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No. 2

April 2004

Building a Strong Future Is New President’s Goal By Sylvia Heidemann NCBVA Staff Writer


he NCBVA’s new president, John (“J.C.”) Clifton, has a strong construction background, a plus for his leadership role in the association. Installed at the recent annual conference in Las Vegas, J.C. believes the NCBVA is definitely needed to promote consistency and performance standards of burial vaults throughout the industry. “More needs to be done to educate consumers about the importance of burial vaults,” he asserts. “One way to get to consumers in the proper atmosphere, where we’re actually welcome to provide the information people want, is through the churches. More and more today, churches are asking for ‘deathcare’ talks for their members. We should be ready to meet these opportunities and make use of the brochures that have been recently developed by the Marketing Committee.” J.C. has been a very active and proactive individual all his life. Born and raised in Mobridge, SD, he left that state after high school graduation and started working in the mobile home construction industry— first in Washington, then California, and Lauren and J.C. Clifton at NCBVA finally North Carolina. He was manager of installation banquet construction for Fleetwood Enterprises, one of the largest mobile/modular home builders. Concerning his responsibilities at Fleetwood, J.C. says he spent a lot of time catching planes and living out of suitcases, working on building six to seven construction plants at one time. He was getting tired of this routine, and then entered the burial vault industry about 30 years ago in an effort to minimize travel and time away from home. J.C. made one more move to Iowa, where he looked after six burial vault construction plants for John Williams Co. Sixteen years ago, J.C. accepted an offer from Service Corporation International to move to Houston and start a burial vault plant there. He’s since been manager of their company, Quality Burial Vault. The company has 10 employees. J.C. and his wife Lauren, recently retired from teaching, share an out-of-the-ordinary hobby/community service. Both are graduates of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Police Academy. They volunteer their time with some very worthwhile children’s programs, such as fingerprinting children at events (rodeos, ballgames and other outings). They are Continued on page 6



April 2004

April 2004 National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite 204 Longwood, Florida 32779-2552 (800) 538-1423 Fax: (407) 774-6751 President J.C. Clifton Quality Burial Vault Co. Houston, TX President-Elect Graham MacLeod Detroit Wilbert Vault Co. Detroit, MI Secretary/Treasurer Darren Baxter Baxter Burial Vault Service Cincinnati, OH Immediate Past President Dan Hicks Hicks Industries Miami, FL Directors Martin Begun Eagle Burial Vault Association Detroit, MI Warren Chandler Master Grave Service, Inc. Bogart, GA Michael Crummitt Crummitt and Son Vault Co. Martins Ferry, OH Linda Darby Sempsrott Trigard Vaults / Greenwood Plastics Danville, IL Stephen Hatfield Hicks Industries, Inc. Mulberry, FL Hubert McQuestion Lakeshore Burial Vault Co. Brookfield, WI Todd Swihart Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp. Saginaw, MI Steve Vincent J.P. Vincent & Son, Inc. Galena, IL Scott Watts Watts Vault & Monument Co. Des Moines, IA Curt Zamec Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. Forest Park, IL

Executive Director Thomas A. Monahan, CAE Certified Association Management Company Longwood, FL Legal Counsel J. Scott Calkins, Esq



President’s Message By J.C. Clifton

Tackling the “C” Word Head-on Another year has passed us by. I hope all who attended the NCBVA convention in Las Vegas, NV returned home safely and gained a little knowledge from our program speakers. It is always nice to see old friends and to make some new ones. This past year we have had some great committees and lots of work has been accomplished. Our Marketing Committee has been very busy and I think they have come up with some excellent ideas and marketing pieces. The Performance Standards committee was also very busy updating the text in the Concrete Manual and also working to establish an A.S.T.M. Standard for concrete burial vaults. For all who served on the committees and were involved with their work, thank you for your time and hard work. As NCBVA members, vault plant owners, and vault business managers, we need to become more involved in educating the public concerning what we produce and why our product is needed. This can be done through civic groups, churches, assisted living centers, and anywhere else you get an opportunity to talk about what you manufacture and how it’s used. Make use of the marketing brochures and videos produced by our Marketing Committee. Now we come to the big “C”-word and you all know what I am referring to. We cannot ignore Cremation. We cannot turn our back on it and hope it will go away because, ladies and gentlemen, it will not. Therefore, we need to really address it and do everything we can to market an urn vault. I don’t have all the answers on how to do this. However, we’d better get our foot in the door, so to speak, and get a piece of the action. You might entertain the idea of giving one or two urn vaults to show funeral homes how they could be set up at a memorial service to accept not only the cremains but a few personal mementos of the loved one as well. I wish all members well and invite you to get involved with NCBVA. I am as close as your telephone!

