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VISION & GOALS The vision of the North Carolina Central University School of Law, Black Law Students Association’s Trial Teams is to be recognized as the nation’s leading competitor for law students. The Trial Teams will achieve this vision by: 1. Receiving extensive and valuable support: • The Vice President will maintain the trial team structure, attendance, and provide financial stability. • The Parliamentarian will provide order, clarity and direction with competition and procedural rules • The Intern will provide motivation, logistical and administrative support 2. Receiving valuable and extensive training: • The training team will provide trial strategies and techniques, professional zeal; and the encouragement necessary to achieve success. • The Coach will make the tough and final decisions necessary to achieve the team’s vision. BLSA’s trial teams will be the best trial teams there ever was and the best there ever will be. For guidance on the team’s vision contact Alyssa Moore at


ABOUT NCCU BLSA In 1968, Algernon Johnson founded what was later the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) at the New York University Law School. The NCCU School of Law Chapter of BLSA (NCCU BLSA) is named the Lemarquis Dejarmon-Daniel George Sampson Chapter. Among other things, BLSA seeks to: articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of black law students; foster and encourage professional competence; influence the legal community by brining about meaningful legal and political change that addresses the needs and concerns of the community; and adopt and implement policies of economic independence.

NCCU BLSA continues to dedicate it’s resources to it’s members through numerous

scholarships, networking opportunities, job opportunities, competitions, financial support, programs and community service initiatives.

ABOUT NBLSA National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA), is a national organization formed to articulate and promote the needs and goals of black law students and effectuate change in the legal community. As the largest student run organization in the United States with over 6,000 members, NBLSA is also comprised of chapters or affiliates in six different countries including The Bahamas, Nigeria, and South Africa. Organized into six regions (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Western Region), the organization has over 200 chapters and is present in all but a few of the nation's accredited law schools, as well as unaccredited law schools. The headquarters of NBLSA is located in Washington, DC NBLSA encourages the development of talented, social conscious lawyers of tomorrow. Each year, the organization holds an annual convention to engage in legal activism and prepare new generations of black lawyers to "effectuate change." Additionally, the Frederick Douglass Moot Court and Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competitions are held during its Annual Convention. Notably, NBLSA assisted in the formation of the Black Law Students Association of Canada (BLSAC), The National Latino/Latina Student Association (NLLSA), National Association of Law Students with Disabilities (NALSD), and The National Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (NAPALSA).

Alyssa Moore JD/MBA Candidate, 2013 North Carolina Central University School of Law

Greetings, I am delighted you have taken an interest in the Mock Trial Team and Moot Court Team program. As a member of the Mock Trial and/or Moot Court team you will learn, first-hand, how to efficiently and effectively litigate in a real-life court room setting. By becoming a member of the Mock Trial and/or Trial Team you are placing yourself in an extremely valuable position that will allow you to increase your skill and litigative prowess while also teaching you how to work with others in a high-pressure setting. As you embark on this journey, remember that you selected to participate in this program for a specific reason. Never forget that reason. At times the road may be rough and you may feel mentally and physically drained. You may even wish you were never selected to participate. At those moments remember why you desired to participate then push forward and embrace how great you have become. Good luck in your endeavors!

Alyssa Moore Vice President


MEET THE COACH Ernest Fullwood - Judge B.A. Wilmington College J.D. North Carolina Central University School of Law Mock Trial Coach Judge Fullwood was born in Wilmington, North Carolina. He received his B.A. from Wilmington College, (now the University of North Carolina at Wilmington), and earned his J.D. summa cum laude from North Carolina Central University. Judge Fullwood was a past Professor of Law at NCCU School of Law. After four years of teaching, he spent the next twelve years as a practicing attorney at the firm of Fullwood and Morgan Attorneys at Law. Later, he served the state of North Carolina as Superior Court Judge, and as Senior Resident Superior Court Judge. Other professional memberships and community service activities include North Carolina Emergency Superior Court Judge, North Carolina State Bar, North Carolina Conference of Superior Court Judges, National Bar Association, and National Bar Association Judicial Council. Judge Fullwood has been the coach for the Mock Trial and Moot Court team for BLSA for a considerable amount of years. His work with BLSA is invaluable and will be treasured for years to come.

