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VOL 97 NO 4 | NOVEMBER 2018


A recap from President Amy Hedgecock



MURALS AND REAL ESTATE A look at outdoor art and its role in adding value to properties


New opportunities for NC REALTORS®

Do you not fit the mold? Revolutionary, resolute REALTORS® need apply.


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November 2018



features 12 New Opportunities for NC REALTORS®

Expand your professional interests through economic development opportunities.

14 2018 Year In Review

A recap from President Amy Hedgecock, plus a look at all 2018 annual award winners & graduates.

20 Podcasts Are Heating Up

This fast-growing technology can benefit your business.

14 INSIDE NC REALTORS® 2019 officers revealed, Tech Helpline tips and Hurricane Florence disaster relief updates.

8 LEGAL TALK The Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing


A look at outdoor art and how it adds value to properties. Learn about a recent piece of litigation that the NC REALTORS® Legal Action Committee heard about and agreed to support, which ultimately resulted in a very important decision for REALTORS® across North Carolina. Page 8


26 Murals and Real Estate


Have something to talk about? Sure you do — and we want to hear it! Send us your comments, ideas or success stories to mallen@ncrealtors.org and you could be featured in the next Insight. ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  3

Insight, Volume 97, Issue 4 President Amy Hedgecock, CPM, GRI President-Elect Asa Fleming, SFR, AHWD Treasurer Kelly Marks, ABR, CRS, GRI Immediate Past President Treasure A. Faircloth, GRI, E-PRO, CRS REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS Region 1: Sandy Hurst, Jacksonville; Region 2: Jim Goodman, Oak Island; Region 3: Lisa York, Sanford; Region 4: Wade Corbett, Raleigh; Region 5: Laurie Edwards, High Point; Region 6: Stephen Long, Winston-Salem; Region 7: Marsha Jordan, Lincolnton; Region 8: Maren Brisson-Kuester, Steven Bryant, Charlotte; Region 9: Randall Blankenship, Asheville; Region 10: Harriette Doggett, Mollie Owen, Raleigh. Chief Executive Officer Andrea Bushnell, Esq., CIPS, RCE Vice President of Communications & Marketing Mckenzie Allen Graphic Design Coordinator Raquel Stubblefield Contributors Koty Arnold, Noah Corbett, Tracey Gould, Mike Landes, Stephanie Schorow For advertising information, visit ncrealtors.org/advertising or contact Keri Epps-Rashad at 336-217-1049. INSIGHT (ISSN 24714127) (USPS 17170) is published four times a year in February, May, August and November by NC REALTORS®, 4511 Weybridge Lane, Greensboro, NC 27407. Periodicals Postage Prices paid at Greensboro, N.C. and additional mailing offices.

2018 is finally coming to a close and what a year it has been! Our members have suffered personal losses and weathered storms. For the first time in NC REALTORS® history, we had to cancel a state convention because of a hurricane. And still, that didn't stop us. We worked in unison to collect supplies, money and blood and distribute to our very own members in hard hit areas. It has truly been my pleasure to serve such a selfless group of people. I had a few hiccups in my personal life—a flipped van in January, a shattered wrist in April and a family member’s death in June—and through it all, I had nothing but love and support from you. Others on our board had similar stories this year. Yet, month after month, you continued to prove that we are family. Yes, we bicker and we squabble, as families sometimes do, but we also respect and defend each other. I am proud of every member of the executive committee, the board of directors and everyone who served on a committee this year. You gave your time and talents selflessly. You are what keeps this association moving forward. Thank you! I cannot write a final “goodbye” letter without addressing NC REALTORS® staff. Our staff is absolutely amazing. There are a lot of moving parts in this organization, and our staff keeps it moving like a well-oiled machine. I have never seen a group that is able to come together, brainstorm and collaborate like this one. Kudos to each and every one of you as well. I’ve enjoyed working with Asa Fleming this year. I am proud to pass him the gavel in January. He will make an exceptional president. Thank you everyone for putting your trust in me this year. Because of you, we have risen together to become a better association.

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to INSIGHT, 4511 Weybridge Lane, Greensboro, NC 27407-7877. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding the subject matter covered. Articles which appear in Insight are an informational service to members and consumers. Their contents are the opinions of the authors alone and do not necessarily represent those of NC REALTORS®. Advertising of a product or service does not imply endorsement, unless specifically stated. To opt-out of paper copy mailings, email hello@ncrealtors.org with a subject line of “Insight opt-out.”

4511 Weybridge Lane, Greensboro, NC 27407 Phone: (336) 294-1415, Toll Free: (800) 443-9956


Amy Hedgecock 2018 President

ELECTION RESULTS The NC REALTORS® elections were held online August 13-16, 2018. Meet your 2019 officers:

PRESIDENT-ELECT Maren Brisson-Kuester Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association


GRI, RSPS, SFR, SPS, SRES Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®


Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®

REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS REGION 3 Connie Corey, GRI, SLS Greenville-Pitt Association of REALTORS®

REGION 4 Julia Tucker, ABR, CSP, Eco Broker, GRI

Durham Regional Association of REALTORS®

REGION 6 Penny Boyles, CRS, GRI Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS®

REGION 8 Jennifer Frontera, BPOR, SFR, AHWD

Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association

Make an impact in 2020

Do you have what it takes to be an NC REALTORS® leader? Applications are now being accepted for 2020 officers including President-Elect, Treasurer, Regional VPs for Regions 1, 2, 5, 7, 8 and 10 (two-year term), Finance and Budget Committee, Issues Mobilization Committee and NAR Directors. Elections will be held in August 2019. If you are interested, contact Donna Peterson at dpeterson@ncrealtors.org.