Calendar of Events Index of Advertisers American Cemetery Supplies, Inc ......4 Axis Corporation ..............................10 B & L Cremation Systems, Inc...........7 Cemetery Funeral Supply ................16 Crescent Bronze Powder Co. ............11 D & C Equipment ............................11 Doric Inc. ............................................4 Edgmont Metallic Pigment Co. ........19 Holland Supply Inc. ............................5 Long Machine Co. ............................18 Matthews Cremation ..........................2 Mixer Systems ..................................15 Newline ............................................17 Plastic Plaque, Inc.............................14 T & J Manufacturing Corp. ..............19 Trigard Vaults......................................9 W. C. Cardinal ..................................14

Mar. 31-Apr. 3

OGR Conference Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando, FL

April 23-25

ICFSEB 100th Annual Conference St. Louis, MO

August 18-21

CANA 86th Annual Convention Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, BC Canada

October 18-20

NFDA Annual Convention Nashville, TN



April 2004

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April 2004



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April 2004

New Board Installed at 2004 Conference The National Concrete Burial Vault Association installed new officers and directors at its 2004 Annual Conference and Exposition, Feb. 22-24 in Las Vegas, NV. J.C. Clifton, Quality Burial Vault of Houston, TX is the new President. Graham MacLeod, Detroit Wilbert Vault Co., Detroit, MI, is PresidentElect. Darren Baxter, Baxter Burial Vault Service, Cincinnati, OH, is Secretary/Treasurer. New Directors include Michael Crummitt, Crummitt and Son Vault Co.; Martins Ferry, OH; Stephen Hatfield, Hick Industries, Mulberry, FL; Hubert McQuestion, Lakeshore Burial Vault Co.,Brookfield, IL; Todd Swihart, Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp., Saginaw, MI; and Scott Watts, Watts Vault & Monument Co., Des Moines, IA. Returning to the board to continue terms are Martin Begun, Eagle Burial Vault Association, Detroit, MI; Warren Chandler, Master Grave Service, Inc., Bogart, GA; Linda Darby-Sempsrott, Trigard Vaults/Greenwood Plastics, Danville, IL; Steve Vincent, J.P. Vincent & Son, Inc., Galena IL; and Curt Zamec, Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc., Forest Park, IL. Past President Dan Hicks, Hicks Industries, Inc., also serves on the board of directors.

2004 Board of Directors: (Standing left to right) Scott Watts, Darren Baxter, Todd Swihart, Warren Chandler, Stephen Hatfield, Steve Vincent, Michael Crummitt, Graham MacLeod, Curt Zamec. Seated left to right: Hubert McQuestion, J.C. Clifton, Linda Darby Sempsrott, and Dan Hicks.

TEN PAST PRESIDENTS were in attendance at the recent NCBVA Convention in Las Vegas. Standing left to right: Richard Wieser , Dan Hicks, Warren Chandler, Dan Wagner, Tim Brutsche, and Jim Wiens. Seated left to right, Hugh McQuestion, Tom Shank , William Maddox, Jr. and Earl Brutsche.

President, continued from page 1 also involved in RAD programs (Rape Aggression Defense) for women and children and riding on patrol as extra eyes and ears for the officer. Another pastime the Cliftons share together is mule deer and wild hog hunting. They have getaway spots in East and West Texas where they can enjoy the outdoors and this sport. The Clifton’s family includes three adult children: Kim, an EMT educator in Houston who is now training to be a firefighter; Mike, who works at Quality Burial Vault with J.C.; and Tammy, a pediatrician in Ft. Worth, TX. Of course, there are five grandchildren, too, ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years old. The couple enjoys lavishing a lot of time and attention on them. In looking forward to his term as president of NCBVA, J.C. says he wants to be very open to new ideas to help the burial vault industry be more successful. He encourages members to contact him directly to voice opinions and suggestions.

