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You can find these editing options on both iOS and Android smartphones.

SATURATION: Used to making the

CONTRAST: Increasing contrast makes

colors in the photo stand out more.

light areas lighter and dark areas darker in a photo.

HIGHLIGHTS: Takes all of the bright


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points in a photo and makes them brighter.

SHARPEN: Increases the contrast to

SHADOWS: Increasing shadows will

BLUR: Makes a portion of the image

lighten the dark points, decreasing will darken the dark points.

seem out of focus to draw attention to a subject or object.

BRIGHTNESS: Refers to the lightness

EXPOSURE: Determines how light or

or darkness of the image based on every pixel in the frame.

dark an image will appear when captured.

Stay focused

This may sound like common sense, but make sure your photos are in focus! There is nothing more annoying than a picture that is blurry or out of focus. Sure, there are ways to professionally manipulate photos that don’t come out just right, but why go to all that trouble when the simple remedy is to focus your photo from the start. To do this on your phone, tap the subject on the screen of your phone and then take your photo. This tapping action identifies what you want to be in focus and then adjusts the exposure of your camera so your subject is well defined. 18  INSIGHT • May 2017


make an object seem more in focus.

Use a photo editor

Some photos turn out great, some not so great. For those that need to be brightened or need some color adjustments, use a photo editor. Both iOS and Android phones come with photo editing tools through their photo gallery app. Some of the most popular tools used to adjust photos are the highlights, shadows and saturation tools. The highlights and shadows tools help bring out the brighter and darker elements in your photo. The saturation tool helps to adjust the color of your photo; more saturation makes the colors pop in your photo whereas less saturation removes the color intensity and richness. Your ultimate goal will help you determine what adjustments to make. You can also use photo editing apps like Instagram to help enhance your photos, through premade filters. Remember, especially when posting on social media apps like Instagram, people want to see creative photos that are pleasing to the eye, so use a photo editor to help make your photos stand out, not to distract. #

Insight | May 2017  

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