Laurie Knudsen, GRI

Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association

John Wood, GRI

Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®

REGION 9 Renee Cooney, ABR, SRES Carolina Smokies Association of REALTORS®

REGION 10 Mark Parker

Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®


Bruce Williams, AHWD,

Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®

Stephanie Walker, ABR,



CRS, GRI, RSPS, SFR, SRES Outer Banks Association of REALTORS®


Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS®

Patrice Willetts, ABR, AHWD, GRI, SRES, SRS Cape Fear REALTORS®

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n response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Florence on North Carolina, the NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation launched disaster relief applications for rent and mortgage assistance of up to $1,500. Here's a quick snapshot of the relief efforts as of November 20, 2018:


Applications received.


Total mortgage or rental assistance approved.


Families approved for assistance.


Total assistance mailed.


Assistance budgeted through NAR’s REALTOR® Relief Fund ($500,000) & the Housing Foundation ($50,000). The NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation has a rich history of supporting victims of natural disasters. Earlier this year, the Housing Foundation, formerly called Homes4NC, awarded almost $75,000 to 100 families impacted by the April 15 tornadoes in Guilford and Rockingham Counties. In 2016, the Foundation awarded over $315,000 in housing assistance grants to 300 North Carolina families impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Visit ncrealtorshf.org to learn how you can contribute to relief efforts.

Knowing that a published reversal of the Wake County judge’s decision by the Court of Appeals of North Carolina would provide valuable assistance to other REALTORS®, Colleen decided to request assistance from the Legal Action Committee.

8  INSIGHT • November 2018


The Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing Learn about a recent piece of litigation that the NC REALTORS® Legal Action Committee heard about and agreed to support, which ultimately resulted in a very important decision for REALTORS® across North Carolina. BY: BILL GIFFORD, MANAGER, MARTIN & GIFFORD, PLLC


ver 40 years ago, the National Association of REALTORS® established the Legal Action Program, and in subsequent years, a number of state associations, including NC REALTORS®, established similar programs. The purpose of all these programs is to provide financial assistance to REALTORS®, REALTOR® associations, property owners and others who are engaged in litigation where the outcome could be of benefit to other REALTORS® across the state and the country. This article will describe a recent piece of litigation that the NC REALTORS® Legal Action Committee heard about, and agreed to support, which ultimately resulted in a very important decision for REALTORS® across North Carolina. The case involved a seller who went behind a REALTOR®’s back in an attempt to deprive her of her commission. This article will then discuss the types of cases that are eligible for financial assistance through the Legal Action Program, and the procedures that REALTORS® should follow if they want to request that assistance. THE CASE The litigation in question is a case entitled Colleen Blondell vs. Shakil and Shabana Ahmed. Colleen Blondell is a broker who, in early 2013, was doing business in Cary. In March of that year, Colleen agreed to list the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed for sale. The Ahmeds and Colleen entered into

a standard exclusive right to sell listing agreement, and the Ahmeds consented to dual agency. Shortly thereafter, Colleen showed the Ahmeds' property to Michael and Susan Fekete. The Feketes were interested in making an offer. Before submitting that offer, the Feketes and Colleen entered into a buyer agency agreement. The Feketes also agreed to dual agency. On April 6, 2013, Colleen presented the Ahmeds with an offer signed by the Feketes. The Ahmeds rejected that offer. On April 22, the Ahmeds informed Colleen that they no longer wished to list their property with her. Colleen sent them an unsigned copy of the standard "Termination of Agency Agreement and Release." In her cover email, Colleen stated that if they signed the termination form and returned it to her, the listing agreement would be terminated. The Ahmeds signed the termination form and emailed it back to Colleen. However, aware that the Ahmeds might change their minds again, Colleen did not sign that form right away. On April 25, the Feketes left a note in the Ahmeds' mailbox indicating that they were still interested in purchasing the Ahmeds' home. This note led to conversations and meetings between the Feketes and the Ahmeds, none of which were disclosed to Colleen. On May 9, the Feketes presented a new written offer directly to the Ahmeds. Although the terms of the offer were

ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  9

acceptable, the Ahmeds did not sign it right away. Instead, they contacted Colleen and asked her about the status of the termination form. Knowing nothing about the Feketes' new offer, and the Ahmeds' intention to sign that offer, Colleen signed the termination form on May 10 and sent it back to the Ahmeds. The following day, the Ahmeds signed the Feketes' offer. The sale to the Feketes closed one month later. When Colleen discovered that the Feketes had purchased the property, she filed suit in Wake County alleging breach of contract and fraud. The Ahmeds responded that they were not obligated to pay a commission because Colleen had signed the termination form on May 10, and that form included broad release language. In January 2015, a judge in Wake County agreed with the Ahmeds and entered judgment in their favor. ENTER THE LEGAL ACTION PROGRAM At this point, Colleen had personally invested a significant amount in legal fees. Although she wanted to pursue an appeal, she was concerned about incurring additional costs. Knowing that a published reversal of the Wake County judge’s decision by the Court of Appeals of North Carolina would provide valuable assistance to other REALTORS®, Colleen decided to request assistance from the Legal Action Committee. In February 2015, the committee agreed to Colleen’s request. With the financial assistance she received, Colleen filed her appeal. The principal argument she made on appeal was that the termination form should not be given effect, and its release language should be ignored because the Ahmeds had acted in bad faith. Specifically, Colleen argued that the Ahmeds had acted in bad faith when, on May 9, they asked Colleen to sign the termination form without disclosing that they had received a new offer from the Feketes, and they intended to sign that offer. In a well-reasoned decision published in May 2016, the Court of Appeals agreed with Colleen. The Court noted that there is a “covenant of good faith and fair dealing” implied in every contract. The Court found that Colleen had presented substantial evidence that the Ahmeds 10  INSIGHT • November 2018

