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Vol. 14, Num. 5 May/June 2014

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From the President Thank you. Two words, and they couldn’t possible say enough. The opportunity to serve as NCASP’s President over the last 2 years has been such a great privilege. A big thank you to all our Board of Directors for the time and energy over the last two years. You are such a strong group, and there is no secret why NCASP has had such a consistently vibrant history. I have learned a tremendous amount from each of you, and want you to know that your contributions are valuable at every level. And a special thank you to Mary Mallett, for continuing to set the standard. I am excited to introduce Wendy Ward as the incoming NCASP President. Her leadership of her own company, Catawba Valley Staffing, and her experience with our Board will make her a great leader. Her passion and ability to relate well will inspire us all to continue to grow our industry here in North Carolina. I have appreciated the ability to work alongside her with NCASP, and that I’ve gotten to know her better as a person along the way. I am confident she will be able to take NCASP to new heights. And to our valued Members, I say thank you for your trust and the ability to represent you. I have taken that responsibility seriously from the first day and hope that I have lived up to your expectations. I leave knowing there is still work to do, and that I will continue to support our goals in any way possible. In the beginning, my two focuses were Education and Outreach, and we have experienced great success in those areas thanks to the men and women that worked to drive that vision. Thank you again for everything! Marc Cochran, CSP President NCASP Education. Outreach.

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Volume 14, Number 5 May/June 2014 Publishing Information PO Box 1810 Hickory, NC 28603 Wendy Ward, CPC President Elect Editor in Chief | Rita Bottoms Vendor Relations | Mary Mallett, CPC Graphic Designer | Stacey Chacon Contributing Writers: Amy Bingham Rita Bottoms Jenna Campbell Marc Cochran Jillian Dodson Rick Ferretti Debbie Fledderjohan Laura Hamilton Janee Hill Mary Mallett Rob Mosley Jonathan Weiner Jill White Published by

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Q&A Inter view by Mar y Mallett, CPC with Jonathan Weiner, CPC

Q&A With Jonathan Weiner, CPC Producer of Real World Staffing Where did you get this idea for a staffing documentary? I was flying to the 2012 NAPS conference with my business partner Jim and I was reflecting on the success we’ve had in the industry filming and working with top organizations all across North America. I was determined to do three things. First, I needed to give back to the industry that has served us so well from a career standpoint as well as financially. Secondly, I wanted to try and see if we could do it. There is a big difference between shooting a corporate 90-second commercial spot to filming and producing an entire film. And lastly, I wanted to tell a real story with a real person who possesses real credentials. Why did you entitle it “Real World Staffing”? We wanted to focus on the fact that it’s real. There was no script. No made up drama. No fluff. Just a couple of cameras and a staffing firm. Why did you choose Jen Lambert and her firm for this first film documentary? From a handful of staffing/recruiting professionals that we respect, we chose Jen because we wanted to work with someone we knew. We chose someone that had a real resume with documented success and someone who was known in the industry who was relatable. What is happening out there in our industry today that you dislike? From a branding standpoint, anyone with a website and fake social media accounts (when I say fake, I mean completely fabricated in the sense of his/her following) is able to call themselves an expert or a pro. I think before you call yourself that, it would be better if others that have hired and paid you have done that first. Since I assume your goal is to add credibility to our profession, how do you feel you have done that during your tenure in the last decade? Well,

from a brand standpoint and as as a video professional, most people know that I’ve been a successful executive recruiter first. Then they know that I’ve led the North Carolina Association of Staffing Professionals to several banner years and awards. After that, some people have hired me and heard me speak/train at their events across the country. And finally, they know our work is reputable as we are endorsed by industry greats such as Danny Cahill. What is different about your film from others who have tried to do something similar? We actually film and produce our own work, except for hiring a camera operator on the documentary film. We own all of our own equipment. We manage and direct the shoots and produce it to completion in post. What are your marketing plans for getting this out in front of folks who need to see it? We are interested in real stats first and foremost so we have opened up reputable channels with NAPS, ASA, SIA, Staffing Talk and others. Some groups have published articles on the film already and others are getting ready to do so. Have your social media attempts been successful in getting folks to watch it and comment on it? Absolutely, when others share it and follow it, they do the marketing for you. I want to emphasize the word ‘Share’ as that has been our approach to this project. We are not slamming it down the throats of strangers. Each post is unique and full of integrity first, since that’s the backbone of our company. Where have you shown it in front of an audience? We debuted it our own Mez Media event in front of about 100 people in February. What are you plans for the next showing in front of an audience? We are also going to show it to a similar

group size at the NCASP 2014 Show in May. How is it being received so far? Several people have been emailing me, calling me directly and private messaging me. They have conveyed that they thought it was very well done. It is a clear, concise portrayal of a staffing executive. What do you hope to accomplish from this endeavor? I want to shed an honest portrayal of the business, educate the viewers on the impact we have on the employment marketplace overall and finally, share with the recruiting/staffing profession that Mez Media is in fact the #1 hired firm for Video Production needs across North America. How did you get sponsors to believe in your passion project in order to support your cause? They believed in the quality of our work, the concept and the impact it would have on hiring managers, candidates, and companies. They also thought that because of the way we operate, they wouldn’t want any other company telling this story. What is the mission of Mez Media? To create custom creative digital marketing solutions for the Recruiting, Staffing, HR, RPO and Talent Acquisition professions. What other interesting projects do you have on the drawing board? Right now, we have about 3-4 major filming assignments coming up this Spring, however we have a brand new revolutionary piece of equipment about to arrive which will be a game changer in video production especially in our profession. May/June 2014


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Alan Gilbert

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Alan Gilbert

Award Winning Leaders in the Insurance Industry |

Business Development Executive (864) 527-7936

May/June 2014


Speaker Feature By Amy Bingham, Bingham Consulting Professionals, LLC

Is Yours a Culture of “Everybody Sells?” What is it about companies that just seem to get it right year after year? Those that sit at the top of the mountain of their industries consistently beating analysts expectations, increasing shareholder value, and leaving their competition in the dust year after year. You’ve probably heard the famous story about Nordstrom taking back a tire to please a customer who insisted it was purchased there (and in case you haven’t, the retailer doesn’t sell tires). You may have admired Southwest airlines for making air travel fun, Disney for the magic it creates for guests, and McDonalds for the relentless attention to operational excellence that means no matter if you order a Big Mac in Portland, Austin, Toledo or in any of the 119 countries it operates in, you know what you’ll be getting. What is it that makes these companies so great? Some say it’s the quality of product or service, others credit innovation, and still others boil it down to simply superior customer service. While they’re all contributing factors, I believe those things are the outcomes of a cultural mindset the firm has institutionalized throughout the organization that prioritizes growth. I call it the “Everybody Sells” mentality. So what does “everybody sells” mean in the recruiting and staffing industry? It can be characterized as a culture of high performance. When I walk into a firm that embodies the Everybody Sells culture, I get the immediate sense that everyone in the organization understands they have a direct or an indirect role in ensuring the company grows. That means from the front desk receptionist to the sales and recruiting teams to the managers, executives and owners of the firm, it is clear to me that production is the top priority. Every employee in these firms

