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June 2004

NCBVA Video Helps Promote Concrete Vaults By Linda Darby Sempsrott Do you realize who your largest competitor actually is? No, it’s not the guy/gal down the county that has newer trucks than you, or perhaps fancier tents or more responsible employees. Quite honestly, he/she should be your mentor. Wouldn’t you agree those folks make you try harder? Your largest competitor is the media. They consistently chip away at your consumers very subtly, and often times with incorrect information. It is our responsibility as leaders of our industry to tell our story––the true, correct story. That is why the NCBVA marketing committee has worked diligently to create a three-minute DVD/video to help you do that very thing. This tool is available for multiple uses. Get it in front of as many people and places as you can. Education is Continued on page 6

NCBVA joins the nation in mourning the passing of President Ronald W. Reagan 1911–2004

Marriott in Maui Site for 2005 Meeting


he Wailea Marriott on the island of Maui, Hawaii has been selected as the location for the NCBVA Annual Convention and Business Expo, 2005! Mark your calendar for this once in a lifetime opportunity to network with your NCBVA colleagues in this tropical paradise. Here you will experience the finest tradition of Hawaiian hospitality. From the moment you arrive, sweeping views of the blue Pacific and lush gardens lure you into the beauty of this spectacular oceanfront setting. The resort offers a crescent-shaped beach 50 yards away; five pools, including a children’s water-fun complex; spas and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean; and a 1.5-mile oceanfront strolling/jogging path that skirts rocky, turtle-friendly coves. The Shops at Wailea, an upscale shopping mall, is adjacent to the resort, and three championship golf courses are just minutes away by complimentary shuttle.

February 21-24, 2005 Convention Rates: $195 Garden View $210 Ocean View



June 2004

June 2004



National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite 204 Longwood, Florida 32779-2552 (800) 538-1423 Fax: (407) 774-6751 President J.C. Clifton Quality Burial Vault Co. Houston, TX

With the use of Babylon Vaults crane truck, placing the 1.5-ton granite statue on its pedestal is an easier task.

President-Elect Graham MacLeod Detroit Wilbert Vault Co. Detroit, MI Secretary/Treasurer Darren Baxter Baxter Burial Vault Service Cincinnati, OH Immediate Past President Dan Hicks Hicks Industries Miami, FL Directors Martin Begun Eagle Burial Vault Association Detroit, MI Warren Chandler Master Grave Service, Inc. Bogart, GA Michael Crummitt Crummitt and Son Vault Co. Martins Ferry, OH Linda Darby Sempsrott Trigard Vaults / Greenwood Plastics Danville, IL Stephen Hatfield Hicks Industries, Inc. Mulberry, FL Hubert McQuestion Lakeshore Burial Vault Co. Brookfield, WI Todd Swihart Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp. Saginaw, MI Steve Vincent J.P. Vincent & Son, Inc. Galena, IL Scott Watts Watts Vault & Monument Co. Des Moines, IA Curt Zamec Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. Forest Park, IL

Executive Director Thomas A. Monahan, CAE Certified Association Management Company Longwood, FL Legal Counsel J. Scott Calkins, Esq

Historical Statue Gets a Lift With Help From Babylon Vault Babylon Vault Company, long-standing member of NCBVA, recently had an unusual opportunity to participate in a bit of history. Three volunteers offered their services and one of Graham Babylon’s crane trucks to help guide a statue of Robert Strawbridge, the founder of Methodism in the United States, to its final resting place. Babylon workers Bill Miller, Randy Myers and Steve Koontz all volunteered to lend a hand in putting the statue on its pedestal near New Windsor, MD. They first wrapped straps around the statue so that it could be hooked onto a crane truck. Koontz

Index of Advertisers American Cemetery Supplies, Inc ......4 Axis Corporation ..............................10 B & L Cremation Systems, Inc...........7 Cemetery Funeral Supply ................14 Crescent Bronze Powder Co. ............11 D & C Equipment ............................11 Doric Inc. ............................................4 Edgmont Metallic Pigment Co. ........17 Hill & Griffith ....................................8 Holland Supply Inc. ............................5 Long Machine Co. ............................16 Matthews Cremation ..........................2 Mixer Systems ..................................13 Newline ............................................15 Trigard Vaults......................................9 W. C. Cardinal ..................................11

operated the crane that guided the statue onto the pin protruding from the pedestal. “That pin is enough to hold it in place for good,” said Koontz according to a report from the Baltimore Sun. “It is like a monument on a gravestone.” Graham Babylon, owner of the New Windsor-based Babylon Vault Co. is a veteran member of NCBVA. Alongside the Babylon workers, three men from the Strawbridge Shrine Association, while dressed in 1760-period style clothing assisted in positioning the statue. Once in place, a prayer was given in the style of Strawbridge expressing gratitude to all for their help in erecting the statue. Plans for the statue first began in 1914, however, a lack of money delayed its production. The 1.5-ton granite statue stands eight feet tall and depicts the preacher with a Bible in his left hand, right hand raised over his head and his mouth open in preaching. The Strawbridge Shrine, which includes the statue, a log meeting house monument with cross and the Robert Strawbridge house, will be open for tours. The NCBVA Marketing Committee has been encouraging all concrete vault manufacturing companies to participate in community events such as this as a way of indirectly creating a public awareness of concrete burial vault companies. It’s good marketing.



