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& East Riding Early Music Festival

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W e lc ome Welcome to the 2013 Beverley & East Riding Early Music Festival – a celebration of music from the medieval to the baroque presented by some of the world’s finest early music specialists, in a variety of England’s most beautiful historic venues. Guest artists include the acclaimed harpsichordist Trevor Pinnock; the award-winning educational team from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment who will be working with over 100 students from Beverley Grammar and Beverley Girls’ High Schools; and the fun-loving Carnival Band with Vivien Ellis who will be tempting us with a programme intertwining music for chapel and tavern! With workshops for singers, illustrated lectures and a chance to find out more about the new NCEM Patrons programme, we look forward to welcoming you. Delma Tomlin MBE Director, National Centre for Early Music

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We dnes d ay 22 M ay 7.30pm – c.8.30pm Toll Gavel United Church, Toll Gavel, Beverley £12.00 (concessions £10.00, students £5.00)

Hetty Wayne violin Cherry Forbes oboe Cecelia Bruggemeyer double bass Robert Howarth harpsichord

From Twig to Bow Join members of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) to explore the evolution of string, wind and keyboard instruments. You’ll hear, see and discover how our instruments have changed over the centuries and gain an insight into how composers used instruments in a variety of contexts.

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Photo: Eric Richmond/Harrison & Co

Event 1 Venue Tickets

£100 (concessions £90.00)

Th u rs day 23 M ay Event 2 Venue Tickets

1.00pm – c.2.00pm Beverley Guildhall £12.00 (concessions £10.00)

The Wool Merchant and The Harp Harpist Leah Stuttard tells the intriguing story of George Cely, a late fifteenth century Merchant of the Staple – an English Wool Merchant – whose remarkable notebooks tell of his harp lessons designed to hone his social skills to better show off his merits by engaging in artistic pursuits like dancing, singing and playing a musical instrument – a sure fire way to impress the ladies (or the men)! Leah’s illustrated lecture recital tells of the gorgeous songs, full of yearning and beauty that he learnt, alongside the lively dance tunes he played for the discerning gentry. “(Leah Stuttard) dazzling fingerwork” Early Music Today As a Merchant of the Staple, Mr Cely was permitted to trade in raw wool and fells. This important Livery Company, based in Calais at the end of the fifteenth century when still under English rule, is now centred in Yorkshire. This lecture is supported by the Medieval Song Network.


The National Centre for Early Music (NCEM) runs the Beverley & East Riding Early Music Festival at the request of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. We are delighted that the Festival is one of the county’s cultural jewels and welcomes some of the world’s truly great early music specialists to this lovely town. To support our work promoting early music and associated educational activities for young people, we have recently set up an NCEM Patron’s Scheme giving our audience the opportunity to help make a difference and also to enjoy some extra benefits.

By becoming an NCEM Patron, you will be invited to specially organised rehearsals, given opportunities to meet artists and also to join us for guided walks around the historic venues used by the Festival each year. If you would be interested in learning more, please contact me at or check out I look forward to hearing from you. Delma Tomlin MBE Director, National Centre for Early Music

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Th u rs d ay 23 M ay Event 3 Venue Tickets

7.30pm – c.9.00pm St Mary’s Church, North Bar Within, Beverley £10.00 (concessions for parents and students £5.00)

James Redwood animateur, composer Hetty Wayne violin Cherry Forbes oboe Cecelia Bruggemeyer double bass Robert Howarth harpsichord with University of York Baroque Ensemble, Chamber Choir and Music Education Group Beverley Grammar School directed by Zoe Hughes Beverley Girls’ High School directed by Sarah Ward

The Fairy Queen Revisited Throughout the week of 20 May, members of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, music students and members of the Music Education Group from the University of York will be working with year 7 and 8 pupils from two Beverley secondary schools on a collaborative opera project based on Purcell’s ‘The Fairy Queen’. Led by composer James Redwood, the students will be encouraged to explore themes from the 17th century work and Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ upon which the opera is based, in the composition of songs, drama and movement as well as learning to sing some of the highlights of Mr Purcell’s great work. | Supported by

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Fr id ay 24 M ay Event 4 Venue Tickets

