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2014 Martin Luther King Day NCBI builds our successful youth development activities into an integrated district-wide program in Missoula, reaching an increased number of youth over the course of their K-12 education. Our work creates safer, more inclusive school environments where all students can learn and thrive. Our mission is to create a more just and inclusive society by developing leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities and strengthen community cohesion.

Art and Essay Contest


Keep Moving Forward!

Second place, essay

The following art and writing are just some of the 500 submissions to the 2014 Martin Luther King Day art and essay contest. This contest was advertised in the Crystal Missoulian, and winners were selected by a commitThe tall tee of judges. Winners were awarded prizes at the annual crystal wallsMartin Luther King Day celebration, but the judges felt that it would be fun to share some of the areother in the entries palm with the community. We didn’t have enough of a budget to include all 500 of the entries, of your hand. so we selected as many as we could from each age You’re the enormous group. If you don’t see your work in this magazine, don’t despair! Join Respect Club and ask your club if star flying by they want to make another one! There is always anchance, so take the great advice you will find inother the middle of nowhere in this magazine, and don’t give up! Camille Sherrill, Grade 3, Missoula International School

you will find your true self.

Unstoppable is like people threatening but you just say who cares what you think. Courageous is like me helping my grandma when she slipped on the ice and fell on her back so I had to walk her to the store and home. Unstoppable is like climbing and getting my cat out of a tree. Courageous is like when I climbed the climbing wall without a harness. Courageous is like when I was sweating shaking feeling scared to snowboard a mountain it was scary but I completed it. This helps us do anything you think of so follow in your footsteps not someone else’s. So be courageous and brave don’t listen to other people.


No Voice? Some day you might not speak No voice People might say something to you No voice You might say Hi how was school You don’t say a word You feel you have no voice

Never give up

Front Cover image by Josie Schestag

and never say goodbye. Back Cover image by Kate Bertrom It’s always there with you ...

They might say what’s wrong No voice You feel you have no voice She told you to shut up

You are

So you feel you have no voice

the one. Anyah Poullard

Second place, essay Camille Sherrill, Grade 3, Missoula International School Crystal The tall crystal walls are in the palm of your hand. You’re the enormous star flying by in the middle of nowhere you will find your true self. Never give up and never say goodbye. It’s always there with you ... You are the one.

PRESCHOOL-GRADE 2 First place, essay Ellis Walker-Keheler, Grade 2, Missoula International School If you can’t get there If you can’t get there, use all your power and smash through the walls of fear with your titanium soul, never hide, flow over the pits of treachery, tear through the pain, but never give up, no matter what you look like, stampede over hatred, keep your beliefs, no matter the consequence

Vivian Cummins

Leah Samuels

Alexander Lubaroff Kerrigan McHood

Run I Want a Place Run, run as fast as you can I want a place Where the land roams freely With anyone Everyone. I want a place where everyone will be treated Fairly I want a place where Society Will treat people that are different The same way they would treat their Friends And Family. I want that place I need that place We need that place.

Sarah Nelson Adami

faster than a cheetah. Don’t let anything stop you Even if it is the thing you most fear, because if you stop or choose a different path or turn back life will be a brick wall in your face. Don’t let any wall in life stop you. If you cant walk, crawl. Just keep moving even if you have to walk through a tunnel filled with man-eating bats, just keep moving in the adventure of life.

BELIEVE There is a wall that can block you but you can walk through it if you stand up for what you believe. Aidan Chapman.

Lucille Quackenbush Aaron Santa Cruz

Third place, essay Griffin Kinch, Grade 4, Rattlesnake The Forward March A flapping noise flutters forth after a pack of geese is flushed by a hunter, but that sound is nothing compared to the rustling sounds of signs on Independence Ave. The earth thumps as a black bear stumbles out of its den, but that amounts to nothing compared to the clattering of feet on Constitution Ave. Ants march over and under twigs, the crackling of leaves can be heard from far away, yet more thunderous is the mass of protesters pressing ahead through harsh spray of water to spread their word. A trickle of water from a mountain spring is barely noticeable, but still more quiet is awed hush of 250,000 people inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. to keep moving.

