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General Information Name: Nigel Colfer/NCDrifting Age: 28 Occupation: Professional Drift Driver Nationality: Irish

Who are NCDrifting? NCDrifting is a Professional Drift Team based in Wexford, Ireland. Nigel Colfer, the owner and driver of the team started competing 7 years ago and has progressed through the ranks and is now one of the best known and feared drivers across Europe. Nigel now focuses his attention on the Drift Allstars European Championship and in 2011 & 2012 finished as Vice Drift Allstars Champion. With many ups and downs in 2013 Nigel is going all out to move one step further and take the top spot in 2014. The NCDrifting team understands that it takes more than just results to reach the top of the sport and focuses a lot of attention on relations with sponsors and fans. In 2013 NCDrifting have already released many promotional videos and take pride in keeping our sponsors and supporters updated with our Newsletters. It is a testament to their beliefs that NCDrifting have acquired a lot of international companies to help them reach their goal of being the best in Europe.

What Is Drifting? Drifting started in Japan and is now the fastest growing motorsport in the world. Considered more of an extreme sport by some, drifting is scored by a team of judges on Speed, Style, Drift Angle and flair. It is common to see 2 600bhp cars side by side at over 100mph while sideways. Due to the compact nature of drift events, spectators can view an entire event from one viewing point, meaning they never miss a second of action unlike most other motorsports. Not only does drifting attract a vast number of spectators to the events, but also online through viral promotional videos, social media and also through the Live stream which gets views of 20,000 plus per event worldwide.

Drifting’s main demographic is 18-30year old male. Major international companies have seen drifting as a great way to advertise their products to a huge audience through a sport that is growing and full of excitement.

Past Accomplishments Nigel has been very successful since he started competitive drifting. Here are some of his highlights,

Started competitive drifting in 2006 2007:

Prodrift (Ireland) Pro Championship Overall Runner Up

Prodrift (Ireland) Semi Pro Champion

UAE Drift (Dubai) Exhibition Match Champion

Prodrift (Ireland) Pro Championship Season 11th Overall


2008: Prodrift (Ireland) Pro Championship 2 Podiums JDM Allstars (UK) Pro Championship Rd2 Wembley 3rd

Drift Allstars (Europe) Pro Championship Rd1 UK Runner Up Drift Allstars (Europe) Pro Championship Rd2 UK 3rd Drift Allstars (Europe) Rd3 Malta Champion

Prodrift (Ireland) Pro Championship Season 7th

Drift Allstars European Championship Runner Up



Prodrift (Ireland) Pro Championship Rd1 Champion

Drift Allstars (Europe) Pro Championship Rd2 UK Runner Up

Prodrift (Ireland) Pro Championship Season 5th Overall

Drift Allstars (Europe) Rd4 Romania Champion


Drift Allstars European Championship Runner Up

Prodrift (Ireland) Professional Championship Rd1 Runner Up

Drift Allstars Crete Greek GP Champion

Prodrift (Ireland) Professional Championship Rd2 Champion JDM Allstars (UK) Pro Championship Rd 4 Wembley Runner Up

Drift Allstars (Europe) Rd 6 Malta 3rd

Drift Allstars Athens Greek GP Runner Up 2013: Drift Allstars (Europe) Rd1 Polish GP 3rd

2013 Nissan 180sx 1JZ The 2013 version of the NCDrifting 180sx is the latest evolution of the car built at the beginning of 2012. Re-Built in house in Ireland following the 2012 season the NCDrifting team have used 6 years of experience to build one of the best and most competitive Nissans in Europe. Built from the ground up to the highest standards, no part of the build has been overlooked.

Utilising the Toyota 2.5 1jz engine the car now push’s out over 500bhp with the aid of a Garrett GTX 35 turbocharger and is competitive on every track, from the tight and technical to the wide open power tracks.

Special attention was paid to the chassis and suspension in the build. With a custom cage and framing built to the stringent Formula Drift USA rules, it is not only a safe chassis but also one of the stiffest. Understanding the importance of suspension and car set up in professional drifting the NCDrifting team commissioned KW Suspension to custom build a set of their competition 2 way coilovers. Along with Nigel’s knowledge of car set up these have been a vital part in Nigel being competitive in every round this year.

