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Sherbrooke Village, Nova Scotia

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urn your next vacation into a mission! We have 19 amazing and diverse experiences to add to your life’s list. Where else can you walk on the ocean floor, spend an evening with Anne of Green Gables, touch amazing creatures of the sea or journey into the core of the Earth? A visit to the Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada is almost like touring the mysterious wonders of the world. Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada is a partnership of the premier natural, cultural and historic attractions of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Each attraction has passed a rigorous evaluation to ensure that they deliver the highest quality experience for you, our visitors. So there’s no need to figure out the must-see attractions in your itinerary - we’ve done that for you! As you travel from attraction to attraction, you’ll tour the treasures of the region, like the spectacular dunes of Prince Edward Island, the rising tides of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, the colourful fishing villages and rugged coast of Newfoundland and Labrador and the breathtaking views of the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. Top it off with delicious seafood and an evening of traditional entertainment, like the joie de vivre of Acadian culture or toe-tapping Celtic music. The Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada travel map is your Life’s List Passport to all 19 Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada! Simply present your Passport at each of the attractions you and your travel party visit, receive a discounted admission and have your Passport stamped for contest entry. You’ve made your life’s list, now’s the time to put your stamp on it! When you return home, we can assure you will long for the day you can return.


New Brunswick Discover New Brunswick and be enchanted by all of our natural wonders! When was the last time you walked on the ocean floor? Sailed alongside masses of whales? Stepped into the shoes of an Acadian settler? Embark on the journey of a lifetime and be captivated by the stunning fortunes of New Brunswick. As Canada’s only officially bilingual province, New Brunswick prides itself on welcoming and accommodating all visitors. The warmth and friendliness of our Maritime culture will embrace you during your travels. Nowhere else can you find such a unique blend of Mi’kmaq, Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), Acadian, Brayon, Scottish, Irish and Loyalist flavour that makes this land an historical and cultural wonder! Start your adventure by learning about the home of the world’s highest tides, and continue by discovering the life of Acadian pioneers who helped to settle this incredible piece of the New World. Step back in time as you watch the wonders unfold at Kings Landing Historical Settlement,Village Historique Acadien or Le Pays de la Sagouine. Enjoy dinner to the tune of local fiddlers and an evening out at any one of our many majestic towns or wind-down in a secluded cabin surrounded by nature and our ambling rivers.



xplore one of the world’s greatest marine wonders found here in the famous Bay of Fundy’s Hopewell Rocks. You can uncover fabulous displays of nature provided by some of the world’s highest tides. Take a walk on the ocean floor during low tide. Then watch as just six hours later those same footprints you created in the sand are buried under 12 meters (36 feet) of water. Or disappear in the shadows of the majestic flowerpot rocks that tower up to four stories above you, the result of thousands of years of erosion. These rock formations are like tiny islands submersed in the same ocean currents that continue to sculpt them. You are sure to leave Hopewell Rocks in wonder of nature’s great power and gifts. Once you finish up there, catch a ride on our shuttle service and to maximize the impact of your trip, visit the interactive interpretive centre and learn about the world-renowned Fundy tides.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Snair

1 The Hopewell Rocks

Take in the panoramic view of the Bay of Fundy, as you dine in our self-service restaurant. Or lose yourself in our one-ofa-kind gift shop where you will certainly find the perfect souvenir of your trip.

131 Discovery Road, Hopewell Cape, NB E4H 4Z5 Tel: 506-734-3429 • Toll free: 1-877-734-3429 Fax: 506-734-3357 • E-mail:


he majestic St. John River Valley is home to the bustling livinghistory village of Kings Landing Historical Settlement. Immerse yourself in this colony’s century-long transformation into a thriving nation, as history comes to life before your eyes. Visitors are immersed in the sights, sounds, colours, and personalities that heralded the transformation of a young colony into a vibrant nation. The bustle of farm life, the fresh kitchen aromas, the distant melodies from lively fiddlers and dancing townsfolk combine to create the Kings Landing experience - not to be missed! Explore the farms, shops, kitchens and more and you will see villagers investing their determination and strength into working the land and sustaining life. Wander through more than 70 period buildings dating from 1790 to 1910 and discover the authentic and bustling re-creation of New Brunswick’s Loyalist history. Touch the magnificent period artifacts, furniture and equipment and lose yourself in the excitement beheld by the inspiring villagers, as you travel through over 100 years of New Brunswick’s history and traditions. Enjoy mid 19th century dining fare at King’s Head Inn or opt for a more contemporary dining experience at the Family Restaurant. Ice cream cones and other delectables are served from the Prince William Ice Cream Parlour. Be sure to leave plenty of time to uncover the treasures of our Gift Shop or 1890 Grant Store, where you will find a selection of handmade gifts and keepsakes including pottery, woodenware, quilts, maple products and much more. Discover the epic story of Kings Landing. It’s more than just history, it’s history well told.