Joel Old Person

Audrey Kurtz The Spiral Staircase

Life is a spiral staircase heading to a new galaxy across the blue, glowing sea. Seas with almost extinct animals that have to keep moving for new life and survival to protect the ones they care for and live for. Step by step comes the new life you wait for and all becomes the new adventure that takes place.

Christian Size

Leanne Nordby

Josh Wade

GRADES 9-12 First place, essay Francis Beede, Grade 10, Hellgate Slow Movement But You’re Still Moving Outside it’s so cold The river starts to freeze at 32 degrees Making the water move so slow But y’all know, under a thick sheet of ice Water still moves through it, right? Think of this metaphor as human life The people at the top may be thick But what really matters is what happens under it The foundation is what controls the system Well we are the foundation So they best start to listen because What they’re missing is that we all hurt Let’s put our differences aside Then this plan might work Whatever color you are Whatever shade you may be

Megan White

Let’s keep the movement together Because all rivers meet in the sea

Second place, essay Brianna Daniels, Grade 10, Hellgate Whatever I Want They say you can be whatever you want when you’re a kid. And when I was little, I believed it. But as I grew up, I realized, I can be anything I want, If it’s socially acceptable; If it will get me money; If it’s the right thing to do. Not if it will make me happy. Because when I grow up, I want to be happy. I want the right to marry whoever I want, regardless of gender. I want to see more cases that don’t end in racism. I want the right to be me. And I believe that in the future, I will. So I will move. And I will keep moving, so that one day, I can be whatever I want.

Isabella Garrard

Second place, essay Brianna Daniels, Grade 10, Hellgate Whatever I Want They say you can be whatever you want when you’re a kid. And when I was little, I believed it. But as I grew up, I realized, I can be anything I want, If it’s socially acceptable; If it will get me money; If it’s the right thing to do. Not if it will make me happy. Because when I grow up, I want to be happy. I want the right to marry whoever I want, regardless of gender. I want to see more cases that don’t end in racism. I want the right to be me. And I believe that in the future, I will. So I will move. And I will keep moving, so that one day,

Gass I canHannah be whatever I want.

Third place, essay Spencer Chaffey-Haley, Grade 10, Hellgate Eyes Deceive Eyes deceive Hearts believe Men conquer and divide Black, white Hate, spite Only real in the mind’s eye Can you touch hate? No but I can taste it Salty, bitter A never ending river Tribute to war and death Dam the source Have remorse Build a bridge, forget Race isn’t real Would it not be surreal? Imagine People would be people And a certain dream He had Would be

Camryn Williams

Mikaela Field

Cara Phoenix-Price

“help” that is all I said, I felt like no one understood me and that I was a mess up and that I could never do anything right. Everything in my life was weird or “not cool” but when I said that one word and people came and comforted and now I fit in my own skin but I want you to know that it’s not about race, weight, looks, height, popularity or anything! Everyone makes their own mark in the world! Say the word and it will help!” “Help” - one word. Celeste Burchenal

Wren Filardi

Learning to Fly

I go to school I learn, I work I am not threatened, or in danger There are other girls who cannot go to school I am still young, I still have a ways to go But I am going to make a difference I want girls around the world to not be killed for wanting to know what 2 + 2 equals In third world countries, many girls are illiterate I want to teach them how to read and write And I will do it I will start small, then grow bigger I will start at a crawl, and then I’ll walk I will start to run And before I know it The wings of knowledge will help me fly

Hanna J Mikesell

Claire Bagnell

The Rules The Lava

Run for your life, and never look back.

The knights of water keep

Kick up the dust

fighting the dragon of death.

and scatter the birds. Knock down the walls, and see them shatter behind you.

The kings of lava keep flowing with magic powers.

Eat the porridge piping hot. Forget about the bears.

Liza Littig

The queen of the iris opens the petals of truth,

together in the castle of trees.

Emily Checota

Noah R.

