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APR 12, 2012! !

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Next Meeting Thursday, April 19th... Dr. Robert Piccioni, PhD:

Einstein  for  Everyone How  did  a  young  rebel,  who  seemed  doomed   to  fail,  overcome  rejeceon  to  become  the   world’s  most  famous  scienest?  In  plain  English,   what  do  his  theories  mean?  And  how  does   Einstein  impact  our  lives  through  DVDs,  GPS,   CCD  imaging  and  digital  cameras,  computers,   and  smarter  energy? John Brainerd, Sharing Polio Plus Experiences

Dr. Robert  Piccioni  graduated  from  Caltech,   has  a  Ph.D.  in  high-­‐energy  physics  from   Last Meeting Notes Stanford  University,  and  was  on  the  faculty  of   from  the  CDC,  WHO,  Ntl  India  Polio   Harvard.  Robert  ran  eight  high-­‐tech  companies   President  Uzo  called  order  at  12:30 Eradication  Org  as  well  as  moving   and  holds  patents  in  medical  equipment,   Invocation:    Patricia  Kolstad pictures  from  several  medical  clinics   Pledge:  Len  Fullmer visited  providing  immunizations  to  local   microelectronics,  and  smart  energy.  Since   4-­‐Way  Test:  Pres  Uzo  Okereke children.  He  presented  the  remarkable   “reering”,  his  mission  is  making  science   Song:  Sco=  Jackson history  of  the  fight  to  eliminate  Polio   worldwide  and  the  very  real  possibility   accessible.  Robert  teaches  at  the  Osher   Club  Guests: of  completely  eradicating  this  disease.   Insetute  at  UCLA  and  Cal.  State  Channel   Peggy  Fullmer–  Guest  of  Len  Fullmer Jennifer  Salam  –  Merrill  Lynch During  their  visit,  the  World  Health   Islands,  where  he  was  voted  “Teacher  of  the   Visiting  Rotarians: Organization  certified  India  as  Polio  Free   Year”.  He  is  the  author  of  three  books  that   Past  District  Governors:  Roger  McGonegal    &   in  2011.  To  get  a  frame  of  reference,  in   Herb  Trumpholdt Dick  Holmgren  –  Newport  Balboa  Rotary  Club 1985,  150,000  of  the  worlds  polio  cases   won  naeonal  and  internaeonal  compeeeons   originated  in  India.  In  2011  there  was  just   and  have  the  highest  raengs  in  their  categories   ANNOUNCEMENTS   one  case  out  of  647.  The  remaining  three   on 1.Strategic  Planning  Workshop  –   endemic  countries,  Pakistan,  Afghanistan,   Saturday,  April  28  10:00  am  –  1:00  pm.   Conference  Room  at  the  University  Club. 2.District  Conference  -­‐  June  1  -­‐  June  3  Long   Beach  Hilton.    Our  very  own  Earl  Fusselman   will  be  recognized  at  the  Governor’s   Reception,  Friday,  June  1,  2012. 3.Bike  Ride  4  Health  -­‐  Posters,  Save  the   Date  Postcards  and  eCards  are  ready  for   distribution.  Start  amassing  your  contact   list  and  request  your  supplies. PRESENTATIONS Dave  Halm  presented  Paul  Harris  Fellowship   Plus  2  to  Leonard  Fullmer.  Len  served  in  the   Army  28  months  in  the  South  Pacific  and  has   been  married  65  years  to  Peggy.  Len  joined   Rotary  in  1974  at  Monrovia  Rotary  and  has   served  38  years  joining  NIRC  in  2004.   Kerby  Carambot  was  presented  his  Paul   Harris  Fellowship;  Kerby  first  joined  the   Lake  Oswego  Rotary  Club  in  Portland,  OR   in  2008. He  lives  in  Irvine  with  his  wife   Lauren  and  two  kids,  Becket  and  Lucia.   SPEAKER John  Brainerd  presented  slides  of  his   recent  trip  to  India.  He  discussed  briefs   !

and Nigeria  shared  just  38  cases  in  2011. The  fight  to  eliminate  Polio  has  been   difficult  but  is  nearly  complete.  It  is  the   largest  peace-­‐time  operation  in  history,   ---------------Upcoming Speakers-----------------with  20  million  volunteers  immunizing   over  2.5  billion  children.  With  cooperation   Thursday, April 26, 12:00pm across  multiple  agencies  and  countries  and   Richard (Ric) Franzi, Critical Mass for Business now  with  major  funding  from  the  Gates   Thursday, May 3, 12:00pm Foundation,  Rotary  has  helped  bring   Brandon Romano: "Stop Hunger Now" awareness  and  action  to  eradicate  one  of   the  world’s  most  prominent  diseases.  This   Thursday, May 10, 12:00pm Lois Carson: Effective Listening is  an  exciting  time  to  be  a  Rotarian! -------------------Other Events---------------------       -­‐  Kerby May 6-9: Rotary Int’l Conference - Bangkok Thailand Announcement  from  Pres  Uzo June 1-3: District 5320 Conf Long Beach Hilton. Join in & Please  sign  up  for... Volunteer to help with Cook-out at our club booth. 2012 District 5320 Conference Sept 8th, 2012: Ride4Health.... Mark the Date

Join District Governor Greg and First Lady Valerie in Celebrating Rotary Stars !

June 1-3, 2012

Long Beach Hilton 701 West Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, CA 90831

Member Duties:[Invocation/Pledge/4-way Test]

Apr 19    Pardaman  Singh/Earl  Fussleman/Sandra  Moyer Apr  26  Bob  Selinger/Brian  Gates/Keith  Nelson May  3   Tim  Shields/Dave  Halm/Blanca  Ocampo May  10   Please Check your dates to prepare for meeting...

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APR 12, 2012! !

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