June 2004

NCBVA Calendar August 7-11

NFD&MA Convention Hyatt Regency Baltimore, MD

August 18-21

CANA 86th Annual Convention Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, BC Canada

October 18-20

NFDA Annual Convention Opryland Hotel Nashville, TN

November 15-16

Casket & Funeral Supply Assn. Crowne Plaza at Union Station Indianapolis, IN

Jan. 18-21, ’05

World of Concrete Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV


Solving Problems for Families and Funeral Directors when Details Mean the Most... Quality Lined, Concrete Burial Vaults Artfully crafted Olympian Bronze and Stainless Steel Premium Vaults Cremation Urns and Urn Vaults “Daisy” Infant Combinations Quality, dependable graveside service Find out more about being a Doric “Problem Solver”


Jan. 29-Feb. 1, ’05 Monument Builders of N. America Annual Monument Industry Show Memphis Cook Convention Center Memphis, TN Feb. 21-24, ’05

NCBVA Annual Convention Maui, Hawaii

American Cemetery Supplies, Inc. 1-800-515-0400 Fax (757) 488-1589 Your Total Vault Supplier High Quality Low Prices Manufacturer of: Tents • Grass • Chair Covers • Tarps Drapes • Lowering Devices Casket Roller Bars Casket Stands and Cremation Stands and many other items Distributor of: Flags • Chairs Frigid Lowering Devices

June 2004



VALUE VALUE VALUE Our commitment is to offer you the best value on the market.

1-800-527-8818 Graveside set-up equipment manufactured by Holland Supply.

Holland 15’ x 15’ & 15’ x 20’ Tents

Holland Oval Tents

20% Disct.

32% Disct. * Tent frame fittings guaranteed for life. * Strongest aluminum frames in the industry. * Tent peak and corners with 4 layers of reinforcement. * Straps & hooks with 3 layers of reinforcement. * Tops made to fit your frame.

Now you have a choice.

* Holland Supply now manufactures a complete line of oval tops, frames and parts. * Interchangeable with Steril tops, frames and parts. * Same quality and experience you’ve come to expect from Holland Supply.

Call for your Vault Dealer SALE PRICES on these and all our setup products.

Best prices on Frigid devices.

Device straps in all sizes.

Holland Supply has been serving the industry since 1962, and proud to be the supplier of choice for many Vault Dealers across the country.

Hydraulic vault cart

No-fray binding on our grass.

The Company that Listens. 1326 Lincoln Ave. • Holland, MI 49423 Phone 616-396-4678 • 1-800-527-8818 • FAX 616-396-9543 WWW.HOLLANDSUPPLYINC.COM

Excellent Quality + Unsurpassed Service + Aggressive Prices = Better Value

6 Video, continued from page 1 the key to success. Often people offer objections merely as a means to becoming better educated. We can cry and complain about the fear of losing our market share to other options, but if we don’t try to do anything about, we have no one to blame but ourselves. This video is consumer oriented. You can use it at local seminars, state or county fairs. Talk to your funeral homes. See if perhaps they would like to use it at any seminars their pre-need people may be giving. You can offer to attend the seminar to answer any questions they may have. Maybe you are doing something I haven’t mentioned. Be creative––just get the information out there! The brochures the committee created last year can be handed out as a follow up to the DVD/video. It is always good to have something to give them to take home. It creates food for thought. NCBVA will be selling these to the membership. Quantity ordered will depend on the price, so please take advantage of this opportunity that is being provided for you––you may find it will reap rewards down the road. For a preview of the video, go to the Web site, and click on “Reasons to Consider a Concrete, Lined Burial Vault.” (You will need a Media player to view the video).


