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The Safa Second Division heats up p8 WEDNESDAY 2­4 APRIL 2014




Living their culture through dance AFRICAN RHYTHM: Members of the Harmony Gold Mine Gumboot Traditional and Cultural Group, comprising men and women, are here displaying their diverse heritage while performing at the opening of the Commission for Conciliation, Media­ tion and Arbitra­ tion’s regional branch centre in Welkom last Tuesday.

Photo: Teboho Setena

Not all want by­laws } Teboho Setena

THE Masilonyana Local Municipality is going ahead with its plan to introduce by-laws despite mixed reactions among the residents – particularly in Winburg. The municipality is to introduce 6 of the 32 by-laws this year aimed at addressing the various challenges that the residents have been complaining about over the years. The municipality’s committee outlined the objective of implementing the by-laws at a meeting held in the Makeleketla Community Hall in Winburg a week ago. There were mixed emotions at the meeting with a section of the community not favouring the immediate implementation of the

by-laws while others were in favour thereof. Those not in favour of the by-laws, want the municipality to prioritise the allocation of land for housing construction and the water crisis. The query over land arose from the municipality’s plan to allocate a piece of land for people owning livestock. This did not go down well with people still residing in the informal settlement known as Dipotomaneng. They claimed they had been living on the undeveloped land for ten years without basic services that include water, electricity and toilet facilities. “That piece of land the municipality plans to allocate to people with livestock should be used for housing development,” shouted one

resident. One resident stood up and said: “This is long overdue, the municipality must speed up the process to introduce by-laws to deal with livestock causing problems and damaging our graves in the graveyard.” David Nthau, the Masilonyana Municipality’s corporate manager, said the municipality was going ahead as planned to implement by-laws to address the various long-standing challenges that included stray livestock and illegal advertising as well as dumping of refuse. The by-laws to be implemented are the following: standard impoundment of animals, standard advertising by-laws that will deal with the procedures to be followed

relating to advertising in the public space available, standard commonage by-laws, dumping and littering by-laws, building regulation by-laws and standard rules and order by-laws. “It must be noted that theses by-laws will be approved by council only after public participation sessions in various areas of Masilonyana have been completed. “Currently we are left with Brandford and Verkeerdevlei in a consultation process. We envisage that the by-laws will be approved by council at the end of April. Furthermore, it is estimated that an amount of R50 000 will be used for advertisements,” said Nthau. The municipality held consultation meetings in Theunissen,

Winburg and Soutpan. The residents of the towns forming Masilonyana are expected to give input on the 6 by-laws within 21 work days for submission to the authority.

‘This is long overdue, the municipality must speed up the process to introduce by­laws to d e a l w i t h l i v e s t o ck causing problems and damaging our graves at the graveyard.’

SPOT 15 MARCH - 15 APRIL THE SALE DOT 200 Jan Hofmeyr Street Industrial Area Welkom, Phone: (057) 355-2445

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Paraffin price goes down in April

Queuing for grants SCORES of people – young and old – went to apply for social grants last Wednesday and queued outside the Meloding Sports and Recreation Hall in Virginia waiting to be helped by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). Photo: Teboho Setena

CCMA opens office ENSURING labour services are accessible and rendered to all the stakeholders in the labour force, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) has opened a fully-fledged satellite centre in Welkom. The centre officially opened its doors last Tuesday. This brings to end the era when people had to wait long to have their disputes resolved. In the past, labour dispute hearings in the Goldfields region were referred to the provincial centre in Bloemfontein. The previous approach to offer

services from a central point had many frustrated and had cost implications resulting in disputes being prolonged. “The centre will strengthen the delivery of services and will speed up the process of handling disputes. “This further ensures the organisation’s impact in the labour market and delivering on its mandate in addressing labour matters,” says Sam Morotoba, national acting director general of the Department of Labour. According to Nerine Kahn, the CCMA’s director, the new

satellite centre will ensure the continuous efforts to increase citizens’ access to workplace dispute resolution. “This is part of the CCMA’s planned strategic delivery to ensure its services reach all four corners of this country,” she says. Kahn says the new satellite centre will assist in dealing with the increasing workload of the CCMA. “Over 2 million cases have been referred to the CCMA nationally since its inception and 168 434 cases last year alone,” Kahn says.

