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NCASP Board Welcomes Russ Rymer Russ joined the NCASP Board of Directors this fall as a vendor partner. He is the Vice President of Madison Insurance Group. Before joining MIG, Russ joined the US Marine Corps in 2000, then started working for Appalachian Underwriters in 2003. In 2005, as a Marine reservist, he went to Fallujah, Iraq, as an explosives/engineer expert asset to the 3rd Marine Division, 4th Marine Regiment. After leaving Iraq, in 2007 Russ moved into retail insurance sales with MIG.

Just as you’d choose a surgeon for surgery,

Choose mig- the specialistsWhy in staffing. Madison Insurance Group is a toptier insurance agency specializing in the protection of your staffing business from the risks that lie around every corner. At MIG, we understand the great feeling that comes from knowing that someone is watching out for your business. Workers’ Compensation featuring: Pay-As-You-Go Low/No Down Payments Competitive Rates Broad Class Appetite Multiple Exclusive Programs Russ Rymer 865-963-1224

800 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite C-104 Oak Ridge, TN 37830 865-425-7300 |

2 November/December 2011

Call us for your free, no obligation quote, and see for yourself if you’ve been overpaying. • • • • • • • •

Weekly or Monthly Reporting No Down Payment Fast Quote Turnaround ASO and Master Policies Expert Claims Staff All States Coverage Admitted and Rated Carriers Online Certification System

800 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite C-104 Oak Ridge, TN 37830 MADISON INSURANCE GROUP

865-425-7300 |

Mark your calendars now for the 2012 NCASP Carolina Conference, May 17-19, located in beautiful Wrightsville Beach, NC. The planning committee and

Sign up today in order to take advantage of the November Special of $299 for the first person of your group, then $199 for everyone else in your office!

members are excited to roll out a fun and engaging cast of speakers and training opportunities guaranteed to refresh, recharge, and revitalize your business for the coming year. We welcome your feedback and ideas as we begin to finalize next year’s conference agenda.

Call the Holiday Inn Resort to lock in your reservations, 910-256-2231. Please email Brandy Barrett, brandy@ncasp. com or Marc Cochran, marc@ncasp. com with questions, concerns, ideas and/or feedback. We look forward to seeing you at the beach!

NOVEMBER SPECIAL! $299 for 1st Registrant $199 for your co-workers

November/December 2011




Volume 10, Number 5 November/December 2011 Publishing Information PO Box 1810 Hickory, NC 28603

Editor in Chief | Carol Ashby Vendor Partner Relations | Mary Mallett Graphic Designer | Stacey Chacon Contributing Writers: Scott Love Sam Lawson Mary Mallett Mary Storms Brandy Barrett

Holiday Inn Resort, Wrightsville Beach NC Call now - 910-256-2231 - to reserve your room for the 2012 NCASP Annual Conference

IN THIS ISSUE Page 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vendor Spotlight – Russ Rymer Page 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President’s Message Page 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Membership News Page 9 . . . . . . . . . Recruiter Rabbit Closes Deal by Scott Love Page 10 . . . . . . . . Certification – Quality of a Good Recruiter Page 11 . . . . . . 2011 Conference Summary – Richard Wahlquist Page 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vendor Partner Index Page 13 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vendor Partners Make More Sales Page 14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Conference Speaker Introductions Page 15 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Conference Details Page 16 . . . . . . Seven Steps To Boost Confidence by Scott Love Page 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Regional Events – Mark Krajnik Page 18 . . Find Your Favorite Learning Technology by Mary Storms Page 20-21 . . . . . . . . . Leadership Spotlight on Brandy Barrett Page 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Upcoming Events Page 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Board of Directors 4 November/December 2011

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President | Scott Love Staffing Now is published five times per year. For subscription inquiries, click here. Archived issues are available online at Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.


Seek Face-Time Opportunities Recently I delivered a presentation on time management in the Charlotte area for NCASP. Living in Asheville, it was great for me to be in Charlotte to see old friends and make new ones. It reminded me of the time I was involved with the Arizona Association of Staffing and Search Professionals when I lived in Phoenix nine years ago. What was unusual about that state is that there is one very large city where most of the search firms and staffing agenciesare located, so it was easy for us to get together on a regular basis for monthly luncheons. North Carolina is more geographically diverse and dispersed. Although we are connected on Linkedin and

Facebook and the NCASP website, something is lacking without tangible and kinesthetic face-to-face interaction.

associations on a level for our industry for nearly eight years, and I have yet to hear from an attendee who regretted coming to an event.