June 2004

National Concrete Burial Vault Association

VAULT MARKETING PROGRAM ORDER FORM Company Name___________________________________________________ Billing Street Address or PO Box ______________________________________ City_____________________ State _____________ Zip___________ Shipping Street Address____________________________________________ City ____________________ State ______________ Zip __________ Phone # ________________________________________________________ Contact Person___________________________________________________ ADVERTISEMENT - “Three Reasons to Consider a Lined Concrete Burial Vault” ______ I would like a copy of the advertisement to run in my local publications (NO CHARGE) ______ Please personalize the ad (NO CHARGE) ______ Use Company Name as listed above Personalization address______________________________________ _______ Do not personalize

BROCHURE - Reasons to Consider a Lined Concrete Burial Vault ______ Quantity ($25 PER HUNDRED, MINIMUM OF 100) ______ Yes, personalize ($40 PERSONALIZATION FEE)

Families Ask to Witness Cremation Procedure

______ Use Company Name as listed above

In the Pacific Northwest where cremations outnumber traditional burials, funeral home directors are getting an increasing number of requests from family members to witness the cremation procedure. More and more, they are asking to watch the container that holds the body disappear into the retort and even to press the incinerator’s start button. A new funeral home near Portland, OR has a specially designed viewing room overlooking the crematory. And so many families at a Seattle funeral home request to view the procedure that it now charges for the service. Industry officials attribute the rise in requests to be part of the ritual to a familiarity with Asian customs, as well as the crematory scandal in Georgia.

______ Do not personalize

Personalization address___________________________________

Check is enclosed for $_______ Credit Card: ______ VISA ______ MasterCard ______ American Express Card Number: ___________________________ Expiration: __________ Signature: _______________________________ If paying by credit card, fax this order form to: (407) 774-6751. Or mail along with payment to: National Concrete Burial Vault Association 900 Fox Valley Drive, Ste 204 - Longwood, FL 32779-2552 Phone: (407) 788-1996

June 2004





Coffin Competition From China Chinese exporters are now serving American consumers from cradle to grave, posing a threat to U.S. casket makers with low-priced caskets. While they still represent a small portion of the U.S. market, these lower-priced units are viewed as a serious threat by the domestic industry, according to an article by Reuters. China-made steel caskets, priced 30 to 50 percent below a similar quality U.S.made product, have been trickling in since 2001 via a South Carolina-based automotive repair parts importer. The Casket and Funeral Supply Association estimates Chinese imports at 2 to 3 percent of the 1.85 million caskets sold in 2003, and says that share could increase this year. But there are some hitches. Importing from a factory thousands of miles away means funeral homes would have to buy in bulk and invest in warehouses while U.S. casket makers can guarantee nextday delivery. It also means more standard coffins instead of custom-built ones many funeral homes now offer. “They can certainly imitate our caskets, but they cannot innovate,” Joe Weigel, a spokesman for Indiana-based Batesville Casket Co., said in the article. The U.S. market for caskets has been declining in recent years as people live longer. Sales are also down because of the rising popularity of cremation. Along with rising lumber and steel prices, U.S. casket makers can ill-afford a fresh wave of competition.


10 Ambassador style, includes boxes and lids 2 lawn crypts, includes shelves and lids Contact David Middlemiss at 412-655-4500 Jefferson Memorial Park, Inc.

June 2004

Better Management Make Time for One-to-One Companies have been collecting information on individuals and using it for one-to-one marketing since 1993. Now companies are using the same concept to find out what makes their employees tick, and once the companies know, they use that knowledge to develop customized, and sometimes amazing, rewards. Some companies sit down at their review times with the employee and ask sets of questions about her hobbies and interests, and also her family members’ interests and hobbies. It’s being called one-to-one management, and the gurus are saying that it’s a good idea, since we are requiring the employees themselves to treat the customer with such care. The premise of one-to-one management is that the company attempts to respond to the stated desires of the employee, rather than the perceived desire of the entire work force. This helps the company design perks that the employees truly want. This can, in fact, save the company money because it can stop providing the benefits that are not wanted by the employee and only pay for the ones that the employee really wants. This kind of one-on-one management doesn’t have to be just about rewards. Some companies are using it to help them understand their employees more fully so that managers can help when the employee might get out of balance. For instance, if a company has an employee who loses confidence in the level of parenting they provide when work is stressful, the company might respond by giving the employee a day off with passes to a family oriented activity, such as a zoo or theme park. –adapted from

June 2004



Gene and Brad Holtzclaw, father and son owners of Liberty Mortuary, both have attended Trigard University.

“Trigard University was the most eye opening experience we have had in the funeral industry. The ideas and support we received from Trigard was second to none. We both plan on coming back every year, even if we have pay for the trip ourselves.”

Trigard University is dedicated to assisting dealers and funeral directors by providing the necessary tools to make their firms succeed in today’s competitive environment. Trigard University creates the feeling of lodging at a bed-and-breakfast inn. We offer fully furnished bedrooms, meeting rooms, food and beverage accommodations, outdoor activities and convenient parking. Also, guests from participating states can earn up to 7 CEU’s by attending a session at Trigard University. When staying at Trigard University there is no cost. We believe by investing in you, we all stand to benefit by building relationships which are supportive as well as successful. For more information or to schedule a stay at the University call us at 217-477-5732.