2 Kings Landing Historical Settlement Exit #253 Trans Canada Highway, West of Fredericton 20 Kings Landing Rd., NB E6K 3W3 Tel: 506-363-4999 • Info line: 506-363-4959 E-mail:



tep into the storybook world of La Sagouine and leave with a true appreciation of the Acadian "joie de vivre". Meet the colourful characters invented by internationally renowned Acadian novelist and author Antonine Maillet's imagination. A real live village, in an enchanting natural setting alive with theatre, music, comedy and dance, allows visitors to discover the unique Acadian culture. Evenings also come alive with a variety of dinner-theatres and musicals. The whole cast of characters, accompanied by two house bands, will keep your fingers snapping, your feet tapping and your spirits light all through your visit. Or you can take a nice walk across the footbridge to l’Île-aux-Puces and visit La T’chuisine des Mathilda, where you will learn to cook a variety of Acadian meals. A visit to the house of La Sagouine is essential, as is a visit to the house of La Sainte where you’ll meet Les Chicaneuses who have many tales to tell. Continuing on to La Boucanerie, you are sure to discover a variety of fishing trades and even taste smoked herring. Make your way to the Phare à Gapi, a place full of legends! Perhaps you will be brave enough to stop at the Shack des clairvoyants and discover many mysteries of the future, once you have enjoyed a relaxing drink at our very own Bootleggeux.


Le Pays de la Sagouine

57, rue Acadie, Bouctouche, NB E4S 2T7 Tel: 1-800-561-9188 E-mail:

Join our tour guide for a daily English presentation and you will learn about the Acadian culture through its history, past and present! Accompanied by our fiddler, we will even show you how to play the spoons! For the sweet tooth, you’ll get to taste one of our famous Acadian desserts! Come and live the Acadian joie de vivre!


et on the outskirts of modern society, in the northeast corner of New Brunswick, lies the Village Historique Acadien. Acadian ancient customs and traditions await your arrival, to transport you back to the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Delight your senses and enrich your mind as you discover the magic beheld by the rich Acadian culture. Indulge in the tastes of true Acadian foods and explore their day-to-day life, by partaking in educational games and learning about their famous architecture. Observe the bilingual interpreters who are dressed in period costume as they carry out their daily tasks, including spinning wool and flax, making bread, cooking meals and making barrels. Everyone has a story to tell in this authentic and bustling Acadian village. Continue your ride through time on a horse and cart ride. Take a breath and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the inclusive environment that the Acadians thrived on. Come and add your footprint to our history. Join in the season-long celebrations and special events. Sample our history and take a little of our joie de vivre (joy of living) home with you!

4 Village Historique Acadien 14311, route 11, Caraquet, NB E1W 1B7 Tel: 1-877-721-2200 E-mail:


Newfoundland & Labrador

Stress free travel planning‌ that’s what we do. Maxxim Vacations offers the very best of Atlantic Canada, from the independence of a self-drive vacation, to the comfort of an escorted tour. Select from any of the tours we offer or call and we can create a package tailored just to you!

New Brunswick



Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

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Photo courtesy of Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

Newfoundland & Labrador With the Northern Lights majestically sparkling in the night sky and bagpipers piping from the hilltops, your Newfoundland and Labrador dream vacation will transform you forever. Delve into the history, live the culture and excite your senses with our provinces richest adventures. The vigorous atmosphere and breath-catching sites will drive you to explore every corner and every bend of our prosperous land. Experience the culture and traditions of days gone by at the Colony of Avalon, Grenfell Historic Properties, Red Bay National Historic Site, and Ryan Premises National Historic Site. Slow-down and embrace one of the last frontiers where mankind can experience the thrill of nature by camping with the free roaming caribou. Experience some of the earth’s oldest natural beauties as you’re dwarfed next to our 10-thousand year old icebergs. Discover some of the earth’s best-kept secrets at the Johnson GEO CENTRE, and wander amongst the fascinating species of butterflies at the Newfoundland Insectarium and Butterfly Garden. Come into our homes and join our famous kitchen parties where we will dance and drink to our Celtic Reels. Let go and indulge in the many pleasures of the true Newfoundland and Labrador cuisines that await you. Come, fill your heart with delight and explore our land of paradise.



he Colony of Avalon is a17th century English colony that was “forgotten” for centuries and is currently being excavated. Catch the excitement as you enjoy a tour of the excavations and witness the unfolding of history as archaeologists unearth the long lost town. Walk through a restored herb garden, traverse on ancient cobblestone streets, visit our Interpretation Centre, or sit by a warm fire and have a chat with some of our costumed interpreters. Connect to a piece of history at the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Newfoundland and Labrador. Ferryland is located on the east coast of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula and is probably as close to Europe as any place in the New World. Today it’s a fishing community of about 750 people, but beginning in the early 1500s it was visited seasonally at least by Beothuk Indians and fishermen from Portugal, Spain, France, the Basque Country, Normandy, Brittany and West Country England. In 1621, the first permanent settlement was established by George Calvert, later the first Lord Baltimore. Avalon, as he chose to call it, was Baltimore's first New World venture and the beginning of religious toleration in British North America. In 1637, Charles I granted the entire Island of Newfoundland to a syndicate headed by Sir David Kirke. Kirke dispossessed Baltimore's representative from the "mansion house" and established his own residence there.


