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Vol. 21



February 2005

Candidates Nominated For Leadership of NCBVA In this issue.



President Looks Back ASTM Update Calendar Manufacturer's Profile Certified Plants

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hen the NCBVA Annual Meeting convenes during the 2005 Annual Convention in Maui, Hawaii, one order of business will be election of the new officers and directors for 2005-2006. The nominating committee has submitted the following members to serve: President; Graham MacLeod, Detroit Wilbert Vault Company, Detroit, MI (see related story on page 10); President-Elect, Darren Baxter, Baxter Burial Vault Company , Cincinnati, OH; Secretary/Treasurer, Martin Begun, American Vault and Concrete Products Corporation, Detroit, MI. Nominated to serve as Directors are Michael Crummitt, Crummitt & Son Vault Company, Martins Ferry, OH (3-year term), and Hubert McQuestion, Lakeshore Burial Vault Company, Brookfield, WI (3-year term). If elected, these nominees will serve on the Board of Directors along with J.C. Clifton, Quality Burial Vault Company, Houston, TX, Immediate Past President, and Directors Stephen Hatfield, Hicks Industries, Inc., Mulberry, FL, Todd Swihart, Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corporation, Saginaw, MI, Steve Vincent, J.P. Vincent and Son, Galena, IL, and Scott Watts, Watts Vault and Monument Company, Des Moines, IA, whose terms are not yet completed. The new Board will also nominate and elect one representative from each of the affiliate members: Doric Products, Inc., Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc., McQuestion Crummitt and Trigard Vaults.




NCBVA Vault Video Now Available! The NCBVA video created by the Marketing Committee is now available for use in your community. The three-minute professional production was created to assist members in extolling the benefits of concrete burial vaults. "It is our responsibility to tell our story—the true, correct story," said chairman Linda Darby Sempsrott.

The presentation is available in DVD and video format and can be used alone or in conjunction with the NCBVA brochure, "Reasons to Consider A Lined Concrete Burial Vault." "Education is the key to success," said Sempsrott. "You can use it at local seminars, state or county fairs.. .talk to your funeral homes.. .just get the information out there," she said. See Order Form on page 15.



February 2005

BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL CREMATORY IS A SUPPLIER WITH MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS. Matthews Cremation Division represents over 100 years of experience in human and animal cremation technology and our equipment has set the standard of excellence for quality and performance. With over 3,000 installations in 50 countries, we are the oldest and largest manufacturer in the cremation industry. From design through startup, our goal is to meet the demands of crematories, funeral directors, cemetarians, veterinarians and animal control facilities. We protect your interest and make certain that your investment in cremation equipment is supported with the foundation for long-term success.






The Standard of Excellence in Cremation Solutions


<TIE • 1 800 327 -






February 2005 National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite 204 Longwood, Florida 32779-2552 (800) 538-1423 Fax: (407) 774-6751 President J.C. Clifton Quality Burial Vault Co. Houston, TX President-Elect Graham MacLeod Detroit Wilbert Vault Co. Detroit, MI

Secretary/Treasurer Darren Baxter Baxter Burial Vault Service Cincinnati, OH Immediate Past President Dan Hicks Hicks Industries Miami, FL Directors Martin Begun Eagle Burial Vault Association Detroit, MI Warren Chandler Master Grave Service, Inc. Bogart, GA Michael Crummitt Crummitt and Son Vault Co. Martins Ferry, OH Linda Darby Sempsrott Trigard Vaults / Greenwood Plastics Danville, IL Stephen Hatfield Hicks Industries, Inc. Mulberry, FL Hubert McQuestion Lakeshore Burial Vault Co. Brookfield, WI Todd Swihart Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp. Saginaw, MI Steve Vincent J.P. Vincent & Son, Inc. Galena, IL Scott Watts Watts Vault & Monument Co. Des Moines, IA Curt Zamec Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. Forest Park, IL

Executive Director Thomas A. Monahan, CAE Certified Association Management Company Longwood, FL Legal Counsel J. Scott Calkins, Esq



