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Community worried People do not trust municipality to manage Motsepe funds } Boipelo Mere

THERE was disappointment in the fully-packed city hall when the community of Francis Baard were invited to the Motsepe Foundation Roadshow last week. Community members travelled from as far as Pampierstad, De Aar and rural areas with the expectation that their organisations would be receiving funding directly from the Motsepe Foundation. Patrice Motsepe, his wife, Dr Pracious Moloi-Motsepe, and a delegation visited Kimberley to announce Francis Baard’s R6 million grant share of the pledged R120 million for development and upliftment projects in the nine provinces. The foundation also donated another R6 million to the John Taolo Municipality earlier on the same day. The Northern Cape was the last province to be visited during the road show, where Motsepe said the last two forums – the 17th and 18th – had to be formed. R500 million was pledged to be made available by the Motsepe family over the next three to five years for projects in education, women co-operatives and businesses, youth co-operatives and partnerships with religious organisations and workers organisations, traditional authorities, charitable organisations, and for sports, music and the arts. It was quite a surprise for almost everyone when the community members were informed that the funding process had to start with the election of a Francis Baard District Municipality Motsepe Foundation Development Forum.

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PATRICE MOTSEPE brought good news for the province, but it still left doubts in ordinary people’s minds.

Photo: Boipelo Mere

WHAT is the real concern here, why are you as a community member concerned about the municipality’s involvement in managing the Motsepe Foundation Funds? Is there another way you could suggest for the process? The attendants clearly showed their disappointment and lack of trust towards the involvement of the municipality in the foundation’s funds. Motsepe said that at least 20 to

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30 people ranging from all the above-mentioned fields should form part of the forum, who would then decide on how to use the funds. “The municipality has to

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facilitate meetings of the date on which the forum has to be elected. They do not take decisions on where and how the funds have to be distributed. Those decisions lie with the

PO Box 1583 Kimberley 8300

forum,” said Motsepe. Although the audience clapped and applauded when Patrice Motsepe announced that government or the municipality would have no access to the funds, it was still a concern to them as to why the municipality had to be roleplayers. Question after question arose from different representatives, who were concerned that their organisations would be sidelined during the distribution of funds. “We are trying to create opportunities and jobs for everyone, black or white. We do not want to create a platform where the successful people leave the poor behind. Motho ke motho ka batho, meaning you are what you are because of others,” Motsepe tried to assure the concerned attendants. Motsepe highlighted that there were many unemployment and poverty challenges that could not be fought by government only. “That is why we as the private sector has to come on board and create more job opportunities through working together. We should try to identify the strong points that can attract more investments,” he said. According to Motsepe, the money pledged had to be allocated and used by beneficiaries by January next year and he said he would re-visit all the areas to ensure that all the funds were accounted for and to determine if there was a need for more funding. Representatives of FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Sanlam, government departments and institutions also presented the opportunities that they had for the small and medium enterprises.


Boipelo Mere

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Nkadimang finally rests } Boipelo Mere THE remains of the late Philimon Thekiso Nkadimang was reburied at his hometown, Mothibistad, Kuruman, during a ceremony which formed part of the Youth Day celebrations. The day’s events were led by Kenny Mmoiemang, the speaker of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature. The remains of Nkadimang, who is regarded as a freedom fighter by the ANC led government, were exhumed in Kimberley by the

Department of Sport, Arts and Culture at the West End Cemetery and transported to Kuruman for reburial. This is after Funga was buried in Kimberley upon the discovery of his decomposing body in his house in 2006. His burial in Kimberley was due to legislation that prohibits decomposed bodies to be transported from one place to another. The department was joined at the cemetery by Nkadimang’s family, as well as representatives from the ANC and traditional leadership.


Stadium’s blanket drive keeps everyone warm STADIUM have embarked on a blanket drive this winter to help people that are less fortunate keep warm this winter. They are appealing to all their customers to help participate in this initiative. “All you have to do, is donate a warm blanket by simply bringing it in to your nearest Stadium Food Court or Stadium Express store, and in return we will give you one free hot drink for each blanket that has been donated. By doing this, the less fortunate around you stay warm, and so do you.” This winter drive is valid at all of the Stadium branches, and therefore includes Stadium Ex-

press in Kimberley, Maseru, Rocklands and Botchabelo, as well as at their food courts at Stadium Willows, Zastron, Twin City and St. Andrews Street. Stadium has been around since 1980, serving their customers with the best ingredients with good portion sizes at below average prices. From breakfast to chicken, fresh hake and fish combo’s, family meals and signature burgers, and dagwoods to ice-cream’s, their menu boasts variety with different specials every day. This promotion is running until the end of August whilst stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.




