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DONOR HONOR ROLL FROM THE N.C. CHILDREN’S PROMISE Recognizing monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind received January 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011. F U N DS B E N E F I T

Celebrating a

DECADE of Difference

Alan D. Stiles, MD Brewer Distinguished Professor Chairman, Department of Pediatrics Chief Physician, N.C. Children’s Hospital

Harvey Braswell Chairman, N.C. Children’s Hospital Board of Visitors


eptember 8, 2001, was a historic day for the women and children of North Carolina. A crowd of more than 1,500 gathered at UNC Hospitals that afternoon to celebrate the dedication of the new, freestanding women and children’s hospitals, finally complete after five years of painstaking construction. The stand-alone Children’s Hospital allowed us to provide North Carolina’s children something they never had before: a facility that brought together complete inpatient and outpatient care for children in one location—a true children’s hospital! The state’s children’s hospital. Fast forward 14 months to November 20, 2002, another milestone day for N.C. Children’s Hospital, the launch of the inaugural N.C. Children’s Promise Radiothon by Curtis Media Group. It was the Children’s Hospital’s first-ever hospital-based fundraising endeavor—a 20-hour radiothon on the 20th. The radio personalities fittingly asked their listeners to pledge $20 in support of the state’s children’s hospital, and we raised nearly $200,000 that day. A phenomenal feat, yes, but more than that, it was the start of something much bigger: a dedicated fundraising program for the Children’s Hospital, one that now has a full-time staff and raises millions of dollars each year. Since its inception, the N.C. Children’s Promise has raised more than $8 million in unrestricted gifts and millions more in directed gifts, but the story isn’t in the dollars raised but how those dollars are utilized. A support group for teen cancer patients. A childfriendly facelift of the pediatric operating suite. Leading edge research to find better treatments. A life-size playhouse for patients who spend weeks in the hospital at a time. The stories you see in these pages are but a handful of the nearly countless ways your support is leveraged to bridge the gap between clinical revenues and patient and family needs. Indeed, your gifts to the Children’s Promise make a big difference in the lives of the more than 70,000 children and families for whom we care each year. We relish our fundraising successes and, even more, the commitment of supporters like you who give even in the lean times. We dedicate this publication to you. Let this edition of Keeping the Promise serve as the official kick-off of a year-long commemoration celebrating a “decade of difference” you’ve helped make possible—10 years in the new Children’s Hospital and a 10th anniversary Radio/Telethon on November 17, 2011.

Some very special helpers assisted N.C. Children’s Hospital chief physician, Dr. Alan Stiles, cut the ribbon at the Pod G dedication ceremony on July 7, 2011—four former NICU graduates from UNC. Look how far they’ve come!

NOTE FROM THE N.C. CHILDREN’S PROMISE: This edition of Keeping the Promise recognizes gifts received from January 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011. The first two editions of the donor honor roll acknowledged donors on a calendar year cycle. Moving forward, we intend to recognize donors by fiscal year, which is consistent with the rest of our reporting. We did not want to implement this change at the expense of neglecting to thank some of our supporters, however, so overall giving totals were queried both by calendar year 2010 and by fiscal year 2010-2011, with the donor being acknowledged in the giving category representing the higher of the two totals.

Warmest regards,

Alan D. Stiles, MD Brewer Distinguished Professor Chairman, Department of Pediatrics Chief Physician, N.C. Children’s Hospital

Harvey Braswell Chairman, N.C. Children’s Hospital Board of Visitors

FUNDRAISING HIGHLIGHTS for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 • Fundraising efforts of the N.C. Children’s Promise remained steady in Fiscal Year 2010-2011. Gifts Total: $3,339,454 (6% increase over FY 2009-2010) Private Grants: $1,648,014 (20% increase over FY 2009-2010) GIFTS + GRANTS: $4,987,468 (10% increase over FY 2009-2010) • Of special note, gifts-in-kind experienced an unprecedented 118% increase through event donations and items donated to the hospital for patient use (e.g., books, art supplies, etc.). • Two community-based events (i.e., fundraisers not organized by the Promise) reached groundbreaking fundraising milestones:



in Review

Fiscal Year 2010-2011 July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011

– Only in its third year, the Reelin’ for Research fishing tournament in May 2011 surpassed $100,000 raised for pediatric cancer research at UNC. – The Krispy Kreme Challenge raised a whopping $122,000 for N.C. Children’s Hospital, more than doubling the total raised since the race’s inception as a fundraiser in 2006.

FUNDRAISING MILESTONES New Recreational and Learning Spaces • The NHL Legacy Classroom on 5 Children’s, a gift from the National Hockey League (NHL), the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA), the Carolina Hurricanes, and Hockey Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine’s Companions in Courage charity, opened to much fanfare on January 28, 2011. (See page 4.) • Fundraising for the new Lookout Terrace, a rooftop recreational area situated near the recreational facilities on 7 Children’s, is nearly complete. Construction will begin in coming months with a projected opening in early 2012.

HOSPITAL MILESTONES New Care Spaces • The operating suite formerly shared between women and children’s services was designated exclusively for children in spring 2011. The suite, equipped with six operating rooms in addition to precare and post-operative areas, is the largest dedicated to pediatric patients anywhere in North Carolina. A grant from the Children’s Promise funded kid-friendly murals to aid in distraction and reduce anxiety of children being wheeled to surgery. (See page 17.)

Construction on Lookout Terrace, N.C. Children’s Hospital’s outdoor recreational area, will conclude in early 2012. The Ronald McDonald Family Room on 7 Children’s opened its doors in June 2011.

• After years of planning, the Ronald McDonald Family Room opened its doors in June 2011. Located on 7 Children’s, adjacent to the Hospital School and Recreational Therapy, the Family Room offers families a private escape from the stress that comes from being at the hospital for days, even months, on end. And best of all, they can get away without actually leaving the hospital or their child. • The Newborn Critical Care Center’s 10-bed expansion, under construction during a good portion of the fiscal year, welcomed its first patients on July 12, 2011, bringing the hospital’s overall bed count to 150 inpatient beds. Pod G, as the clinical space is known, is the medical home the hospital’s most clinically fragile newborns.


2002 . . . Hailey was just 9 years old when she became one of the first N.C. Children’s Hospital patients to take to the airwaves during the inaugural N.C. Children’s Promise radiothon on November 20, 2002. She had become a dialysis patient at UNC earlier that year and had a successful kidney transplant in 2005. Says the 18-year-old’s mother, Tarasa, “If it weren’t for UNC, she wouldn’t be here.”

N ovember 20, 2002, 5 a.m. Six Curtis Media

Group radio stations kicked off the broadcasting day live from the N.C. Children’s Hospital lobby, another eight stations from their studios throughout North Carolina. They called the radiothon event “The N.C. Children’s Promise,” the radio personalities asking their listeners, “Got $20? Send it in!”

C all by call, $20 at a time, sometimes more, listeners responded. By 1 a.m. on November 21 —20 hours after they first started—the grand fundraising total was revealed: $183,253, all of it raised one donation at a time.

I t was a monumental day at N.C. Children’s

Hospital, not only the beginning of an annual tradition with the radio/telethon but also the impetus for a formalized, year-round fundraising program benefiting the hospital called the N.C. Children’s Promise.

N ovember 17, 2011, will mark the 10th anni-

versary N.C. Children’s Promise Radio/Telethon with Curtis Media Group and television partner, Time Warner Cable’s News 14 Carolina, which joined the event in 2005. Let us celebrate the more than $8 million in unrestricted gifts (and millions more in directed gifts!) the event has helped raise by taking a look back at some of the amazing kids we’ve met along the way. 2

. . . 2003 Rebecca was a huge champion of the radiothon, participating in four such events before losing her brave battle with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) in February 2007 at age 17. A blog she wrote lives on, revealing her passion for the event: “My dad and I figured the math. On average, 40,000 patients are seen at the Children’s Hospital each year. 40,000 people is only about 5% of Curtis Media’s listeners. If 40,000 people each donate $25 (that’s $25 a child) during the radiothon, we could raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Can you imagine how much that would do for the hospital?”

2004 . . . Brittany is a hematology patient with Evans syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder in which the body makes antibodies that destroy the red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells. She’s participated in seven radio/ telethons. Here’s the UNC Greensboro junior at age 13 doing an interview with 94.7 WQDR.

. . . 2005 Jayme, now age 15, has been a long-time N.C. Children’s Hospital patient. He and his sister, Hannah, both have cystic fibrosis. Here’s Jayme at age 9 getting an autograph from country singer, Blaine Larsen, one of dozens of performers who have taken to the radio/ telethon stage and entertained in the Children’s Hospital lobby.

2006 . . . Grayson was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a form of inflammatory bowel disease, in 2005. In the years since his diagnosis, the now 15-year-old has competed in the annual Swim for Smiles Youth Triathlon as a way to give back. All proceeds from Swim for Smiles events benefit N.C. Children’s Hospital.

. . . 2007 Maura’s mom, Kate, lovingly says, “UNC has been our home away from home since Maura was 7 days old.” Maura has endured a host of medical ailments—a heart defect (surgically corrected at 13 days old), cerebral palsy, neuroblastoma (a form of cancer) and orthopaedic surgery among them—but she seemingly always has a smile on her face, particularly during the radio/telethon.

2008 . . . Julia, now age 4, was born with several heart defects that required corrective surgeries— six in all, the latest two in 2009. Her parents, Kimberly and Rob, report she’s now thriving and even enrolled in school.