April 2004


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April 2004

A Three-Step Plan For Creating “Raving Fans” “Raving fans” might be a bit of an exaggeration when it comes to concrete burial vaults, but Jim Knight, trainer for the megasuccessful Hard Rock Cafe restaurant chain, stresses that the principles for encouraging repeat business in the restaurant industry are equally important for the concrete burial vault industry. Jim was the featured speaker for the second-day educational program held at the recent NCBVA Convention in Las Vegas. The self-confident, hip, relaxed trainer for Hard Rock’s 35 training centers around the world expounded on three important points: (1) Decide what you want; (2) discover what your customer wants; and (3) deliver what your customer wants, plus one. It’s difficult to argue against the strategies employed by a restaurant that started out as “The Great American Disaster” in London and which has evolved into a huge business that includes 117 cafes and seven hotels in 42 countries. “Successful companies have a shared mindset,” says Jim. “For point #1 (decide what you want), make mission and vision statements, stress core values, create a five-year plan, then employ annual tactics, weekly goals and a daily mindset.” “Our vision at Hard Rock,” he reveals, “is that excellence is our standard. Nothing else will do. We want to create a memorable experience for our guest, and, when we err, it’s always in favor of the guest.” As far as staffing, certain fundamentals can’t be ignored, according to Jim. Only hire “rock stars” (the right people in the right place at the right time), properly schedule and staff, and make sure your staff is effectively trained. For point #2, how can you determine what your customer wants? Ask. Burial vault companies can get feedback from funeral directors, for example. “This is not a guessing game,” says Jim. “It will be clear if you’re doing okay. The experiences your customer

gets from you should be memorable, personal, authentic and natural.” Why don’t customers come back for repeat business? Jim says 68 percent of customers who don’t return to a business were upset with the way Jim Knight teaches service tips they were treated. So, how can you deliver, plus one? “Treat customers as if they were guests in your home,” Jim explains. He then asked attendees to think back on their first date or their first day on a new job, and the pains they took to make everything just right. Because one person can’t be responsible for all contact with customers, one must create an army of superstars. New training procedures emphasize mentor relationships. This means partnering new employees with experienced colleagues to fill technical and leadership gaps. Recognize often and publicly when employees do well. Say “thank you” often. Rewards are very effective at keeping good employees. While not many companies can give Rolex watches for 10 years’ service (as Hard Rock Cafe does), suitable, affordable and appreciated rewards can be found. Jim Knight’s “silver bullet” for repeat business is exemplified by (1) good employees who stick around; and (2) a positive customer experience (service and quality). “Always keep in mind,” says Jim, “that values are what you say; methods are what you do. Values and methods have to match to create a culture for success.”

Company President’s Job is Unique By Mike Henning Ask a business owner/president what he does to serve his company or to briefly outline his job description, and your answer is likely to be something ranging from a blank stare or comments such as open the mail, hire employees and whatever needs done. The point is this, most presidents of privately owned companies are unable to verbalize or identify how they serve their company. However, they sure are busy and spend 60 to 70 hours per week on the job. The problem is when we approach management succession or contingency planning, if no one knows what the responsibilities are for the person in the

corner office, then how can potential successors know how to prepare themselves for the top job? The purpose of this article is to support private business owners in their efforts to understand in concrete terms what it is they are responsible for and how they serve their company. What makes each president’s job unique? Perhaps it’s the type of company and its industry, products, services and people. The president of a manufacturing company would tend to view the market more long-term than his/her counterpart in the retail sector. The president of a construction business would be more in tune with economic growth than the head

of a restaurant operation or a computer sales and repair business. Primary focus seems to be the difference, but accountability remains the same. Accountability is the one area that is more intense at the top than any other position. It alone makes the president’s job different from all the others in the organization. Owner/presidents are accountable for setting goals, strategies to achieve the goals, human resource programs, external & internal key relationships, making key decisions, setting the standards and principles of operations, resource allocation, See President, Page 8