THE role players in the labour sector officially opened the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) regional branch office in Welkom last Tuesday. From the left are Sam Morotoba (national acting director general of the Department of Labour), Nerine Kahn (CCMA branch director), Sam Mashinini (Cosatu’s general secretary in the Free State) and Carmen Ward (commissioner of the CCMA in the Free State).

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THE Department of Energy informs the public of the fuel price adjustment for April. South Africa’s fuel prices are adjusted on a monthly basis, influence by international and local factors. International factors include the fact that South Africa imports both crude oil and finished products at a price set at the international level, including shipping costs. Locally, the pricing formula includes fuel levies and the Road Accident Fund levy as determined annually by the minister of Finance, the cost of transportation which results in different prices for different areas (adjusted annually) and the different prices for 93 and 95 octanes which are informed by cost of production (adjusted quarterly). Since 2008, the Incremental Inland Transport Recovery System (IITRS) levy of 3,0 cents per litre was included in the fuel price to recover the cost of transporting petroleum products by alternative modes of transport other than the pipeline from the Durban to the inland markets. The minister of Energy has repealed this levy with effect from today as a result of the commissioning of the multiproduct pipeline. This means that inland motorists will pay

3,0 cents/litre less on the pump price. According to the minister of Energy, Dikobe Ben Martins, “the scrapping of the 3,0 cents per litre levy due to the commissioning of the multiproduct pipeline has had a positive effect on the latest fuel price adjustments. This is consistent with government’s programme to build new infrastructure that benefits South Africans.” Based on current local and international factors, the fuel prices for April in the Gauteng zone will be adjusted as follows: illuminating paraffin (wholesale) will decrease by 34,5 cents/litre and (SMNRP) will decrease by 49 cents/litre, liquefied petroleum gas (maximum retail price) will decrease by 22 cents/kilogram, diesel (0,05% sulphur) will decrease by 8,8 cents/litre and 0,005% sulphur will also decrease by 7,8 cents/litre, petrol (93 octane) will increase by 5,0 cents/litre while 95 octane will increase by 7,0 cents/litre. In other fuel pricing zones the prices will be different due to the adjustment to the transportation costs. “The decrease in the price of illuminating paraffin and LPG will benefit households that use these products, especially as winter approaches,” Martins concluded.

Department to up its game WE were sitting around the table at a drinking hole when one fellow asked me which ministers would be sacked and which retained in the present cabinet if I were to reshuffle my cabinet as president of the country. I simply answered that my first-choice candidate to retain would be Dr Aaron Mokoaleli, the minister of Health. During the previous regime before 1999 attempts to control HIV/Aids were hampered by denial of the HIV epidemic and weak political leadership. In 2005 South Africa was one of only four countries in the world where the under five years child mortality rate was higher than the baseline established by the 1990 Millennium Development Goal. Before 1999 as many as 39% of deaths in children younger than five were due to Aids. The administration at the time did not believe in drugs as treatment. The latest reports indicate that the Department of Health will soon extend the child support grant to pregnant mothers to help reduce the high maternal mortality rate. In South Africa 40 000 women per 100 000 die from pregnancy-related causes, including Aids. Some women arrive at the hospital for the first time while others arrive late when they are already in labour. This makes it impossible for doctors to deal with complications. These women know what should be done but often cannot afford taxi fare.


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My view Moeti Molelekoa Social observer This is where pregnancy grants will play a role. Child support grants have gone a long way in helping mothers with nutritious food for their offspring. The Department of Health will also provide pregnant mothers with cellphones so that they can report any ill treatment by health workers. Cases of negligence have led to the department being sued for billions of rands at individual hospitals around South Africa. The Free State has also been blessed with the appointment of Dr Benjamin Malakoane as MEC for Health. Malakoane is a trained medical practitioner and he is passionate about his job. The good doctor was previously deployed to the Matjhabeng Council as a municipal manager (MM) while hundreds of qualified managers with BAdmin. and BCom degrees are roaming the streets. ) Express Goldfields & NFS welcomes members of the public interested in contributing to the weekly column as public observers or citizen journalists. There is no payment for writers. Send your opinion piece (not exceeding 450 words) to

www Express.Goldfields.NFS SMS - 45533 (start with EXP)