President's Message By J.C. Clifton

We're Making Strides In Standards, Awareness


t hardly seems possible that it has already been a year since our group convened in Las Vegas, Nevada and I was installed President. At that time, I said that I felt that it was vital for the association to promote consistency and standards and to educate consumers about the importance of burial vaults. I am pleased to report that over the past year, we have made some major strides in these areas. The Marketing Committee completed production of the educational video, "Reasons to Consider A Lined Concrete Burial Vault." The video can be used hand in hand with our marketing brochures when we are invited to speak in our local communities or when funeral directors request more information. It is our job to promote our product and there is still much to be done to make sure that consumers have an educated choice for their loved ones; This is an excellent tool that we can use to get our story out. The short program is available on video and DVD. There is an order form for your use on page 15 of this Bulletin. Plant Inspector Earl Brutsche crisscrossed the country, traveling more than 20,000 miles in 2004 doing certifications for NCBVA. There are now some 175 plants that have met the exacting standards that have been set by NCBVA for the manufacturing of high performance burial vaults. If your plant is not on that list (page....), I strongly encourage you to contact Earl and find out more about this program and what it would take for your facility to qualify. It will set you apart from the competition in your area. We've also moved a step closer in establishing uniform industry-wide standards. Please read Merry Wirth's ASTM update on the following page. Six times a year, our member newsletter, The Bulletin, arrives in your mailbox. This is the vehicle we use to keep you advised about what is going on in the Association: meetings and conventions; legal issues that you should be aware of from our counsel Scott Calkins; manufacturer profile articles in which members share their secrets of success...some through three and four generations; and news of what's going on in the industry overall. We have tremendous support in the form of advertising from our Associate Members so it's a great place to find sources and information about new products. This year we will also print a new hard copy of the Membership Directory, a valuable tool for networking and communicating with your colleagues in NCBVA. Please be sure to return your information update sheet so we can get that to press and on your desk as soon as possible. The Association continues to be active in meetings of the Funeral and Memorialization Industry Council (FAMIC), keeping a pulse on what is going on throughout the death care industry and making sure we represent all of you in important issues. Our convention in Las Vegas in 2004 and the upcoming convention in Maui are rich with outstanding speakers and networking opportunities. The quality of our programs continues to improve each year as we bring in experts that can give you tips on how to improve your business. If you have not been to an NCBVA convention in awhile, I urge you to do so. You are missing out on some wonderful educational opportunities. These are just a few of the benefits of your membership in NCBVA. I would like to thank all of the volunteers who have been involved in these projects, Plant Inspector Earl Brutsche, legal counsel Scott Calkins, my fellow Board members and our association headquarters staff. It's been my pleasure to serve the association in the past year.



February 2005

Standard in Balloting Phase By Merry Wirth Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. ASTM Task Group Chairperson The primary qualities of ASTM Committees and ASTM Standards are covered in the phrase, "voluntary, consensus standards." Standards development work began in 2002. Several members of the precast burial vault industry approached C27.02, the Architectural and Structural ASTM technical committee. The committee agreed that the burial vault industry was in need of standards and approved the formation of a task group. The task group includes volunteers, considered experts in the field, responsible for writing the standards. In November 2004, the task group submitted the first standard for the burial vault industry to ballot. The content was approved, but a few editorial changes were suggested. The recommended editorial changes were addressed and agreed upon at the Annual ASTM meeting in December 2004. On January 21, 2005 the standard was resubmitted and a second ballot was opened at the subcommittee level. The ballot will remain open until February 21,2005. To be approved, the standard must go through two levels of balloting. Once the technical committee approves the document, it will be submitted concurrently to the C27 Precast Concrete Products main committee and the entire membership of ASTM. C27 is the next most concentrated group of Technical Experts. Similar to the subcommittee level, members have the opportunity to submit comments on how to improve the standard. If a member does not agree with a portion of the standard, they may vote negative. Standards are intended for the betterment of the industry; therefore, a single negative vote stops the document from proceeding, until the committee reaches a consensus. If all comments are addressed and negatives resolved, the standard will proceed to publication and will be available in print by the summer of 2005.

