom might have named me Thomas – after “doubting” Thomas in the Bible. And it would have been a great honour, because St Tom was actually a realist. I mean, really, who would believe someone had risen from the dead unless they saw it with their own eyes? Same goes for the resurrection of the Polokwane City corpse. Just before the start of the current Absa Premiership season, a crappy team and their crappier coach were happy to gain promotion into the elite league, but they soon realised the PSL was not for the “small boys”. Out of the four matches they have played so far this campaign, City are still searching for their first PSL win and, by the look of things, they may wait a bit longer to eventually get a win.

My view

Sidwell Guduka Sports Editor

Will they turn the corner at the expense of Orlando Pirates whom they visit in Soweto tonight? I have no hope. Alas, I am a realist – and reality tells me that their woes are likely to be worsened by the Buccaneers today. City may still try to deny it, but there is a crisis at the Limpopo outfit who are at the bottom of the log – without any points. Duncan Lechesa’s side have conceded eight goals and they only managed to score four goals – an average of one goal per

match. Lechesa, who hails from Bloemfontein, is under pressure to produce positive results. He is walking a tightrope and is likely to be the first PSL coach to bite the dust this term. It will be interesting to see what type of game plan he will come up with to try and upset Pirates. With due respect to the visually impaired, Steve Kekana can see that City are early favourites to get automatic relegation, come end of the season. The biggest mistake made by Rise and Shine was a failure to strengthen their squad with experienced players after being promoted to the PSL. Lechesa should have known better that experience is key at that level. He must wake up and smell the coffee. It is no secret that South

African soccer bosses are trigger-happy when it comes to firing coaches. In the domestic league, mining tycoon Patrice Motsepe, the Mamelodi Sundowns owner, has been just as triggerhappy over the last few years. However, there is one man who made Motsepe look like a total amateur last season, a man who fired a coach faster than you can say “severance package”. Guess who that man is? That man is none other than Siviwe “Chippa” Mpengesi, Chippa United owner. He became notorious for changing coaches like they were underwear. If memory serves me well, United had five different coaches on the touchline last season. A famous saying in sport is that you get two types of coaches: those who have been fired and those waiting to be fired. I am not to sure about the

. . . there is a crisis at the Limpopo outfit who are at the bottom of the log . . .

terms of Lechesa’s contract, but I doubt he will see the end of it. Failure to collect points against Pirates could spell trouble for the losing coach. He is living on borrowed time, so he should make the best of it. The sooner Lechesa changes the fortunes of City, the better for him. ) Since the writing of this column, it has come to Express’s attention that Lechesa has been fired by City. According to reports, this took place on Monday night.





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from R500 – R10 000. ±15 minutes approval. Fax your salary advice and ID No to 051 448 7964 att: Billy or SMS your ID No to 083 662 3928 for approval. Stop blacklisting from R130 p.m. Call 051 430 3296 /051 430 8427.





Flat to rent: Generaal de Wet. R4 000 p.m. W D'METRI MOTORS FSP 28260 Tel. 051 447 1400 / 051 430 1833 VISIT OUR WEBSITE We buy and sell quality used vehicles.

Jeep Cheroke Limited Edition: 2003. Automatic. Low milage: 97 000 km. Immaculate condition, electric seats, windows and mirrors. Engine: 3.7 Petrol, 4x4. Metallic dark green. Beige leather. Only

R99 500. 082 450 8670.

Need a car? On ITC? No problem! Call Gregory 073 842 8619.


& e excl. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen, parking under building. Groundfloor unit, good security. Available

immediately. Phone Ina 082 202 4202.

FLATS TO LET: Rooms and flats available. Priced from R1 500 pm. Contact Lindie BARR PROP. 051 430 8445.

Dewetsdorp: R380 000. Big house. 4 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, diningroom, 1 bathroom and a garage. Unique Homes: R680 000. 3-bedroom house, beautiful finishes inside, recently renovated. Bloemside: R650 000 3-bedroom house, a lot of extras. Mafora/Phase 2: R460 000 3-bedroom house, kitchen, bathroom with toilet plus separate toilet, dining-room and sitting-room open plan. Call 082 050 9224.

EXPRESS , WEDNESDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2013 Heidedal: R420 000. 2 bedr, dining, lounge, bathr, kitchen. Not to be missed. Contact Marvin 082 976 9446. Investment opportunity: Brandfort. Buy 6 houses for only R1,4 million. Phone owner, Mr Pienaar: 082 371 5312. Pellissier: R1 180 000. 3 bedr, kitchen, bathr, lounge, dining, TV room, 2 garages, 2 carports, paved, tiled roof, big yard.

Phase 2: R550 000. 3 bedr, bathr, kitchen, lounge, dining, 2 carports. Fauna: R700 000. 3 bedr, 1 bathr, lounge, dining, kitchen, washing room, outside toilet, 1 carport, 1 garage. ONO. Rocklands: R699 000. 3 bedr, 2 bathr, lounge, dining, kitchen (bic), double door fridge, garage. Lourier Park: R710 000. 3 bedr, lounge, dining, kitchen, 2 bathr, 2 garages. Call Sam 073 897 3496.