Colony of Avalon

Box 119, Ferryland, NL A0A 2H0 Tel: 709-432-3200 • Toll Free: 1-877-326-5669 Fax: 709-432-2842 • E-mail:

Kirke died in jail in England in 1654 but his wife, Lady Sara Kirke, continued to manage the most successful fishing business on the English Shore. She survived a raid by Dutch forces in 1673, but died before the French burned Ferryland in 1696. For the past decade archaeologists have been slowly revealing Calvert's Avalon, David Kirke's Pool Plantation, and traces of the native people and migratory fishermen who came before them. To date, over a million artifacts have been discovered, including Portuguese ceramics, gold rings, a sea-flushed privy, a stone-walled well and much more. Also, stop and discover the culinary wonders of our local restaurants and take advantage of the area’s many guesthouses, boat tours and gift shops.


he Grenfell Properties house an amazing story of a young medical doctor, a missionary and philanthropist. Dr. Wilfred Thomason Grenfell came to Northern Newfoundland and Labrador in 1892 to investigate the conditions of the fishermen on the coast. He was so touched by the appalling levels of poverty endured by the fishermen and the local population, that he returned the following year and began, what turned out to be, a lifetime of service to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. You will be intrigued and captivated by the presence of the late Dr. Grenfell as you stroll quietly through his house, the Grenfell House Museum. The medical missionary from England commissioned the house in 1909 and it stands today filled with an assortment of displays and artifacts which chronicle Grenfell’s life, and the work of the many people who helped establish the Grenfell Mission.

Dr. Grenfell, a firm believer in helping people do things for themselves, became a driving force in the economic development in the area. He was instrumental in forming a fisherman’s co-operative, a co-operative lumber mill, opening the first orphanage, Newfoundland’s first interdenominational school, and he introduced a barter system whereby patients could trade craft items they had produced, in return for medical services. The Grenfell Interpretation Centre houses the well known Grenfell Handicrafts, an impressive gallery of displays, and panels that chronicle the work of the Grenfell Mission and Dr. Grenfell. Explore the Grenfell Properties and uncover the story of the reindeer, the Grenfell Dock, Tea House Hill, the Strathcona and the many other accomplishments of this revered man.

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism/Parks Canada

6 Grenfell Historic Properties P.O. Box 93, St. Anthony, NF A0K 4S0 Phone: (709) 454-4010 • Fax: (709) 454-4047 Email:



hese rocks can talk…if you listen carefully! At the Johnson GEO CENTRE, visitors can travel from the depth of the earth’s core to the far reaches of the solar system without ever leaving the comfortable confines of this underground attraction. Located on world-famous Signal Hill, the building is one of the most unique in the province. Unleash your excitement in our reception hall as you descend through our illuminated, full colour solar system. The glass-encompassed entrance structure is one of the few sections that are above ground. This magnificent 33,600 square foot facility is mostly underground and the 550 million-year-old exposed rock serves as the external walls for its exhibits. Take a ride on the glass elevator and discover the wonders of our universe. Learn why Newfoundland and Labrador is celebrated as Earth’s Geological Showcase at the Johnson GEO CENTRE. Investigate the history of our planets unnerving torrential rainstorms, earthquakes and volcanoes. Continue through the exhibits and learn more about Our Planet, Our Province, Our People, and Our Future.


Next, uncover the story of the Titanic and travel 300 kilometers off our coast to drill for oil in the ExxonMobil Oil & Gas Gallery. Don’t forget to check out the NASA pictures including galaxies, distant stars and nebulae.


Whether you are engaged in our presentations on Mars, icebergs and tsunamis, or scavenging the wonders of GEO GIFTS, you’re sure to leave the Johnson GEO CENTRE with an “out of this world” experience.

175 Signal Hill Road, St. John's, NL A1A 1B2 Tel: 709-737-7880 • Toll free: 1-866-868-ROCK (7625) Fax: 709-737-7885 • E-mail:


n 2008 the Newfoundland Insectarium celebrates its 10th anniversary. This world class attraction showcases insect groups from around the world in wall mounted and floor exhibits. A visit to the facility is a celebration of the most beautiful and fascinating group of animals on earth! The Insectarium is unique to Atlantic Canada. A visit to the butterfly garden will fascinate you with hundreds of free flying tropical butterflies in a tranquil indoor setting. One is surely to land on your shoulder. The glass beehive houses over 10,000 active honeybees. Observe the bee dance or the queen laying eggs. Take in an educational video in the theater or have one of the friendly staff let you hold a live walking stick or leaf insect. Be sure to visit the one-of-a kind gift shop offering a wide range of unique nature and insect-related souvenirs that you will not find in a "typical" gift shop. You'll be sure to find something for everyone on your list! Outside, a walking trail weaves through fields and wooded areas rich in songbirds. In addition, beaver, muskrat, ducks and geese are often observed in the pond and nearby rivers. The Newfoundland Insectarium - Small Wonders, Big Memories!