3901 North Vermilion Street Danville, Illinois 61834




June 2004

June 2004



Vault Master paints. The quality you demand, the speed you need. Vault Master paints provide consistently beautiful finishes, job after job. And our new, improved water-based formula covers in one coat, saving you time and labor costs. ■ Metallics ■ White and Black Also available: ■ Glitter ■ Metallic Powders and Pastes ■ Bronzing Liquids, Spray Cans See for yourself. Call or write for our Metallic Vault Master Color Card or samples. 1-800-445-6810

3400 N. Avondale Avenue Chicago, IL 60618 Fax: 773-539-1131



June 2004

Keep Monitoring These Industry Hot Issues By J. Scott Calkins, Esq. NCBVA Counsel There are a number of hot-button issues currently facing the death care industry that have been widely reported on by the media, especially the death industry trade press. It is important for NCBVA members to keep up with these issues. What are the current “hot-button” issues? They include the following:  Consumer protection;  The Michigan funeral directors and cemeteries fighting over the right of cemeteries to own and run funeral homes;  The reintroduction of a proposed federal law by Florida Representative Mark Foley, to regulate the death care industry;  The U.S. Tax Court’s determination that payments received by a Massachusetts funeral director under its pre-need funeral contracts were includable in gross income when it provided the merchandise and services;  Florida’s new law that creates a new Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services under a single department, virtually consolidating the oversight of cemetery, funeral, crematory, pre-need and monument regulation under one board expanded and dedicated to the death care business alone. There are a couple of additional issues worth mentioning. The Transportation Security Administration recently updated its guidelines for airline passengers attempting to carry cremated remains on board. TSA says you

are allowed to carry on a crematory container but it must pass through the xray machine. If the container is made of a material that prevents the screener from clearly being able to see what is inside, the container will not be allowed through the security checkpoint (see additional article on page 14). IRS revises convention deductions With the NCBVA 2005 Annual Convention slated for February 21-24 in Hawaii, the following announcement from the IRS makes it clear that members will be able to deduct appropriate expenses for attending the annual meeting. In the past, the IRS took a firm position on deducting expenses related to conventions. According to Sec. 274(h) of the internal

revenue code, only conventions in the “North American area” are eligible for deductible expenses. Previously, this meant only areas in the United States, but the IRS recently expanded North American area locations to include all 50 states and the District of Columbia, US possessions and territories, Canada, Mexico and beneficiary countries and countries defined in the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act of 1983. Any NCBVA members who are involved in litigation or state matters that may be of interest to other members throughout the U.S. can send such information to our Executive Director, Tom Monahan. He and I can determine if printing such information will assist the membership and keep everyone informed.

Counsel Calkins on the Mend To those many members who signed a rather large (22" x 16") and most appreciated “Get Well” message for me at the annual meeting in Las Vegas, I want to personally and sincerely thank each of you. From what I was told subsequent to the meeting, I missed a great conference where everyone had a great time. What a pleasant and emotional feeling I experienced when I took the “card” out of the long mailing tube and unrolled it. My wife, Rosemarie, noticed my personal feelings regarding the card and surprised me by framing it and hanging it on the wall next to my desk in our Florida condo. During my recovery, I will do my best to keep the Officers, Board members and management apprised of my recovery and be available for consultation and Bulletin articles. To those responsible for creating the card and to those signing it, again please accept my sincerest thanks. Having had the opportunity and pleasure of providing legal counseling to the industry and most especially to scores of members for some 50 years, I want to echo Tony Bennett’s famous lyrics re San Francisco by saying, “My heart belongs to NCBVA.” –– Scott Calkins, Esq.

Freeze-Drying Being Studied in Britain as Alternative to Cremation An alternative to cremation, in which the dead are reduced to powder by freezedrying, is to be available in Britain within two years. The ecologically friendly method, which has been invented in Sweden, involves bodies being frozen very quickly then dipped in liquid nitrogen to cool them to minus 196C. A simple vibration is then used to shatter the extremely brittle body into powder. This is then placed first in a vacuum chamber, which removes the water,

then in a metal separator, which removes toxic metal fillings and surgical parts. The dry, odorless organic remains can then be placed in a small degradable box made of corn starch and buried in a shallow grave. Unlike cremation, the process gives off no damaging fumes. The inventors of the technique hope that it will help solve the problems of Britain’s overcrowded graveyards and pollution from crematoria. Some 600,000 people die in Britain every year and cemeteries and graveyards

have reached bursting point. In 10 to 15 years many will have to close to new burials, unless graves are reused or turned into “double-decker” sites. Cremation - the choice of 70 per cent of Britons - creates pollution. The incineration of bodies with mercury-based tooth fillings has been blamed for creating mercury poisoning, which can attack the nervous system and cause brain damage. Source: Telegraph Group Limited 2004

June 2004




Designed for


Performance Profitability

Mixer Systems Econobatch plant is: Flexible – wide range of component choices and configurations to fit your EXACT need. Accurate & Consistent – state-of-the-art load cells and computerized control means no more rejected batches. Low Maintenance – few moving or mechanical parts to wear out and key parts are accessible for ease of service. Also, Mixer offers single-source responsibility. We design, manufacture and service all plant components and back them with a one-year product warranty.