The taps will run dry tomorrow } Boipelo Mere

THE Sol Plaatje Municipality would like to inform the general public, business and the community of Kimberley of a planned city-wide water shut down for the whole day tomorrow. According to the municipality there will be no water throughout Kimberley from 07:00 until about 20:00 due to the current inability to isolate all the reservoirs from the water supply pipe lines. There will be a replacement of existing valves to enable the isolation of separate reservoirs at the complex. But tomorrow’s shut-down is not the last one planned by the municipality, another one will be on Tuesday, 9/10 July (midnight). It will be between 22:00 until 06:00 on 10 July, where disruptions are expected to be minimal, seeing that it will be during night time when water consumption is very low. The work will entail the installa-

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‘Due to the fact that the res­ ervoirs where no work is be­ ing done during the shut downs will be full, water supply will be restored im­ mediately once the work has been completed’ – Sello Matsie, communica­ tions manager of Sol Plaatje.

tion of a 900 mm diameter butterfly valve at the 91 ML reservoir. The municipality appeals to the community to make prior arrangements as there will be no emergency services to assist with the provision of water like before, as that will be for the sole purpose of their normal work. “The work is necessary to complete the outstanding work from 2012 at the 45,5 ML reservoir at Newton and will entail the cutting in of 3 × 600 mm butterfly valves with couplings and also the complete installation of the cross connection between the 45,5 ML and 23 ML reservoirs,” said Sello Matsie, the communications manager of Sol Plaatje, in a statement. He added that the amount of work, spread out around the 45,5 ML reservoir, would make night work extremely difficult, maybe requiring longer time if night work was considered. He further stated that the time required for the work would then mean that no water would be available during the morning peak before people went to work, which could prove more disruptive for people. “Almost a year ago, the municipality and private contractors successfully replaced a total of 11 valves and 2 scour valves respectively at the Newton reservoir complex,” added Matsie. Matsie further revealed that the 45,5 ML reservoir would also be cleaned after the second shut down, when all the isolating and regulating valves would have been installed, making cleaning of separate reservoirs possible without having to disrupt service delivery. Two scour valves will be installed as well. The leaking pipes at the concrete pressure tower will also be replaced during the second shut down where no disruption in supply will be necessary

except possible low water pressure in certain areas over short periods. He stated that civil works such as new valve chambers would be built over the next couple of weeks after the second shut down, but no disruption in water supply would be necessary. “Due to the fact that the reservoirs where no work is being done during the shut downs will be full, water supply will be restored immediately once the work has been completed. Pumps at Riverton will also be started immediately to ensure that all reservoir levels are restored and maintained.

“After completion of all the work, the management of the Newton Reservoirs will be much more flexible to ensure that the correct levels are maintained, whilst also ensuring that regular planned maintenance takes place without disruption in water supply to Kimberley like regular cleaning of reservoirs. “This is also part of our endeavour to minimise the current high levels of water losses we are experiencing annually. “As has happened in the past, the emergency services will not be able to assist with the provision of water.”




Police arrest man for suspected stolen diesel Ilse Watson POLICE OFFICERS of Deben were on patrol at about 02:00 on the Mamatwan-Deben Main Road when they spotted a suspicious-looking blue Toyota van. Upon stopping the vehicle Constables Ernest Moilwa and Caroline Mohule discovered 30 con-

tainers containing at least 700 litres of diesel. The driver could not give explanations as to where he got the diesel and where he was taking it. He was arrested and is awaiting a bail appearance. Meanwhile, after the police at Deben received a tip-off on a Nigerian who was in possession of drugs, Constables Dirkie Bok and Gregory Nyl

reacted to the tip-off and followed the suspect, Samuel Nsude (25). They followed him into a coloured village in Deben, where they searched his house. The constables discovered a black plastic bag that contained rice packets, full of tik drugs. The suspect denied any knowledge of the drugs and was arrested.

GAIL NKOANE, actress and Idol finalist, visited the children at Lerato Place of Safety to deliver a motivational speech and spent the day with them on 16 June. Photo: Charné Kemp

Actress inspires children } Charné Kemp “I AM beautiful, wise and will complete my matric. I will study hard, make a career choice and make a positive contribution towards my economy.” These were the words repeated by the children at Lerato Place of Safety in Galeshewe after Gail Nkoane. The actress and Idol finalist went to deliver a motivational speech at the centre. Gail, who was born and grew up in Galeshewe, said she wants to give back to her community. “I want to make the children feel confident about themselves and none of the children to have a low self-esteem. They each have to admire their own beauty, talent and ambition on a daily basis. They should not be held back by negative thoughts coming from their friends and peers. “I was also as young and doubtful as them at a time. One will never get anywhere without doing something about your life. I went out and introduced myself to the world out there. I entered beauty pageants and talentshows. I was one of the ten finalists in Idols in 2010. Who would have thought a girl from Galeshewe can do it?” Gail said she would not have got the role to act in the TV-series The Wild if she had not introduce herself in other opportunities. She added that the role also opened doors for a role in a new TV soapie that is to start in August. “My achievements and experience should inspire children to do the same with their lives. These children are our youth, our future. I will do anything to assist any of them to get where I am.” She emphasised that success does not mean cleanliness. “There are very beautiful people who are ugly inside. Even if you do not have money, having ambition and dreams mean that you can make it big. “Stop telling each other that you are fat, ugly and too poor and use it as an excuse to fail. You are not. Go out there and prove yourself,” added Gail. Zelda Fortuin, one of the tenants at the centre, encouraged the youth of today to enjoy their freedom and use the opportunities afforded to them. Gail and her father, Venus Nkoane, who is employed at the centre, dished out snacks, sweets and educational toys to the children.