6 May/June 2014

understands that without a job order and a candidate to fill it, the business fails. And everyone likes it that way. In my consulting practice over the years working with staffing firms of all sizes and disciplines, I’ve identified 8 commonalities of the Everybody Sells culture. Here are the characteristics I believe separate the best from the rest, as evidenced by their revenue, margin, and profitability growth as well as a team of all-star players that perform year after year, grow their careers, and stay with the firm. 1. An aura of energy. Employees are highly engaged, and outsiders feel it from the first contact with the firm. The staff conveys enthusiasm and passion in every interaction with internal and external stakeholders. 2. The customer comes first (really). This isn’t just lip-service for high performing staffing firms; they understand that service sells. Customers trust them to deliver, and they’re rewarded by an extraordinarily high client retention rate year after year. They’re so good at what they do that their customers can’t be convinced to leave them. 3. Curiosity persists. The staff is intrigued and motivated by questions that other firms don’t even ask. Their collective goal is to always ask themselves, “As good as we are today at what we do, what can we do that’s even better?” 4. Every situation is viewed through a sales lens. The team is always on the lookout for ways to improve the customer and candidate experience. They understand that continuous process improvement drives customer and candidate satisfaction, which in turn drives sales growth.

5. Offering to be of additional assistance is the norm. The staff truly consults with their customers and candidates to open up new possibilities to be of service that their stakeholders may not have even considered possible. 6. A “can-do” language is institutionalized throughout the firm. The team’s strong commitment to the organization’s success is evident in the way they speak to one another. They speak respectfully to one another while at the same time challenging the status quo. 7. There are soft boundaries between roles. In consistently highperforming companies, while roles are clearly defined, there is no such thing as “that’s not my job.” Everyone understands the need to step outside their traditional job description when it’s in the best interest of the organization’s growth. And they do so with a smile. 8. Accountability is a given. From the top down, everyone in the firm has high performance expectations of themselves. They hold themselves and each other accountable for those high expectations, and everyone likes it that way. When you read this list, can you confidently say, “Yes, that’s us” to each? If you can’t – and if your firm isn’t meeting its growth objectives – are you crystal clear what is required to become an Everybody Sells culture? If not, engage an outside expert to assess your culture with fresh eyes, help you identify where effort is needed, and put an execution plan together. Finally, recognize that creating lasting change is an evolution not a revolution. You’ll get there, and as you create improvements the results will follow!

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World Wide Specialty Programs, Inc. · World Wide New York Insurance Services, Inc. - CA, NH, TX

631-390-0900 · 800-245-9653 · fax 631-390-0922 ·

May/June 2014


Speaker Feature By Laura Hamilton, Laura Hamilton Seminars, Inc.

Negativity: A Disease that Seeps into Our Lives Is it just me or have you noticed that people seem to enjoy being negative these days? I do not know if this comes for having access to news 24-7 or if there is an extreme need to be on top of things, or the economy or what, but negativity is everywhere. Negative people have a myriad of reasons for their unhappiness, discontent, and need to whine. Their stories sound rehearsed and you realize you are not the first person to hear this particular story. Negativity slowly infiltrates people forcing them into the habit of being stagnant and inflexible. Often negative people simply make us feel uncomfortable being around them. It is difficult to wallow in someone’s stagnant state of mind for a prolonged time. Soon we find excuses not to be in their paths of activity. Why, some people I know make me want to take a shower as soon as they leave my presence. Seriously! In this fast paced world of stress and uncertainty, there are always uneasy feelings that make one feel apprehensive. Anyone can get discouraged to continue on. One can even begin to question nearly everything. But, negativity starts from one’s reaction to things in their world. It is a disease of the heart, soul and mind and it sneaks up on us without warning. Our natural tendency is to blame the world and the people in it. But, could the negativity issue be you? Here are two areas where negativity can be oozing into our lives without warning. First, people tell me they are always behind schedule. In my Time Management seminars, I address the fact that 25 percent of our day is literally beyond our control with a crisis here, an emergency there, here an employee, there a client, everywhere interruptions – EIEIO! Interruptions are important parts of the job. But does

8 May/June 2014

your list of things to do include the time needed to address interruptions? If not you are behind schedule. Second, people tell me technology is the best invention for time management. I believe technology has added to our daily chaos. Why? Because we allow ourselves to be constantly interrupted with texts, emails, selfies, downloads - the list goes on and on. Once we have allowed one interruption, it takes time to regroup thoughts as to what we were doing before the interruption. Allow 172 interruptions and we never fully recover our time. Now, who is allowing the constant interruptions? Uh, that would be you. There could be other seeping symptoms of negativity in your life. Answer these statements true or false: • I cannot remember a time of serenity in the past three months. • It is difficult to recall the last time I had fun. • It has been some time since I was sincerely happy. • I see minimal hope to my future. • I have little curiosity about anything new. • I wish I had the energy to feel or show love. • I have recently shown little appreciation nor gratefulness for the things I have. There statements reflect the desired forms of positivity in your world: serenity, fun, happiness, hope, curiosity, love, and gratitude. If you answered ‘true’ to the majority of these statements, a good dose of positivity is just for you. When we live in a positive state of mind, negativity cannot flourish.

In Barbara L. Fredrickson’s book, Positivity she shares the characteristics of flourishing positive people: • Ripe with positivity • Remarkable resilience • Satisfaction with life • Function at extraordinary high levels psychologically, socially, physically • Remain highly engaged family, work, communities


• Driven by a sense of purpose • Do something valuable each day • Represent the best possible future

“Discover ways to eliminate negativity in your world and move toward positivity with renewed strength.” ~ Laura Hamilton, CSP Laura Hamilton will be a featured speaker at the NCASP Conference. She is President of her own speaking, training, and consulting business. Since 1984, Laura Hamilton Seminars, Inc has been conducting seminars, workshops, and keynotes in the area of communication skills and women’s issues. She numbers among her clients, Dell, Chevrolet, GMC Truck, The Home Depot and numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. A graduate of the UNC-Greensboro, Laura is an active member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the board of the Carolinas Speakers Association. She has received the coveted, CSP, Certified Speaking Professional designation, which has been awarded to fewer than 500 professional speakers in the United States.

THENEWDO’S&DON’TSOFRECRUITMENT LESSONSFROMTHE OPPORTUNITIESINSTAFFINGSTUDY It’s frustrating but true: 1 in 10 job candidates still falsely believe staffing firms charge candidates to place them. It’s unfortunate that such misconceptions still exist, but what’s a staffing firm to do? Actually, thanks to insight drawn from the recent 2013 Opportunities in Staffing Study, staffing firms can employ the following Do’s and Don’ts for changing client and candidate misconceptions – and providing the ultimate staffing firm experience.


