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MAY 3, 2012


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Thursday, May 10th... Lois Carson: The Art of Effective Listening

Brandon Romano

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Have you had a conversation with someone you cared about and walked away saying to yourself: “I might as well have been talking to the wall?” Do you understand that people may have conversations with you and walk away saying the same. If you’re honest, the answer to both questions is a resounding “yes.” Why is this? Typically we approach a conversation with a person as if they were a blank canvas upon which we can write words that they receive and understand exactly as we intend. When they don’t “get our message”, we get irritated and think they are not listening, don’t understand, are playing games or being hostile. But are we really speaking to a blank canvas? Of course not. The other person is living in his or her internal conversation. The one in their head that they refer to as “self talk.” Before you open your mouth, he is already listening, to himself. Why? “Because people are always listening to their own internal conversation. So the question is not whether we are listening when someone speaks to us. It’s a question of how we are listening. Find out more from Lois... Lois Carson graduated Cal State, San Luis Obisbo and spent 23 years at Taco Bell in product development. She then graduated Coach U and became Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation. She is now with Unshackled Leadership Coaching and specializes in personal and team development. She works with business leaders to empower them with the tools to create powerful and effective environments for their personal and business relationships. Lois coaches nonprofits through SCORE’s Executive Coaches of Orange County and is active in ICF Orange County.

food. 500 Million are President Uzo called order 12:30 nutritious school aged children. Invocation – “Singh” Sawney Stop Hunger Now developed a Pledge – Dave Halm 4-Way Test - Blanca Ocampo simple meal  portion made of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables Song - Scott Jackson and a vitamin pack that costs Club Guests: $.25 to make. They have David Hunt, Santa Ana Rotary Club just Brandon Romano – Speaker distributed over 66 Million meal packs to needy children in 76 ANNOUNCEMENTS countries. Rotarians have 1.District  Conference  Jun  1-­‐3   helped contribute/pack more Earl   Fusselman   recognition   than 10% of these meals! Friday  June  1  3:30pm. Thank Scott Jackson for 2.   Cecil   Hess   discussed   the   volunteering. importance  of   supporting   the   upcoming   Strategy   Session.   Brandon provided success Suggestions   included   a   2hr   stories demonstrating this is session  at  a  regular  scheduled   much more than providing club   meeting   on   Thursdays.   nutrition. It provides dignity to Meeting  date  to  be  announced. s t r u g g l i n g f a m i l i e s a n d empowers them to find ROTARY MINUTE for their local Pat Brainerd read a letter from answers needs. This simple ---------------Upcoming Speakers-----------------RI President Kalyan Banerjee community solution to a daily problem Thursday, May 17, 12:00pm on Service above Self. throughout the world is a FINEMASTER Comedians in compelling reason to come Chapman University Group -Margaret's birthday the room included Earl together and help organize Thursday, May 24, 12:00pm Gary Sherwin: Newport Beach Inc, Visitor Marketing. Fusselman, Vijay Singh, Dave meal packing events. Halm, Ken Paddock, Steve Thursday, May 31, 12:00pm Hammers and visiting Rotarian For information, visit or email to: UC Irvine Outreach Clinic: David Hunt. Hysterical ! -------------------Other SPEAKER: June 1-3: District 5320 Conference Earl Fussleman Award - by Kerby Carambot Brandon Romano of Stop Hunger Now presented Sept 8th, 2012: Ride4Health Mark the Date a  staggering review  on hunger throughout the world. 2012 District 5320 Member Duties: [Invocation/Pledge/4-way Test] Over 1 Billion people in the Conference May  10  Ed  Smith/Guy  Harden/Ken  Paddock world are food challenged May  17  Bailey  Smith/Cecil  Hess/Jim  Parsons June 1-3, 2012 every day meaning they don't May  24  TJ  Snyder/Ron  Hodge/  ? Long Beach Hilton have a reliable source of May  31  Louis  VanLochem/Scott  Jackson/Susan  Piazza Check dates to schedule or find your replacement . !

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MAY 3, 2012


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Happy Birthday May 19th - Bob Selinger

Happy Anniversary Sponsors

May 21st - Diane Pearce [Dave]

Rotaflyer Editor: Guy Harden w/ Kerby Carambot, Darryl Sato, Patricia Kolstad, TJ Snyder + you ? Published by

Newport-Irvine Rotary

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Uzo Okereke, President Bob Fish, President-Elect Kerk Lesh, Club Secy Junius Jaubert, Treasurer Dave Halm, RI Foundation Steve Hammers, Club Service Art Kleinpell, Community Svc. Pat Brainerd, Vocational Service Sanjay Dalal, New Generations Russ Johnson, Membership Bill Zeller, International Service

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Rotaflyer 2012-18 May 3  

Newport Irvine Rotary Club Rotaflyer Newsletter 2012 May 3rd Rotary District 5320

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