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Help to make tour a reality } Moeti Molelekoa AWARD-WINNING community leader Mabusane Ntlangoe has expanded his community empowerment initiative by starting a new project known as the Mpiti Youth Development Academy (MYDA) which focuses on educational tours. It aims to empower the youth. This is in addition to his existing community project to offer extra Mathematics classes to scores of learners. Through the Mathematics initiative he offers extra classes to gr. 4 to gr. 12 learners. Ntlangoe is appealing for financial assistance to take the 60 learners enrolled in the Mathematics project on an educational tour to Gauteng. He says the trip is planned for May and will cost R45 000. The tour will include attending open days at the Wits University, University of Pretoria, Mandela House, Hector Peterson Memorial Square and the SABC. “The tour is aimed at exposing gr. 12 learners to practical learning as well as various careers which they can follow. “In 2005 I registered a non-profit organisation, the Naledi Development Academy (NDA). Through it we assist learners with Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting. “I’m currently being assisted by nine voluntary instructors. We need partnerships with business and parents to be more effective,” says Ntlangoe. “What we need to achieve with this project is to make Science and Mathematics non-negotiable – all careers require a logical process, basic calculations and reasoning capacity provided by Mathematics. “Through these extra classes the

FROM the left are Tshego Dibe, Mabusane Ntlangoe (project manager), Lebo Molise and Nthabi Mamatela, all gr. 12 Maths learners enrolled in the Mathematics project. Photo: Moeti Molelekoa learners’ passion for Mathematics is enhanced.” Ntlangoe says they discourage the learners from choosing Maths Literacy. “We, instead, encourage them to do the real thing.”

In 2010 young Ntlangoe won the Jet Stores Community Builder of the Year in the education category for the Free State. “I’m also helping other youths to achieve their dreams through my

organisation that strives to educate and encourage them to network among small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We help them put bread on the table by rebuilding and upgrading old computers

for individuals for a fixed fee,” he says. Parties interested to help can call Mabusane Ntlangoe on 076-905-8821 or Lerato Sefuthi on 078-242-7877.

Competition reaching high THE talent search initiative of Welkom’s Got Talent is reaching an exciting stage in its quest to find the cream of the crop. This past weekend the initiative saw scores of contestants showcasing their talent during the first preliminaries held last Saturday at Welkom’s Goldfields Mall. This was the first event open to the public and Bella Davids, a local beauty and Mrs South Africa 2014 finalist, graced the occasion. The second preliminaries of the talent search project will be held this Saturday at the Piazza at the Goldfields Mall. The judges will select the top 15 contestants from these 2 rounds to then compete in the semi-final round scheduled for 19 April. Saturday’s event is expected to raise the bar with contestants set to unleash their best to realise their ambitions. The project is a once-in-life-time opportunity that offers talented contestants a chance to realise their dream.

AT the talent search were Mrs South Africa finalist Bella Davids (right) with MC Val Gutter.

Prizes up for grabs An exciting cash prize worth R20 000 as well as a professional talent video and photo shoot by Black Media Promotions Incorporated to the value of R10 000 are up for grabs this year. Black Media Promotions Incorporated is a company that specialises in the visual conceptualising and creation of digital video such as HD music videos. Strategy Marketing is offering a 12-month brand management contract that includes digital, direct and print media marketing of the winner valued at R20 000. For more information and any queries, contestants may contact Judy Moran at the Goldfields Mall Centre Management Office on 057-352-4251 during office hours.

Keep a close eye on Express as we will provide you with detailed information on a weekly basis or go to to stay up to date with the latest Welkom’s Got Talent news.

FULL VOICE: Hip­hop act Jay Skillzz.

