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Points of Contact

Furniture, Furnishings, & Office Supplies


Navy Region Southwest’s

W: (619) 556-9799, M: (619) 247-6187 NAVAL BASE CORONADO Jose Amuchastegui

W: (619) 545-3836, M: (619) 572-4680 NAVAL BASE POINT LOMA Dan Frick

W: (619) 553-8129, M: (619) 654-9811 Regional Furniture Re-use Program Steve Young

W: (619) 556-9330, M: (619) 247-3508 Construction/Demolition Debris Program Charlie Ketcham

The program takes in and gives out reuse office goods: Desks, Chairs, Cubicles, Wall Art, Trophy Cases, Office Paper, Toner, Binders…

W: (619) 556-5149, M: (619) 921-5464 Regional Refuse Division Manager Dan Manjarrez

W: (619) 556-8162, M: (619) 654-9807 Regional Recycling Operations Manager

Matt Decker W: (619) 556-9331, M: (619) 654-9817

Sustainable Solid Waste Program

Located at Naval Base San Diego

Sustainable Solid Waste Management Program

4790 Cummings Road, Bldg 3570 San Diego, CA 92136-5610

Named the 2010 Recycler of the Year By the City of San Diego

In reference to Executive Order 13423 and COMNAVRESW INST.11350,

Tin: Empty steel cans (soup, fruit and sauces)

these are our guidelines in order to meet DOD mandates with regards to diversion of recyclables and construction demolition debris

All food containers must be rinsed of all food waste, aerosol cans

Recyclable and Non-Recyclable Materials 0 Cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard, Kraft brown paper

Aluminum: Soda cans, foil

Glass: Empty glass bottles, jars (without lids)

Plate glass, mirrors or automobile glass

Mixed Scrap Metal: Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Appliances

White Paper:*

Aircraft parts, munitions list items (i.e.


any part of a weapons system), computer

(Copy Type)


Mixed Paper:*



Non-white paper, magazines, newsprint,

Clean structural

Soda bottles,

envelopes, copy paper wrappers, post-its,

type lumber

milk jugs, water bottles, paint buckets,

glossy advertisements

bags, brown packing paper Wax coated or food contaminated cardboard.

juice bottles and drained oil bottles

Painted, laminated, Carbon paper, food contaminated papers

Food or paint contaminated jugs,

varnished, treated, particle board, pressed board

medicine bottles or medical waste

* Please separate paper products into

contaminated containers

correct recycling containers

Sustainable Solid Waste Program Pamphlet  

An informational pamphlet of what the award winning program will/will not accept for recycling.

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