Newfoundland Insectarium and Butterfly Garden

2 Bonne Bay Rd., Reidville, NL A8A 2V1 Phone: (709) 635-4545 • Toll Free: 1-866-635-5454 Fax: (709) 635-4506 • Email:


ed Bay National Historic Site of Canada tells the incredible story of hardship, exploitation and profit in the Strait of Belle Isle during the 16th century. Whalers from the Basque country made the difficult annual voyage to hunt whales and make oil to satisfy lucrative European markets. Red Bay’s natural sheltered harbour, known as Les Buttes or Boytus, was one of the largest and busiest whaling ports of the time.


Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada

P.O. Box 103, Red Bay, NL A0K 4K0 Tel (all year): 709-920-2142 • Tel (summer): 709-920-2051 Tel (alternate): 709-458-2417 • Fax: 709-920-2144 E-mail:

When combined with archival documentation, archaeological research at Red Bay provides a complete picture of the economy and technology of 16th century whaling. The collection of Basque artifacts found there is thought to be the best of its kind in the world and includes a wide variety of items relating to the life and work of the whalers. Excellent examples of the collection are on display at the Visitor Interpretation Centre. Red Bay’s historic treasures also include the most complete and best-preserved examples of 16th century ships and boats known in the world. The study of these vessels has contributed greatly to our understanding of the evolution of ship design and seafaring technology during the period. The interpretive exhibit features a 1:20 scale model of the San Juan, a Basque-whaling galleon that was lost at Red Bay in 1565, as well as a restored whale boat or chalupa. Self-guided walking tours and special interpretive programs are available on Saddle Island, where most of the land-based archaeology took place. Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada is on the short list of Canadian sites to be brought forward for nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage List before 2015.


he fascinating 500-year-old story of Canada's east coast fishery is interpreted at this restored 19th century industrial salt fish complex located in the historic town of Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador. The commercial fishery profoundly influenced the settlement, culture and economic development of Canada’s east coast and this site explores the international, inshore and Labrador fisheries as well as the seal hunt. The quality of the surviving physical resources and the location within the town of Bonavista, a fishing community noted for the richness of fisheries related resources, make it a special and unique place. Discover the rich character of the buildings, marvel at the award winning exhibits, and talk to costumed interpreters about the history of the fishery from the 15th to the 20th century. Enjoy live theatre and musical performances by the Cape Shore Boys. Let a retired local fisherman beguile you with stories at the Fisherman’s Corner. Be sure to stop and admire the work of our talented local artisans. Learn about Bonavista’s rich fishing heritage at the on-site Bonavista Museum, and select a keepsake at the Heritage Shop to complete your visit.

10 Ryan Premises National Historic Site of Canada P.O. Box 1451, Bonavista, NL A0C 1B0 Tel: 709-468-1600 • Fax: 709-468-1604 E-mail:



NEW BRUNSWICK 1. The Hopewell Rocks 2. Kings Landing Historical Settlement 3. Le Pays de la Sagouine 4. Village Historique Acadien NEWFOUNDLAND 5. Colony of Avalon 6. Grenfell Historic Properties 7. Johnson GEO CENTRE 8. Newfoundland Insectarium and Butterfly Garden 9. Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada 10. Ryan Premises National Historic Site of Canada

NOVA SCOTIA 11. Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic 12. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada 13. Highland Village Museum 14. Joggins Fossil Centre 15. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic 16. Ross Farm Museum 17. Sherbrooke Village PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 18. The College of Piping 19. Confederation Centre of the Arts 11

Nova Scotia Embark on a journey to Nova Scotia, Canada’s original ‘front door’ where we welcome you to join in our celebrations of life and beauty. With splendidly diverse cultures, a rich history shaped by the sea and breathtaking landscapes, your Nova Scotia vacation is sure to be an entertaining and harmonious getaway. Dance with us to the rhythm of our Celtic reels as the ocean waves lap against the near-by beaches. Celebrate the taste of a Nova Scotian vacation and indulge in our infamous lobster-boils and expertly aged wine. Experience the past first-hand, like a page out of a history book, as you stroll through the Citadel Hill Fortress, Sherbrooke Village, Ross Farm Museum and Highland Village. Take a tour of the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and discover the wondrous maritime traditions that have been a part of our culture for centuries. Explore some of the mysteries of time and at the Joggins Fossil Centre. Hike the Highlands in Cape Breton and discover the splendor of the Cabot Trail’s spectacular views while the melodies of nature serenade you. Sail or kayak alongside captivating whales that thrive in our ocean and experience the peacefulness that can only be found when two worlds coincide so affectionately.