. . . 2009 Ahmad, who has asthma, contracted the H1N1 virus in fall 2009 at age 4 and suffered some severe consequences. He was hospitalized on a ventilator in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and very nearly lost his life. Upon recovery, he even had to relearn how to walk but is now doing well. He’s pictured here (right) with twin brother, Aaron, and assistant nurse manager, Doreen Marlowe.

2010 . . . Erick, pictured here in the arms of his father, Moises, was born with prune belly syndrome, a rare birth defect affecting about 1 in 40,000 births. He spent the first four month of his life in N.C. Children’s Hospital’s Newborn Critical Care Center and was frequently hospitalized thereafter until he received his life-saving organ transplants in early 2010. See video of Erick and his mother, Alma, before the transplants at


In the

LION’S DEN High-tech classroom helps patients stay connected

And that’s all thanks to the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), the Carolina Hurricanes, and Hockey Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine and his Companions in Courage charity. Together they unveiled a state-of-the-art NHL Legacy Classroom at N.C. Children’s Hospital in January 2011. The high-tech classroom—the first of its kind among a dozen NHL “Lion’s Dens” gifted to children’s hospitals throughout North America—was a legacy gift to the children of North Carolina commemorating the 2011 NHL All-Star Weekend, the League’s midseason spectacular held for the first time in Raleigh. In addition to a SMART Board and SMART Table from SMART Technologies, the $250,000 interactive space features Cisco Systems’ online conferencing system, WebEx, a technology enabling patients to connect to family, friends, schools and teachers anywhere in the world during a hospital stay. Denver was among the first patients to test drive the classroom, along with Hospital School teacher, Karen Weatherly. “He had a little anxiety about leaving his parents to do schoolwork, but when he saw the room, he liked it and did not hesitate,” recalled Weatherly. “It’s an engaging activity for a kid his age, and we were able to do what he did in class.”

hen 6-year-old, Denver, of Raleigh, N.C., W was hospitalized at N.C. Children’s Hospital in early 2011, falling behind on his schoolwork was one thing his mother, Marnie, didn’t have to worry about. His Hospital School teacher used the hospital’s new SMART Board and a SMART Table to help Denver keep up with his studies. Through a donation to the N.C. Children’s Promise, Tom and Lisa Hazen had preserved this space as a pediatric recreational area during construction of the Children’s Hospital, which opened in 2002.


For Denver’s parents, the classroom provided tremendous peace of mind in the midst of a difficult situation. “It was so nice, as parents, to not have to worry about helping him with that on top of everything else we were going through,” said mom, Marnie. “Denver was reluctant at first, but once he saw the SMART Table, he was hooked. He had a really good experience and was so excited to be able to go back and tell his teacher about it.” The unveiling of the NHL Legacy Classroom at N.C. Children’s Hospital on January 28, 2011, was a star-studded affair, featuring NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, and several NHL players, including goalie Cam Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes.

DONORS $100,000+

Carolina Kids Classic

Children’s Digestive Health and Nutrition Foundation Corks for Kids, Inc. Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, Inc.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc. Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, Inc.

The Kathleen Choplin Hearn Charitable Trust I, II & III K2 Challenge, Inc.

Curtis Media Group

Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

UNC Dance Marathon

DONORS $50,000 – $99,999

Charles H. Goren Foundation, Inc. Tom and Lisa Hazen, Trustees Kohl’s Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society MedImmune, Inc.

NC Biotechnology Center Pfizer, Inc.

Talecris Biotherapeutics, Inc. Time Warner Cable/ News 14 Carolina

DONORS $25,000 – $49,999

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Andracchio

Gregg & Lori Ireland

Carolina Hurricanes Foundation, Inc.

Modigenetech LTD.

COAG Industrial Inc.

Eric Montross Father’s Day Basketball Camp

Leon Algernon Dunn, Jr. & Pattie McCay Dunn Family Foundation

Ronald McDonald House Charities of NC, Inc.

GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.

Swim for Smiles Foundation

HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Time Warner Cable Employees

Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation

Recognizing monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind received January 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.


I CANcer Teens learn the healing effects of photography

hey say a picture is worth a thousand T words. For a group of teenagers battling cancer, a picture can be worth much more.

“Teens tend to define themselves by their peers, and thusly the general nature of adolescence tends to isolate our teen cancer patients,” said Jessica Irven, a recreational therapist/child life specialist at N.C. Children’s Hospital. “Teens with cancer tend to feel cut off by their peers, as they are going through something to which their peers cannot relate.” Based on that understanding, Irven and Justin Yopp, PhD, a psychologist at N.C. Cancer Hospital, established a new support group for teen cancer survivors in the fall of 2010 with a Promise Grant from the N.C. Children’s Promise. The teens, each equipped with a camera, used photography as a portal to share their experiences. For 16-year-old Morrow of Chapel Hill, N.C., the photos were a way to show how she felt about being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, now in remission. “It was nice to take pictures that expressed how I felt about going through treatment and my fears of recurrence; it was a great outlet,” said Morrow. “You can really have a change in mindset from doing something like this. As a teenager going through treatment, I felt isolated and sad. This project helped me talk to others about what I was going through so I could begin to understand my emotions.” Morrow was one of five teens in the program. Over pizza, the group would project photos onto a large screen, discussing the personal significance of each image through the facilitation of Irven, Yopp and Heather Rompel, a pediatric oncology nurse.

Morrow explains the significance of some of her striking photos with friends at the artists’ reception.

“The group allowed the teens to connect, and the photographs gave them a voice,” explained Irven. “Photography provided a common ground, and we could use the photos as discussion fodder. Their experiences were different but had similarities. It helped to normalize what they have gone through. It is so important for teens to know they are normal.” And from the support group was born a chance to share those experiences with a much larger audience. Inspired by a fellow recreational therapist, Stephanie Mazze, who had heard of a similar program in New York, Irven arranged for a public exhibition of the photographs. “I CANcer: a photo journey” ran for several weeks at University Mall in Chapel Hill in May and June 2011 and a smaller selection of photos was later showcased in front of the pediatric hematologyoncology clinic at UNC.

“I CANcer: a photo journey” opened with an artists’ reception on May 18, 2011. See photo highlights featuring the artists at


“There are still many challenges I have to deal with, but the photography allows me to work through these,” reflected Morrow. “I think about photography in a different way now. By playing with the angles and lighting, I was able to find the best way to capture my emotions.”

DONORS $10,000 – $24,999

Absolute Collection Service, Inc.

Fraydun Foundation, Inc.


Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.

Golf for Promise (Jessica Kittelberger)

Rally Foundation

L & N Andreas Foundation Anonymous - Children’s Hospital

Inspire Pharmaceuticals

Siemens/ The Siemens Philanthropic Fund

Autograph Basketball for Community Activity Inc.

K & L Gates LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Smith

KeySource Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bardsley

Mr. and Dr. James H. Kitchen

The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Carstarphen

Live Nation Music Group, Inc.

Mr. Butch and Mrs. Tammy Davis

Mr. Jay Luebke

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Entwistle

Making Precious Strides, Inc.

State Employees’ Combined Campaign

Foundation for the Carolinas


Mr. J. Robert Stout

Franklin Street Trust


Tar Heel Monthly

Dr. Andrew J. Stanley and Ms. Lily I. Hsu

DONORS $5,000 – $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Aaron

Lab Corp of America Holdings

The NEW Wake Forest Dance Marathon

Asbury Automotive Group LLC

Lee-Moore Capital Company

S & D Coffee, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Ayotte

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lowe, Jr.

Samaritan’s Purse

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bailey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lund

Bank of America, N.A.

J.F. Maddox Foundation

Dr. Jeffrey W. Scales and Dr. Cheryl L. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Barker

Mr. Fraydun Manocherian

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Noël

Boy Scout Troop 39

North Carolina Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Braswell

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Burnett III

North Carolina Department of Corrections

UNC Health Care

Chapel Hill Sportswear

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Painter

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc.

Parion Sciences

Ms. Lindsay Craven Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Crowder Divi Resorts

Phase 3 Media Quintiles/Innovex RBC Capital Markets Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. David Emonson

Richard M. & Elizabeth M. Ross Foundation

Keystone Foods LLC

Ms. Alison B. Ross

Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Stiles UNC/Rex Hospital

Viable Corp Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Walters Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Watkins The Martha Woodward Webb Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William Woodward Webb, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Woodward Webb, Sr.

Recognizing monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind received January 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.



BREATHING Computer modeling to help children with respiratory disorders

A $3.6 million grant enabling researchers

to develop computer models to predict which treatments will work best for pediatric airway problems may soon have children with certain respiratory issues breathing a little easier. “It was very scary to know she needed the bronchoscope,” said Layla’s mom, Latina (here with her daughter and Dr. Carlton Zdanski). She says she feels good knowing participation in the study will potentially help other families avoid such procedures.

