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" FEBRUARY 28, 2013

Rotaflyer Last Meeting Highlights Take a moment to see what you missed and view upcoming events..

Meeting Speakers

Thursday, February 28th

Prof. Vinayak Chaturvedi Empire's Game: A Brief History of Tennis in India...

Professor Chaturvedi's presentation is entitled The Empire's Game:  A Brief History of Tennis in India.  This is a presentation with many images and will cover aspects of the military presence in India, to tennis as an imperial business enterprise in the nineteenth century, to the development of lawn mowers and tennis balls, to the role women played in popularizing the game globally.

Last Meeting Notes Pres Bob called meeting at 12:30 Invocation: Earle Fusselman Pledge: Jim Dougherty 4-Way Test: Ed Smith Scott led a rendition of “Water Troubles” (to tune of Tiny Bubbles) Visiting Rotarians and guests were introduced by Ron Hodge. Rotarians were Cartwright Shepherd from Culver City Rotary, Dixon Trueblood, Past President of Santa Ana North Rotary 1994-1995. Scott introduced Michelle Staples, water law specialist and law partner as his guest . Announcements: - Unfortunately, Pat Brainerd will step down as VP elect, and cannot assume club Presidency in 2014 due to health reasons. The Board and Past Presidents will meet to determine next step. - The next Board meeting is Thurs. Feb. 28th 10:30 am. - RI Conference will be June 23rd– 26th in Lisbon Portugal. -District Conference (aka 2013 Club’s Celebration Week-End ) May 2-4 at Knott’s Berry Farm - We still seek Board members for Publicity Chair and Club Service. - Golf Tournament is coming together nicely. It is being planned at Oak Creek Golf Course on July 17th. The planning committee will meet next Wednesday at 4:30 at the NPB Country Club. Fines This Week: Blanca levied fines against Tim Shields., Darryl Sheetz, Pat Brainerd. Birthday), Casey C. (Birthday) Sandra

(Anniversary), Lou (Anniversary). Scott announced he won a car! Program: Pat Brainerd introduced Cheryl Kelly, Public Affairs Officer & Melinda Berger, Chief Chemist from the Irvine Water District. The District provides water to 350,000 residents & 500,000 daytime users – 20% of Orange County. There are three treatment plants in the District. Our water comes from several sources: Colorado River, State Water Program, local supplies and recycled water. In 1990, 64% of our water was imported. Today, only 27% is. In terms of recycled water, over 21,000 acre feet per year is used in the District, transported through “Irvine Purple” pipes. Melinda is head of water quality in the District. She reported that the quality of tap water is very high – and is held to standards higher than those that regulate bottled water. There are seven chemists and several micro- biologists who oversee water quality in the District. Over ¼ million lab tests are done every year through her lab. IRWD publishes an Annual Water Quality Report each June. Cheryl then reported that billing is being processed through a tiered rate system; customers are billed according to their usage category. - Bill Zeller, Reporter

---------------Upcoming Speakers/Events------------------

Thursday, March 7th, 12:00pm Barbara Hogan: Cert. Senior Advisor, Medicare Thursday, March 14th, 12:00pm Sue McKinney -Traditional Vietnamese Medicine Thursday, March 21st, 12:00pm TBD Thursday, March 28th, 12:00pm John Moorloch, Orange County Supervisor Thursday, April 28th, 12:00pm

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" FEBRUARY 28, 2013

Spotlight Happy Birthday Feb 11 - Bob Dunham Feb 16 - Pat Brainerd Feb 24 - Casey Crandall

Happy Anniversary

Feb 6 - Darryl Sato & Elsa Chen Feb 14 - Sandra & Joe Moyer Feb 28 - Casey & Jahaira Crandall Wishing Health to Bob Dunham Lou Van Lochem & Pat Brainerd

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Newport-Irvine Rotaflyer 2013-9 Feb28  
Newport-Irvine Rotaflyer 2013-9 Feb28  

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