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Living on the dump

Bill an attack on freedom Families have to eat food dumped at landfill site } Ben Burger

} Tladi Moloi

THE Forum of Community Journalists (FCJ) is deeply disappointed with government’s decision to push ahead in their efforts in having the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB), commonly known as the Secrecy Bill, signed into law. It would seem that government has forgotten that Section 16 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa enshrines the right to freedom of expression which states “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes: (a) freedom of the press and other media; (b) freedom to receive or impart information or ideas; (c) freedom of artistic creativity; and (d) academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.” “As an industry body representing community and local media journalists, we view this Bill not only as a blatant attack on press freedom, but also an attack on our fragile democracy. “It is the FCJ’s belief that this Bill is nothing more than an attempt by government to silence those who speak out against corruption and crime by criminalizing whistle-blowers. “The FCJ therefore supports any action to put an end to this planned injustice against the people of South Africa.” ) Burger is the national chairperson of the FCJ. ) Express’ journalists are members of the forum and thus align themselves fully with the FCJ’s position – Jabulani Dlamini, Express Group editor.

AT this time when South Africans are celebrating Freedom Day, it is sad to witness some people vying with pigs for their food. While some complain about what they have, others have to fight with pigs to get something to eat at the Ficksburg dumping site, west of Senekal. About five families have erected plastic shacks for shelter in the area. Express Eastern Free State has been reliably informed that those people lived in an informal settlement called Zone 8 in Meqheleng. Express EFS was also told that they had decided to leave the site because they had to walk about 16 km every day to find food. Express EFS recently visited the area and on arrival found about 20 street children sitting at the gate. Sadly, three children believed to be between the age of 2 and 5 were also spotted at the site where an unbearable smell hangs in the air that could cause serious illness for anyone living there. Matankiso Masoe (25) said she had been living at the dumping site since 2010. Masoe, a mother of a two-yearold girl who lives with her at the site, said the children’s father had died the year before. She said she had decided to work at the site after she had realised that she could not work anywhere else because she had no identity document. “I am originally from Lesotho and I knew that an ID would just be a nightmare. My child does not have a birth certificate and I have requested the family of her father to help me, but they showed no interest,” she said. When asked how she could live

DESPERATE TIMES: A man collects plastic bottles from the dumping site. with her children in such circumstances she said: “I’ve got no choice, if she becomes ill, I’ll take her to the clinic.” Express EFS was also told that the owner of one of the shacks had taken an ill child to the clinic. Moeketsi “Rasta” Sebotsa (48), a father of two girls aged 4 and 8, said he had been living at the dumping site for five years and revealed that he had suffered tuberculosis because of the smell. Sebotsa said they usually wait for the trucks carrying food that had reached their expiry date visiting the site on a daily basis so that they can get something to eat. “We’ll eat something and then take some of it home for our families to eat,” he said. Sebotsa, who cannot use his

left hand, said he had decided to make a living this way because he knew he would not be able to work elsewhere. “I’d rather live by eating this food than stealing from someone,” he said. Karabelo Dikwantsane (43), a mother of four, has been living at the site for five years. She said her children’s father lived with them but had no job. “I collect plastic and bottles to make a living. There are some people who come twice a week to collect it and they give us money. “I sometimes make R100 a week. Even though it is not enough, it’s better than nothing,” she said. Karabo David Thwani, supervisor: waste and landfill site management in the Setsoto Local

Photo: Tladi Moloi

Municipality, said the municipality was aware of the people and added that they had taken certain steps to get the situation under control. He said a tender had been advertised for the rehabilitation of the landfill site. “The municipality does not have a bulldozer to work at that site, but we have sourced some of the machines to do dig holes and cover the waste,” he said. He said in terms of gate controllers the councillor would appoint people after the site had been rehabilitated. “We don’t have a proper monitoring system and for that reason there are people at the site.” ) Give your comments on the story on our Facebook Page at Express Eastern Free State.