Results from this year’s study indicate that many candidates still have misconceptions about staffing firms. Regularly communicating the benefits of working with your staffing firm, however, can help change the misconceptions. Even if you feel like a broken record, it’s a message that is worth repeating, especially if you want perceptions to change.


Slow response time – or a lack of responsiveness altogether – are among clients’ and candidates’ top complaints about staffing firms. If you do not already have a quality control process in place, create one, and make sure you stick to it. A quality control process is only effective if you actually use it.

DOLETTHEQUALITYOFYOURWORKSPEAKFORITSELF  Personal referrals from people they know are what candidates and clients look to most when deciding whether or not to work with a staffing firm. You can’t control what others say about you, but, as Don Draper would say, if you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation. In other words, if you want clients and candidates to speak well of you, give them an experience that will make them.

See page 32 for the full Conference Agenda!


Coaching Connection - Compensation - Client Call - Search Solutions - Thursday & Friday Sessions Rob Mosley will be our two day featured speaker for our 2014 Annual Conference Training and we could not be more excited about what he has to offer! Rob is the Sr. Director of Training and Development for Next Level Recruiting Training. Rob comes to Next Level from MRINetwork™ Corporate in Philadelphia, PA, where he served as the Chief Learning Officer, responsible for all training and sales development of 1,100 offices worldwide. He is a licensed facilitator for Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Rob will present training on Performance Management, Standard Sales Skills, Self-Assessment and a three step coaching process for Owners/Managers.

Amy Bingham:

Control the Chaos, World of Work is Changing - Friday Afternoon Breakouts Bingham Consulting Professionals is an organization dedicated to helping the staffing industry optimize sales effectiveness. Managing Partner Amy Bingham brings 20 years of staffing industry sales leadership expertise to the firm with a concentration in strategic growth planning, strategy execution, performance coaching, training facilitation, and keynote speaking. One of seven elite performers among hundreds of staffing executives recognized by a national firm for achieving exceptional results over time, Amy attributes much of her success to her ability to produce results through others. It is this competency honed through years of industry experience that her consulting clients value most. BCP works with staffing organizations of all sizes and disciplines in both the for-profit and alternative staffing space.

Dan Campbell, CSP

The State of the Staffing Industry - Thursday Afternoon Staffing executive and chairman of the American Staffing Association, Dan Campbell, CSP will present his vision of the industry’s short and long term future. He will share his companies’ plans and strategies on various topics including the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Dan Campbell, CSP is the 2014 chairman of the American Staffing Association and is chief executive officer of Hire Dynamics. Headquartered in Atlanta, Hire Dynamics provides commercial staffing services with eight offices and 16 on-sites, primarily in the Southeast. Before joining Hire Dynamics, Campbell was chief executive officer of a Los Angeles-based staffing company. Previously, he was director of business planning for AHL Services and an investment banker for Price Waterhouse. Campbell is past president of the Georgia Staffing Association, an ASA affiliated chapter. This session qualifies for 1.0 continuing education hour toward ASA certification renewal.

10 May/June 2014


Legal Matters - Saturday Breakfast

See page 32 for the full Conference Agenda!

Jill White is an experienced labor and employment litigator who represents employers in a wide range of labor and employment matters, including wage and hour claims; leave of absence issues; discrimination; trade secrets and employee non-compete cases, and whistleblower retaliation claims. Jill represents employers at both the trial level and appellate level before federal and state courts. Jill has been working with clients in the staffing and recruiting industry for several years and is well acquainted with the unique legal issues presented in this industry. Business North Carolina magazine recently named Jill White among North Carolina’s 2013 Legal Elite for labor & employment law – an annual listing of the state’s top lawyers. Jill practices law in Greensboro, North Carolina, at the law firm of Womble Carlyle. This workshop qualifies for 2.5 legal CE hours toward your CSP, TSC, or CSC credential through the American Staffing Association.

Jonathan Katz:

Back to Basics: New Twists on Traditional Recruiting Practices - Friday Noon Luncheon Jonathan Katz is a Sales Director in CareerBuilder’s Staffing and Recruiting Group. He leads a team of Senior Account Executives and Sales Managers in providing effective recruiting solutions to small-to-mid size staffing and recruiting firms throughout the United States. Under Katz’s leadership, his teams have grown by focusing on understanding customer needs and providing innovative and forward-looking solutions. Katz joined CareerBuilder as a Major Account Executive in 2006 and was quickly promoted to a Sales Leader and then Sales Director within the Staffing and Recruiting Group. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and worked within the staffing industry, first as an IT recruiter and then at Yahoo! HotJobs.

Laura Hamilton:

Wake up to Success - Friday Morning Keynote Laura Hamilton is President of her own speaking, training, and consulting business. Since 1984, Laura Hamilton Seminars, Inc has been conducting seminars, workshops, and keynotes in the area of communication skills and women’s issues. She numbers among her clients, Dell, Chevrolet, GMC Truck, The Home Depot and hundreds of community colleges and numerous non-profit organizations throughout the United States. A graduate of the UNC-G, Laura is an active member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the board of the Carolinas Speakers Association. She has received the coveted, CSP, Certified Speaking Professional designation, which has been awarded to fewer than 500 professional speakers in the United States.

May/June 2014


Speaker Feature By Rob Mosley, Next Level Exchange

Four Strategies for Developing Healthy Client Relationships

The following article is derived in part from the thinking of Randall Murphy and the Acclivus Corporation and their curriculum entitled R3 Negotiations customized specifically for the search and staffing industry. This program is offered in a partnership with Next Level Exchange. As an industry, we have done a great job of teaching our clients how to treat us poorly. We have come to accept client demands and tactics as “business as usual” and the end result is that our industry becomes commoditized. How prospects or clients see your relationship with them will determine how they treat you in the search process. How they see you will determine how they will negotiate around your fees and your search process. Use the right strategies and you’ll negotiate from strength and maintain your value proposition. Here are four key strategies that will better influence your prospects and your clients, ensure that you differentiate with your approach and not your price, and make you more successful in your negotiations. 1. Share Insight with Clients (Information beyond the Obvious) What’s my favorite subject? My favorite subject is me! And that is true for our prospects and clients as well. Too many tenured recruiters open a conversation on the phone, by voicemail, or in person with a deep recitation of their professional experience and their organization’s capabilities. Very rarely will they ever mention anything of interest about the client, the client’s role or position, or even the organization or industry. The opening conversation should not be about you. Every call should open with some kind of great insight that you share about the client, the client’s organization, or their industry. This is a great way to demonstrate market mastery early in the conversation. Be better prepared. Gain insight by asking