April 2004






April 2004

April 2004 President, con’t from page 8 acquisitions and mergers, supervision, and finance. Owner/presidents need to know about operations, getting results, planning and organizing, commitment, communications, training of subordinates, making sound judgments, delegating, developing a management team, being analytical, innovative and creative, and how to act in a crisis. Overall, they need to know how to produce revenue via services or products, earn a profit, and conserve and protect their proprietary knowledge, investment and people. Owners/presidents must be problemsolvers–hiring and firing, shifting suppliers, collections, cash flow shortage, personnel, key customer concern, retaining competitive market position, loose or tight controls, rules and regulations, gaining win-win solutions, labor relations, fitting the right people to the right job and establishment of a professional compensation plan. Typical Presidential Position Description Relationships – Internally with owner(s),



board members, VPs, managers and key employees. Externally with customers, financial institutions, advisors, consultants and suppliers. The Job - The president must have effective skills in strategic planning, execution of value creation, product development, successful people development and team building. The president must also be able to lead and motivate the company to capitalize on core strengths and correct weaknesses and to optimize the company’s reputation plus its human and financial resources. He also needs to work closely with the board of directors and be responsible for the agenda when outside legal counsel is required. Job Domain - High-impact opportunities and projects will be formalized via project management or personal manager’s objectives with monitoring reviews of results. To lead direct reports to commitment and contributions companywide and particularly in strategic planning. Hold managers accountable for developing

and fulfilling the vision/mission statement and resulting strategic business plans. See to it that the organization of each aspect of the company is sound, including: marketing/sales, customer service, operations efficiency, utilization of the physical and financial resources and profitability. Presidents also make sure that a budgetary procedure is in place and is properly administered; and that performance is measured. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – These include qualities such as vision, assessment of opportunities and risks, analytical, problem-solver, resourceful, self-starter, identifies problems and opportunities and acts upon them, communicator & good listener, delegator, uses modern business methods and information technology, and knows the value of the board. Mike Henning is a consultant and speaker on family business issues. This article appeared in Mike Henning’s Family Firm Advisor newsletter.

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Las Vagas Conference Attendees Were All

Winners! February 22-24, 2004 The Venetian Hotel & Casino





University Scientists Study Best Turf For Cemeteries Since last summer, drivers along Highway 82 near the Mississippi State University campus have been inquiring about the school’s cemetery. The rows of white, round-topped “tombstones” visible from the highway adjacent to MSU’s North Farm don’t mark final resting places. They are, instead, part of a turf grass research project. “This is an economic-type study where we’re looking for grass that can give us the best looking and performing turf for a cemetery with the least amount of maintenance,” said Wayne Philley, a research associate with the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station at MSU. Last summer, six different turf grasses were installed as sod on the North Farm. The tombstones are actually wood painted and cut to a size and shape to resemble markers in national cemeteries. “Everything we’re doing simulates as much as possible what you would encounter in a cemetery,” Philley said. “The grass received just a minimum amount of fertilizer when it was sodded. Since then it’s been Mother Nature taking care of it. There’s been no irrigation, no additional fertilization or anything else.” At the end of the three-year study, the university’s Department of Plant and Soil Sciences will release its findings on which of the tested grasses offer the best quality turf and require the least mowing and other maintenance in a cemetery setting. Source: Mississippi State University

April 2004

April 2004




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April 2004

As Population Changes So Must Selling Methods By Sylvia Heidemann NCBVA Staff Writer “Substance in your industry equals peace of mind,” advertising expert Ann Bastianelli advised interested attendees at the Annual Convention, held February 22 – 24 in Las Vegas. “Most of the time, you are dealing with people at the worst possible moments of their lives. You’ve got to make your product meaningful to them and give them peace of mind.” As President of Anthology Consulting, a marketing company in Indianapolis, IN, Ann understands the roles played by suppliers of services and products in the deathcare industry. In doing research in order to advise a casket manufacturer, she spent two days a week with terminally ill patients and their families so she could relate in a very personal way to what it’s like to be dying. As she says, “At that point in your life, everything is colored with the fact that life as you know it isn’t going to be that way much longer.” “What matters most,” she explained, “is what they (your customers) think. To turn that to your advantage, you’ve got to tell them what it means to have a concrete burial vault—that they deserve the very best.” Ann gave some sobering demographics that belie the growth potential of the industry. Because our population is living longer (life expectancy is now 76 years old; up from 70 in 1960), there will be fewer deaths through 2010. Even a one percent growth in the death rate is unlikely.

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Rapid Growth in Elder Age Group

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Here are some more interesting facts related to this: • The most rapidly growing age group is 85+ (doubling by 2025 and five times by 2050); • Elders are 27 percent of the total population and 36 percent of adults; • They account for 70 percent of the wealth; • They make up 66 percent of all stockholders; • They represent 32 million members of AARP, the top U.S. lobbyist and the #2 non-profit association after the Catholic Church.

