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Bob’s Africa Rotary Blog 135


Return to Africa July 17 for Zone Meetings & Projects Leased my Palm Desert. CA. home and moved back to Casa Grande AZ home. Hot to hotter although most of America is sharing this global heating. I have been able to use my United miles and some Rotary miles to return to Africa for the Zone meeting in Livingstone July 17-22 and for continuing projects . Thank you for your contributions to the Rotary Miles account at United. At the zone meeting I will be looking for a host partner for a sports program for refugee camps in Dafur. It is my hope be able to truly asses the water and sanitation situation at Zambian schools by obtaining the water mapping information from various Zambian Governmental Ministries, With Rotary’s persistence on my return trip to Lusaka. GREAT NEWS!! The wheelchair Foundation has agreed to send parts to Africa for assembly after five years of discussions. This is a major paradigm shift. By allowing the wheelchairs to be assembled outside of China, more wheelchairs can be donated for the same amount of money.. Transport has always been a major cost of the wheelchairs. This change will reduce transport costs by 45%, quite a savings. The project will provide jobs to Zambians and improve Sino-Zambian relations. We will begin to put together the assembly area now at the Livingstone Youth Training Center. We are hoping to begin assembly in October. Please plan on joining in on the distribution in early November & enjoy Africa by taking safaris &tours while participating in this break-through project. On this trip to Africa I will be working on Computers for Zimbabwean schools; with British NGO “IT Schools Africa”; a community school nourishment project in Zambia and Zimbabwe with American NGO “STOP HUNGER NOW.” A Girl’s school project enabling orphan children the opportunity to stay with their extended family by providing them with school uniforms, shoes, school fees & school supplies, This project will be helped by Zambian/ Norwegian NGO “Response Network”. By working together with other like-minded Humanitarian NGO’s we can spread Rotary’s resources with matching funds or equipment. Thanks to the Irish Embassy in Canada for continuously sending school supplies. Community school pix(l) Rotary Park News! We are still awaiting final court action to begin completion of the park. The soccer field is well used and soon another pitch will be built for netball/volleyball and basketball. There is still a need for playground equipment; jungle gym etc. as well as security lighting as it was not covered by the Rotary Matching Grant. See below to help.

Please Contribute Your United Miles to Rotary!. I donated my United miles to the Rotary/United miles account/bank. Why? Rotary gets better deals using frequent miles than I can and Rotary provides miles for humanitarian projects. How can you help? By donating your excess or unused miles. Just log on to your account. Go to the United Global Citizenship tab; click on “charity miles^ & select Rotary. Place your miles (at least 500) in the account. Then print the acceptance screen to a PDF & forward to me at: rdselinger I will forward the United miles to Rotary Travel Department for Humanitarian Projects . (Rotarian Magazine July, pg 51}

Thanks. Bob Selinger at:, skype: bobselinger,

phone in Zambia (260)955-898901. To help any of the se projects you would like to support send your of your Club’s contribution to NIRC Foundation(501c3 approved) at PO Box 4113. Irvine, CA 92616.

Bobs Blog 135 Jul 13 2012  

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