Industry News & Notes NFDA Names New CFO Randal W. Eckart of West Bend, WI, has been named Chief Operating Officer. Eckart will be responsible for the management of the Association's human resource, financial and administrative affairs per policies adopted by NFDA's Executive Board. He will also manage resources necessary to ensure efficient and effective operations of NFDA offices and staff.

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New Keepsake Urns Timber Urns has a new web site to promote their line of finely crafted wooden keepsake urns fashioned as decoys (Mallards, Pintails and Wood Ducks). The unique urn serves as a memorial to the outdoor enthusiast's unique life. Timber Urns has spent more than two years researching and developing the design and craftsmanship of this new line of urns. See them at .

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February 2005



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February 2005


Free of Violence Workplace violence is a growing concern for employers and especially for managers. Here are a few suggestions to avoid hiring the wrong person or dealing with a person exhibiting problems who is already part of your work force:

CHECK PRESENTATION AT HOSPITAL–(from left) Marvin Smith; Leland McGinness, administrative chief of staff; Joe Suhor; Rev. Dr. Dane Sommer; Janie Wood, senior staff chaplain; Jean Crumrine, staff nurse; Maria Coughlin, social worker.

Wilbert Foundation Provides Grief Support The Wilbert Foundation has presented a grant for $5,000 to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. The funds will be used toward the hospital's efforts to support bereaved children and their families. The grant was presented by Joseph U. Suhor, III, president and CEO of Suhor Industries, Inc. (Overland Park, KS), and member of the Wilbert, Inc. board of directors; and Marvin G. Smith, Suhor Industries' senior vice president of operations and president of the Wilbert Manufacturers Association. Formed by Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. in September 2002, the Wilbert Foundation provides crucial funds and resources for children and their families coping with the trauma of grief, death, or preparation for surgery. The foundation expects to build an endowment of more than $1 million and distribute $500,000 in grants by 2010. It will also strive to achieve 100 percent Wilbert licensee participation and will offer a matching grant program for Wilbert employees and licensees.

Costco Expands Casket Sales to 26 States When Costco announced last August that it would venture into casket sales, some called them, "Bargains to Die for." Apparently enough people thought so because the warehouse discount giant is expanding from two test locations in Chicago to 26 states on their Internet Web site. The Costco Web site Home Page,, lists Caskets on the index between Books and Computers. A click away are pictures of five caskets ranging in price from The Lady of Guadalupe at $924.99, an 18-gauge unit to the higher end 48-ounce bronge Charles Casket, at $4,699.99. Web surfers are prompted to click for more information, which brings up a series of 13 questions and answers outlining the ordering process.

Caskets will be delivered within three business days and shipping is included in the casket price. Universal Casket company, headquartered in Cassopolis, MI, is the supplier and Menlo Priority A is is the shipping agent. The Web site also answers the question, "Will funeral homes accept the casket that we order?" informing buyers that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires funeral homes to accept caskets from an outside source and may not charge any additional fees. Costco will accept returns only if the unit has ben damaged during shipment. By the end of the year, Costco is expected to have 20 varieties of caskets available including premium woods. Just pick the one you want and check out.

Be careful whom you hire. Always make sure to check references. Look for unexplained gaps in resumes. If you make a mistake in hiring and realize it—then get rid of the employee. Don't keep someone on if he can't get along with others. Get rid of the person before the situation escalates out of control. Try to match the right personalities to the right jobs. If you know there is a personality clash—don't put them on a project together so they can hash it out. Make sure you are not making a bad situation worse. Open communications. Listen to what your employees are telling you. It's probably important. Make sure your company offers an anonymous employee assistance program. This will give your employees a way to deal with their frustrations in a healthy and productive manner. Make sure there is a fair grievance procedure in place. Make your employees feel heard. Be courteous. Treat your employees like they're customers. Never reprimand an employee publicly. Keep your eye on things. Pay attention to the nuances in the office. Be consistent and fair—even if you don't like one of your employees. Adapted from the ITG Consultants Web site

