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NCCAP Educational Symposium

NCCAP will be holding a 2-day Educational Symposium Friday and Saturday, June 5-6, 2009 at the Holiday Cincinnati Airport, Erlanger, Kentucky 41018. The event will start off with a reception There will be 14 where participants are encouraged to pre-approved clock hours invite their Administrators and will (with CEU’s available) end with the future focus of NCCAP in Room rates are $92.00 keeping with the industry standard, and (+tax) per night. the growth and evolution of the profession and its importance in resident centered care.

June 5-6, 2009 Cincinnati, Ohio

The NCCAP Specialization Liaisons will be conducting round table discussions on Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Memory Care, and Educator programs. There will be training on MEPAP role playing, practical applications, and dealing with challenging students and or situations. Other specialty topics to assist those of you pursuing your credential (credential renewal) in these areas and more. Keep a watch on this NCCAP Announcement page ( for more details, as well as be on the lookout for details in the upcoming newsletter, and various mailings. The vendor/sponsor brochure is available on the NCCAP website for those companies wishing to support NCCAP in this Symposium, and show their wares to the participants, so be watching for that as well, simply click on the Symposium link on the home page. NCCAP will be offering a MEPAP 2nd Edition, Instructor Training in conjunction with the Symposium on June 7 and 8, 2009. Interested instructors n to complete the MEPAP Training application located on the NCCAP announcement page.

NCCAP Educational Symposium ........1 Best Practices in the Delivery of Activity Services .............................2 NCCAP Adds Option of Specialty Tracks to Certification Process.......2 NCCAP Introduces a New Provisional Certification Track AAPC ................4 Winner of the AHCA Drawing Announced ....................................4 NCCAP Anounces Symposium............5 Activity Video ......................................6 Francis L. Battisti Symposium Keynote Speaker ........6 What's the sense of sensory stimulation? ..................................8

This promises to be a very rewarding and exciting symposium, so mark the dates and plan now to attend!


NCCAP Board of Directors



Best Practices in the Delivery of Activity Services Purpose:

Cindy Bradshaw, ACC Executive Director Michael Bower, ACC President Kathy Hughes, ADC Vice President Laurie Kloepper, ADC Treasurer Heide Cornell, ACC (NY) Nominations Chair

Best P r now av actices App lic ailable under on NC ation “NCC AP Sy mposi um” Deadli April 1 ne: 5, 200 Submi t Comp leted A pplica tion to : NCCA P/Best P PO Bo x 6258 ractices 9 Virgin ia Bea ch, VA 23466

Ginger Johnston, ACC Secretary gingerjohnston@hotmail .com Nancy Best, ACC (PA) Special Projects

Ads placed in this newsletter do not lend endorsement to the individual and/or their product. The statements/articles made herein are those of the respective authors and not necessarily an expression of the views of NCCAP.

NCCAP is looking for individuals who have developed programs that meet the needs and interests of residents/participants in geriatric settings. Innovative programs that have been successful in your current settings that have been successful in the delivery of activities services can apply for a “Best Practices” presentation at the annual NCCAP Symposium. Those NCCAP certified professionals who would like to apply would present their program at the NCCAP Symposium, June 5-6, 2009 to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Includes Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Memory Care, Independent Living, Senior Centers, and Retirement Center.

MEPAP 2nd Edition Instructor Training planned for Massachusetts in April 2009, and Ohio in June 2009 - be watching the announcement page for details.

NCCAP Adds Option of Specialty Tracks to Certification Process NCCAP Board of Directors approves education committee recommendations related to offering “Specializations” to the certified members credentials.

Effective January 1, 2009, NCCAP certified individuals can apply to have a specialization designation by adding 10 hours of continuing education specific to that specialization as follows: ADC, for example, a specialization in assisted living, would be ADC/ALF. A specialization in memory care would be ADC/MC. A specialization in adult day programs would be ADC/AD A specialization in educating would be ADC/EDU, AC would be AAC/ALF,



AAC/MC, AAC/AD, etc.; ACC would be ACC/ALF, etc. For each desired designation, the individual must submit evidence showing 10 CE’s from the specialization Body of Knowledge topic areas which are listed on the website. If an individual requests specialization at the same time as their renewal, they NASCO SENIOR ACTIVITIES DIVISION would submit the required (ADC forNCCAP News example 30 CE’s) and fee for their renewalFall 1/4 PAGE 3.875 X 5 PLUS the additional 10 CE’s and fee perKey Code: NCP810 each specialization they are requesting. If a person requests specialization (not in conjunction with their renewal) they would simply send the 10 CE’s and fee for each specialization they are requesting. Verification that the CE’s come from the designated specialization track is the responsibility of the applicant. Initial specializations can go back 5 years for their CE’s, and renewal specializations can go back 2 years, in keeping with the NCCAP standards.