Willows: R420 000 & R430 000 2 & 3 bedr flats, kitchen, lounge, bathr, carport. Hilton: R560 000. 3 bedr, bathr, kitchen, lounge, garage, garden, ground floor. Contact Sam 073 897 3496.

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12 MARKETING POSITIONS available. Need Grade 12 and basic computer skills. R6 000 p.m. E-mail CV

Hotel: Fixed-term waiters:

* Proof of matric certificate. * Experience beneficial. * Excellent communication skills. * Self-motivated. * Extrovert personality. * Shift work involved.

Send your 2-page CV and motivational letter to Elize at fandb@phwillowlake.

to be between the age of 18 to 24 years, able to start immediately.

For bookings contact the office on: 079 129 5995 and email CV to: mabuela.clrmarketing


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and address to 083 805 1342.

Looking for something to do? Marketing company

is offering an opportunity for candidates interested in Sales and Marketing. The opportunity can help get you into management. Training is provided. Candidates need

Independent Development Trust YOUR


The IDT is a Schedule 2 Public Entity, established as a development management agency. Its primary role is to influence, support and add value to the national development agenda. The IDT is mandated to measurably impact on the eradication of poverty and to improve the quality of life of poor, rural and marginalised communities.

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply



• Programme Implementation Manager: Technical (2 Positions) (3-year contract) Free State

Closing date: 25 September 2013 For more information please visit:

To apply for these positions, please forward all CVs to:

The IDT is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Preference will be given to candidates whose appointment will enhance the gender and racial representivity of the organisation, in accordance with its approved equity plan. Candidates who have not been contacted within 30 days of the closing date may assume that their applications have been unsuccessful.

Human Communications 102758











Win tournament SABC (wearing blue colours) gave SAPS free netball lessons when they hammered them by 22-2 in a one-sided affair during the Nusun Development Tournament that was held at Mandela View, Bloemfontein, on Saturday. The SABC team won the competition after defeating Transnet by 10-8 in the final. Photo: Sidwell Guduka

Strongest side to tackle Sharks } Sidwell Guduka

LOOKING ON: Robert Ebersohn looks on as Johann Sadie scores a try for the Toyota Cheetahs last Friday against the Golden Lions. The Free State side will battle it out against the Sharks in the Currie Cup match in Durban on Saturday. Photo: Charl Devenish/Foto24

THE Toyota Cheetahs will make a few changes to their team that defeated the Golden Lions 26-23 in Bloemfontein last weekend, when they face the Sharks at the Kings Park Stadium on Saturday. Kick-off is at 15:00. Philip van der Walt and lock Lood de Jager will make their return to the starting line-up for the visitors after missing Friday’s fixture due to assortment of injuries. They will replace Davon Raubenheimer and Waltie Vermeulen respectively. Wing Ryno Benjamin, who has also been declared fit to play, might return to the substitute bench if he is included to the team travelling to Durban. Naka Drotské, the Cheetahs coach, said he was happy the trio will be available for selection this weekend. “It’s never easy losing guys, especially Philip and Lood because of their vast experience. “They will definitely be back when we square off against the Sharks.

“Obviously Ryno is also returning to the team,” Drotské said. “It’s going to be a tough match. “I’m confident that we’ll get a good result. If we play well and concentrate for 80 minutes, we have a good chance to win,” he added. In their first round Currie Cup match last month, the Sharks held off the Cheetahs 18-15 in Bloemfontein. Drotské will announce his team today and it is expected to be the strongest side.



STAND UP, CHAMPIONS! HTS Louis Botha are the Free State champions of the 2013 Sanlam Kay Motsepe Schools Cup.

Louis Botha wins Kay Motsepe Cup

} Sidwell Guduka HTS LOUIS BOTHA has added a staggering R100 000 to its bank account after its soccer team was crowned the Sanlam Kay Motsepe Cup provincial champions. The Bloemfontein school walloped the Harmony Academy from Virginia 4-2 after penalty shoot-outs in a match played in the City of Roses. The match was goalless after full time. Mncedisi Ngomba, assistant coach of Louis Botha, said his players won because they followed the technical staff’s instructions to the letter. “The boys also showed a high-level work rate and determination. We want

to commend them for work well done. We are proud of their achievement,” Ngomba told Express. “Most of our u.19 players are in gr. 12 this year. We sat down with them before the competition began, to encourage them to do well in the tournament. We told them if they could not win this years’s provincial finals of the event, they would never do that in their lives, as this was their last year at Louis Botha. They responded positively and won the provincial championship. We are really happy,” he said. Now that Louis Botha are the competition’s champions of the Free State, they will square off against winners from the other eight provinces in the

national finals to be held in Johannesburg from 23 to 27 September. “We want to thank God for what he has done for our school. We’ve never qualified for the Sanlam Kay Motsepe Cup’s national finals before. This will be our very first time to compete at that level,” said Ngomba. “We are not going to put players under pressure to win the tournament. We are going to tell the boys to enjoy themselves on the field, because the more they enjoy themselves, the better they will play. We are not going to Johannesburg to add up to the numbers, but we are going there to compete. We are going to do thorough preparations for the event,” he concluded.

Photo: Frikkie Kapp /BackpagePix

Express 20130918  

Express 20130918

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