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Safety Focus

Delaying Training and Certification– Saving Money or Not? By Ron Overton, Overton Safety Training, Inc.

Community Service Focus Serving Those Who Served

Personnel Focus

Hiring: Do it the Steve Jobs Way By Patrick Valtin

Legal Focus

Personal Liability for Owners

By J. Scott Calkins, Esq., NCBVA Legal Counsel

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The staff of Chesapeake Burial Vault Company, in Barclay, Maryland, is committed to safety, especially when servicing vaults in the cemetery. In this photo, a Trigard® Trilogy® burial vault is moved from the truck. Read in this issue about personnel issues which may aid your operation.

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Delaying Training and CertificationSaving Money or Not? Since the Federal Government moved the actual due date for the portion of the Federal Crane Rule 29CFR1926.1400CC for construction (which covers Crane Operator National Certification Requirements) from December of 2014 to December of 2017, many of my clients have decided to delay the scheduled “Preparatory Training and National Certification” of their crane operators. Many times this is due to budgetary reasons, as they feel they would create overall savings by delaying training until closer to the due date of the law. Looking at it from a fiscal responsibility side, it seems relatively straightforward. In a tight economy and in these frugal times, why spend money now when the due date is still five years away? A few of my larger clients, municipalities, public utilities, and state departments of transportation asked me to look into the financial “pros and cons” for them in order to delay the “preparatory training and national certification” of their operators. The following is what I found. Training Enforcement First, let’s all remember and completely understand the requirement for trained and qualified crane operators in the federal law was not changed or postponed. It was enacted in November of 2010, and is being enforced now. Only the requirement for 4 NCBVA.ORG | October 2013

By Ron Overton

“national operator certification” has been postponed. Since all states are required to follow the federal construction crane rule, this means that all mobile crane operators must have proof of training and be a qualified operator (written exam, appropriate experience, training, evaluation, and proof of training). Many states already require some sort of Qualified Operator ID Card or License to Operate in their state, which means an expense to ensure this is done immediately and kept up to date until the requirement for certification kicks in. Many states already have the requirement for national certification on their books, and it is active now. Since much of the delivery of precast industry products (outside of burial vaults) falls into this ruling, a similar thought process would apply for those delivering anything in the precast industry with the exception of burial vaults. When to Pay? So, the question is, do you pay for the training and qualification now, and then down the road pay for the national certification? Or, do you go straight to national certification now? Let’s say you do not internally train and qualify your own employees and use a professional outside source to handle this. Many municipalities, counties, and departments of transportation with larger workforces use outside professional training October 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 5

sources, but even if you did internally train and qualify, it is still an expense and you can calculate it. Articulating Boom Cranes: The following notes just the average dollars per person to illustrate the concept. Depending on the number of operators, the actual cost may be much lower. We will use an average of $400 to train and qualify an articulating boom mobile crane operator in a class of 10 students ($4,000). Most current state regulations require the operator be “refresher” re-qualified every three years or so. Many employers treat this “qualification card” like a forklift operator and match the federal requirements, re-testing or re-qualifying their operators every three years as well. Qualification Now-National Certification Later: Assuming you re-qualify your 10 operators again in 2016 (three years) for an average of $250 each ($2,500), you will have spent approximately $7,000 to maintain qualification for them. These costs, of course, do not take into account missing work, paid hours not worked, missing productivity in delivery, travel and meal costs, etc. Plus, you will still need to obtain the National Certification for these 10 operators prior to December of 2017. If we average the National Certification price and use $895 per operator, including the prep course and written and practical National Certification exams, that means you will need to also include $8,950 in expense prior to the due date of December of 2017. This will bring the total expense for training, qualification, prep training and national certification up to $15,450 for these 10 operators. National Certification Now: Assume you go straight to Preparatory Training and National Certification for your 10 operators now, for an average of $895 each 6 NCBVA.ORG | October 2013