Legal Action Program

Administered by the Legal Action Committee, the Legal Action Program exists to provide financial resources to parties engaged in litigation or administrative action. The case must present an opportunity to set or clarify legal precedent statewide on issues affecting NC REALTORS®, real estate licensees, real estate associations, private property owners or the real estate industry generally. Contact an NC REALTORS® staff attorney for a copy of the complete policy governing the Legal Action Program and an application form. Call 336-294-1415. had breached that duty when they asked Colleen to sign the termination form without disclosing that they had an acceptable offer in hand. The Court of Appeals found that if the Ahmeds breached their duty of good faith, Colleen was not bound by the release language in the termination form. Although the Ahmeds appealed this decision to the North Carolina Supreme Court, that Court affirmed the Court of Appeals in an opinion issued in September 2017. HOW CAN I USE THE LEGAL ACTION PROGRAM? Together, these very recent decisions by North Carolina’s appellate courts affirm the principle that an owner of a property may not escape liability for a real estate broker’s commission by terminating a listing agreement and then dealing directly with a purchaser who was produced as a result of the broker’s efforts. The Court of Appeals decision can and should be cited by real estate brokers across the state who find themselves faced with similar circumstances.

It should be noted that not all cases involving real estate brokers are eligible for consideration by the Legal Action Committee. A case is eligible if it relates to governmental agency action or investigation, or to actual or proposed litigation. In either situation, however, the case must “present an opportunity for clarifying precedent on issues of significance” to NC REALTORS®, local boards and associations of REALTORS® or related organizations, or a substantial portion of the NC REALTORS® membership. If you should be involved in a case that meets these criteria, you can submit a request for assistance from the Legal Action Program. Your request must be in writing, on the form prescribed by the Legal Action Committee, and must be filed with the Chief Executive Officer of NC REALTORS® at least 45 days prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee. REALTORS® should contact an NC REALTORS® staff attorney for a copy of the complete policy governing the Legal Action Program and the current request form. #

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NC REALTORS® is dedicated to providing the means and education to guide our members as they expand their professional interests.

New Opportunities for NC REALTORS® NC REALTORS® Economic Development Committee has taken the lead on educating REALTORS® about the process of economic development. BY: MIKE LANDES

12  INSIGHT • November 2018


he term “economic development” can mean many things to different people. To some, economic development means bringing business back to their local community. To others, it might mean a changing landscape in their community as new residents move in and provide a new identity for the neighborhood. The term may even feel like an impenetrable piece of jargon spoken by politicians and experts. To REALTORS®, though, economic development means new opportunities in their professional lives. Recognizing the connectivity of real estate to economic development, NC REALTORS® has taken a series of important steps to help REALTORS® all over North Carolina learn about how developers and local development organizations can affect

the day-to-day business of real estate. NC REALTORS® Economic Development Committee has taken the lead on educating REALTORS® about the process of economic development. NEW INITIATIVES In 2017, the committee created an Economic Development Toolkit as a resource for local associations and members interested in entering the economic development world. Under the leadership of 2018 Chair Guy McCook and Vice-Chair Tony Harrington, the committee has brought greater exposure of economic development’s basic practices, culminating in the organization of a year-to-year State of Real Estate event hosted by NC REALTORS® on behalf of REALTORS® all over North

Carolina. Economists, developers and leading brokers in the commercial and international real estate fields will come together to speak to REALTORS® about their work and explain how individual brokers and agents can connect their business to opportunities generated by economic development. Join us for the State of Real Estate event, April 11-12 in Wilmington. COMMITTEE INVOVLEMENT NC REALTORS® committees have also contributed to the Economic Development Committee’s efforts to educate members. The REALTORS® Commercial Alliance has placed its focus on bringing speakers from the economic development field to present their work to commercial brokers. Meanwhile, the NC Homeowners Alliance, NC REALTORS®’ grassroots advocacy initiative, has supported economic development referenda in counties all over the state, helping to pass local bonds dedicated to school construction and infrastructure development. GLOBAL REACH The Economic Development Committee’s most ambitious effort has come in the form of its Global Network, an initiative designed to raise the profile of North Carolina as a valuable investment home for out-of-state and foreign buyers. NC REALTORS® sent a delegation to the MIPIM 2018 International Conference in Cannes, France, the largest real estate-focused trade show in the world with over 24,000 attendees, more than 5,000 of whom are potential investors. NC REALTORS®’ delegation traveled on to Vienna, Austria to build ties and solidify our state’s relationship with the Austrian Real Estate Association (OVI), NC REALTORS®’ sister organization abroad. OVI’s leaders, including Elisabeth Rohr, OVI’s vice president and a member of NAR’s Board of Directors, took the time to introduce our delegation to the intricacies of Austrian real estate while viewing a number of Vienna’s most sought-after residential properties. In order to give REALTORS® the tools to build their profile in the international marketplace, NC REALTORS® hosted the state’s first Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) Certification at

GET INVOLVED Want to get involved, but don’t know where to start? Reach out to Mike Landes at mlandes@ncrealtors.org to learn more.

the Cape Fear Association of REALTORS® office in Wilmington this past August. The CIPS Certification involves a week-long intensive course designed to introduce REALTORS® to the different cultures, customs, and legal frameworks of real estate around the world. NC REALTORS® plans to offer the CIPS Certification again at the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® office in 2019. GOVERNMENT COLLABORATION While services for REALTORS® are paramount to building a better understanding of economic development, NC REALTORS® is also working closely with development agencies and organizations to build a coalition of groups working toward the common goal of better opportunities for investment around the state. Those agencies and organizations include the NC Economic Development Agency, the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina and the Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIMs) within the REALTOR® community. These efforts coincide with NC REALTORS®’ cooperation with the Governor’s office, including appearances by members of Governor Cooper’s cabinet, such as Secretary of Commerce Tony Copeland, to speak to our REALTOR® members. At the end of the day, NC REALTORS® has recognized an opportunity for its members: a greater literacy in the process of economic development and an understanding of its contributors will help our members’ business. REALTORS® can approach economic development from a variety of different directions: legislative, economic, social and international. NC REALTORS® is dedicated to making sure REALTORS® have every chance to pursue those opportunities, and to providing the means and education to guide our members as they expand their professional interests. #

join us for MIPIM 2019 NC REALTORS® is excited to be sending a delegation to attend the 2019 MIPIM Conference in Cannes, France. MIPIM is an opportunity for NC REALTORS® to engage with foreign investors, bring new business to North Carolina’s commercial sector and take the lead on encouraging local and statewide economic development. Representatives from NC REALTORS® will attend MIPIM from March 12 – 15, 2019. For more information visit global.ncrealtors.org. ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  13