12 May/June 2014

better qualifying questions. If you take the time to be more interested in your clients, you will be much more interesting to them. Insight is the foundation upon which the successful business relationship is built. It is much more than just information; it is the ability to see beyond the obvious. If you share insight early, it begins the process of developing legitimacy and trust, and there is nothing more powerful against a tactical and demanding client than legitimacy and trust. Sharing insight will drive more trust into the conversation and reduce the client’s anxiety about working with you. 2. Develop 3x3 Insight (Secure multiple relationships within the organization) This second strategy is called 3x3 Insight, which refers to your ideally having three different relationships at each of the three levels of the organization. Imagine a pyramid divided into three levels: the top is the executive level, the middle is the management level, and the bottom is the individual project level. Develop real relationships at each of these levels is key to keeping a firm footing inside an organization. Insight allows you to make good decisions and be more strategic with your time. While there is tremendous power and legitimacy in having relationships at both the human resources and executive levels, don’t count out other individual relationships that can provide you with the organizational insight. No one in an organization has perfect information, but some have better information than others. Once you have information, you can process its implications into insight. Remember

from the first strategy, the interested you are in your clients—the more you know about them and can convey that insight—the more interesting you are to them. You may be thinking, “I’m too busy to do this.” Actually, gaining insight is an important time saver. 3. Recognize Client Tactics (Neutralize the tactic, not your client) Prospects and clients can get very tactical, especially in challenging economic times. Tactics are often used to influence your perception of your negotiating position. Because we are sensitive to client acceptance, we tend to take at face value statements that might indicate a lack of acceptance. So when the client says, “Your fees are too high,” we may immediately interpret that to mean that we need to lower our fees. But “Your fees are too high” may simply be a tactic from Negotiating 101. It’s simple to use and usually gets good results. When you recognize a tactic as a tactic, its effectiveness is greatly reduced. It’s a bit like when you were a kid and thought there was a monster in the closet, until your mom got your flashlight, shined it into the closet, and you saw for yourself that there was nothing to be afraid of. When you see tactics for what they are—tactics— they are not so scary. It is important to understand that your clients may not regard their behavior as tactical. Not all tactics are well planned or elements of some sort of larger strategy. Your clients may not regard their behavior as tactical. They may not even recognize that they are using tactics. They may simply be making an effort to protect their own interests or meet their own needs by acting out

...continued from page 12 of instinct or intuition. Recognizing it for what it is—a tactic—diminishes its effect. 4. Meet a client demand or request with counter demand or request. A relationship built on concessions will never be a true partnership. Clients may call on price, but they buy on value or perceived value. If all you do is give things away, what’s your value? Easily won concessions on your part are rarely valued and almost always result in additional demands. A client demand or request should always be balanced

with an equal and appropriate counter demand or request. Conceding at the wrong time in a relationship for the wrong reason can actually do more harm than good. If you fail to differentiate yourself in your process, you will end up have to differentiate in your price. The client must perceive value in your search process. Clients who perceive great value will be more willing to pay a great price for the service. Clients who perceive little value in will leave you the victim of a tough negotiation.

all of the action items on your end, ask yourself why. Everything we do as recruiters should drive some type of investment or commitment from the client. If not, why is the relevancy of what we’re doing? For more information on R3 Negotiations and our new web based workshop series, contact Rob Mosley at Next Level Exchange: rob@

If you finish a client conversation with

May/June 2014


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Scott Cooper ext. 226

Web Site:

Leadership Spotlight By Rita Bottoms, The Resource

Rick Ferretti

Managing Director at Ascendo Resources since November 2013 What are your primary job responsibilities? Manage the Charlotte practice from recruiting to sales to account management. In which industries and functions do you specialize? We specialize in Accounting and Finance, IT, Human Resources as well as Admin/Clerical. Ascendo Resources offers Direct Placement, Temporary Staffing as well as Retained Search. Our primary focus is the Greater Charlotte market while servicing all industries. Which aspects of your job get you revved up? My true passion is full desk recruiting with a heavy emphasis on sales and account management. I love establishing new relationships with our local clients in the market. The most exciting part about our industry is the ability to connect our clients with the top talent in the market. There’s nothing more fulfilling than gainfully employing your candidate and putting them to work.

What’s one of your favorite recruiting/staffing stories? I facilitated on site interviews for my client where they would interview 5 candidates in a row. The second candidate finished her interview, left the office and hit a parked car in the parking lot. She proceeded to drive off, although the security guard witnessed the accident and informed me immediately. Needless to say, she agreed to come back in order to avoid being charged with hit and run. Most importantly, she did not get the job! Which aspects of your job would you outsource if you could? I would outsource the payroll and back office functionality if I could. Client and candidate interfacing is my passion. Tell me about your professional life before joining your current company. Prior to joining the staffing industry I worked for Wachovia Securities as a brokerage trader while licensed on the Securities Exchange Commission.

Shortly after that, I transitioned to a privately held technology based company as their Corporate Trainer where I had my first experience training and managing a team of 67 sales professionals throughout the Carolinas. Why did you leave that industry for the recruiting/staffing business? My largest base of clients were staffing firms, where I received multiple offers to work for their organization. One particular company approached me four times before I finally decided to join their team. I have never looked back from that particular day and absolutely love every aspect of my career. How did your pre-staffing/recruiting life help prepare you for your current career? My background in corporate, management and training has helped me truly understand my client’s needs. This has given me an advantage over my competitors in order to provide my clients a higher level of service. Has your NCASP membership benefited you thus far? If so, how? Being a member of NCASP has helped me tremendously. I find it truly beneficial to network with other professionals in the industry who can provide advice since they have probably experienced some of the same challenges we face from time to time. If we combine our experience, we offer over a hundred years of experience collaboratively. Why did you join the NCASP BOD? I joined the NCASP BOD in order to give back. This has given me the opportunity to learn from my peers while also serving the professional industry which truly excites me.

Michael Atieh of Assurance | Independent Insurance Brokers 847.463.7207 //

May/June 2014


New Workforce Model Is Good News for Staffing Firms B y D ebb i e F l e dderjohann, Preside nt of Top Echelon Contracting This past February, contract staffing broke two new records, topping 2,800,000 jobs for the first time in history and also hitting an all-time high for market share. There are plenty of other stats that illustrate contract staffing’s growth, but what is interesting is HOW companies are utilizing contractors and transforming the American workplace in the process. Rather than using contractors sporadically in limited circumstances, they are building a new blended workforce model that integrates both direct hires and contractors as a deliberate business strategy. This model consists of a small core of traditional direct employees supported by a larger outer ring of contractors. The direct employees in the core are key personnel with the experience and longevity that can make or break the business, making turnover in this group highly disruptive. While the work of the outer ring of contractors is just as important because they are often responsible for day-to-day tasks and critical projects, turnover is not as big of a concern.