SAFETY FOCUS ($8,950), and understanding the National Certification has a five year expiration before they need to take the Recertification Written Exams (they will not expire until 2018). Going this route you will only have spent the $8,950 vs. $15,450, the “prior to the due date” for National Certification in 2017. Once this fiscal fact was brought to light for my larger clients/employers, they now had a big decision to make. To put off meeting the requirement for National Operator Certification until closer to the due date would save a little now but possibly pay more in overall training, qualification, and National Certification expanses, or act now and get it out of the way and possibly have a savings in expenses between now and 2017. So far, it is heavily in favor of putting off the certification until closer to the due dates, regardless of the additional expenses they will incur. However, these are bigger clients, and have large city and state budgets from which to draw. Smaller employers must be mindful of each and every dollar they spend each year. They may find this information helpful in assisting them in planning their training, qualification, and certification expenses from 2013-2017. Take care and work safely! n ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ron Overton, a NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operator and Accredited Practical Examiner, is the President, Owner, and an Instructor for OVERTON Safety Training, Inc. of Beaverton, Oregon. OVERTON Safety Training has been providing professional services and materials for the safe operation of forklifts, heavy equipment, aerial/scissor lifts, rigging and signaling, personnel lifts, loaders, and cranes on a worldwide basis since 1991. For additional information, contact Ron at (866) 531-0403 or, or visit the company website at www.overtonsafety. com. These insights are the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of the NCBVA. October 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 7



Serving Those Who Served They are honored with the name “Hotshots,” an elite group of firefighters who are charged with confronting wildfires and saving the lives and property of others. Earlier this year, 19 members of the Prescott, Arizona Fire Department’s Granite Mountain Hotshots squad were killed while fighting the Yarnell Hill fire northwest of Phoenix. The wildfire overtook these first responders, who had saved the lives of many and allowed them to escape due to their bravery and talent. Despite deploying their fire shelters, this young generation of heroes was overcome from the blaze. Like most Arizonans and Americans, Steve Handley of Handley Precast Systems, Inc. in Phoenix empathized with this tragic loss. But as Prescott was his home town, it hurt even more, and Handley wanted to do something to help. Supporting Community “We donated five vaults for the deceased,” said Handley. “Whenever a first responder is killed in the line of duty, I am very proud that our industry often steps up to help, and this was our time to support our community need. “My wife Kelly and I have operated our business for over 13 years, and truly believe in the immense self-gratification we get from helping and serving people. This was a combined effort within our industry, and many people and companies assisted.” “Hampton Funeral Home in Prescott met with the families, and organized all of the donated activities. SCI Dignity provided 8 NCBVA.ORG | October 2013

A print that was placed on one firefighter’s vault.

Cody, Russ and Travis Handley

P.J. McCloskey

cemetery services, Wilbert “We hope our sons will Manager of Mickelson & Ray, Vault Company supplied Inc. -- a Wilbert Licensee look back someday and vaults and services to located in Phoenix, Arizona understand the values another six families, and -- was in Colorado on a family that are needed in our Trigard was also very helpful vacation when the tragedy and supportive of this effort,” profession. We want to occurred. He immediately said Handley. help teach them how instructed his team to contact “Our two sons, Cody and to interact and conduct the Hampton Funeral Home to Travis, and my retired father offer vaults and/or cremation themselves in our Russ also donated a full day products to the families industry.” of personal time in digging affected, and then provided the graves in the rain. Ryan, burial vaults and full graveside Tony, and Andy, all supervisors at SCI, also services for four funerals,” said Terry Whitlock, contributed their time, while Fann Construction Executive Vice President of Wilbert Funeral Company in Prescott donated a backhoe and Services. secured a dump truck to help in the endeavor.” “In addition, two other Wilbert licensees served families within their area of the Stepping Forward Nationally country. Brad Johnson, owner of Western Hampton Funeral Home coordinated numerous other donations as well as the shipment of the firefighters’ individual remains to funeral homes in other states. The extension of generosity was overwhelming, as many within the burial vault and the death care industry stepped forward. “P.J. McCloskey, Vice President and General 5 honor vaults for the firefighters. October 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 9

COMMUNITY SERVICE FOCUS A picture of a vault cover after it was lowered into the grave.