To build your perfect plant just give us a call at 800 756-4937. Batch plants, mixers and related equipment, material handling and more – Mixer Systems is the name concrete product producers know and trust.

190 Simmons Avenue • P.O. Box 10 • Pewaukee, WI 53072-0010 Phone: (262) 691-3100 • Fax: (262) 691-3184 email: •



CEMETERY FUNERAL SUPPLY 1-800-277-9878 • Fax 704-291-9230 e-mail: Stanley Scruggs

AS OF JANUARY 1, 2003 THE # 1 TENT ON THE MARKET JUST GOT BETTER !!! WE CAN NOW GUARANTEE ALL OUR CAST STEEL FIXTURES FOR THE LIFE OF OUR FRAMES 15 x15 Steel Frame and Sunbrella Top - $1080.00 15 x15 Aluminum Frame and Sunbrella Top - $1160.00 15 x15 Steel Frame - $500.00 15 x15 Aluminum Frame - $579.00 15 x15 Sunbrella Top Only - $580.00 CEMETERY GRASS

P-6 Grass Set (2-6 x14, 2-6 x 8 & 2-T’s) - $270.00 P-6A Grass Set (4-6 x14, 2-6 x 8 & 2-T’s) - $410.00 P-4 Grass Set (2-3 x 9, 2-3 x 8, 2-6 x 14)- $232.50 P-4A Grass Set (2-3 x 9, 2-3 x 8, 4-6 x 14) - $372.00 Samsonite 2200 Chairs Powder Coated Frames - $13.35 Samsonite 2200 Chairs Chrome Frames - $14.40 Hy-Lustre Chair Covers Plain - $14.95 with monogramming or logos starting at $15.95

June 2004

New TSA Rules Create Market For X-ray-friendly Urns Even the deceased must now deal with the continuously increasing airline security precautions in effect post 9/11. The Transportation Security Administration has issued a ruling that requires airline passengers who plan to carry aboard the cremated remains of loved ones to purchase urns made out of x-ray friendly materials such as wood, plastic or non-lead lined ceramic. Any urn or container that will not allow a clear x-ray view of the contents must be shipped via a private shipping company. The TSA will not, out of respect for the deceased, open the urn under any circumstance, even if the passenger requests it. Mary Hickey and Bob Wheeler, owners of Renaissance Urn Co., learned of the need for x-rayfriendly urns from their numerous visits to funeral homes along the California coastline as they were launching their Renaissance is now selling 330 silkbusiness. As more covered urns a month to funeral homes people retire farther nationwide at a cost to consumers of away from their about $80 each. longtime homes, their cremated remains need to be transported back home with family members. The couple started selling their x-ray transparent fabric urn covers locally by the end of 2002. The ruling from the TSA hit the cremation industry at around the same time that Renaissance expanded their inventory with handmade paper-box urn covers, which are also x-ray transparent. Renaissance saw their revenue rise dramatically from $100,000 in its first full year of business to predicted revenue of $300,000 to $400,000 this year. The sale of Renaissance’s silk-covered urns has increased from 250 a month to 330 per week. Renaissance’s more inexpensive urns made out of heavy, handmade paper, which are also safe for travel, are selling around 4,000 a month. According to the TSA Web site, while they cannot state for certain what crematory containers will successfully pass through an x-ray machine, they highly recommend temporary or permanent containers made of lighter weight materials. The TSA will continue to work with funeral home associations to provide additional guidance in the future.

Frigid lowering Devices All on Sale T&J Vault Devices Starting at $2410.00 ALL SALES GUARANTEED TO 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION


Welcome, New Member Craig Anderson ROMIX CHEMICAL & BRUSH, INC. PO Box 1110 Colleyville, TX 76034 (800) 331-2243 Fax (817) 685-0877

June 2004


“LET’S SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM” $3,950.00 ............................Newkart from NLD & M Standard Equipment– 1 1/2 H.P. Motor, Gearbox, Disc-Brake, Constant Duty Solenoids, Lift Rollers, Disconnect Switch, Removable Tread-Plate, 2 Button Hoist, Switch, Onboard Battery Charger & Plug, Batteries Included. Call for more details: (636) 463-2062

New Gearbox, Motor & Disc, Brake..................$1,750.00 New Disc-Brake System Standard NEMA Greater Speed Loaded 12 or 24-Volt Electric Motor

$2,250.00................New Gearbox, Motor and Brake System We can refit your kart with our new system or you can do it yourself. Call for more details: (636) 463-2062

New Vault Turntable from NLD & M ..............................$650 The Vault Turntable lets you hand turn a vault 360 degrees in either direction for easier access to tight spots.