A2018RECAP President Amy Hedgecock


YEAR IN REVIEW 14  INSIGHT • November 2018

ow! Has the year flown by or what? I wish I could report that the year was full of fun and be able to claim the old adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” However, the reality is, for many of our members, the year won’t be remembered as “fun.” In fact, 2018 may actually go down in NC REALTORS® history as one of the most trying periods for our members and the communities they serve. Our state—and our membership— experienced not one but two natural disasters this year. In the spring, an EF-2 tornado ripped through eastern Greensboro, damaging close to 1,000 homes, schools and businesses. The NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation, our members, local associations and staff rallied together to gather supplies and provide housing relief to those impacted by the storm. Our marketing and communications staff assisted City of Greensboro and Guilford County Schools with crisis communications response efforts. Our leadership and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) REALTOR® Relief Fund took swift and decisive action to release funding for immediate response. We rose together. In September, as many of you know, one of the largest natural disasters to ever hit our state devastated eastern

North Carolina—from Wilmington to most areas inland, stretching to the Triangle. The historic flooding destroyed entire communities, lives and businesses. Many of our members—fellow NC REALTORS®— suffered unfathomable damage. Some lost their homes, everything to their name and even their entire livelihood. Our annual convention—XCHANGE ’18—was canceled, which is the first time in the association’s history it has ever been canceled. Despite the unfathomable task ahead, NC REALTORS® took swift and decisive action. Crisis communications efforts were activated. The executive committee voted to release funding immediately to get supplies in the hands of our members and communities hardest hit by the storm. The REALTOR® Relief Fund, NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation, local associations, REALTOR® associations in other states, our members and staff immediately stepped in to purchase, collect and distribute supplies, access emergency funding and distribute temporary housing relief funds. The Property Management Division and Government Affairs Department quickly surveyed our REALTOR® members to identify much-needed temporary housing units to match to those members and community members who unexpectedly found themselves homeless after the storm passed. We rose together. Unfortunately, our recovery as a state, and the involvement of NC REALTORS® in the recovery of our communities and the lives of our members, is only just beginning. The recovery will take months—even years—for some. And yet, I am humbled and proud beyond belief to witness NC REALTORS® in action. You are the epitome of what an association is and can be. Despite the trials and tribulations this year—most of which were out of our control—NC REALTORS® thrived as an association. We continued to set the bar high, excelling in the delivery of programs and services, member engagement, legislative impact, economic development, branding, education and overall member value. On average, we increased engagement across the association—in the attendance of our education offerings, convention and MIXers; with participation in our high-value member benefits, including the Legal Hotline and the newly launched Tech Helpline; and in the leadership of the association through committees and


RISING STARS The purpose of the award is to recognize members who have been REALTORS® for five years or less and who have provided exemplary service to the local board while exhibiting strong leadership potential.

Mary Edna Williams REALTOR® of the Year

Jennifer Frontera Regional Service Award, Region 8

Lou Baldwin Hall of Fame Award

Teresa Pitt Regional Service Award, Region 10

Marvette Artis Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

Peter Florian Durham Regional Association of REALTORS®

Michael Davenport Ben Ball Community Service Award

Suzanne Murtha Innovation & Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

Sara Black Burke County Board of REALTORS®

Renee Hornor Charlotte Regional REALTOR® Association

Rosemarie Doshier Regional Service Award, Region 1

George Bell Committee Member of the Year Award

Hollie Breazeale Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS®

Hugh Moore High Point Regional Association of REALTORS®

Deb Hays Regional Service Award, Region 2

Rebecca Hedgecock President’s Award

Shannon Brien Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®

Lori Stancill Greenville-Pitt Association of REALTORS®

Todd Pierceall Regional Service Award, Region 7

Bradley Cohen Federal Political Coordinator Award

Danica Fletcher Cape Fear REALTORS®

Cynthia Young Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®

ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  15

GRI DESIGNEES As of 10/10/18

REGION 1 Rick Fasciano Teresa Hardy Dean Kelly Charles Motosko Kimberly Wasula REGION 2 William Carney Karen Gaspar Mary Greer Sandro Longo Barry Mulhearn Brooke Rudd-Gaglie Mary Watts Angela Windham REGION 3 Christopher Bensabath David Edwards Bruce Gates REGION 4 Kellie Ashley Emilee Collins Judith Kitchens Kimberly Williams REGION 5 Mona Abuzaiter Tim Atkins Theresa Christie Diana Cooke Danijela Cortan Donna Croom Rosie Edmunds Liz English Alison Floyd SarahBeth Gallimore Amanda Hackett Rhonda Holland Jerry Holland, Jr. Kenneth Jordon Kristi May Valerie McKean Jason Mitchell Brandy Morton Kristin Mueller Melinda Pope Mary Powell Renee Stanley Pamela Webb REGION 6 Tina Bayonet Deborah Canady Joe Cannon Linda Cramblit Ryan Davis David Ernest Mary Foster Elizabeth Franklin