February 2005



Designed for

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February 2005

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February 2005



E licEGARD , Aug. 3, 1953 - Nov. 5, ,1111o3


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February 2005

Detroit Wilbert® Vault Company as it looked in the early 1930s. A Brief History—On January 31, 1930, Wilbert Haase, Harry Stadd and Herman Witte organized the Detroit Vault Company. Its original purpose was to produce cement burial vaults, grave markers, benches and bases, blocks and other cement products that were to be sold retail and wholesale. Today, the company does not sell retail, nor does it sell grave markers or cement blocks. Its products are now referred to as concrete, not cement. The company grew and became a major vault supplier for funeral homes in Detroit and the surrounding areas. The company name changed to Detroit Wilbert® Vault Corporation m1944. Over the years, the board of directors, owners and stockholders changed a few times. One of the biggest changes was when Adolph "Taby" Tabbert became president in 1949. Taby had started out in the shop sweeping floors and quickly worked his way up the ranks to president, a position he held until 1996 when he retired. He is currently still enjoying retirement. Taby never had children, so he decided to sell the company to dedicated employees: Marcia Strickler, and Diane and Graham MacLeod. Marcia, too, has retired. The MacLeods are the current owners.

A Personal Gesture:

MacLeod's Salute to Servicemen Raises Image of the Vault Industry By Sylvia Heidemann NCBVA Staff Writer


f you remember the "hippie" days of the 1970s, try to picture PresidentElect Graham MacLeod fitting in. (That's right, as a young man, he had long hair and a beard.) In 1972, Graham returned to Detroit after serving four years in the U.S. Navy, where as a Damage Control/ r Class, he became experienced as a welder, a fireman, a plumber and a carpenter. When he went looking for a job after the service, being a carpenter appealed to him, so he worked in construction part-time for about a year. For about nine years, he

worked with his father, who had a small business as a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Graham figured out early on that the only way he could make more money was to clean more carpets. This realization wasn't very satisfying, and the physical aspects of such a job can take a toll on the body. He thought about different career paths over this nineyear stint. Meanwhile, Graham's wife Diane had been working in the office at Detroit Wilbert since1972. Over the years they went to various functions and parties, and through meeting people and learning about various aspects of the business, Graham decided that he'd like to work in the funeral industry. He

once nearly accepted a job as a saleman for a cemetery, but realized that wasn't the kind of sales he would enjoy. Graham learned that Orville Pulliam, a salesman at Detroit Wilbert, was considering retirement, so he set his sites on getting an education so he could be considered as a replacement for Orville. (Unfortunately, years later, Orville passed away before retirement.) He used the GI Bill to go to school at night and eventually completed an AA in marketing from Macomb Community College in Warren, MI. Graham says that "Taby" Tabbert, Detroit Wilbert's president at the time (see sidebar of history information) is a very strict

February 2005

man of Dutch descent who doesn't like long hair and beards on businessmen, so he knew he'd have to cut his hair and shave his beard off to even be considered for the job. In addition, to prove to Mr. Tabbert how determined he was to be in the vault business, Graham went to work for another vault company in the area and spent about four years with that company. He jumped into his new career with an agenda—he wanted to learn everything he could about the funeral industry. He met this goal by observation, by helping others set up funerals and by asking questions. All in all, Graham inquired five times to get a position at Detroit Wilbert®. Finally, he wore "Taby" down and got the job. Taby said to him, "I figure if I don't hire you now, you'll probably pester the out of me. Well, you got what you wanted and I'll give you one year to make a difference." The rest, as they say, is history. Graham made a distinct contribution to the company's success, and today he and Diane are the owners of the company. Including he and his wife, 17 people are employed by the company, which produces Wilbert® e0-• burial vaults, marker foundations, and privacy and rail fencing. Promote the Burial Vault Concept Graham believes one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is to ensure that the burial vault receives the proper perspective in the funeral arrangements. "With the increase in the rate of cremations, the importance of the burial vault has fallen by the wayside," says Graham. "As an

Graham enjoys boating, hunting and fishing. On a recent trip to Alaska, Graham and his guide show off a good catch.