Photo: Supplied



Griffons r

THE Griffons rugby team: From the left are, front: Louis Strydom, Nicky Steyn, Japie Nel, Jacobus le Roux (captain), Werner Griesel, Martin Sithole and Tertius Maarman; mid W. Botha, Armandt Koster, Willmar Groenewald, Sheldon Erasmus and Oshwill NortjĂŠ.



wish th


ugby team

Norman Nelson, Rudi Britz, Wynard Pienaar, Franco van der Merwe, Werner Lourens, Jan Breedt, Vuyo Mboto and Hendrick Roelfse; back: Franna du Toit, Erik le Roux, Peter

roud sponsor of

he Griffons

em well in The Vodacom Cup





Hard labour is crowned by success CELEBRATE ACHIEVEMENT: The teaching staff and management of the Naledi Ya Botjhabela Secondary School in Winburg celebrate the school’s receiving of a bronze award from the Free State Department of Education for achieving 85,3% in last year’s National Senior Certificate examination. Photo: Teboho Setena

LIBRARY WEEK: To mark South African Library Week, the Thabong Library I held a one­day programme that saw Sun Rise Day­Care Crèche children participate in drawing the South African flag and art event themed Power of the People. From the left are Andisa Nkosi, Amila Todzana, Amahle Mzibeli and Oyintado Duna; back: Bella Lengau (librarian) and Ntombizodwa Mgijima (crèche educator).

What’s on in your area AME Youth Convention The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in the Kroonstad Diamond district invites all Ace League (Madodana) members to a convention that will be held at Mount Zion from 4 to 6 April. The opening ceremony takes place on 4 April at 18:00. For more information contact Khumalo Motsei at 071-457-8898. Thabong artist festival Artists in the greater Welkom, Thabong and Bronville have teamed up to host the second one-day arts festival on Saturday, 5 April, at the Lejweleputswa Arts and Culture Centre. The festival makes provision for all acts in the art industry. The performances include drama, poetry, dance, stand-up comedy, storytelling, traditional dance as well as performances by hip-hop to soul music artists. The event aims to promote artists in the Goldfields and showcases the abundance of talent in the region. Groups are welcome to register free of charge to participate in the festival. Provision will be made to erect stalls. The event is open to the everyone. For more information phone 057-355-6718 or 061-369-5528. Schools holiday drama Ziyaduma Promotion, a community arts organisation, has organised a series of

THE Richard Allen Adult Council Kroonstad district members that attended a recent district conference held in Kroonstad. From the left are, front: Ditaba Mgwali, Thabang Phakoe and Manana Poonyane; back: Mpho Mahabane, Makhuduga Mogorosi, Mankori Rantono­ no, Nnini Mokoena, Zakade Sebogodi, Masechaba Mahlatsi, Thato Mosebi and Matlakala Majoe. Photo: Supplied

events for the duration of the school holiday. The initiative is run in conjunction with the Success Cultural Group. The fun-filled event, in which learners can participate, officially starts today (2 April) with a stage play titled Thibela TB, meaning Stop TB. The drama, promoting the fight against TB, will be performed at various venues including the Bophelong Clinic, Lejweleputswa Arts and Culture Centre, on 4 April. Groups interested to participate in the programme must register for free at the centre at the Thabong Community Centre. For more information phone 079-832-6992. Mr & Ms Pageant plenary meeting The management committee of the Success Quito Crèche in Thabong invites the committee members and interested community members to a plenary meeting for this year’s Mr and Ms Success Quito Crèche pageant. The pageant will be held on 31 May. The meeting will be held on Sunday, 6 April, at the Shuping Crèche at 14:00. For more information phone Saduma Miya on 061-369-5528. ) The deadline for the What’s On community diary is Wednesdays at 13:00. Send the entries to

TOP POSITION: The outgoing Viljoenskroon junior station commander, Dimpho Mo­ fokeng (left), and the newly elected junior commander, Maipato Maine, who was chosen as the best candidate for the position. The Viljoenskroon SAPS held an essay competition themed Youth Crime Prevention in which learners from different schools participated to determine the ideal person to take over the position of junior station commander. Maine is from the Thabang High School and Mofokeng attends the Kga­ bareng High School and is in her final year. Photo: Supplied