“This gives us an almost virtual bronchoscopic view without having to do an invasive procedure,” says Dr. Carlton Zdanski, one of three co-principal investigators of the study. See an animated view at Meet the principal investigators (left to right, Drs. Zdanski, Stephanie Davis and Richard Superfine) and get a closer look at the study on YouTube:

It’s a study that has long-term implications for patients with complex upper airway issues like 6-month-old, Layla. The Fayetteville, N.C., infant was born with a congenital condition called Pierre Robin sequence, a syndrome characterized by an abnormally small lower jaw that displaces the tongue toward the back of the throat, causing breathing problems. Treatment varies considerably based on severity, but those with the condition often require multiple surgeries and medical interventions, sometimes throughout childhood, to maintain an open airway and normal development. But what treatments work best? The answer depends on the case, but UNC researchers are hoping to make those options more of an exact science. “This study is evaluating young children, under the age of 10, that have problems with their upper airway,” said pediatric pulmonologist, Stephanie Davis, MD, one of three co-prinicipal investigators of the four-year study initiated in October 2010 and funded by the National Institutes of Health. “We are trying to better understand how to treat these children, both medically and surgically, by modeling their airways.” Beyond predicting the best medical or surgical interventions, the team hopes computer modeling will help determine the optimal timing of those interventions. Davis is leading the study with UNC colleagues, Carlton Zdanski, MD, and Richard Superfine, PhD. According to Superfine, director of the NIH Center for Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, geometry of the airway is currently derived from medical images, like MRIs and CT scans but, as he explained, “Those techniques can only give us resolution down to one millimeter, so if a child’s airway is constricted below one millimeter, it’s going to be very difficult for us to see that and to determine the surgery that would help that.” Give those radiographic images to the study’s virtual lung group, though, and it’s a different story. The group can use them to create a virtual, almost three dimensional model of the airway. Davis said the project is unique because it pulls together multiple disciplines across the UNC campus. “It represents a broad collaboration between pediatric otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, pediatric pulmonology, physics and astronomy, mathematics, biostatistics, computer science, and the N.C. Children’s Airway Center,” said Davis. “It brings together the virtual modeling group with the clinical group.” “This has tremendous implications for treatment down the line,” said Zdanski, chief of pediatric otolaryngology/head and neck surgery at UNC and surgical director of the N.C. Children’s Airway Center. “The first step is to develop and determine the model’s value. If it turns out to be useful, it has the potential to change the standard of treatment and allow for optimal surgical and medical planning, and hopefully avoid unnecessary treatments and procedures for kids with airway problems.”


MPS II, more commonly known as Hunter syndrome, is an exceedingly rare and life-threatening genetic disorder. In mucopolysaccharidoses and related diseases, the body’s inability to produce specific enzymes interferes with the break down complex carbohydrates. The missing or insufficient enzyme prevents the proper cellular recycling process, whereby the body uses enzymes to break down and recycle cellular materials. The result is storage of these materials in the cells, blood and connective tissues, causing progressive, irreversible damage affecting physical appearance, motor ability, functioning of organs and systems, and, in most cases, mental development. Luckily for Kevin, N.C. Children’s Hospital is one of the world’s top research institutions in the fight against MPS, a distinction earned primarily due to the pioneering research of Kevin’s physician, Joseph Muenzer, MD, a pediatric genetics and metabolism expert. Known as the leading authority in the country who understands the complex makeup and devastating results of MPS, Muenzer has spent a lifetime researching and creating the best treatment options for Hunter syndrome. As Muenzer described it, he became an expert by happenstance. “When I did a fellowship with the NIH more than 20 years ago, I worked on a clinical trial for patients with MPS,” said Muenzer. “I saw more than 50 families during that time, and I became knowledgeable about Hunter syndrome by default.” When Kevin first came to UNC, Muenzer was working on a clinical trial for Elaprase, an enzyme replacement therapy, administered by IV infusion, designed to treat the underlying cause of the disease. The therapy was approved by the FDA the following year, and Kevin immediately began weekly infusions at the hospital.


for Better Treatments Physician spends lifetime in pursuit of treatment for rare disease ine-year-old Kevin of N Fayetteville, N.C., was just a toddler when he was diagnosed with mucopolysaccharidosis type II (MPS II).

“The enzyme therapy has enabled him to be active,” said Kevin’s mother, Marqueta. “He can read and write on grade level and dresses himself. While he has mild limitations at school, he has not allowed his condition to hinder him.” In fact, Kevin plays basketball and is on the A/B honor roll at school. Inspired by the success of Kevin and other patients, Muenzer continues his research for better treatment options through funding from various foundations and private donors. His current clinical trial is aimed at addressing the neurological and developmental effects of Hunter syndrome in those with the severe form of the condition through direct administration of recombinant enzyme into the fluid around the brain and spinal cord. Kevin continues his weekly enzyme replacement infusions and has been on home infusion for the past two years. He sees Muenzer for follow-up visits every six months. “Kevin is doing so well because of Dr. Muenzer and the work he has done,” said Marqueta. “Kevin is going to do big things. I just know it.”

Kevin, pictured here with his physician and MPS research expert, Dr. Joseph Muenzer, is one of only about 2,000 people worldwide who have Hunter syndrome.


DONORS $2,500 – $4,999

Adams Electric Company Aeropostale, Inc. The Bama Companies, Inc. Blue Water Seafood Company BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina Coastal Carolina Honda Contemporary Services Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Custer Mr. and Mrs. Curtis M. Dail The Curtis M. & Jacqueline N. Dail Foundation, Inc. East 54 Associates, LLC Educational Foundation, Inc. Foundation for University Medical Care for Children GlaxoSmithKline Dr. Stuart H. Gold and Mr. Don Steinberg Golden State Foods (GSF) The Hamptons Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hazen Herman Miller for Healthcare, Inc.

High Point Community Foundation Hunter’s Dance, Inc. IBM Employee Campaign Jones & Frank Kids Helping Kids, Company Dancers of Wilson Lindbrook Development Services, Inc. Long Beverage Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGinty Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. McNeill Medtronic Spinal & Biologics Michael Jordan Nissan Mr. Eric and Mrs. Crystal Miller Mr. William B. Millis Mustaches for Kids Raleigh Chapter The N.C. Center for Dermatology, P.A. N.C. State PackLIFE NNE Pharmaplan, Inc Ms. Lisa M. Price Dr. and Mrs. David W. Ollila Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

Rotary Club of Wake Forest Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schulte Seegars Fence Company Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sholtz Simply Meg’s Skanska USA Building Inc. Mr. Jay Trepanier Mr. J. Troy Smith, Jr. Southland Electrical Supply Co., Inc. Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. Triangle Medical Spouse Alliance UNC Hospitals Volunteer Association Wachovia Bank, N.A. Wards Hollow Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wickham Mr. John V. Woodard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Wooten Young Champions Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Zederbaum Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Zollinger II

DONORS $1,000 – $2,499

Allscripts American Countertops Mr. and Mrs. Cutler W. Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Andrews, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Barron A Better Image Printing Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Boger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bothwell Dr. and Mrs. Frederick O. Bowman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bradley Jr. Mr. Jeffrey A. Brown Brunnemer Family Foundation Mr. Johnny Burleson and Mr. Walter Clark Cary Academy Mr. and Mrs. George H. Chadwick, Jr. Charles Aris, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Chiavetta III Clancy & Theys Construction Company Claxton Elementary School Student Council Mr. and Mrs. G. Munroe Cobey Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Center, PA Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cooke Mr. Emory E. Croom III The Crunkleton Dal-Tile Mr. John A. DeMasi Drs. Amelia F. and Craig L. Drake Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Alan Efting Mr.and Mrs. Ray Ellis Emily’s Kids Foundation, Inc. Drs. Matthew G. Ewend and Lisa Carey Alan and Michelle Finlayson Mr. and Mrs. William Finn Firstgiving, Inc. Fleet Feet Sports-Carrboro Mr. James Dalton Fulghum Dr. Mandy Ghaffarpour,DDS PLLC


Mr. and Mrs. Terry S. Giles Ms. Joan Gillings Granville Towers Mr. and Mrs. James B. Greathouse Mr. and Mrs. Roger Grooms H.O.G. of Raleigh Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Hamrick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Hanlon III Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Helms Holler Enterprises, Inc. Mr. W. H. Holsenbeck Dr. and Mrs. William C. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. John M. Huemmer IBM Employee Services Center Impact Funding Trust, Inc. Inter Fraternity Council University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Jackson Jerry A. Jackson, LLC John David Jewelers Mr. and Mrs. Joel Johnston Ms. Bridgit W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Joyner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Keiner Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kittelberger Ms. Barbara C. Kretzer Mr. Bill LaFrankie Learfield Communications, Inc. Dr. Edward I. Lee Mrs. Joanne M. Liddle S Long Longbranch of Raleigh Inc. Lunsford Richardson Preyer Charitable Lead Unitrust Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Mabe Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Macpherson Mrs. Peggy Mahan John McConnell Family Foundation Mrs. and Mr. Pat A. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. McElroy

The Medical Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. MedThink Communications Mexalina Power, LLC Ms. Maria D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Miller, Sr. Montross Camp - Coins for Kids Project Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Morton III Mr. Chadwick Narron Ms. Victoria Nevois Drs. Terry L. Noah and Margaret R. Helton North Carolina Dermatology Association Notelknurc, LLC NSB INC Mr. Greg Oberholtzer Mr. and Mrs. H. Patrick Oglesby Oodles Charters Optimist Club of Chapel Hill Mr. and Mrs. Gary Park Dr. and Mrs. David B. Peden Piedmont Financial Trust Company Pine Needles Village in Southern Pines, NC Ms. Danielle S. Piner PPD Development, LP Mr. George Prate Precision Platinum Principled Technologies, Inc. The Properties, Inc. Pulte Homes, Raleigh Mr. James Quinn R & J Investments of Eden, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Timonthy J. Raczniak Mr. William G. Rand Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Reed Dr. and Mrs. Todd A. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Rogers III Dr. Robert A. Rucho S & J Foods, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Samet Samet Corporation