Wilbert Vault Co., in Minot, North Dakota, donated a burial vault and full graveside services for one firefighter, while Charles Rudel, owner of Legrand Wilbert in Los Angeles, California, donated an urn vault and an urn with a keepsake memento.” “We hope our sons will look back someday and understand the values that are needed in

10 NCBVA.ORG | October 2013

our profession,” said Handley. “We want to help teach them how to interact and conduct themselves in our industry. “We hope that they will forever appreciate what they helped accomplish here. It is important that we drive this level of service and support to the next generation within our industry.” n

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PERSONNEL FOCUS Selection Attributes Vision-minded. Everyone joining the company must have a clear picture of its management vision – and fully agree to fight for it, to defend it and to live with it every day. Applicants who do not seem to get it are systematically rejected. When you hire people who don’t seem to agree with, or care about your company vision, you are potentially employing future enemies. Innovation-minded. Steve Jobs always emphasized the vital importance of hiring people who are innovative – willing to create something from nothing. Applicants are first chosen for their ability and willingness to constantly create, rather than for their technical competence. Future-minded. Employees at Apple are driven by their leader’s vision of the future and they contribute everyday to creating the future, more than just beating the competition. Each of them owns the future of the market because they know they can contribute to creating it. The eagerness to create, not follow the future is a vital attribute observed in top players, no matter the industry.

Hiring: Do It the Steve Jobs Way Jim was the perfect candidate with many years of solid experience as a professional sales rep and had an obvious talent of persuasion and communication skills. But the hiring manager had some strong reservations during the interview. Jim’s strong focus on results ‘right now’ and a certain aggressiveness that could probably overwhelm or upset clients were some of the weaknesses he was concerned about. In regards to Jim’s focus on the purposes of the company, its role in the community, the vital importance of innovation and unselfish dedication to excellence, he did the perfect job. He sold himself like never before and got hired. Four months later, Jim was fired for lack of vision, lack of dedication and worst of all, for his lack of honesty in his intentions. The manager knew he had to hire “the Steve Jobs way,” but had no real clue as to how to do it. He hired what he saw and what he heard “at the moment.” He was trapped into Jim’s salesmanship talent. And he was fooled by Jim’s hidden 12 NCBVA.ORG | October 2013

By Patrick Valtin

intentions: to get the job, “no matter what needs to be said…” Steve Jobs’ Hiring Philosophy Steve Jobs was an amazing and unconventional leader in many respects. His reputation as the best entrepreneur of our time can be summarized in a few words: he and his top execs never compromised with the talents and qualifications required of their employees. He personally interviewed over 5,000 applicants during his career. He and his executives considered very different qualities in people than most business owners do. When you thoroughly analyze Apple’s philosophy of hiring, you find out that there has always been fundamental, uncompromising attributes needed to get a job at Apple, Inc. You too can apply these attributes when you look at attracting top players and ensure you avoid trouble makers. To help you in the hiring process, here are the main “Apple selection attributes.”

Passion-minded. Steve Jobs’ first principle is: “Do what you love.” People are hired because they love the product, the company and its vision. Applicants who do not demonstrate a genuine passion and “love” for the company’s purposes and business philosophy will never make it. Contribution-minded. A statement given by an Apple recruiter is clear enough: “We didn’t want someone who desired to retire with a gold watch. We wanted entrepreneurs, demonstrated winners, high-energy contributors who defined their previous role in terms of what they contributed and not what they titles were.” Engagement-minded. Over two thirds of Americans are not engaged in their workplace. Apple management is strict on employees’ level of commitment. Committed individuals who are inspired by a grand purpose make the whole difference in the most competitive conditions. Excellence-minded. Steve Jobs was known for his passion of perfection. The company always tries things out until they are perfectly done. The same attitude is expected of every collaborator. Applicants who do not share that passion for excellence do not have a chance. Other Critical Attributes to Evaluate You will notice that these seven points enforced in the Apple’s personnel selection are all personality-related attributes, also called soft skills. They do not always guarantee performance. But the chance of selecting productive people is at least 200% higher when focusing on these vital soft skills. It is very well known that recruiters who focus on soft skills in their personnel selection October 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 13

OVERTON Safety Training, Inc.