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Teams work hard to make mine a success

THE new tyre workshop at the Sishen Mine.

Photo: Supplied

THOSE involved with Sishen’s Life of Mine (LOM) Project had reason to celebrate when the safety milestone with 1 million lost time injury (LTI) free hours on all LOM packages combined, was reached. Although a great achievement, it is not the only one. ) The LOM haul truck and tyre workshop’s construction is on track, despite several engineering problems encountered. Nico Poolman and his team demonstrated great skill when they prevented a major setback with construction. ) The haul truck and tyre workshop structural steel has been erected and will shortly be entering the roof sheeting and cladding installation phase. ) Bulk civil earthworks, which include the main platform and haul road construction, are nearing completion with only minor access roads remaining. ) Utility services are far more advanced and mechanical piping installation has been started. ) The wash bay area is also well into its stride with structures emerging out of the ground from the foundations. ) The lubrication facility contractor (Sonqoba Projects) has mobilised, and is progressing well with the installation of pipe brackets and piping between the lubrication facility and the haul truck workshop. ) The G1000 electrical feeder line from the main mine facility substation to Life of Mine is progressing favourably and is crucial in supplying electrical power to

the new LOM facility. Beyond these achievements, those involved in the project can look forward to reach the same stand-alone milestone of 1 million LTI, medical treatment case(MTC) and first aid case (FAC) free hours in the next two to three weeks. This will be a significant achievement by combined teams of Worley Parsons TWP (EPCM), Stefanutti Stocks and the SRUP team. “Construction on the Life of Mine haul truck workshop, as with any project, has had its challenges. “However, what has made this project work, is the combined effort, support and pulling together of the Worley Parsons TWP (EPCM), the Anglo SRUP and Sishen Iron Ore Mine teams,” says Paul Summerfield, WP TWP – LOM EPCM construction manager. He further stated that they had always managed to change a negative into a positive. Worley Parson TWP (EPCM) has implemented a monthly supervisor intervention recognition award programme where three of Stefanutti Stocks’s employees were rewarded with vouchers for “going the extra mile” in respect of safety. “Our focus is to bring this project in on budget, on time, with the quality that is expected from our client and most importantly, with no LTIs or incidents. We all believe that this is achievable,” says Summerfield.





Calling young sports stars

Reveals ‘secret’ THE former premier of the Northern Cape Hazel Jenkins’ secret was revealed when the Northern Cape Ex­ press spotted her taking a health walk. That is why she is always seen in such good health since her colapse during her SOPA address in 2012. Jenkins says her health is her first priority. Photo: Boipelo Mere

ARE you good at sport, or is someone in your school or place of education good at sport? Are you a young coach working with future stars? Are you getting people active at your school, community or gym? We want to hear from you and make you famous. In 2008 Z PR and SuperSport identified the need amongst the youth to get more active. With this in mind, SuperSport and Let’s Play, in association with Media24’s Express Group, has launched a special initiative: We want to find and give recognition to learners at primary and high school level who excel in sport or who are helping others to be more active.The SuperSport Let’s Play Star of the Month is a competition for anyone aged 6 to 18. You can nominate yourself or be nominated by a friend, teacher, lecturer or coach at your school or place of education. You can even be nominated by a family member or friend who knows how good you are. The winner is chosen from all the nominations received for that month. The monthly winner will receive a Let’s Play hamper filled with goodies. From all the entries we receive each month one player will be chosen as the SuperSport Let’s Play Star of the Month. At the end of the year one player from all the Star of the Month winners will be chosen as the SuperSport Let’s Play Star of the Year.

Let’s Play is an initiative to enhance recreation and development at schools through play and sport. Every school or place of education has talented sportsmen and -women. Send us your nomination today (nominations received before the 20th of every

month will be included in that month’s selection. Nominations received after the 20th of every month will be carried over to the next month’s selection). Your nomination must include your name, age and a short paragraph (less than 200 words) on what you have achieved, as well as your contact details. For example: name, age and grade, school or place of education’s name. What you have achieved (200 words or less), contact telephone number or address. You can email your nomination to or SMS 072-311-7716 (no phone calls will be accepted; normal cell phone rates apply) or fax 086-552-4922 or deliver your entry to Z PR at 22A Reid Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein. For more information call Lynne at Z PR on 051-4303027.

Express nc 26 jun 2013  

Express nc 26 jun 2013

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