“NEWLINE WANTS TO BE YOUR SOLUTION” NLD&M • 2201 JARVIS RD • FORISTELL, MO 63348 Call us at: (636) 463-2062




June 2004

Vault-Master VHV LES S




LONG MACHINE CO. 519 N. MAIN AVE., MAIDEN, NC 28650-1123 (828) 428-2648 • FAX (828) 428-8606

June 2004



Atlantic and Pacific columns flank the new WWII Memorial

Celebration Honors The Greatest Generation For Next 100 Days After years of planning, the World War II Memorial is finally a reality and was officially presented to the country on Memorial Day. But that was just the beginning of the celebration. “America Celebrates the Greatest Generation� is a 100-day tribute to the heroism of the World War II generation. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, more than 140 WWIIthemed exhibitions, performances, walking tours, restaurant experiences and hotel packages pay tribute to the men and women who served in World War II and on the home front. Music, art, dance, theatre, film and literature will all play a part in the summer-long salute. America Celebrates the Greatest Generation expands the tribute beyond the official events and invites visitors from around the world to come to the nation’s capital during the summer to visit the new memorial and take advantage of themed programming. Each of the 140 WWII-themed events is listed by date as well as by category on the Web site, americacelebrates. The dedication of the World War II Memorial was the culmination of an 11-year effort that started when the memorial was authorized by Congress on May 26, 1993 to honor the 16 million people who served in the armed forces of the U.S. during WWII, the more than 400,000 who died, and the millions who supported the war effort on the home front. Construction began September 4, 2001. The memorial was built with donations and pledges. In 2000, the National Funeral Directors Association launched a campaign which raised nearly $3 million for the project, the second-highest non-corporate donor and fifth among the top 10 contributors to the entire campaign. The Memorial features two 43-foot arches, flanking the sides of the oval memorial plaza. The arches house laurel wreaths commemorating the victory of the WWII generation. Fifty-six granite pillars celebrate the unity of the nation during WWII. Waterfalls that appear to flow from the reflecting pool flank a central ceremonial area. Inscriptions within this area honor those who gave their lives. For more information see



June 2004

NCBVA Certified Vault Manufacturing Plants NCBVA proudly recognizes the following companies which have a current standing in the Plant Certification Program

 Abel Vault & Monument Co. Canton, IL Abel Vault & Monument Co. Pekin, IL American Concrete Industries Bangor, ME American Vault Co. Cleveland, OH American Vault & Concrete Prod. Detroit, MI Arnold-Wilbert Corp. Goldsboro, NC Arrow Vault Co., Inc. Lafayette, IN Atlas Concrete Products, Inc. Orlando, FL Babylon Vault Co. New Windsor, MD Baumgardner Products Co. Akron, OH Baxter Burial Vault Cincinnati, OH Baxter Vault Co. Baxter Springs, KS Beck Vault Co. Rome, NY Beier Burial Vaults Columbus, WI Brewster Vaults & Monuments Millville, NJ Brown-Wilbert, Inc. Morris, MN Brown-Wilbert, Inc. St. Paul, MN Bruns Norwalk Vault Co. Saint Louis, MO Brutsche Concrete Products Battle Creek, MI Brutsche Concrete Products Benton Harbor, MI Buckeye Vault Service Mansfield, OH Bush Concrete Products, Inc. Muskegon, MI C & M Precast Kerrville, TX Calumet Wilbert Vault Co. Inc. Gary, IN Carolina-Doric, Inc. Florence, SC Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Marlow, OK Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK Central Burial Vaults, Inc. Tulsa, OK Central New York Vault Co. Cortland, NY Century Vault Co., Inc. Barnstable, MA Cheboygan Cement Products Co. Cheboygan, MI