While others in the championship have had car issue’s during the year it is a credit to the NCDrifting team that the car has ran smoothly without issue throughout the 2013 championship requiring only general maintenance in between rounds. The NCDrifting team have never had a retirement due to car issues.

2013 Specification List

Engine: 2.5 Toyota 1jz gte ARP Crank, Conrod and HeadBolts BC 264 CamShafts Titan Motorsports Adjustable Cam Pullys Head Polished & Ported Garrett GTX3576 Turbo Tial 44mm Ext Wastgate Japspeed 6 Branch Mani Custom 3” Exhauset

Electronics: HKS F-Con V-Pro Gold ECU HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller Custom Wiring looms throughout Race Technology Data logger & Dash

Cooling: Forge 50mm Radiator TRD Thermostat hoses Mocal 15 row oil cooler and relocator Forge Intercooler Custom 3” Intercooler pipework

Fueling: OBP 20litre fuel tank Facet low pressure lift pump OBP 1.5litre Swirl pot Bosch 044 High pressure pump Aeromotive FPR Aeromotive Fuel Filters SARD 850 Fuel injectors 10mm Stainless Braided Fuel lines Aeromotive JIC Fittings Transmission: Toyota Supra Getrag 6 Speed Trans ACT Extreme Clutch and Flywheel Japspeed Short Shifter Custom Gear Box Mount Custom 2 piece Prop Shaft Modified s15 Rear Subframe SPL Solid offset Subframe Mounts R32 GTR Rear Differential R32 GTR Drive shafts Z32 Rear Hubs Wheels & Tyres: XXR 527 (Powder Coated Floru yellow) 9.75x18 et20 front and rear Marangoni Mythos 255/35/18 (f) Marangoni Mythos 265/35/18 (r)

Suspension: KW Competition 2way Coilovers DriftWorks GeoMaster front and rear Spindles DriftWorks Adjustable LCA front and rear DriftWorks Offset rack spaners Japspeed RollCentre Adjustable Tie Rods and Ends Cusco Adjustable Tension Rods Cusco Adjustable Camber, Toe and Traction Rods

Brakes: OBP Pedal Box System OBP Hydraulic Handbrake Custom Brake lines all round (f) S14 Stock Discs & Calipers Ferodo Brake Pads (r) Z32 Discs & Calipers Ferodo Brake Pads

More information can be found on the car at

Chassis: Fully re-engineered and re-fabricated Nissan 180sx Chassis. Custom Weld in Roll Cage to FD USA Spec Front end frame rails removed and tube framed to FD USA Spec Rear End frame rails removed and tube framed to FD USA Spec Interior: D2 Racing FIA Bucket Seats D2 Racing FIA Harnesses OBP Aluminium Floor mounted seat Brackets Custom Dash Custom Switch Panel Varley Red Top 30 Battery Exterior: Koguchi Power Arch’s front and rear Aerokit Spec NC Bumpers front and rear Aerokit Spec NC Side Skirts Supermade Headlight pods D-Max Vented Bonnet Stock lightened Doors and Bootlid Polycarbonate windows Doors & Bootlid Japspeed Rear Spoiler Custom Rear lights

Media Presence With Nigel being one of the most successful competitors in the Drift Allstars European Championship this guarantees a lot of attention at each and every event that he competes in. Interviews for live stream and TV along with a huge photo gallery from fans and professional photographers alike following each event.

Nigel has a very professional attitude towards drifting and always has time for fans, making him one of their favourites across the world. Nigel’s website, gets many hits worldwide and is a great asset to keep his fans informed of everything going on in Nigel’s world of drift. Along with the website, Nigel is active on facebook, twitter and instagram keeping everyone informed on what their favourite drift racer is up to from day to day.

A big part of NCDrifting’s media presence is video’s. The team along with title sponsor Aerokit, have produced many video’s throughout the 2013 season showcasing their efforts, these can be found on Nigel’s website and have received nearly 100,000 hits. For 2014 we aim to improve this structure with a dedicated media team offering an insight view on the team throughout the season.