Providing professional operator safety training, qualification and certification services since 1991.

National Certification Prep Training & Testing Rigging & Signaling Classes Courses meet WA & national requirements 7 accredited NCCCO examiners Specializing in the Burial Vault and Precast industries


Mobile Cranes • Tower Cranes • Overhead Cranes Rigging & Signaling • Forklift Trucks • Vault Carts Loaders • Personnel Lifts • NCCCO Preparatory Training TRAININg & CeRTIfICATIoN AVAIlABle ThRough: On-site Classes Open-Enrollment Classes Materials for In-House Training

P.O. Box 6297 Aloha, OR 97007-0297 (503) 356-0403 • Fax (503) 356-0401 • Toll Free (866) 531-0403

PERSONNEL FOCUS process are, on average, 50% more effective in selecting top players. So, in order to avoid falling in the momentary personality trap – as the hiring manager in the above example did, you should also focus on the following two basic soft skills: Honesty. Did you know that one third of all business failures in the USA are due to employee theft? Also, 95% of all US companies are victims of theft and yet only 10% ever discover it. So this is definitely a crucial criterion to evaluate. Everybody recognizes the importance of honesty so it would make sense to evaluate it PRIOR to evaluating any other soft skill, wouldn’t it? There are strong indicators which allow you to precisely evaluate honesty. Here are just a few: gaps in the resume, contradictory data between the resume and your standard job application, negative reaction or embarrassment from the applicant to your challenging questions and lack of accuracy in applicant’s explanations of previous achievements. Willingness. According to the US Department of Labor, more than 87% of employee failures are due to unwillingness to do the job. You can’t simply force someone to do something if they do not want to. Such persons will do what you want in order to keep their job or to avoid penalties. But they will not really put their heart into it. Most applicants will tell you that they are willing, of course. The key to finding out if they are honest is to ask them to prove it. Challenge them to demonstrate that they have been willing to work hard, learn something new, question their old habits, work under tough conditions, etc… The way you do this is simply by asking them to give you specific examples when they had to display such willingness. So, hire the Steve Job’s way, by all means. But don’t forget these two basic attributes in the same process. Inform applicants that your company values and management philosophy imply honesty, and willingness/positive attitude as primary selection criteria, no matter the position – lack of either is enough to be considered unqualified! n

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Patrick Valtin is the author of No Fail Hiring and a 24-year veteran coach and trainer in the fields of management and human resources. He is the President of M2-TEC USA, Inc. Patrick has personally trained 85,000 business owners and executives of over 30 countries in the last 23 years, on the subjects of business strategies, leadership and people management, hiring, sales and marketing. For more information, please visit, www.m2-tec. com or call (877) 831-2299. 14 NCBVA.ORG | October 2013

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Edgmont Metallic Pigment Inc. EXCELLENCE IN METALLIC PIGMENTS 15 Shades of Water-Base Vault Paint Phone: 1-800-610-1490 Fax: 610-429-4457 Email:

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Personal Liability for Owners Owners of member NCBVA companies and also other executives help to shield themselves from personal liability by operating as a corporation or limited liability company. This provides protection from exposure in certain legal disputes. However, as one recent court ruling illustrates, an owner or executive can be held individually responsible for unpaid overtime pay under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). How employees are classified – as exempt or non-exempt – is not a decision to be taken lightly. Depending on the details of the job, it could mean the difference between workers getting paid for overtime hours or not. Personnel Ruling In this recent court ruling, grocery store employees took their employer to court, suing both the corporation and the CEO. After years of litigation, the final decision held the owner personally liable for damages to the tune of $3.5 million. John Catsimatidis is the Chairman, President, and CEO of a small chain of grocery stores named Gristedes in the New York City metro area. Collectively, Gristedes employs about 1,700 workers. A group of current and former employees filed a class action case against Gristedes under the FLSA and New York state labor laws, claiming they were misclassified as exempt, and therefore, were not paid for overtime work. The employees sought back wages, liquidated damages and attorneys’ fees. They also asserted that Catsimatidis should be held personally liable for the damages. In its decision, the Court boiled down its

By J. Scott Calkins, Esq. NCBVA Legal Counsel

“economic reality” test to the following factors. Does the owner: 1) Have the power to hire and fire employees? 2) Supervise and control employees’ work schedules? 3) Determine the rate and method of compensation? 4) Maintain employment records? Catsimatidis only exercised his authority with respect to the first and third factors. In the Court’s view, however, this was sufficient to hold him personally responsible for ensuring the awarded damages were paid. Personal Responsibility This case is somewhat unusual because, although business owners and corporate executives may be named as defendants in wage and hour lawsuits filed by employees, they are generally not personally liable for payment of legal judgments or settlements. The decision in this case serves as an important reminder that if you are directly involved in key aspects of a business, you may be personally on the hook – even if unbeknownst to you – the company is engaging in illegal labor practices. Being in charge of the big picture and exercising general oversight of operations may not protect you from personal liability. To help protect yourself, I would presume that your CPA or accountant has recommended that you should perform regular audits of your payroll practices. This will ensure that employees are properly classified and compensated for all hours worked. n October 2013 | NCBVA.ORG 17

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Abel Vault & Monument Co. Pekin, IL

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D of K Vaults, Inc./Gray Brothers Iola, KS

Brutsche Concrete Products, Inc. Battle Creek, MI

D. G. Robertson, Inc. Williston,VT

Brutsche Concrete Products, Inc. Benton Harbor, MI

Dardanelle Vault & Monument Co. Dardanelle, AR

Buckeye Vault Service Mansfield, OH

Deihl Vault & Precast Company Orangeville, PA

C & M Precast Kerrville, TX

Detroit Wilbert Vault Corp. Detroit, MI

Master Grave Service, Inc. Bogart, GA McDowell Vault Co. Fletcher, NC

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Minchew Sand & Concrete Products Waycross, GA

Everlasting Vault Company Randallstown, MD Fond Du Lac Wilbert Vault Co. Fond Du Lac, WI Gettysburg Burial Vault, Inc. Gettysburg, PA Golden Eagle Vault Services, LLC Rocky Mount,VA Grable Burial Vault Service Logansport, IN Gross Vault & Monument Thomasville, GA Hairfield Vault Company Morganton, NC Hardy Doric, Inc. Chelmsford, MA Harn Vault Co Massillon, OH Harris Precast, Inc La Porte, IN Hicks Industries, Inc. Mulberry, FL

Minnick Services, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN Montgomery Vault Rockville, MD Neher Burial Vault Springfield, OH Nor-Don Vault Company, Inc. Strafford, MO Northern Precast Hudson Falls, NY Odon Vault Company, Inc. Odon, IN Omaha Wilbert Vault Omaha, NE Ostwalt Vault Company Concord, NC Palm Vault Co. Ada, OK Panhandle Vaults – Amarillo Amarillo, TX

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Sunnycrest Inc Patriot Vault & Precast Sam Green Vault Company West Plains Vault & Mfg. Park Hills, MO Lynchburg, VA Auburn, NY NCBVA Certified Vault Manufacturing PlantsCompany Pomona, MO Santeiu Vaults, Inc. Superior Vault Company Pennsylvania Concrete Vault