Mr. Anthony Sanders Ms. Lillie L. Sapp Schneider Stone Inc. Sears Contract, Inc. Sigma Sigma Sigma Mr. Ray S. Smith III Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Smith II Dr. and Mrs. Fred G. Smith, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Smithwick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David G. Sneeden Mr. and Mrs. Don Stallings Sterling Building Group, Inc. Ms. Eulene D. Stiles Mr. J. Darren Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Alvin E. Stutz Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sutter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sykes Mr. Steven Thanhauser and Ms. Van Eure The Mary Claire Satterly Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thompson Toleo Foundation Trammell and Bell DDS PA Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Trepanier III Triangle Velo Mr. William True UNC Student Activities Fund Venture Construction Company Mr. Rex B. Vick, Sr. Ms. Martha K. Walston Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Walther Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. William W. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Weill, Jr. Mr. Max O. Welborn, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wessell III Ms. Suzanne E. Williamson Mr. Jeffrey L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Zachary Zeta Psi Fraternity

Recognizing monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind received January 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.


hen 5 Children’s, the inpatient unit on the fifth floor of N.C. Children’s Hospital, received a Promise Grant to purchase toys, the care team decided it wanted something special to serve their unique patient population—primarily children with chronic pulmonary conditions like cystic fibrosis and those battling cancer and rare blood disorders. Many patients are hospitalized for weeks, even months, before they are well enough to return home. Yet, because of immunosuppression and other issues, patients on 5 Children’s are often unit-bound, unable to leave the fifth floor to enjoy recreational areas like the play atrium on the seventh floor. Caregivers finally decided a child-sized playhouse near the nurses’ station would be ideal, but they couldn’t find a single one manufactured large enough to fit the pumps and IV poles inpatients often have in tow when they play. They nearly gave up on the idea, but then nurse, Vanessa Cline, came up with a solution: she would make a playhouse for the unit. One might not expect a nurse to have the skill set to design and execute such a project, but Cline graduated from NC State’s School of Design with a degree in product design before becoming a nurse. This was just up her alley, combining her passions for care and design.

The House that PROMISE BUILT

Nurse designs and builds playhouse for inpatient unit When 5 Children’s couldn’t find a playhouse roomy enough to accommodate, nurse Vanessa Cline made one.

In all, Cline spent nearly five months creating the playhouse, all on her own time. “I looked at other playhouses, and I tried to give it a homey feeling,” said Cline of her labor of love. “I also tried to think through the developmental milestones that could be achieved by playing in the house.” The results were amazing. The playhouse—measuring 14 feet wide, 9 feet tall and 9 feet deep—not only fits medical equipment but has all the makings of a home. Its windows are adorned with curtains and flower boxes. The kitchen is an aspiring chef’s dream, its shelves stocked with cooking accessories and lots of play food to serve up on the dining room table. Exterior features include a mailbox and wind chimes. Green rugs simulate the lawn, complete with lawn mower.

Though 4-year-old Katherine of Clayton, N.C., could not leave the unit, the playhouse offered a perfect getaway. “She really enjoys playing in the playhouse,” said her father, Troy. “It really has everything.”

“We wanted it to be something for entire families, not just patients but their siblings, as well,” reflected Cline. “When an adult is sick, care can really focus on the patient alone. When a child is sick, it is a whole family that must be taken into consideration.” “The playhouse is providing a meeting ground for patients and siblings alike,” commented Pat Yee, nurse manager on 5 Children’s. “In an age of high-tech and electronics, this goes back to basics—just good childhood play—and the kids love it.”


DONORS $500 – $999

2Hearts Consulting, LLC Mr. Chris Abbott Dr. and Mrs. William Adamson Mr. Edward J. Albrecht, Jr. Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Karen Albritton Mr. Edwin W. Aldridge The Logan Aldridge Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Alexander Mr. Dwight E. Alford All Star Waste Services, LLC Alliance Management, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Andrews, Jr. Mr. Frank Auman Mr. Charles D. Bailey IV Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Ballew Mr. Dustin and Mrs. Danielle Bates Mr. James T. Bensen Blue Water Seafood Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Boger Mr. Kyle Boggess Mr. and Mrs. James Boomer Mr. and Mrs. Landon Bordeaux Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Bost Drs. Eric and Kathy Bradford Branch Banking and Trust Company Mr. F. Cooper Brantley Jr. Brantley Properties, Inc. Brigs Enterprises, Inc. Britt and Miller Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Wallace D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Milton S Brown III Mr. Robert A. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Craig A. Buchman Dr. and Mrs. Scott H. Buck Mr. Justin Burris Dr. Julie S. and Mr. Michael E. Byerley Dr. and Mrs. David W. Campbell Capstrat Inc. Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad Catering Company of Chapel Hill CB Richard Ellis - Triad CEI The Digital Office Company Chapel Hill Country Club, Inc. Chapel Hill Tennis Club Chapel Hill Wine Company Charles M. Winston Family Foundation Dr. Kathleen M. and Dr. Daniel L. Clarke-Pearson Major and Mrs. A. F. Clarkson, Jr. Dr. Dennis A. Clements III and Dr. Martha Ann Keels ClubCorp Inc. Coastal Beverage Company, Inc.

Coastal Carolina Neonatology, PLLC Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Cofrey Mr. John J. Costigan Cumberland Dairy, Inc. Dr. Peter G. Dalldorf and Ms. Christina A. Douglas Ms. Vickie J. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dawson Mike & Shelley Day Mr. and Mrs. F. Burton Dean Mrs. Emily H. Deese Ms. Suzanne L. Demarrais and Mr. Raymond Strong Mr. Peter J. DeVisser Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dusek Mr. Jeffrey Easterling Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards, Jr. Mrs. Suzanne Edwards E-Z Go Textron F & D Huebner, LLC Ms. Nell Finch Dr. and Mrs. Otis N. Fisher, Jr. Mr. Paul H. Foglia Mr. Mike Gagne Ms. Pamela H. Gardner Gate City Motor Company, Inc. Genuity Concepts Mr. and Mrs. Cambridge F. Glenn Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. Goldstein Mrs. Shannon S. Gooding Mr. Jeff Grady Graham Personnel Services Mr. Lynwood L. Grissom Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanbury Mr. Samuel W. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Harris Ms. Rebekah H. Haslett Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Herman-Giddens Ms. Iren U. Hianik Mr. Cleo and Mrs. Regina Hill Mr. James Hooper Mr. Richard A. Hutchinson, Sr. Mr. John R. Isner ISP International Specialty Products, Inc. Ms. Darleen M. Johns Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Craig Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Charlie K. Johnson Johnson’s Jewelers, Inc. Mr. Charles B. King, Jr. Mr. Charles E. Kinney, Jr. Kluttz Thompson Designs

Mr. and Mrs. Steffen J. Kuronen Mr. Franklin T. Lamar Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Larson The Laser Tag Group Mr. James F. Legette Mr. and Mrs. James R. Loftis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David Lowe Lumina Clothing Company Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Maddox Mrs. Jill Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Manuel Mr. and Mrs. Alex Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Masse Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. McElroy McEntire Produce, Inc. Mr. Jerry W. McLaurin Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. McPhail MEDNAX Services, Inc. Ms. Nancy Mingis Mr. Roland J. Moessner Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Molina Mr. Kevin Mooney Ms. Cynthia Mortimer Dr. Fernando R. Moya Ms. Sarah Murray Mustaches for Kids, Triangle Chapter Mr. Charles B. Neely, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Neese New River (Onslow County) Rotary Club Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Norwood Mr. and Mrs. W. James Ormond Mr. and Mrs. L. Glenn Orr, Jr. Pajama Pals Mr. and Mrs. John Parham Mr. Henry N. Patterson Ms. Carole B. Pearce Pediatric Services of America, Inc. Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc. Ms. Ann B. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Peterson Mr. Raymond A. Phillips Ms. Annette L. Plato Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Pope Ms. Patricia C. Preyer R.W. McCollum Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rak Mr. Matthew M. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ratliff Ms. Alice Michele Reams Replogle Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William O. Robb Ms. Nichole Robke Rocky Mount Academy Mr. and Mrs Milton Schaeffer, Jr.

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The CURNENSociety

($20,000 over five years /$4,000 per year) Your name here

The Founders’ Circle

($15,000 over five years/$3,000 per year) Your name here

($25,000 over five years / $5,000 per year) Matthew and Tiana Ayotte Harvey and Karen Braswell Butch and Tammy Davis Jack and Wanda Entwistle Andrew Stanley and Lily Hsu Dr. Alan and Mrs. Brenda Stiles

Benefactors’ Circle Charter Members Club Cornerstone Club ($10K over five years /$2,000 per year) Dr. and Mrs. William C. Hubbard Morgan and Shawn Jackson

Sustainers’ Club ($5,000 over five years/$1,000 per year) Cutler and Cristin Andrews Steve and Kellie McPhail Dustin and Danielle Bates Crystal Hinson Miller and Eric Miller Ray and Susan Ellis Marc and Cecile Noël Alan and Michelle Finlayson Dr. David and Mrs. Mary Ollila Cleo and Regina Hill Chris and Ann Smith

Recognizing monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind received January 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.



When 14-year-old diabetic, Devin, makes a poor food choice that affects his insulin levels, the Burlington, N.C., teen knows he has to answer to more than just his mom. He also has to answer to Susan McGovern, his pediatric diabetes educator at N.C. Children’s Hospital. “She is like a second mom to Devin,” said Devin’s mother, Tabitha. “She gets on him when he is not doing what he is supposed to be doing.” McGovern works with diabetic children and their families to make significant lifestyle changes, addressing adequate nutrition and developing the skills they need to manage their diabetes, including how to do injections, check blood levels and recognize symptoms of low blood sugar. She also helps the families organize resources for school or daycare, among other things. As Ali Calikoglu, MD, chief of pediatric endocrinology at UNC, explained, “Diabetes is more of a social condition than just a medical condition. Doctors are involved in the diagnosis and initial insulin treatment in patients with diabetes, but it is a diabetes educator who prepares patients for the day-to-day life of living with diabetes and helps them improve their skills and expand their knowledge of diabetes throughout their lives.”