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SPELLING MASTERS: The Free State regional finals of the Pick n Pay Spell Check competition took place last week with learners from the top three schools battling it out to secure a place in the national final. A total of 18 schools and 54 learners took part in the regional finals which were held at Grey College in Bloemfontein. Taking the honours in the top three schools category were Eunice Primary School (first), Kroonheuwel Primêre Skool (second) and Fauna Primary School third. The top scholars were, in third place, Jaydine Swekumar (left) of Eunice Primary School, Charlotte Doubell (middle) of Kroonheuwel Primêre Skool second and Annabella Zizke of Kroonheuwel Primêre Skool who was first overall. This year 450 schools are participating nationally with 72 000 pupils putting on the spelling caps and 1 350 finalists vying for the national prize. The three top-placed spellers from each region will go on to compete in the national finals on 28 May at Pick n Pay’s Johannesburg office in Kensington.



ANGELS OF MERCY: Nomhle Klaas (Absa), Nolwandle Mashiane (Epozini Lodge), Elize Davids (Absa), Jolandie Myburg (Black & White Event Planners), Charlene van Wyk (Purple & Black) and Elleen Ndewere (Makro) at the lauch of the Can-Can Food Drive on Wednesday. Photo: Sidwell Guduka

Charities to benefit from food donations } Sidwell Guduka MORE local charities are set to benefit from the initiative started by the Windmill Casino and Entertainment Centre called the Can-Can Food Drive. The project, which was established in 2011, is aimed at collecting food and supplying it to the less fortunate communities, households and organisations with food this winter. This year’s campaign was officially launched at the Windmill Casino’s Diamond Lills on Wednesday. “We donated 4,6 tons of canned and food goods in 2011. Last year, an astounding 6,9 tons of food parcels were handed over to worthy beneficiaries with the aid of the Windmill Casino, Black & White, Radio Rosestad, Hestony Trucking, Checkers, Cadbury’s, John Williams; not to forget the

generous people of Bloemfontein and the surrounding areas,” Charlene van Wyk, one of the organisers, told Express. “Our goal for this year is to collect as much food as possible and to beat last year’s figure. “We want to collect as many non-perishables as possible. It would be fantastic if we could get more food products than we did last year through the assistance of the people from Bloemfontein, organisations and businesses. “We are not going to limit ourselves in terms of how many tons of food we want to collect. “The more canned food we collect, the more people we’ll be able to assist. “We appeal to local people to open their hearts and help us help others. Every can collected helps.” Charlene said last year the Can-Can Food Drive

had donated food supplies to charity organisations such as the Heidedal Youth Mission Centre, People Help Centre, Môredou Orphanage, Food 4 Kidz, Yãde and Ipeleng Centre and many others. “Food of any kind can be brought to the Windmill Casino from 08:00 to 17:00 on Saturday, 25 May, to fill a big Hestony Trucking truck with the donated food,” she explained. If you are unable to deliver the food you have collected, or if you are interested in becoming a beneficiary, or have any queries, please call Charlene on 051-410-2028 or Alternatively, you can call Jolandie Myburg on 082-773-9858 or And they will make arrangements prior to 25 May as they want to try and fill a huge truck with donated food.





Mabitso a swabisang KE bile lehlohonolo dibekeng tse pedi tsa ho feta ho memelwa kopanong ya Komiti ya Theho ya Mabitso a Dibaka mona Freistata mane Matjhabeng. Mona ho ne ho menngwe bomasepala ho phatlalla le provense le mekgatlo ya setjhaba ka ho fapana. Ke ile ka hlokomela hore sello se seholo mona ke hore setjhaba sa heso se sa ntse se le botshong ka bohlokwa ba ho reha botjha dibaka. Re batla re lebala kapele hore makgowa a tlile lefatsheng lena la bontata rona mme ba reha dibaka eka rona re ne re se na mabitso a tsona! Jwale ha re se re fumane tokoloho re batla ho lala taba ena ka mmele. Ba bang ba rona re lla sa mmokotsane re re ho senngwa ditjhelete tsa lekgetho! Potso ke hore na re kgotsofalletse mabitso a baditjhaba le hore naha ena

