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APR 5, 2012! !

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Next Meeting Thursday, April 12th... John Brainerd, !

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Polio Plus Trip to India

Our speaker  this  Thursday  will  be  our  own  member   John  Brainerd  describing  first-­‐hand  India’s  polio   eradication  process.    John  recently  participated  in  a   National  Immunization  Day  in  India.    During  his  visit  his   team  was  briefed  by  representatives  of  the  polio  plus   partners,  Rotary’s  India  National  PolioPlus  Committee,   World  Health  Organization  (WHO),  Center  for  Disease   Control  (CDC)  and  the  United  Nations  Children’s   Boaz Rauchwerger Emergency  Fund  (UNICEF).    They  met  the  US   Ambassador  to  India  and  toured  St.  Stephen’s  Hospital   to  see  the  work  being  done  on  behalf  of  polio  victims.     Last Meeting Notes Announcement  from  Pres  Uzo John’s  team  of  5  spent  3  days  in  the  city  of  Bareilly   President  Uzo  called  order  at  12:30 Please  sign  up  for... participating  in  the  promotion  of  the  NID  and  working   at  vaccination  stations  and  visiting  homes  to   Invocation:  Special  Prayer  for  Stu  Colville   by  Margaret  Richardson 2012 District 5320 Conference administer  the  vaccine  (aka  the  Two  Drops  of  Life).     Pledge:  Rocky  Flanagan Join District Governor Greg 4-­‐Way  Test:  Bailey  Smith and First Lady Valerie in Their  visit  culminated  in  a  two  day  InternaZonal   Song:  ScoC  Jackson Polio  Summit,  chaired  by  Shri  Chulam  Nabi  Azad,   Celebrating Rotary Stars ! Indian’s  Minister  of  Health  and  Family  Welfare,  and   June 1-3, 2012   RI  President  Kalyan  Banerjee.    Dr.  Manmohan   Long Beach Hilton Singh,  Prime  Minister  of  India,  was  the  keynote   701 West Ocean Boulevard speaker  and  opened  the  Summit.   Long Beach, CA 90831 learn  firsthand  about  John’s  experience  and  how   Friday lunch: Enjoy inspiration & Come   India   c onquered  Polio  and  was  removed  from  the  list   humor of an amazing Rotary of  endemic  countries.    Now  there  are  only  three   Star, Past International countries  left  in  the  fight  against  Polio.    Called  the  PAN,     President, Cliff Docterman! if  you  will,  Pakistan,  Afghanistan  and  Nigeria.   Friday Night - Hospitality Night! No  Speaker  &  Meeting  Notes:   ---------------Upcoming Speakers-----------------Will definitely bring out Shining Thursday, April 19, 12:00pm   Stars of Rotary District 5320

Stuart Colville  Memorial   Photos  on  Page-­‐2  provided  by   Susan  Piazza  &  Bill  Abel

Robert Piccioni: Einstein for Everyone Thursday, April 26, 12:00pm Richard (Ric) Franzi, Critical Mass for Business Thursday, May 3, 12:00pm Brandon Romano: "Stop Hunger Now" Thursday, May 10, 12:00pm Saturday offers exciting Plenary Lois Carson: Effective Listening Sessions, an opportunity to -------------------Other Events---------------------tour the Port of Long Beach May 6-9: Rotary Int’l Conference - Bangkok Thailand Then bring new members to the June 1-3: District 5320 Conf Long Beach Hilton. Join in & Governor’s Wine Reception Volunteer to help with Cook-out at our club booth. Saturday Night's Red Carpet Sept 8th, 2012: Ride4Health.... Mark the Date

Saturday’s Lunch highlights a dynamic PDG J.T. Capps! And another Star, Rotary Peace Scholar Brad Darling!

Cocktail Hour and Awards Evening, featuring The Elm St. Band from Long Beach! Mary Mar - Registration 949-380-8289 !

Member Duties:[Invocation/Pledge/4-way Test]

Apr 12    Darryl  Sato/Len  Fullmer/Frank  Mead Apr  19    Pardaman  Singh/Earl  Fussleman/Sandra  Moyer Apr  26  Bob  Selinger/Brian  Gates/Keith  Nelson May  3   Tim  Shields/Dave  Halm/Blanca  Ocampo Please Check your dates to prepare for meeting...

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APR 5, 2012! !

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At its  last  meeZng,  the  club  board   approved  an  update  to  our  website.  We   are  joining  3,000  other  Rotary  clubs  in   using  a  Clubrunner  Rotary  Website: Please  visit  and  start  using  our  new   website.  It  is  under  construcZon  so   some  details  are  sZll  to  be  worked   out....  For  direct  links  Click  to  try  our  new  website  Click  for  Club  Calendar  &  Events  Club  Photo  Albums  Click  for  Rotaflyer  Click  for  Bob’s  Africa  Blog Stuart Colville Memorial Service

If you  have  quesZons,  please  talk  to  Bob   Fish,  Guy  Harden,  Sanjay  Dalal,  Kerby   Carambot,  Casey  Crandall  or  Pardaman   SIngh  who  have  all  been  acZve.  We   invite  your  feedback  and  parZcipaZon.                 -­‐Guy

Happy Birthday Apr 18th - Tim Shields May 19th - Bob Selinger

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May 21st - Diane Pearce [Dave]

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Rotaflyer 2012-14 Apr 5th  

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