DIABETES Diabetes educator key to helping young patients manage condition


hildren and their families need guidance to develop the skills they need to manage their diabetes, including how to do injections, check blood levels and recognize symptoms of low blood sugar.

McGovern is a critical part of the pediatric diabetes team, yet before generous donor support through the N.C. Children’s Promise, the position was not possible. “Our division did not have the resources to pay for a certified diabetes educator,” said Calikoglu. “When we recruited one thanks to this funding, it changed the landscape of how we provide care. We have raised the level of care, saved time for our patients and reduced the cost for them. It’s a great example of how a donor support can transform everyday care.” For McGovern, the position is more than a job. It’s her passion. “My father is a diabetic, so I have a compassion for people with diabetes and the struggles they go through,” McGovern said. “This job is the perfect fit.” Devin’s mom agreed. “She is great with kids and teens,” said Tabitha. “She puts medical terms in layman’s terms.”

Certified diabetes educator, Susan McGovern (left), with Devin and his mom, Tabitha. McGovern’s position is funded by private support through the N.C. Children’s Promise, including a major gift from Harvey and Karen Braswell.

“I try to be the child’s advocate,” McGovern added. “If they are not doing well, then we are doing something wrong. I try to make it easier for the patients and families. My goal is to do what is best for the patient.”


DONORS $250 - $499

Mrs. Anne M. Addabbo Mr. and Mrs. Reuben A. Allen III Ms. Cathey K. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Asfoury Ms. E. Rose Auman Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Averitt Mr. and Mrs. David Baddour Bagwell & Bagwell, Inc. Ms. Nancy S. Baird Dr. Bryan S. Baker Drs. David A. Bartholomew and Neva E. Bartholomew Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Bell Biologics , Inc. Ms. Darcia M. Black Mrs. Eliza T. Blackwell Blue Threads, Inc. Mr. Jeffrey R. Bolls Dr. and Mrs. Carl L. Bose Mr. and Mrs. Thurman S. Brooks Mr. R. Erskine Brooks Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Bryant Mr. Michael Buckenberger Mr. and Mrs. David Bulluck Mr. and Mrs. Tim Campbell Capital Community Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tony T. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Casey Ms. Sheri Castle Chapel Hill Restaurant Management Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cherry Chick-fil-A (University Mall) Dr. Stephen E. Christophe Mr. William Russell Clegg Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Clendenin Ms. Ann Marie R. Coan Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cochran Ms. Deborah B. Coclanis Mr. and Mrs. Tom Colantuono Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, Inc Ms. Ellen S. Collins Controls Inc. Ms. Linda Cordes Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Corley Cornerstone Double O, LLC Ms. Lisbeth S. Coulombe Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Craven Crescent State Bank Darryl D. Evans, Inc. Mr. Philip Davidow Ms. Anne Davis Mr. John W. Dees II Mr. and Mrs. Elwood M. Dodson, Jr. Dominos Pizza, Carrboro Ms. Patricia P. Doyle Mr. Lewis Dunn E. J. Pope & Son, Inc. East Coast Commercial Investments and Realty, Inc. Mr. Whit Edwards Elves On Your Shelves Mr. Jeff D. Emerson and Mrs. Patricia E. Bonner Ms. Kelly M. Felten Floral Expressions & Gifts of Chapel Hill Mr. and Mrs. Lee Folger Mr. and Mrs. David J. Forsyth Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Foskey Fosters Market Mr. Jum Frasier Ms. Heather Frazee Ms. Sonia Frischemeier

G2 Global Claims Service Inc Mr. D. D. Getman Ms. Audrey J. Gilman Mr. Jeffrey A. Glenn Goodnight’s Comedy Club Ms. Suzanne Gordon Ms. Bonnie S. Greenhalgh Ms. Aimee N. Greeter Mr. Thomas Gribben Ms. Catherine R. Grill Mr. Willie G. Griswold Mr. Andy M. Group Mr. and Mrs. William W. Guthridge Ms. Stacey Hadnott Mrs. Anne E. Hager-Blunk and Mr. John E. Blunk, Jr. Ms. Rebecca Halvorson Mr. John M. Hanson Dr. and Mrs. James R. Harper, Jr. Ms. Patricia Harper-Leaphart Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hartel Ms. Teresa Hartsfield Mr. and Mrs. Gregg S. Hauser Hayco Contruction LLC Mr. Brian E. Heath Mr. Glen Hedrick Mr. Lewis Hendricks and Ms. Jessica Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Chad H. Henry Mr. Francis Henry Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Vance Highsmith Mr. Brian D. Hoffman and Ms. Samantha Edgington Mr. Christopher Hoh Mr. James B. Holland and Ms. Andrea J. Cardinal Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Holt Mr. Fred W. Holt Mr. Mark M. Hosemann Mr. and Mrs. Ken Huggins Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Huggins Mr. and Mrs. Grady I. Ingle Insulet Corporation Inter Fraternity Council North Carolina State University Mr. William H. Ipock, Jr. Dr. Nina Jain Ms. Kathryn S. James Mr. and Mrs. Chris James Jerry Gower Construction Co., Inc. JMC Construction Johnny T-Shirt, Inc. Mr. Christopher S. Johnson Mr. Merrick W. Jones Mr. Richard N. Jones Ms. Patricia B. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. T. Smith Jordan Mr. Kenneth C. Kehrer Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Keiner Randi A. Keith Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Kelley Dr. William H. Kelly Dr. Greg Kernisan, M.D. Ms. Carleen P. Kilpatrick Ms. Donna F. King Mr. John M. King Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Klein Mr. Christopher Kousis Mr. Jonathan K. Kudlick Mr. Brian Kurtzer Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kyle Dr. and Mrs. Scott O. Lafevers

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Lair Dr. Elizabeth A. Landolfo

Mrs. Lauren D. Rockart

Mr. and Mrs. Pearce Landry

Mr. Jose L. Rodriguez

Mr. Leslie Lang

Mr. Donald E. Rogers and LT COL Katherine R. Rogers USAF, Ret.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lassiter

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Dr. Matthew M. Laughon

Drs. William L. Roper and Maryann Roper

Ms. Kimberly Leblanc Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Lebo Mr. Rick Legleiter Mr. Clay Lehman Leon’s Beauty School, Inc. Libby Hill Seafood Restaurants, Inc. Ms. Tonya W. Lightell Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin O. Lovelace

Ms. Shannon Rothrock Mr. Girard A. Salak Sujana Samala, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Sanderson Mr. Stephen Sanford Sasser Fields, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Rob Schiller

Low Country Laundry & Dry Cleaning LLC

Mr. William Schwartz

Mrs. Lisa D. MacCorkle

1992 Sheline Family Trust

Ms. Patricia Self

Julia Prince MacMillion Revocable Trust

Mr. Jennifer M. Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. William Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Siegmund

Dr. Charles A. Mann, D.D.S.

Simpson Manufactoring Co., Inc.

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Ms. Sharon L. McConnell

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Medi USA, LP.

Ms. Alisa C. Spivey

Bo Memhave

Ms. Bonnie M. Springer

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Ms. Lydia L. Stephan

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Milam

Mr. and Mrs. Brent W. Stephens

Dr. Aaron Miller, M.D.

Mr. Cody Stiles

Mrs. Jean D. Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Stiven

Mr. W. L. Miller

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Leigh M. Moses Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Murphy Murphy to Manteo, Inc.

Mr. Jeffrey C. Sugg Dr. Richard W. Sutherland and Dr. Donna Moro-Sutherland

Mr. Bruce J. Murdoch and Mrs. Carrie Gill-Murdoch

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Mr. Davin Murray

Synergy Team of Morrisville

MW Design Nantucket Ms. Sharon S. Nicholson Olde Raleigh Real Estate LLC Ms. Patricia G. Oliver Dr. and Mrs. Russell G. Owens III Mr. Steven Palumbo Ms. Tasha R. Parr Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Parson Mr. Bill Peebles Ms. Patricia F. Poole Mr. Tony L. Pope Professional Painting & Sheetrock, Inc. Mr. Scott Pryzwansky Jordan Pung Quest Martial Arts, Chapel Hill Ms. Susan W. Rafte

Ms. Valerie J. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Tabbiner M. H. Tanner TCBY, Chapel Hill The Griffin Group of NC Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Zachary L. Thick Mr. Doug Tidwell Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Trammel TriProperties, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trotta Truist UNC Wellness Center Mr. and Mrs. Steven Underwood Mr. and Mrs. James M. Vanderford Mr. Craig A. Wade Dr. and Mrs. John T. Walsh, Sr. Walt Witte & Sons, Inc. Ms. Christine L. Wesolowski

Mr. Les Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Whitfield

Dr. Gregory D. Randolph and Ms. Janice Bryant

Mr. David Williams

Whole Foods, Chapel Hill

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Reddin

Corey B. Williams

Dr. Rupa C. Redding-Lallinger

Ms. Jennifer S. Wilson

Remodel Greensboro

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Ms. Cathy G. Robuck-Mangum

Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Zinn

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giraffe, its neck stretched high, grazes leaves from an overhead branch, while a panda nibbles bamboo nearby. An orangutan dangles from a tree limb, seemingly watching passersby with playful curiosity. These aren’t scenes from the North Carolina Zoo, rather the newly renovated pediatric operating suite at N.C. Children’s Hospital. The clinical space, formerly shared by women’s and children’s services, recently received a child-friendly facelift thanks to a Promise Grant from the N.C. Children’s Promise. “When children have surgery, one of the scariest parts is when they must leave the comfort of their parents or loved ones to be taken into the operating room,” said William Adamson, MD, chief of pediatric surgery at N.C. Children’s Hospital.

