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The Heck-Andrews House returns to its roots


1 1. View of the house from the south lawn circa 1900 (Charles Heck, great grandson of Colonel Johnathan Heck) 2. Engraving of Col. Heck. (State Library of North Carolina) 3. Parlor (Charles Heck) 4. Invoice for French window glass. (State Archives of North Carolina)



f you take a walk along Raleigh’s historic Blount Street, you will notice multiple examples of architecture depicting the different eras that have spanned the city’s life. Among those is one of the city’s clearest and well-defined examples of the Second Empire style: the Heck-Andrews House. Across the street from the lieutenant governor’s office and just steps away from the governor’s mansion, the Heck-Andrews House was completed in 1872 and occupied until the late 1980s. Since then, the house has stood vacant, preserved in time, all but for the exterior renovation completed by its last owner, the state of North Carolina, in 2014. But now the house and its new owner, NC REALTORS®, stand on the precipice of a new adventure. Preserving the house’s history is an important part of cementing NC REALTORS®’ position, not just in Raleigh, but also across our state. As we embark on the renovation journey to bring the house back to its original glory, while also creating a top-flight event and office space, we want to take you back to see the history of the house, NC REALTORS®’ role in the state capitol and

8  INSIGHT • February 2017

what the future holds. For up-to-date information on the renovation, check out We will be launching a blog in mid-March to give you an inside look at the progress.

Heck-Andrews: Then and Now When the land for the home was purchased in 1869 by Colonel Jonathan Heck and his wife, Mattie, Raleigh was a much different place than it is today. For starters, Blount Street terminated just past the house at North Street. This meant that the home they proposed would stand as a pillar of the growing community and as a landmark for the area. The construction followed exacting specifications, set forth by Mattie Heck, to follow in the traditions of the Second Empire design aesthetic. Col. Heck was himself a lawyer, industrialist and a real estate developer who had a strong interest in development, both on a personal and civic level. From its very

Insight | February 2017  

Real Impact: NC REALTORS® Pour Into Action for Hurricane Matthew Flood Relief

Insight | February 2017  

Real Impact: NC REALTORS® Pour Into Action for Hurricane Matthew Flood Relief