BLSA Mock Trial Prospective Participants Membership on the BLSA Mock Trial Team is a wonderful experience. It takes trial practice to the next level. The skills necessary to try a case are taught, rehearsed and horned until each participant is prepared to compete at the highest level in the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition. All participants become intimately familiar with the anatomy of a trial, the role of the judge, the role of the lawyers, and the application of the rules of evidence. While the experience requires a dedicated devotion of time and effort, the rewards are enormous. They include know-how, confidence, and understanding that it would take years to acquire otherwise. Judge Ernest Fullwood

Message From The Coach

Kirsten Lee, Esq.- Assistant District Attorney, Fourth Judicial District B.A. East Carolina University J.D. North Carolina Central University School of Law Mock Trial Trainer Kirsten Lee is a practicing attorney that graduated from North Carolina Central School of Law in 2010. She graduated with honors and served as the class secretary for two consecutive years. Throughout her law school studies, she served in several organizations and participated in BLSA’s trial team for two years, the last year serving as the team captain. As the team captain, the BLSA team ranked third in the Regional BLSA trial team competition held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The team then advanced to the quarterfinal round of the National BLSA competition held in Boston, Massachusetts. Kirsten has studied legal courses in both the United Kingdom as well as Lithuania. Additionally, she completed extensive research for the Duke Guantanamo Defense Clinic. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in political science from East Carolina University. Currently, she works as an Assistant District Attorney in the 4th Judicial District of North Carolina. Her passions are domestic violence and international human rights.

MEET THE TRAINERS Terence O. Barber -Lawyer B.A. Campbell University J.D. North Carolina Central University School of Law Mock Trial Trainer

Terence O. Barber is a graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law. As a law student he was a member of the TYLA (Texas Young Lawyer Association) Trial Team. He served as the “Swingman.” As the “Swingman” he was responsible for arguing, both, prosecution/ plaintiff and defense as well as openings and closings in all competitions. He was the winner of the Mike Easley Opening Argument Competition for 2L’s. Terence also participated in the Veteran’s Law, Domestic Violence, and Civil Litigation Clinics. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree form Campbell University in North Carolina and is a veteran of the United States Army. Terence is a licensed attorney in North Carolina. He is currently in private practice in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

MEET THE COACH Timothy J. Peterkin -Legal Writing Instructor B.A. North Carolina Central University J.D. North Carolina Central University School of Law (Magna Cum Laude) Moot Court Team Coach Attorney Timothy J. Peterkin was born in Red Springs, NC. He received his bachelor’s degree in English from NCCU and his J.D. from NCCU Law School. Attorney Peterkin is a Legal Writing Instructor at North Carolina Central University School of Law and he supervises the students in the NCCU Law Foreclosure Prevention Project. He teaches legal writing and analysis. He is completing an article for publication that addresses NC Custody laws. Attorney Peterkin founded The Peterkin Law Firm. He wanted to have a firm that was committed to serving individuals. After serving for several years in the non-profit community, Attorney Peterkin decided to expand his ability to serve clients and opened up his law office in Raleigh, NC. The firm has accepted cases all over the state, including Wake, Durham, Wilson, Edgecombe, Nash, Forsyth, Granville, Cumberland, Hoke and Robeson Counties. Attorney Peterkin is known for fighting for his clients, while maintaining respect for the other parties in the case. He works very hard to resolve situations for the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN. He is well-respected in the legal community due to his cordiality and level-headed approach to the law. Attorney Peterkin is a member of the NC Bar Association, and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He enjoys marathon races for charity. He also serves on several committees in local and national organizations. Attorney Peterkin is a Legal Writing Instructor at North Carolina Central University School of Law and he supervises the students in the NCCU Law Foreclosure Prevention Project. He teaches legal writing and analysis. He is completing an article for publication that addresses NC Custody laws. He is also active in his community. He serves on several committees in local and national organizations.

MEET THE INTERN LaPorsha J. Leake, NCCU BLSA Undergraduate Intern North Carolina Central University Political Science & Criminal Justice Mock Trial team & Moot Court team Support

Greetings members of the Black Law Students Association & Trial Participants, My name is LaPorsha J. Leake. I am a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. I am looking forward to completing my senior year at North Carolina Central University in May 2012. I am a double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Law Enforcement. Growing up, I was a witness and a victim to the unfair treatment of classism and discrimination. I lived on a side of town that received less resources and was treated less favorably than my other counterpart's, who were of a different race and had more wealth. I made it this far because I was determined to use less to achieve more. However, some of my friends and colleagues were not as fortunate. With every opportunity, I plan to make a difference. As an Attorney, I plan to use the courtroom to fight for the underrepresented and less privileged. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity that I have been given by the NCCU Black Law Students Association. As an intern for the prestigious Mock trial and Moot Court team, I will provide administrative support, rule structure, and moral support to two teams that will win the regional and national championship. I am thrilled to learn about trial techniques and oral arguments. It will prepare me for my future. The NCCU BLSA internship program has encouraged and motivated young African Americans to partake in activities that can increase their knowledge and chances of success. As the president of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., I know how important and beneficial it is to be active in unfortunate communities. I am ready to serve and happy to learn. I wish you good luck as you prepare for tryouts and I cannot wait to meet the trainers, coaches and teams. LaPorsha J. Leake