association and as an industry, we need to promote the burial vault concept. We need to promote our product as more than a 'rough box." In practicing what he preaches in an effort to change the opinions of others, Graham has a passion for providing more honor and better service for World War II veterans and armed forces personnel who die in the line of duty. For military burials in private cemeteries, the U.S. government provides for a rough box burial vault. In recent years in military burials for soldiers killed in Iraq for which Detroit Wilbert® has provided the burial vault, Graham has voluntarily upgraded the rough box vault specification to a Wilbert® "salute" vault to honor the serviceman and his/her family. Advances in Product Graham is very positive about his association with the NCBVA. "My father always impressed upon me that the more you learn, the better you are. The opportunity we get through the NCBVA to rub elbows with the likes of Warren Chandler and Earl Brutsche, for example—people who have been in the industry a long time, really helps our business in the long run. Being able to meet with important people in the


industry at our annual meeting keeps us abreast of what's going on." As for short- and long-range goals for the organization, Graham affirms that it's most important to impress the consumer about the value of the burial vault. "We have standards and inspection criteria that we meet to improve our products," says Graham. "The strong possibility that our standards will get ASTM approval will provide better credibility for our products to funeral directors, cemeteries and consumers." The Private Side Graham and Diane have two daughters (Shannon Gordon and Lindsey MacLeod) and a two-year-old grandson, Kody. The MacLeods are looking forward to the birth of another grandson in April. According to his wife, Graham is quite the sportsman—or at least thinks he is. He enjoys hunting and fishing and all the toys that go along with those sports. But most of all, Graham and Diane are thankful for being a part of the Wilbert® organization and the NCBVA, and for all the friends and people they have had the pleasure of meeting in the funeral industry.



February 2005


PROVIDING SERVICE AND REALIBILTY FOR OVER 40 YEARS THE LOGAN VAULT HANDLERS ARE MANUFACTURED WITH ONLY NEW BRAND NAME PARTS NOT USED OR RE-MANUFACTURED. This gives you better dependability and longer life of your Handler. OUR NEW 3/4 TON AXLE is manufactured narrower than the standard 3/4 ton truck axle to allow for more maneuverability in the Cemetery. The Logan Vault Handler can handle both straight and cross grave settings. The Logan is equipped with hydraulic variable speed Forward and Reverse, also a High and Low range gearbox STANDARD, â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

STRENGTH IS NOT IN THE STEEL ALONE IN A VAULT HANDLER; IT IS nv THE DESIGN The Logan was designed to withstand the stress of a heavy load and yet light enough not to tear up turf in the Cemetery. The Logan was designed over 40 years ago and has seen many improvements in maneuverability and efficiency. The Logan Vault Handler is designed to give you optimum power using reliable parts and durable construction. It has been tested, beaten, used and abused for over 40 years. The Logan always was and still is the benchmark of Vault Handling equipment, And that is why we are the

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NCBVA Calendar Feb. 21-23

NCBVA Annual Convention Wailea Marriott Maui, Hawaii

Mar. 30- Apr 2

ICFA Annual Convention Las Vegas Hilton Las Vegas, NV

April 13-17

Order of the Golden Rule Annual Conference The Palace Hotel San Francisco, CA

August 6-10

National Funeral Directors and Morticians Annual Convention Hyatt Regency Chicago, IL

August 17-20

October 3-5

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CANA Annual Convention Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers New York, NY



Crescent Bronze Powder Co., Inc.

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February 2005

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February 2005






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February 2005

NCBVA Marketing Video/DVD Reasons To Consider A Lined Concrete Burial Vault

Order Yours Today! This consumer-oriented video/DVD is designed for NCB VA members' use at local seminars, community programs and funeral homes. This tool has been developed by NCBVA's Marketing Committee to help you explain the benefits of lined concrete burial vaults. See a preview of the video on the Web site, . (You will need a media player to view the video). Use NCBVA's brochures in conjunction with your program or as a follow-up.

National Concrete Burial Vault Association

VAULT MARKETING PROGRAM ORDER FORM Company Name Billing Street Address or PO Box




Shipping Street Address




Contact Person

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VIDEO/DVD Reasons to Consider a Lined Concrete Burial Vault Video tape ($9.95 each) DVD ($19.95 each) -

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American Express Expiration:

Mail along with payment to: NCBVA • 900 Fox Valley Drive, Ste 204 - Longwood, FL 32779-2552 Phone: (407) 788-1996 • If paying by credit card, fax this order form to: (407) 774-6751.