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April 2004


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April 2004

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April 2004



Selling, continued from page 16 Ann also highlighted that women are the key buyers for more than 50 percent of the U.S. GDP, which means they make the critical decisions on the details of the funeral ritual, as well as on the products and services purchased. In other words, don’t ignore women in your efforts to sell quality burial vaults.

Advice on New Realities The advice Ann gave for dealing with the new realities on death and dying was simple and straightforward: (1) Educate your customers. Elders will demand more attention and knowledge. It’s up to you to partner with other funeral service providers and teach your customers to make good decisions regarding end-of-life matters. (2) Be the service authority that cares for its customers by advising, packaging and choosing for them when they feel overloaded. (3) Promote awareness and champion end-of-life preparation. (4) Rethink your product and sell with emotional terms. Quality is no longer the advantage it used to be. It’s expected. You must appeal to the emotions and create desire for your products. In summing up her presentation, one of the most unusual pieces of advice Ann gave to attendees was to become strategically forgetful. What does that mean? She pointed out that doing things differently is a way to access new learning. Act as if you had no corporate policies or procedures. Test new processes and different approaches. That one percent or less growth in the industry is going to present some very big opportunities. Ann left the audience with a quote from a rather unlikely source: Jerry Garcia, founder of The Grateful Dead. He said: “You do not merely want to be considered the best of the best. You want to be considered the ONLY ones who do what you do.”






T & J MANUFACTURING CORP. P.O. BOX 1166 MAQUOKETA, IOWA 52060 Call collect: 563-652-2510 FAX: 563-652-5161



April 2004

NCBVA Certified Vault Manufacturing Plants NCBVA proudly recognizes the following companies which have a current standing in the Plant Certification Program

— Abel Vault & Monument Co. Canton, IL Abel Vault & Monument Co. Pekin, IL American Concrete Industries Bangor, ME American Vault Co. Cleveland, OH American Vault & Concrete Prod. Detroit, MI Arnold-Wilbert Corp. Goldsboro, NC Arrow Vault Co., Inc. Lafayette, IN Atlas Concrete Products, Inc. Orlando, FL Babylon Vault Co. New Windsor, MD Baumgardner Products Co. Akron, OH Baxter Burial Vault Cincinnati, OH Baxter Vault Co. Baxter Springs, KS Beck Vault Co. Rome, NY Beier Burial Vaults Columbus, WI Brewster Vaults & Monuments Millville, NJ Brown-Wilbert, Inc. Morris, MN Brown-Wilbert, Inc. St. Paul, MN Bruns Norwalk Vault Co. Saint Louis, MO Brutsche Concrete Products Battle Creek, MI Brutsche Concrete Products Benton Harbor, MI Buckeye Vault Service Mansfield, OH Bush Concrete Products, Inc. Muskegon, MI C & M Precast Kerrville, TX Calumet Wilbert Vault Co. Inc. Gary, IN Carolina-Doric, Inc. Florence, SC Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Marlow, OK Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Tulsa, OK Central New York Vault Co. Cortland, NY Century Vault Co., Inc. Barnstable, MA Cheboygan Cement Products Co. Cheboygan, MI

Chesapeake Burial Vault Co. Ingleside, MD Christy Vault Co., Inc. Colma, CA Cooper Wilbert Vault Co. Middletown, DE Cordeiro Vault Co., Inc. Vallejo, CA Costello Vaults Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada Creter Vault Corp. Flemington, NJ Crummitt & Son Vault Corp. Martins Ferry, OH D.G. Robertson, Inc. Williston, VT Dardanelle Vault & Monument Dardanelle, AR Delaware Valley Vault Co., Philadelphia, PA DePue Wilbert Vault Savannah, GA Deihl Vault & Precast Co. Orangeville, PA Detroit Wilbert Vault Corp. Detroit, MI Doody Burial Vaults, Inc. Winchendon, MA Doric Concrete Vaults Inc. Garden City, KS Doric Concrete Vaults, Inc. Great Bend, KS Doric Concrete Vaults Inc. Osage City, KS Doric Huntingburg Vault Co. Huntingburg, IN Doric of Kansas Vault Iola, KS Doric of Nashville, Inc. Nashville, TN Doric of Northeast Arkansas Jonesboro, AR Doric of South Texas Elsa, TX Doric Concrete Vaults Limon, CO Doric Concrete Vaults, Inc. Newton, KS Doric Manufacturing Co. Boaz, AL Doric Mississippi, Inc. Vicksburg, MS Doric-South, Inc. Demopolis, AL Doric Vault of Eastern NY, Inc. Hudson, NY Doric Vault of Western NY, Inc. Depew, NY Doric Vault Co. Griffin, GA Dura Vault North Bend, OH