A re bueng

Vusi Ntlakana PanSALB Free State manager ya heso e hlahise nalane ya setjhaba se itseng na? Taba ena ya ho inyatsa e qadile mabitsong a rona ao ho thweng ke a Sekreste mme ho nyatswa a rona a Seafrika. Ke batho ba bakae ba sebedisang mabitso a bona a Seafrika hona le a bona a Sekgowa? Hobaneng ha batho bana ba etsa jwalo? Ebe ka mohlomong ha se taba ya hore motho o tla hlomphuwa le ho feta ha a ka ipitsa Jonas e seng Thabiso? Taba ena e bile e kekela dibakeng tseo re dulang ho tsona. Phoso e ka ba kae ha re ka

bona mabitso a ditoropo tsohle tsa Freistata a kgutlisetswa mabitsong a ona a mathomo? Ebe taba ena ya ho inyatsa ha se yona e qetellang a bakile hore re rehe dibaka tsa rona bo ‘Kgotha o ….?’ - ‘Serope ….’ – ‘Mme ha a mpone’ jwalo-jwalo. Ebe re se re haellwa hakaalo ho ka nahana ka mabitso a mang le bahale ba bang? Ebe sebaka se seng le se seng se lokela ho rehwa ka batho ba le bang mehla e? Ho hlahile tshisinyo e ntle kopanong ena hore masepala ka mong a be le banka ya mabitso. Setjhaba ka kakaretso se lokela ho kenya mabitso a

fapaneng bankeng ena. Mona batho ba ka sebedisa mabitso a diphoofolo, dinonyana, jwalo-jwalo. Ho bile ho kgothaleditswe hore ho sebediswe mabitso a batho ba seng ba ile boyabatho. Taba ena e bohlokwa hoba ho reha sebaka ka motho ya ntseng a phela ho kotsi hoba e kgoptjwa e le maoto mane! Ha o batle ho reha sebaka ka motho mme kamoso a tsohe a le etsetsa meeka le mehlolo mme le swabele lebitso leo! Ke kgolwa taba tsena di sallane le bomasepala ho tsebisa baahi ka banka ena le hore bohle re be le seabo. Le bona bomasepala bana ba lokela ho tlohela mokgwa ona wa ho reha dibaka ka bahale ba tswang mokgatlong o le mong wa dipolotiki. Mabitso a lokela ho akaretsa setjhaba ka kakaretso mme a lokela ho tlisa poelano le ho tiisa dikamano tsa merabe. Re le baahi le rona ke nako ya ho se phuthe matsoho, ebang

o na le mabitso ako ikatometse masepalang wa hao o ke o lahlele molangwana! A ke re beng motlotlo ka dibaka tsa rona mme re di rehe mabitso a nnete a matle. Ha re batle meloko e tlang e ipotse hore hantlentle re ne re nka hantle ka hloohong kapa jwang! Ha re yeng! PULL QUOTE: Taba ena ya ho inyatsa e qadile mabitsong a rona ao ho thweng ke a Sekreste mme ho nyatswa a rona a Seafrika. Ke batho ba bakae ba sebedisang mabitso a bona a Seafrika hona le a bona a Sekgowa? *Mang kapa mang ya a batlang ho ngola kholomong ena, a ka ikopanya le Jabulani Dlamini ho 051-404-7910 kapa ho *Mongodi ha ana ho lefiwa.







Religious freedoms violated } Flora Teckie THE United Nations Human Rights Council voted on 22 March, by an overwhelming margin, for a continuing investigation into human rights violations in Iran. Reports by Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, and the Special Rapporteur on Religious Intolerance outlined “that 110 Baha’is are currently detained in Iran for exercising their faith; that at least 13 Protestant Christians are currently in detention centres across Iran; and that Dervishes, members of the Yarasen faith, and Sunni Muslims continue to be the subject of punitive activities, raising serious concerns about the situation of religious minorities in Iran.