Rodney Garren Lynn Hanes Eric Hodges James Isley Susan Kent Vickie Lawrence Sydney Mashburn Armando Mata Benjamin Miller James Minton Lori Phelps Xan Pilgrim Toni Powers Kristin Ranson Catherine Robertson Ivan Roten Robyn St. Clair Pam Vines Brittany Ward REGION 7 Kristie Ferguson Roger Hart Carol Schofield REGION 8 Tracy Brener Kimberly Christenbury Anthony Clifton Elizabeth ConnorStewart Donald DeBouse Katie Koppelmann Maureen Roberge Michael White REGION 9 Britt Allen Wendy Barnes Olga Kolvalsky Elena Kovrigin Blevins Mary Matthew Ramsby Amanda Simpkins REGION 10 Bradley Barritt Donna Boyd Gregory Bragg Helen Croghan Jennifer Davis Shari Ellis Leonard Gambles Frank Geraci Scottie Hundley Marika La Sorsa Thomas Murel Chandra Quaye Andrea Smith Amy Sossaman Tracy Watson Jenny Wenzell-Ortiz

16  INSIGHT • November 2018

WILLIAM C. BASS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Steven Allen Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

Stacy Hiers Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

Marvette Artis Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

Christi Hill Jacksonville Board of REALTORS®

Renee Cooney Carolina Smokies Association of REALTORS®

John McPherson Winston-Salem Regional Association of REALTORS®

Deborah Davis High Point Regional Association of REALTORS®

Lenny Nguyen Orange Chatham Association of REALTORS®

Danica Fletcher Cape Fear REALTORS®

Brooke Rudd-Gaglie Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®

Logan Geddie Longleaf Pine REALTORS®

Joan Swift High Point Regional Association of REALTORS®

board roles—by an average of 21 percent. We reached new members that we have never reached before through innovative events and education such as CE at Sea, and on the whole, our membership has grown by 8 percent since 2017. We established an awardwinning Global Network, which won NAR’s Platinum Award for global economic development initiatives, and we had a strong presence at the world’s largest property market—MIPIM. We expanded the Shared GAD program and successfully fought against steep homeowner’s insurance tax hikes, resulting in impressive consumer engagement in the campaign. We created a new conference—SPARK—specifically targeting women and providing high-caliber speakers with highlevel and timely content. We continued to improve the NC REALTORS® brand, as well as the brand of our non-profit entities, including NC REEF and the NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation, with new brand identities, websites, collateral and more. In many ways, we have had a stellar year, and you should all be proud of the association we have become in an effort to better serve you. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your NC REALTORS® president over the past year in spite of the hardships we have all faced. For all of our members and staff who have selflessly given your time, talent and resources to personally support me, our leadership, the industry, our association, initiatives and mission, I thank you. Nothing we do would be possible without your talent, generosity and compassion. Because of you, we have risen together over the past year to be better as an association, to be more influential and to make a positive impression on the lives of the people we serve— including yours.


Join us at some of these events this year, and maximize your membership value through networking. Learn more and register at ncrealtors.org/network. VISION QUEST/WINTER LEADERSHIP MEETINGS

LOOKING AHEAD 2019 President Asa Fleming Building on the great leadership of 2018 under the direction of President Amy Hedgecock and the many leaders beside and before her, NC REALTORS® weathered multiple storms—from actual storms, including devastating tornadoes and hurricanes, to industry disruption and non-homeowner friendly government legislation. Even still, we thrived together and will continue to rise together above the obstacles, adversity and challenges we face as an association, as REALTORS®, as community leaders and as an industry. We are stronger today because of the vision of those that served before. We are wiser today because of the collective experience of our leadership. We are better today because we keep fighting the good fight—for homeownership rights, fair real estate business regulations and more. I hope it is clear to you, NC REALTORS®, that we have your back. With every investment, action, decision, initiative, opportunity, event and more—everything we do is for our members and the communities you serve. It is my goal in 2019 to build on our successes to date and place an even greater emphasis on advocacy, where our impact historically is great, and the opportunities for impact are even greater. We will also focus on strengthening our diversity and celebrate inclusivity in everything we do—with purpose and intent. We will build bridges, create alliances within and outside of our REALTOR® family and we will become an enviable association with immense influence and positive impact. I’m hopeful that I can count on your input, ideas, support and effort to achieve the possible and attempt to reach the perceived impossible. Together, nothing is out of our reach. NC REALTORS® has your back. Can I count on you to have ours? #

January 15–18, 2019 Grandover Resort & Conference Center Greensboro Kick off the year with leadership training designed to give you the confidence and courage needed to effectively lead in your association, workplace and community.

CE AT SEA CRUISE March 2–9, 2019 Eastern Caribbean Explore the Caribbean and complete your 2019 Continuing Education aboard the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas. Registration is closed.

LEGISLATIVE MEETINGS March 25–27, 2019 Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh Join your peers, speak to your legislators and learn more about issues impacting REALTORS® and the North Carolina real estate industry.

MIXERS Dates and Locations TBD NC REALTORS® serves up a flight of MIXers across the state, and the drinks are on us! It’s your chance to see old friends, meet new friends and mingle with NC REALTORS® staff.

STATE OF REAL ESTATE April 11–12, 2019 Wilmington, NC This day-long forum is designed to solve current statewide issues and challenges that impact areas of real estate and economic development.

REGIONAL AE CONFERENCE July 19–23, 2019 Renaissance Hotel, Asheville This event provides AEs opportunities to network with their peers from across North Carolina and Georgia and to earn an estimated 16 hours of professional development training that will count towards Core Standards requirements.

XCHANGE ’19 NC REALTORS® Convention & Expo September 14–17, 2019 Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst The largest and most popular event of the year aims to inspire, motivate and educate NC REALTORS® from across the state.