1.00pm – c.2.00pm The Quire, Beverley Minster £15.00 (concessions £13.00)

Le Jardin Secret

Elizabeth Dobbin soprano Sofie Vanden Eynde theorbo

In Splendid Disgrace: Music for Exiled Kings From 1688 until 1713, James II and his son James III lived in exile from Britain as the guests of Louis XIV at St Germain-en-Laye. The italocentric Stuart exiles enjoyed a rich musical life under the guidance of their Roman music master, Innocenzo Fede. In this programme we explore this prolific but neglected composer and other transalpine works imported into France as well as some of the international and local music colours from beyond the four walls of the chateau. “Elizabeth Dobbin’s soprano is light and flexible, her approach both stylish and highly expressive .. the artistry of Sofie Vanden Eynde is to be savoured“ Goldberg | Box Office 01904 658338

Frid ay 2 4 M ay Event 5 7.30pm – c.9.30pm Venue St Mary’s Church, North Bar Within, Beverley Tickets Central nave: £25.00 (concessions £20.00) Side aisles £17.00 (concessions £15.00) CONCERT BY CANDLELIGHT

Gallicantus directed by Gabriel Crouch Music of Penitence

Masterpieces for the time of Lent by Lassus and Tallis Miserere Nostri Thomas Tallis Suscipe Quaeso, Domine Tallis Lamentations, part I Tallis Loquebantur variis linguis Tallis Te lucis ante terminum Tallis Lagrime di San Pietro Orlande de Lassus Few composers have come close to capturing the introspection and grief of Holy Week with the power, clarity and subtlety of Tallis. His Lamentations are one of the landmark works in British music history, combining exquisite craft and discipline with a palpably sincere sense of loss - often most deeply felt in the simplest of settings. What a contrast with the stormtossed rhetoric of Lassus’ astounding swansong, Lagrime di San Pietro. Here Lassus pours every dramatic nuance and every piece of harmonic invention he could possibly muster into this cycle of 21 sacred madrigals, hurling the listener through the stages of Peter's rage, remorse and resignation, and concluding with a motet which presents Christ's response to the world. “England is blessed with a multitude of fine early music ensembles, but this one (Gallicantus) immediately rises to the forefront.” Fanfare Magazine

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Event 6 10.30am – 4.00pm Venue Beverley Guildhall Tickets £15.00 (students £10.00) including music and light refreshments. Please book by 16 May. Check out for details.

Principe della Musica

Trevor Pinnock harpsichord

Journeys through Music

A Choral Workshop led by Gabriel

Event 7 12.30pm – c.1.30pm Venue Toll Gavel United Church Tickets £15.00 (concessions £13.00, students £5.00)


Complementing their Friday evening concert, Gabriel Crouch director of Gallicantus, will direct a workshop on the music of one of the greatest masters of Renaissance polyphony, Orlande de Lassus.

Cabezon Byrd Tallis Bull Frescobaldi JS Bach

Differencias sobre el canto del Caballero The Bells O Ye Tender Babes The King's Hunt Balletti 1 and 2 Partita No.4 in D major, BWV 828

This event is open to all voices, but participants will find some sight singing ability helpful. Music will be provided on the day (free of charge) and will include excerpts from Lassus’ Lagrime di San Pietro, plus a French Chanson and a motet.

Trevor Pinnock is renowned worldwide as a harpsichordist and conductor who pioneered performance on historical instruments with his own orchestra, The English Concert, and has been acclaimed as a musical magician for over 40 years.

The lunch break will allow sufficient time for those who wish to attend Trevor Pinnock’s recital.

This programme was inspired by the travels of Antonio Cabezon, the great organist and composer, who in the mid 1550's travelled across Europe in the company of his employer, Prince Felipe and his brother, Juan. While in England Cabezon would have met Thomas Tallis and perhaps even the very young but precocious William Byrd. Byrd's fellow composer, John Bull, spent much of his life in the Netherlands where he became a close friend of Sweelinck, the father of the North German organ school of which J.S. Bach would become the pinnacle. Bach himself copied music of the old masters and owned a score of Frescobaldi's Fiori Musicali.