Come in our front door to the land where sea meets sand and let the blissful rhythm of our province embrace your mind, body and soul.


et yourself to the sea! Come and explore the historical buildings and vessels in the UNESCO town of Lunenburg. The breath-taking Lunenburg waterfront is the home of the world-class Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic recently named as one of the top 1000 best places to see in the US and Canada before you die. The Museum commemorates the fishing heritage of the Atlantic coast of Canada. Housed in brightly painted red buildings, with floating vessels at wharfside, the Museum offers a host of attractions, a maritime gift shop and restaurant. Visit our three floors of exhibits including the world’s largest collection of BLUENOSE artifacts. Stroll our wharf side exhibits, which include full access to the schooner Theresa E. Connor and the side trawler Cape Sable, where you can attempt to get your ‘sea legs’. Visit our aquarium and get the scoop on scallops and lobster lore. Launch a model schooner and listen to a yarn from our old salts that have lived on the North Atlantic all of their lives. Sit, relax and enjoy our featured films in the Ice House Theatre. Browse the Salt Store Gift shop and dine in the Old Fish Factory restaurant. Come rain or shine, you will surely enjoy your visit as you talk, walk, shop and feast with us. If you've never been to the sea, the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is the place to start your ocean experience. If you have been to sea, this is definitely the place to reacquaint yourself! Welcome aboard.

11 Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic PO Box 1363, 68 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0 Tel: 902-634-4794 • Toll Free: 1-866-579-4909 Fax: 902-634-8990 • E-mail:


ee history brought to life in the heart of downtown Halifax at this impressive star-shaped fort. Walk to the beat of our drums and dance to the rhythm of our bagpipes, as you embark on the journey of our land’s settlement at the time of the British Empire. Voyage up to the summit of Citadel Hill, an embankment 120 feet above sea level, and you will discover a fort still guarded by the 78th Highlander Regiment. Located on the beautiful Halifax peninsula, the first, of four forts on this site, was established by the British during the late 1740s. The brilliantly designed current fort, completed in 1856, affords a strategic and beautiful panorama of the Halifax Harbour, which allowed the soldiers to successfully defend their land. Witness history brought to life as you observe the firing of the noon gun - a daily tradition in Halifax since 1856. Then watch the noon concert of the Regiment's pipes and drums or observe the changing of the Guard.

During your adventure, take the time to ask a soldier’s wife what life was like and be sure to tour the Army Museum. You’ll want to explore every corner and every bend of this bustling masonry structure including its musketry gallery, guardroom, defensive ditch, schoolroom and more. When you are done you can take a break and relax at the coffee bar, where you are sure to uncover treasures at the gift shop. Stand atop our magnificent Citadel Hill and discover the many facets of its history as you embark on a journey into our living past.

Photo courtesy of James Ingram, 2001


Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada

5425 Sackville Street, Halifax, NS B3J 3Y3 Tel: 902-426-5080 • Fax: 902-426-4228 E-mail:



àilte is furan! Welcome to the Highland Village! Come and experience Nova Scotia's vibrant Gaelic culture and traditions at this living history museum and folk-life centre overlooking the magnificent Bras d'Or Lakes, Cape Breton’s unique inland sea. Be charmed by the spirit of pioneering Scottish Gaels in this pristine setting that features eleven period buildings dating back to the late 1700s. Experience life as it was in the only replica of a Hebridean-style black house outside of Gaelic Scotland, hewn beam farmhouses, a community built church, one room school house and places of business interpreting a century and a half of Gaelic life in Nova Scotia. Stir your senses and lift your heart as you hear the beautiful Gaelic language. Enjoy the rhythm of Cape Breton music while you take part in our authentic céilidhs. Scottish Gaelic culture will come to life as you talk with our costumed animators and see our historic livestock grazing in the fields. Our farm animals include rare Soay sheep, Highland cattle and horses - all part the Highland Scots' everyday life on the land. Be invited to join one of our cultural or language-based programs including music, storytelling and more. Celebrate Gaelic social life with our on-site concerts, workshops, special tours and suppers!


Highland Village/An Clachan Gàidhealach

4119 Highway 223, Iona, NS B2C 1A3 Ph: 902-725-2272 • Toll Free 1-866-442-3542 (1-866-4GAELIC) Fax: 902-725-2227 • E-mail:

Finish with a walk through the Highland Village Gift Shop where we carry local crafts, language and history books and an extensive selection of Cape Breton and Celtic music! Discover our living Gaelic culture in the scenic heart of Cape Breton Island. Thigibh air chéilidh! Come for a visit!


sweeping vista of the ancient world. Home to the world’s highest ocean tides, the Cliffs are a showcase of the Coal Age and are unrivalled within the fossil record. A walk along the beautiful and rugged 15 kilometre beach gives one a sense of awe and majesty. Experience the sweeping vista of the cliffs and sheer power of the sea crashing on huge sandstone reefs.

A walk on the beach of Joggins is a walk through time. Joggins has inspired some of the world’s leading scientists, including Charles Darwin. Joggins has been described as the “Coal Age Galapagos” and is a place where the world’s oldest reptiles have been found. With each tide, new and incredible geological and paleontological riches are continually revealed by erosion and are waiting to be discovered. Let us guide your experience. Visitors from around the world have carried on the tradition of discovery and research at Joggins. Our staff will guide you through your adventure on the beach and in the new Fossil Centre. The Fossil Centre offers full visitor services including, interactive displays, café and gift shop.