NC REALTORS® MOBILE APP Access the exclusive member portal, the events calendar, discounts and savings and more!

ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  19


20  INSIGHT • November 2018

ARE HEATING UP Today, podcasts are a perfect example of a fastgrowing, under-utilized technology which can benefit your business. BY: TRACEY GOULD, M.S. IMC, CPSM AND KOTY ARNOLD


nless you’ve been living in the dark ages, podcasts are on fire— again. This on-again, off-again digital communications medium was recently named one of the most B2B consumed content formats by Demand Gen Report’s 2018 Content Preferences Survey. In fact, this study discovered 64 percent of respondents found podcasts to be a “valuable content format in the early stage of the buying journey.” From a consumer perspective, 26 percent of Americans listen to podcasts monthly, and podcast consumption among women increased by 14 percent since 2017, according to Edison Research’s The Infinite Dial 2018 report. These are impressive statistics, and if you’re a business leader or manager without a podcast game, now may be the time to create your own playbook.

Background Today, podcasts are a perfect example of a fast-growing, under-utilized technology which can benefit your business. A podcast is similar to radio, but the audio can be streamed from or downloaded to devices such as phones or computers. Generally, consumers are able to subscribe to a podcast series they like. Then, their podcast application notifies them directly when a new episode appears. Thanks to the advent of the smartphone in the mid2000s, podcasts have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  21

consumers increasingly use them for all sorts of diverse content. In 2014, the Washington Post reported one billion consumers subscribed to podcasts on iTunes alone. This number is rising and rising fast. What’s more, consumers who use podcasts use them with enormous dedication. A recent Edison Research study concluded that podcast users spend on average 25 percent of their total audio time listening to podcasts, making them significantly more tuned in than consumers of other media formats. Businesses and entrepreneurs can and should take steps to set up podcasts, but they need to be prepared with the right equipment and aware of potential problems to avoid.

Benefits An observer may initially be surprised at the popularity of podcasts. After all, wouldn’t people be more inclined to tune into a video or read content rather than listen to it? However, it becomes clear to those who look that podcasts offer enormous advantages to both entrepreneurs and consumers over those alternative media formats. To entrepreneurs, podcasting provides a very cost-effective way of building relationships with an audience. To consumers, podcasts are versatile and can be used during times they can’t focus attention on an email or a video. They can turn them on when they are driving to work, when they are cooking in their kitchen or even while working in the office (should their position allow it). Like a video, audiences engage themselves with the podcaster's voice and foster a more personal relationship with the speaker. Podcasting also offers your firm advantages over just sending an email or a newsletter and calling it a day. Written content is an invaluable aspect of a business’ marketing strategy, but not all consumers have the desire to read it routinely. They may be more engaged with a podcast where someone speaks directly to them in a more colloquial style.

Podcasts as a Relationship Builder Podcasts do more than just provide consumers with another option and entrepreneurs with an inexpensive 22  INSIGHT • November 2018


• Blue Yeti Podcast Microphone • Samson Meteor Mic USB Condenser Microphone • Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone

PODCAST HOSTING SERVICE • Liberated Syndication • Podomatic • SoundCloud

VIDEO/PHONE CHAT SOFTWARE • FaceTime • Skype • Zencastr

VIDEO/PHONE CALL RECORDER (Check for compatibility with video/phone chat software listed above.) • Ecamm Call Recorder • Pamela • Real Call Recorder

Resources and equipment to help you get started podcasting. SOUND EDITOR

• Adobe Audition • Audacity • Reaper Digital Audio Workstation

PODCAST SITE SYNDICATION • Google Play Radio • iTunes • Stitcher

Source: Florida REALTOR® Magazine, May 2017

means of outreach. They also build relationships between the two parties. Entrepreneurs who make use of podcasts can hone their messages and tailor them perfectly to fit the needs of their listening audience. Audiences can, in turn, keep themselves up-todate with information directly provided from the business they enjoy following. Whether a business is providing their audience with a podcast about real estate, newly-released books or even a subject like fishing, the format allows them to communicate in a way that builds their brand. For real estate-related content, podcasts are rising in popularity to demonstrate expertise in the industry. A quick glance through PlayerFM’s home page previews a number of podcasts and topics, ranging from investing to marketing to coaching to rental income. Real estate industry experts utilize podcasts to educate and inform their stakeholders, persuade consumers, and sell their service—whatever side of the industry they’re on. In fact, 64 percent of consumers prefer podcasts at the top of the sales funnel, according to the 2018 Content Preferences Survey Report. Whatever the subject, a regular stream of podcasting content keeps your audience engaged and ensures they stay tuned in to your business. As Steve and Nicole Arnold, the creators of the podcasts “Great Contemporaries” and “Abstract Art by Nicole,” state, “podcasting enables entrepreneurs to craft a message directed exclusively to their audience.” Podcasting cuts out this middle-man, so to speak, and gives you the chance to communicate to your audience in any way that you want. Though this provides entrepreneurs with enormous control over their content, they must never take their audience for granted. To really build your brand and connect with your audience, you need to keep them invested by talking about things they want to hear about. Podcasts should focus on a consistent theme while avoiding repetition and, perhaps most importantly, relate a brand to the audience’s daily life.

Costs & Equipment One of the most advantageous aspects of podcasts relative to other formats for

consumer outreach is how simple and cheap they are to set up. Anyone who is willing to set one up can do so. Whereas videos often require green screens, a cameraman and sometimes a move to a different area, podcasts really only demand that you buy a microphone and have access to a computer. Virtually all podcast owners agree, though, that the microphone needs to be highquality. Muffled audio or background crackling detracts from your audience’s immersion and may even make it annoying for them to listen. Fortunately, high-caliber microphones don’t have to break your bank account. Some of the best options, recommended by seasoned podcaster Albert Costill, can be obtained for less than one hundred dollars, such as the Samson Meteor and MXL990. Once you’ve bought the microphone that you need for a great recording, you simply need to connect it to your computer and start recording. After you’ve obtained the audio file, you should visit an audio hosting site such as Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) or SoundCloud in order to upload it to the internet. Once that has been accomplished, you can post your podcast to your website and start to promote it. It may be smart to make the podcast available on streaming services like iTunes. Not only will it publicize your podcast, but it’ll also make it easier for your audience to listen and subscribe to it.