This Day We marched straight to Washington to change how we were treated We walked We sang songs of our bravery for all to hear we had a voice. We joined together Forming bonds that would never break We came together. We dreamt about a day when all people would be treated equally We hoped. We won our freedom and peace all different peop won and segregation was gone We rejoiced. We live on today our rebellion helps more get rights all over the world We live on.

Annie Bretherton

Emily Checota

Mia Foster

Whitney Webber Carmen Cuerdo

The Jacket

I looked at it hanging quietly on the hook I stroked the rough leather, And the sheep fur inside, I remember the day I bought it, smooth and soft, Smelled new and when I put it on, I just knew it was for me. I had had my share of bad days, losing people, lost memories, but this jacket was there through every storm and lonely night, supporting me, keeping me warm and confident through all the blizzards and miles of walking, Through all the days where life was so loud I couldn't even hear myself think, catching each and every tear of a sad heart flashbacks, I thought, but now I lifted it off the hook and wrapped it around me. It smelled like peppermint and cigars, t was worn in and warm. I slipped into my boots And opened the creaky front door, This, I thought, Was another day.

Gabriella Stokstad

Lily I almost lost hope you know, I almost lost her. I remember her still in the twisted white bed. She stroked my hair because she did not have her own. There were bad days, when there was nothing but silence in the room. You could see the tear slip toward the floor, salt her mouth. I remember the bad days, when she gave up her friends, threatened to rip off the wires of her heart monitor. The bad days, when she couldn’t walk, could only listen for hours to the sound of crows haunting the turntable sky. There were good days when we sat and talked about boys or painted our chipped nails and laughed so hard that the taste of metal spit dripped from our lips I remember when she was going to be okay. That her hair would grow out, that she would see her friends, that she could walk as far as she wanted.

Georgia Littig

Saran J. Wolf

Shannyn Midboe Maxine Beard

Third place, essay Natasha Slotnick, Grade 8, Sussex Brave They took off running Footsteps pounding on pavement, tired soles and weary minds. Marching for our future. Trying to change the world one step at a time. A war against ourselves, Pushing the limits past the breaking point, they were freed.

They started us out flying from the aftershock of their braveness, but we slowed to a run, then a walk. Leisure at its finest, it’s up to us to turn our image around starting by what we can do, until we can fly again.

We celebrated the work of others, Taking every step for granted. We remain ignorant, as people’s lives turn inside out because of a grudge, or a bias stereotype. Every day people are taking advantage of the rights, they have, throwing things more hurtful then weapons, their words leave a trail of the ugliest scars. And yet, so few that feel alone or mistreated, ever reach our comfortable lives. So rarely do we even acknowledge the desolate past, which is making its way into our present and future.

Eden Maxwell

Sascha Laroche

Gavin Stancil

Murray Lane

Aila Gustina

Oryn K Smith

What I would say

If there was something I couldn’t do, I would say to myself, “I am never going to give up!” If there was somebody chasing me, I would say to them, “Please stop!” If there was someone doing what I didn't want them to I would say to them “I don’t like that, can you please stop?”

Tilly Smith Beyond the Darkness

You are the mighty Jack. Go ahead, where dangers are, there is also bright future. Don’t let darkness fill your future, do you want to do something? Then get that token. Don’t let the darkness take it. Don’t let the darkness lead you off your path to be the mighty thing that you want to be. Be as mighty as you can on your path to the end. Don’t let darkness get you before you reach the end. Darkness is very strong, but you are stronger.

Liev Huber

Susan Sirrs

Oliver Fetz Edmonds

Sebastian Yule

Atticus Bliss

Risk your problems. Risk your fierceness and your pain. Though things are hard, Never give up. If you hear the howling of wolves, Walk the other way. If there are bears around you, keep moving‌ slowly back away. When you can’t keep running, start walking. When you cant keep walking, start crawling, and if you cant keep crawling, just keep on moving!