You start to feel a kinship and a common bond when you’re around other people who do what you do all day long and you have a chance to get to know them. If I recruit lawyers and you recruit engineers, we still face the same objections and roadblocks, and we can help each other overcome our challenges.

There is always a positive outcome that occurs when you get involved in a group like NCASP. I’ll see you at the next event!

Consider signing up and attending the next time you see an advertisement promoting a luncheon, conference, or networking event for our association, I have been involved in state

All the best,

Scott T. Love Scott Love NCASP President, 828 225 7700 x 701

May 17-19, 2012 Wrightsville Beach, NC

November/December 2011




DID YOU KNOW THAT 46% U.S. CLIENTS HAVE ALSO WORKED WITH A STAFFING FIRM AS A JOB SEEKER? Turn your current candidates into future clients. Download the 2010 Opportunities in Staffing Guide to find out more about the link between candidate and client experience at

CONTACT CAREERBUILDER’S STAFFING & RECRUITING GROUP TO LEARN MORE. 1-800-960-5203 or • © 2010 CareerBuilder, LLC. All rights reserved.

Mary Mallett and Marc Cochran enjoy the 2011 NCASP conference at the NC beach.

6 November/December 2011

Michelle Coviello lights up with a smile during the 2011 NCASP conference.


NCASP Announces Membership Director James Kemper recently joined the NCASP Board and almost immediately assumed the responsibilities of Membership Director. He replaces Marc Cochran, who is the 2012 Conference Co-Chair. In November 2009, James joined W.H. Meanor & Associates, in Charlotte, as the Business Development Manager. He was promoted to company President January 2011. As NCASP Membership Director, James’ goals are to increase the organization’s positive profile and add value to

its members. He plans to do so by increasing NCASP’s visibility at area trade shows and conferences, and by organizing quarterly after-hour roundtable sessions. The goal of these meetings is to foster better overall attitudes and understanding and displaying real value and connections to NCASP members. You can contact James at, to find out more about NCASP and to share your ideas about increasing NCASP member value.

November/December 2011


Providing Staffing Insurance Programs for over 15 years. Property Workers Compensation Health Insurance

General Liability Third Party Fidelity Mini Med Health Benefits

Professional Bonds Life, Disability, Dental & LTC

1-800-849-8013 Scott Cooper and Spruill Alexander provide the knowledge and service that will help your staffing company understand why you need certain coverage and how to purchase the coverage at the most competitive rate. Make the call; you will be glad you did. Spruill Alexander ext. 204 Scott Cooper

Jillian Dodson is in charge of NCASP’s Certification program.

8 November/December 2011

Scott Cooper ext. 226

Web Site:

John Byrnes is President of the SC Association of Personnel and Staffing.


Recruiter Rabbit Closes a Deal by Scott Love, CPC, Great Recruiter Training Recruiting Rabbit closed a deal so happy that he did. He jumped for joy and rang the bell and promptly called his kid.

Recruiting Rabbit spent that night around their little table. He told them both exciting tales of happy recruiting fables.

“My son! I closed another one! I’m so happy I could squeal!” “That’s great, my dad,” his child replied, “But what again is a deal?”

Recruiting Rabbit hugged his son and hugged him oh so tight. Recruiting Rabbit told him that his words were such a delight. He said as he fell asleep that night, “You mean so much to me. Your tender words are very dear, Much more than a big huge fee.”

Recruiting Rabbit paused right then and realized that he’d never Explained exactly what he did All day, which seemed forever. It seemed so long to his dear boy All day away from dad. He’d never told him what he did How the placements made him glad. “My son,” he said, “let’s talk tonight over dinner with your mother. I’ll tell you just what father does to change the lives of others.”

“I hope that they will also find a new friendship with each other.” “I’m proud of you!” his little one said. I’m glad that you’re my father.”