Adamson and his team have gone to great lengths to make the few minutes between saying good bye to loved ones and going to sleep in the operating room as stress free and painless as possible, expressly designing the space to reduce the anxiety of children headed into surgery. “We wanted to make our operating rooms just for kids from every aspect—not just the nurses, anesthesia staff and surgeons but also have the physical surroundings focused on kids,” said Adamson.




Pediatric operating suite implements child-friendly renovations


isters-in-law Earle Kluttz Thompson and Raines Thompson of Kluttz Thompson Design painted the murals. The talented duo is the creative force behind nearly all of the murals throughout N.C. Children’s Hospital.

Renovation of the operating suite, which features six operating rooms exclusively for pediatric patients, includes new murals painted throughout the perioperative areas and operating rooms. Nowhere is that more apparent than the “kiss ‘n go” hallway, where more than 5,000 families say their farewells before surgery each year. “Now we can call the child’s attention to various animals on the walls to help distract them,” explained Adamson. “The goal is to keep them occupied in that scary time between saying ‘bye’ to Mom and when they are put under anesthesia.” The strategy seemed to work well for 5-yearold Ethan, who was enamored by a redeyed frog on his most recent trip down the kiss ‘n go hallway. The Rockingham, N.C., child is an operating room veteran, having endured multiple surgeries since birth, including a liver transplant.

Ethan is just one of the more than 5,000 who will have surgery at N.C. Children’s Hospital this year.

“The area has been completely transformed,” said Ethan’s grandfather, David. “Before he did not want to leave us when it was time to take him back. This will make it so much easier.”


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A Step of Class Mr. Perry J. Aaron Ms. Paulette Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Acksel Ms. Teresa Acosta Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Frank Agatucci Ms. Kellei C. Agostinelli Mrs. Alejandrina M. Aguilera Mr. John V. Aiken Mr. Manual P. Albarado Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Albright Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Albritton Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Alfonso Mr. and Mrs. Reuben A. Allen, Jr. Mr. G. P. Allen, Jr. Ms. Kimberly M. Allen Mr. David Allison Mr. and Mrs. Joey Allison Aloft - Chapel Hill Mr. Daniel J. and Dr. Linda A. Althouse Mr. Eric W. Aman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Amitie Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Amitrano Jr. Ms. Margaret Ammons Mr. and Ms. David B. Anderson Ms. Tamara D. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Andrews, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Andrews, Jr. Ms. Darlene Anzalone Mr. Charles D. Arno Ms. Sepideh S. Asefnia Associated Medical Specialists, P.A. Mr. Erhan C. Atasoy Mr. Jerry W. Atkins Aveda Institute Dr. and Mrs. Frank W Avery Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Axselle, III Mrs. Ethel W. Ayscue Ms. Crystal P. Aysue Mr. and Mrs. Zack Bacon Mrs. Mary W. and Dr. H. Clifford Baggett, Jr. Bailey’s Pub & Grill Mr. Joesph S. Balint Balloons & Tunes Mrs. Kimberly A. Bambach Ms. Sarah C. Bankert Mr. and Mrs. Cory S. Barber Mr. Steven L. Barber Mrs. Elizabeth T. Barber Mr. and Mrs. Lyn Barbour Mr. Matthew T. Barfield Ms. Diane H. Barr Mr. and Mrs. William P. Barrett Mr. James H. Barrowclough Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Barry Batista Grading, Inc. Mr. Thomas J. Baucom Ms. Jean R. Beasley Ms. Kathryn Beauchamp Ms. Sharon M. Beavers Mr. and Mrs. James Beck Bleu Beliczky Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Bell Mr. Jeff Bell Mr. Evan D. Bell Bell Family Foundation Shakra K. Belton Mr. Robert D. Bender Dr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Doug Berry Mr. Chris Best Big Fox Mr. Arthur Greenberg and Dr. Julie S. Blatt Mr. and Mrs. James Blue Mr. Adam L. Boardman Ms. Laura G. Bocanegra Mr. John C. Boles Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Bolino Ms. Emily T. Booth Mr. Joseph B. Bordeaux Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Bost Ms. Dana L. Bottomley Ms. Roberta J. Boyce Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd Ms. Eleanor D. Boyd Dr. and Mrs. Todd R. Boyette Mr. Steven Bradsher Ms. Laurie Bradsher Mr. and Mrs. James B. Brame, Jr. Ms. Greta S. Branch Dr. Edward C. Bratke, M.D. Ms. Joy Bridgers Ms. Melissa Broadwater Mr. Carlos N. Bronner Ms. Brittany V. Brown Mr. Cyd F. Brown Mr. and Mrs. A. Whitney Brown Ms. Katherine Brown Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bruno Ms. Ginette G. Bruno Dr. and Mrs. H. David Bruton Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Bryant Ms. Nancy C. Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Angela Boyd Buchanan Mr. Lance D. Buchholz Ms. Joellen Buckio Mr. Tammala A. Bulger Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Bullock Mr. and Mrs. John T. Buntin Mr.Jason M. Burden Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Burham Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Burruss Mr. and Mrs. Erik S. Butler Ms. Marcia T. Byrd


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When 7-year-old Adilene’s acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) recurred, her parents were devastated, depressed at the thought of what their daughter would again endure and the rollercoaster of emotions that lie ahead. It would be a difficult situation for any family, but Adilene’s parents, Estela and Alfredo, have the added challenge of not speaking English. Their treatment journey is far from over. But this time, thanks to donor support through N.C. Children’s Promise, the Raleigh, N.C., family has someone special to help guide—Walter Armstrong. Armstrong is the affable, compassionate Spanish translator for pediatric hematology-oncology. He works with Hispanic families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer, accompanying families when they meet with their caregivers and translating labs, medication instructions and treatment calendars. He also manages a triage line for Hispanic families.



BARRIERS Spanish translator helps pediatric cancer families

“Having someone here who speaks Spanish and can translate for us has been such a blessing,” said Danette Rutkowski, a social worker in the clinic. “He knows our families, so the continuity of care is better.” Walter’s position is unique in that he is exclusive to pediatric hematology-oncology patients, those in the clinic and inpatients on 5 Children’s, as well. Before the position was created, Hispanic families would get their questions answered through a hospital translator— and with those translators serving the entire health care system, that often meant long waits. “We would have to think of all the questions we had before we saw the doctor,” said mom, Estela, of Adilene’s first battle with ALL. “Then the interpreter would leave, and we would think of something we forgot to ask. That was difficult for us because it was hard to get the interpreter and the doctor back, as both were so busy. The first time we did not ask a lot of questions of others. But this time we ask them of Walter.” Stuart Gold, MD, chief of pediatric hematology-oncology, said the service is invaluable for families and caregivers alike. “Having a dedicated Spanish translator, we are able to provide Hispanic families the same quality of care as our other families,” said Gold. “The families feel comfortable with Walter, which means they finally open up to us. The hospital interpreters do not have the time to spend that these families need and deserve. The families now understand what we are trying to communicate, and we understand their needs better.”

Spanish translator,

Walter Armstrong, finds his job very rewarding. “Working with these kids and their families has made a big difference in my life,” he said. “They share their suffering with me. I have been with some kids on their last days, and I also get to see many miracles. These are beloved children.”

And while having a dedicated translator has improved care, the position could not be funded by clinical revenues. “Having an interpreter is not a billable service,” Gold explained. “We have to rely on the generosity of our donors to be able to provide this much-need service to our Hispanic population.” Adilene’s father said it makes a big difference. “Having Walter really helps us to understand what is going on,” said Alfredo. “He gets things done and our questions answered. He gives us lots of encouragement, too. We see him as a friend. We trust him very much.”