Organised in association with the

“Pinnock totally lives in his music and communicates an infectious delight in playing”. Basellandschaftliche Zeitung

Trevor Pinnock

Photo credit: Peer Lindgreen

S atu r day 25 M ay | Box Office 01904 658338

SAT UR DAY 2 5 M ay Event 8 3.00pm – c.4.00pm Venue The Quire, Beverley Minster Tickets £10.00 (concessions £8.00, students £5.00)

University of Hull Early Music Ensemble Žak Ozmo director

Satu rday 2 5M ay Events 9, 10 and 11

Our first concert with two venues – a Chapel and a Tavern! To give everyone a chance to enjoy the event, we are offering you three different choices – remember to choose just one!

Flights of Fancy

Event 9 Early Bird at the Tavern:

The early seventeenth century was a period in which there was a widespread belief in the magic of music, and in music’s power to control human passions - now harsh, now sweet, now cheerful, and now sad - in accordance with the will of the performer. This programme features entertaining, imaginative, and uncommonly beautiful music composed with these goals in mind. Included will be striking chamber works by Biagio Marini and Tarquinio Merula, haunting vocal monodies by Claudio Monteverdi, sprightly dances by Gasparo Zanetti and Santino Garsi, inspired improvisations on seventeenth-century grounds, and much more.

Start at our tavern - The Angel, 15 Butcher Row, Beverley at 6.30pm before following the musicians on to the chapel - Toll Gavel United Church - just 200 yards away at 7.45pm, finishing your evening at around c.8.30pm

Presented in association with

Tickets £20.00 (concessions £17.00)

OR Event 10 At the Chapel:

Join us at Toll Gavel United Church from 7.45pm – c.8.30pm (but remember you only get half the music!) Tickets £12.00 (concessions £10.00)

5.30pm Beverley Minster admission free of charge (no ticket required)

Beverley Minster Choir Robert Poyser director

OR Event 11 Late Night at the Tavern: Start your concert in the Chapel – Toll Gavel United Church – at 7.45pm then follow the musicians to the Tavern, finishing c.9.45pm

Tickets £20.00 (concessions £17.00)

Choral Evensong Introit Responses Canticles Anthem Voluntary

O Lord increase my faith - Loosemore Smith Psalm 119 verses 73-88 Short Service - Gibbons Hosanna to the Son of David - Gibbons Fantasy - Tomkins

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The Carnival Band with Vivien Ellis voice

Steve Banks fiddle, drums, vocals Jub Davis double bass, vocals Giles Lewin fiddle, bagpipes, vocals Steno Vitale guitar, mandolin, vocals Andy Watts shawm, curtal, clarinet, vocals

Chapel and Tavern: Choristers and Carousers in Early Modern Britain When the same musicians – and their listeners – are to be found carousing in the pub on Saturday night and hymning innocently in church on Sunday morning, something fascinating is happening to the music and the way in which it is received. Chapel and Tavern is a musical laboratory in which Vivien Ellis, The Carnival Band and, above all, the audience explore possibly the richest period of British popular music from the death of Shakespeare to the accession of Queen Victoria. Part of the concert takes place in the chapel, featuring the vigorous and enthusiastic music of the church gallery bands and reflective songs for private devotion. Part of the concert moves us all – musicians and audience - to the tavern for rousing performances of catches, ballads, theatre songs and dance tunes. Same people, even sometimes the same tunes – only the context is different! “The band is terrific.” Lancashire Evening Post “Vivien Ellis’s singing is absolutely beguiling” Classic CD | | Box Office 01904 658338

S UN DAY 26 M ay Event 12 10.30am – 3.30pm Venue Beverley Friary (YHA) Friar’s Lane, Beverley, HU17 ODF Tickets £15.00 (concessions £10.00) including music and light refreshments Please book by 16 May Check out for details

‘Lift up your voice and with us sing’ Songs of Revelry and Reflection from Yorkshire and beyond 1700 -1900.

