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of the Year is an NCAE member from Alamance

LEA budgets and Detailed Scopes of Work: : ♦

31 LEAs have submitted plans with slight amendments, 58 LEAs have submitted plans as outlined in their original application and 59 have not yet submitted any budget or DSW. Two Charter Schools have decided not to participate in

Burlington: Tyronna Hooker of Graham Middle

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Ready Set Go! Race to the Top

The 2011 North Carolina Teacher

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RT3. ♦


A Zoomerang survey has been created to gather data on the common core standards and Summer Institute modules to ensure the professional development training is geared toward the needs of the teacher leaders who will be attending the institutes.

Academy of Moore County

schools within the State Detailed Scope of Work.

has become a K-5 school

their name to

Completed Comprehensive Needs Assessments for 51 schools and one LEA. Held a transitional meeting with Thomasville City Schools and Greene County.

A Challenge Foundation

Educational visits to Charlotte, NC and Memphis, TN to gather data and strategies to assist the NC Teacher Effectiveness Work group.

Brevard Academy has changed

Regional Leadership Teams have been hired, trained and are now beginning their work in the regions.

dropping the middle grades.

NCVPS and STEM projects and contracts are underway to assist targeted

Held an initial webinar Q&A Session to assist with the access management sys-


School-based Calendar Waivers Granted The following systems will have schools with either extended days or an extended year by up to 200 student days beginning 2011-12 school year: Guilford County, Currituck County, Wayne County, Cumberland County, and Macon County. For a listing of the specific schools meetings/2011/04/lfi/04lfi03.pdf check out this link.

NCAE Center for Teaching and Learning

SBE Review April 2011


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English Language Arts Requirements for Early College The SBE approved new options for early college students to meet high school ELA requirements and rescinded any prior ELA waivers. The policy reads: Future Core Ready mandates 4 sequential English credits which shall be: English I, II, III and IV. (Effective with the 10th grade class of 2011-2012,

Early College High School students shall either complete the English I-IV courses referenced above or shall complete the courses described below: English I, English II, English III, and IV shall be satisfied by the following combination of four courses: English III (Expository Writing); Either 112 (Argument-Based Research), 113 (Literature-Based Research), or 114 (Professional Research and Reporting); and Either English 231: American Literature I (literature to the Civil War) English 232: American Literature II (literature from the Civil War to modern day) English 233; Major American Writers English 234: Modern American Poets; and either English 241: British Literature I (literature to the Romantic Period) English 242: British Literature II (literature from the Romantic Period to modern day), and English 243: Major British Writers

2011-13 State Technology Plan . The proposed strategic priorities and goals for the new State Tech Plan include the following: 1. A Statewide Shared Services Model: Education Cloud, School Connectivity, maximize the E-rate to ensure equity. 2. Universal Access to Personal Teaching and Learning Devices. 3. Statewide Access to Digital Teaching and Learning Resources; beyond an e-text book. 4. A Statewide Model of Technology-embedded Professional Development; this includes revising the standards and job description as well as evaluation tools for NC School Media Coordinators and Instructional Technology Facilitators. 5. 21st Century Leadership for All Schools and Districts.

NCAE Center for Teaching and Learning

April 2011


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Other Actions taken calculate ratings on stan-

Received information from the


final report on The Develop-

DC. Budget “low lights� included re-

4. Develop and provide training

duced spending and private in-

tion of the NC Educator

to all evaluators regarding

vestment and the elimination of

Evaluation Systems. All instru-

what to look for with respect

programs. A proposed budget

ments are aligned, and based on

to each standard, element

cut for education is $319 million

state approved standards. The

and rating.

that would touch programs such

ment, Field Test and Valida-

Collective evidence for the administrator instruments supports

5. Examine results for instructional central office staff

the conclusion that the use of

members who were evaluated

scores is valid for the intended

using the new tool during

purposes and that the rubric al-


lows for growth. The teacher ru-

PLEASE NOTE: Every adminisdemonstrates that the instrument trator and teacher MUST have a is internally consistent, and reli- summative report entered in the able. The majority of the 1,400

NCEES Online. The system will

teachers used in the study were

close on June 30th and July 1st

rated at proficient or higher.

data will be ana-

There was a concern that a large


number of the teachers were no room for growth so early in

1. Expand and intensify the trainings for all educators, evaluators and district level support. 2. Develop a step-by-step checklist for each person to provide guidance about how and when to complete all tasks. 3. Provide a spreadsheet to district boards of education to enable them to accurately

and Race to the Top. If the federal government shuts down it would impact 42 staff at NC DPI port Teams. The goal of Congress is to have a new reauthorized ESEA plan before the new school year. A draft is due out by early May. There is a possibility that the new ESEA may be in small themed bills instead of one huge bill like NCLB.

rated Distinguished which leaves

Recommendations from McREL

Teach for America, scholarships,

and the new RT3 Regional Sup-

bric had similar conclusions and

this process.

as IDEA, Literacy programs,

Received a report on the School Cal-

The themes might include Common Core Standards and Assess-

ments, Effective Teachers, Role endar Pilot Program of Wilkes of Federal Department in state County. The cost savings was education programs. The pre-

less than $500,000. The TAs and senter believes that ESEA will be other ESPs received less money reauthorized before IDEA rebut teachers were paid for 10

months even though they worked

ceives more funding.

18 days less than other teachers across the state; but their student school day was lengthened by 45 minutes.

* Received an up date on the Federal Budget as well as the time line for reauthorization of

Lt. Governor Dalton provided an update on the E-Learning Commission and the news of a new NCVPS funding formula that

ESEA by Julia Martin of Brusteing has been supported by the Superintendents. and Manasevit of Washington,

NCAE Center for Teaching and Learning

SBE Review April 2011

April 2011 NCAE State Board Review  

April 2011 NCAE State Board Review

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