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Ms. Pattie A. Moore-Boyette Mr. Jose Morales Sanchez Ms. Marsha R. Morgan Mr. A. Blake Moriarty Ms. Wendie E. Morris Ms. Tina Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Morton Ms. Richard Mossman Ms. Brenda M. Motsinger Mr. and Mrs. William J. Muojo Ms. Cindy Mouton Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Moxey Mr. Thomas A. Mroz Mrs. Marian S. Mueller Mr. Lawrence H. Muhlbaier Mr. Michael D. Mullens Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Munday Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Murdoch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murren Mr. and Mrs. Jordan P. Nance Mr. Martin Nasadil Ms. Dora Navarro Mrs. Janine Naylor Carmen N. Neese Mr. Lionel M. Nelson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Nelson NewBridge Bank Mr. Randall Lathan and Mrs. Erin Newton Mr. Tu N. Nguyen Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Nicholson Dr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Nicks, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niegelsky Mr. Chris Nifong Ms. Rose Noble Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nobles Ms. Jane Noonan Ms. Linda H. Norris Mr. Joshua Norris North Carolina State University Panhellenic Account Ms. Charlotte N. Nunez-Wolff Oak Ridge Fire & Rescue Mr. Gerald W. Oakley Mr. and Mrs. J. Carey O’Cain Ms. Kerstin A. Ohlander Ms. Jennifer G. Okun Mr. Gordon Oldham Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Ollila Mr. Alberto A. Olmedo Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Oloughlin Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’Neil Mr. Donald O’Quinn Orange County Arts Commission Mr. R A. Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Osborne, Jr. Mr. Thomas G. Osswald Mr. William Ostag Mr. Brendan J. O’Sullivan Mr. John M. Owen Mr. Wilmer Pacas Ms. Cathy Padgett Mr. and Mrs. Pat Palmer Panera Bread Mr. Michael A. Parker Mr. Billie Parker Ms. Mary J. Parrish Mr. Roy Parrish Mrs. Patricia Pate Mr. Samuel C. Patrick Dr. and Mrs. David R. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson Mr. Stephen W. Patterson Ms. Tina Patterson Mr. Douglas J. Patterson Dr. and Mrs. Edward N. Pattishall Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Pease Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc. Ms. Nancy H. Peebles Dr. Eliana M. Perrin Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Perry Mr. and Mrs. Roger Perry Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Phillips Mr. Curtis R. Pierce Mrs. Georgia M. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. John Pihir Ms. Denise Pilkington Dr. Joseph A. Pino Mr. and Mrs. V. Stephen Player Ms. Maryann Plummer Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Plybon Mr. and Mrs. David Plyler Mr. and Mrs. John L. Pochinski Ms. Katherine B. Poole Ms. Wanda G. Poole Mr. and Mrs. David Pope Mr. and Mrs. Michael Porter Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Porter Ms. Kelly D. Posillipo Dr. David D. Potenziani Ms. Gloria N. Powell Mr. Joseph A. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pratt Ms. Crystal N. Price Ms. Desiree F. Price Mr. Jared J. Price Ms. Meredith T. Price Mr. and Mrs. Barry Prine Dr. Mala Puri Ms. Cynthia M. Puryear Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Quintana

Ms. Elizabeth Rabenda Mr. Park A. Rall Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ravin Raw Properties, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Rawald Mr. Bert Rawald Mr. Phillip Ray Ms. Mary Rayner Mr. Thomas A. Reavis Mr. Jason T. Reese Mrs. Claudia B. Reich Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Cynthia Reilly Ms. Elizabeth Reyes Mr. Ryan T. Rhodenhiser Ms. Colleen M. Rhynders Dr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Richardson Mr. Patrick L. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Richter Rick Allen Electrical Contractor, Inc. Ms. Cassandra K. Ricketts Mr. W. and Mrs. Susan B. Ricks Ms. Brian C. Riggs Mr. R. and Mrs. Jodie Rippy Mr. Gregory Rives Mr. and Mrs. Chad S. Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Roberson Ms. Cynthia Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roberts COL and Mrs. George F. Robinson III Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A. Ms. Margaret T. Robison Mr. and Mrs. Charlie K. Robuck Mrs. Ann Rockett Rocky Top Hospitality Ms. Gail Rodin Ms. Isabel S. Rodriguez Ms. Janet L. Roen Ms. Cynthia Rogan Mr. Bryan A. Rolison Mr. William H. Ronemus Ronnie’s Auto Cleaning Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rose Ms. Kelly F. Rose Mr. Tim J. Roslinski Mr. Eric B. Ross Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rotella Mr. and Mrs. Carey M. Rountree Mrs. and Mr. Jenny D. Routh Mr. Charles Rouzer Mr. Jeremy Royals Mr. and Mrs. William G. Rudisill Mr. and Mrs. David Ruff Mr. Hector M. Ruiz Drs. Marschall S. and Susan R. Runge Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rush Mr. Baltazar E. Sanchez Ms. Linda K. Sandy SAS Institute Inc. Systems Deployment and Support Team Mr. Saul R. Satana Ms. Joyce W. Saunders Ms. Maria Sauno Mr. Andre A. Savoy Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sawey Mr. Edward D. Scannell Mr. Michael Scates and Ms. Beth Holloman Mr. and Mrs. Dodson R. Schenck, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James S. Schenck IV Ms. Michele Scherer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schlosser Ms. Christine Schmid Mr. Joseph T. Schmidt Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. Schoenbach Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Schoenfeld Mrs. and Mr. Gail D. Schumacher Ms. Amie S. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Bonita L. Scott Ms. Miriam H. Scott Mr. John M. Seegars Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Self Mr. Justin Sellars Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sergeant Mr. Ricardo Serrano Mr. Andrew Sescilla Shallco Incorporated Bryan Shapess Mr. Randall S. Shapiro Ms. Jennifer M. Sharp Dr. Martha K. Sharpless Ms. Whitney Shearin Mr. and Mrs. James J. Shearin Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sheegog Ms. Laura J. Sheely Mr. and Mrs. Steve V. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sherrill Ms. Suzanne L. Shipley Mr. Spencer Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Aaron B. Shough Mr. Ryan L. Shumate Mr. Michael B. Shupe Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Sigmon Dr. Timothy D. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sims Mr. James Skillman Ms. Allison P. Skillman Mr. Robert C. Slane

Dr. and Dr. Linda S. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Brett R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. C. Ray Smith Mr. and Mrs. David A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smith Mr. Chuck Smith Mr. Joseph Smith Ms. Joyce Smith Ms. Lynn C. Smith Ms. Madeline R. Smith Mr. Maurice L. Smith Ms. Sarah L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Knox Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smither Ms. Antoinette Snock Mr. and Mrs. David. H. Snow Mr. Donald Solomon Ms. Susan C. Sorrells Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Spencer Ms. Patti J. Spinillo Mrs. Eveline E. Spring Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Springfield Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Stafford Ms. Kristy Stainback Mr. Scott Stanley Stanley Benefits Stanley Ltc Pharmacy-Zebulon Ms. Donna Starling Ms. Jean Stearns Mr. David P. Steffen and Ms. Jill S. Kerr Mrs. and Mrs. Katherine E. Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Stephens Ms. Elsie Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. John O. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Stevenson Mr. Richard L. Stewart Mrs. Liane G. Stocks Ms. Grace G. Stokes Captain David Stone II Mr. Glenn Stovall III Mr. Steven and Mrs. Roxanne Stover Mrs. Margaret W. Strader Mrs. and Mr. Carol Straight Mr. and Mrs. Donald Strange Mr. Bryan Strickland Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stryffeler Mr. Edmund Studley Ms. Sally Stutman Ms. Brenda B. Sullivan Ms. Janice H. Summers Sushi-Thai Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Tony Swann Mr. Malcom K. Sydnor Mr. William L. Tankersley III Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taylor Mr. William E. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Michael Terwilliger TGBI Marketing Inc. (Rock Bottom The Carolina Club The Sienna Hotel The Winston-Salem Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Thelen Mr. and Mrs. John P. Thomas Ms. Patricia D. Thomas Thomas-James Construction, LLC Ms. Susan L. Thomason Mr. Kerry Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Thompson, Jr. Mr. Michael Thompson Mr. Phetsamone Thongsamouth Ms. Susan Thornbrough Ms. Kathryn A. Thornsvard Ms. Emma Thorp Dr. Amelia D. Timberlake Toddlers Inn Day Care Ms. Mary T. Toler Mr. and Mrs. Gavin M. Tomalas Mrs. Lynn Toms Mr. Joe Topley Mr. Felix P. Torres Ms. Maria D. Torres Mr. and Mrs. George M. Tosky Ms. Laura Town Ms. Sarah R. Towner Mr. and Mrs. Harold Trammel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris Treadway Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Trepanier Tri Properties, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William B. Trice Dr. Susanne Tropez-Sims Ms. Lyn Tunnicliffe Jim Turner (Heart Beats for Kids) Ms. Lee W. Turner A Robin Tyler UNC Cardiac Cath Lab - Heart Center UNC Dept. of Anesthesiology Mr. and Mrs. George Unick United Finishers International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Loius J. Valerio Ms. Sharon F. Van Vechten Mr. Harold V. Vanderbeer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Vanore III Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sylvia W. Vanore Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Vaughan Mr. Ramiro Vazquez Vending by Bain, LLC

Mrs. Clarice J. Vick Mr. and Mrs. Tim Vickers Ms. April Ann Vickford Victoria Park Florist Village Tavern Mr. Luis Villalpando Rodolfo M. Villavando Virlie’s Grill Dr. and Mrs. A John Vogt Wake Falls Marine Mr. and Mrs. Bill Walker Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wall Ms. Elizabeth Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Walton A. C. Ward Mr. James C. Ward Ms. Susan B. Ward Ms. Alison S. Warren Ms. Pamela R. Warren Ms. Elizabeth T. Warren Mr. Parker H. Washburn Mr. James L. Washburn Mr. Jack Waters Mr. Christopher Watkins Mr. and Mrs. David Watrous Ms. Amanda Watson Ms. Cheryl A. Weather Mrs. Beth W. Weatherford Mr. Donald K. Weaver Ms. Margaret G. Weaver Mr. Ian Webb Ms. Lindsay J. Webster Dr. Spencer Weig Ms. Robin Wells Mr. Charles Wells Mr. and Ms. Ralph H. West Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph West Mr. Bruce Wheeler Mr. Michael Wheless Ms. Rebecca G. Whitaker Ms. Peter Whitbread Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. White, Jr. Mr. Chris White Mr. Thomas L. White III Mrs. and Mr. Marianne K. White Mr. and Mrs. Ken White Mrs. Bindy B. White Mr. and Mrs. Anthony White Ms. Sonya B. Whitehead Ms. Jennifer C. Whitehead Mr. Alexander T. Whitfield Mrs. Amy H. and Mr. Bill H. Whitley Ms. Randah R. Whitley Mrs. and Mr. Deborah K. Whitman Mr. Nathan Whitton Mr. Andrew W. Wicker Mr. Bruce Wicks Ms. Lila A. Wieseler Wilcohess LLC Mr. and Mrs. David B. Wiley Ms. Mildred V. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Adham Williams Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Williams Mr. Robert C. Williams Mr. Robert Williams Mr. Ronald S. Williams Mr. Sam Williams Ms. Judy Williams Mr. Rand Williams Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Williamson Drs. Charles B. and Jan M. Williston Mr. George S. Willoughby, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Bernhardt Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth T. Wilson Mr. Walker Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Winslow Mr. Barden Winstead, Jr. Mr. Kenneth B. Wiseman Mr. Robert A. Withrow Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Jeff S. Wood Ms. Elizabeth Wood Ms. Holly Wood Ms. Dora A. Wooten Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Wooten, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Worth Mr. Jonathan M. Worth Mr. and Mrs. Ford S. Worthy Mr. Joseph Wrenn Mr. Chris Wright Mr. Michael Yamamoto Ms. Jennette L. Yates Mr. and Mrs. James Yates D r. Ping Ye Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Yee Mr. and Mrs. David B. Yehle Mr. and Mrs. Smedes York Mr. and Mrs. Tim Young Mr. James Youngman Dr. Kevin B. Yow Mr. Liyun Yu Mr. Robert Zarzour Ms. Katie A. Zechmeister Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Zederbaum Mr. and Mrs. John Zeller Mr. Joseph J. Zucchero