Vault-Master VHV it01;




LONG MACHINE CO. 519 N. MAIN AVE., MAIDEN, NC 28650-1123 (828) 428-2648 • FAX (828) 428-8606

February 2005

February 2005




Are You Ready For Plant Certification? By Earl J. Brutsche NCBVA Plant Inspector During 2004 I drove nearly 20,000 miles and completed some 35 plant inspections for NCBVA and would like to share some of my observations with you. The firms that were inspected, some renewing their inspections for the second or third time, scored higher than five and 10 years ago. That's the good news. Now for the bad news. Some firms are still not doing all the procedures properly. Some of the things I found that need attention and hope I see remedied in 2005: Improper mix design: this includes either not enough cement (remember we require a minimum of 700 lbs per yard), too much sand and not enough course aggregate. I'm still seeing too much water in some mix designs. Reinforcement: Many firms reinforce with rebars, mesh and fibers. Those that do.. .keep up the good work. Those that don't should consider testing their units with different reinforcing techniques and see the different results in each application. Curing: Concrete should be cured properly for maximum strength and this is so easy to accomplish. Proper finishing really is good workmanship; a couple more minutes on each cover will produce a better finish. Each unit regardless of which price bracket it is in, should look as good as it can.


' S

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Earl Brutsche on a plant inspection

For solvent-based customers, our DUST-FREE copper, gold and silver pellets are the easiest way to utilize metallic pigments in solvent based coatings.

Delivery Equipment: Equipment should be clean and drivers should be outfitted in clean uniforms. Graveside equipment must look like new or very good to excellent.


There are now some 170 concrete vault manufacturing plants that have met the high standards that have been set for Plant Certification. Many members report that more and more cemeteries are now requiring that their vault suppliers be certified. If you are interested in NCBVA Plant Certification, please refer to the application form on page on the next page or give me a call. If you think you are due for recertification this year and would like to know, have questions about your mix design, or have a problem in your production department, give me a call at (269) 9651550, (269) 969-1492 cell, or email

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610 429 1345 • West Chester, PA -




February 2005

NCBVA Certified Vault Manufacturing Plants NCBVA proudly recognizes the following companies which have a current standing in the Plant Certification Program Abel Vault & Monument Co. Canton, IL Abel Vault & Monument Co. Pekin, IL American Concrete Industries Veazie, ME American Vault Co. Cleveland, OH American Vault & Concrete Prod. Detroit, MI Arnold-Wilbert Corp. Goldsboro, NC Arrow Vault Co., Inc. Lafayette, IN Atlas Concrete Products, Inc. Orlando, FL Babylon Vault Co. New Windsor, MD Badger Burial Vault Co. Eau Claire, WI Baumgardner Products Co. Akron, OH Baxter Burial Vault Cincinnati, OH Baxter Vault Co. Baxter Springs, KS Beck Vault Co. Rome, NY Beier Burial Vaults Columbus, WI Brewster Vaults & Monuments Millville, NJ Brown-Wilbert, Inc. Morris, MN Brown-Wilbert, Inc. St. Paul, MN Bruns Norwalk Vault Co. Saint Louis, MO Brutsche Concrete Products Battle Creek, MI Brutsche Concrete Products Benton Harbor, MI Buckeye Vault Service Mansfield, OH Bush Concrete Products, Inc. Muskegon, MI C & M Precast Kerrville, TX Calumet Wilbert Vault Co. Inc. Gary, IN Carolina-Doric, Inc. Florence, SC Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Marlow, OK Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Tulsa, OK Central New York Vault Co. Cortland, NY Century Vault Co., Inc. West Bamstable, MA Cheboygan Cement Products Co. Cheboygan, MI Chesapeake Burial Vault Co. Ingleside, MD Christy Vault Co., Inc. Colma, CA