A part-song workshop for all voices with Vivien Ellis Drawing on popular harmony-singing traditions from Chapel and Tavern, Parlour and Theatre, this workshop takes participants on a fascinating, enjoyable and uplifting musical journey. With unusual songs to raise your spirits, tickle your ribs, touch your heart and make your Granny blush, we’ll discover what our ancestors loved to sing, and rediscover the beauty of those stories and harmonies, and their power to move us today. Material is drawn from folk ballads, theatre repertoire, songs and hymns published in Beverley, Hull, York and further afield (including repertoire from events 9, 10 and 11), and popular books of catches, rounds and drinking songs. Whether you prefer to learn by ear, or from written music, songs in three, four and more parts will be taught by ear with reference to notation – so everyone will be included in a light-hearted, focused and inspirational day of unusual harmony. Vivien Ellis is an empowering, inclusive and experienced teacher who performs early music with The Dufay Collective, international ensemble Sinfonye, The Carnival Band, and her duo Alva with Giles Lewin.

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B ooking in form ation

Box Office 01904 658338 email: Tickets are available to buy online, by telephone, by post or in person at the National Centre for Early Music, St Margaret’s Church, Walmgate, York YO1 9TL until midday Wednesday 22 May. After this time, tickets will be available to purchase on the door from 45 minutes prior to the performance, subject of course to availability. All seats are unreserved. Online: Book online at using our secure ticketing service. You will need to register with a user name and password to book your tickets. By telephone: Contact the Box Office on 01904 658338. Open Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

By Credit/Debit Card: Tickets can be booked by Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Access and Maestro. Please note that a surcharge of £1.00 applies per transaction. By post: Send details of your ticket requirements to the Box Office, National Centre for Early Music, St Margaret’s Church, Walmgate, York YO1 9TL enclosing an SAE. Cheques should be made payable to the National Centre for Early Music.

In person: A limited number of individual tickets are available to personal visitors from the Beverley Tourist Information Centre, 34 Butcher Row, Beverley HU17 OAB. Open weekdays 9.30am - 5.15pm and Sat 10.00am – 4.45pm from 1 February.

Reservations: Tickets must be paid for within three working days of reservation and at least 24 hours prior to the start of the Festival. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the venue 45 minutes prior to the performance.

Concessions: These apply to those aged 60 and over, registered disabled and their carers, the unemployed and children under the age of 18. Student tickets are as indicated.

Group Bookings: Buy 10 get one free! We welcome group bookings (subject to availability) but ask that all tickets are booked in one transaction to take advantage of this offer. Refunds and Exchanges: We regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded except in the case of a cancelled performance. Access: The Festival offers a warm welcome to everyone. If you need information on access to any of the venues, please contact the NCEM box office on 01904 658338 or email Registered assistance dogs are welcome

General enquiries: To book accommodation please visit ring Beverley tourist information on 01482 391672 email

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Friday 5 – Saturday 13 July The 2013 Festival focuses on Rome, with music created under the patronage of medieval Popes, the renaissance polyphony of Palestrina, and the exuberant baroque of Handel in Italy. England is not forgotten with a day-long celebration of the 450th anniversary of Dowland’s birth. The festival culminates with the 2013 International Young Artists Competition on 13 July. Booking opens Monday 18 March

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Gift Vouchers These can be purchased from the Box Office in amounts of £5 and £10. | Box Office 01904 658338

& East Riding 2 2 – 2 6 M ay 2 0 1 3 at a g l ance Wednesday 22 May Members of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment Thursday 23 May Leah Stuttard OAE/The Fairy Queen Revisited Friday 24 May Elizabeth Dobbin, Sofie Vanden Eynde Gallicantus Saturday 25 May Gabriel Crouch Workshop Trevor Pinnock University of Hull Early Music Ensemble Choral Evensong The Carnival Band with Vivien Ellis

Design | 01759319471 Picture: Ferrarese School, The Virgin and Child with Angels, Scottish National Gallery

Early Music Festival

Sunday 26 May Vivien Ellis Workshop @yorkearlymusic


Box Office 01904 658338 |

The National Centre for Early Music, St Margaret’s Church, Walmgate York Y01 9TL

The Beverley & East Riding Early Music Festival is directed by Delma Tomlin MBE and administered by the National Centre for Early Music through the York Early Music Foundation registered charity number 1068331. All details are correct at the time of going to press but the Festival reserves the right to make alterations to the published programme – if necessary.

Beverley Early Music Festival 2013  

Beverley Early Music Festival 2013

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