Sophia Miller

Douglas Yoder

Kate House

Cody Strauch

Matteo Paiz

Second place, essay Solange Holman, Grade 6, Sussex A World Without Bullying Borders I had a dream. It was a dream about children at my school. A child came to school scared to fit in because they had not been treated well at another school. It was this child’s third school in seven years. Another child came to school with a limp and was hurt from all the teasing in their past. It was not their fault this child limped from a stroke at birth. The next child seemed to have trouble seeing. Other children in other schools called this child defective and four eyes. It was not their fault this child inherited an eye condition leaving their eyes seeing more shadows than others. The fourth child I met was in a wheelchair with weakened limbs. This child watched other children run and play. The fifth child was different in their school learning. This child learned fast and was seen by adults as not fitting in with the child named average. The sixth child had trouble hearing. This child only knew a life of cruel whispers they could not hear. Then the seventh child came along. I am the seventh child that lives within all of us. I am the child who has a dream of a world without bullying borders. I am the child who believes in a school without the boundaries of bullying. I am the child that dreams the world knows each child can be strong, diverse and accepted.

Paige Rain Sawyer


Martin Luther King

First place, essay Zoe Wilson, Grade 7, Sussex GRADES 3-5 River of Equality First place, essay We need to keep moving towards equality. We need to carry on the Sophie Lewis andWhile Clarkwe can drink from the dream that Beaton, Dr. King Grade started5, years ago. same water fountains, go to integrated schools, and have an African Don’t follow other people’s footsteps American president there is still a barrier, a river that runs between us. Don’t This divide found in our schools and across incomes. The work follow is other people’s footsteps begun during the Civil Rights Movement is only partly achieved.

Follow your dreams and go your own way Blacks, Hispanics and Native American youth have a 50 percent You don’t have to be or have looks chance of chance of graduating on rich, time smart and less than good a 40 percent graduating from college. This is 21 percent below the average of If you have a heart filled with imagination whites (61 percent). If this trend continues, as our population diversifies this becomes even more concerning. You can do anything Disadvantages in the academic world can haunt you forever. People Sure, I am different, so is everybody of color are twice as likely to work in the service sector, earning an

All of us have dreams in life and all of the dreams in the world take work to be accomplished. If others try and bring our confidence down, saying it will never happen, lets use that as a strength to push us harder and prove those people wrong. No matter what, follow and achieve the dreams you are drawn to, don’t let others be the ones to decide the person you’re going to be. We can’t do everything on our own; sometimes we need help from others. That does not at all mean that we aren’t capable of achieving our dreams, it just means we need a little bit of help getting there. The roads will get tough, and we will probably at one point say that this is too much, I cant handle this anymore, but trust in yourself, and say I can do this, because the result is going to blow our mind. It’s also going to make us feel so good inside. The point is, the things that we want to accomplish in life aren't walks in the park by any means. But if we set our minds to our goals, and if we tell ourselves, I can do this, then our goals will be accomplished and all it takes is self confidence, and perseverance. We are capable of so much, and if there is a single obstacle in our way, we shouldn't just quit, we need to move around it and conquer it and achieve our dreams.

average of $12 on an this hour.planet Equalcalled access to higher education would creWho stands Earth ate opportunities for higher paying jobs. Additionally, people in service Yourshould shoesearn mayabe glued to the ground sector living wage. But children untie your and you can do anything I want of laces all incomes and races to harness the power of knowledge. Addressing the root problems of poverty by raising wagThe only thing that keeps people together es, supporting programs that help single mothers and ensuring opportunities for higher Besides glue iseducation friendship,are theessential stickieststeps. glue We must keep moving. Dr. King said, “If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But by all means keep moving.” We must make sure our rivers connect us as we flow towards a common goal of equality.

Jace Lamey

GRADES 3-5 First place, essay Sophie Beaton, Grade 5, Lewis and Clark Don’t follow other people’s footsteps Don’t follow other people’s footsteps Follow your dreams and go your own way You don’t have to be rich, smart or have good looks If you have a heart filled with imagination You can do anything Sure, I am different, so is everybody Who stands on this planet called Earth Your shoes may be glued to the ground But untie your laces and you can do anything The only thing that keeps people together Besides glue is friendship, the stickiest glue

Lincoln Rodgers

Ameliorate Second place, essay Future is upon us

Raymond O’Connor, 2, Missoula International School Moving forwardGrade is a must Humanity will prosper.