14 Joggins Fossil Centre 100 Main Street, Joggins, NS B0L 1AO Phone: (902) 251-2727 • Fax: (902) 251-2502 E-mail:



ear the creak of a ship’s rigging, smell the sharp odour of pine tar, feel the comfort of a deck chair from Titanic, or picture yourself floating above the remnants of an 18th century shipwreck. Throughout the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, you can immerse yourself in the stories that define Nova Scotia’s maritime history located on Halifax’s historic waterfront. Explore the museum’s exhibits and galleries, including North Atlantic Convoys, Titanic, the Halifax Explosion, the Days of Sail, the Age of Steam, Nova Scotia Small Craft, the restored early 20th century ship chandlery of William Robertson and Son, and Shipwreck Treasures of Nova Scotia. The collection includes artifacts, images, and charts and plans relating to the marine history of Nova Scotia. The Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian merchant marine, Nova Scotia small craft and local shipwrecks are particular strengths of the collection, much of which represents the period 1850 to present.

15 Maritime Museum of the Atlantic 1675 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS B3J 1S3 Tel: 902-424-7490

You’ll also discover everything from sextants, binnacles and figureheads to small craft, anchors, armaments and marine portraits and our largest artifact, the 1913 hydrographic vessel CSS Acadia. For a truly seaworthy experience, visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.


ravel back to a time when Captain William Ross was asked by the Governor of Nova Scotia to embark with 172 disbanded soldiers and their families to organize the establishment of the Sherbrooke settlement, now New Ross. Welcome to the former home and farmland of Captain William Ross and his wife Mary. Visit their cozy cottage that was built in 1817, and be enchanted by the stories of the pioneers of New Ross. Ross Farm became home to five generations of the Ross family. Explore the village school, cooper shop, 1830s vintage store and two barns that combine to create a bustling rural Nova Scotian farm set in the early 19th century. Watch as the costumed interpreters, many of whom are descendants of original settlers, spin wool, farm, bake and much more. Learn about the period animals including oxen, Canadian horses and Berkshire pigs that helped to sustain the community’s forefathers. Enjoy a horse-drawn wagon/sleigh ride, depending on the season, around the 23-hectare site. Have a picnic on the shore of beautiful Lake Lawson. Bring home hand crafted wooden, coopered or blacksmithed items including spoons, barrels & tubs, hearth tools and more from our delightful gift shop. Listen to the wondrous accounts of life “back in the day” and learn about the rich Nova Scotian heritage. Share in the pride of our land and celebrate life’s simple pleasures as you take in the scenes of natural beauty and explore all its facets. At Ross Farm Museum you are sure to discover that memories are among the best souvenirs.

16 Ross Farm Museum 4568 Route 12, RR#2 New Ross, NS B0J 2M0 Tel: 902-689-2210 • Toll Free: 1-877-689-2210 Fax: 902-689-2264 • E-mail:



istoric Sherbrooke Village, live the adventure in our past! A living memory of community life in this depiction of a typical Nova Scotian village from 1860 to pre-WWI. With approximately 80 buildings, 25 of which are open to the public, it is the largest Nova Scotia Museum site. Built on the fortunes of timber, tall ships and gold, Sherbrooke Village looks and feels just as it did over a hundred years ago. From the ambling gait of a horse and wagon, to the tumbling water over the mill wheel, to fresh baked bread in a wood stove - savour the sights, sounds and smells which bring to life the rich history of Sherbrooke. Find out how you can embark on a "hands-on" pioneer adventure and become part of a living Victorian Village diorama.

17 Sherbrooke Village P.O. Box 295, Sherbrooke, NS B0J 3C0 Tel: 902-522-2400 • 1-888-SHER-VIL (1-888-743-7845) The Company Store:Tel: (902) 522-2858 • Fax: (902) 522-2974


Visit the woodturner shop, blacksmith, pottery shop, and printery. During your visit, enjoy a delicious, light meal at the What Cheer Tea Room, located within the Village. Built on an economy of shipbuilding, lumbering and gold mining, Sherbrooke Village reflects Nova Scotia as it was during its industrial boom in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Discover a place where Our Past is Your Adventure... visit Historic Sherbrooke Village.

CELEBRATE the vibrancy of Atlantic Canada! Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada intends to make your travel planning a little easier! There are 19 extraordinary and awe-inspiring attractions across Atlantic Canada that have passed a rigorous evaluation to ensure the highest quality experience you have come to enjoy and expect of a Signature Attraction. Each attraction you visit plays a key role in preserving and promoting the natural, cultural and historical resources of Atlantic Canada. Amid spectacular scenery and majestic natural wonders, a vibrant culture and rich history comes to life in Atlantic Canada. This region, located on the east coast of Canada, is comprised of four provinces - New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Rarely can you find so many pockets of vastly different cultures right next door to one another, including First Nations, Acadian, Scottish, Irish, Loyalist, and many others. Each cultural group is celebrated in traditional music, cultural festivals and events and, of course, our attractions. New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province and prides itself on welcoming and accommodating all visitors. Here you’ll discover the highest tides in the world, rambling coastal dunes, and some of the oldest mountains on the planet. The scenery is the backdrop to a vibrant cultural scene in the province’s urban centres and charming communities. As they say in New Brunswick, there are no small wonders. Cross the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island, the beloved home of Anne of Green Gables. Soak up some sunshine on one of the many sandy beaches or take a boat