16 May/June 2014

What companies like about this new workforce model is that the outer ring can easily be adjusted based on business demands. It can be increased during peaks and just as quickly reduced when economic or business conditions dictate. Companies are looking strategically at each open position to determine if they really need a direct hire or if the job is better suited to the outer ring of contractors. This shift is largely a result of the recession, which taught companies to run lean and limit overhead costs. As companies struggle with increasing employment regulations, additional taxes, growing professional liability requirements, and more, they are using contractors to continue matching workforce to work load to maintain costs. One of those costs is benefits. Because the company is not the legal W-2 employer of its contractors, benefits for those contractors is handled by a third party (recruiter or contract staffing back-office). Therefore, the company doesn’t pay the employer share of premiums, and they don’t have to deal with the looming employer mandate

of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). That becomes the responsibility of the third party, which also handles all the other employment-related responsibilities such as processing payroll, new hire paperwork, benefits, Workers’ Compensation, unemployment claims, etc. Experts believe the blended workforce model could be a permanent, structural change in employment. By 2020, many are predicting that contractors will comprise 40-50% of the entire American workforce. This is great news for you. As the popularity of this model grows, it will create a consistent need for contractors. And because companies are adding contractors based on real-time needs, they will need them quickly. Quality will also be important because contractors are increasingly performing more critical tasks. Companies will need recruiters and staffing firms like you to deliver quality contract talent on a timely basis. If you can do this and provide contractors with the benefits they expect, you could be very successful in this new employment environment.

Legal Matters By Jill White, Attor ney, Womble Carlyle Sandr idge & Rice, LLP

Update on the lawsuit pending before the North Carolina Supreme Court The Supreme Court of North Carolina was divided after hearing oral argument in the Gregory v. Pearson, et al., case. Three justices voted to affirm the NC Court of Appeals decision and three justices voted to reverse the decision. The split decision was a result of Justice Beasley’s obligation to recuse herself from participating in the decision, since she was previously involved in the decision at the NC Court of Appeals level. On March 7, 2014, the Supreme Court issued an opinion to that effect which means that the NC Court of Appeals’ decision is “left undisturbed and stands without precedential value.” Gregory v. Pearson, et al., No. 116PA13. The direct impact of the decision is that the estate for a temporary employee

(Travis Kidd) can pursue a wrongful death claim against a North Carolina staffing company’s client (Cleveland County). The estate has already recovered workers’ compensation from the staffing company to the tune of between $60,000 and $80,000. NCASP intervened by filing an amicus curiae brief with the Supreme Court. Specifically, NCASP took the position that the staffing company’s workers compensation policy should have provided the sole remedy for the temporary workers’ injuries (death). On appeal, the legal issue was whether there was an employment relationship between the temporary employee (Travis Kidd) and the client company

Jill is NCASP’s Legal Advisor

(Cleveland County). This required an analysis of the “special employer” or joint employer doctrine. This case is significant to the extent it allows a temporary employee to obtain workers’ compensation benefits from his employer (the staffing company) and pursue damages from the assigned client company, by way of a civil lawsuit. Jill White will discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding this case at the upcoming NCASP Annual Conference on May 17, 2014. In particular, we will take a close look at the contracts at issue in this lawsuit and provide insight on the recommended language for service agreements going forward.

Avoid Compliance Pitfalls











Jill Benson  (336) 574-8095 


May/June 2014


Don’t miss your chance to bid on these items! Microsoft Surface Tablet Donated by World Wide Specialty Programs Apple iPad Air Donated by TalentWise Kindle Fire HDX 7 Donated by Quality Staffing Specialists Apple TV Donated by CareerBuilder Big Blue™ Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Donated by Monster AlcoMate Breathalyzer Donated by Alere Toxicology Apple TV Donated by COATS Beats Headphones Donated by CV Staffing Amazon Gift Card Donated by Assurance

2014 NCASP TRAINING CONFERENCE Get Ready! 2014 NCASP Training Conference will be May 15-17 at the Holiday Inn Resort at Wrightsville Beach! Call 910-256-2231 for room reservations.

2014’s Training Topics: The State of the Staffing Industry, (Owners/Managers on Thursday) How High Performing Managers Influence Behavior and Revenue • Wake Up to Success • Great Communication = Great Compensation • Mastering the Client Call • World of Work is Changing • Selling the Spectrum of Search Solutions • Controlling the Chaos • Today’s Legal Issues in Staffing • Back to Basics: New Twists on Traditional Recruiting Practices Registration: Registration fee for Members is $349, Non-Members is $599. If you bring 2 at $349, the third person attends for half price and if you bring 5, the sixth person attends for FREE! Call Rita Bottoms, 2014 Conference Chairperson, to customize a group price for your firm at 336.970.5206 or

18 May/June 2014

Certification By Jillian Dodson, CPC, CTS, Greene Resources

Spring Certification Update Greetings NCASP Members! We are very excited about our upcoming annual conference next month in Wrightsville Beach! Unfortunately, we are unable to host an immersion and certification class this year due to scheduling conflicts. NCASP will be coordinating a Fall Immersion and Certification event, however, that will be held in NC; location and date will be announced as soon as possible. Although we are not able to hold certification at the NCASP conference this year, I still want to take this opportunity to educate you on the various options that you do have

to obtain your certification(s) through either NAPS, National Association of Personnel Consultants, or ASA, American Staffing Association. Continued training, education and certification set you and your company apart within our industry. Taking this step within your career shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to stay current with employment law and best practices within the recruiting and staffing industry. NCASP was excited to host a Fall Immersion and Certification event in Raleigh, NC in

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COATS Staffing Software 1-800-888-5894

September of 2013. Sixteen recruiting professionals received the CPC, CTS, or both certifications through NAPS. Congratulations to each of you! We look forward to holding another event this fall and providing details to you soon. You may be wondering what it means to get certified or what the certification process entails. You may also be wondering whether a certification through ASA or NAPS is a better fit for you. Once you’ve chosen the national organization from which you want to obtain your certification, you then may wonder how to best select the specific certification(s) you’d like to pursue. If you have any of these questions, or want to learn more about the certification process in general, I strongly encourage you to visit the websites for both ASA and NAPS. I have listed the specific links to the certification pages below. Each organization offers various methods by which you can obtain your certification as well as information about each of the specific certifications that are offered. All of the other details that you will need to know such as renewal and cost are also listed on the respective websites. I highly encourage you to explore both organizations to decide which certification and delivery method is best for you. ASA Certification Page: NAPS Certification Page: Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding certification. I can be reached by email at Jillian@ I look forward to seeing you at the NCASP conference and providing further details about our Fall Certification event as soon as these are available. Best, Jillian

May/June 2014


Outreach By Janee Hill, Greene Resources

Outreach Committe Update Greetings NCASP Members! The Outreach Committee is working hard on several events for our members this year! We will be hosting a regional event this summer in Hickory, NC sponsored by Teague Law Firm where they will speak to our members about Worker’s Comp and how that effects our industry. It promises to be both an informative and fun event as we enjoy networking with our colleagues. Please keep an eye out for details in the coming weeks and share this event with any that may be in the area and interested in attending.