Eagle Burial Vault Co. of LA Ruston, LA Eagle Burial Vaults Perry, GA Esterly Burial Vault Co. West Reading, PA Evans Eagle Vaults, Inc. Leola, PA Everlasting Vault Co. Randallstown, MD Florida Wilbert, Inc. Jacksonville, FL Forsyth Bros. Fithian, IL Forsyth Bros. Concrete Prod. Terre Haute, IN Gettysburg Burial Vault Co. Gettysburg, PA Grable Vault Co. Logansport, IN Graffius Burial Vault Co. Sinking Springs, PA Granite State Doric Newport, NH Gray Bros., Inc. Kansas City, KS Hairfield Vault Co. Hickory, NC Hardy Doric, Inc. Chelmsford, MA Harn Vault Service Massillon, OH Harris Precast Laporte, IN Heilman – Wirtz, Inc. Cedar Hill, TX Hicks Industries, Inc. Miami, FL Hicks Industries, Inc. Mulberry, FL Hydraulic Dolly, Inc. Altoona, PA J.P. Vincent & Son, Inc. Galena, IL Jacson, Inc. Henderson, TX Jefferson Concrete Corp. Watertown, NY Josten Wilbert Vault Co. Sioux Falls, SD Lakeshore Burial Vault Co. Brookfield, WI Lavaca Vault Co. Lavaca, AK Louisell-Davis Vault Service Chattanooga, TN Ludlow Burial Vault Co. Ludlow, MA Lycoming Burial Vault Co. Inc. Montoursville, PA Marion Vault Works Marion, IN

Markham Burial Vault Services Richmond, VA Markham-Carter Vault Service Smithfield, VA Master Grave Service Athens, GA Memphis Burial Vault Co. Memphis, TN Mercer Vault Company Fredericksburg, VA Milan Burial Vault, Inc. Milan, MI Minnick Services Corp. Fort Wayne, IN Moore Wilbert Vault Co. Evans, GA Murray Vault Co. Austin, AR Neher Burial Vault Co. Springfield, OH Nor-Don Vault Co. Inc. Strafford, MO North Central Mich. Vault Srvc. Cadillac, MI Norwalk Vault Co. Johnstown, PA Odon Vault Company, Inc. Odon, IN Omaha Wilbert Vault, Inc. Omaha, NE Ostwalt Vault Co. Concord, NC Palm Vault Co. Ada, OK Panhandle Vaults Wellington, TX Pennyslvania Concrete Vault Co. Greensburg, PA Perfection Vault Woodson, IL Phenix Vault Phenix City, AL Pioneer Vault, Inc. Doylestown, PA Poplar Bluff Doric Vaults, Inc. Poplar Bluff, MO Precast Concrete Products, Inc. Blissfield, MI Precision Precast Inc. Pittsfield, MA Quality Burial Vault Co. Houston, TX Rex Vault Service Newton, IL Rocky Mountain Monument/Vault Sandy, UT Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp. Saginaw, MI Sam Green Vault Co. Lynchburg, VA Saline Vault Co. Sweet Springs, MO

For information on NCBVA’s exclusive Plant Inspection and Certification Program, please contact NCBVAHeadquarters at 1-800-538-1423 or use application form on adjacent page.