Recognizing monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind received January 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.


We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the supporters recognized in this report. If you find an error or omission, please forgive the mistake and contact the N.C. Children’s Promise at (919) 843-3948 so that we can correct our records.

1 • Attend an Event

Attending a Children’s Hospital fundraiser is a fun and easy way to get involved. Beyond selling tickets for events like the Run for the Promise Gala, the N.C. Children’s Promise offers corporate and individual sponsorship packages for each that include a variety of benefits and recognition opportunities.

2 • Volunteer at an Event

Signature events like the annual N.C. Children’s Promise Radio/Telethon require hundreds of volunteers. Donating just two hours of your time at an event can make a big difference and give you a more intimate connection with the Children’s Hospital.

3 • Start Your Own Fundraiser

Individuals and organizations across North Carolina are raising big money for N.C. Children’s Hospital by holding their own events to benefit the N.C. Children’s Promise. Whether it’s a bake sale that raises a few hundred dollars or a golf tournament that raises thousands, every dollar makes a difference, so get creative. You’ll find a community events application online at

4 • Become a Promise Patron

The Promise Patron program made its debut during the 2009 Radiothon/Telethon, giving Children’s Hospital supporters an opportunity to make an “unending” monthly gift to the N.C. Children’s Promise with their credit cards. Promise Patrons across the state are heeding the call with gifts ranging from $12 to $50/month, sacrificing a few lattes or a dinner out each month and, in doing so, making a big difference at N.C. Children’s Hospital.

6 • Buy and Send Kids Cards

Sending Kids Cards is an easy way to support N.. Children’s Hospital, while also building awareness for the Children’s Hospital among people you know. Cards for all occasions are available for purchase online and can even be custom imprinted with your special message. Kids Cards also offers e-cards as a “green” and instant alternative to traditional print cards. Visit and start brightening mailboxes today.

7 • Make a “Major” Gift

A major gift is not “major” because the gift is a certain amount of money. Rather, a gift is considered “major” when it will make a significant impact on how our hospital cares for children. Major gifts can be current gifts, in which money is donated immediately, or deferred gifts, in which money is donated through a bequest, charitable remainder trust or other planned giving mechanism. Most often, a major gift donor works specifically with a development officer to ensure gifts are used per the donor’s wishes—whether for a specific purpose (e.g., supporting a program or naming a room) or through a commitment to specific campaign.






5 • Join the Curnen Society

The Curnen Society is the N.C. Children’s Promise’s newest giving society, recognizing N.C. Children’s Hospital supporters who pledge to contribute $1,000 to $5,000 per year for five consecutive years for a total unrestricted gift ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. Dividing the gift into monthly installments opens major giving to those who never have considered it within their means to give so much. A $5,000 gift, for example, can be made in installments of less than $84/month for five years.


8 • Consider Planned Giving

Though often assumed to be complicated, planned giving is actually a very simple way to support N.C. Children’s Hospital. A variety of giving strategies can be leveraged to accommodate your specific needs and circumstances while building a personal legacy that will benefit the children of North Carolina now and for generations to come. Just contact a development officer to learn more.

Learn more at or contact the N.C. Children’s Promise at 919.843.3948.

Eight simple ways to support N.C. Children’s Hospital through the N.C. Children’s Promise 19 19

North Carolina

CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Celebrating 10 years as a freestanding children’s hospital

Our Mission N.C. Children’s Hospital protects the health of North Carolina’s 2.1 million children by aligning premier health care practitioners, world-class medical education, and innovative research to provide the highestquality care, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Number of Children Treated More than 70,000 children of all ages, from all 100 counties throughout North Carolina, each year.

National Recognition Once again, N.C. Children’s Hospital is the only children’s hospital in North Carolina to place in the Top 10 of US News and World Report’s 2011-12 “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals” rankings. We are recognized in six of 10 U.S. News Media Group’s pediatric ranking categories: Pulmonology (10th), Diabetes and Endocrinology (37th), Gastroenterology (39th), Cardiology and Heart Surgery (43rd), Neonatology (44th), and Orthopaedics (44th).

Patient and Family Care N.C. Children’s Hospital has 150 inpatient beds: a 64-bed inpatient unit; 8-bed intermediate cardiac care center; 20-bed pediatric intensive care unit, or PICU; and 58-bed newborn critical care center (10 new NICU beds opened this year!). We also have an 8-bed short stay unit for children requiring less than 24 hours of inpatient care and a designated Pediatric Trauma Center for specialized emergency care.

Recognized in six of 10 U.S. News Media Group’s “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals” clinical categories.


Our outpatient offerings in Chapel Hill include general and primary pediatric care clinics and subspecialty care in nearly every pediatric subspecialty imaginable. Satellite outpatient sites include the N.C. Children’s Specialty Clinic on the Rex Healthcare campus in Raleigh, an extension of N.C. Children’s Hospital’s outpatient clinic in Chapel Hill, and more than two dozen remote clinics in places like Asheville, Burlington, Cary, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Lumberton, Rutherfordton, Tarboro and Wilmington.

OFFICE OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS & COMMUNICATIONS Crystal Hinson Miller, MA, CFRE Vice President, The Medical Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. Director, the N.C. Children’s Promise Director, Office of External Affairs and Communications 919.843.3948 | Amanda Ballew

N.C. CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL BOARD OF VISITORS Harvey Braswell, Chairman Raleigh, NC Matthew and Tiana Ayotte Chairman-Elect (Matt) Chapel Hill, NC Karen Albritton Raleigh, NC Vincent and Genie Andracchio II Rocky Mount, NC Beth Cherry Wilmington, NC

Business and Marketing Director, Kids Cards

David Creekman Raleigh, NC

919.401.5452 |

Scott and Betsy Custer Raleigh, NC

Danielle M. Bates Director, Communications N.C. Children’s Hospital 919.843.9714 |

Tammy Davis Chapel Hill, NC Jack and Wanda Entwistle Chair, Finance Committee (Jack) Charlotte, NC Thomas and Margie Haber Chapel Hill, NC Tom and Lisa Hazen Chapel Hill, NC

Sherry Buckles

Darleen Johns Raleigh, NC

Director, Major Gifts

Jim and Susan Kitchen Chapel Hill, NC

919.966.7228 |

Richard and Barbara Lund Wilmington, NC

Eleanor Boyd

Steve McPhail Durham, NC

Program Director, Pinwheels and Promises

Eric and Laura Montross Chapel Hill, NC


Mamie Morton Boone, NC

Regina Hill

Cecile Noël Raleigh, NC

Director, Annual Giving

Steve and Betsy Saye Pinehurst, NC

919.843.4155 |

Chris and Ann Smith Chapel Hill, NC

Keela Lyon Director, Special Events 919.843.2915 | Alisa Minshall

D. Clayton Smith Charlotte, NC Patti Thorp Chapel Hill, NC Jay Trepanier Raleigh, NC William and Mary Webb Chapel Hill, NC

Development Coordinator, Children’s Programs

Woody Webb, Jr. Raleigh, NC

919.843.3948 |

Todd Wielar Chapel Hill, NC

Denina White Manager, Development Services and Stewardship 919.843.0416 |

Leigh Young Asheville, NC Phil Zachary Raleigh, NC Richard William Zollinger, II Charlotte, NC



The N.C. Children’s Promise Campus Box 7237 | 88 Vilcom Circle McClamroch Hall, LL 100 Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-7237

“One hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank acount was, how big my house was, or what kind of car I drove. But the world may be a little better, because I was important in the life of a child.” ~ Forest E. Whitcraft

Publication developed by the N.C. Children’s Promise. Primary professional photography by Brian Strickland. Design by Cone & Company Graphic Design.

Keeping the Promise: 2010-11 donor honor roll from the N.C. Children's Promise  

This third annual donor report from the N.C. Children's Promise recognizes monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind made to t...

Keeping the Promise: 2010-11 donor honor roll from the N.C. Children's Promise  

This third annual donor report from the N.C. Children's Promise recognizes monetary contributions, grant awards, and gifts in-kind made to t...