Be Prepared As with any undertaking, prospective podcast hosts need to be aware of the potential problems that could hinder their mission. One of the most common issues that people have, when they begin a podcast, involves a lack of preparedness. Just one podcast takes a considerable amount of time to make sure that it is ready. After all, even if you do not write a full script, you will want at least a basic roadmap of your plan for the program. Questions such as: “What are you going to say to the audience?” and “How can I relate my brand and mission to their life?” should be answered in advance of the recording. Should you fail to take sufficient time beforehand to plan your podcast, you run the risk of having to record the ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  23

whole thing over again or, even worse, having to make due with an impotent podcast that incites users to tune out. Not only do you have to think about the things you want to say in advance of an individual podcast, but you also need to have an overarching vision and keep to a schedule for your podcast program. All too often, hosts begin a new podcast series with only about two or three episode ideas in mind. Once those have been completed, they have to rush to come up with something to have it uploaded on schedule, or they would have to delay their next episode. If you don’t have a steady stream of content coming out of your podcast series, then viewers will lose interest in following you. Mapping out a good plan for your episodes and series will advance your brand by keeping it interesting and in the minds of viewers. Podcasts offer numerous advantages to both consumers and businesses which need to be utilized. This upand-coming media format offers a rich platform in which consumers may engage the topics that are deeply important to them. Not only do consumers benefit from the vast assortment of podcasts, though. Businesses have the extraordinary opportunity of communicating directly with the consumers whom they value so much, and they can build their relationship with routine communication. Despite the surprisingly low cost that goes into setting up a high-quality podcast, the format offers an enormous amount of versatility compared to more traditional means of consumer-outreach. However, anyone who sets out to create a podcast should be aware that it is not something to take lightly. The experience is rewarding, but it mandates attention and care so that you can provide the best possible information to your audience on the most consistent schedule. Should you or your firm choose to take this step forward and set up an effective podcast, both your business and your consumers will surely find it to be valuable. #

24  INSIGHT • November 2018

TOP REAL ESTATE PODCASTS (as ranked by RISMedia) Coach Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry is the founder and CEO of one of the real estate industry’s leading coaching and training programs, as well as the bestselling author of “Life! By Design” and “Mindset, Model, and Marketing!” His podcast covers a wide range of topics to help agents get more listings, advertise successfully and engage clients more fully.

BiggerPockets Podcast

The BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene. They primarily interview real estate agents and investors about their successes, failures and lessons. These interviews are great if you’re looking for ways to supplement your income by investing, or even just looking for new tips to share with your clients.

Caravan Confessions

If you want a fun listen, these podcasts are what you’re looking for. On “Caravan Confessions,” Eric Simon interviews agents about the strangest things that happened to them on the job. These cover everything from walking in on someone using the bathroom to accidentally texting a listing agent something they absolutely weren’t meant to see.


Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneurial genius who shares his advice, recommendations and experiences on sales, social media, self-awareness, and more on his podcast, Garyvee. Take his advice and apply it to your real estate business to start living the life you want with the business success you deserve.

Real Estate Coaching Radio

Award-winning coaches Tim and Julie Harris go live every weekday with new real estate business tips. With nearly 1,200 episodes, this podcast has a bit of everything, but their focus is on industry news, interviews with real estate leaders, and coaching advice.

Real Estate Today Radio

Real Estate Today Radio is presented by NAR and targeted toward buyers and sellers. They have a lot of great information about mortgages, investing in real estate, buying a home, selling a home, and more. This podcast is a great resource to mine for new information for your clients.

Calls with Chris Smith

Chris Smith is the bestselling author of “The Conversion Code,” as well as a talented entrepreneur and speaker. He discusses topics such as business, branding, and growth in his podcast series, Calls with Chris Smith.

Real Estate Uncut

This Australia-based podcast has a bit of everything. Speakers speak on topics ranging from real estate sales to technology, social media, property management, team-building and personal/business development.

Rise Seattle Podcast

Hosted by Seattle-based real estate agent Tyler Davis Jones, this podcast series invites local business owners and celebrities onto the show for interviews. Topics range from what it’s like to be the owner/operator of three local coffee houses to discussions on whether Seattle is a diverse city or not. This is a great podcast to check out if you’re considering launching your own show.

Secrets of Top Selling Agents Podcast

Each week will feature a new episode with timeless advice for success in today’s real estate market. Drawn from over 10 years of interviews with the industry’s top agents, trainers, speakers and authors, this podcast is a must-have for agents looking to get the most from their business. Find all on your favorite podcast players, including iTunes, Stitcher and Tune-In.