“My friends will call me with a need, a position that I must fill. So I call some of my other friends and many others until...

Morning came and he woke up fast, awakened by a little bunny. “Daddy! Get up! Get on the phone! Go make us all some money!”

“I find a friend who seems to want to work at other places. So I get both my friends together and hope for happy faces!

Tricom has

accountability within the operation.

— Tom Barber, President, A&B Personnel Services

1-888-4-TRICOM (487-4266) front-end software WINFUNDS® payroll funding payroll processing invoicing receivables management monthly financial statements The secret is getting out. Hear & read more at Join us on

November/December 2011



A Quality of a Good Recruiter: CERTIFICATION! From Sam Lawson, Wallage

Recruiting is a job that requires a special talent and those seeking a position as a recruiter must have a distinct type of personality. Qualities of a good recruiter are similar to those found in a good leader: displaying honesty with superiors and subordinates, having a positive attitude regardless of presented circumstance, displaying fortitude and integrity and making others a priority. Possessing these attributes will help ordinary recruiters be extra-ordinary, rising above those who may be less enthusiastic and lack dedication to the profession. One of the most overlooked qualities of a good recruiter is having industry knowledge. This not only pertains to the administrative tasks involved with the recruiting process but also the technical knowledge required for various positions. Some of the best types of recruiters are former management professionals in a given industry. By having previous experience, industry-specific recruiters have a thorough knowledge of the educational requirements, personality traits and professional experience needed to fill each position. In addition, these types of recruiters are able to advise candidates regarding the position’s working conditions and possible career paths. A good recruiter is able to take previous industry knowledge one step further by keeping abreast of current industry changes including licensing requirements, recommended professional certifications and mandatory positionspecific educational and examining requirements. To assist all candidates, a good recruiter must also keep current with changing employment laws and the whole multitude of other state and federal legislation that impacts the workplace. This will require career orientated recruiters to undertake continuing  education regarding current employment and hiring trends in a specific industry as well as keeping informed with state and federal employment workplace standards.

Chris Kennedy Regional Sales Manager Toll Free: 800.882.2663 ext. 607 Main: 804.266.330 ext. 607 Direct: 804.627.0607 Mobile: 804.347.8163 Email:

10 November/December 2011

If you are interested in becoming an extra-ordinary recruiter, it’s time for you to study your industry from every feasible aspect and use this knowledge to stay ahead of the game at all times. From Sam Lawson’s blog RECRUITER INSIDER - Sam Lawson is an Australian based recruitment executive with a background in , executive & staff recruitment. Sam has a strong interest in recruitment methodologies, emerging technologies in the industry and recruitment industry developments in general.


2011 Conference Summary: Richard Wahlquist Discusses the Great Recession Richard Wahlquist, CEO of the American Staffing Association, began his session with a warm recognition to the NCASP and all the attendees in Wrightsville Beach. It was very apparent that there was a lot to be excited about and that staffing companies were leading a more broad recovery. Some key takeaways from Wahlquist on the Great Recession: • Congratulations to those who made it, we as an industry got rocked • 8 million jobs were lost, 1.14 million jobs lost in staffing • The industry lost 14 years of growth But things are coming back, and coming back strong: • 245,000 jobs have been created from June 2009 to now • 508,200 staffing jobs from June 2009 to now • Staffing is the leading indicator of employment growth • 20% growth since January 2010 in staffing Wahlquist left the group with the upcoming themes that staffing has a both a responsibility to be transparent with its clients and candidates, and also an opportunity to be the professionals that support the idea that “talent is replacing financial capital as the engine of economic prosperity”. He said further, there is a lot of talent out there so there are numerous opportunities to make a good first impression with people that might one day be in a staffing buyer role. And he reminded everyone that as technology plays a larger role in hiring, everyone looks good on the internet and companies need staffing professionals to find the talent that will make a difference and make an impact for their organizations.

Scott Cox, one of our loyal Vendor Partners, enjoying our event!