Police appeal for assistance in cases

GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Suzanne Ackerman­Berman, Pick n Pay’s transformation di­ rector, with Michai’ah Simons, who is the ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. Michai’ah, now seven years old, is the same child who was photographed sitting on the late Nelson Mandela’s lap in the picture behind them. She was three at the time the original picture was taken with Mandela. Photo: Mike Turner Photography

Supermarket makes donation

THE supermarket chain Pick n Pay made a generous donation of R4,5 million towards the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Gauteng last Thursday. The donation is to build and equip a specialist unit at the multimillion-rand health facility. The money was raised through Pick n Pay’s Working for Madiba Day on 15 December 2013, on the day of the former president’s funeral. Furthermore, the supermarket’s regional teams donated a further R500 000 to help provide equipment to children’s homes, orphanages and care facilities around the country. Pick n Pay thanked its customers, staff and franchisees for their tremendous response on 15 December 2013 when the company decided to open its stores and donate all profits to charities which honoured Madiba’s legacy. Pick n Pay’s chief executive officer, Richard Brasher, said: “By opening our stores on Sunday, 15 December, we gave our staff and customers an opportunity to contribute in a very tangible way to Mr Mandela’s legacy. “We pledged that all profits from sales that day would go to worthy causes. I was truly humbled by the amazing response from our staff and our customers. “This includes a generous contribution from our franchisees. “In addition, our regional teams will donate R500 000 to help provide equipment for children’s homes, orphanages and care facilities in their areas.

“The total sum of R5 million donated to good causes significantly exceeded our day’s profits. I want to thank everyone involved – in particular our staff, our franchisees and our customers – for this great tribute to Nelson Mandela.” KPMG, Pick n Pay’s external auditors, has checked the calculation of profits and has confirmed that it was conducted on an appropriate basis, and that the amount donated to good causes exceeded the day’s profits. Sibongile Mkhabela, chief executive officer of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, said: “We are grateful to Pick n Pay for this very generous donation. Pick n Pay wanted to ensure that the proceeds of their excellent Working for Madiba initiative went to a cause which, as stated by Mrs Machel, was Mandela’s last wish – you are enabling this wish and honouring his legacy. “We are proud that they chose our project and are confident that their donation will benefit many children in need for years to come.” Pick n Pay’s transformation director, Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, added: “15 December 2013 was a day many of us will never forget. Around the country we opened our stores, served our customers, spent time mourning together, knowing that all our efforts would go to help those in need. “Our staff and our customers have made Pick and Pay’s Working for Madiba Day a really fitting way to contribute to the enduring legacy of a truly great man.”

THE Thabong police are offering a during office hours. reward of R10 000 for each of two The police are appealing to the public separate murder incidents under to assist with information that could investigation. lead to the arrest and prosecution of two The reward will be given for informasuspects wanted for the murder of tion that could lead to the successful Kenneth Xaba (31) who was shot and arrest and prosecution of the suspects in killed on 2 March at about 20:50 in the murder of Peter Lehlohonolo Thubelitsha, Welkom. Mosikili (26) and Headman Bafana (27). He had three gunshot wounds on the Mosikili was stabbed to death by body. unknown persons in Leutlwileng Street, The attacker shot Xaba who fell inside Thabong, on 29 December 2013. his car. He died on 6 February this year at the The suspect fired a second time and Bongani Regional then pulled out the Hospital as a result victim out of the car of several stab and threw him on The police are appealing the ground. wounds on the head. suspect aimed to the public to assist with theThe An empty wallet firearm at the information that could victim’s wife when was found next to the deceased’s body lead to the arrest and she screamed for and his phone was prosecution of two sus­ help. also missing. The suspects fled Bafana’s body was pects wanted for the mur­ the crime scene on found lying at B after the murder der of Kenneth Xaba (31) foot Hostel on 8 Decemand are still on the ber 2013. who was shot and killed run. The deceased The suspect is on 2 March. sustained multiple described as light in stab wounds in his complexion, tall and head by a sharp slender. object. Anyone with information must phone Anyone who has information regardthe investigative officer, Charlet Jansen, ing the two incidents can phone the on 083-667-4729. investigating officer, Ian Thokoa, on Man sentenced for rape 078-473-0110 or 057-910-2390 during office The Bothaville Regional Court has hours. sentenced Ditaba David Serame to eight The SAPS in Welkom are appealing to years in prison for raping and robbing a the public to assist with information 33-year-old woman last May. that could lead to the arrest and The perpetrator was one of the three prosecution of suspects who shot and men who took turns to rape the woman. killed Motube Mathoka (23), on 30 The two accomplices are still on the run August 2013. and the police are appealing to the The deceased, a Lesotho national and public to assist with information that an illegal gold miner, was shot and will lead to their arrest and prosecution. killed in the early hours of the day in The woman was on her way to her question. mother’s house when she was cornered He died at the St Helena Hospital in by three men. She was then dragged to Welkom. The SAPS is also appealing to the toilet of a nearby house where they the public to assist with the whereraped her. abouts of the deceased’s family. They then robbed the traumatised Anyone with information about the woman of her cellphone and fled the murder incident and the whereabouts of crime scene. the suspect(s) as well as the next of kin Serame was arrested after he had of Motube can phone the investigative been positively identified as one the officer, Riaan de Lange, on 057-391-6271 three rape suspects.

