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Bob’s Rotary Africa Blog 23

May 18, 2007

Sorry for the delay in this issue. Back to Lusaka and on to Livingstone. A belated Happy Mothers Day for all appropriate recipients, this is the first time I have flown through New York direct to Johannesburg. I do not recommend it. It is much more relaxing to go through London or Frankfort since you can rest and shower at the lounges. In direct to Jo’Burg you stop for 70 minutes in Dakar and cannot even get off the plane. Stay tuned On my short vacation trip to Kauai I visited the Kaapa Rotary Club and thanked them for the inspiration to do the Zambian Sex Worker rehab training project where Rotary shirts will be made and former sex workers are trained in tailoring and given treadle or electric sewing machine. The coordinator of the Hawaiian project; Vicki was so excited by the success of the Zambian project that in the name of her club she donated four rolls of shirt fabric, cotton from Egypt; woven and printed in Japan, shipped to Hawaii; carried as baggage to San Francisco, then carried as excess baggage to Lusaka and through customs, with no duty, thank goodness and by bus with me to Livingstone. Now the finished shirts are to be sold at the Rotary Convention in Salt Lake City and at the District 9210 Conference in Livingstone. One and half times around the world Mahalo Vicki and the Kaapa, Hawaii Rotary Club. Come by and buy a couple of shirts. Your purchase will make the project self-perpetuating. See attached picture. Right after I wrote the last Blog final funds became available for a unique non Rotarian project. A former Synagogue (a Zambian Historical Designated building) now a church is part of a Jewish Heritage Tour of Livingstone, believe it or not. Livingstone, the original capital of Rhodesia had a long history of Jewish mayors and prominent townsfolk. The floor of the church/synagogue was termite destroyed and unsafe. The Heron Family of Irvine, California, the Kahn Family from La Habra California and the Selinger Family have donated funds to restore the floor to its historical correctness. The church has agreed to have a commemorative plaque placed on the grounds which will be funded by local South African and Zambian donors. The cemetery has already been restored by the southern Africa Jewish community. This project accomplishes two goals, one to ass another tourist venue and too bridge religious and historical grounds in Zambia. As President Bush might say: "Mission Accomplished". Upon my return a serious of meetings were held in Lusaka with UNICEF and USAID regarding the Rotary water for schools initiative. Rotary will be able to coordinate with the local government agencies and still be able to choose and oversee the installation of the boreholes. Some locations are suitable for play pump installation and cooperation will be enlisted from the appropriate agency. It is hoped that the lead taken by the Bonsall and Novato California Clubs along with numerous Districts will see the installation of over 5o new boreholes in Zambia and perhaps 10 in Zimbabwe in 2007-2008. Got to meet with the incoming Governor of District 9210 Nkole Bwalya regarding cooperative plans with International Rotary Clubs for 2007-2008. He reaffirmed the District’s commitment to bring clean water to children at schools in the rural areas especially, since 85% of these schools do not have clean water for the students or the village. He encouraged Rotary Clubs in the US and Canada to participate in projects in District 9210: Mozambique; Malawi; Zambia and Zimbabwe. Please contact me and I will pass along a project your club would like to do. Rick Owen of Newport Beach, CA arrived Monday and has toured in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana besides visiting Catherine as his family sponsor her at the Lubasi Orphanage in Livingstone. Picture next time.

My new cellular phone number in Zambia is (260) 95 5898901. E: mail: Till next time. Bob Selinger, Rotary Volunteer.

Bobs Blog 23 18May07  
Bobs Blog 23 18May07  

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