November/December 2011


Vendor Partner Index Madison Insurance Group (p. 2) Staffing Agency Insurance Solutions Russ Rymer 865-963-12224

Wells Fargo (p. 18) Liability & Workers Comp Insurance Scott Cox 704-556-2594

CareerBuilder (p. 6) Internet Career Site Natalia Vidmar (page 4) 800.960.5203

Global Cash Card (p. 19) Paycards George Mavrantzas 888-220-4477 cell: 904-993-0469

Talent Wise (p. 7) Hiring Process Management & Compliance Joe Doyle 919-359-2097 The Clement Companies (p. 8) Liability & Workers Comp Insurance Spruill Alexander 252-756-8300 x204 Tricom Funding (p. 9) Payroll Funding & Processing Julie Ann Blazei 262-509-6225 Bond Adapt (p. 10) Bond Adapt, specialist staffing software for leading recruitment companies Chris Kennedy 1-800-882-2663 804--266-3300 x 607 Mind Your Business (p. 11) Helping hiring managers make smarter decisions since 1996 Jeff Jones 828-698-9905 cell: 828 698 9908 Spilman, Thomas & Battle (p.15) Employment Legal Services Jeffrey Patton , ESQ 336-725-4476 Mez Media (p. 17) Digital Marketing Specialists | Web, Email & Video Jonathan Weiner 704-875-2891 Vantage Point Services (p. 18) Background Checks Sarah Price 800-792-4339 Lee Lloyd 919-818-0752

12 November/December 2011

Essential StafCARE (p. 24) “EssentialStaffCARE is a national employee benefits firm specializing in the development of voluntary, payroll deducted insurance products specifically designed for Staffing Industry employees.” John Walters 864-527-0474 (864) 569-8204

COATS Sql. (p. 19) Fully Integrated Staffing Software Karen Connor 800-481-5894 cell: 757-650-1566

US Funding, Inc. (p.13) Funding your tomorrow…Today. Accounts Receivable Financing Cecilia Kelly 336-812-9767 cell: 336-382-3295

Hirease (p. 20) Employment Screening Services - A Better Way to Better People Heidi Dent 910-693-1764 877-311-2423

Futura Card Services (p.13) “Replacing paper checks with the Futuracard has saved us time, money, & they have superior customer service.” Tom Poston 910-382-9181

Recuiter Eco (p. 20) The Social Community for HR, Staffing & Recruiting Intel Jim Shaki 828-329-4759

Riviera Finance (p.13) Factoring for Staffing Firms Barry Spencer 800-693-7157 704-510-0112 Cell 704-649-3691

Crestmark (p. 21) Factoring & Funding Tim Hutchinson 336.456.8080 RCS (p. 21) Risk Management & Loss Control Katy Hooper 800-807-7475 Teague, Campbell, Dennis & Gorham (p. 22) Legal Defense of Workers’ Compensation Claims Daniel Hayes 828-254-4515,

ASURINT (p.13) Background Checks Loree Barnard 407-440-8789 Cell 407-797-0630 EmInfo EMinfo provides information news features online for recruiting & staffing professionals. Pat Turner 314-560-2627

Top Echelon (p. 22) Recruiting Software Mark Demaree 330-455-1433 x172


Vendor Partners, Make More Sales in 2012! Mary Mallett, CPC, SearchPro

Our 2012 Spring Conference will be held back at the Holiday Inn Resort, Wrightsville Beach on May 17-19 and as you know, we have limited space for exhibits. Our Premium Sponsors will be showcased in the Pre-conference area and the Standard booths will be in the Tidewater Room. Please confirm with me as soon as possible that you will be joining us again in 2012 and at what level as the sponsorship/membership prices will remain the same for repeat Vendors. MARK YOUR CALENDARS for more fun in the sun! Our hope is that you will capture some new NCASP business from your sales and marketing efforts. We want you to get the most from your NCASP experience! Please call me with any questions and do keep me posted on your new contact information and logos. Feel free to submit informational articles for reprinting in our ezines.

Welcome to our newest Vendor Partner

The deadline for 2011 sponsorship pricing and reserving your 2012 space at the beach is November 18. Don’t delay‌ your competitors are calling me to secure an opening!

member, Russ Rymer, spotlight on page 2.

