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MAR 1, 2012!

Rotaflyer Last Meeting Highlights Take a moment to see what you missed and view upcoming events...


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Thursday, March 8th...

Club Assembly  -­‐  all  Members A  members  get  together  to  discuss  the  status  of  the  club.

12:45-1:00p Bike Ride for Health Update 1:00-1:30p NIR Club Strategic Plan: ! meeting to be facilitated by ! Kim DeBroux, District Trainer ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Matt Kinley, Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Last Meeting Notes ! ! ! ! ! National Immunization  day.  India  is  removed   ! President  Uzo  called  order  at  12:30. from  WHO’s  list  of  endemic  countries  for   ! ! ! ! ! ! Invoca'on:-­‐  Casey  Crandall having  no  new  cases  in  over  a  year...!! Pledge  of  Allegiance:  Russ  Johnson ! ! ! ! ! ! Ride4Health:  New  Logo  was  unveiled,   4-­‐Way  Test:  Art  Kleinpell Marketing  materials  coming  soon. ! ! ! Kim DeBroux Song:  Jim  Parsons:  “working  on  the  Railroad”   Speaker:   Donʼt Forget to attend the District Assembly Saturday Fine  Master:  Bob  Bartells  raised  the   Pres.  Uzo  introduced  rotarian  Matt  Kinley,   ..especially new members or incoming board members... Happy  Dollars  count  at  almost  all  tables of  Treadway,  Lumsdaine  &  Doyle,  who   informed   u s   a bout   t he   P atient   P rotection   &   Club  Guests:   ---------------Upcoming Programs -----------------affordable  Care  Act,  better  known  as     Dale  Eggers  –  Guest  of  Cecil. Thursday, 15, 12:00pm This  federal  statute  was  signed   Guide DogsMarch Mark  Woods  &  Tracy  Benary  –  Guests  of  Stu Obamacare.   for the Blind: Susie Cherry by   P resident   O bama   o n   M arch   2 3,   2 010.   Robert  McVicker  –  Guest  of  Rob Thursday, March 22, 12:00pm Comprising  thousands  of  pages  of   Prof Carol Burke: Research in Iraq & Afghanistan Visi/ng  Rotarians  –   regulations,  it  was  intensely  partisan   MaO  Kinley,  Long  Beach  Rotarian  &  Speaker compared  to  other  key  legislative  changes   Thursday, March 29, 12:00pm Peer Swan: Director, Irvine Ranch Water District like  Social  Security  and  MediCare. Rotary  Minute  –  Kerby  Carambot  read   Thursday, April 5, 12:00pm The  statute  provides  for  guaranteed  issue  in   Boaz Rauchwerger, Goal Setting & High Achievement from  A  Century  of  Service  on  Rotary’s   most  cases,  an  individual  mandate  covering   Commitment  to  Youth.  He  asked  all  to   -------------------Other Events---------------------reflect  on  success  of  UCI  Rotoract’s  recent   those  left  out  by  the  private  sector  and  govt   March 10th: District Assembly [Details on P-2] Passionfest  and  asked  what  would  happen   programs  and  created  the  framework  for  a   May 6-9: Rotary Intl Conference - Bangkok Thailand if  we  increased  our  funding  for  their  club. new  Health  Insurance  Exchange.  Funding   June 1-3: District 5320 Conf Long Beach Hilton. Join in & for   t he   a ct   c omes   t hrough   a nnual   f ees   f or   Acknowledgement:  Pres.  Uzo  praised  the   new  RotaFlyer;  compliments  to  Guy  &  Kerby.       insurance  providers,  new  taxes  on  Cadillac   Volunteer to help with Cook-out at our club booth. plans  and  income  over  $200k.The  mandate   Sept 8th, 2012: Ride4Health.... Mark the Date Announcements:    1.  Bob  Bartells:  California  Elwyn  Bowlathon   alone  will  raise  $100B  over  the  next  decade. Member Duties:[Invocation/Pledge/4-way Test] The  US  Supreme  Court  review  will  start   Mar  24,  4:00pm    looking  for  members  to   Mar    8      Jim  Parsons/Sanjay  Dalal/Steve  Koenigsberg   join  our  charity  team  competing  with  others oral  arguments  this  month  with  150+   Mar    15  Diane  Pearce/Jim  Dougherty/Patricia  Kolstad 2.  Russell  Johnson  –  Asked  members  to   briefs  filed.  The  outcome  could  redirect   Mar  22    Susan  Piazza/Bob  Dunham/Kerk  Lesh New  Membership  Social,  March  29  at   government  in  a  way  not  seen  since  the   Mar  29    Jerry  Rekers/Bob  Fish/Bob  LiOle New  Deal.  The  Commerce  Clause  raises   Tim  Shields  home  on  Back  bay,  NB. the   q uestion   w hether   C ongress   h as   t he   3.  Prez  Uzo  urged  par]cipa]on  at   Please Check your dates to prepare for meeting... power  to  require  every  citizen  to  purchase   March  10,  District  Assembly  held  at   health  insurance.  Precedent  of  Wicker  v.   Chapman  University  [see  details  p-­‐2] Filborn  demonstrated  that  government   4.  Dave  Halm  –  Consider  donation  to   The  tax  or  penalty  question  opens  several  challenges  in  the   Polio  Plus...RI  Matching  Grant  program can  require  individuals  to  participate  in  the   Supreme  Court  Case.  Anti-­‐Injuction  Act,  Severability  and   aggregate   f or   e conomic   g ood.   T he   S tate   5.  March  15:  Major  Donor  Award:  Mike   position  is  the  mandate  is  an  inappropriate   Coercion  Theory  all  challenge  the  goverment  in  this  case   Abdellah  Former  RI  Pres,  Rotoract  Pres   require  a  long  discussion  with  one  of  the  many  lawyers   attempt  to  make  people  buy  something  or   and   to  make  presentation. in  our  club.  Please  reference  for  further   face   a   f ine/tax.   6.  John  Brainerd  shared  details  of  his  team’s   reading  on  this  subject  or  contact  Mat  Kinley  via  email   Polio  Innoculation  trip  to  India  during  India’s                                                                                                            -­‐  Kerby   !