How Powerful

Wilson Derry, Grade 2, Missoula International School

As Dr. King said Always Can You Get have a dream Dream of peace


I never give up,

No to violence Yes to acceptance I keep trying, You are the controller,

I sail across the ocean. I glide across the mighty mountains

like a lion crossing the Sahara. He decided

into the high skylines.

You decide Even when it We feelsdecide like lightning is hitting you,

I plow through the thick snow,

Decide to move it’s that powerful, To further Proceed your strength helps you move

my boots heavy and cold. Even while powerful tornados,

Never stay still Or stop moving cease.

musk-filled windstorms and

We don’t live long enough To stand by Stand by and idle

dusty hurricanes break through the ice blocks,

Life is more than living Living through the times Being a bystander

I still follow my dreams.

Act To create waves That spread Let the waves ripple Ripple and spread Make a difference.

Third place, essay

Will Hansen Steeton Wilsonoff

Second place, essay Raymond O’Connor, Grade 2, Missoula International School How Powerful Can You Get I never give up, I keep trying, like a lion crossing the Sahara. Even when it feels like lightning is hitting you, it’s that powerful, your strength helps you move

Will Hansen

Kylie Quick

Kayla Leonardini

Lilli Anderson

If it means so much to you, would you give up because it isn’t as easy as you wished? You always need to find a way and make it happen when reaching for a goal. Things in life don’t always come easy so you have to get them any way you possibly can. How you live life and what you do in it all consists of dreams big or small. Depending on what you do and who you are these can be difficult or easy but you have to be going to go achieve them. Everyone has a dream in their mind of what they want to do. Those who take the risk and try hard to get their goal seem to be the most happy and confident people. They were able to make their mark on this planet. What if Martin Luther Kinf quit after he was sent to prison and gave up on everything he wanted to change? Civil rights wouldn’t be the same as they are today. What if the Wright brothers stopped trying after a failed attempt to fly? You get the picture. Sometimes obsticles appear and you have to jump over them to get somewhere. All in all you just never should give up no matter the circumstance and no matter how hard. However hard or out of your ability it is, find a solution. That’s how you make a difference in the world, big or small. Find a way. Never give up.

What the quote means to me is that even if you are in a slump in life and you feel like there’s no escape from your treacherous life or if you are different from everybody else fro being a different color to being disabled and those people are hurting you making fun of you and are bringing you down to a state of sadness and problems causing you to run from them and not facing your problems but then you get tired of running and you don’t have enough will to walk so you crawl you crawl and crawl looking for a way out and you try to keep moving but all seems lost and hopeless, you start having dark thoughts, thoughts that keep getting stronger and darker. Soon those thoughts seem they are the only way out and you’re at a point where you just don’t care anymore and give up. but you find that one thing, that one thing that keeps you moving even if it means you have to crawl and have to listen about all the bad things about you all that matters is that you keep moving no matter what and you don’t care about what other people think of you but what you think of yourself.

Cooper Webster

Evan Smith

If I could fly, High above the wishes of the world right above the Earth so I could see the magnificent marble but look down and see all the places I loved most fly to the top of the Statue of Liberty without waiting in line I’d be gone. I cant fly, I can walk as far as my legs will take me to the edge of the land up to the water. The water will just stop before my toes, and I would walk back, I would keep moving until my feet didn’t work. I’ll crawl along the road, on my hands and knees, on top of the pavement until I stopped. Wings will grow from my back, carry me up, and keep me moving. Look up into the sky one day, The souls are flying, and one of them is me. I’m walking across the clouds, admiring the places I’ve been standing above the highest building I can find. As long as I keep moving. When I stop I’ll truly be dead.

Natasha Crepeau

Hanna Powell

MLK Zine 2014