Mary Mallett, CPC, Co-Director of Vendor Partner Relations, 704-241-2996,

NCASP Vendor Partners PREMIER




November/December 2011





Annual Training Conference 2012 Speaker LIne-Up

Rob Mosley

Amy Munroe

Jeremy Sisemore


Rob Mosley is the Sr. Director of Training and Development for Next Level Recruiting Training. Rob comes to Next Level from MRINetwork™ Corporate in Philadelphia, PA, where he served as the Chief Learning Officer, responsible for all training and sales development of 1,100 offices worldwide. He is a licensed facilitator for Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Rob holds master certifications in

Consultative Selling, Performance Coaching, Advanced Sales Negotiation, Strategic Client Communication, and Major Account Planning & Strategy. Rob holds a BA (cum laude) and JD from Baylor University.

Amy Munroe, a Certified Staffing Professional, is an industry veteran with over twenty four years of experience in the staffing industry working with small independent staffing firms as well as large international services. Amy is the president of MTS, Inc and a partner in Staffing E-Trainer which is a web-based training offering for the staffing industry.

Amy’s mission is to help staffing companies provide greater value to their clients, decrease time to full productivity for internal staff, and improve employee retention and engagement. At MTS and Staffing E-Trainer, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative, engaging, and interactive education. We are an active member of the American Society of Training and Development, and the American Staffing Association.

Jeremy Sisemore has been one of the leading SAP Executive Recruiters throughout North America for the past 10 years. He started his career with MRI and was Rookie of the Year in 2000 and quickly became the go-to resource for SAP talent acquisition needs nationally. Jeremy billed millions of dollars in placement revenue over 6.5 years with MRI, received a CSAM

Certification and became known for public speaking on “best practices” within the recruiting industry. In his career, Jeremy has over $5 Million in personal production (billings) and has placed SAP talent at all levels up to VP/CIO with over 60 major Fortune 500 clients throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Tim Moore is the co-founder and CEO at CrushIQ and he provides strategic counsel, marketing guidance, and digital relationship best practices to several of CrushIQ’s top global accounts as well as maintaining CrushIQ’s strong partner relationships with the likes of Google and Facebook. Previously, Tim was with The New York Times Company in a digital business Tim Moore solutions leadership role, and prior to that November/December 2011

Conference Topics: Four Great Truths, Great Communication = Great Compensation, Best Practices that Drive Revenue, What Great Managers Really Do!

was the founder of numerous technology startups. Tim believes in transparency and thus invites all to keep in touch with on Google+, Twitter, or to call him directly on his mobile at 910-233-6228.

Publish Date: tba • Art Due Date: March 11, 2011 • Position: tba Publication: NCASP Newsletter • Media Contact: Mary Mallett / 207.794.6459 / STATUS: Approved digital signature March 11, 2011 12:02:07 PM EST



Client Service May 17-20, 2012 We are full speed ahead this fall as we continue to finalize the details of the May 17-20 2012 conference. The planning committee is thrilled to be switching things up this year with a new theme, vendor partners, exciting speakers, and fun for everyone . Here is a sample of what you may expect next spring! When? May 17-20, 2012


Business Model Operational

Where? Holiday Inn Resort, Wrightsville Beach, NC. Call now 910-256-2231 to reserve a room at last year’s prices: $154 for Harbor Side and $169 for Ocean View, plus tax and fees. Tell the hotel you get the NCASP discount.


Certification Opportunity Half-Day Immersion and Certification Exam (more details to come)


Team Spilman

Spectacular Speakers Rob Mosley, Tim Moore, Amy Munroe, Jeremy Sisemore Entertainment for Everyone Including our annual Beach Party and Volleyball Tournament Vendor Partner Receptiovn: Come meet each of our vendors during the Thursday evening cocktail party Fabulous Food and Drinks: Seafood feast and open bar both nights! And scrumptious food included each day of the conference.

Excellence. Value. Get There!
















Conference Registration? Sign up today in order to take

advantage of the November Special of $299 for the first person of your group, then $199 for everyone else in your office!

Questions? Contact Conference Co-Chairs, Marc Cochran,, 704-464-2192 and Brandy Barrett,, 919862-8602.