Qualifying companies are ranked based upon a formula that takes into account dollar growth, percentage rate of growth and profitability over a three-year period.

See You All at Conference! NCASP Outreach Committee

Click here to apply! (https://www.surveymonkey. com/s/NCfastgrowingcomp)

Additionally, we are happy about the addition of the new “Fastest Growing Firm” Award at this year’s conference. We have had some great companies register for this award but it isn’t too late! This Awards program honors the area’s most dynamic privately held recruiting and staffing companies. • You are a privately held organization based in North Carolina • Your company has been in business for at least 3 full years, 2011 – 2013 • Your revenue was at least $500,000 by close of 2013 • You will have to provide year over year revenue growth percentages • All financials will be submitted and independently audited by Wells Fargo All information is held in strict confidence by Wells Fargo. All correspondence regarding the nomination and verification of information is conducted exclusively by Wells Fargo.

20 May/June 2014

Is your Agency Receiving Tax Credits? By Galen Hess, National Tax Credit Staffing agencies are not alone when it comes to a lack of awareness regarding federal and state tax credits for businesses. Most businesspeople are either unaware of the numerous tax credits available to them, or are aware enough to realize that tax credits are extremely complex, complicated, and above all time sensitive. Both of these scenarios lead us to the disturbing statistic that only 1 in 803 businesses ever receives a tax credit. For federal tax credits, the government is simply saying to business owners that if you will put a specific socioeconomic group to work, we will give you a monetary reward to do so in the form of a tax credit. Federal tax credits usually apply to industrial, clerical, and hourly wage jobs that many staffing agencies specialize in and excel at fulfilling.

For state tax credits, the opposite is true. States offer credits for higher paying jobs, almost regardless of the industry, so they can increase their tax revenue from higher salaried workers. But no matter where tax credits come from, the process and path to certification by the state tax credit processing center is still the same: complex, complicated, and time sensitive. Once an employee is hired, there is only a 28 day window of opportunity from the date of hire to have that credit certified. So it’s easy to see why so few businesses ever receive a tax credit of any kind. Staffing agencies are really the perfect business to receive tax credits because of the very nature of the business. With large numbers of employees on the payroll, the possibilities and probabilities are manifested many times over.

Galen Hess National Tax Credit Contact Galen to learn how and why your company qualifies for numerous federal, state, and local business tax credits. 336-233-7544 • 888-976-7749

Every business is constantly looking for ways to improve their bottom line. And every well managed business is looking even harder. And when you consider the fact that there are no out of pocket or up front expenses and virtually no work required of the business, it leaves only one question: Isn’t it time your company started getting the tax credits it deserves and should receive?

Media contact:  Catey Moore  Vice President of Marketing  877.554.8911 

Intellect Resources receives national certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise  National Council   GREENSBORO, N.C., April 2, 2014 – Intellect Resources®, offering innovative and comprehensive consulting, recruiting and hiring  solutions within the Healthcare IT market, received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Greater Women’s  Business Council, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).  WBENC’s national standard of certification implemented by the Greater Women’s Business Council is a meticulous process including  an in‐depth review of the business and site inspection. The certification process is designed to confirm the business is at least 51%  owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women.    By including women‐owned businesses among their vendors, corporations, and government agencies demonstrate their  commitment to fostering diversity and the continued development of their supplier/vendor diversity programs.    Tweet this: Intellect Resources receives national certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council    Follow Intellect Resources on Twitter at  Like Intellect Resources on Facebook at   About Intellect Resources

May/June 2014


NCASP Gives Back

This year, NCASP has chosen to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) through our annual charity raffle event. LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to

funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. Founded in 1949, LLS is relentless in pursuit of its mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and

their families. LLS has a long track record of success. Many LLS-funded advances are already helping patients with diseases beyond those for whom they were originally developed, including solid tumors and autoimmune diseases. To learn more about LLS, please visit

You Can Give Back Too!

At teAgue CAmpbell, our lAwyers Are on top of things. Our lawyers can get pretty obsessed about our clients. We’re extraordinarily responsive to your needs. We call you back, keep you informed, and treat you with courtesy and respect. And we have particular experience in workers’ compensation cases, having defended and won cases for dozens of employers in and around North Carolina. In other words, we’re on top of things in workers’ compensation. And we’ll help you get to the top, too. Learn more at

responsive to employers

22 May/June 2014

Teague_TriangleBusiness_4.875x6.625.indd 3

10/14/13 12:39 PM

We are starting to receive a variety of donations for our Silent & Live Auctions at our 2014 Spring Training Conference. As you may recall, we always offer a Silent Auction as well as a Live Electronics Auction as part of our Friday evening entertainment. A portion of our proceeds will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this year. Suggested items for our Silent Auctions are: Airline vouchers, hotel stay certificates, restaurant and spa gift cards, fine wine, designer jewelry and handbags, gift baskets etc. Our Live Auction will take place intermittently throughout our evening of video horseracing and dance music. Attendees have an option to bid on each item. We will offer trendy electronics such as Laptops, iPads, Apple TV’s, Beats Headphones, Kindles, Nooks, Best Buy and Amazon giftcards to name a few hot items. Your donation will go to a very worthy charity which is for the research and cure of blood cancers at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please call me with your donation so that we can begin advertising who is giving what in advance of our event. I will give you an address of where to ship your item. If you wish to give a gift card, I can charge your credit card over the phone and purchase the gift card for you and your firm. We aim to make it easy for you to help NCASP give back! Contact me at 704-241-2996 or

May/June 2014


Membership B y R i c k Fe r r e t t i , A s c e n d o

Why join NCASP? Recently a new member asked me why they should join NCASP? The successful start of a recruiting agency involves a solid business plan, a background in recruitment strategies, knowledge of laws about licensing, hiring and taxes, and a marketing plan for gaining clients. Why not form a strategy from a local perspective by creating strategic partnerships with other staffing firms

who can share their experience in the market? NCASP encourages sharing resources amongst one another which provides greater leverage in the marketplace! Education: NCASP offers regular educational opportunities to our members. We strive for a minimum of 8 webinars annually, covering topics such as legal issues, sales training, and recruiting strategies. This is in addition to our outstanding Annual Conference

Somewhere in a pile of resumes are 52 people that can manage the front desk. And one that could manage the whole company.

each Spring, which continues to bring nationally recognized speakers and trainers as well as opportunities for certification. Outreach: NCASP focuses on outreach to professionals in North Carolina. This includes candidates, clients, potential employees, and legislators. There is no secret that Healthcare Reform will alter the economic landscape to some degree once fully implemented. NCASP wants to stay ahead of the curve and make sure we have the ability to influence where appropriate. We also want to make sure our membership is aware of issues that could potentially affect their businesses. Finally, we strengthen our relationships with both our national associations, ASA and NAPS, to offer more ways which we can take advantage of the resources they offer. We would like to recognize our newest members to the NCASP family. Welcome to our newest members! Dana Beaumont, First Staffing, 828-245-8787 Darren Bradley at Bradley Personnel, 336-765-1488 Chris Smith at Peerpoint Solutions 844-242-8466