PAGE 3 Those in attendance included: *Cindy Bradshaw, ACC-VA *Natalie Davis, ACC-TX *Michael Bower, ACC-WA Julie Reginek, ACC-MN Bonnie Ruggles-Ruechel, ACC-AZ John Collins, ACC-FL Chris Bobos, ACC-FL Pam Hayle, ACC-MN John Rowlett, ACC-IN Cindy Musial-Olsen-WI Maryanne Favale, ACC-FL Heide Cornell, ACC-NY Kathy Hughes, ADC-NY Nancy Best, ACC-PA Ginger Johnston, ACC-NC Debbie Bailey, ACC-CO Pam Bailey, ACC-MA **There were a total of 71 individuals in attendance at the annual meeting. NN

As the industry evolves, so must our association to keep current. The demand for specializations in the varied areas is high, and NCCAP is setting the standards coinciding with the national average of educational hours in each area. NCCAP has designated four individuals with expertise in the respective areas to serve as liaisons for their specialization as follows: Christopher Bobos BS, ACC (Adult Day Program), Bonnie Ruggles-Rueschel BS, ACC (Assisted Living), Mark Laker, MS, ACC (Memory Care), and Natalie Davis MS, ACC (Educators). NCCAP offers a HUGE thank you to those committee members that have worked so diligently on assisting NCCAP with this for the past two years on the NCCAP education Committee; the NCCAP Education Committee (*) met during the NCCAP annual meeting of the certified members held in Orlando, Florida, May 1, 2008, to review the success of the MEPAP 2nd Edition, and to discuss the "testing" component of credentialing, and also define what constitutes "specialty" tracks for NCCAP certification.




impose any more financial hardship than necessary to conduct business, and although it is only an increase of $5.00 across the board, (to include the

NCCAP Introduces a New Provisional Certification Track AAPC


ffective January 1, 2009 NCCAP will be accepting applications from students of the MEPAP (part one, basic education courses, core contents 1-11) course that meet the following criteria: Activity Assistant Provisional Certified (AAPC) 1. Completion of the MEPAP (part I Core Content I-11) 2. 50 volunteer hours (can be the practical/or other volunteer hours) 3. 20 CE's (can include honors classes, AP classes may be accepted) The rationale; the activity profession needs to promote itself to the younger generation. The high school students that are attending the MEPAP classes would be encouraged to continue on in the profession if they become credentialed in this manner. The first step in pursuing a career in activity professionalism. Then the student would either pursue the AAC or the ADPC, upon completion of their high school experience, by obtaining their diploma, additional experience hours (the AAC) or completion of the MEPAP part 2 and additional experience hours and CE's (for the ADPC). *This was suggested by the instructors and accepted by the NCCAP Board of Directors in Spring 2008. NN


2009 Rate Increase Kept to a Minimum With the economy in the shape that it is in, we are pleased to announce that the NCCAP Board of Directors approved the 2009 budget and has only had to increase the rates to the certified members by $5.00. NCCAP wishes to offer the most to the membership without having to

pre-approvals, new applicants, renewals and any/all NCCAP associated fees), we feel this minimal increase will meet the needs of the 2009 budget. This is the first rate increase in a number of years and we appreciate your understanding of the importance of meeting the consumer needs to further the activity profession. Rate increase became effective January 1, 2009.

Winner of the AHCA Drawing Announced...


ongratulations to Meegan Kline ADC, CTRS of Chula, California, the winner of the NCCAP drawing at the Health Care Association Conference booth during this year's exhibit held in Nashville, Tennessee, October, 2008. Meegan works at the Veterans Home in Chula, California. *Please visit the photo section of the NCCAP website to see the NCCAP Booth manned by Kathy Hughes,

ADC Board member and Timothy Dalton, ADC who volunteered his time to assist NCCAP at this event. NCCAP is excited about attending this event and is looking forward to participating in other healthcare ventures in 2009 as it works to spread the word about the need for NCCAP certification and the acceptance of MEPAP as the "state approved" course minimum. NN




NCCAP Announces Symposium

he NCCAP Symposium has been designed to provide educational opportunities so that our members can continue their quest to become more. This opportunity is consistent with our strategic plan and by-laws. We continually look for avenues for all activity professionals to pursue continuing education and to know what is happening now that affects their jobs and keeps individuals abreast of issues that encourage their active involvement in the profession. The NCCAP Board has discussed this issue over the past few years with the decision to become an entity that provides quality and affordable continuing education for its membership. We also recognize that funds for the activity professional are limited. We have seen that with the growth of the profession there is a need for the activity professional to obtain information that is relevant to their growth. The NCCAP Board has recognized the support that has been given by NAAP throughout the years since NAAP’s inception and NCCAP would not be the organization it is had it not been developed by NAAP so many years ago. At its inception, the NAAP Board chose to make NCCAP a separate organization that would be able to stand on it’s own and certify activity professionals of all levels.

NCCAP has also looked to NAAP for their involvement in other realms including legislative and governmental issues. We have been partners in the past for the benefit of the activities profession. The NCCAP Board also recognizes the past involvement of the NAAP Board to assist with such issues. It is important to realize that NCCAP and NAAP serve at the discretion of it’s members and that being pro-active to issues that directly effect the activities profession is paramount in providing services to the profession. NCCAP is grateful to NAAP for it’s vision of providing a national certification process that continues to meet the needs and interests of the consumer. For information on NAAP and the services that it provides, go to NCCAP is meeting the needs of the industry by developing “Specialty Tracks” and this was presented at our meeting in Ohio (researched since 1996). This does take some work and our NCCAP Education Committee has been working on this since April 2007. We are also responding to the need for an “Educators Track” for those individuals who have been in the field for a length of time and want to explore the possibilities of teaching others. This need for education has been a key component for individuals to pursue their career enhancement as well.