tour to see the spectacular red sandstone cliffs. The Island is renowned for its lobster suppers and in the evening you can get out on the town for one of their many evening performances of theatre or music. Come see why they call PEI “The Gentle Island”. Take the Northumberland Ferry over to Nova Scotia, where maritime culture is brewed with a mix of dramatic seacoasts, scenic landscapes, Celtic music and friendly people. Explore quaint villages brimming with festivals, fairs and antiques. Discover why it is called “Canada’s Seacoast” while touring the dramatic coastline on the Cabot Trail or the South Shore. For entertainment, take your pick from urban events in the capital, Halifax, to small town square dances or concerts. Travel to Newfoundland and Labrador by Marine Atlantic Ferry or with a convenient flight. Sprawling with scenic beauty and rich culture, you’ll want to touch the rugged landscape and dive into the way of life. Take a whale or iceberg watching expedition, visit extraordinary bays or get to know the friendly locals in one of the many small fishing villages. Local delicacies, especially seafood, are a must, perhaps chased by a pint at one of the lively pubs in the capital, St. John’s. A visit to Atlantic Canada, this special corner of the world, will leave you enchanted and transformed. Once you visit one part, we’re sure you’ll want to return to see the rest!


Left to right: Hank Stinson as The Minister, Heather McGuigan as Josie Pye, Sean Hauk as Gilbert Blythe, Amy Walls as Anne Shirley, Terry Hatty as Earl, the Mailman, Matt Alfano as Charlie Sloane, Natalie Daradich as Diana Barry, Anne of Green GablesThe MusicalTM, 2006 Charlottetown Festival. Photo: Louise Vessey

Prince Edward Island Come and discover Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada’s smallest, greenest and possibly most beautiful province. Enrich your senses and delight your heart. PEI offers a transforming and memorable experience for those of all ages. With the perfect blend of urban and rural living you can explore the downtown buzz of Charlottetown or take in the scenic beauty of summer sunsets on the breathtaking white sand beaches all within a stone’s throw. Breathe our cool, clean air and take in the treasure trove of vividly colorful lupin flowers rolling over the gentle hills and the red sandstone cliffs. While in Summerside, let musical harmony and Celtic tradition embrace you at the College of Piping. Delight in the land of Anne of Green Gables as you watch her story come alive at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown. Take a stroll through Founder’s Hall and be transported back in history to the birthplace of our nation. Come and let the ocean cradle your soul while the waves massage your body.


PEI is connected to the mainland via the Confederation Bridge or the Ferry making it easily accessible to travelers from all over the Maritime Provinces. The Island is also accessible by air.


eltic culture comes alive at The College of Piping & Celtic Performing Arts of Canada! Immerse yourself in a living, breathing heritage with the skirl of the bagpipes, rhythm of the drums, and flying feet of the dancers! Arouse your senses with vibrant sights and sounds, and feel inspired by the spirit of young students who embrace their heritage with an infectious enthusiasm! The only year-round institution of its kind in North America, The College has developed a world-class reputation as an international school of excellence in Highland bagpiping, Scottish-style snare drumming, Highland dancing and Island step dancing. Since 1990, students from all over the world have come to learn traditional Celtic arts, passed down from generation to generation. With a mandate to preserve and promote the Celtic heritage of Canada’s most Celtic province, Prince Edward Island, The College ignites passion in the hearts and minds of students and visitors alike! Showcasing the finest in Island talent, the summer-long Celtic Festival is an experience not to be missed! Join us at the “Event in the Tent”, a feature of the Summerside Highland Gathering, held on the last weekend in June. A celebration of all things Celtic, you’ll be stirred by the magnificent sound of the massed pipebands, amazed at the intricate precision of the drummers, and captivated by the young, but fiercely competitive dancers! Throughout July and August, uplift your spirits and feel the exhilaration of Highland Storm, The College’s high-energy summer production, featuring students and faculty! During the daytime, tour the facilities, browse the gift shop and engage your “inner artist” at an interactive “Behind the Scenes” mini-concert!

18 The College of Piping 619 Water Street East, Summerside, PE C1N 4H8 Phone: 902-436-5377• Fax: 902-436-4930 E-mail:

The College of Piping is a true Island experience - 100% Authentic, Heartfelt Celtic!


he Charlottetown Festival is home to the world-famous Anne of Green Gables - The Musical™ on the Mainstage Theatre selected dates, June 12 to September 27.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the novel Anne of Green Gables, we invite you to get “ANNE-imated” June 14. A day of festivities awaits, including an orchestra performance outdoors, open house party, Anne™ dress up for all ages and a chance to meet the cast!