110 Oakwood Drive | Suite 500 Winston-Salem, NC 27103 1 . 8 7 7 . 7 7 7 . 2 7 4 1 | 3 3 6 . 7 2 5 . 4 4 7 6 fax w w w. s p i l m a n l a w. c o m

Responsible Attorney, Jill M. Benson

November/December 2011



Seven Steps To Boost Your Confidence by Scott Love, CPC, Great Recruiter Training

You need confidence when you deal with high level decisionmakers, strong candidates, and even stronger gatekeepers. If you don’t sound like you have it, they won’t even take your call. And if you do get through, they’ll think you’re an amateur.

reevaluate how confident you sound. If you sound confident, then you must be tenured. And if you’re tenured, you must be successful. Don’t worry about being a big biller. Just learn how to sound like one on the phone and people will respond to you as if you are one.

Have you ever heard a mousy recruiter on the phone? It’s so sad and sounds something like this: “I’m sorry to bother you, Joe, but you aren’t interested in exploring other opportunities, are you?” What’s even worse is that those recruiters who are doing this don’t even know they sound this way. They think they sound great and confident, but really they don’t.

3. Read as if your life depended on it.

Here are the seven steps to make confidence a core competency. This takes time and work, but anything worthwhile usually does. If you make minor changes in how you grow in your confidence, it will give you a greater return because most of the people who listen to you will really want to consider what you are saying. Enlist the help of your team. Have them evaluate recordings of you getting beat up over the phone. Have them listen to your calls and judge you in how confident you sound.

1. Recognize that confidence is a byproduct of achievement.

Look at the major achievements that you have scored so far this year. Once you start achieving success, you will achieve more success. Success always leads to more of it, so learn how to build on it. Once you have a great client call, make another great client call. Put off the urge to run around the office and tell everyone about the candidate that just accepted the offer. Wait an hour and make five more phone calls to your best clients during that time. Use that energy as leverage to help you achieve more success. Think back to the time you were a kid and mastered some sort of activity. Maybe it was gymnastics, soccer, baseball, playing an instrument, performing in a play. Remember how confident you felt when you hit the home run in little league or played your instrument in front of a large crowd? That’s how we grow in our confidence. We learn the lessons of achievement and build on them. In the search business, it’s the same way. We take our success and build on it.

2. Daydream about your success and act as if you have already achieved it.

When your clients sense that you are a successful recruiter, they respond to you that way. Tenure has never been a requisite for success in the business, and if you have had more than one person in the last six months ask you how long you’ve been in the business, then you need to

16 November/December 2011

Read books on motivation, success, and achievement. This is how real changes take place at the very depth of your soul. And when it starts there, on the inside, it usually manifests itself in expressions of confidence which positively draw people to you. Remember that this business is about relationships, but the most important one is the one that you have with yourself. Invest time in developing you.

4. Write down your own life core values.

Ask yourself this question: ‘If I had all the money in the world and all of my relationships were perfect, what’s left over?” When you seek to identify those core premises and values that govern all that you do, and when you take the time to write it down, you are embarking on an exciting voyage of self-discovery, which builds your confidence level. People can pick up on ‘phonies’ over the phone real quickly, so when you define who you are at the inner most depth of your being, you are building authentic character. This is the age of authenticity. Start declaring it and defining it and watch how much people are drawn to you.

5. Write your personal mission statement, the purpose of your life.

Ask yourself this question: ‘What is the purpose of my life?’ When we chart out the direction of where we are going, we usually increase our odds of getting there. When we can see the future and declare it as our purpose, people are drawn to us. Confidence is a byproduct of knowing who you are, and that’s where big billings start.

6. Keep a journal.

Document your victories and frustrations and all the feelings that go along with them. When you have a problem that you need to solve, write down the issue in your journal and you’ll usually come up with the answer.