Chesapeake Burial Vault Co. Ingleside, MD Christy Vault Co., Inc. Colma, CA Cooper Wilbert Vault Co. Middletown, DE Cordeiro Vault Co., Inc. Vallejo, CA Costello Vaults Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada Creter Vault Corp. Flemington, NJ Crummitt & Son Vault Corp. Martins Ferry, OH D.G. Robertson, Inc. Williston, VT Dardanelle Vault & Monument Dardanelle, AR Delaware Valley Vault Co., Philadelphia, PA DePue Wilbert Vault Savannah, GA Deihl Vault & Precast Co. Orangeville, PA Detroit Wilbert Vault Corp. Detroit, MI Doody Burial Vaults, Inc. Winchendon, MA Doric Concrete Vaults Inc. Garden City, KS Doric Concrete Vaults, Inc. Great Bend, KS Doric Concrete Vaults Inc. Osage City, KS Doric Huntingburg Vault Co. Huntingburg, IN Doric of Kansas Vault Iola, KS Doric of Nashville, Inc. Nashville, TN Doric of Northeast Arkansas Jonesboro, AR Doric of South Texas Elsa, TX Doric Concrete Vaults Limon, CO Doric Concrete Vaults, Inc. Newton, KS Doric Manufacturing Co. Boaz, AL Doric Mississippi, Inc. Vicksburg, MS Doric-South, Inc. Demopolis, AL Doric Vault of Eastern NY, Inc. Hudson, NY Doric Vault of Western NY, Inc. Depew, NY Doric Vault Co. Griffin, GA Dura Vault North Bend, OH

Eagle Burial Vault Co. of LA Ruston, LA Eagle Burial Vaults Perry, GA Esterly Burial Vault Co. West Reading, PA Evans Eagle Vaults, Inc. Leola, PA Everlasting Vault Co. Randallstown, MD Florida Wilbert, Inc. Jacksonville, FL Forsyth Bros. Fithian, IL Forsyth Bros. Concrete Prod. Terre Haute, IN Gettysburg Burial Vault Co. Gettysburg, PA Grable Vault Co. Logansport, IN Graffius Burial Vault Co. Sinking Springs, PA Granite State Doric Newport, NH Gray Bros., Inc. Kansas City, KS Hairfield Vault Co. Hickory, NC Hardy Doric, Inc. Chelmsford, MA Harn Vault Service Massillon, OH Harris Precast Laporte, IN Heilman – Wirtz, Inc. Cedar Hill, TX Hicks Industries, Inc. Miami, FL Hicks Industries, Inc. Mulberry, FL Hydraulic Dolly, Inc. Altoona, PA J.P. Vincent & Son, Inc. Galena, IL Jacson, Inc. Henderson, TX Jefferson Concrete Corp. Watertown, NY Josten Wilbert Vault Co. Sioux Falls, SD Lakeshore Burial Vault Co. Brookfield, WI Lavaca Vault Co. Lavaca, AK Louisell-Davis Vault Service Chattanooga, TN Ludlow Burial Vault Co. Ludlow, MA Lycoming Burial Vault Co. Inc. Montoursville, PA Marion Vault Works Marion, IN

Markham Burial Vault Services Richmond, VA Markham-Carter Vault Service Smithfield, VA Master Grave Service Athens, GA Memphis Burial Vault Co. Memphis, TN Mercer Vault Company Fredericksburg, VA Milan Burial Vault, Inc. Milan, MI Minnick Services Corp. Fort Wayne, IN Moore Wilbert Vault Co. Evans, GA Murray Vault Co. Austin, AR Neher Burial Vault Co. Springfield, OH Nor-Don Vault Co. Inc. Strafford, MO North Central Mich. Vault Srvc. Cadillac, MI Norwalk Vault Co. Johnstown, PA Odon Vault Company, Inc. Odon, IN Omaha Wilbert Vault, Inc. Omaha, NE Ostwalt Vault Co. Concord, NC Palm Vault Co. Ada, OK Panhandle Vaults Wellington, TX Pennyslvania Concrete Vault Co. Greensburg, PA Perfection Vault Woodson, IL Phenix Vault Phenix City, AL Pioneer Vault, Inc. Doylestown, PA Poplar Bluff Doric Vaults, Inc. Poplar Bluff, MO Precast Concrete Products, Inc. Blissfield, MI Precision Precast Inc. Pittsfield, MA Quality Burial Vault Co. Houston, TX Rex Vault Service Newton, IL Rocky Mountain Monument/Vault Sandy, UT Saginaw Wilbert Vault Corp. Saginaw, MI Sam Green Vault Co. Lynchburg, VA Saline Vault Co. Sweet Springs, MO

For information on NCBVA’s exclusive Plant Inspection and Certification Program, please contact NCBVAHeadquarters at 1-800-538-1423 or use application form on adjacent page.