Cooper Wilbert Vault Co. Middletown, DE Cordeiro Vault Co., Inc. Vallejo, CA Costello Vaults Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada Creter Vault Corp. Remington, NJ Crummitt & Son Vault Corp. Martins Ferry, OH D.G. Robertson, Inc. Williston, VT Dardanelle Vault & Monument Dardanelle, AR Delaware Valley Vault Co., Philadelphia, PA DePue Wilbert Vault Savannah, GA Deihl Vault & Precast Co. Orangeville, PA Detroit Wilbert Vault Corp. Detroit, MI Doody Burial Vaults, Inc. Winchendon, MA Doric Concrete Vaults Inc. Garden City, KS Doric Concrete Vaults, Inc. Great Bend, KS Doric Concrete Vaults Inc. Osage City, KS Doric Huntingburg Vault Co. Huntingburg, IN Doric of Kansas Vault Iola, KS Doric of Nashville, Inc. Nashville, TN Doric of Northeast Arkansas Jonesboro, AR Doric of South Texas Elsa, TX Doric Concrete Vaults Limon, CO Doric Concrete Vaults, Inc. Newton, KS Doric Manufacturing Co. Boaz, AL Doric Mississippi, Inc. Vicksburg, MS Doric-South, Inc. Demopolis, AL Doric Vault of Eastern NY, Inc. Hudson, NY Doric Vault of Western NY, Inc. Depew, NY Doric Vault Co. Griffin, GA Dura Vault North Bend, OH Eagle Burial Vault Co. of LA Ruston, LA Eagle Burial Vaults Perry, GA Esterly Burial Vault Co. West Reading, PA Evans Eagle Vaults, Inc. Leola, PA Everlasting Vault Co. Randallstown, MD

Florida Wilbert, Inc. Jacksonville, FL Fon du Lac Wilbert Vault Fon du Lac, WI Forsyth Bros. Fithian, IL Forsyth Bros. Concrete Prod. Terre Haute, IN Gettysburg Burial Vault Co. Gettysburg, PA Golden Eagle Vault Co. Rocky Mountain, VA Grable Vault Co. Logansport, IN Graffius Burial Vault Co. Sinking Springs, PA Granite State Doric Newport, NH Gray Bros., Inc. Kansas City, KS Hairfield Vault Co. Hickory, NC Hardy Doric, Inc. Chelmsford, MA Ham Vault Service Massillon, OH Harris Precast Laporte, IN Heilman â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Wirtz, Inc. Cedar Hill, TX Hicks Industries, Inc. Miami, FL Hicks Industries, Inc. Mulberry, FL Horton Precast Gerard, PA Hydraulic Dolly, Inc. Altoona, PA J.P. Vincent & Son, Inc. Galena, IL Jacson, Inc. Henderson, TX Jefferson Concrete Corp. Watertown, NY Josten Wilbert Vault Co. Sioux Falls, SD Lakeshore Burial Vault Co. Brookfield, WI Lavaca Vault Co. Lavaca, AK Louise11-Davis Vault Service Chattanooga, TN Ludlow Burial Vault Co. Ludlow, MA Lycoming Burial Vault Co. Inc. Montoursville, PA Marion Vault Works Marion, IN Markham Burial Vault Services Richmond, VA Markham-Carter Vault Service Smithfield, VA Master Grave Service Athens, GA Memphis Burial Vault Co. Memphis, TN

Mercer Vault Company Fredericksburg, VA Milan Burial Vault, Inc. Milan, MI Minnick Services Corp. Fort Wayne, IN Moore Wilbert Vault Co. Evans, GA Murray Vault Co. Austin, AR Neher Burial Vault Co. Springfield, OH Nor-Don Vault Co. Inc. Strafford, MO North Central Mich. Vault Srvc. Cadillac, MI Norwalk Vault Co. Johnstown, PA Odon Vault Company, Inc. Odon, IN Omaha Wilbert Vault, Inc. Omaha, NE Ostwalt Vault Co. Concord, NC Palm Vault Co. Ada, OK Panhandle Vaults Wellington, TX Pennyslvania Concrete Vault Co. Greensburg, PA Perfection Vault Woodson, IL Phenix Vault Phenix City, AL Pioneer Vault, Inc. Doylestown, PA Poplar Bluff Doric Vaults, Inc. Poplar Bluff, MO Precast Concrete Products, Inc. Blissfield, MI Precision Precast Inc. Pittsfield, MA Quality Burial Vault Co. Houston, TX Rex Vault Service Newton, IL Rocky Mountain Monument/Vault Sandy, UT Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp. Saginaw, MI Sam Green Vault Co. Lynchburg, VA Saline Vault Co. Sweet Springs, MO Santeiu Vaults Inc. Livonia, MI Sheldon Vault Co. Sheldon, IA Shenandoah Valley Vaults, Inc. Dayton, VA Shore Vault & Precast Co. Exmore, VA Simerly Concrete Products, Inc. Bristol, TN Simerly Vaults, Inc. Knoxville, TN