7. Remember that success is a choice and it usually is harder than the status quo.

For the next thirty days, make a decision to work on the above seven steps and see how much more people are drawn to you. Copyright © 2005 Scott Love


Upcoming 2011 Regional Events

Mark Krajnik, CPC, Kelly Services

Thursday, November 10, 2011 @ 5:30 p.m.: Staffing After Dark Networking Event, Blackfinn, Charlotte November 17, 2011 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm NCASP Happy Hour in Raleigh Boylan Bridge Brewpub, Ralieigh Come join us next month at the Boylan Bridge Brewpub in downtown Raleigh for networking and socializing. Monster will be sponsoring the event to provide an opportunity for recruiting and staffing professionals to get together after hours in a fun and relaxing environment. In addition, NCASP will be extending the special price of $199 for the 2012 Spring Conference to all those who sign up this night. Members and Non-Members are welcome.The event is free to attend. Light food and drinks will be available. A quick reminder: If you would like a training or networking event in your area, please contact Mark Krajnik, CPC, NCASP Director of Regional Events, at or call 704-548-2500 x202

November/December 2011



Find Your Favorite Learning Technology By Mary Storms, CPC, STORMS Associates

TIRED OF WAITING FOR BACKGROUND CHECKS? Get fast turnarounds including instant NC statewide criminal searches that include all case details. Vantage Point uses NC AOC certified, up-to-date data, unlike many of our competitors.

I recently joined the local Brunswick County NC Toastmasters Club and gave my introductory “icebreaker” speech.   The speech highlighted some ways in which I had not changed in the last 40 years. One of those ways was that I love  reading and learning.  In middle school, I read tomes such as  Gone with the Wind and The Agony and the Ecstacy.  I still love a big, juicy novel.  Today, though, you’re as likely to find me reading nonfiction as fiction.    Science. Technology.  History.  Business. You name it, it’s probably on my bookshelf. 

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Providing staffing companies with flexible and cost effective insurance solutions By taking the time to understand your company, we can provide you with a level of insurance protection designed to mitigate your particular risks. Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. Scott L. Cox, CPCU, CIC Vice President 704-556-2594 © 2011 Wells Fargo Insurance Services. All rights reserved.

18 November/December 2011

Another change is that now I’m as likely to listen to a book as to read it. For years, sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer has advocated “automobile university” and I agree. I can listen and learn  while I’m driving, house-cleaning, walking, or doing almost anything that doesn’t require deep audio attention. Today’s technology offers many ways to self-educate. We can read or listen to books, watch PBS and the History Channel, attend a webinar, or take an online course. Four of my favorite current sources of self-education are:

1., with its series of downloadable audiobooks called the Modern Scholar,

2. The Teaching Company, with audio and DVD,

taught by some of the best teachers in the world.

3. Webinars, many of them free through trade

associations such as NCASP, NCASP vendor partners, and Human Capital Institute. Other excellent paid classes are provided by specialty training companies.

4. YouTube, with its how-to videos. Currently, I’m involved in a lengthy certification program

through Notre Dame. It’s a mix of old and new technology: a full-time professor, paper books, pre-taped online and DVD video classes, live and interactive webcasts, and actual negotiations with classmates. All this while sitting in my office or living room. It’s almost too good to be true. I still like to learn the old-fashioned way – local college classes, public speaking at face-to-face Toastmasters meetings, and other in-person training such as NCASP luncheons and next May’s conference at Wrightsville Beach. Having said that, the tools by which I learn have increased dramatically over the years. Options for free and paid training tools are almost limitless, and certainly some of them will fit into your busy schedule. So here’s my final point: You can keep your mental engines tuned up in numerous ways. Stay in the lead by finding something that works for you, whether it’s traditional or high tech learning. Mary Storms is a technology SALES recruiter at STORMS Associates and the NCASP Secretary. You can find more resources at, read and comment on recruiting and sales tips at Sales Hunter blog, or contact her directly at, 704-607-9118.

Jonathan Weiner congratulates Rita Bottoms at the 2011 NCASP conference

November/December 2011




Are they telling you everything? Because we will.

Brandy L. Barrett 919.862.8602

Employment & Educational Verifications. Reference Checks. DMV Checks. Criminal Backgrounds. Credit History. Drug Testing and Much More.