24 May/June 2014

Account: AD:

Publication: Staffing Publication

Title: Monster Ad resize



Trim: 5.5" x 8"

Jeff Ross at Belcan 919-882-5812,

Studio: SF

Live: 5" x 7.5"

To join NCASP, please contact Rick Ferretti at 704.288.9687, rferretti@ or visit ncasp. com. Client: Monster

Weeding out the candidates that aren’t right — just one of the ways Monster can help. Learn more at

Rebecca Patt at Wray Executive Search 612-354-7400

Job #: 13-MST-791

Finding resumes isn’t the hard part. It’s finding the right ones. Monster’s 6Sense® semantic search technology smartly sorts and ranks resumes, narrowing your focus to the cream of the crop candidates. Our 6Sense engine supercharges both Monster’s databases via Power Resume Search® , or YOUR own candidate pools utilizing SeeMore® . Whatever your strategy, 6Sense means you’ll spend less time sifting through resumes and more time interviewing the best talent.

Bleed: 5.75" x 8.25"

Date: 5/30/13

Nicki Holleman at Matrix Resources, 919-653-1609

Mobile Recruiting By Jenna Campbell of Avionte Staffing Software

EMBRACING THE TREND TOWARDS MOBILE RECRUITING In recent years, smartphones and tablets have changed the way we work. An article published late last year on USA Today predicts that worldwide, tablet sales will outplace both desktops and laptops in the coming years, and a report by International Data Corp. suggests that an estimate of more than 1.3 billion people will work outside of a typical office environment in 2015, representing 37.2 percent of the world’s overall workforce. What does this mean? As telecommuting increases, so is the use of mobile technologies to complete work. Our increasingly mobile workforce means workers are using smartphones and tablets to get their work done now more than ever before. It’s a mobile revolution. It’s time to embrace change. From keeping up with emails, to finding ideal candidates and sales opportunities on tight deadlines, the daily work life of a recruiter often means trying to get more done in less time. Job responsibilities, like attending conferences and tradeshows or conducting impromptu interviews, mean staffing and recruiting professionals are spending more work

hours away from the desk. As a company that provides software to staffing and recruiting professionals, our team at Avionté has recognized the needs of our clients to access key software features, from any device, anytime and anywhere. We’ve listened to our clients, and we’ve creating a mobile application and a series of mobile-friendly solutions to ensure our clients can work more efficiently and stay productive, from wherever they may be. Is your staffing software provider adapting to this trend towards mobility? Will your provider be there for you, wherever your job may take you? To learn more about the mobile applications we’ve created, visit, email , email or call 1-877-4-AVIONTE. By Jenna Campbell of Avionté Staffing Software, which provides an innovative staffing software product to the human resources industry throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Providing staffing companies with flexible and cost effective insurance solutions By taking the time to understand your company, we can provide you with a level of insurance protection designed to mitigate your particular risks. Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. Scott L. Cox, CPCU, CIC Vice President 704-556-2594 © 2011 Wells Fargo Insurance Services. All rights reserved.

Go Beyond Software | 877.4.Avionte

May/June 2014


NCASP BOD meetings 10:00am teleconference unless otherwise specified

• May 1, 2014 • May 15, 2014 • • • • •

at Wrightsville Beach 2014 Annual Training Conference June 12, 2014 July 10, 2014 August 14, 2014 September 11, 2014 October 9 , 2014


Anyone who has interest in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact Marc Cochran, CSP at 704-3059624 or email:

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The Global Cash Card Visa Prepaid Card is issued by B of I Federal Bank and MetaBank™ pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. B of I Federal Bank and MetaBank, Members FDIC. Global Cash Card is an Independent Sales Organization (“ISO”) pursuant to an agreement with B of I Federal Bank. Global Cash Card MasterCard Prepaid Card is issued by First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company, B of I Federal Bank and MetaBank™ pursuant to license from MasterCard International Incorporated. First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company, B of I Federal Bank and MetaBank, Members FDIC. Global Cash Card is a registered agent of B of I Federal Bank.

26 May/June 2014

Silver Jewelry Lady, Patti Hogan will be joining us again with her lovely items for sale.


Independent Recruiters Don’t miss your chance to win a New iPad Mini ($399 value) in the Vendor Contest Drawing on Saturday, May 17 at 10:30 AM! (Must be present to win.) Donated by Essential StaffCARE

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May/June 2014


2 0 1 4 V E N D O R PA R T N E R S PLATINUM KEY SPONSOR John Walters, Alan Gilbert & Jody Williams at Essential StaffCARE Specializing in the development of voluntary, payroll deducted insurance products designed for Staffing Industry employees. 864.527.0474 // // SILVER LEVEL SPONSORS Natalia Vidmar at CareerBuilder Internet Career Site and Job Boards 773.527.2975 //

Robert Thompson at World Wide Specialty Programs Staffing Insurance 800.245.9653 x 112 // BRONZE LEVEL PARTNERS

Jill White at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice Attorney at Law/Employment Issues 336.574.8095 // 803.316.5791 //

Joseph Doyle at TalentWise Solutions Hiring Process Management & Compliance 919.359.2097 //

Spruill Alexander at The Clement Companies Liability & Workers Comp Insurance 252.756.8300 ext. 204 //

Danny Ashraf at Job Board & Recruitment Software 646.203.6452 //

Mark Demaree & Debbie Fledderjohan at Top Echelon Helping Recruiters Make More Placements 330.455.1433 //

Tom Sarach & Karen Connor at COATS Sql. Fully Integrated Staffing Software 800.888.5894 // 800.888.5894 //

Jonathan Weiner at Mez Media Digital Marketing Specialists | Web, Email & Video 704.875.2891 // Melissa Cleary & Sidney Minter at Teague Campbell Dennis & Gorham At Teague Campbell, our attorneys are on top of things 919.873.0166 // 919.873.0166 //

Michael Atieh of Assurance Independent Insurance Brokers 847.463.7207 // Jim Shaki at RecruiterEco The Social Community for HR, Staffing & Recruiting Intel 828.329.4759 //

STANDARD BOOTH SPONSORS Sabina M. Smits at AGR Financial, LLC. Temp Funding 305.255.8181 //

Matt Gallagher at Avionte Front and Back Office Staffing Software 770.852.2536 // matt.gallagher

Sarah Doggett at Senn Dunn Insurance Business Insurance 336.346.1375 //

Larry Gibney at US Funding, Inc. Payroll Funding and Factoring 336.812.9767 //

Cassie Watkins & Scott Cox at Wells Fargo Liability & Workers Comp Insurance 704.556.2569 // 704.556.2594 //

George Mavrantzas at Global Cash Card Systems + Service = Easy, The Formula for Paycard Success 904.993.0469 //