April 2004

Santeiu Vaults Inc. Livonia, MI Shenandoah Valley Vaults, Inc. Dayton, VA Shore Vault & Precast Co. Exmore, VA Simerly Concrete Products, Inc. Bristol, TN Simerly Vaults, Inc. Knoxville, TN Southern Ohio Vault Co. Portsmouth, OH Southern Vault Service Blakely, GA Spoerr Precast Concrete Sandusky, OH Sunnycrest, Inc. Auburn, NY Suhor Industries Cedar Hill, TX Superior Burial Vaults, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT Superior Vault Co. Bryantown, MD Superior Vault Co. Charlestown, IN Superior Vault Company LTD Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Swan’s Concrete Products Westbrook, ME Tennessee Vault & Grave, Inc. Dechard, TN Tucker Vault Co. Farmington, MO Turner Vault Company Toledo, OH Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. Appleton, WI Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. Wausau, WI Vault Service Griffin, GA Vincent and Sons Galena, IL Washington Wilbert Vault Works Inc. Laurel, MD Warga Concrete Products Inc. Fort Wayne, IN Watts Vault & Monument Co. Montezuma, IA Wayne Burial Vault Co., Inc. Indianapolis, IN Welte Vault Co. Danbury, IA West Plains Vault & Mfg. Co. Pomona, MO Whitman Vault Co. Whitman, MA Wicomico Vault Co., Inc. Salisbury, MD Wieser Precast Stewartville, MN Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Atlanta, GA Wilbert Burial Vault (The James Co.) Waycross, GA Williams Vault Company Emporia, VA Willmar Precast Co. Willmar, MN Zeiser Wilbert Vault Co. Elmira, NY


National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. Member Application for Plant Inspection

Name of Plant __________________________________________ Plant Mailing Address_____________________________________ Plant Street Address______________________________________ Plant Telephone__________________________________________ Fax Phone Number_______________________________________ Owner’s Name___________________________________________ Evening Telephone_______________________________________ Plant Manager/Contact Person_______________________________ Evening Phone__________________________________________ Types of Outer Burial Receptacles Produced ❐ Top Seals ❐ Air Domes ❐ Sectionals Other________________________________________________

Please return this application with full payment to: The National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite #204 Longwood, FL 32779-2552 (800) 538-1423 Fax (407) 774-6751 As an NCBVA member in good standing, the total of your Plant Certification Inspection will be $1295 (Recertification, $495). Full payment should be enclosed with your application.




National Concrete Burial Vault Association

VAULT MARKETING PROGRAM ORDER FORM Company Name______________________________________________________ Billing Street Address or PO Box ________________________________________ City______________________ State _______________ Zip______________ Shipping Street Address________________________________________________ City _____________________ State _______________ Zip ______________ Phone # ____________________________________________________________ Contact Person_______________________________________________________ ADVERTISEMENT - “Three Reasons to Consider a Lined Concrete Burial Vault” ______ I would like a copy of the advertisement to run in my local publications (NO CHARGE) ______ Please personalize the ad (NO CHARGE) ______ Use Company Name as listed above Personalization address______________________________________ _______ Do not personalize

BROCHURE - Reasons to Consider a Lined Concrete Burial Vault ______ Quantity ($25 PER HUNDRED, MINIMUM OF 100) ______ Yes, personalize ($40 PERSONALIZATION FEE) ______ Use Company Name as listed above Personalization address___________________________________ ______ Do not personalize

Check is enclosed for $_______ Credit Card: ______ VISA ______ MasterCard ______ American Express Card Number: ___________________________ Expiration: __________ Signature: _______________________________ If paying by credit card, fax this order form to: (407) 774-6751. Or mail along with payment to: National Concrete Burial Vault Association 900 Fox Valley Drive, Ste 204 - Longwood, FL 32779-2552 Phone: (407) 788-1996

April 2004

Retail Giant Sears Tiptoes Into Funeral Planning In Canada Sears has decided it wants to offer shoppers products from the cradle to the grave — literally. In February, Sears Canada Inc. quietly launched a test of a funeral insurance package for its 50+ club members that covers the costs of everything from cremations to funerals, along with planning advice. The move, the first by a department store, provides some competition for funeral homes in Canada, which have a virtual lock on the funeral planning/ arrangements business. In a bid to boost its credit card business, Sears teamed with Everest Funeral Package LLC of Houston, TX, to provide $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000 packages for Sears’ 400,000 Mature Outlook members who have Sears credit cards. The offer will be extended to all seven million active Sears card holders if the pilot is successful. Funeral home operators raised concerns that they may lose business if Sears decides to hook up with a small number of larger funeral homes, squeezing out other operators and that consumers may not get the full value for their funeral dollars because of the middlemen pocketing a share. Suzanne Scott, executive director of the Funeral Service Association of Canada, which represents about 400 of the larger homes, said Everest is U.S.-based and not familiar with Canadian funeral homes and their products and services, thereby questioning its ability to provide sound advice to consumers.

