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“Nobody Can Do Everything, But Everyone Can Do





AmeriCorps Team Carolina 2010-2011

Team Carolina 2010-2011


-William James

The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.


Team Carolina 2010-2011

“Brittany has been a wonderful and valuable part of our staff over the past year. She helped get our agency established as an HIV testing site, and maintained good relationships with our agency

partners throughout Durham. She also did a wonderful job with case management of participants in our recovery program. She

touched many of the lives of those in our programs, and of the staff. Thanks for the excellent contribution at Urban Ministries of Durham.”

-­‐Peter  Donlon,  commenting  on  Brittany   Waters    

Team Carolina 2010-2011

“The clients adore him and so do I, he works hard and gives his all.” -­‐Barbara  Fisher,  commenting  on  Michael  Balkin    

“By the end of the day, Michael had located a freezer someone was kind enough to donate, went out and collected it, an brought it back to DAP and had it up and running. What a great way to introduce yourself to your new work place.” -­‐Doug  Thomas,  commenting  on  when  he  met  Michael  Balkin  

“No matter what the task, Michael showed up with a smile on his face and enthusiasm for the job ahead.”

-­‐Kathryn and  Gordon,  commenting  on   Michael  Balkin

Team Carolina 2010-2011

“We have grown to love here and appreciate all that she stands for and all that she works so very hard at to accomplish. We could not have found a better pick and will never forget her unlimited energy, patience and loving attitude not to even speak about her abilities and determination to get a job done not only completed but scrutinized and we here appreciate all those traits. She fit in from day ONE and has been part of our family since. What an honor to have been so fortunate to have had this young women bless our steps.” -­‐Pam Stewart,  commenting  on  Susan  Lou  

Team Carolina 2010-2011

“Denechia has been a great addition to the NCCU Student Health/Project SAFE team. She came to NCCU eager to learn and ready to assist in our HIV/STI prevention efforts. Denechia quickly gained entrée into the student community and became the life of the party. Project SAFE students would often make unannounced visits to the Student Health office to see Denechia. On rare occasion, Denechia graced us with her dance moves and funny phrases. Among my favorite are “Where you going,” “I need a snee-ack (snack),” “This place is getting crunk,” and “That’s my new boo.” J Denechia has been a pleasure to work with and she will be missed by NCCU students and staff. We wish her much success in all her endeavors” -­‐Kevin Harrell,  commenting  on  Denechia  Powell

Team Carolina 2010-2011

“Geoff was open, inviting, sharing, caring, and willing to give of self even the more. He reached out to me, and for that, I owe him a debt of gratitude for extending himself not only to me, but to the Program’s Durham and Orange County Care Teams. Geoff was personally encouraging in the vein. Geoff stepped up to the plate and took the lead inviting me to work with him; and I believe, our rapport was initiated then and has flourished. His heart lives in humanity.”  

-­‐Jeanette McCollum,  commenting  on  Geoff  Horsfield  

Team Carolina 2010-2011

“When you leave here, don't forget why you came.�!

-Adlai Stevenson

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all of your amazing service over the past year! We will truly miss each of you. -Beth, Dana, Kim & Amber

Team Carolina 2010-2011 AIDS United AmeriCorps Scrapbook  
Team Carolina 2010-2011 AIDS United AmeriCorps Scrapbook  

Year in Review Scrapbook presented by North Carolina Community AIDS Fund at End-of-Service Celebration