June 2004

Santeiu Vaults Inc. Livonia, MI Shenandoah Valley Vaults, Inc. Dayton, VA Shore Vault & Precast Co. Exmore, VA Simerly Concrete Products, Inc. Bristol, TN Simerly Vaults, Inc. Knoxville, TN Southern Ohio Vault Co. Portsmouth, OH Southern Vault Service Blakely, GA Spoerr Precast Concrete Sandusky, OH Sunnycrest, Inc. Auburn, NY Suhor Industries Cedar Hill, TX Superior Burial Vaults, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT Superior Vault Co. Bryantown, MD Superior Vault Co. Charlestown, IN Superior Vault Company LTD Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Swan’s Concrete Products Westbrook, ME Tennessee Vault & Grave, Inc. Dechard, TN Tucker Vault Co. Farmington, MO Turner Vault Company Toledo, OH Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. Appleton, WI Vanden Boomen Burial Vaults Inc. Wausau, WI Vault Service Griffin, GA Vincent and Sons Galena, IL Washington Wilbert Vault Works Inc. Laurel, MD Warga Concrete Products Inc. Fort Wayne, IN Watts Vault & Monument Co. Montezuma, IA Wayne Burial Vault Co., Inc. Indianapolis, IN Welte Vault Co. Danbury, IA West Plains Vault & Mfg. Co. Pomona, MO Whitman Vault Co. Whitman, MA Wicomico Vault Co., Inc. Salisbury, MD Wieser Precast Stewartville, MN Wilbert Burial Vault Co. Atlanta, GA Wilbert Burial Vault (The James Co.) Waycross, GA Williams Vault Company Emporia, VA Willmar Precast Co. Willmar, MN Zeiser Wilbert Vault Co. Elmira, NY



National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. Member Application for Plant Inspection

Name of Plant __________________________________________ Plant Mailing Address_____________________________________ Plant Street Address______________________________________ Plant Telephone__________________________________________ Fax Phone Number_______________________________________ Owner’s Name___________________________________________ Evening Telephone_______________________________________ Plant Manager/Contact Person_______________________________ Evening Phone__________________________________________ Types of Outer Burial Receptacles Produced

❐ Top Seals

❐ Air Domes

❐ Sectionals


Please return this application with full payment to: The National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite #204 Longwood, FL 32779-2552 (800) 538-1423 Fax (407) 774-6751 As an NCBVA member in good standing, the total of your Plant Certification Inspection will be $1295 (Recertification, $495). Full payment should be enclosed with your application.

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National Concrete Burial Vault Association, Inc. 900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite 204, Longwood, FL 32779-2552

FIRST CLASS Address Correction Requested

Serving the death care industry since 1929 Industry News and Notes

Dear Readers, We at the National Concrete Burial Vault Association Bulletin would love to hear from you. Specifically we are looking for press releases from you so that we can continue to address issues and topics that are directly facing you. Do you have an idea for an article of interest to other manufacturers? Why don’t you take a few minutes and send us a press release about your happenings? We’re interested in details about special events, individuals who deserve recognition, awards, and new services you are providing. Suppliers: let us know about your new products and services. Color or black and white photos are also welcome. If you are unsure about how to write your press release or article, don’t hesitate to give me a call at (407) 788-1996 or e-mail me at It would be my pleasure to assist you. Looking forward to hearing from you, Jan Monahan Editor

Doric Names New Marketing Director Bruce Lindley has been named Director of Marketing for Doric Products, Inc., where he will oversee all aspects of Doric’s marketing program. Lindley has spent a lifetime in the funeral business, having grown up in the family funeral home, Lindley Funeral Homes Inc. in Chillicothe, Missouri. He has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer since 1978. In addition to working in his family business, Bruce has managed a firm for the former Loewen Group and has sales and marketing experience in the staffing and home electronics manufacturing industries. He began his duties at Doric Products in May.

Trigard Sponsors NFDA Broadcast Trigard Vaults has teamed up with the National Funeral Directors Association to sponsor NFDA’s first broadcast television program in conjunction with the association’s 2004 NFDA Convention & Expo, Oct. 17-20 in Nashville, TN.

The NFDA Eye on Convention broadcast will highlight events, seminars and exhibitors at the Convention & Expo. The program will also feature current topics of importance to funeral service professionals. Attendees will be able to tune in 24/7 to NFDA Eye on Convention on closed-circuit television in their hotel rooms at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. The show will also be broadcast on television monitors positioned throughout the convention and exhibit hall.

Two Inducted Into Wilbert Bronze Circle Wilbert Inc. has inducted two new members into the Wilbert Bronze Circle for Lifetime achievement in promoting Wilbert’s products and services and contributing to the funeral industry’s memorialization efforts. This year’s inductees are Steven M. Bush of St. Louis Wilbert Vault, St. Louis, MO; Quincy Wilbert Vault Co., Quincy, IL; and New BadenWilbert Vault, New Baden, IL; and Martin Stuart, Century Wilbert Vaults, Scarborough, Ontario. They were named along with leading sales winners at the National Sales Seminar.

Bulletin, 2004 June  

Bulletin of the National Concrete Burial Vault Association

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