The life of “the man of the land” is onstage at The Mack Theatre in The Ballad of Stompin’ Tom. Songs, stories and scenes from Stompin’ Tom Connors’ early years to his breakout success tell the tale of this Canadian music icon. Also playing: • The award winning Irish comedy “Stones in His Pockets” - July 15 to August 29 Selected dates • An Acadian soiree, PEI style with “Les Girls,” July 19 - August 23 - Selected dates • FREE outdoor performance by the Confederation Centre Young Company, July 1 to August 18, Monday to Saturday, at noon The Confederation Centre Art Gallery offers a year round exhibition program. Come see the Imagining Anne exhibit displaying Lucy Maud’s original manuscript.

Natalie Daradich and Amy Wallis AnneTM 2006 Photo: Louise Vessey

The Festival welcomes “America Strikes Back: British Invasion II” to the Mainstage, a sequel to last year’s musical journey, playing selected dates June 18 to August 29.

Dine out just steps from the theatre at Mavor’s Bistro & Bar. The Showcase Gift Shop features Canadian handcrafts, jewellery, pottery, theatre memorabilia and other unique gifts. For details on the Charlottetown Festival and to purchase theatre tickets, visit

19 Confederation Centre of the Arts 145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1J1 Toll Free: 1.800.565.0278 • Local: 902.566.1267 Fax: 902.628.6108 • E-mail:


Travel Tips for Atlantic Canada English and French are the two official languages of Canada. For spring and fall, you should add warm sweaters and a medium weight jacket to your usual wardrobe. For summer, you’ll need everything from shorts and sandals to a light sweater or two for evenings by the sea. You should also bring sunblock. Summer heat can be intense at times. The currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar. American currency is accepted just about everywhere, but you will find better exchange rates at banks, large hotels and cruise ships. Most ATMs in Atlantic Canada are on the Cirrus or Plus network. Check with your bank before you leave to see about any conditions or reasons why your card may not work here.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are on Atlantic Standard Time (AST), 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Newfoundland and coastal Labrador are one half-hour ahead of Atlantic Time. Most stores and offices are open from 09:00 to 17:00. Most stores are open Monday - Saturday - also Sunday in some provinces. Actual business hours vary from one province to another. Tipping and service charges vary for taxis, restaurants and nightclubs. Hotel, rail station and airport porters expect $1.00 per bag carried.

Getting Here and Getting Around You have many travel options when setting out on your adventure. Whether you come by land, sea or air, travelling in Atlantic Canada is safe and convenient.

By Land Atlantic Canada is accessible by highway from all points in the United States and Canada. From Central Canada, follow the Trans Canada Highway into New Brunswick and throughout Atlantic Canada. From the U.S., many travellers follow the I-95 Highway to New Brunswick and then connect to the Trans Canada Highway. Travellers from Quebec may enter Atlantic Canada through Labrador by taking Route 389 inland from BaieComeau to Labrador City and then connecting to the Trans Labrador Highway. They can also enter through New Brunswick.


By Sea You can get to Atlantic Canada by mini cruise from Maine to Nova Scotia aboard The Cat Ferry. Within the region, a number of services provide regular ferry passage between various points, most notably Marine Atlantic, which travels from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland and Labrador.

By Air Atlantic Canada is serviced by a number of international and regional airports. The Halifax International Airport is the Atlantic Canada hub for most domestic, regional and international flights. However, air service is available to numerous airports in our four provinces. The region is accessible by scheduled air service from major centres in Canada, the United States and Europe, some of which also offer flights within the region. Car rentals are available at most airports.

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The new passport program is available free to everyone; simply pick up a Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada travel map at any one of the noted locations. The map is your passport to all 19 attractions! Most importantly, the Passport offers a varying discount on admission as determined by each attraction. Present your passport at each of the attractions you and your travel party visit and it will be stamped for contest entry. At the end of your journey, drop your Passport in the ballot box at any of the 19 Signature Attractions locations and you will be automatically entered into a draw for a RETURN TRIP FOR TWO to Atlantic Canada. Alternatively, you can mail your passport to us or drop it off at any Choice Hotel location in Atlantic Canada. And if your luck is such that you don’t win the Grand Prize, well you might just have Atlantic Canada brought to you! There are also 3 secondary prizes of an Atlantic Canada Lobster feast delivered to your door. So enter soon - and often and really savour all of Atlantic Canada! For each Signature Attraction of Atlantic Canada you visit, your Passport will be stamped and each stamp equals one ballot for contest entry. Remember, the more attractions you visit the better the chance of winning this exciting trip! Trip includes round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, car rental and restaurant vouchers, and of course, admission to Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada sites.* Receive your free travel map by contacting any one of the following: • Online at • Participating Choice Hotels locations throughout Atlantic Canada • CAA South Central Ontario, CAA Niagara and CAA Maritimes offices • Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada toll free phone number at 1-866-312-7222 • Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada member sites • Maxxim Vacations *Certain rules and regulations may apply. One map is eligible per travel party.

Visit for more details. 21

Natalie Daradich, Amy Wallis, Catherine O'Brien, Hank Stinson, Charlotte Moore and Sophie Hunter, Anne of Green Gables-The MusicalT, 2006 Charlottetown Festival. Photo: Louise Vessey

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