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Murals and


hey are blooming like multicolored moss on the walls of buildings throughout urban areas. Outdoor murals, painted in a medley of styles and designs, are popping up in places as diverse as New York, Miami, Indianapolis and even Greensboro, North Carolina. 26  INSIGHT • November 2018

Large-scale street art has become the darling of many community development agencies which see this as a way to enhance blighted areas and build neighborhood pride. Increasingly, however, private developers are adding outdoor art to attract residents and business tenants, enhance buildings,

entice tourists and ultimately improve property values. W. Marshall “Marty” Kotis, CEO and owner of the Greensboro-based Kotis Holdings, has a passion for outdoor murals which reflects both his personal love of art and business acumen. He has commissioned more than 40 murals for


Photo by Peggy Brutcher

his properties in the last three years. “It ups the cool factor of the area,” he said. When asked if the artwork has increased the properties’ revenue streams, Kotis said, “We saw a definite difference in a couple of years.” Street murals are “open to the public; people can see it 24 hours a day, seven days a

week. They can enjoy the art on their own terms. It’s more welcoming; it’s much more accessible.” Visitors often post photos of the art on Instagram and Flickr, sparking free publicity. Outdoor art helps brick-and mortar-retail business compete with online shopping. Stores must create

“an experience,” Kotis said, to lure customers away from their screens. Outside art establishes a shopping destination, a place where people want to spend their day, he said. The current trend toward wall art evolved from the often-despised graffiti and street art that began popping up ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  27

in American subways in the 1970s, according to Widewalls, an art website. Graffiti was once seen as a blight that lowered property values. Over time, many graffiti artists, such as Keith Haring, emerged as gallery-worthy designers. Developers took note. A pioneer in the move to add outdoor art was Goldman Properties. Tony Goldman transformed Soho in New York City and Miami’s Wynwood and South Beach sections into upscale properties, in part because of large-scale outdoor art projects. Art has paid off. A 2016 study in the United Kingdom compared geotagged photos of art on Flickr with property values and found a distinct correlation between street art and increased property values. “Neighborhoods which have a higher proportion of ‘art’ photographs also have greater relative gains in property prices,” researchers concluded. 28  INSIGHT • November 2018

According to Realtor.com, art projects in Chicago’s Millennium Park fueled real estate growth to the tune of $1.4 billion. Even in smaller, suburban communities, public art is seen as a key factor in improving the urban environment. In Malden, Massachusetts, a commuter city outside Boston, Malden Arts has launched the ARTLine initiative to create outdoor galleries. The initiative emerged after Malden Arts created a mural this past spring in a small neglected park, using motifs from famed children’s illustrator and Malden native Ed Emberly. Previously, the park was “totally unnoticed and had an ugly wall on a parking garage,” said Naomi Kahn, Malden Arts treasurer. “We finished (the mural), I went for pizza, I came back, and I found people already were drawn to the park.” Now Malden sees art as a way to improve its cityscape.

Many low-income urban areas struggling to attract development have turned to murals. The blighted city of Lynn, Massachusetts, is still best known for the decades-old rhyme: “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin, you never come out the way you go in.” Now, Lynn has another reputation—as the location of the “Behind Walls Mural Festival” which attracts flocks of visitors downtown to view the more than 40 murals. Beyond Walls, a nonprofit focused on revitalizing downtown Lynn, sponsors the event. The group raises money, gets commitments from property owners about using their walls and recruits well-known muralists. The work reflects a graffiti influence; some are luscious portraits of women and men; some resemble cartoons; and some are as elaborate as a Diego Rivera painting. News organizations delight in picking out favorites.

Left: Cedric "Vise" Douglas and Julez Roth's stark mural in Lynn, painted for the first Beyond Walls Mural Festival in 2017.

The multiplicity of murals captivates Kotis, who sees himself as the “curator” of the art on his properties. He has developed a stable of artists that he can rely on. He does, however, recall the time he arranged for two artists from Australia to use fire equipment to spray a wall a shade of shocking lime green. “I am looking at the wall wondering if I have made a horrible mistake,” he recalled. “Then they put the details and final touches. It turned out amazing. Now it’s one of my favorite pieces.” Developers must consider key points before leaping on the mural bandwagon. One is potential controversy. “Art by its very nature is meant to be a discussion,” Kotis noted. Many street murals are political statements or deliberately provoke a reaction. He suggests developers thoroughly research an artist

Top: Explore Kotis’ breadth of commissioned street art by checking his Instagram feed (@MartyKotis) or see the murals in person at these addresses: 1111 Grecade St, 4711 Lawndale Dr, 1107 Grecade St, 1201 Battleground Ave, 1305 Battleground Ave, 2505 Battleground Ave, 1410 Westover Terr, 1424 Westover Terr, 1205 W Bessemer Ave, 301 E Washington St, 302 W Gate City Blvd, 516 Federal Place, 2505 Battleground Ave, 699 E Cone Blvd, 124 N Davie St, plus others tucked away throughout the city. Source: kotis.org.

before a making commission or hire a professional curator. Another issue that may arise is concern about gentrification. As Realtor. com noted, gentrification “drives up home values to the point where creative types can no longer afford to live there.” That doesn’t have to happen. “The art is beautiful but the rent goes super high and the families for whom the art was [made] for, get displaced. Here, that’s not the case,” said David Valecillos, director of the museum program for the North Shore Community Development Coalition, which has created the Punto Urban Arts Museum in a struggling area of Salem, Massachusetts. For decades, tourists flocked to Salem, known as the “Witch City,” but seldom ventured into the Point neighborhood just a few blocks away. “An invisible barrier”

kept tourists from the largely Hispanic, lower-income area, Valecillos said. The coalition began adding murals to their low-income housing property by local and national artists in 2016. The barrier melted away. Tourists began to venture in—and spend money. Destination Salem, a publication with a 350,000 circulation that promotes Salem, has highlighted the Punto Urban Arts Museum as one of the top things to do, Valecillos said. Most importantly the art has raised neighborhood spirits. “Kids in the community now refer to buildings by the mural. Instead of saying they live on 17 Ward Street, they say, ‘Oh I live where the farmer is,’ or ‘Where the hummingbird is,’ which is very powerful. They are very proud of where they live,” Valecillos said. “Art can be an amazing ncrealtors.org • INSIGHT  29


2019 Vision Quest & Winter Leadership Meetings January 15 – 18, 2019 Grandover Resort & Conference Center Register by January 7, 2019 at ncrealtors.org

30  INSIGHT • November 2018

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