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NCAE SBE Review NCAE CTL The new State Board Advisors began their term: Don Martin, Superintendent of the Year from Winston Salem/ Forsyth, Rob Jackson, Principal of the Year from Union County and NCAE

Member Tyronna

Hooker of Alamance Burlington is the Teacher of the Year.


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SBE Approves Language and Policies for Evaluation Standar ds Since NC is receiving Race to The Top (RT3) funds, the SBE approved changes to both educator standards and evaluation policies at their July 2011 meeting. The SBE is adding standards to both the Administrator and Teacher evaluations; a sixth standard has been added for teachers and an eighth standard added for principals includes student growth in an educator's evaluation. These new standards reflect the integral roles that educators and administrators play in the academic growth of students. This standard will include MORE than test scores as a measure of impact. There will be 24 LEAs that will pilot the new standards which will include multiple measures. The pilot LEAs will be announced at the August SBE meeting. In accordance with the State's acceptance of funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which requires an annual evaluation of all teachers, the evaluation policy has been modified to support a more efficient evaluation cycle of teachers. The new standards language: Standard VI: Teachers Contribute to the Academic Success of Students. The work of the teacher results in acceptable, measurable progress for students based on established performance expectations using appropriate data to demonstrate growth. Standard VIII: Academic Achievement Leadership. Summary: School executives will contribute to the academic success of students. The work of the school executive will result in acceptable, measurable progress for students based on established performance expectations using appropriate data to demonstrate growth. The new evaluation policy aspects are underlined:

GS 115C-333 Each local board shall adopt a policy requiring career teachers to be evaluated annually. The annual evaluation requirements shall be met by either: (1) Using the Teacher Evaluation Process as set forth in 16 NCAC 6C.0503; or (2) Using an abbreviated evaluation consisting of Standards One, Four, and Six of the Teacher Evaluation Process. Note: the past practice of many LEAs was to only use the teacher’s growth plan and a snap shot observation as an annual evaluation four out of five years. This practice does not meet Federal guidelines. Therefore under the evaluation policy if a LEA meets the requirement using option (1), that means a full process of the NC EES/TEP for every teacher every year in every school. NCAE Center for Teaching and Learning

NCAE SBE Review July 2011



185 Instructional Day Waivers Granted The State received 104 wavier requests connected to the new legislation of extending the school year by five instructional days. The State Superintendent approved 76 of the 104 based on the request and use of the days. The SBE approved 28 waivers. Click here to see the list of waivers. LEAS still have until July 28th to submit a waiver for this school year.

NCVPS News The new NC Virtual School Director is Ross White. Another new NCVPS staff member is NCAE member Dan Froelich, formerly of the NC Teacher Academy. Funding for the NCVPS has been a hot topic of late. The new funding formula docs/stateboard/meetings/2011/revisions/07tcs01attach01rev.pdf data can be found here as well as, meetings/2011/revisions/07tcs01attach2rev.pdf. The second link provides the amount each LEA will contribute and how many teacher positions are lost to fund the amount.


July 2011 NCAE State Board Review  

July 2011 NCAE State Board Review