PAGE 1 Is it the truth? • Is it fair to all concerned? • Will it build goodwill and better friendships? • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


MAR 1, 2012!


District Assembly March 10th:

Information to assist in registering... * No cost for the event or for parking * Sat, Mar 10, 2012, Chapman Univ. * 7:00- 7:50a Registration & Refreshments 8:00-9:00am., Intros and Speaker 9:00-12:00 Noon, Information Sessions * Keynote Speaker: Gaddi Vasquez, Former Director of Peace Corp. and US Ambassador to the United Nations * Attendees: Presidents, Pres.-Elect, all Chairs, New Members, Interact and Rotaract... basically all District Rotarians Your Assembly offers an opportunity for great fellowship in addition to expanding your knowledge of Rotary.  Itʼs fun, quickpaced, and directed towards overviews and providing contact information to help you gather additional information on any matter concerning Rotary. You must register - 3 Choices: * District Web site, Events - 2012 * E-mail to Give Club, name, Register me forAssembly * Call 714.921.1881 state Club, your name, register me for Assembly

Questions?Call Howard Dutra 714.553.3236

Happy Birthday

Mar 25th - Stu Colville Apr 18th - Tim Shields

Happy Anniversary Sponsors

Mar 10th - Kerby Carambot [Lauren]


Editorial: Guy Harden, Kerby Carambot, Darryl Sato,Tim Shields, Bill Zeller, Bob Fish + you ? Published by

Newport-Irvine Rotary Uzo Okereke, President Bob Fish, President-Elect Diane Pearce, Club Secy Junius Jaubert, Treasurer Greg Arbues, PR Director Dave Halm, RI Foundation Steve Hammers, Club Svc Stu Colville, NIR Foundation Pat Brainerd, Vocational Svc Sanjay Dalal, New Generations Russ Johnson, Membership Bill Zeller, Int’l Service

We meet for Lunch Thursdays at 12:00 Noon

University Club, UCI 801 East Peltason Drive Irvine, CA 92697 (949) 824-7960 Free Parking

Newport-Irvine Rotary Club http://on.".me/wppQw9 !


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