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Talented Dandré excels in karate




BUDDING karateka Dandré Rossouw’s prowess has earned him the prize of the Express Goldfields & NFS Let’s Play Sports Star of the Month. The exciting prize is for the month of March. Dandré (12) is of the Merriespruit Primary School in Virginia. He was chosen as the winner based on his merit performance. Dandré is a multi-talented sportsman who participates in various sporting codes. These include tennis, rugby, athletics, chess and karate. However, he really excels in karate and boasts of a number of prestigious karate silverware to his cabinet that he scored at a number of competitions, provincially and nationally. Dandré won five medals in kata, kumite and free fighting at the Welkom karate championships staged last September. He displayed he has what it takes when he scooped two gold medals in kata and kumite at the 2013 South African championships. Dandré’s excellent performance has earned

him recognition by being selected to represent Northern Free State Karate at this year’s South African championships set to be held in Gauteng during May. Dandré’s motto is: “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. The Let’s Play Sports Star of the Month is open for school learners between the ages of 6 and 18 and encourages participation in sporting events to help the youngsters realize their dream to compete nationally and internationally. To enter the competition the candidates or members of the public must send nominations (profiles not exceeding 200 words) about the achievements and performance of the youngster nominated. Entries received before the 20th of each month will be included in that month’s selection. Email your nominations to or fax to 086-552-4922. For more information contact Lynne or Juanré at Z PR on 051-522-9574.

SHINING STAR: Dandré Rossouw



Griffons’ dream fading away } Teboho Setena THE Griffons rugby side’s dream to qualify for this year’s Vodacom Cup semi-final play-offs is fading away. The Welkom-based outfit’s 40-37 narrow loss to gutsy Golden Lions last Saturday jeopardised the dream. The Griffons were bound to win against the Lions to keep alive their dream to make it into the top-four berth of the teams that will compete for the prestigious championship. However, the lads from the Goldfields gave away the golden opportunity to keep alive their elusive dream when they succumbed to their Gauteng opponents. Last weekend’s loss was the Griffons’ third on the trot following losses to the Northern Cape’s team Griquas (20-12) and the Mpumalanga side, the Pumas (69-5), in their backyard of the North-West Stadium in Welkom. The Griffons started the competition on a high note, hammering the lacklustre Limpopo Blue Bulls 62-10 in their

opening fixture of the tournament earlier last month. The result raised the Welkom side’s prospect of emulating the success of four years ago when they reached the semi-final play-offs. However, they lost the plot in the three matches in succession – much against the expectations of their home fans, who were hopeful to taste glory this time around. The Griffons have three matches to play that will compel them to turn around their dismal form and at least salvage some pride. The matches include Friday’s tough encounter in Welkom against the Leopards who are fourth on the log table. The next fixtures are against the Blue Bulls in Welkom on 11 April and the Valke away in Gauteng on 26 April. Second from the bottom of the log and with seven points in the bag, the Griffons desperately need all valuable points in the forthcoming matches to possibly sneak into the semi-final berth. As things stand, it will demand

The Griffons player Louis Strydom is to spearhead his team against the Leopards in the Vodacom Cup.