February 2005

Southern Ohio Vault Co. Portsmouth, OH

Southern Vault Service


National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. Member Application for Plant Inspection

Blakely, GA

Spoerr Precast Concrete Sandusky, OH

Sunnycrest, Inc. Auburn, NY

Suhor Industries Cedar Hill, TX

Suhor Industries Parsons, KS

Superior Burial Vaults, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT

Superior Vault Co. Bryantown, MD

Superior Vault Co. Charlestown, IN

Superior Vault Company LTD Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Name of Plant

Swan's Concrete Products Westbrook, ME

Tennessee Vault 8z Grave, Inc.

Plant Mailing Address

Dechard, TN

Tucker Vault Co. Farmington, MO

Plant Street Address

Turner Vault Company Toledo, OH

Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc.

Plant Telephone

Appleton, WI

Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. Wausau, WI

Fax Phone Number

Vault Service Griffin, GA

Owner's Name

Vincent and Sons Galena, IL

Washington Wilbert Vault Works Inc.

Evening Telephone

Laurel, MD

Warga Concrete Products Inc. Fort Wayne, IN

Plant Manager/Contact Person

Watts Vault 8z Monument Co. Des Moines, IA

Wayne Burial Vault Co., Inc.

Evening Phone

Indianapolis, IN

Welte Vault Co. Danbury, IA

Western Carolina Vault Co. Fletcher NC

Types of Outer Burial Receptacles Produced 10 Top Seals II Air Domes 10 Sectionals Other

West Plains Vault & Mfg. Co. Pomona, MO

Whitman Vault Co. Whitman, MA

Wicomico Vault Co., Inc. Salisbury, MD

Wieser Precast

Please return this application with full payment to:

Stewartville, MN

Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Atlanta, GA

Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Muskegon, MI

Wilbert Burial Vault (The James Co.) Waycross, GA

Wilbert Vaults of Houston, Inc. Houston, TX Willbee Concrete Products Jackson, MI

Williams Vault Company Emporia, VA

Willmar Precast Co. Willmar, MN

Zeiser Wilbert Vault Co.


Elmira, NY

The National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite #204 Longwood, FL 32779-2552 (800) 538-1423 Fax (407) 774-6751 As an NCBVA member in good standing, the total of your Plant Certification Inspection will be $1295 (Recertification, $495). Full payment should be enclosed with your application.


National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite 204, Longwood, FL 32779-2552

FIRST CLASS Address Correction Requested

New Members James Bransfield THE JAMES COMPANY 70 White Birch Dr. Guilford, CT 06437 Phone: (203) 453-2202; Fax:(203) 458-7666 Donald W. Carpenter SHRINE MEMORIAL MAUSOLEUM CO. 627 South Sixth St. Vandalia, IL 62471 Phone: (618) 283-0292; Fax: (618) 283-0292 Chester J. Dick, Jr. KADCO, 2114W. Milton Ave. Park Ridge, IL 60068 Phone: (847) 825-3736 Tate Tatro CLINTON WILBERT VAULTS 4418 200th Street Clinton, IA 52732 Phone: (319) 377-4834

Special thanks to the companies that support our 2005 Convention. Their contributions help keep our costs down and our program quality up!

Acromix Systems / ERMC Cargotec, Inc. Crescent Bronze Powder Co., Inc. D & C Supply Co., Inc. Doric Products, Inc. FORTA Corporation Long Machine Co. Mixer Systems, Inc. Onyx Coatings Trigard Vaults/Greenwood Plastics Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.

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