Requirements & Workshops

If selected, BLSA’s mock trial and moot court participants can not participate in other moot court or mock trial competitions for any other organization or team. COURSE REQUIREMENTS (Preferred not Required): Mock Trial • Evidence • Trial Practice Moot Court • Appellate Advocacy • Legal Writing and/or Writing electives REFRESHER WORKSHOPS: Moot Court participants are required to take refresher workshops that focus on oral arguments and Legal Writing. Mock Trial team participants are required to take refresher workshops for Evidence and Trial Practice. These workshops will enhance needed skills and give students a competitive edge over other teams. The dates and times for the refresher workshops will be determined by NCCU Administration.

Selection Timeline • August 26, 2011- Packet will be released to TWEN; will contain “try-out” information • September 6-September 7, 2011- Mock Trial Team try-outs held • September 9, 2011- Team Roster Released

Selection Competition & Rules The Selection Competition Rules are only available to judges and the selection committee. The Rules for regional and national competitions will only be available to team participants, the training team, an coaches.

Selection Process:

A case packet will be released on August 26, 2011. You will be required to read through it and, according to which party you are assigned, you will be required to deliver a 5-7 minute closing argument relating to your sides issue. You will be selected based on your diction, court room presence, and cohesiveness of your argument. On September 2, 2011, the team roster will be released.

Benefits: Some of the benefits to participating with the Mock Trial Team are: •

Exposure in litigating cases in a real courtroom environment

Learning how to use proper court room decorum

Increase comfort and confidence in one’s ability to litigate

School recognition

A chance to showcase trial skills to firms & companies

Possible national and regional bragging rights

Benefits are not limited to those listed.

ABOUT THE TEAMS National and Regional timeline subject to change should SRBLSA and NBLSA release further information.

Regional Competition Timeline: The regional competition for the Moot Court and Mock Trial teams will start on January 18, 2011 and end on January 22, 2011. More information will be disseminated to participants during the training sessions.

Tentative Training Schedule: The training schedule for the Moot Court team and the Mock Trial team will be given to each participant, trainer, coach and intern once the trial teams are chosen.

National Competition:

The national competition for the Moot Court and Mock Trial teams will be held in March 2012. Information will be disseminated to participants selected during trainings.

MOCK TRIAL TEAM Review of Important Dates & Fees: All fees will be paid by BLSA

August 29, 2011 (midnight EST): Qualification Requirements, 2011-2012 TMMTC Problem released on NBLSA webpage.

September 1, 2011 - October 3, 2011: Early Bird Registration.

September 1, 2011 - October 14, 2011: Multiple team discount registration period.

October 3, 2011 (midnight EST): Deadline for competitors and coaches to send questions and concerns about the problem to

October 3, 2011- November 13, 2011: Regular Registration Period.

October 14, 2011 (midnight EST): Answers to substantive questions, scoring rubric and sheets, grievance sheet released on the NBLSA homepage.

November 14, 2011 - November 30, 2011: Late Registration Period.

January 2012-February 2012: Regional Competitions

March 7-11, 2012: National Competition (Arlington, VA)

MOOT COURT TEAM Review of Important Dates & Fees: All fees will be paid by BLSA

September 1 - October 1, 2011: $305 Early Bird registration will begin. Registration between these dates will be available at the discounted rate of $305 per team.

September 1 - October 15, 2011: The discounted rate of $305 per team will be extended to chapters registering two or more teams for the competition. (One discount will be applied per team)

September 15, 2011: The problem will be released on the TWEN site.

October 2 - October 30, 2011: $355 Regular registration period.

October 30, 2011: Registration Deadline.

October 14, 2011 (midnight EST): Answers to substantive questions, scoring rubric and sheets.

November 17, 2011: All team briefs are due.

November 23, 2011: Deadline for late service of briefs.

January 2012-February 2012: Regional Competitions

March 7-11, 2012: National Competition (Arlington, VA)



All you need to know guide to tryout for NCCU BLSA's Mock Trial and Moot Court teams.