Company Pennsylvania Concrete Vault Co. Johnstown, PA

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Saline Vault Co. Sheldon Vault Co. Sweet Springs, MO Greensburg, PA Vaults Inc. Perfection PerfectionVault Concrete SanteiuSheldon, IA Livonia, MI Woodson, IL IL Vandalia, Shore Wilbert Vault &Corporation Precast Company Sexton Phenix Vault Exmore,VA Phenix Bloomington, IN PhenixVault City, AL Sheldon Vault Co. Pioneer Vault, City, Inc. AL Phenix SiSheldon, FuneralIAServices Doylestown, PA Ennis,&TX Piedmont Shore Vault Precast Co. Poplar BluffPrecast Doric Vaults, Inc. Atlanta, Exmore, Poplar Bluff, GA MO Si FuneralVA Services Simerly Concrete Products, Inc. Precast Concrete Products, Inc. Fairport, NY Pioneer Vault Co., Inc. Bristol, TN Blissfield, MI Doylestown, PA Simerly Inc. Products, Inc. Precision Precast Inc. SimerlyVaults, Concrete Knoxville, TN Pittsfield, MA Products, Inc. Bristol, TN Precast Concrete Southern Ohio Vault Co. Quality Burial Vault Co. Blissfield, MI Portsmouth, Simerly Vault,OH Inc. Houston, TX Vault Service Rex Vault Service Knoxville, TN Precision Precast Inc. Southern Blakely, GA Newton, IL MA Pittsfield, Southern Ohio Vault Company Spoerr Precast Concrete Rocky Mountain Monument/Vault Portsmouth, OH Rex VaultUT & Mausoleum Service, Inc. Sandusky, OH Sandy, SI Funeral Services Roland-Wilbert Newton, Vault IL Co. Southern Vault Services, Inc. Cedar Hill, TX Clinton, IA Blakley, GA Roland Wilbert Vault Co., Inc SI Funeral Services Roland-Wilbert Vault Co. Marion, Gerard, PA Marion, IA IA Spoerr Precast Concrete, Inc. SI Funeral Services Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp. Sandusky, OH Saginaw Parsons, KS Saginaw, MI Saginaw, SISt.Funeral ServicesVault Company Sam Green VaultMI Corp. Louis Wilbert San Antonio, Lynchburg, VA Saline Vault Company St. Louis,TX MO Sunnycrest, Inc. St. Louis Wilbert Vault Co. Sweet Springs, MO Auburn, NY St. Louis, MO

Bryantown, MD

Superior Burial Vaults, Inc. Salt Vault Lake City, UT Ltd. Superior Company, Superior Vault Co. Mississauga, ON, CAN Bryantown, MD Temple VaultVault – Central Superior Co. City Charlestown, Central City,INAR Superior Vault Co., Ltd. Turner Vault Company Mississauga, Ont., Canada Northwood, Swan’s ConcreteOH Products Westbrook, ME Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. Turner Vault Company Kronenwetter, WI Toledo, OH Vaults Inc. J.P. Vanden VincentBoomen & SonsBurial Inc. Appleton, WI Galena, IL Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. WI Products WargeWausau, Concrete Vincent & Son,IN Inc. Fort Wayne, Galena, IL Washington Wilbert Washington Wilbert Vault Works, Inc. Vault Works Inc. Laurel, MD Laurel, MD Watts VaultConcrete & Monument Warga Products Inc. Company Fort Wayne, IN Watts & Monument Co. Des Vault Moines, IA Des Moines, IA Wayne Burial Vault Company Wayne Burial Vault Co., Inc. Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Welte Vault Co. WelteDanbury, Vault Company, Inc. IA Danbury, IA & Mfg. Co. West Plains Vault Pomona, MO