Amongst those imprisoned for their religion are seven Bahá’ís who were the members of a coordinating body, which saw to the minimum needs of Iran’s 300 000 Baha’is (after the elected governing bodies of their Faith were banned by Iranian government decree in 1983). The seven Baha’i leaders were sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment which the international community has called baseless. UK Amnesty International has called on the Iranian authorities “to release the seven immediately and unconditionally, as it considers them to be prisoners of conscience, held solely on account of their beliefs or peaceful activities on behalf of the Bahá’í community.” The Canadian House of Commons unanimously adopted

a strongly worded motion condemning the persecution of Bahá’ís in Iran and calling on the Iranian government to release the seven leaders. The approach of the fifth anniversary of the imprisonment of these seven Bahá’ís is being used by the Bahá’ís all over the world, as well as international human rights activists to bring attention to the plight of Iranian Bahá’ís. The members of the Baha’i community in Iran – of all ages and walks of life – are subjected to many forms of ill-treatment and abuse, including interrogations, summary arrests and imprisonment, deprivation of the means to a livelihood, destruction of property, and the denial of education to Baha’i students.

Many Bahá’ís in various parts of Iran, were made to witness the burning of their homes, farms, and places of work, and even the desecration of the graves of their loved ones. Yet, all pleas for redress remain unheard by the authorities. South Africa marked 27 April as Freedom Day. As our country commemorated this special day, let us remember those whose human rights are still being violated by oppressive regimes. The charges against the seven clearly stem from their religious beliefs and activities – and freedom of religion is to be protected according to numerous international covenants and treaties, most of which Iran itself is party to.

South Africa Bahá’ís, like those in other parts of the world, are groups of people who believe in unity of humanity and try to live in peace with people of all backgrounds. Bahá’ís, in whatever country they reside, strive to promote the welfare of society. They are enjoined to work alongside their compatriots in fostering fellowship and unity and in establishing peace and justice. They shun conflict and dissension. As prescribed in their teachings, they try to achieve a high sense of moral rectitude in their activities, chastity in their individual lives, and complete freedom from prejudice in their dealings with people of every race, class, religion or creed.





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Drotské happy with his Cheetahs } Sidwell Guduka NAKA DROTSKÉ, the Toyota Cheetahs coach, said he was happy with the performance of his charges against a quality Kings side on Saturday. The Cheetahs emerged the victors with 26-12 after leading 15-9 at the break in a tough match played in front of a good crowd at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein. “We showed the Southern Kings a lot of respect they deserve. They are a quality side and have done very well so far this season. They are very good in defence. We crossed the tryline three times, but we just couldn’t grind the ball. That shows how tight they are at the back,” Drotské told reporters. “Overall we played pretty well tonight (Saturday). I’m very happy with the result. “It has been a long eleven weeks for us. Some of the teams have already had two byes and we will only be having our first bye after ten matches. In the beginning of the season I thought a first bye in week eleven was a big negative for us, but it has come just at the right time,” he said. “We have been lucky with injuries so far. However, we picked up two minor injuries against the Kings. So the bye week will be just perfect for us. We don’t have the luxury of a rotation policy. It was the same players week in and week out for ten weeks,” Drotské said. Despite a win, Drotské was disappointed at his side’s failure to secure a bonus point. “I’m disappointed. We needed to get a bonus point because it is going to be crucial in the end. If we had a bonus point, we would have been the conference leaders. But we are not going to be greedy for points. We could have lost against the Sharks and Stormers, but we won both matches at the death,” he said. Drotské was also

not happy with the discipline of his players during Saturday’s game. “Our biggest problem was discipline. We got a penalty count of 13 to five penalties. We couldn’t get into the game. “Every time we got a little bit of continuity and momentum we conceded a penalty. If you concede 13 penalties against five and you still score three tries to nil, then it is a good performance for the team. “I thought we were very good defensively, especially at stopping the tries. “On attack we made too many mistakes. Again, you can say it is bad luck. Like I’ve said, we managed to cross the line three times, but we

just couldn’t score the bonus-point try.” The Cheetahs now have a bye and the players have been granted a week off. They will return to work on Monday to prepare for their next fixture against the Hurricanes on Friday, 10 May, at 19:10. Asked what they would be doing this week, Drotské joked: “We are going to be fishing and hunting.” After the slow start to their season, losing to the Sharks (22-29) and Chiefs (3-45) – Drotské said they were under a lot of pressure. “Those two losses were a wake-up call to us. We managed to win the next game after that and suddenly the team was back on track.”

NAKA DROTSKÉ, Cheetah coach.

Photo: Sidwell Guduka

Express EX 1 Mei 2013  
Express EX 1 Mei 2013  

Express EX 1 Mei 2013