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CARE COORDINATION SOFTWARE Quality care. Effective care. eQCare. At eQHealth Solutions, we understand that the best care coordination or case management programs need a robust, userfriendly information system. One that can support the activities of the interdisciplinary team as well as track program results. eQCare is the result of our nationally recognized care transition experience combined with our considerable utilization review success. Rooted in a philosophy of more direct patient contact, eQCare is a software solution that will allow your care coordination/case management team to achieve better outcomes.

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Our Approach Coordinating Care System Features System Benefits eQCare for You

Our Approach

Full support for the entire care team. eQCare creates the link between the patient, the

Connecting the Patient: eQCare allows patients

providers and the care coordinator or case manager.

to interact with their physician and their care

It’s a web-based portal that allows physicians

coordinator. Patients can easily:

to easily lead the care coordination team while receiving input from all involved health care disciplines, including the patient. Connecting the Care Team: The on-going care of each patient can be quickly and easily managed

View and update their current plan of care.

Better understand their chronic conditions.

Correspond with any team member through a single entry point.

through the eQCare portal. The result is a coordinated, integrated approach to care that helps

and manage their medications.

Monitor referrals and track the patients’ visits with other providers.

Better manage medications.

Provide health coaching.

Access the electronic health record.

Conduct post discharge follow-up.

Assist with behavior modification efforts.

Create patient summaries.

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Make appointments, recall instructions, review discharge plans and medical records

build a medical home.

Become an active, engaged participant in their care and recovery.

Coordinating Care

eQCare allows the primary care physician

Health & Wellness Module – Condition-

and the care coordinator/case manager to

specific education. Medication.

monitor and manage the needs of an entire

Patient Care Management Module – Population risk

patient population, one patient at a time.

stratification. Comprehensive HRAs. Patient history

Provider Portal – Ability to drive patient

(claims, utilization). Issues-driven plan of care.

care. Easy access to national practice

Care Coordinator Productivity Module – Workflow

guidelines and educational resources. Practice

engine. Provider locator. Alerts and messaging.

scorecard. Communicate with patient, care coordinator and other physicians.

Report Modules – Financial. Clinical. Quality. Productivity.

Patient Portal – Communicate with providers and care coordinator. Health Risk Assessment. Health education materials. Evidenced Based Guidelines – National clearinghouse. National Guidelines. Milliman® Care Guidelines.

1. Provider Portal 2. Patient Portal

3. Evidence-based

Guidelines Module


Wellness Module

6. Care Coordinator

Productivity Module

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5. Patient Care

Management Module

7. Reports Module

eQCare System Features eQCare fully integrates with outside systems,

Provider Locator – This mapping feature

creating a system that is robust and user-friendly.

allows all users to quickly and easily locate

Patient Dashboard – At a glance, users can quickly see a summary of an individual patient. Care Coordinator Work Queue – Tasks are clearly organized, allowing the user to set priorities and respond appropriately. Report Modules – Standard and ad hoc reports can be easily created and stored for later reference. Physician Profile – Profiles the physicianuser in terms of pharmacy, inpatient and emergency department costs and utilization, quality and other clinical measures. Individualized Plan of Care – Allows for a Plan of Care to be quickly and accurately developed by the care coordinator based on clinical, psychosocial and other information provided by the patient’s health survey.

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other health care and community resources by address, phone, website, etc. Best Practice Support – Integrates the individualized plan of care with national best practices and guidelines. Data Modeling – Allows for the identification and stratification of participants so resources are allocated appropriately. System Integration – Can integrate with current client systems to formulate a 360 degree view of the patient in one click.

eQCare System Benefits Improved Patient Care and Satisfaction

Enhanced Documentation Capabilities

Using eQCare to support your care coordination/case

Without using such a system, achieving fully

management activities can do wonders for patient

coordinated care can be difficult. Paper

satisfaction. The interactive features of the system

documents can get lost, memory can lapse,

allow patients to schedule or cancel appointments

communications rarely include all of the

online and access lab reports from home.

necessary people, and outcomes can be difficult to track. eQCare solves all of these concerns.

Improved Clinical Decision Making eQCare technology puts the patient data needed

Simplifying Complex Care

to improve care right at your fingertips. Built-

eQCare continuously projects the physician’s

in tools at point of care provide assistance

presence throughout the care of the patient.

with diagnosis, national practice of care

In addition to the primary care physician, we

standards related to treatment and medication

bring together other members of the care team

prescription, and treatment plan adherence.

and allow then to interact in coordinated way that improves care and manages costs.

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eQCare for You

Here are several reasons to consider eQCare as your Care Coordination/Case Management solution: Specialized – Developed by medical directors, case managers and external health care experts with proven, reliable IT support. Customized – Designed for your exact needs and specifications. Service – Our team of IT experts are easily accessible to address your specific issue. No calls to foreign country call centers. Demonstration – We will schedule an on-site demonstration or we can easily do one over the internet. Account Manager – eQHealth provides you a dedicated account executive to help you with all aspects of eQCare. Training and Support – You will be talking to the same people who developed the system. Enhancements – As we make improvements and upgrades to eQCare, you will get these enhancements as soon as they are released.

To find out how eQHealth Solutions can help your organization, contact us at (225) 926-6353 or visit

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