NCDrifting 2014 Programme Drift Allstars European Championship 2014

2013 was a huge year for the Drift Allstars European Championship with events in Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Hungary, with live attendance of 70,000 fans throughout the year. Not only did Drift Allstars bring in the crowds at the events but their Live Stream coverage had 100,000 viewers. Along with these live figures Drift Allstars media presence has improved with post event video’s and reports generating 500,000 views in 2013. 2014 is set to be bigger than ever. Drift Allstars is the only true European Drift Championship, taking in events from the Uk to Sweden to Poland. Bringing the best names in the business together to city centre locations gaining maximum exposure wherever Drift Allstars rolls into town. The 2014 events will once again be covered on Drift Allstars livestream channel. Drift Allstars have also secured live event tv converage on select events bringing professional drifting to homes live for the first time in drifting history worldwide. Drifting in Europe is on the up and 2014 is set to be a very exciting year.

Nigel is a driver that is in demand, having had guest appearances at many events worldwide to showcase his skills. Nigel and the team have been approached about numerous possibilities in 2014 and the team are currently in talks to secure the best deals to grow the NCDrifting name and also to promote their current sponsors to the greatest possible audience. 2014 is set to be Nigel’s and NCDrifting’s biggest year yet and they cannot wait!

The NCDrifting team never sit back and let the rest of the drift community overtake them. With this in mind the team are focusing on an all new build for 2014 from the ground up. The 2013 season changed the game in Europe and NCDrifting realised early on in 2013 that improvements could be made. During August the NCDrifting team started to build their 2014 engine. A fully forged and built Toyota 2JZ engine capable of delivering over 800bhp. With the tracks getting faster and faster horsepower is the name of the game and we will be at the top once again for 2014.

Alongside the Engine and following a major crash in Latvia during 2013 the team are developing a new Nissan 180sx chassis with improved fabrication work and suspension modifications based on the experience the team gained throughout the 2013 season. NCDrifting’s priority is not only to make one of the quickest and most professional cars for 2014 but also to keep the car reliable, their overall aim is to take the 2014 championship and no stone will be left un turned to make sure the car will be competitive every round with minimal maintenance.

NCDrifting have also pin pointed the need for the full team to travel to each event. Running on a minimal budget for the past few years Nigel has got by with local help and support, with the competition growing it is vital for NCDrifting’s crew chief and mechanics to travel to enable Nigel to focus on what he does best, driving and competing for the championship. This is a vital part and we’re hoping to secure a budget to do this.

The teams website ( is also undergoing a re-vamp for the 2014 season. Your logo, aswell as a link to your page could be included here so visitors can directly go to your website and view your full product range.

Our pit presence is also being expanded for 2014 with logo’d flags and banners being produced and also an area where fans can come and relax and talk with Nigel and keep a close eye on what goes on off track with both Nigel and the car. Your logo/banner could also be on display in the pit area along with any other advertising products you can supply us with.

In 2014 the NCDrifitng team aims to produce videos at each event. They have managed quite a few in 2013 but due to budget reasons they could not do as many as they would like. Their aim is to have a cameraman following them full time in 2013 to cover events and to also give fans an inside view on what Nigel gets up to from day to day during each event. Your logo can be placed on the NCDrifting Nissan 180sx, size and location can be discussed on this once we have finalised a deal. The NCDrifting Nissan generates great attention wherever it goes. Being associated with this car guarantees a lot of exposure for your company at events and in magazine/Internet articles.

Current Sponsor testimonials “NCDrifting have delivered all a sponsor could ask for over the 2013 season, great results, great team..” Peter Miles Forge UK & Europe

“Nigel has provided Garrett by Honeywell a valuable amount of branding and marketing in newer markets for our performance products in Europe by providing results and brand equity” Yukio Taira

“We would like to sincerely thank Team NCDrifting for selecting us for all their ECU tuning requirements, 2013 has been challenging for the

Garrett by Honeywell, Performance Marketing Manager

team but true team spirit and professionalism has driven them through the tough times. East Coast customs pledge their full support to Nigel and his team into 2014”

excellent. By working with Nigel our profile in the drifting market has increased dramatically and we will continue to sponsor Nigel for the 2014 season”

Andy Allen East Coast Customs

Grant Lockhead Optimum Balance Products Ltd, Global Sales and Marketing Director

“Nigel has been an incredible asset, OBP Motorsport have sponsored Nigel for the past 3 years and the return on our investment has been

Ncdrifting information pack 2014 (revision 1)  
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