Toll Free 877-253-6330 or

What are your primary job responsibilities? I work directly with clients to understand requirements and business goals. With this information, I search for talented people within the areas of marketing, finance, sales, administration, and human resources.     Which aspects of your job get you revved up? The best days always end with an offer. I’m extremely goal oriented and motivated by results. Negotiating and issuing an offer is the culmination of hard work and tireless hours that have accompanied a challenging search. This is the fuel that pushes me forward.   What’s one of your favorite stories?   Shortly after joining GRI in September 2008, I interviewed a candidate that was laid off from her position after 14 years with the company. She was very discouraged. Convinced that she was no longer marketable to potential employers, she struggled to maintain any self-confidence . Over the last few years, I have placed her in a dozen contract positions, however, her goal has always been to land a long-term position. We have spent numerous hours working together to improve her interview techniques and professional skill-set through training and development. I have been there with her to celebrate success and experience failure. She opened my eyes to what we really do –  change lives. She accepted a fulltime position last week. Which aspects of your job would you outsource if you could?  Most anything administrative that keeps me away from the hunt.  

20 November/December 2011

What did you do before joining Greene Resources, and why did you leave that industry for recruiting/ staffing?  Directly following graduation, I returned to my hometown of Pinehurst, NC. I quickly joined the sales team at Pinehurst Resort. Learning the ropes by selling (and playing) golf doesn’t seem to be that hard of a gig, however, I was able to develop strong sales techniques that I would later put to good use. I have also worked at Pine Needles Golf Resort in a similar role. Having an interest in relocating to the Triangle, I learned of an opening with Northwestern Mutual. With zero recruiting knowledge or experience, I was able to leverage my abilities as a sales person to win me the job. I was responsible for hiring Financial Representatives for the Chapel Hill regional office, a tall order for a rookie Recruiter. I was later attracted to Greene Resources because of their reputation in the industry and the opportunity to spread my wings into other areas outside of financial services. I celebrated my three year anniversary last month! How did your pre-staffing life help prepare you for your  current career?  In my opinion, recruiting is part skill and part intuition. I probably should have known that I would fall into a recruiting career after I matched two of my best friends with their now husbands. Matchmakers make the best Recruiters, right? I think my success as a sales person, goal-orientation and love of people have helped prepare me.

Your client suddenly needs more players on the field. They’ll expect wages.

We understand the back-and-forth, roundand-around challenges of the staffing industry, and can provide the financial support you need to help manage growth, take advantage of opportunities, or even to make payroll. Some of our offerings: • Asset-based lines of credit • Payroll funding • Traditional factoring • Front- and back-office solutions • Workers’ comp insurance/financing

Crestmark provides working capital solutions to small- to mid-sized businesses nationwide. Call me today!

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thutchinson @ Greensboro, North Carolina

Has your NCASP membership benefited you thus far? Absolutely! In less than a year, I have earned the CTS and CPC, was exposed to phenomenal training opportunities, and through networking with members I feel I am developing strong referral sources. Lastly, as a member of the , I enjoy working as a team to further grow our organization. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such a talented group of professionals that I consider great friends.   Anything else you’d like to add?  I am very excited to help plan and execute the 2012 NCASP conference. We have a fantastic line up of speakers this year, to include last year’s hit, Rob Mosely. I encourage all of our members to sign up now to take advantage of the Fall special. I look forward to meeting everyone next year!

November/December 2011



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“Essential StaffCARE is a fabulous retention tool.”

“With Essential StaffCARE, we are ahead of the health care reform curve. The Essential StaffCARE team’s experience has helped guide us through health care reform confusion.” Kara Bertoncino, CSP | VP Operations | Quality Staffing Specialists Essential StaffCARE makes it easy to offer a selection of affordable benefits including health insurance, prescription drugs, dental, short-term disability and term life coverage to your temporary employees. You can also count on us to answer your questions as health care reform changes.



t Improve Employee

t Coverage for Doctors’

Recruitment and Retention

t Easy to Implement

To learn more about how Essential StaffCARE can help your business, call today!

and Administer

t No Cost to Employer

t Flexibility in

Office Visits

t Prescription Drug Coverage

t Hospital Coverage t Coverage Available for Dental, Vision, Life and Short-Term Disability

Plan Design

John Walters | 864.527.0474 | Health insurance and benefits for the temporary employment industry. Essential StaffCARE is a limited benefit health insurance plan underwritten by BCS Insurance Company Oakbrook Terrace, Il and BCS Life Insurance Company, Oakbrook Terrace, Il. Administered by Planned Administrators Inc. (PAI), Columbia, S.C.

24 November/December 2011

Staffing Now - Nov/Dec 2011  
Staffing Now - Nov/Dec 2011  

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