TOUGH TASK: The Griffons pair of Werner Griessel and Japie Nel (left) are to spear­head their team against the Leopards in the Vodacom Cup match. Photo: Molly Green

them to unleash their very best in all three matches while their coach, Oersond Gorgonzola, will have to explore other avenues to completely turn around the team’s misfortunes. The Griffons’ quest to turn around their dismal run begins in Friday’s clash against the Leopards. The visitors are fired up from

their emphatic 40-29 victory bonus-point win over the Valke in last Saturday’s game played at the Barnard Stadium in Kempton Park. This was the visitors’ second in the tournament and it propelled them to fourth place – five points adrift from the Griffons. The ability to be offensive, solid in defence and scoring more

tries will certainly serve the Griffons well against the visiting Leopards. The Griffons’ tried and tested players in the likes of Louis Strydom and captain, Jacobus le Roux, are expected to lead by example against the Leopards. The fixture between the two sides is set to start at 17:30.

Teams face off in second round } Teboho Setena REVENGE is on the cards as the five football teams in the Goldfields meet in the second of the derbies of the Safa Second Division. The first round saw Sibanye Golden Stars claim the bragging rights of the derbies involving the five Goldfields clubs, Welkom United, Real Hearts, Dinonyana and Harmony. The derbies involving the five clubs of the Goldfields are critical in determining their standings when the 2013-’14 season ends in May. The second leg of the Goldfields derbies kicked off last Saturday with United and Stars sharing the spoils after they drew 2-all in a league fixture played in Welkom. Stars came from behind to steal a point from home rivals United. In the first round United failed to pitch and a decision regarding the failure to honour the fixture is still pending. On Saturday, Stars faces off against Dinonyana in another intriguing derby to be played at the Beatrix Mine Sports Ground at 15:00. The fixture affords Dinonyana a chance to revenge the 3-1 defeat in the first round by Stars. On the other hand the host, Stars, who is fourth on the table with 32 points, is under pressure to collect maximum points to intensify their chances to win the Free State championship. They are in the race with Super Eagles from Bethlehem, Bloemfontein Young Tigers and Bubchu United, both from Bloemfontein. Dinonyana, third from the bottom of the log table on 14 points, will look to turn the tables against Stars because they are also severely under

The derbies invol­ ving the five clubs of the Goldfields are critical in deter­ mining their stand­ ings when the 2 01 3 ­ ’ 14 s e a s o n ends in May.

BRACED FOR DERBY: Dinonyana’s midfielder Mokhosi Mokhosi is to lead his team against the tough Sibanye Golden Stars in a league fixture on Saturday. Photo: Teboho Setena pressure to ascend the log and avoid the dreaded looming relegation. Three teams from the Goldfields, Dinonyana, Real

Hearts and United, are facing relegation at the end of the season. Harmony, who has collected 19 points, is in position

nine and they look safe from being relegated for now. However, they are not in contention for the provincial championship.

Relegation-threatened Hearts, Dinonyana and United are by all means bound to fight to secure points in all their remaining fixtures to retain their status in the Safa Second Division. Dinonyana, who lost 3-1 to Bethlehem’s in-form Eagles last weekend in Welkom, hopes they will topple Stars in Saturday’s encounter. They have gone four matches without a win since they beat Moving Spurs 2-1 earlier last month. Stars, who is charged by Coach Samuel “Ace” Mpakane, has won two of the four games played recently. Their sole loss was 2-1 to log-leaders Eagles early last month. Meanwhile, Welkom United visits Celtic Colts while Harmony has a date with Mangaung United. Both matches will be played in Bloemfontein. Real Hearts also tours Bloemfontein to face off against league title-contenders Bubchu. Vaal Legends from Sasolburg are bracing themselves for a tough battle against Bloemfontein-based FC Hunters at the Zamdela Stadium.

Expresses 20140402  

Expresses 20140402