Western Michigan Burial Vault Whitman Vault Co. Muskegon, MI Whitman, MA Wicomico Vault Co., Inc. Inc. Wicomico Vault Company, Salisbury, MD Salisbury, MD Wieser Precast Wieser Doric Vault Co. Stewartville, MN Wieser Doric Vault La Crescent, MNCo. LaCrescent, MN Wieser Precast Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Stewartville, Atlanta, GA MN Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Waycross, GA Traverse City, MI Co. Wilbert Burial Vault Muskegon, MITexas Wilbert Of North Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Grapevine, TX Traverse City, MI Wilbert Services Wilbert Vaults Of Houston, Inc. Lancaster,TX NY Houston, Wilbert Vaults of Houston, Inc. Willbee Concrete Houston, TX Vaults, LLC Willbee Concrete Jackson, MI Products Jackson, MI Williams Vault Company Williams Wilbert Emporia, VAIA Des Moines, Williams Vault Company Wimmer Manufacturing Emporia, VA New Castle, Willmar PrecastIN Co. Willmar, MN Vault Youngstown Burial Zeiser Wilbert Vault Co. Youngstown, OH Elmira, NY

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Trigard Creative Director Awarded “Forty Under 40” Honor

Julia Sullivan, Trigard creative director, is among the winner of the sixth annual “Forty Under 40” Awards by Central Illinois Business magazine. The award recognizes young professionals for their achievements, experience, innovation, leadership, and community involvement.

Global Cranes & Machinery Names Gibson Sales Manager

Global Cranes & Machinery, LLC appointed Ed Gibson as Sales Manager Americas. Gibson has more than 25 years of experience in the crane industry. He joined the Global team in 2009 as the North American sales manager. For more information, contact Global Crane Sales, 13201 Northwest Freeway, Suite 800, Houston, TX 77040, call (832) 460-3939, email, or visit the website at

Hollister Named Senior Vice President of Business Development

Mark A. Hollister has been named Senior Vice President of Business Development at Tampa-based Sims Crane & Equipment. A veteran of the construction equipment and crane industry with more than 35 years of experience, Hollister’s expertise includes sales, management and operations. For more information, visit n

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Owner’s Name_____________________________ Evening Phone______________________________ Plant Manager/Contact Person__________________ Evening Phone_______________________________ Types of Outer Burial Receptacles Produced  Top Seals  Air Domes  Sectionals Other________________________________________________ Please return this application with full payment to: The National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. P.O. Box 917525 136 South Keowee Street Longwood, FL 32791 Dayton, OH 45402 (888) 88-NCBVA (888)88-NCBVA Fax (407) 774-6751 Fax (937) 222-5794

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October 20-23 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Int’l. Convention and Exposition Austin Convention Center Austin, Texas

2014 For a NCBVA member in good standing, the Plant Certification Inspection fee is $1295.

February 13-15 2014 NCBVA Convention Crowne Plaza Houston, Texas

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National Concrete Burial Vault Association “Serving the death care industry with the very best”

Dues Schedule

APPLICATION FOR National Concrete Burial VaultMEMBERSHIP Association

 Manufacturer Member Dues are based on total units sold at Dues Schedule this location.

Key Contact____________________________________Nickname_____________

    

 Manufacturer Member level: Please check appropriate Dues are based on total units sold at 1-999 Units .........$225 this location. 1000 - 1999 .........$350 Please check appropriate level: 2000 - 3499 .........$430  1-999 Units .........$225 3500 - 4999 .........$580  1000 - 1999 .........$350 5000 and more ....$700

 2000 - 3499 .........$430  3500 - 4999 .........$580  Associate Member.....$300  5000 and more ....$700

 Franchise .......$1000 AssociateGroup Member .....$300  Franchise Group .......$1000 Payment Information

Include payment with this completed Payment Information form. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Include payment American Express with this completed form. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express

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Please charge my Please charge my  Visa MasterCard  Visa MasterCard

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Mailing Mailing Information

Information NCBVA

136 South Keowee Street NCBVA P.O. Box 917525 P.O. Box 917525 Dayton, OH 45402 Longwood, FL 32791 Longwood, FL 32791 (888)88-NCBVA (888) 88-NCBVA (888) 88-NCBVA Fax (937) 222-5794 Fax: (407) Fax: (407)774-6751 774-6751


“Serving the death care industry with the very best”