NCCAP has continually supported Mark your calendars for the NCCAP NAAP and it’s endeavors for providing Symposium June 5-6, 2009. NN education to activity professionals.


FUEL $1000 Contest for FREE Gas Cards Runs Through April 2009 Reminder to ALL NCCAP certified individuals, that NCCAP is placing the name of everyone that assists another in obtaining their NCCAP certification in a drawing for up to $1000.00 of free gas cards. Each time you assist a person, make certain that they put your name on their application, so you can get your name entered in the drawing. Drawing to be held May 2009.

NCCAP will start accepting credit cards VISA, Discover, and Master Card as of February 1, 2009.




Activity Video by Certified Member hits the Internet

Send Your Best Activity Pictures along with captions to

Kimberly Grandal, Founder and Executive Director of Re-Creative Resources, Inc, is a strong advocate for the field of Therapeutic Recreation and Activities, with over fifteen years of experience working with the elderly. She is an Activity Consultant Certified and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. A recipient of the Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation 1997 Triumph of the Human Spirit Award; Kim is a member of NJAPA, NJ/EPA-TRA, and serves on the NJAPA board as the Chairperson for the Legislation Committee. She is an NCCAP reviewer and is an active member of the NCCAP, as well as serves on other national committees. In honor of activity professionals everywhere, check it out!

Alzheimer’s CD&DVD Ideas!

Francis L. Battisti NCCAP Symposium Keynote Speaker The 7 Insights from the Heart and Mind of Checchino…for Individual and Organizational Transformation

Online CE’s!

Get 10 NCCAP Pre-Approved CE’s Tools for Implementing...

Culture Change

CMS F-tag 248-249 Compliance

Reg. $105

Order Now for ONLY...



10 C

to c ourse h fromoose s !

health enhancement, and conflict disposition are manifest in his work with major organizations, a congressional committee, and numerous corporations. His workshops having been offered throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean, Francis offers participants a panoramic pathway to live with passion and spontaneity, as well as to trust their intuition.

Francis’ impressive credentials as a seminar presenter and keynoter are highlighted by national and international appearances for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, health organizations, educational institutions and national conventions. Francis is the author of a number of videos and audio-tapes and the forthcoming book, “Checchino: A Father & Son Journey Toward Francis L. Battisti, LCSW, BCD, is the CEO of Battisti Dusk.” In addition, Francis is co-author of the book, Networks, a multi-discipline consulting firm specializing “Tomorrow’s Weigh…The No-Diet Way to Lose Weight.” in individual and organizational transformation and life enhancement. He is a Professor of Psychology and Human He appears on television and radio programs and has Services at the State University of New York-Broome authored a variety of articles, as well as designing his own Community College Campus. He is also a psychotherapist, three part video series addressing the areas of conflict, specializing in working with aging individuals and wellness and human potential. Francis is currently families as they explore the potentials of their life. a candidate for his PhD. in Human Development at Marywood University. He lives in upstate New York with His national reputation in the field of healthy aging, his wife, Helen. Francis is also a marathon runner. NN





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NAAP Conference Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 22 - 24, 2009 for details

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NCCAP NEWS National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) P.O. Box 62589 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466 (757) 552-0653 - FAX (757) 552-0491 -




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What’s the sense of sensory stimulation? by Kim Grandal, ACC, CTRS

How do you know if sensory stimulation is working? Many recreation and activity professionals become frustrated and experience burnout because they feel that the residents are not responding to the techniques. It is very important to remember that even the smallest response is worth the effort. Facilitators should embrace every response and observe if the resident: · establishes/maintains eye contact or opens their eyes · has the ability to track objects · responds to music by singing, clapping, tapping, or humming · demonstrates verbalization: words, phrases or sentences · exhibits vocalization: moans, nonsensical sounds, etc. · expresses laughter or sadness · displays various facial movement and expressions such as grimacing, smiling, frown, tearfulness, licks lips, tongue movement, etc. · demonstrates focus or increased in attention span · awakens, stays awake, or is sleeping · decreases repetitive motions, agitation, or yelling · consumes food/fluids

WINTER 2009 The most important aspect of sensory stimulation is the one-to-one interaction that is provided. It is a great way to provide meaningful activity and stimulation to those residents who are moderately or severely cognitively impaired and those who demonstrate little or no response to stimuli. With a little creativity, planning, perseverance, and empathy, activity professionals, recreation therapists, volunteers, family members, and other healthcare providers, can offer a successoriented sensory stimulation program that will significantly enhance the quality of life of the residents! NN

NCCAP Educational Symposium  

The NCCAP Specialization Liaisons will be conducting round table discussions on Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Memory Care, and Educator p...

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