US Company Offering “Space Burial” To Taiwan Houston-based Celestis has made a contract with Taiwan’s biggest funeral home company, Baushan Enterprise. They will be planning and delivering “space burials” to the Taiwanese.Taiwan is densely populated and the island is running out of burial space. The “space burials” will cost no more than a normal burial in Taiwan. The ashes of the deceased are shot into space in a lipstick sized aluminum tube. “It helps one fulfill the instinctive desire to explore space,” the company’s chief executive said.

April 2004



National Concrete Burial Vault Association “Serving the death care industry with the very best”

Dues Schedule ❐ Manufacturer Member Dues are based on total units sold for all locations of the company.

❐ ❐ ❐ ❐ ❐

Please check appropriate level: 1-999 Units ..............$170 1000 - 1999..............$260 2000 - 3499..............$350 3500 - 4999..............$435 5000 and more ........$525

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Key Contact____________________________________Nickname_____________ Title ______________________________________________________________ Company Name _____________________________________________________ Street Address _______________________________________________________ City _____________________ State _______________ Zip __________________ Phone ___________________________ Fax ______________________________ E-mail ____________________________________________________________ Company Web Site ___________________________________________________

❐ Associate Member ........$150 ❐ Check here if you prefer to have your mail sent to your home. ❐ Franchise Group ............$600

Payment Information Include payment with this completed form. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express

❐ Check is enclosed Please charge my ❐ Visa ❐ MasterCard

❐ Amex

Account #_____________________ Expiration date _________________

Mailing Information NCBVA 900 Fox Valley Drive Suite 204 Longwood, FL 32779-2552 (800) 538-1423 Fax: (407) 774-6751

Home street Address _________________________________________ City _____________________ State ______________ Zip ___________ Home Phone _________________ Home Fax ______________________

COMPANY INFORMATION ❐ Burial Vault Manufacturer ❐ Crematory

❐ Doric ❐ Con-O-lite

❐ Wilbert ❐ Other

❐ Funeral Director ❐ Cemetery ❐ Eagle ❐ Trigard ❐ Provide Graveside services

❐ Metal Vaults ❐ Plastic Vaults ❐ Fiberglass Vaults Offer sizes for ❐ Children ❐ Adults ❐ Oversize ❐ Associate Member: Tell us in 25 words or less about your product/services

❐ Please enroll me in NCBVA today! Signature indicates that you have read and agree to abide by NCBVA’s Code of Ethics and the rules which govern the National Concrete Burial Vault Association. Signature is required before this application can be processed. _________________________________________ (Signature)

___________ (Date)

CODE OF ETHICS We believe that concrete is an ideal material for the construction of burial vaults for the interment of human remains and that a properly constructed concrete burial vault is worthy of acceptance by the public. Our sales and advertising policies will be governed by standards acceptable by the public and the funeral profession and by principles advocated by the National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. We pledge fair trade practices to our competitor whose product we will not disparage. We shall conduct our business on sound business principles, striving to build a relationship of respect and confidence for the burial vault industry with the public, with the funeral director and with the cemeteries management. We will abide by the rules and regulations of the National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc., thereby contributing to a stronger and greater national industry.

National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite 204, Longwood, FL 32779-2552

FIRST CLASS Address Correction Requested

Serving the death care industry since 1929 Dear Readers, We at the National Concrete Burial Vault Association Bulletin would love to hear from you. Specifically we are looking for press releases from you so that we can continue to address issues and topics that are directly facing you. Do you have an idea for an article of interest to other manufacturers? Why don’t you take a few minutes and send us a press release about your happenings? We’re interested in details about special events, individuals who deserve recognition, awards, and new services you are providing. Suppliers: let us know about your new products and services. Color or black and white photos are also welcome. If you are unsure about how to write your press release or article, don’t hesitate to give me a call at (407) 788-1996 or e-mail me at It would be my pleasure to assist you. Looking forward to hearing from you, Jan Monahan Editor

Aloha! The NCBVA Board of Directors has approved plans to hold the 2005 Annual Convention and Exposition in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. SAVE THE DATES! You won’t want to miss this exciting conference in this tropical paradise––a first ever for NCBVA.

February 20 - 23, 2005

Watch the Web site for details as they unfold:

Bulletin 2004 April  

Bulletin of the National Concrete Burial Vault Association

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