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Title ______________________________________________________________

Company Name _____________________________________________________ Key Contact____________________________________Nickname_____________ Street Address _______________________________________________________ Title City______________________________________________________________ _____________________ State _______________ Zip __________________ Company Name _____________________________________________________

Phone ___________________________ Fax ______________________________

Street Address _______________________________________________________

E-mail ____________________________________________________________

City _____________________ State _______________ Zip __________________

Company Web Site ___________________________________________________

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Company Web Site ___________________________________________________

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Home street Address _________________________________________ _____________________ Statemail ______________ City Check here if you prefer to have your sent to your home.Zip ___________ Home Phone _________________ Home Fax ______________________ Home street Address _________________________________________ City _____________________ State ______________ Zip ___________ Home Phone _________________ Home Fax ______________________

COMPANY INFORMATION  Burial Vault Manufacturer  Funeral Director COMPANY INFORMATION  Crematory  Cemetery  Burial Vault Manufacturer  Funeral Director

 Crematory

 Cemetery

 Doric  Wilbert  Eagle  Trigard Doric Trigard Services Con-O-lite  Wilbert  Other  Eagle Provide  Graveside  Con-O-lite

 Other

Provide Graveside Services

Metal Vaults  Plastic Vaults  Fiberglass Vaults

Metal Vaults  Plastic Vaults  Fiberglass Vaults  Adults  Oversize Offer sizes for  Children Offer sizes for  Children  Adults  Oversize Associate Member: 25 words lessyour about your product/services Associate Member: Tell Tell us inus 25 in words or less or about product/services

Please Please enroll in NCBVA today!  enroll meme in NCBVA today!

Signature indicates thatthat you you have have read and abidetobyabide NCBVA’s Code of Ethics Signature indicates readagree andtoagree by NCBVA’s Code of Ethics and the rules that govern the National Concrete Burial Vault Association. Signature and the rules that govern the National Concrete Burial Vault Association.isSignature is required before thisthis application can becan processed. required before application be processed. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ (Signature)


___________ (Date) ___________


CODE OF ETHICS We believe that concrete is an ideal material for the construction of burial vaults for the interment of human remains and that

properlythat constructed burial vault is for worthy acceptance by public. Our for salesthe andinterment advertising We abelieve concreteconcrete is an ideal material the of construction ofthe burial vaults ofpolicies humanwill remains and that be governed by standards acceptable by the public and the funeral profession and by principles advocated by the National a properly constructed concrete burial vault is worthy of acceptance by the public. Our sales and advertising policies will Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. We pledge fair trade practices to our competitor, whose product we will not disparbe governed by standards the business public and the funeral profession by principles advocated by thefor National age. We shall conduct ouracceptable business onby sound principles, striving to build a and relationship of respect and confidence Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. We pledge fair trade practices to our competitor, whose product we will not the burial vault industry with the public, with the funeral director and with the cemetery’s management. We will abide by the disparage.rules We shall conduct our business sound Burial business principles, striving to build a relationship of respect and confidence for and regulations of the Nationalon Concrete Vault Association, Inc., thereby contributing to a stronger and greater the burial industry with the public, with the funeral director and with the cemetery’s management. We will abide by the nationalvault industry. rules and regulations of the National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc., thereby contributing to a stronger and greater national industry.


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NCBVA|136 South Keowee Street|Dayton, OH 45402-2241

Mark Your Calendars and Make Plans Now to Attend the 2014 NCBVA National Convention! This year’s conference will feature:

• Pre-Cast exhibits with the NPCA

(National Pre-Cast Concrete Association)

• Optional Safety Training Workshops • Visits with Our Vendors • An offsite Vault Plant tour • Our Closing Dinner at the National Museum of

Funeral History We’re also planning a wide range of valuable educational sessions and special social activities for our attendees! Please visit the NCBVA website for the most current information! • (888) 886-2282  

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Bulletin 2013 October  

This is the October 2013 issue of the NCBVA publication, The Bulletin

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