Rich Petersen at TempWorks Integrated Staffing Software/Payroll Processing & Funding 770.237.0065 // PREMIER MEMBER Judy Collins at TFI Resources The Independent Recruiters Resources for Temporary and Contract Placements 713.975.7576 // Associate Member Stephanie Taranto & Phil Brown at TruHealth Specialized Workforce Development 919.518.9956 // 919.518.9953 //

28 May/June 2014

Jimmy Hill & Melissa Case, C-DER at Wolfe Trusted Employer Solutions 704.743.1043 // 828.771.3113 // ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Galen Hess at National Tax Credit National Tax Credits Consultant 336.233.7544 // Sean Kelly at Alere Drug Testing Solutions 919.803.4648 // Michael Reilly at WEX Inc. (rapid paycard) Paychecks Made Faster, Easier, and FREE 813.463.0794 //

Sponsors’ Corner by Mar y Mallett, CPC, SearchPro

Kudos to our 2014 Sponsors who are exhibiting with us! Please review their information and meet each one at the Beach! Our Platinum Key Sponsor, Essential StaffCARE, our May/June Vendor Spotlight (p 4-5),with John Walters, Alan Gilbert and Jody Williams, specializes in the development of voluntary, payroll deducted insurance products designed for Staffing Industry employees. Our Silver Sponsors, Careerbuilder with Jonathan Katz and Natalia Vidmar specializes in Internet Career Sites and Job Boards and World Wide Specialty Programs with Bob Thompson, specializes in Staffing Insurance. Our Bronze Sponsors are The Clement Companies with Spruill Alexander who specializes in Liability & Workers Comp Insurance, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice with Jill White specializing in Law & Employment Issues, TalentWise Solutions with Joseph Doyle specializing in Hiring

Process Management & Compliance, COATS with Karen Connor and Tom Sarach specializing in Fully Integrated Staffing Software, Top Echelon with Mark Demaree and Debbie Fledderjohan, specializing in Helping Recruiters Make More Placements, Monster with Danny Ashraf specializing in Job Board & Recruitment Software, Mez Media with Jonathan Weiner specializing in Digital Marketing including Web, Email & Video, Recruitereco with Jim Shaki specializing in The Social Community for HR, Staffing & Recruiting Intel, Teague Campbell Dennis & Gorham with Melissa Cleary & Sidney Minter specializing in Workers Compensation, and Assurance with Mike Atieh specializing in Independent Insurance. Our Standard Booths are Global Cash Card with George Mavrantzas specializing in Systems and Services

Welcome to our 2014 Vendor Partners!

for Paycard Success, Avionte with Matt Gallagher specializing in Front and Back Office Staffing Software, US Funding with Larry Gibney specializing in Payroll Funding and Factoring, Senn Dunn with Sarah Doggett specializing in Business Insurance, AGR with Sabina Smits specializing in Temp Funding, TempWorks with Rich Petersen specializing in Integrated Staffing Software/Payroll Processing and Funding, Wolfe with Melissa Case and Jimmy Hill specializing in Employer Solutions, Wells Fargo with Scott Cox and Cassie Watkins specializing in Liability and Workers Comp Insurance. Our Premier Member is TFI with Judy Collins specializing in Payroll Services. Our Associate Members are TruHealth with Stephanie Taranto and Phil Brown specializing in the Clinical Research Industry, Wex (Rapid Paycard) with Michael Reilly specializing in Paychecks Made Faster, Easier, and FREE, National Tax Credit with Galen Hess who specializes in National Tax Credits Consulting and Alere with Sean Kelly specializing in Drug Testing. It is important to the future of NCASP that you review our Sponsors and what they have to offer staffing and recruiting firms in order to make our business life easier and safer while saving lots of money! Some of them will be offering informative Webinars as well as sponsoring our Regional Events throughout the year. They work very hard to bring us quality products and premier services. They will be on deck at our annual Spring Training Conference to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Do review their colorful Ads sprinkled throughout our Ezines as well as their contact information on page 28. 2014 is going to be a banner year for attracting new clients and we need to be ready with the proper tools! May/June 2014


WOLFE, Inc., has been the leader for trusted employer solutions for nearly 30 years. Our priority is to help all of our customers achieve a safe, drug-free workplace and to do so better than anyone else. Visit us at

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30 May/June 2014

2 0 1 4 B O A R D O F D I R E C TO R S Marc Cochran, CSP President 704.305.9624 mcochran@hiredynamics. com

Mary Mallett, CPC Director of Vendor Relations 704.241.2996

Deborah Miller Director 828.466.0162

Jonathan Weiner, CPC Past President 704.756.8751

Rita Bottoms Dir. of Communications / Ezine 2014 Conference Chair 336.970.5206

Anna Hudson, CPC, CSP Director 704.332.0241

Wendy Ward, CPC President Elect 828.302.4042

Michelle Coviello, CPC Director 2014 Conference Chair 919.280.1671

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May/June 2014


Thursday, May 15 12:00 1:00 1:15 1:30 2:30 3:00 5:30

Registration Owner/Manager Welcome & Introductions Jill White Legal Previews Dan Campbell, “The State of the Staffing Industry” Vendor Expo, sponsored by Monster Rob Mosley, “The Coaching Connection: How High Performing Managers Influence Behavior and Increase Revenue” Vendor Partner Reception, sponsored by Essential StaffCARE

Friday, May 16 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:15 10:00 10:30 10:45 12:15 1:30 1:45 3:00 3:30 5:00 6:30 7:00

Registration/Coffee Buffet Breakfast, sponsored by TalentWise 2014 NCASP Welcome & Introductions Morning Keynote: Laura Hamilton, “Wake up to Success” Real World Staffing Documentary Film Screening, sponsored by Mez Media Vendor Expo, sponsored by COATS Jill White Legal Previews General Session: Rob Mosley, “That’s A Great Question: Great Communication = Great Compensation” Awards Luncheon, Jonathan Katz, “Back to Basics: New Twists on Traditional Recruiting Practices,” sponsored by Careerbuilder Vendor Expo Dessert, sponsored by Top Echelon Breakout Speakers: Rob Mosley, “Mastering the Client Call” Amy Bingham, “World of Work is Changing” Vendor Expo, sponsored by Teague Campbell Breakout Speakers: Rob Mosley, “Selling The Spectrum of Search Solutions” Amy Bingham, “Controlling the Chaos” 4th Annual NCASP Beach Volleyball Tournament, sponsored by The Clement Companies Red Carpet, sponsored by RecruiterEco Open Bar & Seafood Buffet, Video Horseracing, Silent Auction, Live Auction, and Fastest Growing Companies Awards, sponsored by World Wide Specialty Programs

Saturday, May 17 9:00


32 May/June 2014

Breakfast: Jill White, Legal Matters, sponsored by Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice Contest Prize Drawings & Wrap up

Staffing Now, May/June 2014  
Staffing Now, May/June 2014  

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